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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 02/07/2011 16:07



 Circles of women have gathered through the centuries to  support one another with various tasks and needs, including prayer circles, sewing, knitting, and quilting circles. My "14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine," co-authored with Joan Norton, includes suggestions for setting up circles of people wishing to use Magdalene's story as a template for their own spiritual journey.

Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Geometry of Circles have deep connections that connect her to our human circle gatherings in a special way.

Mary Magdalene’s feast day since the 7th century in the West, borrowed from the Orthodox Eastern rite church, has been set on the 22nd of July.

July is the seventh month of our Western calendars, so we sometimes write the date as 22/7.  This strikes me as more than just a simple accident, because 22/7 is also the ratio used to calculate the circumference and area of a circle. We teach this to students in junior high and we call the ratio “pi,” the Greek letter that corresponds to our letter “p.”

In case you’ve forgotten what they taught you in junior high school, any circle that has a diameter of 7 units will have a circumference of 22 units.  The fraction reduces to 3 1/7, which means that whatever the diameter is, the circumference will always be slightly more than 3 x the diameter. 

So Magdalene’ feast day – 22/7 – is very interesting to those of us who know how important the principle of circles is for women sharing and relating to one another…the “family circle,” the “circle of love,” the circle of influence, quilting circles, prayer circles. A circle often represents community.

We know that “7” is symbolic of the “feminine” as “Complete in herself.” It is also a symbol for the Holy Spirit, because it is the sum of the masculine “3” and the feminine “4.”

Using the “7” from Magdalene’s feast day as a number symbolic of the Holy Spirit and the Divine Feminine, I’d like to show you how she embodies the human person as “sacred vessel filled with the Spirit.” 

1.  Draw a circle and place a dot in the very center.

2.  Now draw a line from the center dot to the edge and label it “7.”  That line is called the “radius.” Any line drawn from the center to the edge of a circle is called its "radius" or one "ray."

3.  To figure out the circumference of the circle, you must double the radius, so draw a straight line to the opposite side, creating a straight line across the entire circle. That line is called the diameter (value of 14 if the radius is 7 units) and can be multiplied by 22/7 to give the circumference “44."

In the ancient world, the Greek gematria "4" was a feminine number related to matter and the earth (4 corners of the earth, 4 cardinal directions, 4 winds, 4 elements). The phrase “flesh and blood” had a value of  444, so numbers that relate to 4 in any order of magnitude have a symbolic connection with earth/humus and human life…our shared humanity.   In this diagram, the “44” of the outer edge suggests the “earthen vessel,” the human person of "flesh and blood," filled with the Spirit (“7”). The image represents the sacred marriage of flesh and divinity, earth and heaven, embodied in each individual person. So, ultimately, each person IS that marriage. Mary Magdalene presents us the archetype of the "earthen vessel filled with the Spirit" and her feast day, 22-7 reflects that understanding of her importance.

Now we will do the calculation for the area of the circle with the “7” radius. The formula is “pi” (22/7) times the square of the radius (7 x 7 = 49).   22/7 x 49 is 154.  If you use the alternative decimal version of “pi” (3.14) the result 153.86 is even more obviously connected to Mary Magdalene, because the Greek gematria of her title “H Magdalhnh” actually adds up to 153. So, using principles of sacred geometry in use at the time the Gospels were written, by virtue of her feast day (7/22) and the gematria of her honorific (153), she is shown to be the “Model” or embodiment of the human person as “sacred partner” of the Divine.

The "153" is highly significant as a symbolic number in the canon of the Greek geometers. It is the denominator of the ratio used to represent the square root of 3 (265/153) and is a numerical abbreviation for the "vesica piscis" ()--the "Vessel of the Fish" or "Measure of the Fish." This shape is the shared space when two circles are drawn together so that the edge of one passes through the center of the other.

Among the ancients, this shape was called the "Mother of all forms, " the "Matrix," the "Doorway to Life," the "Womb" and the "Bridal Chamber." It's meaning is that of the "Source" or "vessel of creativity," and the symbol was universally associated with the Goddesses of love and fertility in the ancient world.  It's no accident that the epithet coined for Mary has gematria (153) that irrevocably associates her with the Goddess. 

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Reply  Message 2 of 252 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 02/07/2011 16:42
JUAN 3:14
3:14 De la misma manera que Moisés
levantó en alto la serpiente en el desierto, Números 21, 9 2 Reyes 18, 4
también es necesario
que el Hijo del hombre sea levantado en alto,

Reply  Message 3 of 252 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 02/07/2011 16:54

El número Pi (III): La Biblia

 La tercera referencia a pi que encontramos a lo largo de la historia está en la Biblia.
Sobre el año ~950 adC La Biblia (Reyes I, 7,23) , versículo que dice:

El Mar de bronce
2 Crónicas 4, 2-5

7:23 Él hizo además el Mar de metal fundido, que medía cinco metros de diámetro y tenía forma circular; su altura era de dos metros y medio, y una cuerda de quince metros medía su circunferencia.

En esta cita vemos como se asigna a pi un valor de 3 (15/5). Una aproximación bastante burda si se compara con las conseguidas anteriormente tanto por los egipcios como por los babilonios casi siete siglos antes.

Si se miden los errores en los valores asignados a pi hasta esta fecha:

Error (en partes por millón)
~1650 adC Papiro de Ahmes (Egipto) 3,1605 6016 ppm
~1600 adC Tablilla de Susa (Babilonia) 3,125 5282 ppm
~950 adC La Biblia (Reyes I, 7,23) 3 45070 ppm

Podemos comprobar el fuerte retroceso en la precisión del valor de pi empleado en esta cita de la Biblia, en comparación con los valores conseguidos por Egipcios y Babilonios.

Reply  Message 4 of 252 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 02/07/2011 17:01

"Pi" and More in Torah

The Bible and the Value of "PI"

Does the Bible contain a mathematical error?  Not at all!

  Biblical Value of Pi 

1.0471698, which multiplied by 3 is pi.  "1047" in the Old Testament lexicon can be transliterated as "pi."  Hence, "house of pi."  Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction.

Solomon and the Molten Sea


In describing the temple that King Solomon built for the King of Kings, several articles of furniture are described.  One of these pieces is “a molten sea.”   II Chronicles 4:2 reads thus, “Also he made a molten sea of ten cubits from brim to brim, round in compass, and five cubits the height thereof; and a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about.”  A supposed discrepancy has arisen from this passage concerning the mathematical accuracy of the Bible.  The value of π (pi) is known to be equal to the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter, 

The aforementioned scripture states that the molten sea was “ten cubits from brim to brim” and “a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about;” thus, its diameter was 10 cubits, and its circumference 30 cubits.  Dividing this circumference of 30 by a diameter of 10 gives a value of exactly 3.  This is where the questions arise.   It is commonly known that the value of π is approximately 3.14159265358979. In fact, this value has been proven so exactly, that its value is known to hundreds of thousands of digits. 

Why then does the Bible appear to give the value of π to be 3?  A diameter of 10 cubits should yield a circle having a circumference of more that 31.4 cubits--not 30 cubits.  Is the Bible just rounding things off?  Are the Biblical values just approximate and not really exact?  If we see here that the scripture is not exact, what other passages also contain words that cannot be received with complete accuracy? 

1 Kings 7:26 It [the above mentioned metal pool] was a handbreadth in thickness, and its rim was like the rim of a cup, like a lily blossom. It held two thousand baths.

If the diameter of this bowl was 10 cubits, then the circumference should have been 31.415926 cubits, and not just 30 cubits!  Any math student will tell you that the circumference of a circle is found by taking the diameter times Pi (3.14159265358979...), is commonly approximated by 22/7 if great accuracy is not needed.   Is this an error?  Think again. The answer is so simple!

The diameter of 10 cubits is from outer rim to outer rim, the way anyone would measure a circular object.  The circumference of 30 cubits, however, was of the inner circle, after subtracting the thickness of the brass (two handbreadths—one for each side) from which the bowl was made.  This would be the number needed to calculate the volume of water.


line of thirty cubits did compass it round about

calculation of pi =

(30 x 18) / [(10 x 18) - (2 x 4.05)] = 540 / (180 - 8.10) = 3.1413613 = 3.1414

Let's compare our calculated value of 3.1414 to the real value of "pi", which is 3.1415927. Actually, the parameters given in 1 Kings 7:23-26 gives a direct value for "pi" that is within 2 parts in 10,000, which is fairly accurate. Since the outside diameter of the sea is 10 cubits, what is the inside diameter?

inside diameter = circumference / pi = 30 / 3.1415927 = 9.5493 cubits

And, since the inside circumference is 30 cubits, what is the outside circumference?

outside circumference = diameter x pi = 10 x 3.1415927 = 31.4159 cubits.

God makes no mistakes, mathematical or otherwise. The Scriptures do not contain error.  By the way, Solomon built this sea in 1000 B.C., long before the Greeks rediscovered Pi (p).  We may not understand some things at first glance, but the problem is with us, not with the Bible. 

Ancient standards of measure vary widely, a cubit is generally taken to be about 18 inches, although there are different types of cubits ("common" and "royal", varying from 17 to 22 inches). A handbreadth is taken to be about 3 inches, sometimes being defined as one-sixth of a cubit.

 Something else to ponder:

First, mathematically, take the etymology of the words and (the Hebrew word used in this verse, versus the usual word for circumference), and you'll find that the ratio of their numeric value (via Gametria) [(5 + 6 + 100)/(6 + 100)] is 1.0471698, which multiplied by 3 is pi

Just for the heck of it look up word number "1047" in the Old Testament lexicon.  It is "Beth Peor", spelled .  Beth is translated "house of," and the first three letters of the last portion, peh, ayin, vaw could very easily be transliterated as "pi."  Hence, "house of pi."  Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction.

 Others in the Bible

(Most compiled by Dr. Henry M. Morris, Defender’s Bible)


Phenomenon or Process




The power of "Pi" (click link)


II Chronicles 4:2

1 Kings 7:23-26

Also note: 1.0471698, which multiplied by 3 is pi.  "1047" in the Old Testament lexicon can be transliterated as "pi."  Hence, "house of pi."  Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction.


Hydrologic Cycle
Condensation Nuclei
Oceanic Reservoir
Hydrologic Balance
Springs in the Sea

Ecclesiastes 1:7; Isaiah 55:10
Psalms 135:7; Jeremiah 10:13
Proverbs 8:26
Job 26:8; 37:11, 16
Job 36:26-28
Job 28:10
Psalms 33:7
Job 38:22; Psalms 147:16
Job 28:24-26
Job 38:16
Principle of Isostasy
Shape of Earth
Rotation of Earth
Rock Erosion
Glacial Period
Isaiah 40:12; Psalm 104:5-9
Isaiah 40:22; Job 26:10; Psalm 103:12
Job 38:12,14
Job 26:7; 38:6
Job 14:18,19
Job 38:29,30
II Peter 3:4
Job 40,41
Size of Universe
Number of Stars
Uniqueness of Each Star
Precision of Orbits
Job 11:7-9; 22:12; Isaiah 55:9;Jeremiah 31:37
Genesis 22:17; Jeremiah 33:22
I Corinthians 15:41
Jeremiah 31:35,36
Circulation of Atmosphere
Protective Effect of Atmosphere
Oceanic Origin of Rain
Relation of Electricity to Rain
Fluid Dynamics
Ecclesiastes 1:6
Isaiah 40:22
Ecclesiastes 1:7
Job 28:26; Jeremiah 10:13
Job 28:25
Blood Circulation
Biogenesis and Stability
Uniqueness of Man
Chemical Nature of Flesh
Leviticus 17:11
Proverbs 16:24; 17:22
Genesis 1:11,21,25
Genesis 1:26
Genesis 1:11,24-2:7;3:19
Job 12:23-25; 30:3-8
Mass-Energy Equivalence
Source of Energy for Earth
Atomic Disintegration
Electrical Transmission of Information
Rapid Transportation
Colossians 1:17; Hebrews 1:3
Psalms 19:6
II Peter 3:10
Job 38:35
Revelation 11:9-11
Daniel 12:4

Other Great Links at Bible Probe

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Over 300 Prophecies Jesus Fulfilled

Near Death Experiences

Real Miracles and Angel Visits

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See Chariot Wheels found in the Red Sea

Reply  Message 5 of 252 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 03/07/2011 15:37
Fijense que aqui hay otra prueba de la FERTILIDAD DESPUES DE LA RESURRECCION ya que alli se CUMPLIO EL PACTO EDENICO.

14 Y el Señor Dios dijo a la serpiente:
"Por haber hecho esto maldita seas entre todos los animales domésticos
y entre todos los animales del campo
.Te arrastrarás sobre tu vientre,
y comerás polvo todos los días de tu vida.

15 Pondré enemistad entre ti y la mujer,
entre tu linaje y el suyo.
Él te aplastará la cabeza
y tú le acecharás el talón". (Esto se cumplio en la cruz)

El castigo de la mujer

16 Y el Señor Dios dijo a la mujer:
"Multiplicaré los sufrimientos de tus embarazos; darás a luz a tus hijos con dolor.
Sentirás atracción por tu marido,
y él te dominará". (Esto se cumplio en MARIA LA MAGDALENA O MARIA LA GRANDE. Ella es tambien MADRE DE NACIONES e HIJOS ESPIRITUALES al ser la esposa de NUESTRO SEÑOR. HEBREOS 2:10-NUEVA EVA)

El castigo del hombre

17 Y dijo al hombre:
"Porque hiciste caso a tu mujer y comiste del árbol que yo te prohibí, maldito sea el suelo por tu culpa. Con fatiga sacarás de él tu alimento todos los días de tu vida.

18 Él te producirá cardos y espinas y comerás la hierba del campo. (Cristo en su crucificcion le fue puesto una corona de espinas)
19 Ganarás el pan con el sudor de tu frente, hasta que vuelvas a la terra, de donde fuiste sacado.¡Porque eres polvo y al polvo volverás!". (Cristo al ser crucificado gano "el pan". Juan 6. Cuando habla del polvo es una referencia a la resurreccion)

20 El hombre dio a su mujer el nombre de Eva, por ser ella la madre de todos los vivientes.

Reply  Message 6 of 252 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 06/07/2011 19:36


This artists depiction below of the zodiac shows what the constellations would look like in life form. The two maps below show the north and south hemispheres when cut along the equator. In the northern hemisphere, the sun's highest position above the hemisphere is called the Tropic of Cancer and runs through the constellation Cancer. In the southern hemisphere, the sun's lowest position runs through Capricorn and is called the Tropic of Capricorn.

Each map shows an arc which represents to the sun's path. Each month the sun passes through one of the constellations, six of them in the north and six in the south. When the sun is in the north, say Aries, the southern stars in Aries can be seen in the south hemisphere map and vice versa when the sun is in the south.

In the evening hours the stars on the opposite side of the circle would appear where the sun was in the daytime. So, for example, when the sun is in Aries, the stars in Libra would be seen in the same position twelve hours later because earth makes half of a revolution within that time.

Though the constellations don't change in their relationship to each other. Earth has a wobble called precession that changes the time of year when the sun passes through them. A complete cycle is 25,920 years and a twelfth cycle is 2,160 years. These maps depict the time of the Age of Aries when the sun crosses Aries on the spring equinox. In Bible time it covers the time from Abraham, 2160 BCE, to Jesus at the beginning of the first century.

Starting at Sagittarius, there are some lines that run through Perseus to Gemini that look like stains. It is the Milky Way which the Bible usually depicts as a cloud or a celestial path to heaven.

This model not only serves as a source of Bible myths, many pagan myths had the same origins. When deciphering the Bible Code they often serve as guides to the astronomical themes in the Bible.


Northern Hemisphere


Southern Hemisphere


Reply  Message 7 of 252 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 06/07/2011 20:18
1.    Seven days in a week
2.    Seven colors of the rainbow
3.    Seven seas
4.    Seven continents
5.    Seven wonders of the ancient world
6.    Seven notes in a musical scale
7.    In India they speak of the seven rishis or sadis
8.    When Buddha was born he walked seven miracles steps.
9.    In Christianity there are seven virtues and seven sins.
10.  In Catholicism there are the seven sacraments.
11.  In Islam there are the seven heavens and seven gates to seven hells.

Reply  Message 8 of 252 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 13/07/2011 23:54

Reply  Message 9 of 252 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 14/07/2011 04:05
  • Popol Vuh

    Jenkin’s: “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

    Pirámide de Kukulcan: 9 terrazas y Serpiente Solar.

    La Serpiente descendiente de luz y sombra en la piramide de Kukulcan es recordatorio anual de la conjunción Sol-Cenit-Pléyades el cual ocurre durante una ventana temporal de 72-años, (1976 - 2048) sobre Chichen Itza En el centro de esta ventana temporal esta el 2012, cuando el Gran Ciclo termina. En mayo 20 del 2012, el paso del Cenit se combinara con doble eclipse solar: Mayo 20 y Noviembre 13, día "10 Chichan"("serpiente") del Tzolkin. La fecha final en el Solsticio del Invierno será 4 Ahau ("Señor/Sol") del  Tzolkin y 3 Kankin (“día- serpiente”) del Haab

    Alineacion 2012. Jenkins

    Los astrónomos Mesoamericanos utilizaron dos métodos para seguir la Precesión. Uno implica la Cuenta Larga y el Popol Vuh (antigua astronomía  mitológica). Otro, la Rueda Calendarica (52 años) y la Ceremonia del Fuego Nuevo. Una vez más calendario (astronomía) y mito van juntos. Aunque este sistema alterno de seguimiento de la Precesión se desarrollo en Teotihuacan, México central alrededor del 150 A.C., es en la piramide de Chichen Itza donde encontramos su mejor codificación. No es raro, considerando que Tula heredó tradiciones de Teotihuacan (culto a Quetzalcoatl y Ceremonia del Fuego Nuevo) y los trajo a Chichen Itza en el Siglo 9 D.C., cuando la Pirámide de Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl) fue construida.

    Pirámide del Sol, Teotihuacan. México.

    La sincronización  en este modelo está sujeta a la latitud propia, lo que define la Era de convergencia. En Teotihuacan, la fecha del paso por el Cenit es mayo 17 (no cambia de posición con la Precesión). Como resultado, la alineación Sol-Pléyades-Cenit habría ocurrido sobre Teotihuacan a principios de 1800’s. Cuando Tula tomó la tradición del Fuego Nuevo de Teotihuacan y cambió su base al norte de Chichen Itza, volvieron a calibrar con eficacia su fecha final. En Chichen el paso por el Cenit comienza en Mayo 20 (por 6 días), resultando una convergencia Sol-Pléyades-Cenit principiando el Siglo XXI. Increíblemente, esto trajo los dos métodos de seguimiento de la Precesión en concordancia, para que la alineación Solsticio-Galaxia también ocurra en el Siglo XXI.

    Multitud ante el “Descenso de la Serpiente Solar”.  Equinoccio de Primavera

    El tangible, visible significado de esta Pirámide es ampliamente conocido, cada Equinoccio miles de personas van a Chichen a ver la sombra-serpiente aparecer y deslizarse abajo de las escalinatas de la balaustrada norte. Este aspecto del Equinoccio no es todo que ahí ocurre. De hecho, es tan maravilloso e inspirador de temor reverencial -como se consideraba este acontecimiento-, que el significado verdadero de la piramide de Chichen Itza hace que esto parezca superficial.

    Kukulcan: Serpiente Emplumada Cósmica

    Mi desciframiento de la verdadera intención de la sombra-serpiente de la piramide surgió cuando leí que, en Maya Yucateco, “tzab” o “cascabel” de serpiente, es igual para “Pléyades”. La investigación de Díaz Bolio indicó que algunas serpientes de cascabel de Yucatán tienen una pequeña y extraña marca de 3 puntos en un círculo cerca del cascabel. Este símbolo lo entendió Bolio como una cara solar “ahau”, símbolo del Sol. Cuando la serpiente de sombra aparece, si imaginamos la cola de la serpiente, que debe salir arriba del templo de la piramide (5ª dirección del Centro: Cenit) señala al centro del cielo (diagrama Pirámide de Kukulcan). Dado que el cascabel se llama “tzab” (Pléyades) y el diseño de la cara ahau de 3 puntos es el Sol, el simbolismo inequívoco indica: Sol-Pléyades-Cenit.

    Las Pléyades. “Tzab” (Maya): “Cascabel” de la Serpiente 

    Figure 2

    La alineación del Cenit fue codificada en la Pirámide de Kukulcan. Es simple pero, como mucho de  mi trabajo de reconstrucción, ha sido ignorado. El diagrama muestra la verdadera  importancia de la Pirámide de Kukulcan y cómo codifica la alineación Precesional Sol-Pléyades-Cenit. (Jenkins)

    Esta alineación no ocurre en los Equinoccios, en Chichen Itza ocurre el 20 de mayo del Siglo XXI. La Pirámide "señala", con este simbolismo, a una alineación astronómica en una especifica Era Precesional. La Pirámide de Kukulcan es un reloj Precesional de las estrellas construido en piedra. ¿Puede uno imaginar cualquier cosa que se compare a esto en cualquier otro lugar en la Tierra? ¿Algo que combina la alineación arquitectónica al horizonte Astronómico y la simbología de la serpiente para indicar algo tan específico y profundo como una rara alineación en la Precesión? La Pirámide de Kukulcan es única. Mi reconstrucción se apoya en evidencias y el lector escéptico puede comprobar la argumentación completa en: “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012".

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    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 14/07/2011 04:08

    Reply  Message 11 of 252 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 14/07/2011 04:11


    33 Degrees: Number of the Master

    © Olga Morales

    Why is 33 degrees associated with Mastery? This was the question I asked myself when I delved into Masonic symbolism while researching my novel Eclipse of the Soul. Being an astrologer, I was convinced it was a celestial reference, for we measure positions of the planets and stars in degrees, minutes and seconds. The astrological circle equals 360 degrees - 12 zodiacal houses of 30 degrees each. The clue I needed was found in a Vedic (Hindu) astrology book where it stated that the Moon was exalted at 3 degrees of Taurus and debilitated in 3 degrees Scorpio. Exaltation was considered to be the optimum position, where the planet is strong and potent and debilitation was the opposite. Why 3 degrees of Taurus, I wondered? In Vedic astrology, the Lunar Zodiac is based on the Moon's movement against the brightest stars divided into 27 Nakshatras of 13 degrees and 20 minutes each. 3 degrees of Taurus corresponds with the Nakshatra called Krittika - which we know as The Pleiades and 3 degrees of Scorpio corresponds with the Nakshatra called Vishakha which we know as the North and South Scale of Libra called Tula in Sanskrit. If you plot 3 degrees of Taurus on the great wheel of 360 degrees starting with zero degrees Aries, 3 Taurus equals 33 degrees. This was the answer I was looking for. Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiadian cluster and thus Alcyone is 33 degrees - the number of Mastery. Further, I discovered that by using Etymology (origins of words) when the word Master is divided into two becomes Ma / Ster and it means Mother Star. Thus, Alcyone is the number of the Mother Star - 33 degrees.

    The Pleiadian star system has been one of the most revered cosmic objects in history, poetry and mythology across all cultures. According to the cultural traditions, the seven visible stars of the Pleiades have been referred to by many names, such as the Seven Sisters, Krittika, Kimah, Flock of Doves, Hens, Virgins of Spring, Sailor's Stars and the seven Atlantic Sisters. "The Pleiades were known as Seven Sisters by indigenous people in North America, Siberia and Australia and this common heritage means they were described more than 40,000 years ago." 1

    "The Pleiades seem to be among the first stars mentioned in astronomical literature, appearing in the Chinese annuals of 2357 BC, Alcyone, the lucida, then being near the vernal equinox--- And their beginning of the year gave rise to the title The Great Year of the Pleiades for the cycle of precession of about 25,900 years." 2

    Professor Charles Piazzi Smyth in the late 19th century suggested that that the seven chambers of the Great Pyramid of Giza commemorate these seven stars. 3 "And here is a wonderful corresponding fact, that the date of the Great Pyramids completion, at midnight of the autumnal equinox... the Pleiades were distributed over the meridian of this pyramid, with Alcyone precisely on the line." 4

    What if the Great Pyramid was actually built in honour of the Pleiades when they rose near the vernal equinox 2357 BC and completed by 2170, as suggested by Siess?

    According to Albert Churchward the name of the Great Pyramid was "Khuti", which denoted the seven Lights, or Glorious Ones. Likewise, the Tower of Babel with its seven tiers was also symbolical of the "Great Altar Stairs", by which men climbed heavenward.

    Many ancient traditions state that Alcyone was the Central Spiritual Sun, the Mother Sun that emits creative Light, that which births great teachers of Light into the world. It was believed to be the centre of the Universe around which our own solar system revolves. Our current astronomers do not support this idea although in the 1850's it was well accepted. "Science has at last discovered that the Sun is not a dead centre, with planets and comets wheeling around it but itself stationary. It is now ascertained that the Sun is also in motion, around some other and vastly mightier centre. Astronomers are not fully agreed as to what or where that centre is. Some however believe that they have found the direction of it to be the Pleiades, and particularly Alcyone. To the distinguished astronomer, Prof.J.H, Maedler belongs the honour of having made this discovery. Alcyone, then, as far as science can perceive, would seem to be the 'midnight throne' in which the whole system of gravitation has a central seat, and from which the Almighty governs his universe." 5

    An astronomer will tell you this is complete rubbish but I want to go back to the ancient traditions. Alcyone was called Al Wasat, the Central One by the Arabs and Temennu, the Foundation Stone by the Babylonians. The next quotation I found in a wonderful book on ancient constellations called The Mazzaroth. "Wasat, an Arabic name of Alcyone, transmitted by Ulugh Beigh from early Arabian astronomy, is the centre. It thus testifies, like that of Alcyone, to the knowledge of the first astronomers of the long lost but lately removed fact, that in this group is the centre of the revolving, contains the same reference, if explained by its primitive roots. The ancient name Alcyone, now so celebrated in the annals of science, is evidently of Oriental origin, having the Arabic and old Hebrew article Al, prefixed to its root Cyon, centre. Its meaning, centre, foundation, anticipates one of the greatest achievements of modern astronomy, the discovery that to this point, this centre, gravitates the whole magnificent arrangement of the stars called the Galaxy, to which our sun belongs." 6 Does Cyon not sound like Sion/Zion - the heavenly city of God? "Glorious things of Thee are spoken, Zion city of our God." Psalm 87. The Hebrews believed it to be the City of David- the City of the Lord- the City of Foundation.

    I found an intriguing article by Ken Raines called Jehovah: Ancient Astronaut from the Pleiades 7 Apparently for 62 years, 1891 - 1953, the Watchtower Society (Jehovah's Witness) taught that God resided on the star Alcyone in the Pleiades constellation and that from this star he governed the universe. It was also stated that the City of Zion in heaven was Alcyone. The original Watchtower magazine was called Zion's Watchtower. In Micah 4:8 of the Old Testament, it reads, "And thou, O tower of the flock, the strong hold of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shall come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem." Remember the Pleiades were most frequently represented as a flock of doves.

    At this point I want to briefly divert to the Priory of Sion and its reported reverence for Mary Magdalene. The clue is in her name, which seems to mean "of Magdala" - with some possible interpretation as "place of the dove", "place of the tower" and "temple-tower". 8 In the Woman with the Alabaster Jar Margaret Starbird writes that "tower of the flock" in the above Biblical reference is translated into Magdal-edar. 9 So was Mary Magdalene just a secret Pleiadian code and the Priory of Sion was actually the Priory of Alcyone? The so-called sacred Merovingian bloodline between Mary Magdalene and Jesus might actually refer to their Pleiadian cosmic origins. For example, like many other ancient cultures, the Mayans of Meso-America called the Pleiades "the cranary" for it was the seedbed of their civilisation and the cosmic star mother who gave her children the codes of light. 10 The Merovingians founded and named the city of Paris after Prince Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy. In the Iliad, Electra (one of the seven Pleiades) was the mother of Dardanos, the founder of Trojan race and according to David Icke, the Merovingian bloodline is traced back to Troy - another Pleiadian connection.

    In The Templer Revelation, the authors suggest that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were Initiates of the Cult of Isis. Isis was the most venerated Egyptian goddess - the creatress from whom all arose. The sign of Isis is a circle with horns exactly like the sign of Taurus. Her dance of the seven veils corresponds with the seven stars of the Pleiades. I believe she was often portrayed as veiled because of the nebula around the western side of the Pleiades. I found this quote by J.R. Skinner in The Celestial Ship of the North by E.Valentia Straiton. "Isis, Issa, is the Virgin mother of the gods. Neith, Isis, Hathor, Venus and others are all one and the same. Issa, or woman, or Egyptian Isi-s, Isis, but Isi was Jesse, the father of David, who was the father of Jesus, as Isi. So, indeed Isis in Egyptian was the feminine form of Isi, or Jes-, as a form of aish, man, was Jes-us." 11

    This quote was very exciting because Nicholas Notovitch, a Russian traveller - who while in a monastery in Tibet in 1887 was shown a manuscript by the head Lama claiming Jesus did not die on the cross however he travelled to India and Tibet and was known as Saint Issa. Also, Jesus in Arabic and in the Koran was known as Isa. 12 His tomb is said to be in Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, described as the tomb of the prophet. Why would Jesus have been buried specifically in Srinagar - which means Great Serpent? The clue I believe is found in the word naga, which means serpent. In original Aramaic, Jesus was referred to as a naggar 13 actually mistranslated into a carpenter in the Bible, when in actual fact I have found the word for carpenter to be nanger. Jesus was a naggar - a serpent of wisdom. Serpents were the symbol of High Initiates in the mystery schools of Isis in Egypt. "Be ye as wise as serpents and as peaceful as doves" Matthew 11:16 "Many Gnostic traditions identified the Serpent with Jesus. In the Pistis Sophia, Jesus was the serpent who spoke to Eve 'from the tree of knowledge and the tree of life, which were in the paradise of Adam.'" 14

    Mark Amaru Pinkham in his book The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, examines the worldwide migration of serpents, some from Mu (Lemuria), and others from Atlantis. They were called Nagas, Naguals, Nacaals, Adders, Djedhi, Amarus, Levites, Lung Dragons and Quetzlcoatls. There are many traditions, which also state that the Serpents were Extra-terrestrials. "Some of the Interstellar Serpents on Atlantis came from the Celestial Serpent, the Pleiades. [According to Dhyani Ywahoo] the records of Cherokees, these androgynous Serpents are known as the 'sacred seven', and said to have traveled from the universal seat of Divine Mind, the Pleiades, in order to instill within developing humankind the spark of the individuated mind. Once on the Earth the Pleiadian missionaries mated with the human population and their progeny spread throughout Atlantis." 15 (Could this be the source of the Fallen Angels in The Book of Enoch?) This Pleiadian and Atlantean mating was also mentioned by Greek Historian Diodorus who claimed that Celoene and Alcyone, two of the seven Pleiadian sisters, had mated with Poseidon, King of Atlantis and their offspring populated Atlantis.

    Now back to the Watchtower society. According to David Icke 16 , Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the Watchtower Society was a high degree Mason. Why am I going here? Because secret societies keep ancient wisdom behind locked doors and Masonry is based on the Egyptian Mysteries. I have a book by Robert Hewitt Brown; a 32-degree Mason called Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy. On page 54 is a picture of a mystic ladder that leads to the seven stars of the Pleiades. He explains, "This Masonic emblem, has a direct allusion to the vernal equinox, and thus becomes a beautiful symbol of immortality, reminding us, also, of that starry home beyond the grave to which the soul of man aspires. It was for these reasons that, of all the 'hosts of heaven' the Pleiades were selected as an emblem by our ancient brethren." 17 The ladder is also made of seven step in the Scottish Rite Ritual and ascends from a red room, that which is said to represent the Great Mother. A red cross was placed over the heart of the candidate for red is sworn to in Masonry. I believe the symbol of the red cross is the same as the rosi-crux of the Rosicrucians and all symbolic of Alcyone and the Pleiades. The first Grand Lodge of the Scottish Rite in America, was formed at Charleston, South Carolina, in 1783: a Supreme Council and it lies exactly on the 33rd parallel of latitude. The highest Masonic degree is 33 degrees - the Grand Master. If you break up the word Mason into two - Ma/Son it equates to Mother Sun. It is interesting to note that one of the Pleiades was named Maia by the Greeks. Maia was the virgin mother of Hermes, the Enlightened One. Maya, was the virgin mother of Buddha, the Enlightened One. Mary, was the virgin mother of Christ, the Annointed one. May is the month of Maia/Maya/Mary when the Sun is in Taurus and thus conjunct the Pleiades. May Day celebrations are in honour of the Pleiades.

    In the Mazzaroth, Frances Rolleston connects the Hebrew alphabet with the constellations and Pleiades is said to be associated with the Hebrew letter Ayin, the pictograph being an eye. Immediately, I thought of the "All Seeing Eye" used so prolifically in Masonic imagery, especially above the apex of the Great Pyramid, even on the American dollar bill. Remember, Seiss' belief that the Pyramid was built as the midnight throne celebrating the midnight culmination of the Pleiades - could this be symbolised by the Pyramid and the Eye? I went a little further and located the letter Ayin on the Kabala tree. It is found on the 26th pathway and connected with the sign of Capricorn and the Tarot card of the Devil. In the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck, the Devil is represented in the traditional form of the Goat, however there is some unusual imagery that I found very intriguing. The goat has a third eye and his head is adorned with a bunch of grapes. (Wine had a mystical relation to the Dove (the Pleiades) which is the Holy Spirit or the Shekinah in Hebrew.) Below him, is a winged caduceus (Hermes) and under its hoofs are two balls with humans inside going through what I assume to be symbolic creation. You can see the DNA chromosomes and mitosis occurring. Behind this, is a shaft piercing a cosmic ring in the heavens. Most horned creatures like Pan represented fertility and creation and the May Time celebrations of Beltane incorporated this celebration. The Maypole had seven ribbons, I believe representing the seven sisters of the Pleiades. "Pan was an important model for medieval pagans' Horned God, whom the church called Satan. The devil always displayed Pan's attributes of goat-hoofs, horns, and unremitting lust; sometimes also a goat head and an attendant throng of satyrs." 14 When the Knights Templer were accused of heresy in the 14th century, it was based on their worship of Baphomet - a bisexual idol pictured with hoofs, a goat's face, with both male and female features, and thus they were called "devil worshippers". Could it simply have been another Pleiadian connection?

    "With November, the Pleid-month, many primitive people began their year; and on the day of the midnight culmination of the Pleiades, November 17, no petition was presented in vain to the ancient Kings of Persia; the same event gave the signal at Busiris for the commencement of the feast of Isis, and regulated less immediately the celebrations connected with the 52 year cycle of the Mexicans. Australian tribes to this day dance in honour of the 'Seven Sisters'". 15 The months of May and November and their numerous festivals and celebrations are all associated with the Seven Sisters. Their rising in November marked the time for worship of deceased family and friends. "Egyptian texts allude to Pleiades' archaic significance as Krittitas, judges of men, assigning them also to seven planetary spheres as the seven Hathors. The dead had to speak the names of these Goddesses to pass their 'critical' examination and enter paradise." 16

    I believe this is the source of the Judgement of the Dead linked with the month of November, when the Pleiades are high in the night sky. In the Halls of Judgement, the goddess Maat weighed the souls of the dead against her ostrich - feather of truth as the ibis-headed scribe Thoth stood to record the judgement. In Christian iconography, Archangel Michael holds a pair of scales on the Day of Judgement recognised as All Soul's Day on the 2nd November. The ancient Celtic civilisation gathered to celebrate the festival of death "Samhain" during the dark night of October 31st and at midnight, a time of death to the old year and birth to the new, it was the Celtic New Year. November is the month of the dead and Scorpio and ruling planet Pluto are all connected with death and rebirth. The Persians called November Mordad, or "Angel of Death."

    I often wonder how the zodiac signs acquired their symbolism, for example why Scorpio and its eight house and ruler Pluto are all linked to death and rebirth? What I have found through my research into The Pleiades, might be the answer. It has been recorded in the Babylonian Talmud that the flood of Biblical Noah was the result of two stars falling from Khima (the Pleiades) towards Earth. Could this correspond with the legend of the lost pleid? Was this the sinking of Mu/Atlantis and the end of the Golden Age and thus we still mourn the dead in November? I discovered some very confirming evidence in the book When the Earth Nearly Died by Allen and Delair. They argue that the world experienced total catastrophe in 9500 BC when a Vela supernova exploded and the Earth's axis subsequently tilted to 23.5 degrees and the Age of Darkness took hold. What I found in the book was this. "Chinese traditions similarly tell how, during the time of the legendary emperor Ya-hou: 'a brilliant star issued from the constellation of Yin' prior to a tremendous global upheaval." 21 I searched my Chinese Astrology book and found the Yin Star to correspond with Beta Scorpionis (Graffias, a triple star situated in the head of the Scorpion) and connected with plenty of water (flood). The symbol of Yin and Yang thus represents Scorpio (Yin) and its opposite sign Taurus (Yang). Remember in November, the Sun is in Scorpio but at night The Pleiades are high in the sky, in Taurus. The Maya/Aztec called the Pleiades the tzab rattle - that of a snake and every 52 years, in the middle of November, when the Pleiades were directly at the zenith at midnight at Mexican latitude, it was believed that the world would end; it had already been destroyed and re-created four times in the past. The New Fire Ceremony was held once they knew that they were safe for another 52 years. Thus, the specific symbolism of the constellations, zodiac signs and planets seem to reflect actual historical events, similarly recounted in many Myths.

    What I have presented above is just the tip of the iceberg of what I have discovered. It is obvious from legends and myths that the Pleiadian Star System was the locus of our cosmic inheritance and the source of the mystical wisdom known by the High Initiates of the Mystery Schools of Isis.


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