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Reply  Message 1 of 7 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 20/11/2011 22:47


If you are one of those readers who feels compelled to rush straight to the Vatican star map link at the bottom of the page, stop for a moment. There is some very critical reasoning leading up to the star map that you need to be aware of. It is important to state right now that what you are about to read might all be a coincidence and with the greatest of respect to the Catholic church many will treat it as so, but if it is not, then the time has come to re-evaluate who we are and where we come from.

For the 3 clues to 'The Lost Symbol' plot seen in the movie 'Angels and Demons', click the banner above.

Who would imagine that the key to unlocking the great Vatican mystery might be the actual key you see here. Many are going to wonder how on earth it has been missed. You read Dan Brown's books and watched the movie. No doubt you have questioned how much is real and what the secret symbols are all about? Critics have gone to great lengths to mock Dan Brown for writing about secret codes, symbols and forbidden knowledge, yet there are few who have commended his fantastic research in 'Angels and Demons'.

You may be one of those individuals, who have walked around Vatican City overwhelmed by the symbolism that is rife and almost intoxicating. Why would this religion have so much secret symbolism and then keep its meaning locked away in a secret vault?

Why not share the meaning of its symbols with the world if they are 'God given'? There must be something the Vatican and its linked societies do not want the world to know and it must be so important that if it were exposed it will change the world.

Wayne Herschel is a researcher of such mysterious codes and ancient mysticism. As seen on this website he presents ancient forgotten cosmology hidden from historic record, which he believes was previously forbidden to society.

You are about to see a whole new interpretation of the four most important clues outlined in 'Angels and Demons'. It is an interpretation that is measurable and easy to follow once you have deciphered the fundamental meanings of the symbols. The story that follows has been dramatised for better reading.

The journey begins in Rome in Italy.


There are four real Egyptian obelisks removed from Egypt that were rumoured to have been carefully placed in Rome that are part of a forbidden secret. Was this instigated by the Templars or was it the Roman Catholic Church?

The first day of the trip at Vatican City was chaotic. The massive crowds were overwhelming. Making sense of the array of symbolism proved more difficult than had been anticipated. However Wayne had a hunch that the secret lay in the Egyptian obelisks that had become so integral to his research on a repeating global pattern of ancient pyramid star maps. The most famous obelisk stands in the middle of the St Peter's Square, the great Piazza in front of the Basilica. It was impossible to make sense of the obelisk with so much going around him so the time there was spent in photographing interesting statues and paintings and symbols. He would have to return to this obelisk first thing the next morning in a hope there might be less people and rather move on to the next obelisk.


He embarked on his own 'Angels and Demons' tour of the Egyptian obelisk locations, and had his taxi take him to the Porto Del Popolo.

To his astonishment Wayne would find exactly what he was hoping for. In front of the obelisk above the archway of the Porto Del Popolo was a carving of what appeared to be the Seven Hills of Rome rising up to a star. The seventh hill is right in the front and difficult to see. The first star that comes to mind in the Christ story is the star of Bethlehem associated with the birth of Christ. Wayne had his own thoughts about the Seven Hills and the star.

In ancient civilisations the obsession seemed focused on the importance of the ground mimicking the sky. He was wondering if the location of Rome was selected because the hills might have a pattern similarity to the pattern of the seven stars of the Pleiades.

This would be valid if the seven hills were large enough to be seen. They were however too inconspicuous, and according to historians over time excavated in many ways being farmed over, then built over. Wayne confirmed this with his searches on Google Earth months earlier. Even with an enhanced relief setting the original hills were now barely identifiable.

The biggest clue here was the focus on one very important star. Was it the famous Bethlehem star or was it a particular star that Wayne found important in other civilisations.


It was at the Piazza Della Rotunda and the next clue was not as easy to find. What was quite extraordinary about this site is that its design looked like a miniature version of the Vatican. Wayne noticed the name 'Agrippa' on the front of the Pantheon. It reminded him of Heinrich Agrippa, the historical contemporary of Leonardo Da Vinci, whose Vitruvian man he also replicated. Ref - click here.

This would however have been highly unlikely as this building predates the Agrippa he was thinking of. In many ways the Rotunda building was like the Basilica and had similar floor patterns to it. Wayne was heading for the exit through the Pantheon, something caught his eye.

Massive marble tiles with a familiar pattern adorned the floor here. They were in a row and aligned with the obelisk. If anything this was reminiscent of the three 'belt' stars of Orion showing the way. The pattern might possibly be celebrating his theory of the proverbial "x" star that marks the spot on his Egyptian pyramid star map. Only Orion's 'belt' was prevalent in this symbolism. It was perhaps simplified not including the Pleiades. However this did not make it less significant for Wayne, who soon realised that this representation was the same as his recent three Magi (stars) of the Mathew text interpretation. Ref - Click here

The Orion three stars in a row were also secretly and mysteriously included n a recent National Geographic documentary on the Judas Gospel, where Christ points to Orion and tells Judas to follow to the star that is also his star. Ref - Click here.

By now Wayne felt the urge to press on and get to the last Egyptian obelisk location.


He arrived at the Fountain of the Four Rivers. It was also here that the fourth obelisk was located in Dan Brown's story. The location comprised an imposing waterfall with rock feature. The obelisk was positioned on the great rock. Was this celebrating a foundation of Rome on the great rock so to speak? The only clue here that Brown had recognised was the dove with a twig in its mouth perched on top the obelisk. Wayne imagined the dove in the Noah's Ark story which also had a kind of Genesis theme too. But Wayne could not help thinking of the bird-headed gods of all the beginnings of ancient civilisations, as well as the bird that looked exactly like this dove in the Lascaux cave in France.

The Lascaux cave had a genesis star map theme and Wayne realised that this dove might not be such a coincidence.

Ref - Click here. In the 'Angels and Demons' story Dan Brown mentioned that the dove was facing west. It was looking towards the great fortress, the Castel Sant' Angelo, and what many believe are the rumoured secret archives of both the Freemasons and the Vatican.

The day had yielded some truly promising possibilities, but exhaustion was taking its toll. When he returned to his hotel, little was Wayne to know that the following day would yield an even bigger treasure trove. He still had not cracked the clue at the first obelisk so it needed revisiting if he had any chance of cracking the code.


Early the next day he decided he had to take another look at the great fortress and get back to the Obelisk at the Vatican.

He was in luck. The crowds of the previous day were only distant memory. The elements - a cold and slightly wet day seemed to reduce the amount of people visiting the sacred city. The imposing St Peter's Piazza looked majestic and Wayne could not help visualising in his mind the positions of all four obelisks.

The journey had progressed very methodically the previous day ending at the Castel Sant' Angelo. Wayne could clearly see its roof beyond the direction of the obelisk. Could this alignment be important? At a glance it looked unimportant and certainly nothing seemed obvious in a way that had been the case with his earlier pyramid star map theories.

He looked in the opposite direction back at the Basilica. Conspicuous here was a statue of St Peter. What intrigued Wayne was what St Peter was holding in his hand. This looked odd… He was using the same hand pointing in a specific direction.

He had a key in his hand. Could it be that St Peter was holding the key to unlocking the secret of the obelisks? Was it possible that the statue was pointing to the grand secret? Perhaps the enigma of the Vatican itself was about to make sense! Wayne took a few pictures of the statue.

The only way to make sense of this mystery would be to go back to the hotel and look at all the photos he had downloaded.


An earlier photo of another statue of St Peter was crowned with the sacred cross. Wayne could not help thinking how different this was to the sacred cross associated with Christ. Maybe this sacred cross was not a halo, but a metal plate. It might also be like a 'star god' crown depicted in ancient Egypt.

The Romans would also refer to such a plate as a "grail". Had Wayne inadvertently stumbled across the legendary Holy Grail?

Wayne had done some earlier research on Emperor Constantine and the story of the sacred cross he purportedly saw in the sky. This was again corroborated in the gospel of Matthew. Wayne concluded that both seemed to speak of a celestial cross in the sky that closely resembled the star constellation of Orion. Ref - click here.

The sacred cross was something Wayne had also spotted during a visit to Westminster Cathedral. The image may seem insignificant but in the context of star themes associated with it, it comes into its own. The cathedral has seven stars along the arched gables. In a side room with small domed roof there are seven bright stars amongst many stars.

The idea of Christ being associated with stars was not new to Wayne. He was well aware of the Revelations text claiming he will return holding seven stars in his right hand. There are also artefacts on the coins page of this website showing the crucifix with seven stars above it and one Christian coin showing seven stars joined together making a fish symbol! Wayne could not hold back the thought that it represented the Pleiades.

The picture of St Peter holding a key must be the clue to the first obelisk that Wayne was still missing. Enhancing the picture of the key would reveal some remarkable detail. The serrations of the key would reveal more on the sacred cross. If this key is going to unlock a secret then surely it has a lot to do with the sacred cross (the Labarum) of Constantine, as seen at the top of the page. The Pope also wears similar insignia on his apparel.

The Vatican coat of arms has two of these keys and the serrated segments also contain the sacred cross. Is it possible the two keys in criss-cross depiction emphasise its celestial importance?

The handles of the keys display peculiar circular patterns. What could this suggest and why is there such an obsession with keys? It could also be a coincidence but the coat of arms fits within a sacred pentagonal geometry template found with Wayne's human blueprint code.

A clearer picture was now beginning to form. If the sacred cross - 'the Christos' sacred cross as it is known - represents the stars of Orion and if the three 'belt' stars in a row are the "P" showing the way as a pointer to the sacred star (that Wayne had a feeling might be the Bethlehem star), then how conceivably does the Vatican layout have anything to do with this reasoning?

Wayne was looking for a much bigger sacred cross. Then he realised how his preconceived notion of what he hoped to find had blinded him. The sacred cross was not opposite the Egyptian obelisk, it was where St Peter was pointing. It was inscribed across the entire piazza around the Obelisk!

What lies at the end of the causeway? It is the Castel Sant' Angelo. One cannot go into it to see its hidden secret library but he felt certain if he were able to see the entire Vatican City from above then he would crack the code! Again he turned to Google Earth for the answers. Would it be too much to expect the outcome to be as obvious as the pyramid star map patterns Wayne had deciphered from space satellites?



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Reply  Message 2 of 7 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 20/11/2011 22:49

Vatican city holds the solution. It leads to unlocking the secret of the Holy Grail. If it is just the Grail that you seek then CLICK HERE... but if it is the Vatican secret then read on because one reflects the other and it is linked to at the end of this story. In all its glory, here is the secret of the Vatican. It spreads all the way across the great St Peter's piazza matching the circular key handle pattern, all the way down the causeway to the Castel Sant' Angelo. The Fortress is a giant five pointed star! Here is the first breakthrough:

The layout of Vatican city is a star map showing the way to an important star.

Here is the second breakthrough:

The layout is uniquely designed in the shape of the key that St Peter is holding.

It is so large it can be viewed in much the same way as Wayne's ancient pyramid star maps can be viewed… from space! The Christos sacred cross of the great piazza seen further down this page shows the way (like the three Orion's 'belt' stars) to the giant star shaped fortress of the Castel Sant' Angelo.

The Orion star constellation as a cosmic sign post is formed by the Great Vatican Piazza. Ref - click here.

The famous Clavicula Salomonis manuscript of ancient symbols, alchemy and secret codes includes this sacred cross detail as seen here and is one amongst many other sacred cross interpretations. Many representations of the sacred cross are enshrouded with destructive witchcraft. Perhaps as a devious means to take action against those who have copies of the ancient manuscripts? They would be burned at the stake for indulging in witchcraft. Note here it uses the "P" as a pointer through the "X" and notice the three stars in a row as tiny crosses.

Extra clues might be references on each side of the square to the four great angels. The four crosses at each corner could well be the outer stars of the Orion star cross formation. It could merely be a coincidence or it could a strange link to the four Egyptian obelisks that hold all the clues in deciphering the meaning of the sacred cross in Rome.

The map of Rome at the time of Leonardo Da Vinci. Notice how much larger and clearer the five pointed star shape was and how large the fortress outer walls were before the area around it was land filled and built over. Note also the intact star corner points by the river edge. The image below has been digitally restored to match it.

Is the great star of the Castel Sant' Angelo (seen above) the "x" star that marks the spot on the star map? What does this star represent? Is it a coincidence that it holds the identical elongated pentagonal shape that fits an overlay of the Vitruvian man like the other ancient star maps Wayne has deciphered?
- click here

Is it also a coincidence that the navel of the Vitruvian man overlay marks the position of the entrance to the fortress and the secret library as rumoured in the 'Angels and Demons' image on page 388 of the illustrated edition?

Note also the enclosed secret passage that links the Vatican to the archive fortress in the image above. It is the thin bridged link protruding from the top left portion of the inner fortress. Is the Vatican City star map the code to deciphering the Christ star and its meaning? If it is then it matches the Orion only theme of the Mathew text (three Magi - three stars of Orion's belt that follow from the east to find the star associated with the birth of Christ).

It also matches the Orion only cosmic pointer (shown as a "coincidence" in the Judas codex documentary. Ref - click here

Not to mention the greater detailed star maps of the Egyptian pyramids and Senmut tomb and other ancient star maps across the globe explored on this website.

Page 3


Reply  Message 3 of 7 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 20/11/2011 22:50

The breakthrough here leads to deciphering the Holy Grail...The Sang-real.

There is far more to this proposed Vatican secret than meets the eye. A two-dimensional star interpretation of Orion showing the way to a nearby Sun-like star is only half of the story.

What may also have some bearing on this secret are the positions of real ‘Sun worship’ Egyptian obelisks, which will be addressed in this article. Of equal importance, and yet to be mentioned, is that the geographical criterion may have inspired the site on which Rome was built.

Rome itself was built in close proximity to seven hills that have become legendary to the city.  So legendary in fact, that they are even known and referred to as “The Seven Hills of Rome”.

This was the last clue Wayne had been looking for. He had previously found many accounts of seven manmade hills/pyramids/mounds that were venerated as representing the stars of the Pleiades by most of the great ancient civilisations.

A friend of Wayne asked if he had checked a very significant possibility. What were the implications of the Vatican causeway’s alignment with the ‘star fortress’ when looking East, as viewed from the Pope’s balcony? Was it designed this way intentionally, as was the case in many of the other great cultures that celebrated the rising of important stars with the Sun on the horizon?

It was a very significant possibility that Wayne had not yet tested.

In ancient Egypt, obelisks became synonymous with solar gods and Sun worship. Or to be more precise, worship that was once associated with stars that were like our own Sun. It was a once-advanced civilisation that most likely built the monuments:
  • To celebrate their origins with the layout of the monuments
  • For spiritual ritual inside the monuments

Over the millennia, this knowledge was lost; perhaps disappearing in a huge cataclysmic event Earth had been subjected to. All records and libraries would likely have been annihilated in the mass destruction; and as a consequence, the remnants of the aforementioned knowledge would have degenerated into a primitive cult that worshipped our Sun.

Ostensibly, the significance that the Sun-like stars held for the ancients had been all but forgotten over time. No small wonder, since these stars are too tiny to be seen without optical equipment.

The Sphinx secret, which has been found to mirror a recently exposed Freemason secret, can now be tested at the Vatican. What we are looking for is an Egyptian ritual in Rome. If it can be found then conclusions can be drawn far beyond this story being merely a coincidence.

The age-old solar cult celebrating three Sun-like stars as solar deities on the 25th December is Greco-Roman. This date later appears to have been adapted to celebrate the birth of Christ. Ref - three solar deities – solar trinity origin – Sol Invictus click here.

Perhaps this is another clue as to the exact date when one needs to test what is seen in the sky in Rome.

Sun worship was a well-known obsession in Egypt at the time of Christ. It would therefore not be surprising at all if some crucial knowledge pertaining to this solar cult has been preserved at the Vatican in some way if Christ himself addressed the subject with more clarity. One has only to look at the prevalence of Egyptian obelisks at the Vatican to come to the conclusion they were sufficiently important to warrant their inclusion in the layout.  

After spending a few hours on his star program Wayne hit gold once again. In the image below, he has re-enacted an exaggerated perspective of the Pope’s view from his balcony and the view from Saint Peter’s statue looking down the causeway, specifically before the city of Rome became built-up. (The Sun-like stars and obelisks are magnified for clarity). The sky image has been reproduced from a computer star program. Here it is set at a little after 6pm on the 25th December. We seem to have discovered the meaning of the three great Magi in the East and importance of the cosmic bull of Taurus in the sky above the causeway. Given this extraordinary revelation, it is not in the least surprising that bull worship evolved from this very ancient secret.

It is extraordinary to note that on December 25th (Christmas) historically, the Pope stands at this balcony to address those gathered below.

If the Pope were to look at the sky in the direction of the causeway towards the East, (obviously at a time before city lights spoiled the view) he would be in the best position possible to get close to the visual experience you see in the image below where the sky mirrors the monuments on the ground:

 “As above so below”.

The Christmas evening sky in Rome is comparable to that of ancient Egypt and this fundamental image is contained in the foundational secret of the Freemasons… their first degree tracing board! It is a secret that reveals humanity’s unexpected connection… with the heavens.

The Pleiades appear to be an accurate orientation match with the Seven Hills of Rome’. The three nearby Sun-like stars (researched on this website) in the vicinity of the Pleiades appear to be an accurate orientation match with two of the solar obelisks on the ground in relation to Rome’s “star fortress”… the ultimate star correlation.

Given this remarkable revelation, it hardly comes as a surprise that the Pope appears on this night with a public event celebrating midnight mass. At midnight the stars are higher up in the sky and more visible.

All indicators are that the three kings (Magi) that follow from the East are the three ‘belt’ stars of Orion. This interpretation is as old as the secret itself. Freemason reference… click here

"The three kings come from the east and follow (three in a row alignment) to locate the star associated with the birth of Christ". (Gospel of Mathew).

It is said that a stellar observatory once graced the top of the Castel Sant’ Angelo “star fortress”. Therefore, a star-shaped fortress and the ritual of solar alignment and Sun-like stars seem quite appropriate, not to mention that the so-called ‘hidden records’ of the Vatican are also said to be stored there.

The obelisk at St Peter’s square seems to designate the star that is at the centre of the Orion ‘belt’ stars, as it were representing the Orion constellation as a whole. The same reasoning seems to be true for the obelisk at the Bernini fountain, found at the foot of the most famous hill of Rome, the Hill Capitole. In all likelihood it designates the other great constellation of relevance… the Pleiades located in Taurus. (The two smaller obelisks in the image).

Wayne proposes that it is these very same star constellations and sacred stars in the vicinity of the Pleiades that past civilisations originally revered! These stars seem to be associated with their gods who came down from the sky. But here is where this story will truly stand on solid ground:

It appears to be the very same star secret also shared by the following:
  • Egypt, as the ‘star of Ra’
  • Freemasons, as their “blazing star”
  • Christ, as the ‘Bethlehem star’
  • Stonehenge, as the ‘star of their gods’
  • Tikal’s largest monument in Guatemala, as the ‘star of their gods’
  • Mars anomalies, as the ‘star of their gods’ in conjunction with a second Sun-like star as the ‘human genesis star’
  • Angkor, the civilisation that celebrates the third Sun-like star in the vicinity of the Pleiades as their ‘star of their gods’.
Ref – click here

In Masonic tradition, the star with the inserted traditional beam of light/cosmic ladder is also synonymous with how the star of the gods has been depicted in Egypt’s Senmut tomb. It is most likely the star referred to as the “blazing star” by Freemasons long before they reinterpreted it as the star Sirius. The “star fortress” in Rome represents this critically important Sun-like star.

One could even further speculate that this secret originated from an Egyptian manuscript, and is now a hidden record that both the Vatican and the Freemasons share.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the Vatican once venerated the same Egyptian obelisks and pillars integral to the Freemason’s aforementioned tracing board. In both instances the pillars and obelisks are beacon markers celebrating star positions. Click here

It is the very same star theme mentioned in the biblical account of Jacob’s ladder coming down from the sacred star in the Genesis text where Jacob built a pillar on the ground to celebrate its position.

The “star fortress” encapsulates the Da Vinci Vitruvian man geometry thus suggesting that humanity is physically connected to the Sun-like star.

By now you must be wondering why ancient Rome, as a map of the heavens, was built so expansively that up until now no one has even noticed it due to its size.
Here is the twist to the story: The message appears to have been designed to be projected skywards! 

Even the Pope’s vantage point from his balcony in earlier days was not really high enough to see the vast and intricate layout in all its majesty.

If at this point you remain unconvinced of the proposed interpretation of Rome as a star map, we challenge you to take a closer look at all the other star map interpretations that Wayne has identified in almost every ancient civilisation. (Links shown below). Or if you are still sceptical about the sacred cross of the St Paul’s piazza being Orion’s ‘belt’ as the sacred PX (Chi-rho insignia) for Christ, then ponder on this unique sacred cross depiction seen on the Pope’s stole. Note the ‘coincidence’ of the gold pin in identical orientation, like the arrow effect of Orion’s ‘belt’… showing the way in the heavens. It looks remarkably similar to the piazza and causeway or the key of St. Peter… showing the way to the sacred place in the heavens.

It is becoming increasingly evident that humanity has been way off track in its interpretation of the meaning of the three Sun-like stars in a the age old habit of sun veneration.

In early civilisations our ancestors were very proud of these stars, but as civilisation became more destructive we began to adore the ancient depictions of these stars in what had slowly degenerated into a very primitive and meaningless solar worshipping cult.

In addition, humanity also began to worship the celestial bull of the heavens, in a misconstrued teaching that should have been about the rising Sun entering Taurus. Our many cultures foolishly preferred to venerate the place these star visitors (linked to our ancestors) came from rather than focusing on the invaluable teachings that transpired from their visits.

It seems even with the arrival of Christ, part of his great teachings would appear to have involved putting the records straight. Sadly however, after the Romans murdered him they probably also decided that the truth needed to be hidden. Ever wonder what happened to the original Aramaic or Hebrew gospels before they were conveniently ‘found’ written in Greek, the prime language of early Rome?

Equally baffling is why nobody seems to be bothered with the reason behind the messiah’s original Hebrew name of Yeshua having been changed to a Greek name, Jesus. His altered name is pronounced as “I” – “Zeus” which sounds too close for comfort like the Greek reference to “of Zeus” i.e. son of Zeus. Christ was added from the Greek word Christus, which most likely describes “criss-cross”. Inadvertently: Son of Zeus - Man of the sacred cross of the sky.

The sacred cross knowledge associated with Christ makes one wonder if the crucifixion itself on a cross, just like St Peter’s crucifixion, was punishment for those who believed the sacred cross lost knowledge.

It is also strange that the Vitruvian man mimics the stance of the Christ… a cosmic ‘teacher’, showing the way as Orion to the Bethlehem star in the sky. The next time you have a close look at the Vitruvian man image, have a close look at the three exaggerated marks on his waistline. Why would DaVinci make errors in depicting muscles like this on a man who had very little physical development?

For the Roman Emperor Constantine this cross of the sky was the most important reason for accepting the Hebrew man as a messiah.

The Bethlehem star secret would appear to show that human life was divine so to speak. This is exactly what Judas was told by Christ in the recent Judas codex that was discovered, and in which Christ said to Judas:

“This star is also YOUR star.”

In other words, Jesus was telling him in his last moments that we all come from the heavens by virtue of our ancestors. It is a truth that would confirm that we are all equal and that human life is sacrosanct. Not a very pleasing thought to a Roman dictator who was used to conquering new lands and enslaving its people.

To compare this star interpretation to other ancient civilisations click here

As already mentioned, the important Sun-like stars in the night sky are not visible to the human eye at all, so it did not take long for our ancestors to assume that the bright star Sirius, or our Sun was the answer to the cosmic mystery. Coincidently, Sirius also lay in a position that aligns with the three ‘belt’ stars of Orion. Our Sun aligns with the ‘belt’ stars in the month of May as it enters Taurus the bull. The Freemasons thus assumed the “blazing star” secret was Sirius… a star not conducive to supporting life, as we know it. But some ancient texts also spoke of important Sun stars and they were decorated with human faces. Perhaps this was their way of suggesting these star systems had human beings colonise their planets. (See star map on Mars and face anomaly).

Our ancient civilisations apparently cared very little about the great lessons the star visitors taught them. This was their greatest downfall. They did not ever consider the possibility of prioritising world peace or the equality of all people. They were quite happy to continue the habit of cruel dictatorships and extorting money from their people where tradition insisted:
  • You had to pay the church to have your sins forgiven
  • Men were to be given preferential treatment over women
  • New lands could be conquered and foreigners could be killed
  • Foreign men, woman and children could be owned as slaves
One has to consider the possibility that both the Freemasons and the Vatican would want to keep any mysterious and primitive records of Sun worship hidden, especially since their great secret did not make much sense at all.

And if you think that this is where the story ends, you are mistaken, for there is infinitely more. The earliest Hebrew parchment of King Solomon referred to as the Key of Solomon (from the Clavicular Salomonis manuscript) is about to mirror the story. No wonder Dan Brown at a recent press conference revealed that his next book would be based around this story.  Go to www.keyofsolomon.net for the story reveal and valuable references that is being timed in with exclusive magazines and periodical releases around the world. 


This could all just be a coincidence, but if it is not then we need to revisit history from a new angle. At the beginning of the story it was suggested that this secret might be forbidden to humanity because it could change the world. How would this story change the world? If it is proven as factual (and there is now enough new research material to test it) then one has to ask the following three earth shattering questions:

· What is the Christ star? · What did Christ mean in the Judas codex "This star is also your star"? · What would it mean if our ancestors all originate from another star system? Ref - click here

Are the star maps saying the entire human lineage is not of this Earth and we are all descendant from a divine lineage so to speak? If this were true it means we evolved somewhere else and there is always going to be a missing link in Earth evolution. The Shugburough monument had a similar claim. Ref - click here.

The big secret in hiding this knowledge is obvious.

If all humankind is of the lineage of 'angelic' visitation would it not be certain that the logic of this revelation would insist we are all equal, no discrimination whatsoever, be it between male, female, society, race and religion? This would end slavery and human rights violations? Would this be worth hiding at the time of Christ… or at the time of Leonardo Da Vinci? Understandably and very sadly… yes.

We have just reached the time in the journey of life where any form of human discrimination is now recognised as completely unacceptable so the time is right for appraising the star map secret.


Is there more on the secret Grail story? Was a secret disc like this given to Judas by Christ before his crucifixion and was Judas murdered by the Romans and the disc confiscated? Ref - click here

Now that you have clues as to how the Sang-real sacred lineage (grail) disc might look like, search codex archives for an ancient mysterious manuscript that looks like the image shown here. Look also for the stars inserted within the sacred cross and expect detail also of a human face in the position of the "x" star (like on Mars), and the extra detail of another cosmic pointer missing in the Vatican story… a line drawn from the Pleiades linking to it. Or.. go to the Grail itself right here...

Here is the release on the Holy Grail...The Sang-real.

It is important for those that feel uncomfortable about the star map theory that Wayne's new research fully supports the truth that the Creator of this universe spoke through Christ. The latest research is without doubt heading in a very new direction that will promote the value of the human spirit and promote peaceful living. It might even unite humanity, as all human races stem from this same lineage. The new research at the same time shows respect to those of firm traditional belief based on the original earliest texts that all religions refer to.

It is important for people to know in which direction the new research is Heading.


Click here for the spiritual direction the hidden records research will be heading

Click here for the cosmic human blueprint code reference

Click here for the link to secret symbols honouring the secret human blueprint code and those that desecrate it

Click here for the human blueprint code found in Da Vinci's paintings

Click here for the human blueprint code found at Rosslyn Chapel

Click here for the Egyptian star map

Click here for the Stonehenge star map and its shocking latest breakthroughs

Click here for the Lascaux 17 250 year old star map

Click here for the Mars star map

Click here for the astronomical star data and Orion page

Click here to see sacred cross on coins

Click here for what may simply be a coincidental 300-year-old Freemason star map and human code pattern match


Reply  Message 4 of 7 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 21/11/2011 14:38

The Sun-like stars on the ground are represented … and once again mirroring the Hiram Abiff star map where the great Star fortress (a big feature in Dan Browns Angels and Demons) is the ultimate star… the star of Bethlehem. This star secret is also found on the seal of the American one dollar bill by overlaying one seal over the other.

Ref 1 - Masonic history part one.

Ref 2 - National Treasure - George Washington secret.

More importantly a secret probably shared between the most followed religions, a secret that could unite them all… the icon of the Hebrews… the Menorah and the Star of David, the icon of Christianity the XP Chi-Rho and the Bethlehem star … and the icon of Islam, the Crescent and the star Ref.

If there is just one thing you only have time to compare on this page to get the meaning of the sacred pattern of Orion showing the way alignment to what appear conclusively to be three sun-like star in specific positions near the Pleiades... Then compare the star pattern of no (4) out of the group of four images above titled - 'The Secret', compare it with the stars over the Vatican on Christmas eve with the Popes at midnight… and the Hiram Abiff star map... all 3 are a match.

The Vatican layout is the same pattern too… how much more evidence than this do scholars need?

The three Sun-like stars are shown in the third image below... all three of which Wayne believes is the secret of the Solar Trinity. Something not worth worshiping, but something one should feel a sense of greatness about if these star systems with planets are the places of our ancestors... people that evolved in another star system... a place that has little to do with The Creation of the universe. Is it so bad that we are descendant of Angelic beings... Aliens... that took over from Neanderthal as he became extinct in the last Ice age? I think not.

But if it is our spiritual origins and God that you seek ... be sure to see the new evidence Wayne has presented at Oneism.org.

Proof of the sacred cross of Christ as Orion... Click here.

For the full Vatican story... Click here.

Rome star map

Sared Place

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It starts with the Five Pointed Star. Se inicia con la Estrella de Cinco Puntas. Leonardo Da Vinci was almost executed because of his work. Leonardo Da Vinci fue ejecutado casi por su trabajo. Remember this painting? Recuerde que esta pintura?

The fingers, toes and head all form a perfect five-pointed star, with the genitals in the very center. Los dedos, dedos de los pies y la cabeza de toda forma una perfecta estrella de cinco puntas, con los genitales en el centro. The secret is that we are STAR-MEN and WOMEN and we come from a different part of the galaxy. El secreto es que estamos de STAR-hombres y mujeres y que provienen de diferentes partes de la galaxia. St. Peter holds a key in the Vatican courtyard. San Pedro tiene una llave en el patio del Vaticano. Hiram Abif, the Mason's hero and Solomon's wiseman has a key. Hiram Abif, el héroe de la Mason y sabio Salomón tiene una clave. Solomon has a key. Salomón tiene una clave. The Vatican courtyard is a giant key, and at the end of the key, at Castel St. Angelo, the literal design is of a five pointed star. El patio del Vaticano es una gigante llave, y al final de la llave, en el Castel Sant'Angelo, el diseño es literal de una estrella de cinco puntas. This is why the star has been turned upside down to make it appear evil, because it was the most important secret to the mysteries, and only the elite were allowed to know the true origins of man. Esta es la razón por la estrella ha sido puesta al revés para que parezca mal, porque era el secreto más importante de los misterios, y sólo la élite se les permitió conocer el verdadero origen del hombre. The Mason's recently publicized Hiram Abiff's map to the place we came from. Recientemente publicada del masón Hiram Abiff de mapa para el lugar donde venimos. There are 50 pyramids along the Nile, and they are in precise alignment with the fifty brightest stars along the edge of our Milky Way Galaxy! Hay 50 pirámides a lo largo del Nilo, y están en una alineación precisa de los cincuenta estrellas más brillantes en el borde de nuestra galaxia, la Vía Láctea! You look at Easter Island and it's a five-pointed star. Nos fijamos en la Isla de Pascua y es una estrella de cinco puntas. You look at the face on Cydonia and the Five pointed pyramid, and you find seven structures also, like the seven candles and the seven hills of Rome. Nos fijamos en la cara de Cydonia y la pirámide de cinco puntas, y te encuentras con siete estructuras también, al igual que las siete velas y las siete colinas de Roma. These represent the Pleiads. Estos representan las Pléyades. Where do these maps point? Hacia dónde apuntan estas mapas? We have to align the stars in the map by 33 degrees to see the map. Tenemos que alinear las estrellas en el mapa de 33 grados para ver el mapa. This is found all over the world in almost every ancient society. Esta se encuentra en todo el mundo en casi todas las sociedades antiguas. The arrow shoots past three stars to the Pleiads where there is a sun like star among the seven, then they came to our sun, and the third sun like star forms a pyramid, with the Pleiads representing the eye. Los brotes de flecha últimos tres estrellas de las Pléyades, donde hay un sol como la estrella entre los siete, y luego vinieron a nuestro Sol, y el tercer sol como estrella se forma una pirámide, con las Pléyades que representan a los ojos. The three sun like stars are on the one dollar bill. El sol como tres estrellas se encuentran en el billete de un dólar. Simply superimpose the pyramid over the eagle and you will see that only three stars remain around the eye. Basta con superponer la pirámide sobre el águila y verá que sólo tres estrellas permanecen alrededor de los ojos. A fascinating story that I'm surprised no one has mentioned. Una historia fascinante que me sorprende que nadie ha mencionado. Of course I didn't discover this myself, I'm just trying to summarize it. Por supuesto que no lo descubrí yo, sólo estoy tratando de resumir. You can read about it in Wayne Herschel's new book, and you can see lots of amazing pictures here: Usted puede leer sobre él en el nuevo libro de Wayne Herschel, y se puede ver un montón de imágenes sorprendentes aquí:

thehiddenrecords.com thehiddenrecords.com

This is the secret the church REALLY doesn't want you to know. Este es el secreto de la Iglesia en realidad no quieren que usted sepa. All these ancient sites are STARMAPS, all over the world and on Mars, and they all point to the exact same place (Orion). Todos estos sitios antiguos son STARMAPS, todo el mundo y en Marte, y todos ellos apuntan a la mismo lugar exacto (Orion).

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1 Pedro 5:13: La iglesia que está en Babilonia, elegida juntamente con vosotros, y Marcos mi HIJO, os saludan.


16:1 Vinieron los fariseos y los saduceos para tentarle, y le pidieron que les mostrase señal del cielo.
16:2 Mas él respondiendo, les dijo: Cuando anochece, decís: Buen tiempo; porque el cielo tiene arreboles.
16:3 Y por la mañana: Hoy habrá tempestad; porque tiene arreboles el cielo nublado. ¡Hipócritas! que sabéis distinguir el aspecto del cielo, ¡mas las señales de los tiempos no podéis!
16:4 La generación mala y adúltera demanda señal; pero señal no le será dada,
sino la señal del profeta Jonás. Y dejándolos, se fue.
16:5 Llegando sus discípulos al otro lado, se habían olvidado de traer pan.
16:6 Y Jesús les dijo: Mirad, guardaos de la
levadura de los fariseos y de los saduceos. (¿fiesta de las levaduras? ¿Porque PEDRO APARECE A MARIA LA MADRE DE JUAN MARCOS EN CONTEXTO A LA FIESTA DE LAS LEVADURAS en contexto a HECHOS 12:12? ¿PORQUE JUAN MARCOS ES UN NEO-JONAS YA QUE NO FUE CON PABLO A MALTA en contexto a HECHOS 12, 13, 14 Y 15?)
16:7 Ellos pensaban dentro de sí, diciendo: Esto dice porque no trajimos pan.
16:8 Y entendiéndolo Jesús, les dijo: ¿Por qué pensáis dentro de vosotros, hombres de poca fe, que no tenéis pan?
16:9 ¿No entendéis aún, ni os acordáis de los cinco panes entre cinco mil hombres, y cuántas cestas recogisteis?
16:10 ¿Ni de los siete panes entre cuatro mil, y cuántas canastas recogisteis?
16:11 ¿Cómo es que no entendéis que no fue por el pan que os dije que os guardaseis de la
levadura de los fariseos y de los saduceos?
16:12 Entonces entendieron que no les había dicho que se guardasen de la levadura del pan, sino de la doctrina de los fariseos y de los saduceos.


16:14 Ellos dijeron: Unos, Juan el Bautista; otros, Elías; y otros, Jeremías, o alguno de los profetas.
16:15 El les dijo: Y vosotros, ¿quién decís que soy yo?
16:16 Respondiendo Simón Pedro, dijo: Tú eres el Cristo, el Hijo del Dios viviente.
16:17 Entonces le respondió Jesús: Bienaventurado eres, Simón, hijo de
Jonás, porque no te lo reveló carne ni sangre, sino mi Padre que está en los cielos. ("hijo de Jonas" tiene nexo con la "señal de Jonas")
16:18 Y yo también te digo, que

El Número de Oro; Phi; la Divina Proporción


Mas pruebas de que Marcos es Hijo de Cristo





eagle.jpg (67393 bytes)  illuminati.jpg (58992 bytes)

16:19 Y a ti te daré las llaves del reino de los cielos; y todo lo que atares en la tierra será atado en los cielos; y todo lo que desatares en la tierra será desatado en los cielos.



El numero 5 en la Biblia es el numero de la gracia. Es el numero de la alquimia, la cuadratura del circulo simbolizada en la Biblia por la escalera de Jacob. En el mismo diseño del numero esta codificada en su parte superior el cuadrado y en su parte inferior el circulo. Concretamente en dicha cuadratura, esta la simbologia espiritual del SANTO GRIAL osea el linaje entre Nuestro Señor Jesucristo y Maria Magdalena. La gran piramide de Keop, construida con el mismo patron de la Nueva Jerusalen, esta diseñada en funcion a la CUBICACION DE UNA ESFERA en funcion al NUMERO DE ORO PHI=1.618033 Y AL MISMO NUMERO PI=3.14. DIOS MANEJA LA HISTORIA Y LA CIENCIA. LA LLAVE DE DAVID ESTA CODIFICADA EN APOCALIPSIS EN LA IGLESIA DE PHILADELPHIA, osea la sexta. PHI-LADEL-PHI-A (EN EGIPTO SIGNIFICABA UTERO DE ISIS) tambien era la ciudad de RABA/AMMAN que tenia 7 colinas al igual que la MISMA CIUDAD DE JERUSALEN (PLEYADES). OSEA QUE NUESTRO SEÑOR EN LA SEXTA IGLESIA DE APOCALIPSIS 3 (LAS SIETE IGLESIAS SON TAMBIEN LAS PLEYADES) HACE REFERENCIA A LA LLAVE DE DAVID.
2. Isaías 22:22: Y pondré la LLAVE de la casa de David sobre su hombro; y abrirá, y nadie cerrará; cerrará, y nadie abrirá.

3. Mateo 16:19: Y a ti te daré las LLAVEs del reino de los cielos; y todo lo que atares en la tierra será atado en los cielos; y todo lo que desatares en la tierra será desatado en los cielos.
6. Apocalipsis 3:7: Escribe al ángel de la iglesia en Filadelfia: Esto dice el Santo, el Verdadero, el que tiene la LLAVE de David, el que abre y ninguno cierra, y cierra y ninguno abre:

The seven stars are not mentioned again until Rev. 1:16, 1:20, 2:1, 3:1 as the seven churches in Asia

The Seven Churches


The Seven Churches of Asia

2 Samuel
12:1 Jehová envió a Natán a David;y viniendo a él, le dijo: Había dos hombres en una ciudad, el uno rico, y el otro pobre.
12:2 El rico tenía numerosas ovejas y vacas;
12:3 pero el pobre no tenía más que una sola corderita, que él había comprado y criado, y que había crecido con él y con sus hijos juntamente, comiendo de su bocado y bebiendo de su vaso, y durmiendo en su seno; y la tenía como a una hija.
12:4 Y vino uno de camino al hombre rico; y éste no quiso tomar de sus ovejas y de sus vacas, para guisar para el caminante que había venido a él, sino que tomó la oveja de aquel hombre pobre, y la preparó para aquel que había venido a él.
12:5 Entonces se encendió el furor de David en gran manera contra aquel hombre, y dijo a Natán: Vive Jehová, que el que tal hizo es digno de muerte.
12:6 Y debe pagar la cordera con cuatro tantos, porque hizo tal cosa, y no tuvo misericordia.
12:7 Entonces dijo Natán a David: Tú eres aquel hombre. Así ha dicho Jehová, Dios de Israel: Yo te ungí por rey sobre Israel, y te libré de la mano de Saúl,
12:8 y te di la casa de tu señor, y las mujeres de tu señor en tu seno; además te di la casa de Israel y de Judá; y si esto fuera poco, te habría añadido mucho más.
12:9 ¿Por qué, pues, tuviste en poco la palabra de Jehová, haciendo lo malo delante de sus ojos? A Urías heteo heriste a espada, y tomaste por mujer a su mujer, y a él lo mataste con la espada de los hijos de Amón.
12:10 Por lo cual ahora no se apartará jamás de tu casa la espada, por cuanto me menospreciaste, y tomaste la mujer de Urías heteo para que fuese tu mujer.
12:11 Así ha dicho Jehová: He aquí yo haré levantar el mal sobre ti de tu misma casa, y tomaré tus mujeres delante de tus ojos, y las daré a tu prójimo, el cual yacerá con tus mujeres a la vista del sol.
12:12 Porque tú lo hiciste en secreto; mas yo haré esto delante de todo Israel y a pleno sol.
12:13 Entonces dijo David a Natán: Pequé contra Jehová. Y Natán dijo a David: También Jehová ha remitido tu pecado; no morirás.
12:14 Mas por cuanto con este asunto hiciste blasfemar a los enemigos de Jehová, el hijo que te ha nacido ciertamente morirá.
12:15 Y Natán se volvió a su casa. Y Jehová hirió al niño que la mujer de Urías había dado a David, y enfermó gravemente.
12:16 Entonces David rogó a Dios por el niño; y ayunó David, y entró, y pasó la noche acostado en tierra.
12:17 Y se levantaron los ancianos de su casa, y fueron a él para hacerlo levantar de la tierra; mas él no quiso, ni comió con ellos pan.
12:18 Y al séptimo día murió el niño; y temían los siervos de David hacerle saber que el niño había muerto, diciendo entre sí: Cuando el niño aún vivía, le hablábamos, y no quería oír nuestra voz; ¿cuánto más se afligirá si le decimos que el niño ha muerto?
12:19 Mas David, viendo a sus siervos hablar entre sí, entendió que el niño había muerto; por lo que dijo David a sus siervos: ¿Ha muerto el niño? Y ellos respondieron: Ha muerto.
12:20 Entonces David se levantó de la tierra, y se lavó y se ungió, y cambió sus ropas, y entró a la casa de Jehová, y adoró. Después vino a su casa, y pidió, y le pusieron pan, y comió.
12:21 Y le dijeron sus siervos: ¿Qué es esto que has hecho? Por el niño, viviendo aún, ayunabas y llorabas; y muerto él, te levantaste y comiste pan.
12:22 Y él respondió: Viviendo aún el niño, yo ayunaba y lloraba, diciendo: ¿Quién sabe si Dios tendrá compasión de mí, y vivirá el niño?
12:23 Mas ahora que ha muerto, ¿para qué he de ayunar? ¿Podré yo hacerle volver? Yo voy a él, mas él no volverá a mí.
12:24 Y consoló David a Betsabé su mujer, y llegándose a ella durmió con ella; y ella le dio a luz un hijo, y llamó su nombre Salomón, al cual amó Jehová, (SALOMON, ES TIPO DEL DISCIPULO AMADO, OSEA JUAN MARCOS, EL HIJO DE CRISTO Y MARIA MAGDALENA)
12:25 y envió un mensaje por medio de Natán profeta; así llamó su nombre Jedidías, a causa de Jehová.
12:26 Joab peleaba contra Rabá de los hijos de Amón, y tomó la ciudad real. (RABA/AMMAN es FILADELFIA perteneciente a DECAPOLIS despues de POMPEYO. FILADELFIA/PHI-LADEL-PHI-A ERA UNA CIUDAD QUE TENIA 7 COLINAS).

12:27 Entonces envió Joab mensajeros a David, diciendo: Yo he puesto sitio a Rabá, y he tomado la ciudad de las aguas.

12:28 Reúne, pues, ahora al pueblo que queda, y acampa contra la ciudad y tómala, no sea que tome yo la ciudad y sea llamada de mi nombre.
12:29 Y juntando David a todo el pueblo, fue contra Rabá, y combatió contra ella, y la tomó.
12:30 Y quitó la corona de la cabeza de su rey, la cual pesaba un talento de oro, y tenía piedras preciosas; y fue puesta sobre la cabeza de David. Y sacó muy grande botín de la ciudad.

Los siete montes identifican a Jerusalén no Roma: Jerusalén era una ciudad grande extendida a fuera de los muros y cubría los siete montes presentes durante el tiempo de Jesús y los Apóstoles: 1.) Monte Gared; 2.) Monte Goat; 3.) Monte Acra; 4.) Monte Bezetha; 5.) Monte Moriah; 6.) Monte Ofel; 7.) Monte Sion. Por cualquier razón, y por cualquier manos y manipulación, el Mt. Gared, Mt. Goath,

Rome star map

1. Job 9:9: El hizo la Osa, el Orión y las Pléyades,
Y los lugares secretos del sur;

2. Job 38:31: ¿Podrás tú atar los lazos de las Pléyades,
O desatarás las ligaduras de Orión?

3. Amós 5:8: buscad al que hace las Pléyades y el Orión, y vuelve las tinieblas en mañana, y hace oscurecer el día como noche; el que llama a las aguas del mar, y las derrama sobre la faz de la tierra; Jehová es su nombre;

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