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General: The Most Common Problems With Having Low Refrigerant Levels In Your Car A/C
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From: Connor Scott  (Original message) Sent: 16/09/2022 13:25

For an air conditioner, a compressor appears to be the most important component. But, a compressor cannot do anything if there is no refrigerant at all. There is a need to understand the importance of refrigerant inside an air conditioner.

Your air conditioner is just a fan without presence of refrigerant. However, low level of refrigerant cannot provide enough cooling while it might hurt a number of things inside your car’s air conditioner.

How Does Refrigerant Assist In Cooling Air?

Air conditioner refrigerant behave like a magical substance to aid air conditioning to make cooling possible. Refrigerant does it work during a cycle of transformation from liquid to gas.

It involves several components to produce the required cooled air inside a car. Refrigerant goes through the compressor where it is compressed into liquid from gas before being sent into the condenser.

Condenser is a structure of several tubes where the refrigerant circulates and comes into contact with the fresh air. At this point, the refrigerant has the high temperature while fresh air tends to absorb the temperature by the heat exchange between the refrigerant and fresh air.

The low-temperature refrigerant is now in the dryer, where it experiences the evaporation of the moisture and attains the cold state. It then passes through the orifice tube, or expansion valve. The procedure lowers the fluid

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