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From: timber  (Original message) Sent: 21/08/2019 19:38

If you`d like to say hello or that you`re checking in , then go ahead and do it here .


Page webset, layout, and HTML by timber
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Reply  Message 211 of 225 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 23/03/2020 23:38
Hi Everyone adn Hi Judy,   your puppy sounds adorable and yes I know very well just what those sharp little baby teeth can do ...  I adore babies and of course have had many litters over the last 20 odd years or so and of course many happy times and some sad ... but I love my Pomeranians and would not do with out them ...  I am really enjoying trying to do glitter siggys , some I do ok others I just scratch my head after trying and then try again later..lol    I am not great at doing the animation part with out a tut , so stuff them up a lot...  Hope you have a  fun day chasing your baby around ...lol 

Reply  Message 212 of 225 on the subject 
From: timber Sent: 24/03/2020 03:58
Karla, I saw your notes regarding your Dazzle Doll Glitter Sig Tut.  I have edited your tut to add the changes, so you can check that out here.

At this time, Gabitos has a limit for how many pages I can add to the group and I'm near the limit, so I won't be adding this tutorial to a separate page.  I'll add a link to it from your tutorial index.  I will be sending a note to the webmaster to see if he will increase the number of pages so that I can add this one.

Reply  Message 213 of 225 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 24/03/2020 05:01

(^_^) I did not want to be left out - had to bring in the puppies! Plus, it is National Puppy Day lol 

I am happy to see you again, Judy! Aw, your little Jojo sounds adorable! When our little Carrie (back home in Los Angeles) was a puppy, she enjoyed getting into SHOES lol When she lost her puppy "teef", we were able to find 2 of them. I am sure I kept one and it should be somewhere in my stuff.

Daphne, were you able to play around with the steps I sent? I hope they were easy to understand. I enjoy 
the graphics you make. Please keep them coming, so we can enjoy them

Reply  Message 214 of 225 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 24/03/2020 05:14
, Timber!

In the future, if I do make any more tutorials, I can post them to my website and share the link. I do not mind also, posting other member*s tutorials (^_^)

Reply  Message 215 of 225 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 25/03/2020 07:03

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well and keeping occupied with happy and positive things. I have been doing my usual (little bit of house work and little bit of online stuff). I have been getting things ready at my newest website. It is pretty much good to release it into the WWW but I have to figure a good time to do it lol I have some old files from SD and I have been thinking if I should add some of it and maybe make a few new glitters to add, as well. 

I have not PSP played yet or done my surfing of the web. It is is 2:03 AM and my honey is still awake (which is not usual for him) and he has the movie Space Jam playing lol

Reply  Message 216 of 225 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 25/03/2020 23:32
I hope you are all doing great! I am stopping by early this time lol I have been on my laptop for quite a while, just updating. I did add some of my old content to the new website and created a link button! 


(the website is not open yet, as of 6:33 PM but it might by the time this is read lol)

Reply  Message 217 of 225 on the subject 
From: timber Sent: 26/03/2020 02:11
Thank you for the offer, Karla! I may need more slots in the nav bar for other things other than tutorials, so I will have to contact the Gabitos webmaster and see if he can add more.

I love your cute new link button. Your website looks great! Don't forget to add your new site to the Banner Swap board.

Reply  Message 218 of 225 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 26/03/2020 04:33
WOW  Karla your website looks amazing .... you did a great job....   I am very envious of you ... 
I had to catch up with finishing some tutorials for my group today so have not been doing any gritter stuff.. So glad to see more people coming on again.... 

Reply  Message 219 of 225 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 26/03/2020 05:18
Thank you, ladies! I hope this website will be useful to anyone. I have seen other Neocities webpages that look amazing - I wish I had the patience to do something like that lol But I will settle for my simple frames layouts. 

I will be sure to link to the website, right after this is posted, Timber ;) And Daphne, thank you for signing the guestbook :) 

Reply  Message 220 of 225 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 27/03/2020 11:29
Happy Friday! I hope that it will be the start of a great weekend for everyone I have been online for quite a while and not really minding the time. But when I do check the clock, I am like, "OMG" lol Right now, it is 6:25 AM and I think I should call it a "night" soon. 

I really did not work on the websites, as I wanted, but I did FINALLY get to log onto my Glitter-Graphics account!!! It has been like 2 years or so, since I had been able to. I even uploaded 3 glitter text graphics, which are awaiting for a moderator to check them. I hope to be able to contribute to their website with more glittery graphics.

Reply  Message 221 of 225 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 27/03/2020 20:08
Awesome work Karla.... and I  thought I was bad not getting to bed until midnight , but you sure do keep odd hours....lol  I do hope you gt some more sleep at some time  ... love seeing all your glitter sigs I just wish I could do them like you do.... It is so nice to come here and get away from all the worries around the world at the moment .. stay safe everyone....  Daphne 

Reply  Message 222 of 225 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 27/03/2020 23:56
Thank you! And lol, I have always been a weird "sleeping hours" person! Since I was a younger, it is what I can remember doing. I have even gone without sleep over 24 hrs+!! It is not good but my body and brain works that way - automatically. 

It is true, you can come in here and forget your worries or shared them. Everyone here is AWESOME and I am so happy I stumbled upon this group. I have known about Timber and her tutorials, from back then, and one day, I did a web search for her tutorials and found this place

Today, my husband*s step dad is coming home from the hospital. It is such wonderful news, after all of this ordeal he had gone through from last week. We hope he will continue to show progress. He will have home health care nurses, physical and occupational therapy at home. My honey and his mom are on their way to pick him up. 

For some reason, I have been having headaches in the evening. Not sure if it could be from allergies *bleh* It is tolerable and it does go away after a while but it is annoying to have that feeling. 

Will get this posted now. Going to do some web surfing lol

Type to you all later,
Me lol

Reply  Message 223 of 225 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 28/03/2020 05:29
Lol, I forgot to mention...

The other day that I posted my new website to the Banner Swap page, I realized that the colors I used are similar to my other website banners. I tend to stay to one color scheme, though not on purpose. I just love the blue color lol

Well, I have been creating more graphics for Glitter-Graphics. So far, 3 are added and I uploaded 4 more and they are in queque. I should be creating stuff for my websites - I am so weird lol I am just having fun creating glitters.

Daphne, you will get the hang of it. I wish I could do the graphics you make, both, your blends (pretty tags with tubes) and your diamond glitter tags. When I try to make them, it feels off to me. And I know they are not hard to do. I guess I do not have enough patience or I am just weird like that lol

I am happy to take requests with this tag or with a different doll, colors and/or font

Reply  Message 224 of 225 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 28/03/2020 19:51
hi all and Hi Karla I am glad your hubbys stepdad is doing better and I too could not sleep in this morning so was up at 5am.... I worry so much about my daughter and grandson and this also gives me headache's , so possibly strees is what is cauisng yours too and worry.    I need to come up with a theme of some kind so I can do more on my website but  my brain has become domant...lol  i have been watching the tv with the latest in the USA and it looks very scarey and we are also heading that way  over here ... we need to go into toal lockdown ...   oh well enough about doom and gloom .....  I willl pop back in later and hope to read some happier posts .... Daphne

Reply  Message 225 of 225 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 29/03/2020 00:15
Good evening to all, well, here it is 7:06 PM lol It has been such a tiring and lazy day for me. Woke up late, felt HOT, was super hungry and I just did not feel like doing anything. When I was cooking for my hubby, I was ok but then I started to cook for myself and my hungry just got worse. I was getting that hunger pang that gets you faint. I was trying to hurry and I did get to finally fill up my tummy but I still felt like *bleh* I am okay now, just real thirsty and warm (if I turn the AC on, I will be COLD lol).

I just turned on my laptop, not too long ago. Not sure what I will do today online and PSP. But I do hope to make it productive lol To get me started, I have music playing and I am going to head to the kitchen for cold water.

Yeah, it is a good idea to stay away from the news and any negative media. I think everyone has about had enough of this already. Too much stress, panic, anxiety, depression... No good. I do not worry like others but what worries me is the people that are ignorant or making things WORSE. I know it will pass, just like all the other pandemics that we have had. The reason it is like this it is because of the people. I truly hope that your part of the World will not like it is here. We need this to go away *kicking the air* lol

All right, I will be back throughout my time online. Hope to read you all later


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