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General: Shri Shirdi Sai Speaks-4th Sept/ Wonderful Stories of Lord Shiva
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From: luistovarcarrillo  (Original message) Sent: 04/09/2012 14:18

Shri Shirdi Sai Speaks-4th Sept/ Wonderful Stories of Lord Shiva

Shri Shirdi Sai Speaks-4th Sept/ Wonderful Stories of Lord Shiva

Posted: 04 Sep 2012 12:30 AM PDT

Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha! Om Sai Ram ! Om Namah Shivaya!
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Devon ka Dev Mahadev- Watch Online- 3rd September 2012
YouTube Links

Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 3rd September 2012 Written Update by mnx12

Rishi Pitamber has planned a conspiracy against rishi Gautam.
Matsya is with Sukarma on his boat. Sukarma throws his fishing net in water. Matsya asks Sukarma to teach him the art of fishing. Sukarmasays, concentration is the key factor of this art. Human mind & fish both are same unstable, that’s why both are called chanchala (flickering mind) Matsya asks how can concentration be achieved? Sukaramasays by meditataing on “SHivoham”, which means I am Shiv. By doing so you can be one with Shiv. Matsya asks why meditate on “Shivoham”? Sukarma answers because Shiv is the true form of concentration. Matsya agrees to meditate. Both of them closes their eyes, with folded hand, does jaap of “Shivoham”. Matsya continues, Sukarma concentrates on his fishing.
In Tryambak Sketra, Ahallya is praying to Shivji in his Shivling form to save them from the blame.
Rishi Pitambar with other rishis are outside her aashram, they want to throw rishi Gautam out of this place. He threatns to demolish his aashram. Ahalya comes out pleads them not to do so. They manage to get rishi Gautam, accuses him of spoiling the water, but rishi Gautam denies. This enrages them they take rishi Gautam to people of Tryambak, tell them , he is guilty, he must be punished with Mrityudanda. People of Trayambak agrees. Seeing them falling for his words, rishi Pitambar says If I was in your place, I would have killed him by throwing stones on him. Ahilya prays to shivji for help.
At Kailash Shivji hears her voice, recognizes as Ahilya’s voice.
The idea of throwing stone clicks with the people of Tryambak, they along with all the rishis picks up a stone. Are about to throw on Rishi Gautam, who says he is not guilty. Suddenly all are asked to stop by a loud voice, who is no one but Shivji as an Ahgori. He asks them why are they punishing him, what is his fault. Pitambar tells him to go in smashan, he then tells others to start throwing stone. Aghori says, anyone throwing a stone on rishi Gautam will be hit by the same with double force. A trayambakwasi throws a stone on rishi Gautam, which stops near him & hits back to that man. Seeing this others put the stone down from their hand. Aghori asks Piamber, doesn’t he want to throw stone too? Pitamber seeing his plan failed refuses to waste his energy on an Aghori’s words. Tells others to leave with him, but others are shocked seeing this miracle, doesn’t believe him.
Rishi Gautam &Ahalya are thankful to the aghori, tells him he is like God for them, asks him who he really is. Aghori turms into Shivji, says on Ahalya’s call he came here, he always comes to save his devotees. He asks them why these people were behaving like this with them?
Rishi Gautam says, he sensed of a draught in Tryabak, worshipped Varundev, got an Amarkund from him. As a result, people were saved from draught, greenery was restored. Pitamber could not bear his success, so he spoiled the water of Amarkund & accused him for that. Shivji said there will be obstacles in the mission of people’s welfare, those like Pitamber are sinner in saint’s disguises.
Rishi Gautam requests Shivji to restore the purity of the Amarkund. Shivji says only Ganga can do that. You pray to get her in Tryambak.
Matsya opens her eyes, Sukarma is surprised. Matsya says she saw Shiv in front of her, by meditating on Shivoham” Now onwards she’ll always follow this path. Sukarma is happy seeing her dedication, now they both close their eyes & start jaap of “Shivoham”
Rishi Gautam & Ahalya, standing on one leg does penance on “Om Gangaye Namah”. Ganga appears, asks him you are the creator of the 1st Dharmagranth, you are a great Mantra-drashta, what do you want? Rishi Gautam requests her, you have blessed North, now please bless South too. Ganga says she is eager to come to Tryambak, if Tryambak is capable of bearing her force, she will stay there forever. For that you’ll have to do Shiv-aavahan, only he is capable of bearing my force.
Rishi Gautam & Ahalya, are at Kailash, informs Shivji about Ganga’s words. He agrees to come to Tryambak.

Precap: Ganga’s stream is falling on a big Shivling at Trayambak. Shivji in his Virat roop is standing in front of the rishis.

Quote of BABA:Believe Me, though I pass away, My bones in My tomb would be speaking, moving and communicating with those, who would surrender themselves wholeheartedly to Me. Do not be anxious that I would be absent from you. You will hear My bones speaking and discussing your welfare. But remember Me always, believe in Me heart and soul, and then you will be most benefitted.
Who so ever devoutly offers to Sai a leaf, a flower, or fruit or water, of that pure hearted man, Sai accepts that pious offering.

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