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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 14/05/2012 16:50


grail in Simple Gematria Equals: 47 ( g
grail in Simple Gematria Equals: 47 ( g
raquel in Simple Gematria Equals: 74 ( r
john in Simple Gematria Equals: 47 ( j
jesus in Simple Gematria Equals: 74 ( j
giza in Simple Gematria Equals: 43 ( g
mark in Simple Gematria Equals: 43 ( m
gize in Simple Gematria Equals: 47 ( g
john in Simple Gematria Equals: 47 ( j


These are the four creatures of Ezekiel 1:10 and Revelation 4:7 which also relate to the four Apostles, the seasons, the elements and the guardians of the four directions.
True Cross.jpg 
‘True Cross’ Cathedral Lisieux, France

True Cross2.jpg
‘True Cross’, Baselique Notre Dame d’Ouvres La Delivrande, France

In churches, the four signs of the Zodiac often reoccur and are associated with ‘Judgment Day’ and the ‘End of Times’

Judgement Day.JPG
Jesus portrayed at the Last Judgment can often be found in the Tympanium above the entrance of churches and cathedrals. Notice, the lion (Leo) on the left, the bull on the right (Taurus), the angel on the left (Aquarius) and the eagle on the right ( Scorpio).

The four evangelists Luke, John, Mathew and Mark likewise have been associated with these four Zodiac signs as well:

Mark = Scropio (Eagle),          Luke = Taurus,                  John = Leo,              Matthew = Aquarius

Galactic Equator
Winter Solstice Galactic Alignment of the Sun with the Galactic Equator

On Earth, the River Nile was the reflection of this great river in the sky, in accordance with the Hermetic principle "as above, so below." Herschel's earliest ingenious research has demonstrated that all of the pyramids along the river Nile represent constellations along the Milky Way, not just Orion! There are more than 50 pyramids in total, and their true meaning can only be deciphered when one considers the whole of Egypt.

During a Great Celestial Conjunction, the Sun crosses that great river in the sky, the Milky Way. Egyptologists explain that the solar God Ra (and Horus) required a boat because they sailed the Heavens from sunrise in the East to sunset in the West. At night, Ra travelled the Netherworld to be reborn in the morning at sunrise. Egyptologists reject the idea that the Egyptians understood the Precession of the Equinoxes and that the Sun also sojourns along the zodiac in a 26,000 year journey corresponding with the Precession Cycle.

In the Book of the Gates, the travel of the Sun at night along with the deceased pharaoh into the Netherworld is described. The Sun enters the Netherworld in the first hour just after sunset to be reborn in the morning at sunrise after a twelve hour nocturnal journey. There are many parallels, however, with the precessional journey of the Sun along the twelve signs of the zodiac to be discovered in the Book of the Gates. The 12 hours in the Book of Gates are structured into four groups of three hours, denoting a cross in the face of the clock. In the 12th hour Nun raises the solar barque with the scarab beetle of the Sun God from the primeval waters (Milky Way?), this is the hour of the rebirth of the Sun.

Left: Nun raises the solar barque from the primeval waters at ‘sunrise’, the time of the rebirth of the Sun.

During Ra's travel through all of the twelve signs of the zodiac in the precession cycle, he will be requiring a boat to twice cross that great river in the sky, the Milky Way! It is probably the only reason why the Egyptian deities required a Sun barque in the first place. Boats are used to cross waters, not skies, so it was used not for their nightly ecliptic travel from East to West through the Netherworld, but for their travels along the zodiac in the precession cycle. It is during this journey that the Sun would be required to cross the waters of the Milky Way at least twice. The Book of the Gates may therefore have been misinterpreted by Egyptologists as the nocturnal journey of the Sun simply because they reject the idea that the Egyptians understood Precession! Keep in mind that only twice per year on the equinox the day and night will be exactly 12 hours in length. It is therefore far more logical that the 12 hours in the Book of the Gates are in fact the 12 zodiacal Ages of the Precession Cycle.

Pharaohs in ancient Egypt were buried with their arms crossed holding Ankhs in their hands. This posture of the deceased pharaoh can be found on sarcophagus and in statues throughout Egypt. The Ankh represents a cross symbol.


Tjel, major of Memphis under Amenhotep III Sarcophagus with arms crossed
Left: Grave statue of Tjel mayor of Memphis under Amenhotep III Dutch national museum of antiquities, Leiden.
Right: Sarcophagus with crossed arms and X cross on chest, Dutch National Museum of antiquities, Leiden.

Since the Greek inherited much of their wisdom from the Egyptians, it's more than reasonable to suspect that the gate or portal mentioned in the Book of the Gates through which the pharaoh enters the Netherworld is, in fact, the Gate of God that the Greek writer Macrobius writes about. The Gate of God was also called the Golden Gate, while the Gate of Men was called the Silver Gate. The very same Egyptian cross symbolism used by the pharaohs associated with the Golden and Silver gates of the soul (and the Sun) can still be recognized in the coat of arms of the Vatican, consisting of two crossed keys; one Golden, one Silver.

Vatican Coat of Arms
Silver and Golden cross in the Coat of Arms of the Vatican

The Golden Gate is the ecliptic Milky Way crossing at the Scorpio-Sagittarius nexus on the zodiac while the Silver Gate is the Milky Way ecliptic crossing at the Gemini-Taurus nexus. The Silver Gate was represented by the horns of Isis and the associated bull Taurus.

The Silver Gate is also clearly depicted in the Narmer Palette (3100 BC) named after the Egyptian pharaoh. The Narmer Palette shows the celestial goddess bull Bat (Taurus) with her horns bent over pointing exactly to the place of the rebirth of the Sun, the Silver Gate. The two cow's heads on top of the palette also represent Bat. In-between the two cow goddesses a hieroglyph is depicted representing the rising of the Sun in between two mountains on the horizon. It's a hieroglyph that is very similar to the Akhet hieroglyph with the same significance.

Narmer Palette
Bat on the left and right with the 'Akhet' glyph in between.

Dutch national museum of antiquities, Leiden

Bat was the goddess of the Milky Way considered to be a pool of Bat's cow milk. Bat was also the goddess of the human soul, the "Ba" that incarnated into human life form. Since the soul incarnated into human life passing through the Silver Gate (crossing of Milky Way and ecliptic), it's not surprising that Bat was both the goddess of the Milky Way and the human soul. Ba is a derivative of Bat, whereas "Ka" represents the human light-body. "Mer" represents the light of the Egyptian light-body-soul complex, the "Mer-Ka-Ba." Bat was also called the "Ba of Two Faces." Egyptologists are in the dark about her name and don't seem to understand that she was called this way, because there are actually two portals both to and from the Netherworld for the Ba to descend into the physical plane (Silver Gate) and ascend from the physical plane (Golden Gate). Both Hathor, Isis and Bat are all cow goddesses and Egyptologists have often pointed out the similarities between these goddesses depicted with cow-horns suspecting that they may have the same origins...they all represent the Silver Gate.

At the bottom of the Narmar palette in-between the horns of the bull, the very same hieroglyph is depicted as the one shown between two Bat bulls on top of the palette. This Akhet-like hieroglyph symbolises the rising Sun on the horizon.

Narmer palette 2 Narmer Palette 3

The Narmar Palette, bull in close up on the right. The bull is leaning towards the Silver Gate near the Gemini-Taurus nexus depicted in between the horns. The hieroglyph in between the horns resembles an Akhet glyph and represents the Silver Gate.

Dutch national museum of antiquities, Leiden


On the other side of the Narmer palette two identical men, hence suggesting twins are depicted. They are both looking over their shoulders to a particular square over the left man’s shoulder. We surmise that the twins represent Gemini which would make sense since the actual ecliptic Milky Way crossing of the Silver Gate occurs in 5° Gemini (sidereal zodiac) and the square could therefore be suggesting the Silver Gate.


Narmer palette backside

Dutch national museum of antiquities, Leiden

The author Audrey of the website "Ancient Egypt" writes while referring to the Narmar Palette: "They present an overview of the astronomical event which occurred on September 21st in 4468BCE, when the Autumn (Fall) Equinox of the Sun was in conjunction with the Milky Way."

At the Autumnal Equinox, the Sun was indeed at the Milky Way, however at the Golden Gate. At the Vernal Equinox of 4468 BC, the Sun resided at the Silver Gate. The author (Audrey) does not seem to realise that this moment represented a Great Celestial Conjunction when the equinox axis (Vernal and Fall) aligned with the Galactic Equator and the Sun resided at the Gates of the Gods.

Instead, while interpreting the hieroglyphs of the 10 decapitated figures near the Solar Barque, he writes quote, "The full meaning of the hieroglyph can therefore be interpreted as 'the Sun at a sacred gateway, opening or portal'..."

While Hathor, Isis and Bat are all cow goddesses, Egyptologists have often pointed out the similarities between these goddesses depicted with cow-horns suspecting that they may have the same origins. . . .   
We suggest that they all represent the Silver Gate.

There is an even older Egyptian goddess that later was associated with Isis and Hathor. Her name is Serket and she was the deification of the scorpion goddess who healed stings and bites. Eventually, Serket was associated with Isis and she was said to be just an aspect of Isis. Serket and Isis can therefore be regarded as the ‘Ba of Two Faces’. While Isis represents the Silver Gate at the Gemini-Taurus nexus, Serket is her counterpart and she represents the Golden Gate at the Scorpio-Sagittarius nexus. This is why she’s wearing the scorpion on her head while she joined Ra in his barque on his journey around the zodiac in a Great Year.


Left: Isis with the solar disk in between the horns representing the Silver Gate
Right: Serket with the scorpion at her head representing the Golden Gate.

The sacred Egyptian scarab beetle is a metaphor for the Sun in the precession cycle whereas the dung ball represents the Sun. The scarab beetle rolls its dung ball with his hind legs backwards, symbolizing the backward motion of the Sun through the zodiac in the precession cycle. Since the scarab beetle has many similarities with a scorpion, we surmise that Serket and the scarab beetle both represent the Golden Gate in Egyptian mythology.


Right: Scarab representing the crossing of the ecliptic and Milky Way
 near Sagittarius-Scorpio nexus. The dung ball of Scarab beetle is the Sun.


On the left, the scarab beetle in a barque. On the right, the bull with the horns in a barque. They represent the places where Ra requires a barque to cross the Milky Way river in the precession cycle and thus represents the galactic equator.



  • The Master's Square - compares the Tabernacle, the Temple, and the New Jerusalem to the Masonic Temple, and investigates the universal, astronomically based, geometric method for Temple design and construction. This relates the patterns in the Masonic Floor to all the sacred objects in the Bible, as well as temples around the world.
  • http://www.gabitogrupos.com/DESENMASCARANDO_LAS_FALSAS_DOCTRINAS/template.php?nm=1319509113
    . La inclinación actual del eje de la Tierra es de 23,5 grados. 

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    Reply  Message 5 of 109 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:19
    Royal Wedding, Birthquakes & Resurrection

    April 18  2011
    by Goro (goroadachi.com)

    "I should tell you, watch Prince William...
    It's coming soon

    - Goro/Etemenanki, Oct 20, 2010 (link)

    Oct 20
    : Prince William proposes to Kate Middleton
    in total secret in Kenya - world oblivious
    Nov 16: Engagement announced - world reacts

    What I write about on this website - all things "multicontextual" - tend to perplex people. So out of alignment is it with most people's normal mode of thinking that they get disoriented and end up leaving in a state of confusion. Their inner knowing may recognize a higher order of "truth" but the conscious mind needs a lot more convincing and time before it can digest and begins to concede that there is such thing as "multicontextual coherence" - typically expressed as synchronicities - that underlies reality beyond the threshed of what is normally considered possible.

    It's one thing to notice bits and pieces of "meaningful coincidences" in life. It's harmless. Numerology? Cute. Symbolism? Entertaining. Maybe even inspiring. But when it gets to the point of super interchontextual coherence - which is what I highlight and demonstrate on this website - it apparently gets a little discombobulating and even "scary" for many. The ordinary mind tries to find a way to squash it, so that order is restored, no need to radically revise one's view of the world. To accept it is to reject a fundamental bedrock of one's practical but incomplete understanding of reality. That would be like experiencing a catastrophic earthquake and then having to rebuild a city. It's a tall order. It takes great effort and commitment. Something we don't normally look forward to.

    So I understand the psychological effects. It can be an instant crossroads in that the mind has to make a big decision concerning the nature of reality itself. Consciously or unconsciously this pressure is felt and it makes many uncomfortable. But such is the nature of truth. Truth, more often than not, becomes inconvenience. You either decide to accept it or deny it. Life is a series of these decisions. You keep denying and it takes its toll. There is you, there is truth, and in between is time.

    The more we go against truth, the more trapped we get in time. And it gets heavier and heavier... until it collapses like a star into a black hole. We need to short circuit the process and escape time. For that, finding truth and accepting it must be our priority. It takes a lot of energy and focus because truth hides like fox and we must chase it into the rabbit hole where it's dark and you'll need a map to navigate effectively otherwise you just end up going in circles. This "map" or "radar" is what is signified by what I call multicontextual (or intercontextual) coherence. It's a bit like using a Venn diagram; you go for the most heavily layered area for the most universal "answer". Put another way, it's like a "meta analysis" of synchronicities. A "meaningful coincidence" here, another synchronicity there, and another there... This much people can notice and they try to interpret each such "sign". But they don't think to or don't know how to find connections between these "coincidences" that unify them. The area of such unification - coherence - is the blip on the radar or an arrow pointing to the direction of truth.

    How do I know? Because truth necessarily transcends time and that means you'd know you're on the right path when the "map" you're using begins to point to, by way of projecting patterns forward, things/events in the future that come true. That's the "Holy Grail" in the search for hidden truth. It's the Stone of Destiny.

    I've been at this for many years now and have long realized that it's through the use of this "Holy Grail" - making the hidden nature of reality undeniable via accurate predictions - that the readers' conscious mind can be sufficiently and quickly motivated to start "revising" its model of reality. It becomes a "wake-up call" that facilitates a plunge into the rabbit hole.

    The Prince William Royal Engagement prediction last fall was one such "wake-up call", and a powerful one, which is why I decided to start this article with it. It helps (new) readers quickly realize they are dealing with, not some new-age mumbo-jumbo, but something with substance reflecting hidden truths.

    As it turns out, I was much more explicit in my Royal Engagement prediction on STRUG (underground/members area) where I wrote in a post dated October 20, 2010:

    Alright guys... I think I got it. And it is, as usual, both expected and unexpected. This will probably not make you go 'ah ha!' right away, but you will soon see it and get it. This is pretty special, in a way the first multicontextual gateway to the 'next season'... 2011/2012.

    What am I talking about? I'm talking about what's at the inter-temporal core of the recent and ongoing Underworld Resurrection rituals, most notably the Chilean miners rescue which is heavily entangled (via pentagrams) with the upcoming window around Halloween (opening perhaps as early as the 24th).

    And we may well see it come to life right there around late October-early November. I wouldn't be surprised at all. It would make perfect sense. I'm talking about...
    the announcement of the engagement
    & imminent wedding of...
    Prince William & Kate Middleton.


    [...] This will open the 'floodgate'. And I'm projecting that based on the trajectory of the collective pattern I've discerned the impact could easily arrive during our 'Halloween window' which I would define as late Oct-early Nov, anchored by the Venus inferior conjunction on October 29. [...] It's about to kick into a higher gear. It's about to begin... [end quote]

    The definition of a Venus "inferior conjunction" is Venus being positioned between the Sun and Earth or in other words the formation of a Sun-Venus-Earth alignment. When it's so precise that Venus passes right in front of the Sun as seen from the Earth, it's called the "Transit of Venus" which occurs very rarely and in pairs. We are currently in the middle of a "Mayan Venus transit pair" in 2004/2012.

    Something magical happens when you trace a series of successive Venus inferior conjunctions. By the time you reach the 6th conjunction, you will have drawn a near-perfect pentagram inscribed inside the Earth orbit. A Venus Transit pair - separated by 8 years - has four inferior conjunction between them, six in total, neatly completing one pentagram in that time span.

    [animated - orig. source]

    For the current transit pair, October 29, 2010 was the last conjunction before the pentagram is complete, back at the starting position. Venus was "reborn" there as the "Morning Star." In fact, Every Venus inferior conjunction entails Venus first becoming "invisible" for a few days: During daytime Venus is too close to the Sun for observation, during nighttime Venus is hidden below the horizon with the Sun. Then as Venus progresses forward along its orbit and increasingly farther away from the alignment or the Sun, Venus begins to make a brief reappearance just before sunrise. Each morning Venus will be visible for a longer period of time and higher in the sky. This is a phase of Venus when it's called the "Morning Star" also known as "Lucifer" (literally meaning "light bearer").

    Inherent in the symbolism of the pentagram is the idea of the Underworld. In ancient Egypt for example a pentagram/5-pointed star in a circle denoted their Underworld "Duat" ruled by Osiris the god of the dead.

    As we all witnessed, a pentagrammic portal between our world and the Underworld flung open in 2010, "the Year We Make Contact"...

    Gulf of Mexico BP oil leak disaster (April-July 2010):


    Chile mine collapse/rescue (August-October 2010):

    Chile's pentagrammic signature couldn't be more obvious, even magically reflected in its timing via "pentachronometry":

    The phoenix, it suggested, was coming out of the Underworld...

    Reply  Message 6 of 109 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:20

    The phoenix, it suggested, was coming out of the Underworld...

    ["Phoenix" capsule used in dramatic Chile mine rescue]

    ...stressing the notion of "resurrection" in effect reiterating the narrative of Lucifer escaping the chthonic prison or the astronomical event of Venus's rebirth as the Morning Star. Then by way of pentachronometry it was subsequently implied that there is another, if not the main phoenix/Morning Star/Lucifer figure, in the form of William/Kate...

    Oct 16 After mine rescue, Chilean president heads to England

    Rising and "earthshaking"...

    The epicenter of the deadly quake in Chile (2010) constituted a "prophetic" temporal marker for the October 29 (2010) Venus inferior conjunction anchoring the Royal Engagement window (late Oct-early Nov) where Venus was reborn as the Morning Star.

    There was no question, the Royal Engagement/Wedding was deeply embedded in the fabric of space-time of this particular period. The inference was that, for whatever reason (more on that soon), it was a really big deal. Signs, as they say, were everywhere, including the following interconnected events precisely at the time of the "Venus rebirth". It was mysterious. It was prophetic. Now manifesting before our eyes like a tidal wave...

    *    *    *

    November 8, 2010

    At Sunrise...

    Nov 8~ Cruise ship fire leaves 4,500 stranded near San Diego
    [Fire on ship precisely at sunrise]

    At Sunset...

    Nov 8~ Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast near L.A.

    The "Mystery Missile", rising in sunset twilight near Los Angeles and Long Beach, was such a striking sight it even got the mainstream media talking for a few days. It was a big mystery, and whatever it was, it seemed to have been "launched" from the direction of Santa Catalina Island...

    [Very rough CBS map of the incident]

    Reply  Message 7 of 109 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:21

    Evidence suggests it was probably an optical illusion created by a vivid contrail trailing a normal jet, either Flight UPS902 or AWA808. The latter was en route from Hawaii to Phoenix, AZ. Both flights would have been flying right over Catalina Island at the time of the anomalous sighting.

    The Carnival Splendor cruise ship - also originating in Long Beach - was no illusion. It was real and was helplessly stranded off the west coast of the US/Mexico southeast from Catalina, disabled by an early-morning fire emergency at sunrise. (Map not to scale.)

    Two notable "twilight events"... producing a specific angle, ~25 degrees from the north-south axis...

    ...which happened to be the exact angle of the Phoenix constellation rising on the horizon within an hour after the "Mystery Missile launch" at sunset that day.

    The moment of sunset itself would have seen the constellation making its way up right below the horizon and the cruise ship. Thus throughout the "magical" period of light giving way to darkness, Phoenix was in the process of being resurrected from the Underworld (death), which is the very essence of the legendary firebird.

    And this "Underworld", taken literally, would have been directly under their feet. At the time of the "Mystery Missile" (sunset), those on Catalina Island (or the whole West Coast for that matter) would have "seen" - if they could see through the earth - this celestial configuration:

    At the nadir they would have seen Argo Navis - a defunct constellation - which is a big ship like Carnival Splendor, now broken up into a number of smaller constellations, the largest of which is called Carina (meaning "keel").

    At sunrise - when Carnival Splendor was experiencing a fire emergency - Argo Navis was seen "sailing" right on the horizon due south partially submerged. The Carina section was underwater or in the "Underworld".

    A clear, albeit coded, message was being sent... concerning in particular the Royal Couple/Wedding. It's no coincidence that November 8 was right in the middle of a Royal Engagement period (Oct 20-Nov 16).

    Prince William and Kate Middleton. Or Catherine Middleton.

    "Carina" and "Catherine" are variations of the same name. So is "Catalina". "Katherine/Catherine" is also said to derive from "Hecate," a Greco-Roman goddess of witchcraft, crossroads and... the Underworld.

    Catalina = Carina = Catherine = Hecate = Underworld

    Not just any Underworld, but in this case specifically "Avalon". That's the name of Catalina Island's only incorporated city (in effect its "capital"). "Avalon" also literally means "apple", a fruit that hides a 5-pointed star in its core.


    Also of great esoteric significance, "Avalon" is the name of the island where King Arthur is said to be resting and is expected to return from. In other words, Avalon is the "Underworld" of the Once and Future King. And King Arthur is of course a British king archetype.

    The implication being the wedding/rise of Prince William and Kate is, whether by design or by coincidence, designed to become a modern analogue of the "Resurrection of King Arthur".

    There is a sense of "destiny" permeating all this, hence also a heightened degree of predictability. I can say that having already demonstrated it publicly. And not just the timing of the Royal Engagement; I had the general time frame and symbolism down years ago. In a 2009 article "The Moonwalker Prophecy", for example:

    Is this it? The long-awaited moment of the resurrection of the phoenix? A somewhat ironic rebirth of 'King William'? [...]

    It's as if we are in for a major shift in the British Royal Family starting 2010 just in time for the 2012 London Olympics. [...]

    A straightforward interpretation would be that Prince William will become King William in or around 2012. If not literal, then this should at least be a major symbolic storyline set to (if not already) drive key world events in/around 2010-2012. [red emphasis added]

    (Note: Another/alternative scenario worth watching is the royal couple conceiving and/or having a baby in or around 2012.)

    Destiny. All signs point to this royal stuff being of "cosmic" significance. But why? Any particular reason behind the "retelling" of the medieval romance through William & Kate? Just an allegorical expression or could there be some historic fact woven into the matter? The answer may surprise you...

    *    *    *

    Reply  Message 8 of 109 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:22

    Resurrecting Grail Bloodline

    It's real. It's real as far as it being a special strain of the British royal bloodline or more specifically the Stuart bloodline...

    The senior Stewart descent goes all the way back to King Arthur's father, King Aedan of Scots, on the one hand and to Prince Nascien of the Septimanian Midi on the other. The Scots descent traces further back through King Lucius of Siluria to Bran the Blessed and Joseph of Arimathea (St James the Just), while the Midi succession stems from the Merovingians' male ancestral line through the Fisher Kings to Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Conjoining the lines from their 1st-century points of departure, the descent is in the succession of the Royal House of Judah. This is a truly unique line of sovereign lineage from King David in one of the key descents which comprise the Bloodline of the Holy Grail.
    [From Bloodline of the Holy Grail, pp. 344-5]

    Or so goes the theory put forward by noted esoteric researcher and bestselling author Launce Gardner who recently passed away in August 2010.

    Though it seems to be outside of Gardner's interest, it is an established fact that Prince William is a descendant of multiple Stuart kings who ruled England, Scotland, and Ireland during the 16th and 17th centuries. That alone does not make William particularly "special". What makes him special is the fact that his bloodline, through his mother Princess Diana, can be traced back to King James II, Charles II, and through both of whom Charles I and James I. Although the House of Windsor (Prince William's father side) has also descended via the "Sophia Succession" from the first Stuart king on the English throne James I (1566-1625), Prince William (and Harry) is the first heir to the throne descended from either King James II (grandson of James I) or King Charles II (another grandson of James I), which makes him part of or at least closely related to the "Jacobite Succession".

    The distinction is critical and makes all the difference. This is due to the historical fact that there was a major split involving two Stuart factions, those of the "Sophia Succession" and those of the "Jacobite Succession" during the reign of King James II (1685-1688). There the royal bloodline/succession became contentious as James II was ousted by William III of Orange married to his daughter Mary Stuart (Mary II). James II fled the country and "King Billy" and Mary II started their joint rule. James II, now crownless but still alive, and his ouster supposedly "illegal", a sizable supporters continued to follow him and his sons. Those became known as the "Jacobites" who would engage in a series of battles in an effort to restore the "lost" king (bloodline) in his rightful place. From their perspective, the closer in blood the claimant was to James II, the more legitimate the claim. The new king on the throne was therefore deemed illegitimate, and the Jacobites weren't going without putting up a good fight.

    After both Queen Mary II and her sister Anne, who inherited the throne after King William III, died childless, the only surviving progeny issued from King James II was James Francis Edward Francis ("James III") who was first in the original line of succession and had a son and a grandson. This was the "Jacobite Succession" which sought to reclaim kingship for at least four generations.

    The crown, however, did not return to them even after Anne's passing terminated that particular line of succession nominally based on James II's bloodline. The "Act of Settlement 1701" had ordained the crown be passed to the nearest Protestant relative (the Jacobite Stuarts were Catholic) which at the time of Anne's death was the eldest son of Sophia, Electress of Hanover, descending from James I (first Stuart monarch on the English throne, grandfather of James II). Via this path emerged King George I, and through whom the Germanic House of Hanover as a ruling house. This was the rise of the "Sophia Succession" which continues to this day in the form of the House of Windsor.

    The primary "Jacobite Succession" of James II apparently died out with Henry Benedict Stuart (great grandson of James II). The next legitimate senior Stuart bloodline was then one descending from Charles I (father of James II) through Henrietta Anne Stuart. This succession continues to this day and has as its latest Jacobite claimant to the British throne (though no serious claim is made) Franz, Duke of Bavaria.

    Princess Diana, as the chart reveals, was a direct descendant through multiple illegitimate lines of multiple Stuart kings on the "Jacobite side" (James II & Charles II/I). In this less-than-obvious way Prince William & Harry emerged as the first (real/male) heirs to the throne descended from either Charles II or James II. In other words, the union of Princess Diana and Prince Charles - embodied by William & Harry (assuming Harry's father is Charles which has been questioned by some) - signifies the reunification of the two battling Stuart bloodlines, i.e. the Sophia Succession and the Jacobite Succession. Reunited at last... after more than 300 years!

    Add to this the aforementioned notion of a Stuart "Grail bloodline" and we may have here what literally or at least symbolically amounts to the "Grail resurrection" or "Return of King Arthur". Prince William, Catherine, and their future child will thus represent a modern "re-imagination" of the Grail Trinity, Christ, Mary Magdalene, and their child or the supposed origin of the "Grail bloodline".

    *    *    *


    The phoenix and the Grail - together expressing "Resurrection of Jesus"... or "Easter" (Resurrection Day). It goes hand in hand with earthquakes per the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 28:

    And in the end of the sabbath, when it began to dawn towards the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, to see the sepulchre. And behold there was a great earthquake. For an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and coming rolled back the stone and sat upon it. And his countenance was as lightning and his raiment as snow. And for fear of him, the guards were struck with terror and became as dead men. And the angel answering, said to the women: Fear not you: for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here. For he is risen, as he said. Come, and see the place where the Lord was laid. And going quickly, tell his disciples that he is risen.

    Easter 2010 fell on April 4th exactly opposite October 8th or the Chilean mine rescue (= phoenix). Sure enough, the earth shook...

    ...in Baja California.

    4/4/2010 Earthquakes shake Pacific Coast; 7.2 in Baja California

    Not far from where Carnival Splendor was stranded. Notable in this context in that the term "Carnival" refers to a festive season immediately before Lent or Ash Wednesday which marks the start of a 46-day countdown to Easter. Carnival - said to mean "farewell to meat/flesh" - is traditionally when people devour meat in preparation for the traditional fasting of Lent. On Carnival Splendor, the 4,500 passengers lived on spam (canned meat) for the duration of the 4-day emergency...

    Another suggested origin of "Carnival" is "Carrus Navalis" meaning "ship cart" (of Isis => Venus).

    Equally telling, November 8 would have been the last day of Carnival if counted (46 days) from Christmas instead of Easter, i.e. birth instead of re-birth, practically interchangeable.

    Reply  Message 9 of 109 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:23

    The week or so preceding November 9 (start of Lent/fasting) would have then signified the core period of Carnival a la the Mardi Gras celebrations. This was when the word "tsunami" was being tossed around in the media in reference to the November 2nd US midterm election. A "tsunami warning"...

    ...typically caused by earthquakes or the "Big Ones".

    Right on cue, we saw California/San Andreas/San Francisco populating the headlines around the same time.

    Oct 24 Preparing for the Next "Big One"

    Nov 01 San Francisco Giants Win World Series in 5 Games

    It's important to point out that San Francisco identifies itself with the phoenix for having recovered from a series of major earthquakes and fires (most notably the 1906 disaster which killed thousands of people).

    [Flag of San Francisco]

    Resurrection is synonymous with rebirth, implying the process of coming once again out of the womb following a "water breaking" event... a la "tsunami" (Great Flood).

    Flash forward to early March 2011, the actual period of Carnival and the start of Lent, when the "prophecy" was fulfilled in a dramatic fashion.

    This happened mere three days into Lent on March 11, 2011, one of the largest quakes in history violently shaking the earth off northeast Japan triggering a massive tsunami, destroying many cities, killing tens of thousands people, and even causing a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Without any question this was the Big One. Huge. Shocking. Apocalyptic. All that. This was it.

    Fortunately for California and San Francisco, this time the Big One struck the opposite side of the "Ring of Fire" across the Pacific Ocean.

    The underlying design remains the same, however, as evidenced by all the "fingerprints" left behind just beneath the surface.

    Take for example the fact that the latitudinal position of the Japan Birthquake and the Fukushima nuclear power plant (37.42N-38.32N) almost exactly matches that of the San Francisco Bay Area. (In other words, both same distance from the equator.)

    There is also the fact that Fukushima's latitude (~37.5N) is pentagrammic if "orbitally adjusted" from the "ideal" angle of 36 degrees based on the Earth's actual eccentricity (off-center orbital path). A little twisted, but certainly a clever way of achieving the level of precision we would expect from our "Enki" intelligence. And in this way the date ~April 27 was orbitally highlighted, mere two days before the Royal Wedding and coinciding with the anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster (Aril 26~).

    Reply  Message 10 of 109 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:24

    There was also an implied "Birthquake Box" created in the Ring of Fire with a missing corner corresponding to California/SF Bay Area:

    It's not necessarily that the West Coast/California/SF is in the crosshairs of the next "Big One", but it's also hard to deny that the potential is clearly there, highlighted. It is a major storyline at least and a key data point we can use to navigate the river of time as we move closer to and beyond Passover, Easter, and the Royal Wedding.

    (Note: There are a couple of very intense "deep impact" windows coming up around late July and mid August that may well come into play.)

    In essence, "Birthquakes" are designed to accompany the Rebirth of King Arthur so as to express the "water breaking" (of the womb). Just as I was saying even before the Japan Birthquake:

    ...the cosmic significance of the Royal Engagement and Wedding which will be one of the biggest events in 2011. So significant is it, in fact, that you are going to find that it's quite literally 'earthshaking', big time, this one. [from Dec 26, 2010]

    ...I think you can see why (though this is only one of many reasons) I've been emphasizing for months now the potentiality of the "Big One Birthquake" (San Andreas Fault, US west coast, Ring of Fire [which includes Japan], and so forth) for 2011 in conjunction with the "Day of Destiny" (4/29). [from Jan 05, 2011]

    ...The timing here is important. Without going into detail, let's just say we'll like have an "interesting" - very interesting - Easter/Resurrection sequence this year peaking mid/late April [...] The Royal Wedding is naturally part of it along with the theoretical "Birthquake" but not exclusively so. The sequence may begin as early as early-March. That's it for now on that. [from Feb 19, 2011]

    Hindsight is one thing. Foresight is another, a completely different animal, because it implies verified insights no matter the method. Put simply, results speak for themselves.

    *    *    *

    San Andreas

    Tracing the path of Carnival Splendor from beginning to end (Nov 7-11, 2010) puts the final nail in the coffin as far as legitimizing the ominous scenario.

    It went from the Port of Long Beach, right where people saw the "Mystery Missile", to the Port of San Diego...

    Join the dots literally and we get the bearing ~41.6 degrees from due south, which is azimuth 138.4 deg., precisely matching the angle (= azimuth = grid based on horizon) of the brightest star of the Phoenix constellation rising below the horizon at the moment of sunset on November 8 (i.e. the time of the Mystery Missile).

    Extend the line in the opposite direction and it pinpoints with chilling precision... San Francisco - our "phoenix city"!

    And here comes the really ominous part...

    The same "phoenix alignment line" running through California "just happens" to magically merge with the San Andreas Fault! This is of course a geologic fault widely feared for its near-certain potential to cause the "Big One" in California.

    There is one segment in particular, about 130 miles (210 km) in length, where the two lines become practically indistinguishable from each other:

    Chilling precision, sending an unmistakable message.

    At the very least it whispers "phoenix resurrection comes with earthquake" - a warning already fulfilled at least in part via Japan. Taken more literally, it could of course suggest the "Birthquake Sequence", if it continues forward in 2011-2012, will target the US West Coast with a Big One via the San Andreas Fault. Just an interpretation, but an uncomfortably plausible one.

    *    *    *


    Unbeknownst to those living their oblivious lives, a recent space shuttle mission Discovery STS-133 (February-March 2011) gave us a glimpse of the "Destiny" - future written, future to be fulfilled - as it carried "Robonaut2", the first humanoid robot in space, to the International Space Station where it was unpacked and installed in NASA's Destiny Laboratory Module...

    Reply  Message 11 of 109 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:25

    "Destiny", it whispered via the mission patch, was for the phoenix to rise up from the Underworld...

    ...via a Stargate...

    [Stargate Universe on Syfy since October 2009 -
    all about an ancient spaceship called "

    [Stargate Universe will end its run on May 9, 2011, just 10 days after the Royal Wedding aka the "Day of Destiny".]

    ...from the Core:

    The Core (2003) - literally the Underworld - revolves around "Project Destiny" or DESTINI - "Deep Earth Seismic Trigger INItiative" - an "earthquake machine".

    Near the beginning of the movie a space shuttle makes an emergency landing in Los Angeles...

    [The Core: Space shuttle landing during opening sequence]

    ...after flying directly over Catalina Island (even approximate coordinates displayed on screen) very much like the "Mystery Missile" (Flight UPS902/AWA808)!

    In the real world, our own "Destiny" space shuttle mission STS-133 returned to earth on March 9th (2011)...

    ...just two days before the Japanese Birthquake. Talk about "Deep Earth Seismic Trigger INItiative"...

    The next space shuttle mission, Endeavour STS-134, is scheduled for launch on April 29 - Royal Wedding Day.

    UPDATE 4/27: The commander on STS-134 is Mark Kelly, married to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who was shot in the head back on January 8th in Tucson, Arizona. (Miraculously "resurrected", she will attend the shuttle launch.) Tucson is located at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Santa Catalina (as in both Santa Catalina Mountains and Santa Catalina Island) means "St. Catherine, whose feast day is April 29. She is noted for her claim to have experienced a "Mystic Marriage" with Jesus. [End update]

    [Tucson & Santa Catalina Mountains]

    In The Core the last-ditch effort to stop the end of the world involves nuclear detonations inside the earth's core. In the real world, we saw (and still seeing) Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant where a "core breach" was feared after the tsunami.

    Mar 25 Dangerous core breach suspected at Japan reactor

    Reply  Message 12 of 109 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:25

    In The Core, the earth changes on the surface culminates in the worst disaster in the history of the United States... in San Francisco.

    In the real world, well... this hasn't happened yet. And hopefully it won't, even though signs are pointing in that direction.

    Another eerie fiction-reality overlap was the strange case of the falling birds around the beginning of the year. They were for the most part "Red-winged black birds" scientifically known as Agelaius phoeniceus the latter word stemming from the same root as "phoenix".

    Jan 02 Arkansas game officials probe mystery of falling birds
    Jan 03 Dead fish cover 20-miles of Arkansas River
    Jan 04 'Stress event' blamed after birds rain from sky
    Jan 04 Louisiana Latest Place to Rain Dead Birds

    In The Core we are shown falling/crashing birds right at the beginning of the movie in London. During the same scene we see the number "429" flashed, evoking "April 29" i.e. (British) Royal Wedding Day aka "Day of Destiny".

    The same combination of falling birds, "April 29", and destiny also leaked through a recent TV series called FlashForward (Sep 2009-May 2010), a story about mankind coping with its destiny briefly revealed via "future visions" during a mysterious "Global Blackout" which also causes birds to fall out f the sky as shown in the October 8, 2009 episode "137 Skunden". Everyone (except those who would be dead by then) foresaw what they would be doing on that future date, April 29, 2010 aka "FlashForward Day".

    Or, as I've been calling it, the "Day of Destiny".

    *    *    *


    In a way, the Royal Wedding and the whole system of "signs" surrounding it represent a microcosm of where we are in history and the evolution of mankind. We, the human species, may be on the verge of experiencing a "quantum leap" in evolution. So dramatic is this leap, perhaps, that it might be something akin to "ascension". At least that is the narrative we can infer from another aspect of the November 8 twin events heavily interacting with Arthur C. Clarke's classic sci-fi novel Childhood's End (1953).


    Clarke also wrote "2010: The Year We Make Contact" (book/film), so the timing was right for this "coincidence".

    Especially since, like 2010, the novel also deals with the issue of Contact with extraterrestrial intelligence in a less abstract way. Clarke in Childhood's End gives us living and breathing aliens, flesh and blood like us... except they look like demons.

    Reply  Message 13 of 109 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:26


    They are called "Overlords" who came to oversee the "final phase" of human evolution, which is to merge with the "Overmind" - a god-like cosmic intelligence. The Overlords themselves are somehow incapable of this merger and their function in the universe is to serve the Overmind by helping other species make the cosmic transition which is one of going from beings of flesh and blood to one existing on a higher plane of existence, i.e. "ascension". The Overlords are in effect "midwives" giving assistance to those "giving birth".


    In the demonic-looking Overlords we can see a clear reflection of "Lucifer" (fallen angel) which as we've seen is everywhere during this "Rebirth"/Resurrection" period around "2010".

    Ritualistically then Easter/Lent/Carnival represents a period of great significance to the birthing process. ("Birther" movement anyone?) Carnival in particular resonates deeply with Childhood's End as "carnival" literally means "farewell to flesh" which could have easily been slapped on the book as its title or subtitle. Carnival Splendor and its widely reported "spam" (meat) diet during the "transposed" Carnival/Ash Wednesday period ~46 days before Christmas (plus in Germany Carnival starts on November 11) was a highly visible "sign" that in effect signaled the imminent start of the "ascension"... aka "rebirth".

    In this context the "water broke" on March 11, 2011 right at the beginning of the actual Lent period (= no meat), March 9-April 23, via the Japanese "Birthtquake".

    Too many lives lost - transitioning from the physical to the Beyond.

    Closely followed by Passover, Easter and then the Royal Wedding all clustered in late April, starring the bride Catherine-Carina.

    The phoenix rises, ascension in full swing...

    ...whisper the Overlords, who Arthur C. Clarke reveals in Childhood's End, are from a star system in... Carina.

    The phantom light was beginning to wane. Now it was a fading streak, pointing to the heart of the constellation Carina, as Jan had known that it would. The home of the Overlords was somewhere out there...
    - from Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke

    *    *    *

    Hopefully I've done enough in this article that the reader can now really feel the "intercontextual coherence", perhaps for the first time. This is how we can short-circuit time and get a little glimpse of the future and truth. And it's a good time to take a plunge deep into the rabbit hole like this... so you don't get "left behind".

    [Check Out UPDATES]



    © 2011 goroadachi.com

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    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/06/2012 19:58

    Columba (constelación)

    Columba constellation map.svg
    Nombre Latino Columba
    Abreviatura Col
    Genitivo Columbae
    Simbología Palomo
    Ascensión recta 6 h
    Declinación −35°
    Superficie 270 grados cuadrados
    Rango 54th
    Número de estrellas
    (magnitud < 3)
    Estrella más brillante α Col (Phact)
    (magnitud ap. 2,6)
    Lluvia de meteoros None
    Constelaciones colindantes
    Visibilidad En latitudes entre
    +45° y −90°
    Mejor visibilidad
    (21:00 hrs.)

    Columba, Latín para palomo, es una pequeña constelación justo al sur de Canis Major y Lepus. Fue sacada de la constelación Canis Major por Augustin Royer, en 1679.

    [editar] Mitología

    Dado que fue creada en el siglo XVII, por la separación de una constelación ya existente, no tiene mitología relacionada, de manera independiente.

    Puede referirse a la paloma que los Argonautas envían para determinar si pueden pasar por el estrecho del mar negro. También, es la paloma que Nóe utilizó en su arca.

    Columba, la Paloma, junto al Can Mayor.
      Belén es una ciudad de Paraguay, Departamento de Concepción, ubicada a 21 km de la Capital Departamental, es el punto exacto por donde pasa el Trópico de Capricornio por el territorio paraguayo.

    Belen Map — Satellite Images of Belen

    original name: Belén
    geographical location: Belen, Concepcion, Paraguay, South America
    geographical coordinates: 23° 27' 58" South, 57° 15' 43" West

    detailed map of Belen and near places

    Google Local — Belen mapWelcome to the Belen google satellite map! This place is situated in Belen, Concepcion, Paraguay, its geographical coordinates are 23° 27' 58" South, 57° 15' 43" West and its original name (with diacritics) is Belén. See Belen photos and images from satellite below, explore the aerial photographs of Belen in Paraguay. Belen hotels map is available on the target page linked above.




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    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/06/2012 20:52
    Siguiendo en el contexto a que desde el 13/10 hasta el 15/3 tenemos exactamente 153 dias y que desde el 15/3 hasta el 15/8 (Asuncion de la virgen) tambien tenemos 153 dias, osea que sumando ambas cifras tenemos un total de 306 dias. El numero 306 esta interrelacionado con el numero de oro en el contexto a que el seno de 306=PHI/2=1.618033../2 e incluso tambien esta interrelacionado con el 666 ya que 360+306=666. Algo curioso es que en el calendario LUNI-SOLAR HEBREO desde el primero de Nissan o primer mes hasta el once del onceavo mes, osea el famoso once once, tambien tenemos 306 dias y es en el periodo que concluyen los cuarenta dias despues de que se clave el arca en el MONTE DE ARARAT, osea CUARENTA DIAS DESDE EL PRIMERO DEL DECIMO MES SEGUN GENESIS 8. Estamos considerando que los meses son LUNARES Y NO EXACTAMENTE DE 30 DIAS como comentan muchos teologos. Algo tambien sorprendente que no hay que descartar es que desde el 13/10 hasta el 11/2 (Virgen de Lourdes) tambien tenemos un periodo de 153 dias. ¿QUE RELACION HAY ENTRE EL 11/11 GREGORIANO Y EL 11/11 LUNI-SOLAR HEBREO?

    Phi in the Bible


    Although perhaps not immediately obvious, phi and the golden section also appear in the Bible.  Also see the Theology page.

    The Ark of the Covenant is a Golden Rectangle

    In Exodus 25:10, God commands Moses to build the Ark of the Covenant, in which to hold His Covenant with the Israelites, the Ten Commandments, saying,

    Ark of the Covenant is based on Fibonacci numbers, which converge on phi, the golden ratio

    “Have them make a chest of acacia wood-
    two and a half cubits long,
    a cubit and a half wide,
    and a cubit and a half high.”

    The ratio of 2.5 to 1.5 is 1.666…, which is as close to phi (1.618 …) as you can come with such simple numbers and is certainly not visibly different to the eye. The Ark of the Covenant is thus constructed using the Golden Section, or Divine Proportion. This ratio is also the same as 5 to 3, numbers from the Fibonacci series.

    In Exodus 27:1-2, we find that the altar God commands Moses to build is based on a variation of the same 5 by 3 theme:

    “Build an altar of acacia wood, three cubits high; it is to be square, five cubits long and five cubits wide.”

    Note: A cubit is the measure of the forearm below the elbow.

    Altar of Exodus 27

    Noah’s Ark uses a Golden Rectangle

    In Genesis 6:15, God commands Noah to build an ark saying,

    “And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.”

    Thus the end of the ark, at 50 by 30 cubits, is also in the ratio of 5 to 3, or 1.666…, again a close approximation of phi not visibly different to the naked eye. Noah’s ark was built in the same proportion as ten arks of the covenant placed side by side.

    Noah's Ark

    The Number 666 is related to Phi

    Revelation 13:18 says the following:

    “This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is a man’s number. His number is 666.”

    This beast, regarded by some as the Anti-Christ described by John, is thus related to the number 666, one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible.Curiously enough, if you take the sine of 666º, you get -0.80901699, which is one-half of negative phi, or perhaps what one might call the “anti-phi.”  You can also get -0.80901699 by taking the cosine of 216º, and 216 is 6 x 6 x 6.

    The trigonometric relationship of sine 666º to phi is based on an isosceles triangle with a base of phi and sides of 1.  When this triangle is enclosed in a circle with a radius of 1, we see that the lower line, which has an angle of 306º on the first rotation and 666º on the second rotation, has a sine equal to one-half negative phi.

    The relationship of phi, the golden ratio, and 666

    In this we see the unity of phi divided into positive and negative, analogous perhaps to light and darkness or good and evil.  Could this “sine” be a “sign” as well?

    In addition, 666 degrees is 54 degrees short of the complete second circle and when dividing the 360 degrees of a circle by 54 degrees you get 6.66… The other side of a 54 degree angle in a right angle is 36 degrees and 36 divided by 54 is .666.

    Phi appears throughout creation, and in every physical proportion of the human body.  In that sense it is the number of mankind, as the mysterious passage of Revelationperhaps reveals.

    Also see the Theology page.

    The colors of the Tabernacle are based on a phi relationship

    The PhiBar program produces the colors that the Bible says God gave to Moses for the construction of the Tabernacle.

    As it says in Exodus 26:1, “Make the tabernacle with ten curtains of finely twisted linen and blue, purple and scarlet yarn, with cherubim worked into them by a skilled craftsman.”

    Set the primary color of the PhiBar program to blue, the secondary color of the PhiBar to purple and it reveals the Phi color to be scarlet.

    This reference to the combination blue, purple and scarlet in the construction of the tabernacle appears 24 times in Exodus 25 through 39, describing the colors to be used in the curtains, waistbands, breastpieces, sashes and garments.

    See the Color page for additional information.


    Insights on the Ark of the Covenant and 666 contributed by Robert Bartlett.
    Insights on the Altar in Exodus 27 contributed by Sir Hemlock.
    Insights on the Tabernacle colors contributed by J.D. Ahmanson.


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    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 06/07/2012 20:18

    The Signs of Jesus' Last Days

    The Bible has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-drenched history;
    and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies.
    -Mark Twain

    This report covers the autumn season when the sun passes through Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. At this time the sun crosses southward across the equator; the nighttime hours progressively exceed the daylight hours until the darkest days of the years on the Winter Solstice.

    Rather then look for literal flaws, we're looking for the collection of astronomical symbols that the gospel writers used to fabricate the last days of the life of Jesus Christ.

    This section is arguably the heart of the Christian Bible and constitutes another proof of the fictional character of the gospels.


    The transfiguration

    After six days, Jesus took Peter and James and John to a high mountain. He was transfigured, and his face shone like the sun and his garments became white as light.

    1And after six days Jesus took with him Peter and James and John his brother, and led them up a high mountain apart.
    2And he was transfigured before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his garments became white as light.
    3And behold, there appeared to them Moses and Elijah, talking with him.
    4And Peter said to Jesus, "Lord, it is well that we are here; if you wish, I will make three booths here, one for you and one for Moses and one for Elijah."
    5He was still speaking, when lo, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him."
    6When the disciples heard this, they fell on their faces, and were filled with awe. (Matt. 17:1-6; Mark 9:2-7)

    According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ is commemorated on August 6. That would put the sun in the middle of Leo. Why is this? Christ's shining face symbolizes the sun, and his garments the stars. Verse 6 doesn't say how he was transfigured. Figure 1 suggests that the Lamb of God was transfigured into the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I suppose that Matthew saw this was an exchange that belonged in the House of Libra. There is a hint in verse 1 that it wasn't in Libra when Jesus is said to have led them up a high mountain. There is a precedent: When Moses came down from the mountain, his face was also said to shine (Ex. 34:29). On that occasion, the mountain symbolized the summer solstice.

    Figure 1

    Jesus enters Jerusalem

    Horse and Rider

    Jesus told his disciples to go to the village opposite them where they will immediately find an ass tied and a colt with her, and bring them to him.

    2saying to them, "Go into the village opposite you, and immediately you will find an ass tied, and a colt with her; untie them and bring them to me.
    3If any one says anything to you, you shall say, 'The Lord has need of them,' and he will send them immediately."
    4This took place to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet, saying,
    "Tell the daughter of Zion, Behold, your king is coming to you, humble, and mounted on an ass, and on a colt, the foal of an ass." (Matt. 21:2-5)

    When Jesus told his disciples they will immediately find an ass and a colt at a village opposite them, it meant at a constellation opposite Libra at the same time of day. Whether Jesus rode on one ass or two, there are two asterisms in Cancer called Asellus Borealis and Asellus Australis. Asellus means donkey in Latin. As for the "village opposite" definition, when the sun rises in Libra in the east, Cancer is setting in the opposite side of the horizon in the west. Since the perceived direction of rotation is from east to west, the stars in the east move ahead of the stars in the west.


    The Eucharist and Judas are discussed at their respective pages.

    The Last Supper

    On the first day of the feast of Unleavened Bread, the disciples asked Jesus where to prepare the Passover.

    17Now on the first day of Unleavened Bread the disciples came to Jesus, saying, "Where will you have us prepare for you to eat the passover?" (Matt. 26:17)

    He told them to go into the city to a certain one and tell him my time is at hand, I will keep the Passover at your house with my disciples. The disciples did as directed.

    18He said, "Go into the city to a certain one, and say to him, 'The Teacher says, My time is at hand; I will keep the passover at your house with my disciples.'"
    19And the disciples did as Jesus had directed them, and they prepared the passover. (Matt. 26:18-19)

    He sat at table with the twelve disciples in the evening.

    20When it was evening, he sat at table with the twelve disciples; (Matt. 26:20)

    According to Mark and Luke, they ate in a large upper room in the evening.

    15And he will show you a large upper room furnished and ready; there prepare for us."
    16And the disciples set out and went to the city, and found it as he had told them; and they prepared the passover.
    And when it was evening he came with the twelve. (Mark 14:15-17; Luke 22:12-14)

    The Passover meal is traditionally celebrated just after the spring equinox in Aries. How is that if the text is in the fall in Scorpio? Matthew 26:18 gives the first clue when Jesus says he will eat at a certain one's house. That would be the house of Aries. Matthew 26:20 and Mark 14:17 say they ate in the evening. That would mean that when the sun is in Scorpio, Aries can be seen in the evening. The "large upper room" again points to Aries because Aries is above the equator while Scorpio is below the equator.

    Figure 2

    The High Priest

    Jesus was brought to Caiaphas the high priest, where the scribes and elders had gathered.

    57Then those who had seized Jesus led him to Caiaphas the high priest, where the scribes and the elders had gathered. (Matt. 26:57)

    John says Jesus was taken to Annas, the father of the high priest. Then he was sent to Caiaphas.  

    13First they led him to Annas; for he was the father-in-law of Caiaphas, who was high priest that year. 24Annas then sent him bound to Caiaphas the high priest. (John 18:13, 24)

    Draco and Ursa Minor circle around the highest place in the heavens, the North Pole. For Matthew, Draco the Dragon symbolizes evil, in this case Caiaphas.

    For John, Draco symbolizes Annas. Ursa Minor, alias Little Bear, alias Little Dipper could pass for a baby dragon nested next to Draco. By default, Ursa Minor symbolizes Caiaphas because it occupies the higher position.


    In the morning, the chief priests and the elders decided Jesus must be put to death. They bound him and delivered him to Pilate the governor.

    1When morning came, all the chief priests and the elders of the people took counsel against Jesus to put him to death;
    2and they bound him and led him away and delivered him to Pilate the governor. (Matt. 27:1-2; Mark 15:1; Luke 23:1-2)

    Luke says Pilate brought Jesus to Herod for additional questioning.

    6When Pilate heard this, he asked whether the man was a Galilean.
    7And when he learned that he belonged to Herod's jurisdiction, he sent him over to Herod, who was himself in Jerusalem at that time.
    8When Herod saw Jesus, he was very glad, for he had long desired to see him, because he had heard about him, and he was hoping to see some sign done by him.
    9So he questioned him at some length; but he made no answer.
    10The chief priests and the scribes stood by, vehemently accusing him.
    11And Herod with his soldiers treated him with contempt and mocked him; then, arraying him in gorgeous apparel, he sent him back to Pilate.
    12And Herod and Pilate became friends with each other that very day, for before this they had been at enmity with each other. (Luke 23:6-12)

    Serpens represents Pilate. Where John applied Ursa Minor to Caiaphas, the position is left open to Luke to apply the constellation to Herod.


    Barabbas was a notorious prisoner whom the crowd elected to release instead of Jesus.

    16And they had then a notorious prisoner, called Barabbas.
    17So when they had gathered, Pilate said to them, "Whom do you want me to release for you, Barabbas or Jesus who is called Christ?" (Matt. 27:16-17)

    Ophiuchus with Serpens wrapped around him, symbolizes his imprisonment.

    Crown of thorns

    Then they put a crown of thorns on his head and put a reed in his right hand. They mocked him, spat on him and stuck him in the head with the reed.

    29and plaiting a crown of thorns they put it on his head, and put a reed in his right hand. And kneeling before him they mocked him, saying, "Hail, King of the Jews!"
    30And they spat upon him, and took the reed and struck him on the head.
    (Matt. 27:29-30; Mark 15:18-20; John 19:2-3)

    The image of a man with a reed in his right hand fits the image of Hercules. Next to Hercules is Corona Borealis the Northern Crown. It's a circle of stars that makes a fitting image of the crown of thorns.



    Carry the cross

    The soldiers forced Simon of Cyrene to carry Jesus' cross, not Jesus as commonly portrayed in the media.

    32As they went out, they came upon a man of Cyrene, Simon by name; this man they compelled to carry his cross. (Matt. 27:32; Mark 15:21; Luke 23:26)

    Cygnus the Swan is also known as the Northern Cross, because its stars form the shape of cross.

    The Two Robbers

    Two robbers were crucified with him, one to the right and on to the left.

    38Then two robbers were crucified with him, one on the right and one on the left. (Matt. 27:38; Mark 15:27; John 19:18)

    When the sun is in Scorpio, Hercules is in the middle, Bootes the Bear Driver is on the left and Cepheus the King is on the right.

    Death and resurrection

    The death and resurrection of Christ is continued at this Link.


    After they died, the soldiers broke the legs of the two robbers, but for Jesus, one pierced his side with a spear.

    31Since it was the day of Preparation, in order to prevent the bodies from remaining on the cross on the sabbath (for that sabbath was a high day), the Jews asked Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away.
    32So the soldiers came and broke the legs of the first, and of the other who had been crucified with him;
    33but when they came to Jesus and saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs.
    34But one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and at once there came out blood and water. (John 19:31-34)

    Assuming a wound on each hand and feet, the fifth wound symbolizes the five months the sun is below the equator: October, November, December, January and February. Or the spear symbolizes Sagittarius' arrow.


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