Knowing that GABITOS promotes interrelationship among people, cultural interchange and friendship among races, I compromise to maintain a behavior according to the principles of this site.

I understand that defame, threaten, harass and bother a user, write bad and rude words, add obscene images, nude photos, or texts and pictures without authorization of it’s creators, can be cause of expulsion with previous warning or without it, according to the case. Also can provoke the definitive closure of the Group and the complete elimination of it’s content.

Therefore, personal quarrels among users or communities won’t be tolerated and could go as far, according to their magnitude, as to be a cause of users direct removal as well as the ultimate closure of the groups in conflict, as the case may be.

Concord, respect, solidarity, tolerance and harmony among all users must be a constant. I promise not to join any controversies, not to initiate or stimulate futile arguments and to always work towards the understanding and friendship of members in every community I join in.

I am aware that it is my duty to acknowledge and respect the internal dispositions of a group that I have joined, and that it is my right to cancel my membership in it when I consider it so.

I am responsible for all I write and publish, liberating GABITOS of any problem I might generate. I understand that this site provides me the space to my exclusive benefit that I may entirely free use, as long as I behave properly and reasonably, always respecting other people’s rights.

I know I have the possibility to create as many as 20 groups and I can participate simultaneously at a maximum of 200, including own ones.

Its more than clear that creating a group with the sole intention to disrespect another community or user is strictly prohibited. It is also illegal to promote piracy, pornography, drug use, prostitution, zoophilia or other types of conduct opposed to law, moral laws or good habits.

I understand that I’m not allowed to create a group with the intention to use it as a private storage, since the only purpose of this site is to promote the formation of communities for people to meet, exchange ideas, knowledge and to make friends. If I do so, I risk the closure of such group, jeopardizing all stored information, understanding that GABITOS reserves the right to warn previously or to proceed to elimination without warning.

Having the administrator roll of ’restricted public’ or ’private’ type groups I understand that not giving a prompt response to users is considered lack of respect towards them, therefore the system would proceed to erase automatically all requests that have been pending for more than a month.

I know that a group that doesn’t show any activity in a six months period would be considered as abandoned and the system automatically would proceed to close it, risking the lose of data stored in it until that day.

Therefore, I acknowledge that all newly created communities have a maximum of 1 month period to show some activity. If this is not met, GABITOS would consider it abandoned and would proceed to its immediate elimination.

I commit to review this Code of conduct regularly, considering that it may be modified or amended at any moment.