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Respuesta  Mensaje 1 de 502 en el tema 
De: timber  (Mensaje original) Enviado: 19/07/2017 18:49

If you`d like to say hello or that you`re checking in , then go ahead and do it here .


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Respuesta  Mensaje 488 de 502 en el tema 
De: timber Enviado: 30/10/2018 01:49
WOW, Judy... what a beautiful view you have!  That must be relaxing to be able to look outside and see that.  All I see are houses and cars LOL.  Thank you for sharing a picture, it's lovely to see.

I'd love to be able to play with PSP today, but I haven't been feeling well.  It could be the change in weather or that I'm not getting enough sleep.  I think I'll have to spend less time on the computer for the next few days and rest some more.

Have a nice week, and talk to you soon...

Respuesta  Mensaje 489 de 502 en el tema 
De: justjam Enviado: 30/10/2018 03:15
Gosh timber, I wish you were feeling better.    Take care of yourself and do what you need to do.  It's miserable when you can't or don't sleep so I hope you can get more rest. 
I didn't accomplish anything in psp today.    I need some inspiration. 
I sure hope you have a good week and I'll see you later. 

Respuesta  Mensaje 490 de 502 en el tema 
De: SilentEyez Enviado: 31/10/2018 01:12
Booo Hi everyone! Decided to pop in and scare, I mean see how things are with yall. I am not feeling good myself. Been having a stomach ache and it just makes me be all crummy. I have a sensitive tummy so it came be just about anything I eat lol

Witch Timber, I am sorry to hear you are not well either. Hope you feel much better soon ♥

Pumpkin 5 Judy, what a magnificent view you have! I do envy you! Such beautiful autumn colors ♥ I really enjoy the fall and winter seasons because of the lovely colors and just overall feel. 

Ghost 2 I am not having any luck with PSPing myself. And to top it all off, I cannot find my cordless mouse. I always have it next to my laptop and for some reason, it decides to go missing. I do not like having to use the mouse on the laptop - it is so uncomfortable and it makes it harder for me to do any play work. 

Oh goodness, tomorrow is the BIG day! Let us see how it goes lol

tysvm timber! ♥

Respuesta  Mensaje 491 de 502 en el tema 
De: justjam Enviado: 31/10/2018 17:22
Hi Karla, it's good to see ya checking in.    I am sorry to hear that you are still not feeling well either.   
Good luck finding your mouse, I know it will make it easier for you to play. 
Today it is raining and much cooler here.  The trick of treaters here will have a soggy dreary trek around there neighborhoods.        
We don't have any trick or treaters at our house because we live out of town. 
I always enjoyed seeing their costumes when we lived in town!    I plan on trying to play in psp for a while this afternoon. 
Enjoy your holiday and don't eat too much candy. 

Respuesta  Mensaje 492 de 502 en el tema 
De: SilentEyez Enviado: 07/11/2018 13:00
Good morning ladies (^_^) Just dropping in for a bit before I go back to sleep. How is everyone doing and how was your Halloween?! Things here are okay. Had some antibiotics prescribed and it helped a lot. Just in time for Halloween too (^_~) Had a lovely time that day and we did end up giving out candy BUT hardly any treaters came by. And those that did, we let them get them grab the candy for themselves. That way they can get as much as they liked. We still had candy leftover lol My honey got ahold of the remaining chocolate and well, he had a very bad tummy ache (even had achy tooth)! So yes, even grownups get the achy belloes from eating a lot of candy lol

Well, I better get back to sleep. So tired. Oh! I did find my mouse! It was on the floor by the nightstand. I did not even know it had fallen. I would have gone crazy if I had not found it lol

Respuesta  Mensaje 493 de 502 en el tema 
De: justjam Enviado: 07/11/2018 20:13
Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great week. 

It has been a while since I opened my PSP, but hope to find something to play with this afternoon. I am anxious to find some cool Autumn tuts to try and hope to be able to share something with you all before long.

Our Halloween was quiet as we get no trick or treaters here. Most of our fall leaves have fallen and it is looking more like colder weather here.

I am glad you are feeling better, Karla and it's always great to see you checking in.

I'll be back later after my laundry, etc. is finished.

Respuesta  Mensaje 494 de 502 en el tema 
De: timber Enviado: 08/11/2018 06:24
Happy Autumn, everyone!

Oh, no, Karla... You must really be sick if you're taking antibiotics .  Rest well, and I hope you feel better real soon! So sorry to hear of your honey's tummy; tummy aches are no joke.  Next time, tell him not so much chocolate haha.  I'm so happy you found your mouse!

My Halloween was uneventful; we just don't turn on the porch light LOL.

Last night I made a new text tag and recorded a script for it.  I was actually surprised to be able to create something new because I've been trying for days but have been soooo distracted that it has been hard to focus.  I've been having a lot of headaches and haven't been feeling well for a while .

Yesterday I tackled something stressful that I had to take care of and I'm so glad it's done and it went smoothly, so I'm very happy about that .  I think the stress of having to do these things that I'd rather not do is contributing to the stress that may be causing the headaches.  I look forward to the day when my to-do list is all checked off.  I plan to celebrate with a chocolate dessert that is full of calories!

I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I've been working on an Autumn Tutorial Index, and I've got it posted now.  Surprisingly there's not a lot of tutorials on the list, but I'm not finished looking around.  I'll be back later to show you my new text tag; it's nothing fancy just something new.

Respuesta  Mensaje 495 de 502 en el tema 
De: justjam Enviado: 08/11/2018 22:16
Hello timber! I am so glad to see you back.

Congrats on being able to tackle something so stressful for you.   I hope your headaches will ease up for you. It must be horrible to be in pain so much of the time. 

Thank you so much for posting the Autumn Tutorial Index. I took a look and found a few I am planning to try. 

It is supposed to be getter colder here starting tonight and in some area there might be a bit of snow!   It is early for us so we might be in for a cold wet winter. 

I'm off to try to create something. Wish me luck. LOL

Have a great Thursday everyone. 

Respuesta  Mensaje 496 de 502 en el tema 
De: timber Enviado: 09/11/2018 01:56
Yes, Judy, it's difficult having chronic daily pain.  It's not something that I ever thought would happen to me, and it's trying at times.  The worst of it is when I have everything hit me at once and it kind of takes me a-back.  But I carry on as you do .  Playing in my PSP is a help because it gives me something to focus on .

So here's my newest text tag.  I've been playing a lot with gradients and a chrome effect to see how it plays over the text.  This particular tag also has mosaic antique glass to give it texture and I've animated it with noise, of course .  I will add this to the board as a challenge, but I can't decide which challenge to make it, gradient or font.  I'm thinking I may do it as a Font Challenge because it's kind of a cool font, South Pacific.

Pressies for you and Karla are in the Tag Drop Off album.

Respuesta  Mensaje 497 de 502 en el tema 
De: justjam Enviado: 09/11/2018 02:11
Timber, I love this tag!  I'm glad your posting it as a challenge too because the font is awesome. 
Thank you for the pressie! 
Your chrome effect and animation is too cool!    You are so creative. 

Respuesta  Mensaje 498 de 502 en el tema 
De: timber Enviado: 09/11/2018 04:55
My pleasure, Judy!  I'm like a crazy person over here just pushing buttons and seeing if I like anything  .

Respuesta  Mensaje 499 de 502 en el tema 
De: justjam Enviado: 12/11/2018 22:12
Hey ladies.    I hope you are having a good start to the new week. 
We have snow flurries here and it is sooo cold!  It is below freezing here now.
This is the earliest I remember having snow in many years.  They are warning of pipe-bursting low temps tonight.  Yikies!    Down around 17 degress or so.
I have been busy finding pixel outlines and coloring them.  I hope to be able to have some new tags soon.    The hard part for me is putting the elements together. 

Respuesta  Mensaje 500 de 502 en el tema 
De: timber Enviado: 15/11/2018 04:54
Wow, Judy, that does sound cold... brrrr ...  You'd probably laugh at what I think of as cold .  We don't have cold temps like that in my area, at least we haven't for many years.

I had to laugh when you said you have a hard time putting elements together.  That's the same trouble I have!   I didn't realize you struggle with that also; I always thought of you as sort of a pixel tag pro.  For me, I usually have to look at a tag made by someone else  to give me an idea of how to put pieces together .  I'm the same way with other kinds of tags, too.  I have a folder called "siggy inspiration" where I put tags made by other taggers that I would like to use as inspiration for making my own tags.

I got another task completed  from my to-do list, so I'm feeling better in terms of stress and now I think I'll sleep a little better at night, so I'm looking forward to that.  I'm working on some other projects at the moment and haven't played in PSP for a few days and don't expect that I will for another few more days, so I'll check back  and see what y'all are up to.  Stay as warm as ya can!

Respuesta  Mensaje 501 de 502 en el tema 
De: justjam Enviado: 16/11/2018 01:06
Lol, timber it was cold!     One thing about the weather here is that it changes often!  Today it was in the 60's. 
Yes, putting the elements together has always been a hit a miss for me.  I don't really know why.  It is hard for me to visualize how something will look without moving the elements around.
Congrats on marking another task from your list!  You go girl! 
Good luck on your projects.  I'll see ya when you check back in. 
I am playing with pixels and also the lighten and darken brush.  Who knows what I'll come up with.  LOL


Respuesta  Mensaje 502 de 502 en el tema 
De: SilentEyez Enviado: 17/11/2018 05:17
Hiya everyone! Oh goodness, I feel I have beeb gone for ages lol Missed you all (^_^) Hope things are well on your side, gals. It has been so cold here too but not as cold as 17 lol Well, our mornings are in the 20s and during the day it is in the 50s. It seriously feels and smells like Christmastime! (P.S. we have been Christmasing here already! Trees and music *hides face* lolol)

Now, let me say that the tags you both have been sharing are GORGEOUS! Lotsa great designs!! And Timber, I absolutely love the new pressie! (^_~) <3 Tysm! I have not played or anything in a long while now *sigh* Feel so lost not being able to be creative. 

Well, it is some minutes after 11 pm and I am beat. I still need to get stuff ready for tomorrow. We are celebrating an early Thanksgiving at my honeys moms house. I made a YUMMY treat to take along. *ahem* A treat you might enjoy, Timber lol I got the recipe from a YT video and have made it a few times already (honey LOVES it). And I am happy that even I can enjoy it!! It is dairy free!!!! Only ingredients: peanut butter and cake frosting (makes peanut butter fudge!). Super simple but omg, so darn yummy! 

Lol, I think I might have drooled there. I should get going now before it gets much late. Will have to get some rest since we will be picked up anytime after 10 am. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone (^_^) 


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