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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 29/09/2012 00:33

1398 Scot's Discovery of USA


Ninety years before Christopher Columbus "discovered" America, a Scottish Knight and an Italian Navigator explored North America with a small fleet of 12 ships. The Knight was Prince Henry Sinclair and Nicolo Zeno was the Navigator. A carving on a rock in the centre of Westford, Mass. gives us important evidence of their remarkable exploration of the New World.

Prince Henry's expedition at the time was thought to be insane.The general perception was that the Earth was flat and a fearful journey to the unchartered horizon meant a one way ticket to certain death. No one had ever returned from a journey across the Atlantic Ocean, intense speculation led to the conclusion that there must be a cliff-hanger fall off into the abyss.

Prince Henry's knowledge and ingenious intellectual skills, were greatly assisted by access to archaic maps and documents, found in Jerusalem and taken from the Holy Land to Roslin Castle by his direct relations who served their military missions under the banner of the red cross, esteemed as the Knights Templar.

The family's regard for these prized manuscripts was put into context, when, in 1447, as a ravaging fire overwhelmed the castle, the Prince's Grandson, William Sinclair, now in charge of the Sinclair's heritable property, did not oversee the safe evacuation of the woman and children, no....in his opinion there were more important issues to deal with, his ancestor's three vintage treasure chests were carefully secured and lowered to safety from the burning building.

This encounter with destiny, was to leave an everlasting impression on William Sinclair. Sir William, the chapel builder, is also the direct ancestor of the First Grand Master Mason of Scotland, also named William St Clair (Sinclair) who had a exulting sense of pride when he inherited the title. An akashic oracular time machine centred on the Sun and the Moon would be built to house the ancient library of knowledge. A modern day Solomon's Temple (itself an anagram of Sol-Sun & Mon-Moon). The source of Modern Freemasonry was to leave some figurative allegories to symbolise deeper moral truths, or spiritual meanings. Bloodlines and the inseparable D.N.A. coil symbol that today is considered conventional to portray the blood-group message, was ascribed by Sir William to pay attention in chapter 13 verse 13 to the knowledge and secrets of the 13th disciple.... Matthew's words,......

"Though seeing, they do not see;

though hearing, they do not hear or understand....."

Matthew's name in Hebrew means "Gift from God". In turn the adept Sir William named Rosslyn Chapel in commemoration and respect to Matthew and it was constituted and christened as the "Collegiate Church of St Matthew". Mathew's veneration, integrity and understanding is clearly brought out in the adrenalated sculptural form of the Master Mason's Pillar. The pillar is also referred to as the "Princes Pillar" in "An Account of the Chapel of Roslin (1778)." On the architrave adjoining the pillar, there is the inscription Forte est vinum fortior est rex fortiores sunt mulieres super omnia vincit veritas: "Wine is strong, a king is stronger, women are stronger still, but TRUTH conquers all" (1 Esdras, chapters 3 & 4)


Prompted by divine influence and inspired by ancient scriptures, William's covenant was to include all aspects of the same in his masterpiece, his roof design is an awe inspiring vaulted, treasure-chest roof-lid that has 215 stars and flowers skilfully sculptured into the ceiling. If we consider the half barrel roof as representational of 1/12 or 2160 years indicating the transition from one zodiacal symbol to the next in the precession of the equinoxes 2160 year period on our orbit round the 25920 years great zodiac precession. First detected by the Greek astronomer Hipparchus in about 130BC from the apparent increase in the observed celestial longitudes of stars. It amounts to about 50″.3 per year. Hence the equinoxes move westwards on the celestial sphere by 1 ° in about 72 years, when we calculate the full circle by multiplying 72 x 360 degrees it = 25920 which in turn takes 25 920 years to complete one circuit.

The great masonic seal, as seen on the dollar, with the all seeing eye on top of the truncated pyramid has 72 blocks which represents the degrees of perceived time, in the great precession of the equinoxes.


The Westford Carving provides one of the sparse bits of evidence of Prince Henry's exploration of America. Other testimony includes the Zeno Maps, the narrative written by Zeno, the Micmac legends, and the unique cannon found in Guysborough Harbour.


Further proof of a North American visit can be found in the stone carvings in Roslin Chapel. Representations of native American maize plants ornament the M curved arches, while other carvings include the healing aloe cactus.


Henry Sinclair was born and raised at Roslin Castle. His father was William Sinclair who died in Lithuania, on crusade with the Teutonic Knights. At the age of 24 Henry became the Earl of Orkney, an earldom which extended throughout the islands of Orkney and included Caithness. Coincidentally Orkney is the most northerly point of the Scottish Roseline. By the time he was 35 he had built a fleet larger than Norway's entire navy. As navigators he was fortunate to obtain the services of Antonio and Nicola Zeno whose father was Admiral Carlo 'The Lion' of Venice, famed for saving that Italian City. Setting out from Orkney with a fleet of 13 vessels and 100 men, they followed Zeno's map across the sea to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Theirs was a voyage of exploration and settlement. They weren't conquistadores as were many other explorers. Instead, they were welcomed by the Micmac Native Americans. During a winter season they lived peaceably among the Micmac Indians before Zeno returned to Orkney, while Sinclair explored further southward, along the Massachusetts coastline.


Pictured above is the Micmac River where the fleet sailed in and met the Native Americans.

Seeing smoke rising, a group of the explorers marched inland to Prospect Hill to get a better view. Along the way, Sir James Gunn, Sinclair's lifelong friend, died. In his memory, they carved his effigy in a rock ledge. It consisted of many punched holes, outlining the dead Knight. Archaeological experts have confirmed that the holes were punched 600 years ago! The effigy contains elements known only at that time to Northern Europeans. The sword and the shield trace solely to Prince Henry Sinclair and the Gunn Family.






The "History of the Town of Westford" by Rev. R Hodgman, published in 1883, describes the presence of markings on the ledge. It is said the rude outlines of the human face have been traced upon it, and the figure is said to be the work of Indians."


Willaim B Goodwin, an insurance executive who was obsessed with his interest in archaeology, and Malcolm Pearson, photographer, published a description of the carvings.


Frank Glynn, president of the Connecticut Archaeology Society, thought the sword was of viking origin. T.C Lethbridge, curator of the University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology in England, identified the sword as "a large, hand-and-a-half wheel pommel sword of the fourteenth century type." Further he suggested that the arms armour and heraldic emblems were a kin to the first Sinclair Earl of Orkney.


Frederick J. Pohl, student of pre-columbian exploration and writer, made a thorough study of life and travels of the Earl of Orkney, including the carving. He published his findings in "Prince Henry Sinclair, his Expedition to the new World in 1398."


Allister MacDougall, the Town Historian of Westford, erected a granite monument beside the carving.


Marianna Lines, under contract of Niven Sinclair, made a cloth rubbing of the Westford Knight Carving which revealed more detail than previously seen.




Pictured above is a tribute to The Westford Knight; which can be found in Westford,




Effigy knight below.

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 04/08/2013 02:59

Mary Magdalene
Mistress of the Grail

Ani Williams

text and photos
©Ani Williams December 2004

The following CDs have songs
dedicated to Magdalena:

"Magdalene's Gift—Songs to the Beloved"
"Medicine Song II"

See the article: Maria Magdalena


Jesus and Magdalene
Kilmore Church, Dervaig, Mull
© Barry Dunford

"The Earth lifts its glass to the sun
And light–light is poured.
A bird comes and sits on a crystal rim
And from my forest cove I hear singing.
….An emerald bird rises from inside me
And now sits upon the Beloved’s glass.
I have left that dark cave forever.
My body has blended with His.
I lay my wing as a bridge to you
So that you can join us singing."

‘The Crystal Rim’ from ‘The Gift–Poems by Hafiz’
translated by Daniel Ladinsky

Like pearls from an ancient lover’s gift, Magdalene sites and legends lie cast across a vast expanse, reaching from Ethiopia, Palestine, Egypt, France and north to the highlands and isles of Scotland. Crumbling chapel ruins, great Gothic cathedrals, caves, symbols carved in stone, and stories of her coming and going remain like fragments of an old story necklace, waiting and waiting and still waiting to be found.

Magdalene can currently be seen rising out of a long, imposed sleep. Like the story of Sleeping Beauty, she and her people have been ‘drugged’ into unconsciousness for two thousand years, by an extraordinary effort to suppress ‘the other half of the story’, Her story. From the moment that Peter’s Church formed the ‘rock’ and foundation of Christianity, she was written out of accepted doctrine, save for references to her as sinner, a woman from whom seven devils were removed by Jesus, and the one who dried the sweat on his body with her long hair. Peter’s religious authority stemmed from the church’s acceptance that he was the first disciple to see Jesus appear after the crucifixion. Yet, three of the gospels claim that Magdalene was the first to see him in the Garden. The sacred Grail pattern, that requires presence of the feminine, was severed at the core during the founding of the Church, yet the pieces are revealing themselves to any who choose to awaken.

Adam and Eve/Jesus and Magdalene
Adam and Eve/Jesus and Magdalene in the Garden
Rosslyn Chapel

The Re-emergence of The Magdalene

"Mary is rising…she is rising to her heights…
Our Mary will not be cast down and bound up…
and neither will her daughters.
We will rise, Daughters. We…will…rise."

‘The Secret Life of Bees’ by Sue Monk Kidd:

One of many recent dramatic appearances from Mary Magdalene is ‘Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci’ , the ABC Primetime news show that has people buzzing nationwide. The show that first aired on November 3rd, looks at the questions of the true relationship between Magdalene and Jesus as companions and possible intimates. The film acknowledges her status as ‘the Apostle of the Apostles’, not the penitent prostitute that has been her ‘scarlet letter’ for two thousand years. Also presented is the symbolism in ‘The Last Supper ‘ painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, and his portrayal of Magdalene sitting at the right side of Christ, their two body positions forming a ‘V’, a feminine symbol and a chalice. Here are two excerpts from the ABC network show:

"There's no factual basis for that longstanding tradition
that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, a woman of ill repute….
Mary Magdalene is one of the greatest saints in the history of the church."

Rev. Richard McBrien PhD, of Notre Dame University.

(Magdalene’s designation as prostitute was
officially reversed by the Catholic Church in 1969).

"I think it's entirely plausible to think that Jesus may have been married.
It was a normal practice for Jewish men.
It would also be normal not to mention that he had a wife."

Karen King, Harvard University Professor

I was struck by my granddaughter’s epiphany as she watched the program, realizing that if Jesus and Magdalene really did have children, she herself might actually be carrying that same bloodline. That is quite a different legacy than thinking we are ‘less than’ or even worse, ‘sinners’!


"From the beginning, her view has been ignored, unappreciated.
Yet she remains. She cannot be

Time Magazine Aug. 11, 2003.

Other recent appearances include a feature article on Mary Magdalene in the August 11, 2003 issue of Time Magazine, and the popular novel, ‘The Da Vinci Code’, by Dan Brown, still scoring high on the New York Times bestseller list, along with numerous other Magdalene books released this year–all indicating her potent matrix is weaving its way back into our psyches. Through film, literature, revealed documents, and a growing interest in her story, Magdalene is finally rising from the hidden caves of our unconscious. She is re-emerging out of two thousand years of denial, banishment and a mistaken identity, to realize the fulfillment of a sacred trust, the blueprint for love and sacred union.

The Grail Romances and Medieval Madonnas

Why all this sudden emergence of her story now? I believe she is calling us to reclaim the sovereignty and emancipation of the human soul, at this beginning of the second millennium and a crucial turning point for Earth. During the first two centuries of the first millennium, 1000-1300 AD, it was an earlier cycle of change and radical breakthroughs, filled with fresh new idealism, a renaissance of spirituality and time of the Christian Crusades. Passionate expressions of artistic flowering, rising ideals of romance, individual freedoms, and women’s equality spread like fire across Christian Europe. This was the period of the writing and popularity of the Grail Romances, Courtly Love, the song and story ministry of the Troubadours, formation of the Knights Templar, guardians of the Grail and Magdalene mysteries, and the devout order called the Cathars (from the Greek ‘Katharos’ meaning pure) protectors of the Grail legacy and the sacred union of Jesus and Magdalene.

It is important to mention here Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was a High Middle-Ages one-woman revival show. Her passionate support of the arts, romantic love and women’s freedom, fueled significant change as well as incurring for herself many ‘Magdalene’ labels. She was the only woman to be Queen of two countries with her marriages first to King Louis VII of France and then King Henry II of England, by whom she gave birth to Richard the Lionhearted. Eleanor personally traveled to Jerusalem during the second Crusade and had close dealings with the Cathars and Knights Templar. It was Eleanor’s daughter Marie de Troyes, who was instrumental in the completion of Chretien de Troyes’ Grail Romance, Le Conte du Graal (1190 AD), the earliest known grail story in writing. Aquitaine, France was a hotspot for the Troubadours of Courtly Love and Eleanor and Marie created the controversial Tractus de Amore et de Amoris Remedia (Treatise on Love and the Remedies of Love), including 31 codes of romantic conduct for educating her male subjects in the romantic requirements of the newly emancipated women.

Holy Grail stained glass
Holy Grail stained glass Arthur's Hall
Tintagel, Cornwall

During this same period, there was a sudden rising interest in the schools of Hermetic and Egyptian secret alchemical knowledge. It was also in this era that several hundred Black Madonnas were placed in chapels and cathedrals reaching beyond Medieval Europe to the east into Russia, and north to Britain. Ean Begg, author of ‘The Cult of the Black Virgin’, says that many of these Black Virgins were brought out of the near east by the Knights Templar. Author Lynn Picknett (‘Mary Magdalene’ and ‘The Templar Revelation’), feels that Magdalene may have even come from Ethiopia, a dark-skinned, powerful and wealthy queen. These dark-colored mother and child images are often associated with Isis and Magdalene cults, the dark Mother Goddess nourishing her children, and associated with the hidden mysteries of the sacred marriage or Hieros Gammos and the alchemy of high sexual magic. Similar ‘madonna’ images can be seen in Egyptian temple scenes with Horus at the breast of his mother Isis.

"I am black, but I am comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem."
Solomon and Sheeba’s ‘Song of Songs’

Black Madonna at Crypt      Wooden Black Madonna
(left) 'I Am Black, and I Am Comely', Rosslyn Chapel Crypt
(right) Wooden Black Madonna, Salisbury Cathdral

Between 1100-1300 AD hundreds of Gothic Cathedrals were constructed, fired by the mystical visions of St. Bernard of Clairvaux and his close involvement with the Crusades and the formation of Order of Knights Templar. It was St. Bernard who wrote the first Templars’ Rule, during their formation in Jerusalem in about 1118 AD and played a key role in their official papal recognition at the council of Troyes in 1129 AD. (More on the Templars later). Templar symbols are found carved in these Gothic edifices, a rare fusion of Pagan and Christian roots, alluding to the alchemical sciences of sacred geometry, sound, astrology, genetics and the technology of transformation. These great Gothic cathedrals, such as the ones at Chartres, Notre Dame in Paris, Salisbury, St.Denis, and Cluny were dedicated to Notre Dame, Our Lady, thought originally to be Magdalene. Most were also home to the Black Madonnas.

"The huge number of Gothic cathedrals that were erected, as graceful and sublime as if they were designed in heaven, have yet to be surpassed for their dignity and spiritual potency, almost a thousand years later."
‘Dance of the Dragon’ by Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller

(The authors discovered many of these cathedrals are located on a major energy grid they call ‘The Apollo- St. Michael axis’, and stretches from Britain’s St. Michael’s Mount to Mt. Carmel)

The sacred architecture employed in these majestic structures reflected a new ‘alchemical light and specific acoustical properties’, according to ‘Dance of the Dragon’ authors, that was conducive to the constant rounds of perpetual choirs maintained by the monks. Interestingly, it is precisely at these millennium shifts, when perpetual chanting becomes a device of the collective creative intention. Sacred music and chant is always with us, but surges in its necessary popularity at these crucial turning points, as during the inception of Christianity in the first century AD, during the beginning of the first millennium, and now as we forge a new paradigm and write our ‘script’ for the next one thousand years.

If we read between the historical lines, a pattern can be seen here, with an inner circle of key players stirring the pot of change. These courageous and inspired pioneers of the Spirit were laying the foundation for a future second millennium renaissance. Now is the time for us to remember the true story of our tribal myth, a story that embraces the Holy Grail of union, love and beauty–a story that calls us to become empowered, whole and fully human.

Magdalene As Jesus’ Initiatrix

…the sacred union of Jesus and his Bride once formed the cornerstone of Christianity….the blueprint of the Sacred Marriage, that the later (church)builders rejected, causing a disastrous flaw in Christian doctrine that has warped Western civilization for nearly two millennia."
Margaret Starbird, The Goddess in the Gospels

Let us look at the following significant transition or initiation points in Jesus’ life that indicate Mary Magdalene was not only present, but was the one who performed the most important ancient rituals, or rites of passage for Jesus. These rites would have been performed only by one initiated into the deeper mysteries, one who would have commanded a key position in the unfolding drama:
  • Magdalene anoints Jesus with her alabaster jar of spikenard prior to his being captured and crucified, seeming to know the overall plan before it was clear to the other disciples. The following excerpt from Solomon’s Song of Songs, 1:12, implies that Magdalene was following a much more ancient ritual tradition in which the Bridegroom, or King is anointed by the Bride or High Priestess and this rite most likely even predates the passionate love poems of Solomon and Sheeba.

‘While the king sat at his table,
My spikenard sent forth its fragrance.
My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh,
That lieth betwixt my breasts.’

  • The Magdalene is present, along with Jesus’ mother Mary, the disciple Salome, and John the Beloved at the cross, when the other disciples were in hiding--too overcome with grief and fear to even appear! (According to Magdalene/Templar historian and author Lynn Picknett, when Magdalene goes back to find the male disciples and rally them out of their fear and total hopelessness after the crucifixion, she actually gave the church to Peter, although as the companion of Jesus, the ministry should have reverted to her!)

"Peter, I’ll tell you not only what you don’t know,
but what he kept from you."

Elaine Pagels quoting Magdalene from the
Nag Hammadi Gospels on ABC’s ‘Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci’
  • Magdalene and Mary the mother anoint Jesus’ body with specific unguents, ones known to alchemically aid in Christ’s after-death journey, and then wrap his body in linen in preparation for burial….certainly a task only to be entrusted to the ones closest to him.
  • In three of the Gospels, Magdalene is the first one that Jesus appears to after the crucifixion. Jesus then says, ‘Noli mi tangere’, or ‘do not cling to me’, and as Margaret Starbird comments, the Greek translation of tangere, meaning ‘cling’ implies a more intimate relationship between them, rather than the Latin to ‘touch’.
  • According to the ‘Pistis Sophia, a Gnostic text in which Jesus makes a grand reappearance after the crucifixion and teaches the disciples deeper inner mysteries, it is Magdalene’s presence which dominates this dialogue with Jesus, and both her questions and answers indicate an ‘Apostle who knew the All’.

‘Mariham (Magdalene),this whom I shall complete in all the mysteries of the things of the Height. Speak in Boldness, because thou art she whose heart straineth toward the Kingdom of the heavens more than all thy brothers…you who will give light upon everything in accuracy and in exactness.’
Spoken by Jesus, from the Pistis Sophia texts,
quoted in the book Mary Magdalene by Susan Haskins.

Here is a woman who definitely did not play a minor or casual role either during or after the life of Jesus. Although the historical documentation that refers to Magdalene following the crucifixion is interwoven with legend and myth, many scholars say that its quite possible that she had been married to Jesus. According to her devout heretical followers the Cathars of southern France, they were unmarried lovers.

It appears that Magdalene continued the ministry that embraced the original purpose of Christianity in the years following the crucifixion. There are records of her having preached her message on the steps of the Temple at Marseilles dedicated to the Goddess Diana, and that she had a strong following in southern France. Legends of her escape from Palestine to Egypt, France and a further journey to Great Britain include her bearing the children of Jesus, being the fiqure-head of the Magdalene-Isisian Mystery Schools, and her retreating into the deep caverns of France and the areas around Rennes le Chateau, Rennes les Bains, and even into Glastonbury, England, the coast of Wales, Edinburgh, Scotland, and the Isles of Mull and Iona.

Reply  Message 23 of 36 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 04/08/2013 03:00
The Knights Templar–Guardians of the Holy Grail

"She walks upon our meadows green, the Lamb of God walks by her side,
And (in) every English Child is seen, children of Jesus and his Bride."

‘Song of Jerusalem’ by William Blake

Templar Ship Crest
Templar Ship Crest
St. Mary's Church, Fortingall

I recently returned from Scotland and England, pursuing the legends and history of the guardians of the Grail mysteries and Magdalene’s legacy, the 12th to 14th century Knights Templar. These Knights were the most powerful military, political-financial and spiritual force of Medieval Europe, consulted by kings, popes, and anyone else choosing to be on the inner power circles of that era. Their realm of influence reached from the Holy Land, the entire near east, Cypress, Malta and throughout what is known today as Europe and Great Britain. The Templars were known for their extensive fleets of ships, and were involved in transporting people, trade items and sacred relics, to the far reaches of the western world, similar to the much earlier Phoenicians.

"The Templars riding with their red cross were
the keepers of the secret of the rose within the chalice."

‘The Sword and the Grail’ by Andrew Sinclair

Knights Templar
Knights Templar in Stained Glass
Temple Church, London
Skull and Mason's Tools
Skull and Mason's Tools
Temple Church, London

The Templar Order was formed in Jerusalem, 1118 AD with nine members, ostensibly to guard the safety of traveling pilgrims. Although nine Knights is hardly a sufficient number to guard the thousands traveling during the Crusades between Jerusalem and France. Strangely, they were immediately granted posh living quarters at El-Aqsa Mosque, on the site of the old Temple of Jerusalem, and rare permission to excavate the deep vaults below! (They are also called the Knights of the Order of the Temple of Solomon). Some researchers claim they found ancient scrolls, the Holy Grail and even the Ark of the Covenant. Laurence Gardner, author of ‘Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark’ says that by 1127 AD, the Templars had found the Ark, and along with other untold Temple treasures, brought them back to France. Perhaps secret Masonic building codes discovered in Jerusalem fed the rise of the new heights of architectural mastery in the Gothic cathedrals. I suspect that a much older mystical organization lies at the roots of the Knights Templar, an order that was guarding some very powerful and ancient secret knowledge.

The incredible flowering of the Grail mysteries that rose during the 11th and 12th centuries was squashed by the horrific Inquisition, initiated by Phillip IV, King of France and Pope Clement in order to purge Europe of its heretics. The influencial Templars lived outside of the law, and had gained more power and popularity than was ‘safe’, according to the rulers of church and state. The Inquisition officially began Friday, October 13, 1307, marked by the arrest, imprisonment and torture of thousands of Knights Templar, and punctuated by the 1314 burning at the stake in Paris of Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay. A tremendous cache of ancient relics and possible scrolls from Jerusalem, gold and other treasure, was stored in the Templar’s vaults in Paris. Many believe these were secreted out of France during this time, on Templar fleets bound for the safety of Templar-friendly England and even more remote Scotland. King Robert the Bruce was the ‘braveheart’ and grand heretic (already excommunicated by the Pope), of the wild and rebellious Scots, who received the Templars with open arms. The Templars are thought to have joined forces with Bruce, and defeated the English at the famous Battle of Bannockburn. This battle was a turning point for the Scottish rebellion, and England finally recognized Scotland as an independent nation, and Robert The Bruce as their king.

Rosslyn’s Secret Codes in Stone

Mary Magdalene is said to be the patron saint of the Knights Templar, and numerous signs of her presence can be found in Scotland, including indications of her children and a Celtic Magdalene bloodline! Our recent journey to Britain began at Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh, just days behind the ABC ‘Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci ‘documentary film crew, …all of us hot on the trail of discovery. This mysterious chapel, is often referred to as a ‘Bible in Stone’, or ‘Chapel of the Grail’’, perhaps built with the Chapel Perilous in mind, mirrors Jerusalem’s Temple of Solomon design. The building of Rosslyn was begun in 1446 and completed forty years later, by Sir William St. Clair, the third and last Prince of Orkney. Members of the Sinclair family claim to be descendants of the Davidic, Merovingian bloodline, through the children of Jesus and Magdalene.

The prolific symbolic carvings in Rosslyn, many of which relate to the Knights Templar, present a striking integration of both Christian and Pagan motifs. According to Karen Ralls former assistant curator of Rosslyn, in her book ‘The Templars and the Grail’, "Templar, Masonic, Rosicrucian and Christian symbolism….are woven throughout…In many ways, the carvings at Rosslyn Chapel are about the interplay of opposites and complements…light and dark, male and female, life and death."

According to Andrew Sinclair, member of the St. Clair/Sinclair clan, the name Rosslyn "….is said to derive from the old Scottish ROS-LIN or Rosy Stream, suggesting the blood of Christ." One of the persistent legends regarding Rosslyn is that the Holy Grail is buried within the Apprentice Pillar inside the chapel – possibly the same grail or cup which contained Christ’s blood and is said to have been carried by Joseph of Arimathea from Jerusalem, through France to Britain. Could this Grail brought by either Joseph of Arimathea, or the Templars out of the Holy Land, have finally ended up at Rosslyn?


Knights Carrying Holyrood
Knights Carrying Holyrood, Rosslyn Chapel

Green Man
Green Man
Rosslyn Chapel
Hanging Man
Hanging Man
Rosslyn Chapel

Other sacred and precious items originally from Solomon’s Temple and Medieval Europe, brought north for safe-keeping (out of reach of the hands of the Europe’s ‘power brokers’) are said to have been placed at Rosslyn. "The Ark of the Covenant, the mummified head of Christ, the Holy Grail, lost scrolls from the Temple of Jerusalem, Templar Order treasures….a Black Madonna and more have been thought to lie within its vaults." Karen Ralls "The Templars and the Grail". (Some others say the Templars’ grail head is that of John the Baptist). The Sinclair family history also speaks of the Holy Rood, a piece of the original crucifixion cross, being carried to Rosslyn and buried within its vaults.

Sacred Sites and Nature’s Temples

Many significant pilgrimage sites across the world are built upon the ruins of earlier temple structures, the locations chosen strategically for the natural earth-spirit currents already present. Common to spiritual centers such as Chartres, Glastonbury, Rosslyn, Iona, Glen Lyon, Sedona, and Mayan and Aztec pyramids, we find numerous crossing energy currents, or ley lines, underground water streams, caves and places of great beauty and power. These are places of pilgrimage, spanning thousands of years. This is certainly the case with Roslin Glen with its winding River Esk, many caves and rare varieties of flora. When walking through the glen, one senses that this is a place of both sanctity and magic, and it is this sense of the sacred that provided original inspiration to build temples at these locations.

Rosslyn Chapel’s carvings read like a 3-D dictionary of numerous varieties of flora, including mysterious representations of aloe (or agave) and maize. The prolific images of plant and flower varieties found in many Templar-related sites reflect some varieties flora unknown in the north, but native to the Middle East and beyond. The Sinclair clan claim that their ancestor, Prince Henry Sinclair sailed to America in the last decade of the 1300’s, about 100 years before Columbus (whose ships flew the Templar banner with the flayed red cross), and founded Templar sites in Nova Scotia, Rhode Island and Virginia.

Magdalene and the Mary Chapels

Barry Dunford, author of ‘Holy Land of Scotland’, who we interviewed in Fortingall, Scotland spoke about the Mary Chapels and alignments through the heart of Scotland. He said there is a straight line connecting Montrose (mount rose), on the eastern coast, through the St. Mary Churches at Grandtully and Fortingall to the western Isle of Iona. Another alignment runs from the east at Marywell, through Fortingall to Tobermory (Well of Mary), close to another key Mary Chapel at Dervaig, Isle of Mull. These lines indicate an ancient pilgrim’s path, full of ‘birthing Mary’ images and legends.

Templar Cross Gravestone
Templar Cross Gravestone
St. Mary's Church, Fortingall

King David's Harp
King David's Harp
St. Mary's Church, Fortingall

Templar Knight Grave Stone
Serpents on Gravestone
St. Mary's Church, Fortingall

The St. Mary’s Church at Grandtully has a wooden ceiling mural (c. 1636 AD) depicting numerous Templar and Grail images. Included are two pregnant, female ‘angels’, a Grail Knight, a unicorn and lion, and the Judgement Tarot card including skulls and the black and white checkered floor, similar to the Templar ‘beauseant’ banner.

Pregnant Angels
Pregnant Angels, St. Mary's Church, Grandtully

Grail Knight
Grail Knight
St. Mary's Church, Grandtully

Unicorn and Lion Crest
Unicorn and Lion Crest
St. Mary's Church, Grandtully

Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child
St. Mary's Church, Grandtully
Judgement Tarot Card
Judgement Tarot Card
St. Mary's Church, Grandtully

Interestingly, this unusual Medieval painting at St. Mary’s Grandtully Church was commissioned by Sir William Stewart and the Royal House of Stewart claim to carry the Holy Davidic Grail Bloodline and both these lineages claim the unicorn as their symbol.

Following on the ancient pilgrim’s path toward the Isle of Iona, one must cross the Isle of Mull, a naturalist’s paradise. In Kilmore (Kil=church More=Mary) Church at Dervaig, Mull, there is an intriguing stained glass window image, which could be Jesus with a pregnant Magdalene! The stained glass window was made circa 1905, when the present church was built, although a much older Druid site was there before, as the adjacent stone circle indicates. Barry Dunford pointed out that if, as the local Christians believe, the window depicts Mother Mary and Joseph, then Mother Mary would have the halo and Joseph would not. In this image however, the male figure has the halo, and this would indicate it is Jesus and obviously not with his pregnant mother, but holding hands with a pregnant Magdalene. A striking connection here is that the commissioning of this window appears to be by a Thomas Eversfield, named on a church plaque, and displaying two Templar crosses. Was Eversfield a member of the Knights Templar and privy to secret information regarding the Holy Grail Bloodline?

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Just across the sound from Mull, lies the Isle of Iona, once called Innis nan Dhruidhanean, the Isle of the Druids, with several legends speaking of Magdalene’s giving birth to a child, and living her last days in a cave there. There is a crumbling ruin of an old Mary Chapel behind the great Abbey, where the presence of Magdalene is still palpable. It is said that on the Isle of Iona, the veil between earth and heaven are so thin that pilgrims here can easily access spiritual dimensions.

St. Mary Chapel Ruins
St. Mary Chapel Ruins
Isle of Iona

St. Martin's Cross
St. Martin's Cross
Isle of Iona

Templar Knight Grave Stone
Templar Knight Grave Stone
Isle of Iona
Just behind the Abbey is a hill called Dun-I, where legend says St. Bride sang love songs daily, calling to her lost Bridegroom. According to Fionna Macleod, author of‘Iona’, two old prophecies say that Christ shall come again upon Iona and when ‘she’ returns, it will be as the Bride of Christ, the Daughter of God.

As Christian mystics and pilgrims traveled the paths between these spiritual sites, they would ultimately journey southwest to Rosslyn and Edinburgh. During our meeting with Robert Brydon at Temple Village near Rosslyn, he mentioned an important early chapel dedicated to Magdalene in Edinburgh, known throughout the western kingdoms as a fertility site, where women would send items to be blessed for healthy, successful births. I reflected again on my granddaughter’s liberating epiphany while watching the ‘Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci’ film, regarding the genetic inheritance of Holy Blood, and what this Scottish presence of Magdalene and birth associations could mean for a Celtic Grail Bloodline!

The Rose of Rosslyn

‘…I flame above the beauty of the fields; I shine in the waters;
In the sun, the moon and the stars, I burn.’

Hildegard of Bingen

The Rose with its word anagram ‘Eros’, has long been associated with ‘Our Lady’, whether she be in her role as Mary the Mother, Magdalene the Lover, or Saint. It is also associated with the heart of Christ, the Rose of Sharon. The five-petalled rose, Rosa Rugosa, is the earth’s oldest known variety of rose and is a repeating symbol present at many Templar church sites that we visited.

The unusual solid stone barrel-shaped ceiling of Rosslyn Chapel is divided into five sections, and is covered with carved five-pointed stars, lilies, roses and other flowers. These stars have an ancient association with Venus, Isis and Magdalene and are also found on the ceilings Egyptian temples. (The pentagram’s proportions are a perfect example of the Golden Mean, or PHI ratio, and the sacred geometry used in ancient temple architecture). Another section of the ceiling containing a series of cubes is said to correspond to PHI and a Fibonacci musical scale. As luck would have it, a Hungarian Medieval music group and choir was performing in Rosslyn while I was there.

Barry Dunford says that Roslin (older spelling) refers to the Rose Line, an energy alignment running through Rosslyn and connecting southward on the early mystic’s pilgrimage route to Avalon and ultimately to Santiago de Compostela (translating as field of stars) in Spain. In fact, the clamshells received as confirmation that one had truly accomplished the long road to Compostella, are still left as offerings on an altar stone within Rosslyn Chapel.

Rosslyn and Signs of a Holy Grail Bloodline

Three famous pillars stand at the front of Rosslyn Chapel: The Master Mason’s pillar, the Journeyman’s pillar and the Apprentice pillar, said to represent Wisdom, Strength and Beauty. At the top of the Mason’s pillar are carved angelic musicians. At the base of the Apprentice pillar are eight dragons, from whose mouths come vines, which spiral up and around the pillar, said to represent the Scandinavian myth of eight dragons, who lie at the base of Yggdrasil, the Ash Tree that binds together heaven, earth and hell.

Legend states that the gifted apprentice, who carved the extraordinary detail of the Apprentice pillar was murdered by his jealous master. We find a similar story and great intrigue, regarding the demise of Hiram Abif, the Master Mason of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. What Hermetic secrets were these ancient masons protecting? Rosslyn Chapel’s only complete inscription appears on the lintel connecting the top of the Apprentice pillar to the south wall, and is carved in Latin on a spiraling ribbon of stone.


Apprentice Pillar
Apprentice Pillar, Rosslyn Chapel

Serpent/Dragon Apprentice Pillar Base,
Rosslyn Chapel


Melchizedek with Holy Grail
Melchizedek with Holy Grail, Rosslyn Chapel

The English translation follows, as quoted in Robert Brydon’s 2003 Rosslyn Chapel Trust booklet ‘Rosslyn and the Western Mystery Tradition’:



According to Brydon, this inscription refers to the words and wisdom of ZERUBBABEL, of the lineage of the Royal House of David. In the year 536 BC, the people of Judah were released from their captivity in Persia, and under the leadership of Prince Zerubbabel, they all returned to Jerusalem, and began the building of a new temple upon the ruins of the old Temple of Solomon. Is this fantastic inscription on the arch next to the Apprentice pillar telling of a Scottish or Sinclair connection with the Davidic-Grail bloodline? Is it reminding us that without embracing the feminine, that truth is out of reach?

Four arches radiate from the Master Mason’s pillar and four more from the Apprentice Pillar, each with 64 cubes, perhaps alluding to the 64 genetic chromosomes. Along with the DNA spiral symbolism on the Apprentice Pillar, this theme is mirrored ‘coincidentally’ in Rosslyn’s nearby genetic farm, where the world’s first cloned sheep and chickens were created! Is all this an uncanny allusion to genetics of a grail bloodline or the alchemical secrets of life contained in the blood and guarded by the Knights Templar, Guardians of Magdalene’s legacy?

Indications are that it is quite possible that Magdalene and Jesus did have children. Magdalene and/or her children could have come as far north as Britain after the crucifixion, and if they did, there could be a Northern Celtic Holy Bloodline, which spread a Christ-Mary genetic inheritance throughout the Western world.

I do believe Magdalene is calling us to reclaim the sovereignty and emancipation of the human soul, at the beginning of the second millennium and a crucial turning point for Earth. Now is the time to rewrite our global myth. The planetary alignment and lunar eclipse of November 8, 2003, with its six-pointed Star of David pattern is a powerful symbol for this re-integration of male-female, the alchemy of the union of opposites. Magdalene’s return signals a fusion of dimensions of consciousness fragmented for two thousand years, giving birth now to a potent healing force and opening the Grail of the Heart.

Join Ani Williams June 15 - 26, 2008, for Pilgrimage of the Holy Grail in Britain. With the magic of these sacred sites, and the transforming power of harp and song, we will partake of the ancient alchemy of the union of Earth and Spirit.

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Templarios=masones - La Rochelle en Francia, Roslin en Escocia y Rosslyn en Virginia - fantasía de "Jesús"

Los masones indican que su historia tendría sus inicios con los templarios (14min.53seg.).

Templarios - los francmasones e iluminati                         tenían solo otros nombres antes - y esos                         extremistas son los destructores principales del                         mundo
Templarios - los francmasones e iluminati tenían solo otros nombres antes -
y esos extremistas son los destructores principales del mundo

[Así vemos lo que han hecho en Escocia y qué hacen en "América"]:

En la ciudad de Washington hay una zona que se llama Rosslyn (en Virginia), y ese Rosslyn está en una línea horizontal con la Casa Blanca - y justamente es el mismo nombre como Roslin de los francmasones en Escocia (14min.58seg.). Roslin en Escocia fue el lugar donde los templarios han fugado viniendo de La Rochelle in Francia, y en Roslin en Escocia se reunieron otra vez para instalar su Orden de Templarios (caballeros templarios). Allá han celebrado su fantasía de ser "herederos" de una "línea genética" [de fantasía] de un "Jesús" [de fantasía] (15min.20seg.).

Rosslyn en Virginia están en una línea                         horizontal con la Casa Blanca (!)    La fuga de los templarios extremistas con                         sus fantasías de un "Jesús" de La                         Rochelle a Roslin en Escocia desde 1307, mapa
Rosslyn en Virginia están en una línea horizontal con la Casa Blanca (!) - la fuga de los templarios extremistas con sus fantasías de un "Jesús" de La Rochelle a Roslin en Escocia desde 1307, mapa

El viernes, el 13 de octubre 1307 la mayoría de los templarios fueron tomados presos, sus propiedades fueron confiscados, fueron interrogados y torturados a la muerte por los agentes del rey francés lo que solo siguió a una orden del papa (15min.39seg.).

Rosslyn (en Virginia) tiene 2 dos características, un pueblo de baile y un cementerio del ejército de la marina (marine corps memorial). Una línea directa del centro de ese cementerio al centro de la iglesia en Roslin en Escocia toca la punta de la pirámide vial completada de Washington DC (16min.20seg.).

Edimburgo cerca de Roslin: la "milla real"

El rey David I de Escocia instaló edificios en una distancia de una "milla real". La distancia entre la fachada del convento Holyrood y la torre del Castillo de Edimburgo es una "milla real" - y eso es la misma distancia como la "milla real egipcia" (16min.54seg.). Y:

Una milla real egipcia = 8/7 de una milla internacional (statute mile) (16min.58seg.).

Milla real en Edimburgo, instalada en 1128                         apr. por el rey David I de Escocia, el letrero   La "milla real" entre el Castillo                         de Edimburgo y el convento de Holyrood
Milla real en Edimburgo, instalada en 1128 apr. por el rey David I de Escocia, el letrero - la "milla real" entre el Castillo de Edimburgo y el convento de Holyrood


El radio polar de la Tierra tiene 3.456 millas reales (con una precisión de 99,995% valor moderno), ver el libro de Richard Heath "Sacred Number" (17min.10seg.).

El radio polar de la Tierra es 3.456 millas                         reales (ver Richard Heath: "Número                         santo" (inglés: "Sacred Number") 
El radio polar de la Tierra es 3.456 millas reales (ver Richard Heath: "Número santo" (inglés: "Sacred Number")
El rey David instaló esa estructura de Egipto en Escocia y con eso él instaló el gobierno de los caballeros templarios (17min.18seg.). Después inició la arquitectura gótica que vino del Medio Oriente. Así es bien posible que el rey David tenía conexiones con Jerusalén (17min.33seg.).

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My thanks to Alec Ratcliffe for discovering another Secret in Plain Sight where he lives in Bolton, UK. He discovered that Bolton is the midpoint of an alignment connecting Stonehenge to Rosslyn Chapel.

SH Bolton RC

The road that leads to the centre of Bolton is the A666 which was nicknamed the “Devil’s Highway” due to its number and appalling accident rate. Bolton’s city council renamed the A666 “St. Peter’s Way”, lowered the speed limit, and made safety improvements to reduce the death toll which was three times higher than other motorways in the borough. –Source

Winter Hill Bolton 666

The phone number of the Bolton Town Hall is 333333. Are you starting to get the picture?

Right of way

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

The above signs mark a public right of way that is actually an ancient right of way leading over Bolton’s Winter Hill:

Sunday morning

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

The top of Winter Hill has the highest television transmitting antenna in the UK at 1035 feet in height. Take a look at its very long shadow.

Winter hill

The transmitter on the top of the Winter Hill antenna is 777m above sea level.

Support wires, to hold the mast vertical, are pitched at 120° when viewed from above. These are connected at 5 heights, reminding one of pyramids.

Antenna wires

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

Gratings on the roads in Bolton have rhombi and pyramids on them. Hmm.

Grating road

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

The coat of arms for the Bolton County Borough Council features an Elephant and Castle on top:

Bolton County Borough Council

Image source

The pediment of the town hall shows the Elephant and Castle on the shield the Queen is holding.

Queen elephant

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

In fact Elephants and Castles are all over Bolton. Here’s another:

Elephant castle

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

There is a major road intersection in South London called Elephant and Castle which is shaped like an inverted pentagon with respect to true North. The Michael Faraday Memorial within this pentagon has a swastika-like form from above. It contains an electrical substation that powers the London Underground.

Elephant London

Elephant and Castle, South London

“Elephant and Castle” is derived from a coaching inn of that name on the site. The earliest surviving record of this name relating to the area is in the Court Leet Book of the Manor of Walworth. This local court had met at “Elephant and Castle, Newington” on 21 March 1765. Previously the site was occupied by a blacksmith and cutler – the coat of arms of the Worshipful Company of Cutlers [knife makers] features an elephant with a castle. –Source

“Worshipful Companies” are livery companies of the City of London.

The active livery companies play an important part in social life and networking in the City of London, and have a long history of cultural patronage, and control of the City of London Corporation. –Source

I talked a bit about the City of London Corporation and the Lord Mayor in my London video episode.

The senior officer of a Masonic Lodge is normally addressed and referred to as the “Worshipful Master.” The office of Worshipful Master is the highest honor to which a lodge may appoint any of its members.

Following my intuition I pondered the connections between Bolton and the freemasons. After finding so many Secrets in Plain Sight in my last few posts in New York I have wondered about its namesake in York and the York Rite of freemasonry.

I discovered that the oldest freemasonic lodge in York, Lodge 236, used to meet in a place called Elephant & Castle in the 19th century. Lodge 236 was established on 7/7/1777. –Source

All those sevens tie in well with Bolton having Elephants and Castles all over the town and the Winter Hill transmitting station being 777m above sea level.

Are these all just coincidences? Here are a few more:

  • In my post on 666, I mentioned Cergy-Pontoise has an area of 77.7 square kilometers.
  • In my post on One Times Square I mentioned that the Time Ball drops 77 feet on New Year’s eve.
  • Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11.

The Knights Templar is an autonomous body within the York Rite. Thus the order still exists today in freemasonic form. Here is the symbol of the Knights Templar order:

Knights Templar Logo Freemasonry

In Hoc Signo Vinces is Latin for “In this Sign You Will Conquer.”

The sign shown below is the infamous Nazi iron cross. Hitler conquered for a time using the swastika at the center of this very similar symbol.

EK 1class

Luz from Columbia sent me this picture yesterday of an artificial intelligence chip IBM has just developed. See here. I don’t know if the Templars are connected to artificial intelligence at this point but I have a great respect for the illuminating power of coincidence. My friend Rick counted and there are indeed 33 lines on each edge of this neurosynaptic core chip:


Image source

Will artificial intelligence conquer our minds? Man vs machine is a common theme in popular television series and movies.

Everything is connected. Following the connections through alignments, numbers, and symbols sometimes leads to profound insights.

Perhaps the Faraday Memorial at the center of the inverted pentagram within Elephant and Castle is a clue. If the London Elephant & Castle sends power underground, then what is the highest transmitting antenna in the UK sending through the air?

Television is the most successful device ever devised to control the mind.

Mind control

Artwork by Scott Onstott

©2012 SIPS Productions Inc. – All Rights Reserved.


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BARILOCHENSE6999 16/12/2020 20:48
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Logan Riley 16/12/2020 09:34
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International Day of Action for Rivers 2020 - March 14 - Entri Blog
Celebrate the International Day of Action for Rivers March 14 – European  Rivers Network
International Day of Action for Rivers, March 14 | International Rivers
Amazon.com: jeyfel calcomanías: coche calcomanías. Yo Soy el Que Soy  tetragramaton YHWH. Exodo 3: 14: Clothing
3.144 sQuaring the circle | Squaring the circle, Value of pi, Circle
Amazon.com: jeyfel calcomanías: coche calcomanías. Yo Soy el Que Soy  tetragramaton YHWH. Exodo 3: 14: Clothing
3.144 sQuaring the circle | Squaring the circle, Value of pi, Circle
Resultado de imagen para EINSTEIN STONE
Resultado de imagen para einstein pi
Resultado de imagen para einstein pi
Y respondió Dios a Moisés: YO SOY EL QUE SOY. Y dijo: Así dirás a los hijos  de Israel: YO SOY me envió a vosotros. Éxodo 3:14 RVR1960 #Bendición #Be… |  Lockscreen
La Biblia - Êxodo - 3:14

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Juan 3:14 SBMN - Como levantó Moisés la serpiente en el desierto, así será  levantado el hijo del hombre,
El símbolo de la serpiente desmiente la expiación limitada | Juan 3:14-15
Evangelio Hoy | LMC
ARTE DEL REINO - Y como Moisés levantó la serpiente en el... | Facebook
Resultado de imagen para MAQUINA DEL TIEMPO DE VENECIA
Resultado de imagen para genesis 22:15,18
Resultado de imagen para MAGDALENE NEW MEXICO
Resultado de imagen para GALAXY PHI
Resultado de imagen para LEONARDO DA VINCI VENECIA
Resultado de imagen para BELLAS QUE SON LAS MATEMATICAS
Resultado de imagen para einstein estupidez infinita
International Day of Action for Rivers 2020 - March 14 - Entri Blog
Celebrate the International Day of Action for Rivers March 14 – European  Rivers Network
International Day of Action for Rivers, March 14 | International Rivers
Amazon.com: jeyfel calcomanías: coche calcomanías. Yo Soy el Que Soy  tetragramaton YHWH. Exodo 3: 14: Clothing
3.144 sQuaring the circle | Squaring the circle, Value of pi, Circle
Amazon.com: jeyfel calcomanías: coche calcomanías. Yo Soy el Que Soy  tetragramaton YHWH. Exodo 3: 14: Clothing
3.144 sQuaring the circle | Squaring the circle, Value of pi, Circle
Resultado de imagen para EINSTEIN STONE
Resultado de imagen para einstein pi
Resultado de imagen para einstein pi
Y respondió Dios a Moisés: YO SOY EL QUE SOY. Y dijo: Así dirás a los hijos  de Israel: YO SOY me envió a vosotros. Éxodo 3:14 RVR1960 #Bendición #Be… |  Lockscreen
La Biblia - Êxodo - 3:14

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Respuesta Ocultar Mensaje Eliminar Mensaje  Mensaje 250 de 251 en el tema 
De: BARILOCHENSE6999 Enviado: 15/01/2021 17:14

Triangle/circle relationship as encoded at Giza and Teotihuacan. PHI is encoded, and 19.47 degrees latitude

r/SacredGeometry - Triangle/circle relationship as encoded at Giza and Teotihuacan. PHI is encoded, and 19.47 degrees latitude

Respuesta Ocultar Mensaje Eliminar Mensaje  Mensaje 12 de 12 en el tema 
De: BARILOCHENSE6999 Enviado: 15/01/2021 17:05
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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 23/05/2016 20:00
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Respuesta Ocultar Mensaje Eliminar Mensaje  Mensaje 251 de 251 en el tema 
De: BARILOCHENSE6999 Enviado: 15/01/2021 17:19



19 41' 23.74" N 98 50' 50.65" W
(ir a Google Maps)

Teotihuacan, la Ciudad de los Dioses, tenía en su época de mayor florecimiento una extensión de más de 20 kilómetros cuadrados y una población de alrededor de 100 mil habitantes. Hoy en día se conserva:

1- Vía o Calle de los Muertos: Con una extensión de cerca de cuatro kilómetros, cruza todo el complejo con orientación sur-norte.
2.- La Ciudadela y Templo de Quetzalcoatl: El espacio rectangular formado por plataformas, que mide cuatrocientos metros por lado, fue bautizado con este nombre por los conquistadores españoles del siglo XVI, que pensaron que se trataba de un lugar militar. Era un patio, con habitaciones alrededor, donde se supone que vivían los sacerdotes y los gobernantes. En su lado este (parte superior de la foto) se encuentra el templo de Quetzalcóatl, que es uno de los edificios más bellos del México prehispánico, decorado con grandes cabezas de serpientes, bajorelieves con serpientes ondulantes con plumas, así como representaciones de Quetzalcoatl (cabeza de una serpiente que emerge de una especie de flor de once pétalos) y de Tlaloc, el dios de la lluvia. Se pueden contar mas de 366 cabezas de serpiente en sus cuatro fachadas.
3.- La Pirámide del Sol: Es la segunda en tamaño de todo el país de México, sólo superada por la de Cholula. Está orientada al punto exacto del horizonte por donde se oculta el sol el 13 de agosto. Tiene 65 m de altura. En la cúspide había un templo y una estatua de un ídolo de grandes proporciones; hoy hay sólo una una plataforma cuadrada de superficie un tanto irregular. Su núcleo es de adobe y estaba toda ella recubierta de estuco más pintura. Al visitante se le permite subir hasta su cima y este peregrinaje se vuelve la mayor atracción al visitar la zona arqueológica. Se le han puesto unos pasamanos para auxiliarse y no perder el equilibrio en la subida de los 248 escalones que son bastante empinados.

4.- Pirámide de la Luna: Mide 42 metros de altura. Sus escaleras miran hacia el Sur y están construidas en una estructura saliente. Su nucleo también está construido de adobe.

5.- Palacio de la Quetzalpapalotl ("la mariposa divina"): Es uno de los pocos edificios que no eran templos. Los pilares de su patio interior se encuentran adornados con bajorelieves que en su mayoria representan a Quetzalpapalotl (mariposa dentro de un quetzal). En algunas partes se conserva algo de pintura mural.


Publicado por Bernardo 

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