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From: timber  (Original message) Sent: 01/01/2021 08:01

Daily Greetings & Checking In

If you'd like to say hello or that you're checking in , then go ahead and do it here .

*Page Credits*
Header by Lori, Webset by timber
Emoticons from Kolobok and LivePencil

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Reply  Message 386 of 400 on the subject 
From: moonshdw Sent: 08/11/2021 00:12

Reply  Message 387 of 400 on the subject 
From: franhern Sent: 08/11/2021 01:44
Checking In
Checking In

Reply  Message 388 of 400 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 10/11/2021 05:32
HI Everyone,   I hope you are all well... I am now getting quite concerned as I  have not heard from Karla in  over three  weeks and I was talking with her quite regular.... I have not seen any activity on any of her websites, and we were talking about them and all seemed fine...   but I am really getting worried..  Has any one heard from her at at all..  and in these terrible times you don't know what to think. 

Reply  Message 389 of 400 on the subject 
From: justjam Sent: 12/11/2021 15:57
I hope all of you are planning a fun weekend.  No, I haven't heard from timber or Karla.  I
hope they will both be back soon.....all rested and ready to play!  

Reply  Message 390 of 400 on the subject 
From: Jossie Sent: 15/11/2021 22:15
HOTF jos CheckingIn
I have so many tags started and unfinished including halloween tags that it will take
me the rest of the year to get them done. LOL
I'm taking the next 4 weeks off to work on my files, computer problems, tags and most
of my time will be making Christmas gifts. I like to have all my Christmas gifts finished
and wrapped by one week after Thanksgiving. That way I can truly enjoy the holiday
and concentrate on what the holiday is about for me. Religiously speaking.
I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving Day, for those who celebrate it. I will try and pop
in when I can. Big Hugs,

Reply  Message 391 of 400 on the subject 
From: moonshdw Sent: 16/11/2021 00:23

Reply  Message 392 of 400 on the subject 
From: franhern Sent: 16/11/2021 01:43
Fran checking in!
I hope everyone is doing well!
Have a wonderful

Reply  Message 393 of 400 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 18/11/2021 04:15
Hi evryone,   I hope you are all enjoying your day , our weather here in Sydney is now getting quite warm  but is still pleasant.
Ihave just finished playing with this animation... and a bite of glitter for my golden boy Teddy. Love my Poms.

Reply  Message 394 of 400 on the subject 
From: moonshdw Sent: 21/11/2021 00:01

Reply  Message 395 of 400 on the subject 
From: Jossie Sent: 25/11/2021 21:12
In our family it is a tradition to get the Christmas tree
all decorated for the Thanksgiving Feast. So the tree is up for this Blessed day.
The lights are all sparkling as we are up early and getting the fixings all put together.
Pies and Breads are my part for the feasting. I got all those done yesterday.
So for me it is helping out where ever others may need my help.
My family came home for this special Thanksgiving Day.
My heart is over joyed.
Morning prayers were uplifting, heart warming,
with all eyes filled with tears of gratitude for Gods Love.
May you all be blessed today and always.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
Let the fun begin
Big Hugs, Jossie

Reply  Message 396 of 400 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 25/11/2021 23:05
Hi everyone,   I do hope you are all well and enjoying your day !.. We are having a very very wet spring here in Aussie land and it looks like it will last a while yet... I had time to play with a scrap kit  so made it into a tag.

Reply  Message 397 of 400 on the subject 
From: justjam Sent: 30/11/2021 19:35
Just Checking In

Reply  Message 398 of 400 on the subject 
From: franhern Sent: 01/12/2021 02:41
Hello Everyone!
 Wishing yall a BEAUTIFUL tomorrow!
Wishing everyone a BEAUTIFUL

Reply  Message 399 of 400 on the subject 
From: moonshdw Sent: 01/12/2021 03:33

Reply  Message 400 of 400 on the subject 
From: Jossie Sent: 01/12/2021 18:08
WinterStory jos CheckingIn
I  hope you all had a fabulous turkey day.
I'm back at tagging. Now I'm trying to clear out all my tag files.
Finishing tags I stared and deleting many others. Clearing the way
for new ideas.
Have a fabulous December.
LetItSnw jos Jossie

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