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Reply  Message 1 of 573 on the subject 
From: timber  (Original message) Sent: 19/07/2017 18:49

If you`d like to say hello or that you`re checking in , then go ahead and do it here .


Page webset, layout, and HTML by timber
Emoticons from Kolobok and LivePencil


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Reply  Message 559 of 573 on the subject 
From: JossieAnn Sent: 02/03/2019 18:24
Judy... WOW...
great link. I have downloaded many of the ones I recalled having. Most ot the 
names sound familiar. I have to learn how to install them on the v2019. I'm at the library
and looking for tutorials for installing. I'll let you know how it goes.
Thank you so much.

HK HmothersDay jos n Jossie

Reply  Message 560 of 573 on the subject 
From: justjam Sent: 03/03/2019 02:03
Great Jossie!  I hope these work for you.  I know nothing about the newer PSP versions. 
You are very welcome. 

Reply  Message 561 of 573 on the subject 
From: JossieAnn Sent: 09/03/2019 19:38
The new version is a mess to work with.
Just learned how to make Masks work.....
to much clicking.
Here is  gift for you

BikeRide jos n Judy
Have a wonderful day everyone!

2711 Jossie

Reply  Message 562 of 573 on the subject 
From: justjam Sent: 09/03/2019 22:28
Hello everyone!  Hope you are having a great weekend.  I have been poking around looking for a tut that inspires me.  LOL
Jossie, it sounds like you are making progress with your new PSP.  I hope the plugins work in the new version.
Thank you for my adorable new tag.  I love it.    I have a soft spot for pixels and tiny tags. 
Here is lil St Paddy's gift for you.
See you ladies later.  Hugs,

Reply  Message 563 of 573 on the subject 
From: JossieAnn Sent: 10/03/2019 20:47
I so love my new tag. Thank you!
I have been putting together tiny pixel tags --- I love tiny pixels.
I'm at the library and have found some new - to print - tutorials on plugin instalations.
I have printed it out and when I get home I will give it a try.
I have been watching on line psp text tutorials to refresh my memories and give me
an idea about how the new psp works... interesting morning.. much righting.
Soon it will be time to go home and play.
I have a question on fonts --- I don't want to install all my fonts on the comoputer.
I use to open a font and minimize it and it would show up in psp... the new one
does not do this???? any help??


Reply  Message 564 of 573 on the subject 
From: justjam Sent: 10/03/2019 22:12
Jossie, the fonts won't work in PSP just by opening them and minimizing them anymore.  If you download a program like The Font Thing or another font viewer and select the desired font.  Then open PSP, the font that is open in The Font Thing is visible in PSP.
The original version is Here.   It still works for me and I am using windows 10.
Have fun playing!


Reply  Message 565 of 573 on the subject 
From: JossieAnn Sent: 14/03/2019 18:59
Oh .... Thank you.. I have downloaded the zip and I will have some fun now
organizing all my fonts.  I'm downloading pixel fonts on my flash drive so this
informations comes right in time.
Your info is much appreciated.
I downloaded many plugins but they are not showing up.
Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I will continue to try to figure it  out.
Hugs, Jossie
A little thank you gift

BunnyHop jos n Judy
I'm having some fun in animation shop..

Reply  Message 566 of 573 on the subject 
From: justjam Sent: 16/03/2019 20:09
Jossie, you are spoiling me!  I love my new tag, thanks for thinking of me.    I am glad you are enjoying yourself.  I won't be much help in getting your plugins to work but, I do know some folks say it is a matter of having the correct dlls.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Finally, it is not raining, snowing or freezing cold here!  We have nice mild temps and light wind for a change.  It is such a gorgeous day, I can't wait to get outdoors and do something, LOL.     Maybe spring isn't too far away. 
A cute Jossie tag > > 

Reply  Message 567 of 573 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 25/03/2019 04:04
Pink Glitter Pig Hi everyone! I am making a quick stop to let you all know I have missed yall here and your creations. I am sorry I have not been on in a loooong time. Been a bit busy and not able to just sit and have fun on the laptop. Will try to stop by again soon and read up on anything I have missed  

~ Karla

Reply  Message 568 of 573 on the subject 
From: justjam Sent: 28/03/2019 18:50
Happy Thursday everyone!  March is almost over and I can't believe it.  Where did the time go? 
It is good to see you all checking in when you get a chance.  I love to hear about what you are up to. 
It is still not consistently warm enough here to plant our vegetable garden but, we have been planning it and getting it prepared.  I am sooo ready for warmer temps.
I got a new toy to play with.  It is an Instant Pot!  I love it so far and have been looking for new recipes to try.  Other that that, there is nothing much new from me.
I have played a bit in PSP but, It is hard to find any tuts that are inspiring right now.
Hope you all are having a great week and stop in to say "Hi", when you can. 

Reply  Message 569 of 573 on the subject 
From: Deana Sent: 29/03/2019 18:19
Hi everyone,
Just dropping in to see if anyone has heard from timber.  
I've been concerned about her.

Reply  Message 570 of 573 on the subject 
From: justjam Sent: 29/03/2019 20:44
Hi Deana.  I have not heard from timber either and have been a bit concerned.  Are you in any other groups with her?
I am not sure why she has been absent form the group but, I do know that in the past, she has had to take breaks from the computer.  Hopefully everything is ok and she will be back with us soon.
Please let me know if you hear from her. 

Reply  Message 571 of 573 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 17/04/2019 21:40
Hello everyone! I thought I would never be able to login lol I was having trouble on my phone since I was logged out for some reason and I could not remember my login info. Even had trouble with the emailed temp password. I got my laptop out a few mins ago and was hoping I would be logged in and YAY! lol How is everyone doing these days? I hope GREAT! I did read about Timber not being on lately and I am also concerned. Hopefully, we will hear from her soon ♥ 

We have had some crazy cold, windy and stormy weather here! 2 weekends ago, my mom finally arrived and is now living in TX. And on her very first night, we had a big storm. She said it came around 2:30 am but not sure when it hit in my part of town. All I know, I was awoken by the big boomers and our little Buddy was pacing back and forth. We put on his sweater which is a little snug on him and he was calmer afterwards. Later that day, it was all sunny and green lol Some days, it feels like summer already and that is what I am dreading. Our south TX weather is weird like that. Spring can be Summer and Fall can be Winter lol 

 I can imagine how excited you are to plant your vegetable garden already, Judy I would like to have a wonderful garden of my own. We do have potted plants outside and some flowers that were planted not too long ago. They seem to be coming along all right. I cannot wait to see them in full bloom though! We have gladiolas and morning glories. First time planting them so we will see how it goes. We also have a mystery tree lol We put in orange, grapefruit and lemon seeds and we are wondering what it is. We looked up the leaves but they look like a mixture of them or something lol 

Oh! And I think I did not mention this but we have moved! My honey and I now live together (we had our own apts before this). We love it here too! There are deer that come around here and in the distance we often hear a donkey lol The first time I heard it, I was laughing so much. I loved hearing it! I have not been out much lately because of the weather (either too hot or too cold or allergies acting up) and lately I have not been feeling well. Still fighting an infection and now, I get dizzy and nausea spells. So I am not a happy camper right now. 

I miss being here and playing. Oh!!!!!!! And I finally have my desktop computer from back home (L.A.) so that means I have my old files!!!!! I was going through some of them last night and I was happy to see those old files and just relieved that I still have access to them. Whenever I get around to it, I will share some more of my old glitter fills and personal name tags (though I think I had trouble with my PB account and was not able to login a while back so not sure how I will share lol).   

Take care everyone and type to you all later ♥

Reply  Message 572 of 573 on the subject 
From: Deana Sent: 24/04/2019 17:06
Hi justjam
Timber and I, I thought, were quite close and were in chat daily with each other.
I knew she needed time away from computer.  I asked if she'd just pop in to let me know that she's ok or at least have her hubby type a couple words to let me know..  I've written several emails to her and have had no reply.  She's not left a message on our chat either.  I have to believe all is well with her.  I'm about ready to drive to her home and find out...lol  She'd hate that but it sure is tempting.  One never knows what I might do when put to the test.

Reply  Message 573 of 573 on the subject 
From: edulofter Sent: 07/05/2019 02:32
Wow, this introduction card you designed is really fun! I really like this design. Can I use it for personal use?
pic @source


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