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From: Taty  (Original message) Sent: 11/06/2017 05:30
FONDO20NAVIDAD1.jpg picture by amandavivina  christmas18bk11.jpg picture by amandavivina  christmas19bk11.jpg picture by amandavivina
christmasangelbkgtile1.jpg picture by amandavivina  christmasangelflutedstrip1.jpg picture by amandavivina  christmasangelred1.jpg picture by amandavivina  jewelsstar1.gif picture by amandavivina  magicchristmasbkgtile21.jpg picture by amandavivina  magicchristmasgold1.jpg picture by amandavivina
santawhoopsbkgtile1.jpg picture by amandavivina 
Vanza1.jpg picture by amandavivina
WreathCWP1.jpg picture by amandavivina  WreathC1.jpg picture by amandavivina
nav68b1.jpg picture by amandavivina
nav911.jpg picture by amandavivina  nav961.jpg picture by amandavivina
nav98b1.jpg picture by amandavivina  navideC3B1o20oscuro1.gif picture by amandavivina
noel252021.jpg picture by amandavivina
noel2520b1.jpg picture by amandavivina
red11.jpg picture by amandavivina  red1.jpg picture by amandavivina
redstars1.jpg picture by amandavivina  redtexture1.jpg picture by amandavivina  rubannoel0181.jpg picture by amandavivina  rubannoel0191.jpg picture by amandavivina
snow_back_burg1.gif picture by amandavivina  xmasbg2002f1.jpg picture by amandavivina  30bg51.jpg picture by amandavivina
33vdhearts_pracken1.jpg picture by amandavivina  411.jpg picture by amandavivina  761.gif picture by amandavivina
811.gif picture by amandavivina  ATT9988MA110729152D00381.gif picture by amandavivina 
Angel252021.jpg picture by amandavivina
Angel2520b1.jpg picture by amandavivina
achgroenster1.gif picture by amandavivina  anachrood11.gif picture by amandavivina 
bambi21.jpg picture by amandavivina
bambib21.jpg picture by amandavivina
bg71.jpg picture by amandavivina  dragonth0105B15D1.jpg picture by amandavivina  flores01.jpg picture by amandavivina
flores21.jpg picture by amandavivina 
flornavidad252021.jpg picture by amandavivina
flornavidad2520b21.jpg picture by amandavivina
flornavidad2520b1.jpg picture by amandavivina
flornavidad1.jpg picture by amandavivina
fondo5Fsnow1.jpg picture by amandavivina
fondos252021.jpg picture by amandavivina  grnxmas1.jpg picture by amandavivina
jbg41.jpg picture by amandavivina  jbxmasnov81.jpg picture by amandavivina
mo_bg_christmas_1011.jpg picture by amandavivina  mo_bg_christmas_1051.jpg picture by amandavivina
mo_bg_christmas_1271.jpg picture by amandavivina  nav181.jpg picture by amandavivina
amandarojo.jpg picture by amandavivina  AMANDAFNAV.jpg picture by amandavivina
amanda91.jpg picture by amandavivina
FONDONAVIDAD6.jpg picture by amandavivina
Imagen2.jpg picture by amandavivina  AMANDACONESTRELLAS.gif picture by amandavivina
AMANDA19.gif picture by amandavivina  AMANDA15.jpg picture by amandavivina
AMANDA13.jpg picture by amandavivina  AMANDA12.jpg picture by amandavivina
AMANDA11.jpg picture by amandavivina  AMANDA10.jpg picture by amandavivina
AMANDA8.jpg picture by amandavivina  AMANDA7.jpg picture by amandavivina
AMANDA6.jpg picture by amandavivina  AMANDA4.jpg picture by amandavivina
AMANDA3.jpg picture by amandavivina  AMANDA2.jpg picture by amandavivina
thtinnad561.gif picture by amandavivina   thtinnad461.gif picture by amandavivina   thtinnad451.gif picture by amandavivina
thtinnad441.gif picture by amandavivina   thtinnad421.gif picture by amandavivina   thtinnad391.jpg picture by amandavivina
thtinnad411.jpg picture by amandavivina   thtinnad401.jpg picture by amandavivina   thtinnad381.jpg picture by amandavivina
thtinnad361.jpg picture by amandavivina   thtinnad371.jpg picture by amandavivina   thtinnad351.jpg picture by amandavivina
thtinnad311.gif picture by amandavivina   thtinnad301.gif picture by amandavivina   thtinnad241.gif picture by amandavivina
thtinnad211.gif picture by amandavivina   thtinnad121.gif picture by amandavivina   thtinnad111.gif picture by amandavivina
    amandanavidad40.gif picture by amandavivina   thAnimacin12--1.gif picture by amandavivina  
amandanavidad42.gif picture by amandavivina  
christmastobkgd5B15D1.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad39.jpg picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad37.gif picture by amandavivina
thtinnad281.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad41.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad38.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad36.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad34.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad33.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad32.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad31.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad29.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad28.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad27.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad26.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad25.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad24.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad22.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad21.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad19.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad20.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad17.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad16.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad15.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad14.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad13.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad12.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad11.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad10.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad9.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad8.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad7.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad6.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad4.jpg picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad5.gif picture by amandavivina  
amandanavidad4.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad3.gif picture by amandavivina
amandanavidad2.gif picture by amandavivina   amandanavidad1.gif picture by amandavivina 
AMANDA200.jpg picture by amandavivina   AMANDA68.jpg picture by amandavivina
adorno31.gif picture by amandavivina
verde11.jpg picture by amandavivina   ojo11.jpg picture by amandavivina

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Reply  Message 2 of 10 on the subject 
From: Taty Sent: 11/06/2017 05:31
winni_bg_xmas9_5-1.jpg picture by Taty063    winni_bg_xmas9_4.jpg picture by Taty063     
winni_bg_xmas10_4.jpg picture by Taty063    winni_bg_xmas6_3.jpg picture by Taty063     winni_bg_xmas1d.jpg picture by Taty063
ta252DPH255FOdds2526End255FPracken2.gif picture by Taty063     santa5Ftile1.gif picture by Taty063       points002xm.jpg picture by Taty063        plaid252Dglitter4-1.jpg picture by Taty063
plaid252Dglitter3.jpg picture by Taty063     nav49.jpg picture by Taty063     nav03.jpg picture by Taty063    kkkii.jpg picture by Taty063     
img77.gif picture by Taty063
img70.gif picture by Taty063           img69.gif picture by Taty063  img68.gif picture by Taty063
img8.gif picture by Taty063   hhhtff.jpg picture by Taty063      cmascard.jpg picture by Taty063      Colorg04.jpg picture by Taty063
Christmas2520Ornaments.jpg picture by Taty063      cbkg12.gif picture by Taty063      anim252Dtrim.gif picture by Taty063     anim252Dpoints.gif picture by Taty063    122501f.jpg picture by Taty063

Reply  Message 3 of 10 on the subject 
From: Taty Sent: 11/06/2017 05:32
                     Merry christmas:
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!             

Reply  Message 4 of 10 on the subject 
From: Taty Sent: 11/06/2017 05:34
Wallpaper - Holly:                      holly Christmas pattern:
papeles de fondo - Maribel - Picasa Web Albums:                         Holiday Inspirations Fabric-Poinsettia Block:

Reply  Message 5 of 10 on the subject 
From: Taty Sent: 11/06/2017 05:35
Enviado: 09/12/2015 23:49
Holiday Inspirations Fabric-Bows:                                           Holiday Inspirations Fabric-Vintage Snowmen Glitter:
Holiday Inspirations Fabric-Heidi Grace Holly Toss : holiday fabric : fabric : Shop | Joann.com:                                    Autumn Inspirations Susan Winget Leaf Acorn Toss 2 Fabric : holiday fabric : fabric : Shop | Joann.com:                        
    Holiday Inspirations Fabric-Holly Vine Scroll:

Reply  Message 6 of 10 on the subject 
From: Taty Sent: 11/06/2017 05:36
Enviado: 09/12/2015 23:46
Holiday Inspirations Fabric-Christmas Merry Christmas Red Metallic at Joann.com:                       Dear Mr Claus Seasonal Words Merry Christmas by spiceberrycottage, $9.25:
Holiday Inspirations Fabric-Christmas Snowflake Red Metallic:                           #Christmas paper:
Noel Collection-Christmas Noel Merry Christmas Words Green:                                Holiday Inspirations Fabric-Christmas Metallic Plaid:

Reply  Message 7 of 10 on the subject 
From: Taty Sent: 11/06/2017 05:57
yuki.gif picture by SusanaPSP  snowfalling.gif picture by SusanaPSP  snow.gif picture by SusanaPSP  nieve.gif picture by SusanaPSP  snow-2.png picture by SusanaPSP
img445.gif picture by SusanaPSP  fondo.gif picture by SusanaPSP  filigrananieve.jpg picture by SusanaPSP
Coposdenieve.gif picture by SusanaPSP  Background1.jpg picture by SusanaPSP 
21cid5F015901c717bd2492677520246466.jpg image by terenet_album  21cid5F015601c717bd2492677520246466.jpg image by terenet_albumthwinter7.png picture by SusanaPSP

Reply  Message 8 of 10 on the subject 
From: Taty Sent: 22/06/2017 04:13
31 32
41 42
45 46
49 50
53 54
vrvevrvevr vfdvgrt
nananana1-1 nananan3-3

Reply  Message 9 of 10 on the subject 
From: Taty Sent: 24/11/2019 00:58

Reply  Message 10 of 10 on the subject 
From: Taty Sent: 19/12/2019 02:03

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