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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 03/06/2015 17:31

the Super Galactic Center;
400 × 205 - 40k - jpg

Mercury is on Libra 5: A
194 × 259 - 10k - jpg

the super galactic center
589 × 502 - 10k - gif

the Super-Galactic Center
448 × 293 - 37k - jpg

at the center of our Milky
800 × 551 - 47k - jpg

Mercury On The Super Galactic
150 × 150 - 10k - jpg

The Super Galactic Center
400 × 377 - 26k - jpg

the Super Galactic Center
400 × 400 - 13k - jpg

Butterfly framed
820 × 820 - 61k - jpg

Blessings to all.
800 × 500 - 61k - jpg

the Super Galactic Centre,
480 × 306 - 45k - jpg

250 × 250 - 9k

Super Glalctic Center
467 × 303 - 84k - jpg

Blessings to all.
799 × 500 - 112k - jpg

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam
496 × 496 - 48k - jpg

Venus is on the Super Galactic
1024 × 853 - 49k - jpg

Milky Way
480 × 400 - 47k - jpg

on the Galactic Center's
463 × 463 - 14k - gif

Super GALactic Center
442 × 188 - 42k - jpg

Galactic Centre
637 × 436 - 63k - jpg


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 03/06/2015 17:34
What great mysteries lie at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy -an area so far and vast it boggles the mind and imagination, and what are its spiritual and astrological and implications?

Our Galaxy is part of the Virgo(tropical 1°39'Libra) supercluster of galaxies and is believed to be 13 to 15 billion years old and to consist of some 100 billion stars. Our solar system supposedly makes one orbit around the galactic center every 225 to 250 million years. The distance between our sun and the galactic center is some 27,000 light years.

Note: All of these figures seem exceedingly vast. This author suspects the real figures to be only a fraction of this. The movement of the galactic center in the tables below indicate that we are orbiting around it in only 26,000 years or less(1° every 72 years).

Situated in Sagittarius(of both the sidereal and tropical zodiacs), the Galactic center is postulated by scientists to be a massive black hole the size of a large star and with the density of several million suns. Its luminous, compact, and star-forming center is referred to by scientists as Sagittarius A and is a powerful source of radio waves. The galactic center is best viewed in the southern hemisphrere.

That's the scientific explanation. What about the spiritual/mystical/astrological implications?

All centers are pivotal in metaphysics representing primal origins or heavens. There may be a total of twelve major centers or heavens in our cosmos from the atmic to the center of Creation itself. If planetary inner suns are the fourth, universal centers or principles, and solar system suns are the 5th, then the galactic center must be the sixth or seventh. I believe it to be the seventh. The sixth must be a super sun such as Sirius or Alcyone around which our solar system(and other solar systems) revolve. This super sun, in turn, revolves around the galactic center.

So the sequence is Cancer/planetary inner sun(4th), Leo/solar system sun(5th), Virgo/super sun(6th), and Libra/galactic center(7th). Each level is greater or lesser by a factor of roughly 1000. This is just a theory, but it shows how astrology can be used to identify the hiearchical levels of the cosmos.

The Galactic center is presently located in late Sagittarius(tropical/astrological), and its vast energies are stepped down through the various solar centers to our own individual centers. While galactic energy affects all zodiacal types, it is most evident in people with planets in Sagittarius, and especially with Sagittarius rising. Why are some of the most beautiful and god-like people and models born with Sagittarius rising? The eyes especially. Looking through their eyes is like looking through the windows of heaven or the galactic center itself. That is why I have merged a picture of Lynda Carter against the Milky Way galaxy. She is an excellent example of Sagittarius rising enhanced by the energies of the galactic center. It's possible she may have the ascendant at or very close to 26° Sagittarius. Or is there some unknown body here, lost in the star-rich fields, and waiting to be discovered(Planet X)?

All life forms reflect the beauty and wonder(or lack of it) of our universe. Astrology is what makes this possible. There is nothing religious or mystical about it -it's just the way it is, and the sooner people accept this, the more rich and enlightened our lives will become. Unlike science, which is cold and factual, or religion which is narrow and judgemental, astrology links us to the cosmos in a personal and meaningful way via our charts or horoscopes.

The galactic center must be a place of indescribable beauty and peace and wonder. All centers in the cosmos are basically patterned after one another(beginning with the largest or centermost), so that the galactic center must have a hollow interior of some kind(what scientists call a black hole?) and an inner central light or heavenly sphere. It must be something like the Havona realm or Central Isle of Paradise described in the Urantia book.

Spiritually, the galactic center may represent some higher part of us that we can link to as we progress up the spiritual path. For the astrological position of the galactic center in your chart refer to the table below and see if any of your planets link to it, either by sign or degree. There is a fascinating lecture on the Milky Way Galaxy and its meaning by William Henry. See also this article on the galactic center.










Relative Position of the Galactic Center
1900 = 25Sag28 1925=25Sag49 1950=26Sag10 1975=26Sag31 2000=26Sag52 2025=27Sag13
Pluto will be in exact conjuntion to the galactic center in 2006/2007 helping to bring in the vast transformative energies of the galactic center which are even now affecting the entire solar system in observable ways. Pluto is accomplishing a spiritual death/rebirth process on the planet. Old or useless spiritual beliefs are being replaced by fresh and valid new ones. It is time to see religion or spirituality for what it really is and to deal with it accordingly.

Hundreds of years from now the galactic center will shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn ushering a new Great Galactic Month. We will become a much more practical and industrial world civilization with a definite purpose in the cosmic scheme of things. Our place and contribution in the solar system and universe will be much more defined or recognized. Our planet will finally have a true Name or identity.

What does this shift mean on a more personal or biological scale? Human gestation is nine solar months and the ninth sign is Sagittarius. Capricorn is the tenth sign. Even the date of December 21st(2012) is situated at the juncture between Sagittariua and Capricorn or the 9th and 10th astrological solar months. Will humans be starting a new gestation month, and will our evolution be complete at twelve galactic months?



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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 03/06/2015 17:39

The Three Key Celestial Areas in Transcendental Karmic Astrology

There are three key celestial areas also relevant in transcendental karmic readings, although these are not single fixed stars. The first two, the Galactic Center (GC) and the Super Galactic Center (SGC), are immense super-massive black holes, which form complex energy vortices. The third, the Great Attractor (GA), is a curious “celestial anomaly”, and no one seems to know exactly what it is. As opposed to stars, a black hole in astronomy is not a bright object but an area in the night sky where both light and matter seem to be completely disappearing. Black holes can therefore only be detected through infrared light filters.

The three key celestial areas have special functions. On the one hand, they act like cosmic vacuum cleaners and are capable of sucking in all the outdated, stubborn, and hopelessly blocked patterns so that new thought-forms, ideas, attitudes, and behavioral patterns may burst to the surface. On the other hand, they are cosmic Sources of knowledge, emanating messages which need to be deciphered. To my mind, when any of these areas are prominent in a birth chart, the native either acts as the very force facilitating the necessary changes for the greater good, or becomes a universal receiver of divine wisdom. (S)he may set out as an ordinary person, but at a certain point in life is suddenly propelled into the limelight or is forced to do something unusual, interesting, unique, or brave. The deed itself may influence a few or a lot of others; sometimes just the immediate environment, but at times whole nations, ideologies, or scientific fields are moved by it. The three key celestial areas feature prominently in the natal charts of New Age teachers and healers, who arrive with special tasks and are capable of becoming the driving forces of change (see a more detailed analysis following the table below). They also represent special dilemmas that need to be resolved before their wisdom can be properly accessed. A wider orb is acceptable than in the case of the fixed stars, 1½ to 2° in the longitude and ½° in the declination because their energy fields are considerably larger. Again, use only conjunctions (alignments) and parallels to natal planets and angles.






Sag. A

Sagittarius 27°01

The heart of the Milky Way. The center of the Galactic Source emitting wisdom: a stream of galactic consciousness. Dilemmas and choices involving the dichotomy of “heaven and earth”.


M87 (or Virgo A)

Libra 2°03

The heart of the Super Galaxy. The seat of the Super Galactic Source emitting wisdom: a stream of super-consciousness. Dilemmas of “nothing is ever enough”.


Norma Cluster

Sagittarius 14°07

A galactic anomaly, an immense concentration of mass and energy. “The Creator’s Voice,” the seat of the Universal Source and cosmic balance. Dilemmas of fate and free will.


1. The Galactic Center

The GC is the central area of the Milky Way Galaxy with a super-massive black hole in the middle, which is 4 light years wide. Our whole Solar System orbits around it with the other many billion star systems (according to astronomers’ estimate, there are between 200 and 400 billion stars in our galaxy). The GC is an extremely dense energy vortex, the “still point of our turning world1. According to Philip Sedgewick2, “The Galactic Center radiates brilliant insight to anyone connected with it. This insight craves implementation. This infrared information reveals how to let go of what is in the way to make a clear path for the next step. As soon as an idea is grasped and brought forward, the path of accessing new information refreshes. At all times, new and newer insights spew forth. This carries the tone of consciousness evolution.”… “The Galactic Center’s infrared jolt to the energy field naturally induces the release of past memories that preclude an individual from making progress in life. Consciousness constipation passes,” it “… seeks to destroy prejudice of all kinds.”

When the GC is prominent, it provides a strong link to one of the most important sources of higher consciousness. I have found this area especially prominent in healers’ charts, but anyone who needs healing or wants to receive universal wisdom can access it since it is the center of our own galaxy. Once the native manages to activate the GC, profound changes occur. Accessing the GC helps the native face life’s challenges openly and honestly. Sedgewick describes what we should do with the information flowing from the GC: “With eyes open, senses alert, track the flow of information. A stream of consciousness begins. This stream rivals the energy of an arm of a galaxy. It’s rich, strongly logical and precisely wise. No vagueness occurs in the Galactic Center. The information is incisive, direct, informative”…“Simply, sit and listen. Learn to receive the subtle essences of Heaven. Let the inspiration feed you the ways of making wisdom work.”


2. The Super Galactic Center

The Super Galactic Center is the core of a larger cluster of galaxies forming a Super Galaxy.  According to my experience, when the native incarnates as a galactic healer or teacher, the SGC is especially prominent. This point behaves similarly to the GC, but its power is even greater. Before the existence of the Hubble Space Telescope, the SGC was the only known super-massive black hole, but today astronomers have identified many such areas in the sky. Despite that, the Super Galactic Center is the prevailing, dominant force among them.

In transcendental karmic readings, everything quoted about the GC holds true for the SGC as well, but Sedgewick adds an interesting idea: “Those contacting the Super-Galactic Center contain a super-massive hunger. They need and need and need.” What I have realized is the fact that it is not so much a physical hunger, but a metaphysical one, although it may take the form of material urges in the beginning. When the SGC is prominent, the native has the urge to excel, to pass a limit, or to reach for the stars. This inner need can be so strong that it consumes him/her unless fulfilled. At worst, it becomes a desperate, insatiable hunger, and at best, a profound driving force in life. The consumption of energy, power, knowledge, relationships, or material goods continues until finally the person realizes that no one and nothing can ever negate the empty void inside, nothing that exists on the physical plane can successfully fill it. Whatever the SGC sucks in like a giant vacuum cleaner is dissected and completely transmuted. The SGC acts like an alembic, a cosmic womb, where base material is transmuted into gold. In case the SGC is prominent, the native usually has an exceptionally intense personality. It doesn’t matter where (which life sphere) it manifests, it completely dominates the life of person connected to it.

Sedgewick also remarks that “typically, some childhood trauma that negated one's self-worth can be found in the psychology.” In transcendental astrology, we add that the trauma is often karmic, which has been accumulated in many incarnations. What can we do about it? The moment we are willing to acknowledge these wounds or traumas we can let them go. The Universe demands consciousness from us: deliberate choices and full attention at all times. Karma generates and builds up when we keep feeding it with energy, attention, or strong emotions, but once we resolve it or let it go, it dissolves completely. “When one shifts to the core meaning of the black hole and ceases the wrestling with the psychological considerations, the spiritual issue appears for healing.” All the deep scars will eventually be healed. It takes a lot of work, time and energy, but luckily there is an ultimate and inexhaustible resource: our own soul.

Once the native is able to heal the basic karmic wound, then a truly remarkable life phase can start, which generally happens after the first and before the second Saturn Return. If the void of the super-massive black hole is sealed, the native can move forward. The next step is usually a big one: becoming the Universal Teacher or Healer. As teacher, the task is to reveal all the potential choices and alternative realities to others. As healer, the native can literally draw negative energy from another person. According to Sedgewick, ”… once integrated, those directly involved with the Super Galactic Center become directly involved as a central force of healing in the lives of unimaginable numbers of people.” In this sense, the SGC is very much linked to Chiron in particular and the Centaurs3 in general, which describe the nature of karmic wounds and provide the potential healing paths as well. As so many karmic astrologers working with Chiron have pointed out, healing usually comes when the native starts paying attention to similar wounds in others. No more potent area of healing exists than that of the Super Galactic Center. As Sedgewick points out, it “maintains the greatest implication of soul retrieval of any point in the Universe. It demands that you get back in there and deal with yourself in an essential manner. It is essential that you do so. It is also unavoidable. It will happen. The only question is when?

3. The Great Attractor

The GA is a unique area in the sky that is euphemistically described as a “galactic anomaly.” It appears to be an immense concentration of mass and energy, but exactly what it really is remains a mystery. It steadily sucks in the neighboring galaxies at an astonishing speed of 600km/sec. It acts like a giant river, forcing galactic clusters like the Virgo Cluster or the Hydra-Centaurus Cluster to flow towards its core. It warps time and space, and its enormous gravity field bends light, but it lacks an event horizon, which is compulsory in the case of black holes. Its mass remains incalculable and incomprehensible. Although it recedes from our galaxy, the Milky Way, at a very high speed, at the same time it also summons extreme ultraviolet energy that appears to be approaching. As Sedgewick remarks, “it’s mysterious, it’s captivating, it might even be a direct personification of the Creator! Regardless, it knows something you have to know.

This area in the sky seems to be linked especially to the topic of free will versus fate. Are we able to exercise free will and, as a result, make conscious decisions? Or do we remain subject to the immutable laws of the physical forces of nature? As Sedgewich points out, “Given the massive gravity of the GA, it would appear that the latter principle will hold up in the Universal realms. Once engaged, there is no hope. You will be swept away.” I myself don’t agree with this notion. The term “attractor,” a well known concept in chaos theory, indicates areas or time periods where or when certain processes seem to accumulate or converge. Chaotic systems, which are sensitive to initial conditions and thus quite similar to astrology, are also sensitive to the slightest change. Although an attractor behaves as a fatalistic point, and the Great Attractor may show similar features, to my mind it symbolizes the balancing forces between fate and free will since it both sucks in and emits energy at the same time. Compared to the other two key celestial areas, which are proper black holes and swallow everything that is getting in their paths, the flow occurs both towards and from the GA, thus it symbolizes the process of conscious “fate planning”. The incarnating soul takes into consideration all the relevant factors of past events, their consequences, as well as the chosen future tasks, in order to make the best decisions possible. Free will is a major factor, but so is the acceptance of the “inevitable”, especially if we consider it from the point of view of soul evolution. In fact, the acceptance of “fate” by adding the fine tuning potentials of free choice are the best tools of soul evolution and, in fact, provide the most important reason for incarnation. The more conscious the soul is the truer this becomes, and the GA symbolizes the point in the sky through which the soul may receive the necessary knowledge for that. When prominent, the native is a highly evolved soul who wants to earn how to become attuned and responsive to the “voice of the Creator.” (S)he needs to maintain objectivity because the GA emanates information freely in all spectrums, and to be fully attuned requires internal responsiveness to all frequencies. In fact, consciousness lies in the inclusion of all frequencies, and this is precisely what the native is learning in this life. A narrow view or opinionated nature simply does not fit in with the Great Attractor. A broader view, however, pushes us towards true wisdom. We need to learn that there is always another way, a different approach, and a broader spectrum.


  1. Quote from T. S. Eliot: The Wasteland
  2. See his website: www.philipsedgwick.com.
  3. There are more than 1500 known Centaurs, celestial objects of the Kuiper Belt, 47 of which have already been named. Centaurs in tight orb (especially conjunction) with important planets and points of a natal chart describe the nature of karmic traumas and wounds.

Reply  Message 4 of 15 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 04/06/2015 15:36

Galaxia elíptica M87

De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Virgo A
Messier 87 Hubble WikiSky.jpg
Datos de observación
(época J2000.0)
Tipo E0-1 pec/cD 0-1 pec[1]
Ascensión recta 12h 30m 49,4s[1]
Declinación +12° 23′ 28″[1]
Distancia 16,1 ± 1,2 Mpc[2]
Magnitud aparente (V) +8,6[1]
Tamaño aparente (V) 8′,3 × 6′,6[1]
Constelación Virgo
Características físicas
Magnitud absoluta -22,8[3]
Radio 120.000 al
Otras características
Emisión de radio
Chorro de materia
emitido por el núcleo.
Multitud (12.000)
de cúmulos globulares.
Otras designaciones
M87, NGC 4486,
Fuente de radio Virgo A.
[editar datos en Wikidata]

La galaxia elíptica M87 (también conocida como Galaxia Virgo A, Virgo A, Messier 87, M87, o NGC 4486) es una galaxia elíptica gigante fácil de ver con telescopios de aficionado. Se trata de la mayor y más luminosa galaxia de la zona norte del Cúmulo de Virgo, hallándose en el centro del subgrupo Virgo A (el más masivo de todos en los que se divide el cúmulo).[4] La galaxia también contiene un núcleo galáctico activo notable que es una fuente de alta intesidad de radiación de longitud de onda amplia, en particular en radiofrecuencias.[5] Puesto que es la galaxia elíptica más brillante cercana a la Tierra y una de las fuentes de radio más brillantes del cielo, es un objetivo popular tanto para la astronomía amateur como el estudio científico. Se ha estimado que la galaxia tiene una masa dentro de un radio de 32 kpc de 2,6 ± 0.3 x 1012 masas solares, el doble de masa que nuestra galaxia.,[6] e incluyendo materia oscura puede ser 200 veces más masiva que ésta



Cúmulos globulares y halo exterior[editar]

La M87 tiene una población inusualmente grande de cúmulos globulares. En un sondeo de 2006, se estimó que habría unos 12.000 ± 800 cúmulos alrededor de la M87.,[7] en comparación con los 150-200 de la Vía Láctea.

Además, está rodeada por un gran halo sólo visible en fotografías de muy larga exposición y sensibilidad, de forma muy elongada e irregular y que se extiende al menos 30 minutos de arco (el tamaño aparente de la Luna llena) -correspondiente a un tamaño real de más de medio millón de años luz a la distancia de ésta galaxia-, y que se cree está formado por estrellas pertenecientes a galaxias que han sido destruidas por la atracción gravitatoria de M87 en encuentros cercanos con ella, para después ser absorbidas finalmente. Dicho halo parece estar distorsionado por la atracción gravitatoria de galaxias vecinas del cúmulo de Virgo,[8] y su presencia explica que M87 sea clasificada a veces cómo una galaxia de tipo cD,[9] aunque incipiente[10]

Al parecer, el comentado halo llega hasta una distancia de alrededor de 150 kilopársecs; se desconoce la razón por la que acaba a ésa distancia, y las posibilidades barajadas incluyen un encuentro pasado entre M87 y otra galaxia -seguramente M84- ó una contracción de éste debido a materia oscura cayendo hacia la galaxia aquí tratada; el mismo estudio en el que se ha sugerido esto también propone que M87 y M86 están cayendo la una hacia la otra y que las estamos observando justo antes de su primer acercamiento cercano.[11] En él también existen diversas corrientes de estrellas, que se piensa han sido arrancadas de otras galaxias cercanas ó son restos de galaxias menores destruidas y absorbidas por M87.[12]

Chorro de materia y medio interestelar[editar]

Otra vista tomada por el Telescopio Hubble del chorro de materia de la M87.

En 1918, el astrónomo Herber Curtis del Observatorio Lick descubrió un chorro de materia procedente de la M87 que lo describió como "un curioso rayo recto". Este chorro de materia o jet se extiende al menos 5.000 años luz desde el núcleo de la M87 y está formado por materia eyectada de la propia galaxia, probablemente por un agujero negro supermasivo situado en su centro. Los astrónomos creían que el agujero negro en esta galaxia tiene una masa aproximada de 3200 millones de masas solares,[13] pero investigaciones recientes suben ésa masa hasta entre 6400 y 6600 millones de masas solares.[14] [15] Éste agujero negro está rodeado por un disco de gas caliente, que le alimenta a razón de una masa solar cada 10 años, y se ha sugerido que su posición no coincide con la del centro exacto de ésta galaxia, estando a aproximadamente 22 años luz de él (algo cuyas causas se desconocen y que ha sido atribuido a que M87 hubiera nacido tras la fusión de dos galaxias anteriores con agujeros negros supermasivos en su centro y que al fusionarse estos hubiera acabado allí, ó también a que el jet hubiera propulsado al agujero negro a ésa distancia[16] ).

En 2013/08/22 se ha publicado un estudio basado en observaciones realizadas desde 1995 hasta 2008 por diversos especialistas del universo profundo aprovechando las posibilidades del Telescopio espacial Hubble. Han obtenido una serie de películas a intervalos que muestran un chorro de plasma de 5.000 años luz de largo que es expulsado de un agujero negro supermasivo. Ese agujero negro parece que se sitúa en el centro de la galaxia M87. Parece que han encontró evidencias que sugieren el movimiento en espiral de ese chorro, creando un campo magnético en forma de hélice que rodea al agujero negro. En la parte exterior del chorro un grupo de gas brillante, al que han llamado “nudo B”, parece que va en zig-zag.[17] [18]

Otros autores niegan que tal desplazamiento exista.[19] En M87 también se ha encontrado una fuente intensa de rayos X, y su proximidad significa que es una de las radiogalaxias mejor estudiadas.

Hay gas cayendo hacia la galaxia a un ritmo de 2-3 masas solares por año, gran parte del cual acaba en la región central de ésta y que al menos en parte parece proceder de una galaxia menor rica en gas que está siendo absorbida por M87.[20]

El medio interestelar de ésta galaxia está ocupado por un gas enriquecido en elementos cómo carbono y nitrógeno, que han sido producidos sobre todo por estrellas existentes en la Rama asintótica gigante, y oxígeno e hierro producidos por supernovas, sobre todo de tipo Ia. La abundancia de estos elementos es de la mitad de la abundancia en el Sol hasta un radio de 4 kiloparsecs, aumentando a partir de éste radio.

M87, finalmente, cuenta con diversos filamentos de polvo con masas de alrededor de 10000 masas solares, y otros de gas caliente que parecen proceder de la galaxia menor en proceso de absorción mencionada antes,[21] y está rodeada por un halo de gas caliente.

Movimiento superluminal[editar]

En las imágenes realizadas por el telescopio espacial Hubble en 1999, el movimiento del chorro de materia de la M87 fue medido de cuatro a seis veces la velocidad de la luz. Se cree que este movimiento es el resultado visual de la velocidad relativista del chorro de materia, y no un movimiento superluminal verdadero. Sin embargo, la detección de tal movimiento respalda la teoría que cuásares, objetos BL Lacertae y radiogalaxias pueden ser el mismo fenómeno, conocido como galaxias activas, vistas desde distintas perspectivas.;[22] de hecho, algunos astrónomos han sugerido que M87 puede ser en realidad una galaxia de tipo BL Lacertae (aunque, a diferencia de otros objetos de ésta clase, con un núcleo de poco brillo comparado con el resto de la galaxia) que vemos desde un ángulo desfavorable para apreciar las propiedades de éste tipo de objetos[23] [24]

Lazos y anillos de emisión de rayos X[editar]

Las observaciones realizadas por el telescopio espacial Chandra indican la presencia de lazos y anillos en el gas caliente de emisión de rayos X que se extiende por el cúmulo y rodea a la M87. Estos lazos y anillos son formados por ondas de presión. Las ondas de presión son causadas por la variaciones en la velocidad en que la materia es eyectada por el agujero negro supermasivo en chorros. La distribución de los lazos sugieren que las erupciones menores ocurren cada seis millones de años. Uno de los anillos, causado por una erupción mayor, es una onda de choque de 85.000 años luz de diámetro alrededor del agujero negro. Otra característica notable son los finos filamentos de emisión de rayos X que se extienden hasta una longitud de 100.000 años luz y una gran cavidad en el gas caliente causada por una gran erupción hace 70 millones de años.

A diferencia de lo que ocurre en otras galaxias elípticas gigantes situadas en el centro de cúmulos de galaxias cómo por ejemplo NGC 6166, las erupciones regulares impiden que el gas caliente que llena el medio intergaláctico del cúmulo de Virgo caiga hacia el centro de ésta galaxia enfriándose y formando estrellas,[25] lo que implica que la evolución de la M87 ha podido ser afectada en gran medida impidiendo que se convirtiese en una galaxia espiral de gran tamaño. Las observaciones también significaron la presencia de ondas de sonidos: 56 octavas por debajo del Do para las erupciones menores y 58 o 59 octavas por debajo del Do para las mayores.[26]

Emisiones de rayos gamma[editar]

La M87 es también una fuente de rayos gamma. Los rayos gamma son los más energéticos del espectro electromagnético; más de un millón de veces de mayor intensidad que la luz visible. Los rayos gamma procedentes de la M87 empezaron a ser observados a finales de la década de 1990, pero más tarde, telescopios HESS, los científicos han medido la variación del flujo de rayos gamma y han descubierto que los cambios se producen en cuestión de días.

Se ha aceptado que en el centro de la M87 se encuentra un agujero negro supermasivo, con una masa de varios miles de millones de masas solares. Sin embargo, el hecho de que las variaciones puedan cambiar en unos días, hace que el entorno inmediato al agujero negro supermasivo de la M87, con un tamaño similar al Sistema Solar,[27] sea la localización más prometedora de rayos gamma. En general, a menor superficie, mayor rapidez de variación y viceversa.


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 04/06/2015 15:42

New Moon in Libra, September 27, 2011

7:08 AM EDT, Washington, DC

The time for balance, harmony, and justice arrives with the New Moon in Libra, a dynamic that is intensified by its arrival soon after the Fall Equinox. This year’s strong bond between the Fall Equinox and the New Moon draws my attention to the influence of the Super Galactic Center (SGC) on our world. The Fall Equinox always activates the SGC energy zone, since it is located at 2 Libra from Earth’s perspective. When fall arrives, the Sun moves into Libra and aspects this zone, which draws our minds out through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and into the SGC vortex. This reading is intriguing because the SGC is unusually activated by the transits of Mercury and the New Moon to the SGC.

Very complex psychic dynamics are awakening us now. As I noted in the Fall Equinox reading, we are carefully watching the Uranus squares to Pluto moving into close range this year, reality-shifting squares that will be exact seven times through 2015. The themes to be brought to the forefront during the Uranus/Pluto squares are already taking shape by means of planets forming squares to Uranus-square-Pluto. For example, in this chart, Mercury/New Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto, which makes Pluto into the head of the T-square. Then, with Mercury/New Moon transiting the SGC, this T-square is sensitizing our species to the powers of the SGC! This influence came in very strongly during the Fall Equinox, and many awoke to a new and magical world on September 23. The SGC is the astrological gateway into the Universe itself, so the opening of this wormhole helps us flow with the highly accelerated frequencies of the Universal Underworld! We begin with more information about the SGC.

To comprehend the nature of the SGC, we start with our own Galactic Center. According to the master of deep space astrology, Philip Sedgwick, “The emission of the infrared spectrum of the Galactic Center alone generates almost a million times as much energy as the Sun does through its entire electro-magnetic spectrum.” (The Astrology of Deep Space) The SGC is a huge galaxy called Virga A (also called M-87), and twenty-seven galaxies rotate around this common nucleus including the Milky Way. Astronomers say the SGC is a super-massive black hole that holds the mass of about five billion Suns. It puts out energy that is much more powerful than our Sun or the Galactic Center, and then because it is the nucleus for our galaxy, the SGC has a radical affect on humans: It’s a veritable wormhole to Universal consciousness that is opening at the end of the Mayan Calendar. The astronomy of the SGC may be the best description for the widening perspectives awakening within humans during 2011. This New Moon shows how we can become conscious of and integrate the potency of the SGC, since astrological analysis is our cosmic access.

Phillip Sedgwick says that M-87 inspires humans to seek the “primal stages of the union of the self with the soul.” Often the best way to do this is to review past experiences in light of our current consciousness; then we can detect kernels of future evolutionary patterns that are emerging within our species. Sedgwick says M-87 “contains the most futuristic implications of the magnetic entities,” said in another way, elements in our consciousness that reach all nine dimensions. I’ve considered this idea since 1987 when I first read Astrology of Deep Space, which caused me to tune into this influence with deep intuition. [My natal Neptune is 2 Libra trine Uranus/Saturn in Gemini trine Mercury in 29 Capricorn.] Sedgwick notes that M-87 calls us to wake up and realize that our unconscious karmic memory is the foundation for the future. Exploring this ancient memory data develops us spiritually, and then we realize that right action can create a better future and free us from the prison of cyclical time. Sedgwick’s exploration of this idea is the theme of my favorite of my own books, The Mind Chronicles (2010).

These ideas are very deep, yet they are the foundation for this reading because current events are dire: The global conflict over the Jerusalem vortex is the central focus of the period from the Fall Equinox into this New Moon. The Palestinian request for statehood is causing rising tension now that the Palestinian President Abbas requested this status on the Fall Equinox, September 23. Abbas concluded, “The time has come for my courageous and proud people, after decades of displacement and colonial occupation and ceaseless suffering, to live like other peoples of the Earth, free in a sovereign and independent homeland.” The occupation of Palestine generates great pain and conflict all over the Middle East, and a dual state between Israel and Palestine is the only way to balance the region. The quest of this New Moon in Libra is justice, such as in the case of Palestinian statehood. This reading looks for ways to achieve personal harmony, which can reset the greater field. It seems to me that this feeling is ready to shift during this final lunation cycle of the Calendar — and just as I was ready to send this file, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia granted women the right to vote and run for office in his country!

Mercury close to the New Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries and forms a T-square to Pluto in Capricorn. We seek emotional balance in our minds (Mercury/New Moon in Libra), and our transformation is fiery and aggressive (Uranus in Aries), which alters global structures because Pluto in Capricorn hauls them into the underworld and grinds them up. New Moon/Mercury in Libra closely sextiling Mars in Leo forms a Yod to Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius/Pisces. So, remember what we’ve learned about Yods in the Fall Equinox reading: hold Mars in Leo in your left hand to activate your fiery will, and hold Mercury/New Moon in your right hand to create exquisite balance in your mind; then shoot all that determination to shift reality out to Neptune/Chiron, which is healing the world by means of the spiritual awakening. To be clear, Pluto at the head of the T-square is driving the structural transformation of the world, while Neptune/Chiron as the head of the Yod shows that we are accomplishing this by spiritual insight and deep healing.

Mars in Leo is the key player because his trine to Uranus adds very high-minded focus and strength to our actions; our free will is great this month. Progressing with the Uranus/Pluto squares during the coming four years, you will notice that sometimes Pluto seems to be leading the struggle, sometimes Uranus. In this case, Uranus is hammering Pluto, who in turn is junking 5,125 years of material creation. Also, Pluto is in the left-handed position in a sextile to Neptune/Chiron that forms a Yod to Mars in Leo. Thus we have two Yods during this New Moon, which highly activates this volatile field. Mars in Leo is very willful and pushy, yet his close sextile to New Moon/Mercury stabilizes this force. Mars in Leo trining Uranus in Aries may cause Uranus to be a jokester this month, like people throwing pies at world leaders. Rupert Murdoch, for example, recently got hit with a pie during the U.K. phone-hacking scandal, and additional plans for legal action against his News Corporation were announced right on September 23! Fundamentally, these two Yods, which activate the tight T-square, are going to create a panorama of fast-moving events targeted at making justice around the world. This is what we should expect during the end of the Mayan Calendar, which arrives two days after the October 26 New Moon in Scorpio.

Venus in 15 Libra, Saturn in 18 Libra, and the asteroid Juno in 20 Libra (not shown) emphasize the extreme struggle for balance expressed by the stellium of so many lights in Libra. We truly are being drawn out of personal focus by the wild events in the outer world. Juno inspires us to find ourselves in sacred marriage, and her quest is in league with the father within (Saturn) and the goddess herself (Venus). These three lights sextile the North Node in 17 Sagittarius, which pushes us to be truthful in life and reminds us we need the support of lovers and keepers of home to continue. The trine to the South Node in Gemini reminds us of the wealth of lovers and partners we’ve known in many past lives. This relationship between Venus, Saturn, and Juno to the lunar nodes suggests that as monumental events roll through the world, the real change will happen in our homes.

Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus steadies us amidst all the rapid changing and continuously reminds us of the importance of personal resources. Jupiter quincunx the Libra stellium reminds us that our desires for financial support and well-being are going to be a major driving force this month. This is very important, since the collective financial shifts are the result of each individual’s fortune and his/her attitudes about wealth. The quincunx from Jupiter means there will be continual pressure for the protection of rights for individuals. Jupiter squares Mars in Leo, so people have the will power to press for what they need. Jupiter trines Pluto in Capricorn, thus change will be occurring within the foundational structures of reality-corporations, banks, and politics.

All in all, this New Moon says justice on Earth must be attained now, and so let’s return to the Super Galactic Center (SGC) in early Libra. As I’ve considered time-acceleration and the Nine Underworlds [see The Mayan Code by Clow], I’ve often wondered how our species can integrate the simultaneous completion of all nine of these Underworlds. Surely this means we will each become multidimensional to access this culmination of evolutionary patterns! All the way through the Galactic Underworld since 1999, we’ve been awakening ourselves within the Galaxy itself, which has taken us beyond the limits of our solar system. Now it seems we are moving out into the Universe itself, influenced by the pull of the SGC. This is the huge space we require to awaken as nine-dimensional beings. As things go faster and faster, trust that we are all on our true path to Oneness when we are all equals within our chosen worlds.


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Barbara Hand Clow: New Moon in Libra, early morning, September 27

Posted on September 26, 2011 by

Barbara’s reading for this New Moon focuses on how the Sun/Moon conjunction with the Super Galactic Center fuels and embraces the global push for Libran justice and balance through revolutionary energies (Uranus in Aries) which, between 2011 and 2015, grind down old financial and governmental structures (Pluto in Capricorn) that have imprisoned minds and hearts and spirits for far too long.

Please enclose your understanding of this month’s New Moon event within the larger perspective of  her reading for the Fall Equinox. And again, if you don’t know astrology, don’t worry about it. Just pay attention to what the energies refer to during this extraordinary time of passage from one way of being to another.

 And BTW: if, at times, you still fill with fear, and feel all alone, know this: we are each a drop in a mighty ocean, and it is all moving at once. Simply: center yourself, tune in, pay attention, and ride the wave. There is nothing you have to do. Just be. Be at one with the mighty forces of transformational change.


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The Virgo Cluster showing the
1640 × 1265 - 417k - jpg

04-02a The Virgo Cluster
514 × 450 - 60k - jpg

Datos de observación
2160 × 2160 - 208k - jpg

Elliptical galaxy M 87 is
640 × 480 - 75k - jpg

A giant elliptical galaxy, M87
480 × 600 - 60k - jpg

of the Virgo Cluster of
640 × 484 - 64k - jpg

The Virgo cluster from the
659 × 650 - 110k - jpeg

500 x 400 11 kb B&W JPEG
500 × 400 - 11k - jpg

NGC 3628 Spiral Galaxy in Leo
300 × 282 - 9k - jpg

the center of M87 is one
900 × 600 - 204k - jpg

Galaxy M87 in Virgo Cluster of
300 × 339 - 113k - jpg

Galaxy Pictures-3
5000 × 5000 - 930k - jpg

Virgo cluster falls toward
4932 × 4680 - 719k - jpg

800 × 598 - 100k - jpg

Virgo A: optical image by the
402 × 450 - 26k - jpg

Virgo Cluster of galaxies.
1504 × 964 - 642k - jpg

shows the Virgo cluster as
745 × 717 - 79k - jpg

The galaxy M87 is located in
500 × 405 - 47k - jpg

NGC4038 image
3545 × 3600 - 1533k - jpg

M87 in cluster Virgo fifty
612 × 612 - 452k

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Thief on the loose

/ /

Evening visibility of the International Space Station is about to wrap up for May with just one good pass left. Watch tonight (May 26) in twilight for the ISS to rise in the northwest at 9:28 p.m., cross the southern sky and then enter Earth’s shadow in the southeast at 9:33. After a short spell of invisibility, the station will resume morning passes over the U.S. in June.

The galaxy M87 is located in the "Y" of Virgo not far from the planet Saturn. This map shows the sky around 10:30 p.m. looking southwest. Created with Stellarium.

Several days ago (‘May night masterpiece’ blog) we visited one of the sky’s brightest globular clusters, M13 in the constellation Hercules. Only about 150 of these big chandeliers of stars reside in the Milky Way galaxy. The situation is far different in a galaxy called M87, the 87th entry in a catalog of deep sky objects compiled by French astronomer Charles Messier. This enormous galaxy, nearly five times the size of our own, is about 50 million light years away and located at the center of a cluster of 2000 galaxies called the Virgo Cluster.

M87 is the large galaxy in the center of this photograph. Most of the little fuzzy dots surrounding it are some of its stash of 12,000 globular star clusters. Two smaller galaxies are seen below right. Credit: Anglo-Australian Observatory/David Malin images

According to 2006 data, this monster has upwards of 12,000 globulars, more than any other galaxy known. Just look at that photo. All those fuzzy spots centered on M87 are globular star clusters. Since many globulars contain 100,000 stars or more, that comes to over a trillion stars between them. For comparison, our entire galaxy contains only about 400 billion stars. How did M87 get such a huge share of clusters?

The galaxy M87 is at the center of the Virgo Cluster, an assembly of 2000 galaxies moving through space together. The cluster is found within and just above the "Y" outline of Virgo. Credit: Digital Sky Survey 2/Mt.Palomar

As you’ve gathered by now, M87 is huge, and that means it has a lot of gravitational pull in the neighborhood. Like some titanic bully, M87 has likely used its gravity to steal globular clusters from other nearby galaxies as they swarmed about the cluster’s center. The more it grabbed, the bigger it got and the better able it was to snatch more. M87 just can’t help itself.

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of the globular cluster Omega Centauri, the brightest one visible from Earth and the largest in our galaxy. About 10 million stars orbit the center of the cluster. It’s easily visible with the naked eye but only from the southern U.S. and points south. Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team

Our own Milky Way even has a connection to this globular snatcher. The Virgo Cluster has enough mass to wield its gravitational influence even out here in the hinterlands. The group of galaxies we cluster with, called the Local Group, is tugged toward Virgo, in part by the ravenous maw of M87.

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Entrevista sobre un enfoque junguiano de la Astrología en Más Allá nº 236

Alberto Chislovsky: “El cielo refleja lo que ocurre en la Tierra”Más Allá de la Ciencia" Textos Moises Garrido Vázquez

Los grandes cambios de todos los tiempos, como el nacimiento del cristianismo o la revolución copernicana, están íntimamente relacionados con una serie de configuraciones galácticas que es posible interpretar desde un planteamiento junguiano. Porque, tal y como nos explica el astrólogo Alberto Chislovsky, más allá del espacio, el tiempo y las leyes físicas conocidas, el cielo es el reflejo del inconsciente colectivo.
“El cielo estrellado es el libro abierto de las proyecciones cósmicas, el reflejo de las mitologías y los arquetipos. En este modo de ver se dan la mano la astrología y la alquimia, las dos antiguas representantes de la psicología del inconsciente colectivo.”Así se expresaba el psicólogo Carl Gustav Jung en 1941, al celebrarse el cuarto centenario de la muerte del gran alquimista y médico suizo Paracelso. Actualmente, si hay alguien que conoce y sigue desarrollando esta sugerente línea unificadora entre lo macrocósmico, las claves astrológicas y el inconsciente colectivo es el psicólogo y astrólogo argentino Alberto Chislovsky, a quien tuvimos ocasión de entrevistar durante su reciente visita a España con motivo de la presentación de su obra La influencia de la astrología en el pensamiento de C. G. Jung. Chislovsky es psicoterapeuta junguiano del Instituto Jung de Buenos Aires. Ha sido director asociado del Centro de Terapias Transpersonales y Neo-Chamánicas de la capital argentina y es, además, conferenciante, autor de numerosos ensayos y del libroJung y el proceso de individuación, que tuvo una gran acogida en los círculos especializados argentinos.
En los últimos años ha desarrollado algunas de las hipótesis más novedosas sobre la interrelación que existe entre los procesos psíquicos y la influencia de los astros, teniendo siempre en cuenta el concepto junguiano de sincronicidad (coincidencia no causal entre dos o más acontecimientos). Tras participar en un congreso sobre astrología celebrado en Cádiz a primeros de junio, Chislovsky se desplazó hasta Sevilla para reunirse con miembros de la Asociación de Psicología Analítica de esta ciudad. La capital hispalense fue, precisamente, el marco de la presente entrevista.
Centro galáctico
Según explica Chislovsky, el apex es el punto del espacio hacia el cual se dirige el Sol y, con él, todo el sistema solar a una gran velocidad. El centro galáctico (C.G.) es el punto alrededor del cual giran nuestro sol y nuestra galaxia, la Vía Láctea, y el super centro galáctico (S.C.G.) es una especie de punto virtual alrededor del cual giran un grupo de galaxias locales, incluida la nuestra. Parece ser que tanto el centro galáctico como el super centro galáctico se vinculan de forma muy significativa con personajes que han protagonizado importantes revoluciones sociales, culturales, científicas y religiosas, o que han sido artífices de profundos cambios de conciencia colectivos. Por ejemplo, Neil Armstrong, el primer hombre que pisó la Luna, tiene su Luna natal en conjunción con el C.G. Asimismo, se observa una correlación entre el C.G. y el surgimiento del cristianismo. Igualmente, existe un vínculo entre el S.C.G. y la revolución copernicana que desterró definitivamente la visión ptolemaica que hasta la Edad Media se tenía del Universo. “En 1543, cuandoCopérnico escribió su De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium –indica Chislovsky–,había una coincidencia en el aspecto de septil entre el ascendente simbólico precesional (A.S.P.), a 17º21’ de Escorpio, y el S.C.G., a 25º24’ de Virgo, que indicaba claramente una profunda revolución sobre la idea del mundo.”No obstante, Chislovsky reconoce que no es posible verificar la validez de la astrología a través de las causas o energías conocidas hasta ahora a nivel físico, ya que, según explica, este método “está más ligado al fenómeno de la sincronicidad. Es la única manera de explicar la astrología, porque sus leyes transgreden nuestros conceptos sobre el espacio y el tiempo”. Cambio en el super centro galáctico: Interés por el espiritismo. En el año 1870 se produjo el cambio de signo del super centro galáctico (S.C.G.) de Virgo a Libra, un acontecimiento que, según Alberto Chislovsky, influyó en el surgimiento de las nuevas ideas científicas y, sobre todo, en el florecimiento del interés de muchos científicos por los fenómenos espiritistas, hasta dar lugar a la metapsíquica –madre de la moderna parapsicología– a raíz de las investigaciones del físico Sir William Crookes. “Fijémonos en los cambios que hubo en la ciencia a partir de ese año –explica Chislovsky–.Palabras como relatividad, complementariedad, incertidumbre, etc., empiezan a aparecer en el campo científico y a poner en duda toda la estructura newtoniana del Universo.”
Los astros y la historia
La astrología es una disciplina casi tan vieja como la humanidad que tuvo una gran importancia durante el Renacimiento.“El paradigma del Renacimiento fue un paradigma astrológico. Todo estaba basado en la astrología”,explica Chislovsky. Científicos, filósofos, pensadores y artistas tuvieron muy en cuenta la importancia del conocimiento astrológico. “Pensemos en Paracelso –subraya el psicoterapeuta argentino–. Para él, la enfermedad y la curación venían del cielo. Al surgir la sífilis y propagarse entre las tropas francesas que rodeaban Nápoles, Paracelso encontró la solución del siguiente modo: ‘Francia es el país de Júpiter –se dijo–. Si esta enfermedad está ligada a Júpiter, ¿cuál es el opuesto de este planeta astrológicamente? Mercurio. Entonces, utiliza el mercurio para curar la sífilis’. Y de ahí viene la idea de que el mercurio cura la sífilis. No hubo ninguna experimentación científica. Ese fue su único razonamiento. Qué vínculos hay entre la astrología y ciertos acontecimientos históricos?Muchísimos. Le pondré un ejemplo. Cuando estalló la Revolución Francesa había una cuadratura entre el S.C.G. y el eje de precesión de los equinoccios. Y todo aspecto de 90º en astrología es síntoma de tensión. Unos años antes, en 1755, con la conjunción del eje de precesión simbólico con el C.G. en el período de Sagitario, todo se centraba en la razón, pero sin embargo se produjo un importante terremoto en Lisboa, que afectó al sur de España, lo que venía a demostrar que hay cosas que la razón no puede prever. Fue la época en la que nació el mito de la ciencia. Todo mito surge con una cosmogonía asociada, una forma de explicar el mundo. La ciencia no fue una excepción. Ese mismo año de 1755 Kant escribió su “teoría delcielo”, coincidiendo con el aspecto de la conjunción que en astrología significa el comienzo de un nuevo ciclo. La implicación del C.G. anunciaba el inicio de una nueva ortodoxia, como efectivamente sucedió, ya que la ciencia empezó a reemplazar a la religión como factor dotador de sentido. Este comienzo de ciclo se completó cuando el eje simbólico precesional cambió de signo (de Sagitario a Capricornio), previa conjunción con el apex. Fue etonces cuando apareció el astrónomo y matemático Pierre Simon Laplace e hizo de la teoría de Kant toda una formulación matemática. Se la presentó a Napoleón y éste le dijo: “Aquí falta algo”.Laplace le preguntó qué, y Napoleón le respondió: “Dios”. El científico le aclaró que esa era una hipótesis que no se había planteado. Fue ahí cuando la ciencia se separó definitivamente de lo divino, reflejando así la influencia del apex y del cambio de Sagitario (para la astrología, imagen divina) al materialista y empírico signo de Capricornio. Es impresionante observar cómo muchos de los grandes acontecimientos relacionados con la cultura tienen un reflejo sincrónico en el cielo.
Más datos en
• La influencia de la astrología en el pensamiento de C. G. Jung.Alberto Chislovsky.Para consultar los ensayos de Chislovsky: Web Odisea del Alma http://www.odiseajung.com/, creada y dirigida por el psicoterapeuta onubense Raúl Ortega.
¿Tanta importancia tienen en el ámbito de la astrología los puntos galácticos que menciona? Sin duda. Yo he analizado la interrelación de estos puntos con la historia de Occidente, sobre todo con los movimientos previos que conformaron el cristianismo, y he observado que el C.G. actúa como si fuera el dios de la galaxia o el dios del gnosticismo, corriente paralela al cristianismo, al que llamaban Demiurgo. El C.G. estaría ligado a la ortodoxia en el ámbito religioso y al paradigma que conforma nuestra visión del mundo en el científico. El S.C.G., que está más allá, se relaciona con el dios trascendente y con aquellas corrientes nuevas que provocan la ruptura con el paradigma anterior. Son, por tanto, factores que estarían en pugna. ¿Y qué papel juega el apex en todo este despliegue macroastrológico? Al referirse al Sol, es el punto más cercano al hombre y el lugar donde se dirimen y se resuelven las dos tendencias contrapuestas citadas antes: ortodoxa y heterodoxa, lo nuevo y lo viejo, lo conservador y lo revolucionario. Todo esto forma parte de un estudio muy amplio que aún estoy desarrollando. En el fondo, la interpretación astrológica no deja de ser, desde un planteamiento junguiano, una serie de percepciones introspectivas inconscientes de la actividad del inconsciente colectivo. En el cielo, con sus formas caóticas, hemos proyectado imágenes o figuras que esconden un significado profundo para nosotros. El zodíaco es como un espejo cósmico que nos revela información de lo que ocurre en nuestro mundo. En palabras de Chislovsky: “Algo que pasa en el cielo refleja algo que pasa en la Tierra”. ¿De qué forma se interesó Jung por la astrología? Donde se percibe claramente el interés de Jung por la astrología es en dos cartas que intercambió con Freud en las que le dice que pasa sus noches estudiando astrología. En una de ellas hace una interpretación propia de un astrólogo moderno. Habla del arquetipo materno a la luz de la astrología y hace una brillante interpretación de lo que podría ser el complejo materno, todo basándose en la carta astral que realizó a una paciente. Hay que tener en cuenta que el concepto de libido en Jung está muy influenciado por la astrología, como demuestro en mi reciente libro. En Símbolos de transformación ofrece muchas referencias astrológicas, en Interpretación de la Naturaleza y la psique incluye un experimento astrológico y Aiónlo considera un homenaje a esta disciplina. Cuando Jung tenía problemas con un paciente, uno de los métodos que utilizaba para detectar la raíz del conflicto era confeccionar la carta natal e interpretarla psicológicamente. En el fondo, Jung fue astrólogo, una faceta que mantuvo oculta hasta los últimos años de su vida.

La entrevista completa en la entrada del 18/12/2010.


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The Rise of the Nile at the annual flooding corresponded to the SUN entering the STARS of the constellation LEO. The suggestion being, that the Lion is the Lord. As implied with the title extended to the Christian saviour Jesus… ‘The Lion from the Tribe of Judah’.

JUDAH = YUDAH = YOU / WHO DIE – the tribe of Death



ORION – The Key To The Kingdom Of Heaven






Washington night

Sunrise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SunriseEn caché - Similares - Traducir esta página
Sunrise is the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears above the horizon in the east. Sunrise should not be confused with dawn, which is the ...

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The Rise of the Nile at the annual flooding corresponded to the SUN entering the STARS of the constellation LEO. The suggestion being, that the Lion is the Lord. As implied with the title extended to the Christian saviour Jesus… ‘The Lion from the Tribe of Judah’.

JUDAH = YUDAH = YOU / WHO DIE – the tribe of Death



ORION – The Key To The Kingdom Of Heaven






Washington night

Sunrise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SunriseEn caché - Similares - Traducir esta página
Sunrise is the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears above the horizon in the east. Sunrise should not be confused with dawn, which is the ...

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Originally Posted by barbitone View Post
Great work Riseball! and others....... 
Thanks Barbitone and Mirhyazd for your kind words.

You guys have given me a lot to meditate on, ponder, think about… some of which are very, very deep things that I believe are a journey to continue to understand, but for now I’ll try to SUM up what I’ve been thinking about recently.

Barbitone, this is definitely a very deep understanding, KOODOs to you, this is why I’m a fan of your work, thank you for sharing.

Let me begin by answering some questions from Mirhyazd, you asked…

Previously you mentioned the FOUR ROYAL STARS?

The four royal stars, I am not greatly familiar with aside from what I have recently read on, but this is what I’ve gotten from it, it seems like they were FOUR CONSTELLATIONS that were used to tell the seasons (also the SOLSTICES and EQUINOX) in the sky at any given time of year. It feels like it’s connected the shamanistic views of the FOUR DIRECTIONS, north, east, south, west (never eat shredded wheat?), it connects to the SWASTIKA having four tails, as seen in my previous post. However, why didn’t they call it ROYAL? And STARS not CONSTELLATIONS? Maybe there is more depth to this I believe, are their FOUR particular stars that stand out in each constellation? Maybe a KEY to more understanding? 

Also, our SUN is a STAR, this may be connected to other systems, such that our SUN is supposed to be connected in some way to the SIRIUS system. Likely I feel like it ties EARTH and our place in the GALAXY, to know our place is… If the galaxy is a SPIRAL with say our MILKY WAY, then what does that mean in terms of EARTH’S LOCATION? Then a fractal larger, looking at the ANDROMEDA GALAXY in relation to the MILKY WAY and EARTH? Someone who is up to speed on this ASTRONOMY would be good so see how these tie together? Possibly fractals of SPIRALS?

Also, makes me think of in the movie STARGATE, where he finds to map coordinates to another planet, he needs SEVEN POINTS, the FOUR DIRECTIONS, PLUS TWO (HEAVEN AND EARTH) form EARTHS LOCATIONS, and a seventh to form a vector to connect earth to another planet.

Also, upon a bit of investigation, it seems others have tried to connect the FOUR CARDINAL DIRECTIONS but some of the evidence doesn’t add up???
I am no expert by any means on this topic, but I think I just got lucky (or maybe coincidence) which I’m sure really has nothing to do with it…

I found this image that ties the FOUR MAIN STARS together, and noticed that they are connected with a vector, so I OVERLAYED a DOUBLING CIRCUIT and wHOLY smokies BATMAN!!! 


A perfect match, on my fuzzy picture! I let someone more up to speed take the REINs to the SUPREME.
It also appears to be some good ties to the CYCLES ON EARTH here, connecting a SIGN WAVE to earth’s equator and TROPICS OF CANCER & CAPRICORN (why are these named this?)


Comparing the structure of the vacuum to Metatron’s Cube?

This started to raise a bunch of questions to mind, and I believe first of all there is a NEED for continuity between understandings.

What is a vacuum? Is this VOID of everything? I believe not, as light travels through SPACE (does this imply EMPTY?) which they call the PERFECT VACUUM, but still there lies evidence that particles exist there? So what is a vacuum I ask? Merely less MATTER that say what exists in our atmosphere? What lies beneath the matter? In the matter of MATTER, what is it really? I believe MATTER is a condensed form of ENERGY. Einstein can back me up with (Energy = Mass X Light^2) What is MASS, light is connected to energy, and mass too. (I have taken physics in high school btw, but I find myself asking these questions again to gain more understanding)

Everything is Energy.

So if that is true, what is pressure, temperature, matter, a vacuum, or even thought and emotions? …related to energy?

Also, how do these concepts related into the MACRO (FOUR ROYAL STARS) and the MICRO cosmOS. 

Going back to the numbers, and also Barbitone’s thoughts, the 3 and 6 feel to me like the OSCILLATING, VIBRATING underlying structure that is CENTERed in the NINE (9) and ZERO. With the analogy of a CIRCLE/SPHERE, where the nine is in the center and the 3-6 are vectors that have INFINITE connections to the center, the DOUBLING CIRCUIT or 124875 (INFINITY SYMBOL) are what connects are REALity to these forces which we can only begin to comprehend now, let alone measure? The 124875 (SIX DIRECTIONS) WeAVING, around the 3-6 like SERPENTS around the staff if you will. 

Philosophically, the ONE, the UNIverse, ALL is connected. We may not EACH choose to interact with it in this way, that is our FREE will. But looking at the VBM or numbers, it is undeniable to me that this structure exists, this truth, the more that is revealed to us. And like the INFINITE possible paths of a vector to the center of a CIRCLE/SPHERE, there are INFINITE ways to express this beauty. I am searching for this truth. 

Back to the physics…

How does emotions (energy in motion) or thought or the mind get explained in physics, or Quantum Mechanics? I am no expert on this, but this is where it has fallen a bit short for me. Any unifying understanding or theory or whathaveyou must unify all, esoteric with physical reality.

Now, in reading the Pleidian Agenda, by Barbara Hand Clow (whom I’ve had the privilege to meet) is a researching in ancient history, crop circles, and channelled this book from the Pleides. She has a model of things which she describes as the 9 DIMENSIONS, which she further elaborates on her book, Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions. She uses fact not fiction to back up her claims. Anyhow, her model as I have grown to understand it are this.


(in terms of energy, this structure is 1d highest density, 9d being the lightest density/fastest vibration)

1D – Iron Core Crystal of Earth (shumann frequency/resonance)

2D – Telluric Realm (ley lines vortices, alchemy, molten magma/earth, beneath the crust)

3D – Earths Surface (linear space and time, seven sacred directions, six polarities, reality as we know it)

4D – Annunaki (emotions, collective consciousness of earth, 100th monkey concept, bridge to the divine)

5D – Love and Creativity – Pleides (unconditional love as we know it)

6D – Sacred Geometry – Sirius (metatron’s cube, platonic/archimedan solids, cube-octahedron, structure of matter)

7D - Light, sound – Andromeda Galaxy (cymatics, variable speed of light, Carnac)

8D – Galactic Federation – Orion (manifestation, creation, thought, Sun & Moon connections)

9D – Milky Way Galaxy – Tzolk’in (Mayan calendar/2012, key to TIME, galactic BLACK HOLE, time waves)

(Note, this is different dimensional concept than 1D=point, 2D=line, etc.)

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