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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 16/06/2011 16:20
mas you tube

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 09/08/2011 18:16

Shortly before the end of World War II Franklin D. Roosevelt died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage at Warm Springs, Georgia, which is less than 10 miles south of 33 degrees latitude. (This town, incidentally, is located about 35 miles northeast of Phenix City, Alabama.) It is noteworthy (no pun intended) that in the mid-30s FDR, a 32nd degree Mason and 32nd President of the U.S., initiated the printing of the reverse side of the Great Seal (the pyramidal eye mentioned at the beginning of this essay) on the legal tender. Roosevelt was succeeded in April of 1945 by 33rd degree Mason Harry S. Truman. (The “S.” supposedly stood for Solomon.) On July 16th of the same year, the first atomic device --the Gadget, as it was called-- was detonated at Trinity Site, New Mexico: 33 degrees 41 minutes North latitude. Spanish explorers originally called this area La Jornada del Muerto, or “The Journey of the Dead,” but now the site is marked by a small stone obelisk erected twenty years or so after the explosion. [52] (Was this monument Masonically inspired?) [53] A few weeks after the explosion at Trinity Site the 33rd president of the United States ordered the annihilation of two Japanese cities by nuclear bombs dropped from B-29 bombers. The 33rd parallel runs exactly between Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two years after the war ended, the modern “flying saucer” age began in earnest when something crashed near Roswell, New Mexico-- 33 degrees 26 minutes North latitude.

Bringing us up to the present day, the so-called Phoenix Lights were witnessed by hundreds or perhaps thousands of people. On the evening of March 13th, 1997 an immense triangular UFO perhaps a mile wide flew over the American Southwest. First sighted over Henderson, Nevada at 6:55 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) traveling southeast, this virtually silent craft (for lack of a better term) had a number of lights evenly spaced on its leading edge. It was next seen 22 minutes later over the village of Paulden, Arizona (nearly 25 miles north of the town of Prescott). It was then observed 10 miles to the south in Chino Valley, where it apparently streaked over the present author’s house, who missed seeing the event by a matter of minutes. Just one minute after the Paulden sighting, it was reported over Prescott Valley, which is 23 miles south-southeast of the former.

By 8:23 (Mountain Standard Time) the object had reached the Phoenix metro area roughly 75 miles away, where it hovered for about four or five minutes over the vicinity of the Indian School Rd. and 7th Avenue intersection. Next the UFO entered Sky Harbor Airport’s air space, where air controllers in the tower and the flight crew from at least one commercial airliner viewed it, although radar failed to detect it. The craft continued southeast above Interstate 10 and was sighted in the Tucson area about 8:45. [54] This series of sightings that occurred within a 400-mile stretch took just 50 minutes. The average speed of the craft was 480 m.p.h.

At approximately 9:50 p.m. an arc of amber “orbs” measuring one mile across appeared above the Estrella Mountains about 20 miles southwest of Phoenix. “Spanish explorers named the range Estrella (‘star’) after the pattern of deeply carved canyons radiating from the summit.” [55] This display of lights videotaped by scores of people in the Phoenix area was possibly related to the earlier sightings. At the time of this latter UFO sighting the constellation Orion would have been seen hovering over the southwestern horizon, were it not for urban light pollution. In fact, at 9:49 p.m. when the final phase of the event was beginning, Alnilam, the middle star of the Belt, was 33 degrees above the horizon at an azimuth of 242 degrees. If a line is drawn from the State Capitol to the Estrella range’s Monument Hill (the initial point for surveying of property in Arizona), the azimuth is also 242 degrees. At the latitude of Phoenix this is the exact point of the winter solstice sunset as well. Thus, these orbs appeared at a significant archaeo-astronomical position in the sky and also in the precise region where Orion happened to be at that particular time. Above the right hand of Orion between the constellations Gemini and Auriga is the northern stargate previously mentioned, located at a declination (celestial latitude) of 33 degrees.

One odd aspect to the Phoenix Lights story is that, other than a few minor write-ups in local newspapers, they were not reported in any national media until June 18th, over three months later, when USA Today ran a front-page article picked up by the other media. [56] In any event, one of the most intriguing UFO sightings in decades was focused upon the 33rd parallel-- a paramount Masonic number.

Why are so many significant ancient and historic sites located along the 33rd parallel? Perhaps the ancients discovered a ley line sort of dragon energy corresponding to this latitude, and constructed temples and sacred cities in order to utilize this terrestrial chi. Or perhaps the numerological and Masonic significance of 33 dictated that monuments to this sacred number be erected as a signal to future generations. Whatever the rationale, the 33rd parallel is a path of power across the globe, a circuit that links both time and space in order to vitalize the dynamo of a mystery we are just now beginning to realize.

End Notes

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5. Most of the sites discussed in this essay are less than one degree (60 nautical miles) from latitude 33 degrees North. There are two exceptions: one site in Lebanon is 68 nautical miles from the 33rd parallel and another site in Georgia is 71 nautical miles (nearly 82 English miles) from this latitude line. (One international nautical mile = one arc minute of latitude or longitude = 6080.2 ft.)

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53. In this context it is interesting to note that the Sabian symbol for 33 degrees is the following: “Natural steps lead to a lawn of clover in bloom.” Clover’s trefoil suggests the Trinity, while its flowering suggests new life or even resurrection. Sabian symbols are a series of 360 brief vignettes --one for each degree of the zodiacal circle-- received in 1925 by San Diego clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler and recorded by astrologist Marc Edmund Jones. Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases (New York: Random House, 1973), p. 72, pp. 25-27. “When [clover] is located upon a mountain it comes to signify knowledge of the divine essence gained by hard endeavor [‘Natural steps...’], through sacrifice or study (equivalent to ascension)...” J.E. Ciriot, translated from the Spanish by Jack Sage, A Dictionary of Symbols (New York: Philosophical Library, 1962), p. 48.

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Copyright © 2006 by Gary A. David

Article originally published in Underground! The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Civilizations, Astonishing Archaeology and Hidden History, edited by Preston Peet, Disinformation Books, New York, 2005. Web site: http://www.disinfo.com/site/displayarticle13861.html

Gary A. David is an independent researcher living in northern Arizona.

The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest was published in late 2005 by Hayriver Press. This book describes the Orion Correlation of ancient Hopi villages in Arizona. His articles have appeared in Ancient American http://www.ancientamerican.com and Atlantis Rising http://www.atlantisrising.com magazines, and will soon be published in Fate http://www.fatemagazine.com and World Explorer http://wexclub.com/pages/magazine.html.

To order his book, go to: http://www.theorionzone.com

E-mail: islandhills@cybertrails.com

Article from http://www.world-mysteries.com/mpl_gd1.htm#Along

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 09/08/2011 19:04

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 13/08/2011 01:21


 Génesis 50
 Éxodo 40
 Levítico 27
 Números 36
 Deuteronomio 34
 Josué 24
 Jueces 21
 Rut 4
 Primera de Samuel 31
 Segunda de Samuel 24
 Primera de Reyes 22
 Segunda de Reyes 25
 Primera de Crónicas 29
 Segunda de Crónicas 36
 Esdras 10
 Nehemías 13
 Ester 10
 Job 42
 Salmos 150

Génesis Capítulo 49


 Y llamó Jacob a sus hijos, y dijo: Juntaos, y os declararé lo que os ha de acontecer en los días venideros.

2 Juntaos y oíd, hijos de Jacob,

Y escuchad a vuestro padre Israel.

3 Rubén, tú eres mi primogénito,

2 mi fortaleza, y el principio de mi vigor;

Principal en dignidad, principal en poder.

4 Impetuoso como las aguas, no serás el principal,

Por cuanto subiste al lecho de tu padre;

Entonces te envileciste, subiendo a mi estrado.

5 Simeón y Leví son hermanos;

Armas de iniquidad sus armas.

6 En su consejo no entre mi alma,

Ni mi espíritu se junte en su compañía.

Porque en su furor mataron hombres,

Y en su temeridad desjarretaron toros.

7 Maldito su furor, que fue fiero;

Y su ira, que fue dura.

Yo los apartaré en Jacob,

Y los esparciré en Israel.

8 Judá, te alabarán tus hermanos;

Tu mano en la cerviz de tus enemigos;

Los hijos de tu padre se inclinarán a ti.

9 Cachorro de león, Judá;

De la presa subiste, hijo mío.

Se encorvó, se echó como león,

Así como león viejo: ¿quién lo despertará?

10 No será quitado el cetro de Judá,

Ni el legislador de entre sus pies,

Hasta que venga Siloh;

Y a él se congregarán los pueblos.

11 Atando a la vid su pollino,

Y a la cepa el hijo de su asna,

Lavó en el vino su vestido,

Y en la sangre de uvas su manto.

12 Sus ojos, rojos del vino,

Y sus dientes blancos de la leche.

13 Zabulón en puertos de mar habitará;

Será para puerto de naves,

Y su límite hasta Sidón.

14 Isacar, asno fuerte

Que se recuesta entre los apriscos;

15 Y vio que el descanso era bueno,

2 y que la tierra era deleitosa;

Y bajó su hombro para llevar,

Y sirvió en tributo.

16 Dan juzgará a su pueblo,

Como una de las tribus de Israel.

17 Será Dan serpiente junto al camino,

Víbora junto a la senda,

Que muerde los talones del caballo, Y hace caer hacia atrás al jinete. (49:17 EQUIVALE A 13:8-AQUI ESTA CODIFICADA LA CAIDA DE LOS TEMPLARIOS Y LA INDEPENDENCIA DE EEUU)






Apocalipsis 12:14: Y se le dieron a la mujer las dos alas de la gran águila, para que volase de delante de la SERPIENTE al desierto, a su lugar, donde es sustentada por un tiempo, y tiempos, y la mitad de un tiempo. (1 MAS 3 ES IGUAL A 3. AQUI TENEMOS EL NUMERO PI=3.14)



Sign Type


Celestial Position


Living Creature



Fall Equinox





Spring Equinox





Winter Solstice





Summer Solstice





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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 13/08/2011 14:16

Juan Capítulo 8


 y Jesús se fue al monte de los Olivos. 2 Y por la mañana volvió al templo, y todo el pueblo vino a él; y sentado él, les enseñaba. 3 Entonces los escribas y los fariseos le trajeron una mujer sorprendida en adulterio; y poniéndola en medio, (El evangelio de Juan es el evangelio mas feminista)

4 le dijeron: Maestro, esta mujer ha sido sorprendida en el acto mismo de adulterio. 5 Y en la ley nos mandó Moisés apedrear a tales mujeres. Tú, pues, ¿qué dices? 6 Mas esto decían tentándole, para poder acusarle. Pero Jesús, inclinado hacia el suelo, escribía en tierra con el dedo. 7 Y como insistieran en preguntarle, se enderezó y les dijo: El que de vosotros esté libre sin pecado sea el primero en arrojar la piedra contra ella. 8 E inclinándose de nuevo hacia el suelo, siguió escribiendo en tierra. 9 Pero ellos, al oír esto, acusados por su conciencia, salían uno a uno, comenzando desde los más viejos hasta los postreros; y quedó solo Jesús, y la mujer que estaba en medio. 10 Enderezándose Jesús, y no viendo a nadie sino a la mujer, le dijo: Mujer, ¿dónde están los que te acusaban? ¿Ninguno te condenó? 11 Ella dijo: Ninguno, Señor. Entonces Jesús le dijo: Ni yo te condeno; vete, y no peques más. (Cuando dice "libre" es una REFERENCIA OBVIA A GALATAS 4:26, OSEA LA JERUSALEM QUE ES LIBRE. Este hecho tambien es una referencia a la IGLESIA PATRIARCAL QUE LUEGO LE TIRO PIEDRAS A "MARIA MAGDALENA" ALEGANDO DE ELLA QUE ERA UNA RAMERA)


 Otra vez Jesús les habló, diciendo: Yo soy la luz del mundo; el que me sigue, no andará en tinieblas, sino que tendrá la luz de la vida.

symbols of freemasonry statue of liberty07 Symbols of Freemasonry   Statue of Liberty

symbols of freemasonry statue of liberty08 Symbols of Freemasonry   Statue of Liberty

13 Entonces los fariseos le dijeron: Tú das testimonio acerca de ti mismo; tu testimonio no es verdadero. 14 Respondió Jesús y les dijo: Aunque yo doy testimonio acerca de mí mismo, mi testimonio es verdadero, porque sé de dónde he venido y a dónde voy; pero vosotros no sabéis de dónde vengo, ni a dónde voy. 15 Vosotros juzgáis según la carne; yo no juzgo a nadie. 16 Y si yo juzgo, mi juicio es verdadero; porque no soy yo solo, sino yo y el que me envió, el Padre. 17 Y en vuestra ley está escrito que el testimonio de dos hombres es verdadero. 18 Yo soy el que doy testimonio de mí mismo, y el Padre que me envió da testimonio de mí. 19 Ellos le dijeron: ¿Dónde está tu Padre? Respondió Jesús: Ni a mí me conocéis, ni a mi Padre; si a mí me conocieseis, también a mi Padre conoceríais. 20 Estas palabras habló Jesús en el lugar de las ofrendas, enseñando en el templo; y nadie le prendió, porque aún no había llegado su hora.


 Otra vez les dijo Jesús: Yo me voy, y me buscaréis, pero en vuestro pecado moriréis; a donde yo voy, vosotros no podéis venir. 22 Decían entonces los judíos: ¿Acaso se matará a sí mismo, que dice: A donde yo voy, vosotros no podéis venir? 23 Y les dijo: Vosotros sois de abajo, yo soy de arriba; vosotros sois de este mundo, yo no soy de este mundo. 24 Por eso os dije que moriréis en vuestros pecados; porque si no creéis que yo soy, en vuestros pecados moriréis. 25 Entonces le dijeron: ¿Tú quién eres? Entonces Jesús les dijo: Lo que desde el principio os he dicho. 26 Muchas cosas tengo que decir y juzgar de vosotros; pero el que me envió es verdadero; y yo, lo que he oído de él, esto hablo al mundo. 27 Pero no entendieron que les hablaba del Padre. 28 Les dijo, pues, Jesús: Cuando hayáis levantado al Hijo del Hombre, entonces conoceréis que yo soy, y que nada hago por mí mismo, sino que según me enseñó el Padre, así hablo. (Una referencia a JUAN 3:14, OSEA LA SERPIENTE DE BRONCE/NUMERO PI)

29 Porque el que me envió, conmigo está; no me ha dejado solo el Padre, porque yo hago siempre lo que le agrada. 30 Hablando él estas cosas, muchos creyeron en él.


 Dijo entonces Jesús a los judíos que habían creído en él: Si vosotros permaneciereis en mi palabra, seréis verdaderamente mis discípulos; 32 y conoceréis la verdad, y la verdad os hará libres. 33 Le respondieron: Linaje de Abraham somos, y jamás hemos sido esclavos de nadie. ¿Cómo dices tú: Seréis libres? (Noten la fuerte interrelacion con ABRAHAM del LIBRO DE GALATAS)

34 Jesús les respondió: De cierto, de cierto os digo, que todo aquel que hace pecado, esclavo es del pecado. 35 Y el esclavo no queda en la casa para siempre; el hijo sí queda para siempre. 36 Así que, si el Hijo os libertare, seréis verdaderamente libres. 37 Sé que sois descendientes de Abraham; pero procuráis matarme, porque mi palabra no halla cabida en vosotros. 38 Yo hablo lo que he visto cerca del Padre; y vosotros hacéis lo que habéis oído cerca de vuestro padre.


 Respondieron y le dijeron: Nuestro padre es Abraham. Jesús les dijo: Si fueseis hijos de Abraham, las obras de Abraham haríais. (Cristo es HIJO DE ABRAHAM EN CONTEXTO A LA GENEALOGIA DE MATEO EN SU PRIMER CAPITULO y obviamente a su nacimiento)

40 Pero ahora procuráis matarme a mí, hombre que os he hablado la verdad, la cual he oído de Dios; no hizo esto Abraham. 41 Vosotros hacéis las obras de vuestro padre. Entonces le dijeron: Nosotros no somos nacidos de fornicación; un padre tenemos, que es Dios. 42 Jesús entonces les dijo: Si vuestro padre fuese Dios, ciertamente me amaríais; porque yo de Dios he salido, y he venido; pues no he venido de mí mismo, sino que él me envió. 43 ¿Por qué no entendéis mi lenguaje? Porque no podéis escuchar mi palabra. 44 Vosotros sois de vuestro padre el diablo, y los deseos de vuestro padre queréis hacer. El ha sido homicida desde el principio, y no ha permanecido en la verdad, porque no hay verdad en él. Cuando habla mentira, de suyo habla; porque es mentiroso, y padre de mentira. 45 Y a mí, porque digo la verdad, no me creéis. 46 ¿Quién de vosotros me redarguye de pecado? Pues si digo la verdad, ¿por qué vosotros no me creéis? 47 El que es de Dios, las palabras de Dios oye; por esto no las oís vosotros, porque no sois de Dios.


 Respondieron entonces los judíos, y le dijeron: ¿No decimos bien nosotros, que tú eres samaritano, y que tienes demonio? 49 Respondió Jesús: Yo no tengo demonio, antes honro a mi Padre; y vosotros me deshonráis. 50 Pero yo no busco mi gloria; hay quien la busca, y juzga. 51 De cierto, de cierto os digo, que el que guarda mi palabra, nunca verá muerte. 52 Entonces los judíos le dijeron: Ahora conocemos que tienes demonio. Abraham murió, y los profetas; y tú dices: El que guarda mi palabra, nunca sufrirá muerte. 53 ¿Eres tú acaso mayor que nuestro padre Abraham, el cual murió? ¡Y los profetas murieron! ¿Quién te haces a ti mismo? 54 Respondió Jesús: Si yo me glorifico a mí mismo, mi gloria nada es; mi Padre es el que me glorifica, el que vosotros decís que es vuestro Dios. (La gloria tiene un fuerte NEXO SABATICO Y CON LA NOVIA-EFESIOS 5 "IGLESIA GLORIFICADA" O EXODO 24)

55 Pero vosotros no le conocéis; mas yo le conozco, y si dijere que no le conozco, sería mentiroso como vosotros; pero le conozco, y guardo su palabra. 56 Abraham vuestro padre se gozó de que había de ver mi día; y lo vio, y se gozó. 57 Entonces le dijeron los judíos: Aún no tienes cincuenta años, ¿y has visto a Abraham? 58 Jesús les dijo: De cierto, de cierto os digo: Antes que Abraham fuese, yo soy. (8:58 O 8/13 TIENE FUERTE NEXO CON LA CAIDA DE LOS TEMPLARIOS Y CON LOS EEUU.)
59 Tomaron entonces piedras para arrojárselas; pero Jesús se escondió y salió del templo; y atravesando por en medio de ellos, se fue. (Fijense que en contexto a la primera parte de este capitulo Jesus esta tomando el mismo lugar que la ramera que querian tirarle piedras. EL MENSAJE DE CRISTO TIENE FUERTE NEXO CON MARIA MAGDALENA YA QUE ES COMO QUE AL DECIR NUESTRO SEÑOR "YO SOY" EN CONTEXTO A EXODO 3:14 (NUMERO PI) ES UN MENSAJE CON FUERTE CONNOTACION CON LA MISMA. AUNQUE USTED NO LO CREA AQUI TAMBIEN TIENE FUERTE NEXO CON LA PIRAMIDE, LA SERPIENTE Y EL AGUILA OSEA DAN/MARIA MAGDALENA) 
Los templarios fueron destruidos el 13 de octubre de 1307. Lo increible es que en EL AÑO DE LA INDEPENDENCIA DE EEUU ESTA CODIFICADO DICHA CAIDA.
1 MAS 7=8
7 MAS 6=13
La reforma del papa gregorio del actual calendario le extrajo 10 dias, si mal no recuerdo en 1592, que paso desde el jueves 4 de octubre hasta el 15 de octubre, justamente en CONTEXTO AL 13 DE OCTUBRE CAIDA DE LOS TEMPLARIOS. ¿PORQUE LOS MASONES QUE INDEPENDIZARON LOS EEUU LO HISIERON EL 4 DE JULIO GREGORIANO Y NO 24 DE JUNIO GREGORIANO? EL 4 DE JULIO GREGORIANO EQUIVALE A 24 DE JUNIO JULIANO.

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ishtar in Simple Gematria Equals: 75 ( i
mary in Simple Gematria Equals: 57 ( m
Pro 14:1

 Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

Verse # = 16774   |   Words = 7   |   Letters = 33
Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Hebrew Strong's # Value
Every wise חכמות 474
woman אשה 306
buildeth בנה 57
her house: בית 412
but the foolish אולת 437
plucketh it down הרס 265
with her hands. יד 14

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Solstice Fire Worship USA Independence Day


   Does the United States worship the sun in keeping both solstices by holiday observances?  Half is already proved!  It is fairly well known that Christmas celebrates the winter solstice.  The founding fathers were mostly Freemasons and they kept two St. John's Days for solstices.  A view from Canada:

  ·  “Many towns and cities in Quebec celebrate the holiday with a bonfire in the town square and/or staging firework displays.  The celebrations are similar to those held in the U.S. to commemorate the 4th of July and in Canada on Canada Day."

    Could Independence and Canada Days (July 4 and 1) actually be keeping the summer solstice?  Perpetuating this holiday of Quebec which is plainly fire worship for sun power?  More from this Quebecer who keeps this fire and fireworks day for a true saint but on a false day.

  ·  "The origin of the holiday was the pagan celebration of the summer solstice; a celebration of light and a symbol of hope.  Then, in the reign of the French king Clovis, the annual event was christianized and became a religious celebration of the birth of  John the Baptist.  Saint John is known as the Precursor of Christ, the light of the world - thus the link with the solstice and the bonfires.

    "By the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, the annual celebration had grown and was celebrated with much fanfare everywhere and large processions in Montreal and Quebec City.  In 1925, the Quebec legislature declared the 24th of June a holiday.

    "In the past, the festivities would commence with a mass to commemorate St-Jean Baptiste.  A parade would follow through the streets of the village and would consist of a band, baton twirlers, children and men dressed in period costumes and floats. The last float would represent St-Jean Baptiste, which is usually a blond and curly haired child wearing sheep skin, holding a cane, and one or more lambs that would signify a shepherd and his flock of sheep.  Following the parade there was a banquet, entertainment, folkloric dances and the day would end with fireworks...

    "The Feast of Saint John the Baptist dates to the time of Christianity making its inroads into Gaul (France).  As was the custom of the early Church, local customs and feasts were assimilated into church-life. Celts, Romans and Franks lit bonfires (feux de joie) in honor of the Summer solstice, fire being associated with the origin of life.  By declaring the solstice to coincide with St. Jean-Baptiste Day, the common people simply continued age old traditions but for a different purpose.  The fires have since become the focal point of the festivities for they represent the ‘Light of the World’ (Christ) whom John came to announce..."

    So June 24 became the national day of Quebec, July 1 Canada Day and July 4 U.S. Independence Day all based on the same fire worship of summer solstice.  Bell ringing is popular (U.S. features the Liberty Bell).  Also muskets and cannons fired, thousands of fires lit.   

  ·  '"The Second Day of July 1776 will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America...It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires, and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.'  --John Adams to Abigail Adams, July 3, 1776"

    USA could have kept the 2nd when the Declaration was signed instead of when proclaimed on the 4th but more in line with an ancient rite:

Summer Solstice Kept on July 4th

    The pagan tradition from England called Baal's Fire or Old Midsummer's Fires is on July 4 (due to calendar change by pope Gregory 1582).  Continues Saxon solstice worship: 

  ·  "Baal Fire Whalton Northumberland.  Midsummer bonfire on Old Midsummer Day.  Fertility ritual for crops.  July 4th."

  ·  "Those who have witnessed the bonfires lighted up on the mountains of Mona on old Midsummer eve will perhaps have suggested to them  the Boal-tyn, or Baal's fire, and see some connection still subsisting between ourselves and the eastern fireworshippers."

  ·  "Northumberland is England's most northerly county...Experience the centuries old Midsummer Eve Bale Fire Ceremony at Whalton.  When the bonfire flames leap and the sparks flash the adjacent inn, the villagers celebrate an age-old custom linked to the pagan worship of the sun."

  ·  "The word solstice is derived from Latin and means ‘sun stands still’...The Saxons began their year at the midwinter solstice, and the summer solstice marked its mid-point.

    "In ancient Rome the midsummer solstice was sacred to Juno, the Queen of Heaven and guardian of the female sex... The rites of the goddess Ishtar and her lover Tammuz were celebrated at Midsummer in the Middle East, though further north they were celebrated at the vernal equinox.  The month of Tammuz corresponds to our June/July...Midsummer fires once blazed all across Europe and North Africa...

    "The word ‘bonfire’ has an unclear etymology...In the thirteenth century it was recorded that in Shropshire there were three types of fire, one of bones only called a bonfire, one of wood only called a wakefire, and a third of bones and wood called St. John’s Fire...

    "While the solstice generally falls around the 21st June Midsummer Eve is fixed as the 23rd June, St. John’s Eve, and Midsummer Day as St. John’s Day, the 24th June.  Then again, you may read of Old Midsummer Eve and Old Midsummer Day in early July.

    "It is generally accepted that the Christian missionaries persuaded the old Pagans to move their celebrations of the summer solstice to the Feast of St. John the Baptist on 24th June, thus pegging a moveable solstice feast to a definite date.  At least part of the confusion results from changes made to the calendar.  In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII wiped out ten days from the old Julian calendar to make  it astronomically correct.

    "However, the Gregorian calendar was not adopted in Britain until 1752 and Ireland until 1782, by which time eleven days had to be dropped.  Some towns refused to move their holiday, and Whalton in Northumberland still lights its fires on Old Midsummer Eve, 5th July.  From the evidence it seems that the Midsummer festival was a general holiday held over several days around the solstice...© Anna Franklin"

   So July 4 or 5 is Old Midsummer's Day and slightly reworked to become the Fourth in USA.  Celebrating works of fire a day to Baal from Britain.

  ·  "The Celtic Almanac...July 4  Bale Fire celebrations (Whalton, Northumberland, Scotland)...July 5  Old Midsummer's Day”

  ·  "Festivals in Penzance & West Cornwall [England]...The lively and colourful Golowan Festival - Gol-Jowan in the Cornish Language meaning 'Feast of John' - takes place during the last two weeks of June based in Penzance and is a celebration of the midsummer Feast of St. John and of ancient, Celtic traditions...a stupendous fireworks display..."

World Summer Solstice Fire Worship

    Japanese solstice or summer feast and fires (year 2000): 

  ·  "July 2:  Oouchi Juku Hange Matsuri... this festival celebrates the summer solstice ...July 21:  Urabandai Hi No Yama Matsuri Bon odori and fireworks are among the events planned for this festival...

    "July 22-23 The 52nd Annual Bandai Festival  This legendary fire festival will be held in Inawashiro-machi Chuo Shotengai Menuki Dori... July  24:  Fire Festival Approximately 4000 fireworks are shot into the sky at this event in Odaka-machi...Late July:  Fukushima Summer Festival Firework displays highlight the evening sky at this event."

  ·  "The largest festival of the year in Alicante [Spain] takes place the week before the colloquium, ending on St. John's Day (June 24th, Thursday), the Catholic observance of the summer solstice.  This festival includes street parties, evening fireworks, and the setting on fire of just-constructed carton monuments."

    Swedes’ solstice feast, maypole more than May 1:  "June 17 - Midsommars Dag...Swedish summer solstice festival, with Swedish music, folk dancing, decorating and raising of the maypole."

    USA's flag and fire days (June 14 and July 4) are centered 10 days from June 24.  Finland use to keep one flag/fire day then: 

  ·  "Midsummer in Finland...The festival is celebrated [now] on the Saturday that falls between 20th June and 26th June."

    Sometimes maypoles flew the national flag as in England.  In early USA, maypoles became liberty poles, then flag poles. 

    One World The Global Calendar states under July 4:  "The Day (USA) American Fire(works) Festival".  Early solstice festival in Michigan:  "Summer Solstice Festival  Saturday, June 10, 2000... Madison Heights, Michigan"  Also in Michigan, Pagans celebrated their Independence Day June 30, 2001 for Goddess Liberty (at least they admit goddess worship, U.S worships freedom):

  ·  "Lady Liberty: A Celebration of Religious Freedom   Join us as we honor the Goddess as Lady Liberty and celebrate our right to practice our religion and worship Her.  Saturday, June 30th, 2001”

    Russian feast from solstice to July 11: 

  ·  "June 21 to July 11:  White Nights Festival.  While the sun hardly sets, many musical concerts, theatrical performances, street events, fireworks and other celebrations take place throughout Moscow, St Petersburg and the Golden Ring area...”

  ·  "[In Poland] Varsovians will gather by the Vistula River on June 21 for a traditional event known as Wianki.  This is a custom associated principally with St. John's Night, the time of the summer solstice.  Wreaths are floated on the river, together with a firework display at midnight."

  ·  “[Italy] Water Festival (Late June - Early July)...Since very remote times Piediluco has always celebrated the summer solstice with rites, purification ceremonies, the lighting of fires and a water-parade of allegorical craft.  As time passed the festival retained its original features while gradually expanding to include other events.  Today it offers an illuminated procession of decorated boats by night, firework displays, theatrical performances and concerts of classical music."

Freemasons Keep Both Solstices

    Masons who founded the USA carried their solstice worship into it.  From Origin of Freemasonry by patriot Thomas Paine:

   ·  “The case is, that the day called St. John’s day, is the 24th of June, and is what is called Midsummer-day.  The sun is then arrived at the summer solstice...the 24th of June is always taken for Midsummer-day; and it is in honor of the sun, which has then arrived at his greatest height in our hemisphere, and not any thing with respect to St. John, that this annual festival of the Masons, taken from the Druids, is celebrated on Midsummer-day.”

  ·  “[By Grand Orator:]  Although 'Lodges' had existed for centuries, four of the 'old' Lodges met in London on St. John the Baptist's Day, June 24, 1717, and formed the first Grand Lodge of England, thereafter known as the Premier Grand Lodge of the world...The American colonial Masonic organizations stemmed from this Grand Lodge of England and were formed soon after 1717.”

  ·  "The festival days set aside for these two saints by Freemasonry are June 24, for Saint John the Baptist and December 27, for Saint John the Evangelist.  Both of these dates coincide with the Summer and Winter Solstices respectively...

    "Prior to Christianity, the celebration of the change of the seasons were marked with many pagan celebrations.  For example, December 25 was already a major festival in the pagan Roman world.  The Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, or 'Birthday of the Unconquered Sun', falling within the week-long celebration of the Saturnalia, was a feast honoring the renewal of the sun at the winter solstice.

    "It included feasting, dancing, lighting bonfires, decorating homes with greens, and giving gifts.  The early Church wanted these pagan festivals stopped but they were very popular with the people and they continued to celebrate them.

    "The solution to the problem was simple; substitute Christian meanings and Saints to these holidays and continue to celebrate them.  Therefore, the celebration of the summer solstice became the Festival of Saint John the Baptist and the celebration of the winter solstice became the Festival of Saint John the Evangelist...[written by] Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite"

    Early U.S. parades were performed by Masons, the only rich group that could afford to show their pomp and regalia.  A Mason describes Masonic celebration of St. John's Days, the summer one (of red, white, blue and Uncle Sam) resembles Independence Day:

  ·  "The writer of this article remembers very vividly that back in the 'Teens' when the two great events of the year we looked forward to was the 24th of June Celebration and Christmas.  He remembers that on one celebration during the years of the World War II era that the mothers made costumes of material of red-white-blue with tall hat depicting the picture of ‘Uncle Sam’ and the children and adults marched in a parade of that celebration...

    "The Revolutionary War was a distinctly Masonic enterprise. The Boston Tea Party was organized in St. Andrew's Lodge, at, an adjourned meeting, and every member of the party which threw tea into the harbor was a member of that Lodge.  Paul Revere was Junior Warden of that Lodge and the man who set the lantern in the Old South Church was also a member.  More than 50 of the 56 signees of the Declaration of Independence were members of the Masonic Fraternity.

    "All but four of five of the members of the Constitutional Convention were Masons.  Richard Henry Lee, who moved the resolution of Independence in the Continental Congress, was a Mason.  Lee, and all five members of that committee, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston, were members of the order.

    "...[The 1st] American flag was made by the widow of John Ross, a Mason.  Washington took the oath of office as President of the United States upon the Bible brought from St. John's Lodge No.1, New York and the oath was administered by Chancellor Livingston, Grand Master, of  the State of New York.  The Governors of every one of the original 13 States at the time Washington was inaugurated were Masons.

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"...All of Washington's brigadier generals except one were Masons. The Constitution of the United States was written by Masons."

    Masonic Bibles have their occult symbols and essays.  Though the 'holy' book need not be a Bible, the Koran will do.

    George Washington is recorded keeping five St. John’s Days:  3 Baptist's and 2 Evangelist’s Days with Masonic customs. 

   ·  “The conversion of the Julian dates into Gregorian dates, had in fact been imposed by Pope Gregory XIII in October 1582 but, in fact, was not adopted into the American colonies until 1752, by coincidence the same year that George Washington was initiated in Freemasonry at Fredericksburg.  According to the old Julian calendar the 21 June was no longer the summer solstice but, instead, fell on the 4th of July of the new Gregorian calendar... Freemasons consider their own ‘New Year’ to begin at the summer solstice, which in the old Julian calendar would be the ‘4th July’.”

Goddess of Liberty French Worship Idea

    Just as Masons have their winter solstice holiday, the French celebrate Lux Mundi to the goddess of Light or Statue of Liberty.  Same goddess and idea of liberty worshiped in U.S. Independence Day.  Also similar idea of International Human Rights Day, same "day to reflect on the rights of all people".  Called Goddess of Liberty Festival in France where many replicas of the Statue of Liberty are as they gave the gift and spread the worship of liberty to USA.  Universal Festival Calendar: 

  ·  "12/10 is also the date of the Roman festival of Lux Mundi ('light of the world'), still celebrated in Europe, especially in France, where this day commemorates Liberty, the goddess of light whose Statue was presented by France to the United States.  This is among the first of the festivals of light traditionally held in the weeks before the winter solstice; and one of many goddess festivals of peace and freedom held in early December, before the more raucous events (see the Saturnalia at 12/18 below) that precede the winter solstice."

  ·  "December 10 Lux Mundi  French festival, also old Roman festival.  It celebrates the Light of the World, and epithet of goddess Liberty.  Her statue graces New York Harbor." 

    Liberty's blasphemous title mocks Christ (John 8:12).  Her tablet has July 4th on it when she was dedicated and she is featured that day.  Liberty worshiped in USA especially then.  Georgetown Jesuit Plantation Project: 

  ·  "Was not the Goddess of Liberty set up and adored in France during the French Revolution?"

  ·  "French:  The Goddess of Liberty, Lux Mundi, the Light of the World. (Brewer, Dict.) ‘Liberty. The Goddess of Liberty.  On December 10th, 1793, Mlle. Malliard, an actress, was selected to personify the “Goddess of Liberty”.  Being brought to Notre Dame she was seated on the altar,  and lighted a large candle to signify that Liberty was the “light of the world”...’"

Winter Solstice Fire Worship

    Winter solstice holidays (Feast of Light as old Saturnalia):  Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanza spread from late November to early January.  Article tells how Christmas began in earnest late 1800s in USA with Dicken's Christmas Carol, also:

  ·  "The Winter Solstice Festival by Tony Palermo...The Jewish rabbinical holiday of Hanukkah is another Winter Solstice celebration.  Hanukkah commemorates the rebuilding of the Temple after Judah Maccabee defeated King Antiochus.  A menorah was found, but there was only enough oil to keep the lamp lit for one day--miraculously, it lasted eight days!  The Hanukkah 'festival of lights' is clearly a metaphor for the Solstice’s lengthening of the light--the return of the Sun.  Few Jews recognize the connection between their holiday and the pagan Solstice festivats reach back to the pagan practice of sun and fire worship in the deep mid-winter.  This evolved into the ancient Saturnalia, a great Roman winter festival where people celebrated completely free of restraint and inhibition.  They would light bonfires...A true Scottish New Year's Eve is replete with street parties and fireworks."

    Winter solstice Jan. 6 of Eastern Church: 

  ·  "In Rome, under the emperor Aurelian, celebrations for the feast of the 'Invincible Sun' had been held on December 25 since the year 274.  The Christians picked this same date to counter those pagan festivities connected with the winter solstice.

    "The Eastern Church initially preferred January 6, the second time of the year associated with winter solstice.  In the course of time, however, the West added the Eastern date as the feast of the Epiphany...

    "In the traditional church calendar the pre-Christmas season of Advent was one of quiet preparation for the coming or birth of Christ.  However, since the Industrial Revolution, the Christmas season has lost some of its religious fervor and has become a commercially venturesome time of the year for many business people."

     As holidays and the world become more secular, though continue Satan’s worship.

Fireworks ‘War Zone’ - Showered in Fire

    Should a peace-loving people celebrate with "bombs bursting in air" of fireworks labeled by manufacturers with war names as Firing Squad?  With gun and cannon fire and battle enactments as Independence Day?  The day fathers and sons throw caution to the wind and play with fire as pyromaniacs.  Barcelona, Spain: 

  ·  "One could argue that Catalans are a nation of pyromaniacs (witness the correfoc):  there's no better evidence for this than the night of 23 June, the eve or verbena of Sant Joan (24 June), strictly speaking the feast of Saint John the Baptist.  This is La Nit del Foc, the 'night of fire', throughout Catalonia and the Balearics; marking the summer solstice (to which Saint John's is the nearest saint's day).  It's clearly pagan in origin, and the wildest night of the year.

    "Nowadays the huge bonfires that used to burn at every road junction in the city have been banned, but they still fill the ramblas of towns up and down the coast, and even in the city there are still one or two 'private initiatives'.  For a week before Sant Joan, the June air is ripped apart by explosions, as every school kid in town spends his or her pocket-money on terrifying bangers.

    "Come the night itself, the city sounds like a virtual war zone, with impromptu firework displays exploding from balconies and squares... Marking the 'official' start of summer, this is the night of the year when Catalans really let their hair down, and the atmosphere is thick with excitement and gunpowder as midsummer madness takes a grip."

    Japanese showered in fire for New Year: 

  ·  "In Yanshui Township in Tainan County, the Lantern Festival is celebrated not with the serene sight of colorful lanterns, but with the raucous revelry of a fireworks shower.  The fireworks are launched from a battery of bamboo tubes tied together, with thousands of the projectiles launched continuously and pelting spectators like a swarm of bees.  For this reason, the event is also known as the 'Swarm of Fireworks.'

    "The festival begins at dusk with the setting off of the fully adorned spirit palanquin and carriers from Wu Temple, throughout the whole town streets, all one can see or smell are fireworks.  The most impressive of all the fireworks is the ‘cannon wall’ which is lit to thank the gods for their blessing.  The scale of the cannon walls vary, though most consist of tens of thousands of firecrackers which pound the sky with a deafening roar.  When the spirit palanquin approaches the cannon wall, the wall custodian pulls open the red cloth and lights the firecrackers, releasing an explosion of light, color and ear-splitting sound that is the climax of the fireworks evening...

    "In order to enjoy the fireworks without sustaining injury, it is necessary to cover oneself from head to toe in protective raingear, gloves and a helmet, as if preparing for battle.  When under attack from the hail of bullets, with the flash and sound of explosions all around, participants can enjoy firsthand the world's most thunderous folk ceremony."

    Does it have to get this bad, showered with the works of fire before Americans realize Independence Day continues the biblically condemned practice of passing through fire?  Most ancient holiday practices have been cleaned up, modernized to not look so bad.  Yet all the worldly holidays are ungodly and mock God’s Sabbaths.

    We have seen holidays for both winter and summer solstices spread at least two weeks on either side of them.  Including Canada Day and USA Independence Day with similar fire and light themes of Baal’s fires. 

    Already known is USA's keeping of the winter solstice with Christmas and New Year's Day.  We should not aid their pagan worship as in helping with parking for the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day or passing out a schedule of events that day. Spiritually equivalent to an ancient Israelite selling programs for a Baal feast.  Instead of helping (to raise funds), the people of God should denounce such ungodly activity.

    Freemasons who set up the government also kept Catholic saints' days and carried these syncretized pagan customs into USA holidays.

    Someone might object claiming he does not worship the sun or solstice July 4 in keeping Independence Day:  Same could be said of Christmas by most people thinking they are honoring Christ, yet they further the pagan solstice tradition, anyway.  Same goes for those worshiping Sunday not idolizing the sun.  They worship falsely even if they do not realize it.

    Other articles of mine contain more about the unrighteous Fourth, and:  Expose the real meaning of USA’s flag for sun worship.  Compare the Stars and Stripes to other early USA flags as the rattlesnake ones (Satan's image) and to other modern Israelite nations' flags, mostly pagan crosses of ‘saints’.  Pagan gods at Washington, DC convey wisdom to famous Americans (not my opinion but of Library of Congress) and many gods/idols displayed at national buildings.

    The first July 4th since the September 11th disaster will be celebrated with more fanfare, flag waving and freedom touting.  Continued 'breast-beating' and bravado, instead of repentance and obeying God.  The goddess of Liberty still worshiped. 

    Her 7-rayed crown copying the ancient sun god Helios, the Colossus of Rhodes (with freedom torch) or woman (false church) on reverse of a pope medal.  Sun worship as the Washington Monument, exactly like Egyptian sun obelisks. 

    The sun representing the god of this world, Satan, celebrated Sundays and solstices.  And in the Gregorian calendar, strictly based on the sun.  The false basis on which all U.S. holidays are founded.


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Junio 1776
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
Autor:Paolo Bonavoglia

El calendario funciona a partir del 1 Enero del -4712 (4713 A. C.) que es el día 0 del calendario juliano.
Al pasar del calendario juliano al gregoriano desaparecieron los días desde el 5 al 14 de octubre de 1582.
Para los años anteriores al -45 (46 A. C.) año en el que Julio Cesar introdujo el calendario juliano, la fecha se expresa según un calendario juliano retroactivo y no según el calendario de Numa entonces vigente. Para el periodo entre -45 (46 A.C.) y 8 D.C. se intentó cambiar el nombre y la longitud de los meses y el error en los años bisiestos que computaban.

Eventos astronómicos
Luna nueva Domingo 16 Junio 1776 3.24'
Cuarto creciente Lunes 24 Junio 1776 2.7'
Luna llena Domingo 2 Junio 1776 5.39'
Cuarto menguante Domingo 9 Junio 1776 4.28'
Eclipse ningún eclipse de sol
ningún eclipse de luna

La hora está en T.U. o sea tiempo universal del meridiano de Greenwich; las fases de la luna son aproximadamente con error máximo de 2m; pero en el eclipse de sol la señalización de la zona visible es solamente indicativa.

      1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 31  
Autor:Paolo Bonavoglia

El calendario funciona a partir del 1 Enero del -4712 (4713 A. C.) que es el día 0 del calendario juliano.
Al pasar del calendario juliano al gregoriano desaparecieron los días desde el 5 al 14 de octubre de 1582.
Para los años anteriores al -45 (46 A. C.) año en el que Julio Cesar introdujo el calendario juliano, la fecha se expresa según un calendario juliano retroactivo y no según el calendario de Numa entonces vigente. Para el periodo entre -45 (46 A.C.) y 8 D.C. se intentó cambiar el nombre y la longitud de los meses y el error en los años bisiestos que computaban.

Eventos astronómicos
Luna nueva Vienes 17 Mayo 1776 17.16'
Cuarto creciente Sàbado 25 Mayo 1776 8.36'
Luna llena Vienes 3 Mayo 1776 17.40'
Cuarto menguante Vienes 10 Mayo 1776 23.33'
Eclipse ningún eclipse de sol
ningún eclipse de luna

La hora está en T.U. o sea tiempo universal del meridiano de Greenwich; las fases de la luna son aproximadamente con error máximo de 2m; pero en el eclipse de sol la señalización de la zona visible es solamente indicativa.

  1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30        
Autor:Paolo Bonavoglia

El calendario funciona a partir del 1 Enero del -4712 (4713 A. C.) que es el día 0 del calendario juliano.
Al pasar del calendario juliano al gregoriano desaparecieron los días desde el 5 al 14 de octubre de 1582.
Para los años anteriores al -45 (46 A. C.) año en el que Julio Cesar introdujo el calendario juliano, la fecha se expresa según un calendario juliano retroactivo y no según el calendario de Numa entonces vigente. Para el periodo entre -45 (46 A.C.) y 8 D.C. se intentó cambiar el nombre y la longitud de los meses y el error en los años bisiestos que computaban.

Eventos astronómicos
Luna nueva Jueves 18 Abril 1776 8.13'
Cuarto creciente Jueves 25 Abril 1776 14.50'
Luna llena Jueves 4 Abril 1776 2.58'
Cuarto menguante Jueves 11 Abril 1776 16.54'
Eclipse ningún eclipse de sol
ningún eclipse de luna

La hora está en T.U. o sea tiempo universal del meridiano de Greenwich; las fases de la luna son aproximadamente con error máximo de 2m; pero en el eclipse de sol la señalización de la zona visible es solamente indicativa.

Marzo 1776
          1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Autor:Paolo Bonavoglia

El calendario funciona a partir del 1 Enero del -4712 (4713 A. C.) que es el día 0 del calendario juliano.
Al pasar del calendario juliano al gregoriano desaparecieron los días desde el 5 al 14 de octubre de 1582.
Para los años anteriores al -45 (46 A. C.) año en el que Julio Cesar introdujo el calendario juliano, la fecha se expresa según un calendario juliano retroactivo y no según el calendario de Numa entonces vigente. Para el periodo entre -45 (46 A.C.) y 8 D.C. se intentó cambiar el nombre y la longitud de los meses y el error en los años bisiestos que computaban.

Eventos astronómicos
Luna nueva Martes 19 Marzo 1776 23.15'
Cuarto creciente Martes 26 Marzo 1776 21.58'
Luna llena Martes 5 Marzo 1776 9.35'
Cuarto menguante Mièrcoles 13 Marzo 1776 7.21'
Eclipse ningún eclipse de sol
ningún eclipse de luna

La hora está en T.U. o sea tiempo universal del meridiano de Greenwich; las fases de la luna son aproximadamente con error máximo de 2m; pero en el eclipse de sol la señalización de la zona visible es solamente indicativa.

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Apocalipsis Capítulo 11


 Entonces me fue dada una caña semejante a una vara de medir, y se me dijo: Levántate, y mide el templo de Dios, y el altar, y a los que adoran en él. 2 Pero el patio que está fuera del templo déjalo aparte, y no lo midas, porque ha sido entregado a los gentiles; y ellos hollarán la ciudad santa cuarenta y dos meses. 3 Y daré a mis dos testigos que profeticen por mil doscientos sesenta días, vestidos de cilicio.

4 Estos testigos son los dos olivos, y los dos candeleros que están en pie delante del Dios de la tierra. 5 Si alguno quiere dañarlos, sale fuego de la boca de ellos, y devora a sus enemigos; y si alguno quiere hacerles daño, debe morir él de la misma manera. 6 Estos tienen poder para cerrar el cielo, a fin de que no llueva en los días de su profecía; y tienen poder sobre las aguas para convertirlas en sangre, y para herir la tierra con toda plaga, cuantas veces quieran. 7 Cuando hayan acabado su testimonio, la bestia que sube del abismo hará guerra contra ellos, y los vencerá y los matará. 8 Y sus cadáveres estarán en la plaza de la grande ciudad que en sentido espiritual se llama Sodoma y Egipto, donde también nuestro Señor fue crucificado. 9 Y los de los pueblos, tribus, lenguas y naciones verán sus cadáveres por tres días y medio, y no permitirán que sean sepultados. 10 Y los moradores de la tierra se regocijarán sobre ellos y se alegrarán, y se enviarán regalos unos a otros; porque estos dos profetas habían atormentado a los moradores de la tierra. 11 Pero después de tres días y medio entró en ellos el espíritu de vida enviado por Dios, y se levantaron sobre sus pies, y cayó gran temor sobre los que los vieron. 12 Y oyeron una gran voz del cielo, que les decía: Subid acá. Y subieron al cielo en una nube; y sus enemigos los vieron. 13 En aquella hora hubo un gran terremoto, y la décima parte de la ciudad se derrumbó, y por el terremoto murieron en número de siete mil hombres; y los demás se aterrorizaron, y dieron gloria al Dios del cielo.

14 El segundo ay pasó; he aquí, el tercer ay viene pronto.


 El séptimo ángel tocó la trompeta, y hubo grandes voces en el cielo, que decían: Los reinos del mundo han venido a ser de nuestro Señor y de su Cristo; y él reinará por los siglos de los siglos. 16 Y los veinticuatro ancianos que estaban sentados delante de Dios en sus tronos, se postraron sobre sus rostros, y adoraron a Dios, 17 diciendo: Te damos gracias, Señor Dios Todopoderoso, el que eres y que eras y que has de venir, porque has tomado tu gran poder, y has reinado. 18 Y se airaron las naciones, y tu ira ha venido, y el tiempo de juzgar a los muertos, y de dar el galardón a tus siervos los profetas, a los santos, y a los que temen tu nombre, a los pequeños y a los grandes, y de destruir a los que destruyen la tierra.

19 Y el templo de Dios fue abierto en el cielo, y el arca de su pacto se veía en el templo. Y hubo relámpagos, voces, truenos, un terremoto y grande granizo.


Apocalipsis Capítulo 12


 Apareció en el cielo una gran señal: una mujer vestida del sol, con la luna debajo de sus pies, y sobre su cabeza una corona de doce estrellas. 2 Y estando encinta, clamaba con dolores de parto, en la angustia del alumbramiento. 3 También apareció otra señal en el cielo: he aquí un gran dragón escarlata, que tenía siete cabezas y diez cuernos, y en sus cabezas siete diademas; 4 y su cola arrastraba la tercera parte de las estrellas del cielo, y las arrojó sobre la tierra. Y el dragón se paró frente a la mujer que estaba para dar a luz, a fin de devorar a su hijo tan pronto como naciese. 5 Y ella dio a luz un hijo varón, que regirá con vara de hierro a todas las naciones; y su hijo fue arrebatado para Dios y para su trono. 6 Y la mujer huyó al desierto, donde tiene lugar preparado por Dios, para que allí la sustenten por mil doscientos sesenta días.

7 Después hubo una gran batalla en el cielo: Miguel y sus ángeles luchaban contra el dragón; y luchaban el dragón y sus ángeles; 8 pero no prevalecieron, ni se halló ya lugar para ellos en el cielo. 9 Y fue lanzado fuera el gran dragón, la serpiente antigua, que se llama diablo y Satanás, el cual engaña al mundo entero; fue arrojado a la tierra, y sus ángeles fueron arrojados con él. 10 Entonces oí una gran voz en el cielo, que decía: Ahora ha venido la salvación, el poder, y el reino de nuestro Dios, y la autoridad de su Cristo; porque ha sido lanzado fuera el acusador de nuestros hermanos, el que los acusaba delante de nuestro Dios día y noche. 11 Y ellos le han vencido por medio de la sangre del Cordero y de la palabra del testimonio de ellos, y menospreciaron sus vidas hasta la muerte. 12 Por lo cual alegraos, cielos, y los que moráis en ellos. ¡Ay de los moradores de la tierra y del mar! porque el diablo ha descendido a vosotros con gran ira, sabiendo que tiene poco tiempo.

13 Y cuando vio el dragón que había sido arrojado a la tierra, persiguió a la mujer que había dado a luz al hijo varón. 14 Y se le dieron a la mujer las dos alas de la gran águila, para que volase de delante de la serpiente al desierto, a su lugar, donde es sustentada por un tiempo, y tiempos, y la mitad de un tiempo. 15 Y la serpiente arrojó de su boca, tras la mujer, agua como un río, para que fuese arrastrada por el río. 16 Pero la tierra ayudó a la mujer, pues la tierra abrió su boca y tragó el río que el dragón había echado de su boca. 17 Entonces el dragón se llenó de ira contra la mujer; y se fue a hacer guerra contra el resto de la descendencia de ella, los que guardan los mandamientos de Dios y tienen el testimonio de Jesucristo.


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Red top red cube and below blue ( rotating )
One of the Hypercube or tesseract shadows in movement 

Bipyramid or octahedron in rhombic dodecahedron 
Egyptian Knowledge of  Giza Pyramids ( As above so below )

Freemason Pierre L´ Enfant Washington map ( rhombic dodecahedron encrypted )

Remember 11 September bold date letter to Washington as stated on Graham Hancock´s and Robert Bauval Talisman.
The hexagram defines a cube in 2 D, the  Y substitutes the G on high Freemasonry
Saturn north pole NASA picture 

As we have seen before Saturn metal in Alchemy is lead the giant powerful black sun battery

Pbs Lead Sulfide Structure  

Galena home made radio  ( no electricity needed and first radios and reason
why ancient civilizations venerated energetic stones )

Gaul word comes from Galena ore

We make a cut on the rhombic dodecahedron and  we got the Giza Pyramids and what Egyptians knew about earth of as above so below.

Note : The process of reduction and fr

Mars Natural Pyramids ore tessellations 

Take care with ascension dream sellers 1111

David Wilcock, Richard Hoagland, etc, illuminati disinformation agents

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As always sulfure provides the negatively charged atoms joining with
positively charged metals, pyrite is the most stable of Irons ores, as you can see the structure
is perfectly balanced with Iron.

Pyrite iron ore ( As always sulfate gives the structure )

The mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite, is an iron sulfide with the formula FeS2. This mineral's metallic luster and pale-to-normal, brass-yellow hue have earned it the nickname fool's gold because of its resemblance to gold. The color has also led to the nicknames brassbrazzle and Brazil, primarily used to refer to pyrite found in coal.

Brazilian flag an the yellow Sulphur 8 octahedron in the green sulphur golden rectangle
the world in sulphur blue flame.
Remember all America´s North and South founding fathers were Freemasons.
Lafayette and Garibaldi were the heroes of two worlds or Chaos creators ( Ordo ab Chao ) fighting against other Freemasons, divide and Reign. ( Machiavelli )

Note : Was used as sulfuric acid ore VITRIOL Christian Rosencreuz clue 

 The acidic run off from the heap was then boiled with iron to produce iron sulfate. In the 15th century, oil of vitriol (sulfuric acid) was manufactured either from copperas or by burning sulfur to sulfur dioxide and then converting that to sulfuric acid. By the 19th century, the dominant method was to burn iron pyrite

The octahedron or bipyramid on magnetite 

Magnetite is a ferrimagnetic mineral with chemical formula Fe3O4, one of severaliron oxides and a member of the spinel group.

Wormballs construction 

Note : Constructed over rhombic patterns 

E) "Pyrite" symmetry (which has the rotations of a tetrahedron and only three mirror planes) can be done in this technique if you make 4 "left-handed" and 4 "right-handed" triangles which assemble as an octahedron. (Each triangle abuts three triangles of the other handedness.) This is most easily accomplished in a tessellation program by choosing the "3*3" symmetry group. Below is an example of a layout illustrating this symmetry: (I drew the worm to touch the triangle edge midpoints, but that is not essential and it is not a 2-fold axis point.)

3.3 Symmetry group 

Uniform polyhedron-33-t2.png

Uniform polyhedron-43-t2.png{3,4}Uniform polyhedron-53-t2.png{3,5}Uniform polyhedron-63-t2.png{3,6}Uniform tiling 73-t2.png{3,7}Uniform tiling 83-t2.png{3,8}Uniform tiling 39-t0.png{3,9}

Remember the origin of Freemasonry number 33 ( space tessellation )
Note: 33 inverted triangle in a yellow orange sulphur background 
The two double headed eagle symbolized the Machiavellian philosophy divide
and rule, the eagle is man, one on the left and the other on the right 
the sword fight and war between the two of them, above the crown with 
the motto ordo ab chaos, their planned order from their artificially generated chaos.

3, 2 = 3.3

: 3,3 = 3.3.3
3.4 =  

33 Symbolizes the magnetic grid, also known as the Dragon or Serpent lines ( fire ring )
( Lucifer contact )


Net of the icosahedron 

Washington map rhombic tilling 

Bavarian flag 

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Istar con la luz como simbolo de la iluminacion.

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