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General: How to backup Outlook emails
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From: Poppy  (Original message) Sent: 19/06/2021 08:49
Is there a good way to back up my emails where I can actually use it if needed?

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From: Mantiz Sent: 20/06/2021 09:26
I like how easy it is to archive emails by running Email Detail Archive https://emailindetail.com/howto/convert-yahoo-mail-to-pdf
This tool is very fast when it comes to archiving large files. I also like that the backups are widely customizable.

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From: David41 Sent: 21/10/2021 21:22
Very useful article. However, I have a slightly different problem. I need to find out how to transfer all emails from Gmail to Outlook? I switched to Outlook, but all the information I needed remained on Gmail.

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From: Cupid Sent: 22/10/2021 06:51
Recently, I found a very entertaining article where you can find out what Gmail is and why transferring email from it can be problematic. If you are interested, then on the site https://www.outlooktransfer.com/how-to-transfer-all-emails-from-gmail-to-outlook/, you can read it. There you will learn how to solve your problems. Good luck to you.

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From: jameszen Sent: 01/11/2021 10:29
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