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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 16/08/2012 04:50
in the Valley of the Sun

Part 1

June 26, 2007
by Goro (goroadachi.com)

Atlantis STS-117 was 'Mission Phoenix', a high-tech firebird fueled by the Sun, destination Isis, ultimate goal... Resurrection. For those carefully listening to the 'whispers of Enki', this was easy enough to see.

The launch was obviously timed to commemorate the third anniversary of the 'Sangreal conception', the Transit of Venus (6/8/05). The 'Grail baby' is due in 2012, when Venus will again pass in front of the Sun, completing the double Transit cycle - Venus to Venus, conception to birth.

Atlantis STS-117 was in essence a microcosm, condensing the 2004-2012 'gestation period' into 14 days, giving us a 'halftime report' on where we are and where we may be headed in this river time.


One Night in Paris

The first 'signal' to be noticed at the time of the 'phoenix rising' was Paris Hilton. As the MSNBC website put it: 'Back to space', 'Back to jail', side by side.


As it began, so it ended. Atlantis concluded its mission on June 22nd at the secondary landing site, Edwards Air Force Base in California. The last time a space shuttle landed there was back in 2005 (Discovery STS-114). It was back then that I was able to discover the secret of the Paris axes, one of which I've been calling the 'Tower Axis' is perfectly aligned with Edwards AFB. The other axis dubbed the 'Historical Axis' (Champs Elysees, etc.) is aligned with Houston, a city closely associated with the Apollo program and the Moon or 'Diana' (the moon goddess). Princes Diana of course died in Paris.

[There is much more to the Paris Axis complex.]

Through Princess Diana returns the motif of the 'resurrection of King Arthur'. Prince William is the Monolith on the Moon.

Born on June 21, the summer solstice, it was largely his 'birth' that Atlantis quietly commemorated by landing on 6/21-22, foreshadowing his 'Mayan rebirth'.

Atlantis STS-117 began with Paris and ended with Paris.

But it was back on June 4th, three days before launch, that we initially saw Paris Hilton going to prison, coinciding with the unveiling of the 2012 London Olympic logo, together evoking the next Venus Transit in 2012 - especially since Venus represents the planet/goddess of love or sex and Paris herself is something of a 'sex symbol'. In other words, through the unlikely figure of Paris Hilton the current Venus Transit pair - 2004 and 2012 - was evoked in quick succession on June 4 & June 8. The London Olympics on the other hand alludes again to the British Royal Family, Prince William in particular, implying 'Resurrection of King Billy in 2012'.

In the Womb of the Virgin

Traditionally the rebirth/resurrection takes place through the 'Mother', a story typified by the ancient Egyptian god Osiris' resurrection through the womb of Isis, reborn as his son Horus. She is the Virgin as well as the Magdalene. She is the 'stargate', as is Paris...

'Paris' gives us Princess Diana who died in Paris. Paris is 'Par-Isis' or 'Paria-Isis', a city semi-officially dedicated to Isis-Sirius, the ancient Egyptian goddess and its star. Isis is also ISS, the International Space Station, where Atlantis arrived on June 10th. It's the high-tech Paris and a floating Virginia. The Virgin along with Mary Magdalene is a Christianized Isis. Atlantis STS-117 was launched soon after Queen Elizabeth II's high-profile visit to Virginia (May 3-4) and before that the Virginia Tech massacre (April 16). Atlantis took 'pieces of Virginia' to the ISS.

The previous Atlantis mission (STS-115) visited the ISS in September 2006. It was accompanied by a Lexington jet plane crash, storm/hurricane Ernesto, hurricane Florence, and Virginia/Bermuda.

Ernesto 'docked' with Virginia - the earthly ISS - shortly before Atlantis docked with the ISS. Florence, the next hurricane/storm, passed over Bermuda which is a 'Virginia island' in the Atlantic Ocean on September 11th, the day Atlantis STS-115 arrived at the ISS.



Hurricane Florence

Atlantis STS-115

9/11 Event

Air Terror

Over Bermuda

Docking with ISS (9/11/06)

('divine wind')

'Kamikaze' attacks by air-planes
(= air dimension)

(violent/'divine' wind)

Atlas = pillar(s) between heaven & earth (atmosphere)


Twin Towers
('Pillars of Hercules')

In Atlantic Ocean

Name 'Atlantis'


Attack on the Pentagon => Venus/Sirius = Isis

Bermuda = Virgineola/Virginia => Mary = Isis

Docking with ISS ('Isis')

Ernesto became the first 2006 Atlantic hurricane on August 27, the day Atlantis was originally scheduled to launch (pushed back because of Ernesto). The same day a plane headed for Atlanta ('Atlantis') crashed upon takeoff in Lexington, Kentucky, producing an intelligent 'April 19'/'domestic terror' alignment scheme:

Our 'STEREO Timecode' - to be fully explained sometime later - projected an echo of the crash for April 16, 2007. It became the day of the Virginia Tech massacre. The shooter grew up in Fairfax County 20 miles from Washington DC (pinpointed in the Lex/Apr. 19 map). Domestic terror, Washington DC, and Virginia 'magically' converged on April 16.

stereo-spacetime-5.gif (43588 bytes)

'April 19' would have been more straightforward a pattern, but it would have been less informative. Among other things, the date shift gave us a hyperlink to Pope Benedict XVI, who was born on April 16 and elected pope on April 19 ('05).

The Pope was in Brazil May 9-14. Queen Elizabeth II, Diana's mother-in-law, was in the US May 3-8. It was as if these were two segments of the same American tour.

The Queen was there mainly for the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown... in Virginia, just two and a half weeks after the Virginia Tech national tragedy.

April 16, '07 May 3-4

From Virginia the Queen flew to Lexington, Kentucky, touching down at Blue Grass Airport, where the 8/27/06 plane crash took place (=> STEREO echo Va. Tech)! She then flew to Washington DC, faithfully following the 'crash runway alignment'. Then, saving the best for last, the Queen had a little chat with the crew of the ISS on  her last day!

Nothing was left out.

She then passed the torch to the Pope, the 'Father', arriving n South America (Brazil) the next day. The hidden significance of Brazil will be discussed some other time.

The stage was set for Atlantis STS-117. 'Atlantis' and 'Virginia' would be united once again in June.

Summer Solstice Capstone

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Reply  Message 2 of 5 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 16/08/2012 04:51

Atlantis was supposed to come back on June 19. The STEREO Timecode disagreed. It said more like June 21-22, closer to the summer solstice or the opposite point from the landing of the previous shuttle, Discovery STS-116 (Dec. 22). Sure enough, on June 11 NASA did push it back to June 21, and then bad weather pushed it back further to June 22, fulfilling the 'STEREO prophecy'. NASA even changed the landing site to Edwards AFB to amplify the 'Paris' signal. It was the capstone on a pyramid, where the STEREO Time Channel A and B finally merged, book-marking the birthday or 'resurrection' of Prince William.

Deep Impact Resurrection

Like the STEREO configuration above, Deep Impact had a solar '180' (double) alignment, pinpointing June 4-6, '06.

'Deep Impact' collided with Comet Tempel 1 on July 4, 2005, followed by the 7/7 London bombings three days later. It was 'as above, so below', as well as 'what goes up must come down' (London was euphoric just a day before, having been selected to host the 2012 Olympics).


June 6, '06, a Deep Impact echo day, was 'Beast Day' boasting three sixes 6/6/06 or '666', the infamous 'Mark of the Beast'. It's closely associated with Biblical 'End Times', as are '2012' and the destruction and rebuilding of the Temple. Deep Impact was the latter. The comet struck was 'Tempel 1' as in 'First Temple' which is 'Solomon's Temple'; and the collision took place on July 4th which happens to be a Solomonic/Templar day, as pointed out in Talisman (Bauval & Hancock, p.470):

...in all history books on the Knights Templar, the date of 4 July is particularly highlighted... It is the date of the Templars' massive defeat by Muslim armies in the Holy Land at the Horns of Hattin on 4 July AD 1187, which was followed by the loss of Jerusalem to Christendom. There could therefore hardly be a more evocative 'Templar' or 'Solomonic' date than 4 July - evocative, that is, of the aspiration to rebuild Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.

Enough said.

Beast Day 6/6/6 was also an 'Orange Day' - a day marked by an 'Orange Alignment', or the lining up of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus (as seen from 'above' the solar system). It's the 'minute hand' of our Super Torch Ritual/Damage Plan 'clock'. If you see orange - watch out. Godfather knows it.

The most recent Orange Day was June 4th, 2007 - which was, again, the day of the first Paris incarceration and the 2012 Olympic logo!

The next 'Orange Alignment' will be around August 16-17, joined by Earth.

On August 16 heaven and earth collide... in the film 'Deep Impact' (1998).

It's also a Venus Transit echo, though no actual transit per se. It'll still the same configuration of an Earth-Venus-Sun alignment that we'll see around August 16-17.

The double impact - of an Orange Alignment and a VT-like alignment - is even STEREO-supported. Pretty powerful stuff. It's going to be something... Maybe the Pope should watch out.

Valley of the Sun

It was back in 2005 that Orange Alignments first got our attention. The exit of Pope John Paul II - which I was able to predict - coincided with not one by two Orange Alignments. One was the pope's first hospitalization January 31/Feb 1 and the other the actual death on April 2nd. The latter was accompanied by an Orange Alignment joined by Earth and Jupiter not unlike the upcoming one in August '07.

In hindsight, his death was already expressing Resurrection, being preceded by a mega-quake, striking Sumatra on March 28, the day after Easter or 'Resurrection Day'. The Orange Alignment was precise on March 29-30, or right between the quake and the pope finally expiring. The sequence implied his impending 'resurrection'. That, of course, happened. Enter Joseph Ratzinger - born on April 16, reborn on April 19 as Pope Benedict XVI.

On the second anniversary of the death of John Paul II this year we saw a Sumatra-like earthquake/tsunami striking the Solomon Islands just two weeks after Virginia Tech. That was a notable 'Resurrection echo'.

Reply  Message 3 of 5 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 16/08/2012 04:51

It was also 'Deep Impact' - an attack on 'Solomon' (Temple), so to speak. We get this idea that Resurrection and Deep Impact are two interlocking themes.

Indeed there was an alignment formed by the Solomon epicenter, Maui, and Phoenix. 'Phoenix' is the mythological bird of resurrection.

Maui heavily interacts with our long-time friend, 'US Golden Transit Line'...

When extended beyond Golden Gate/San Francisco, it goes straight to Maui.

Maui is medicinally aligned with Athens, where the 2004 Summer Olympics took place two months after the Venus Transit. They told the same story, of a Grail pregnancy and birth (resurrection).

Maui is also 'Atlantean'. It corresponds to mid-June 2007 on 'Timeline C' assigned to the Transit Line. We knew this before Atlantis STS-117 was scheduled there, becoming 'Mission Phoenix'.

We were also reintroduced to the... Sun.

The phoenix is a 'sun bird', identified with the Benben Stone (pyramid capstone) or the soul/seed of Osiris. It's traditionally kept in Heliopolis, the 'City of the Sun'. Phoenix the city has the official nickname 'Valley of the Sun'. Pope John Paul II was 'of the labor/eclipse of the Sun', the prophetic motto given by St. Malachy (1094-1148). It was dramatically fulfilled when the pope's funeral coincided with a solar eclipse. Maui has a volcano named 'Haleakala', meaning 'House of the Sun.

'House of the Sun' can imply 'House of Horus'. Horus was a sun-god and the son of the ancient Egyptian god of resurrection Osiris. 'House of Horus' is also Hathor. Her name means 'House of Horus'. She was a revered ancient Egyptian goddess thought to herald imminent birth or a 'great flood' ('water breaking'). Maui is aligned with Athens which gave us the Grail story of pregnancy and birth - or 'labor of the Sun'.


'Resurrection' is about reproduction. We are reborn through our offspring, and 'Jesus' is no different. It's about, among other things, his bloodline surviving through Mary Magdalene's womb. (That's at least the storyline.) Obviously this is why Mary Magdalene is suddenly a major figure during Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection in the Gospels, and why Jesus goes into a 'hole' (cave/tomb/womb) and comes out 'reborn', as it were, through Mary Magdalene. This is a simple metaphor. Santa doesn't have to be 'real' to be meaningful.

The story is patterned after the story of Osiris-Horus. It's also about the death and resurrection of the Sun.

The city Phoenix is the 'Valley of the Sun', implying 'death of the Sun' or diminished Sun. John Paul II was a 'labor/eclipse of the Sun', when the Sun temporarily dies, hidden behind the Moon. (Note: There will be a solar eclipse on September 11 this year.)

A light bulb should be going off at this point. We're now staring at a hitherto unseen force behind the intensification of the 'Resurrection theme' in 2007.

Simply put, 2007 is the year of solar minimum. That is to say that, the Sun is in its least active state in the current 11-year sunspot cycle in 2007. In other words, the year 2007 signifies the trough of the 'Valley of the Sun', i.e. Phoenix! This is a 'Resurrection Moment' - the Sun dies, and is reborn.

The 'Resurrected Sun' will peak right around 2012 - which is, of course, the year of the next Venus Transit, the London Olympics, and the Mayan 'end of time'!


It's about the Resurrection of the Sun.

Once and Future King

Five rings of the Olympic flag, five revolutions around the Sun, five years, from 2007 to 2012... the Grail in the womb.

During the coming years, we'll almost certainly see major changes on the throne of England, likely involving fall of the House of Windsor. This will be triggered or culminate when Prince William or Harry is crowned. As Princess Diana's offspring, they are of the royal bloodline of the House of Stuart, a Scottish 'Grail dynasty' that ruled England and Scotland in the 17th century. The Stuarts' reign came to an end when the German House of Hanover, the predecessor to the current House of Windsor, more or less 'hijacked' the crown. The transition began when James II was forced to not only vacate the throne but flee for his life. The Jacobites have contended that the removal of James II was illegal therefore the subsequent rulers were all illegitimate. In a sense, 'King Arthur' lost his rightful place if we go with the idea that the Stuarts are a special branch of the Blood Royal/Holy Grail (i.e. messianic bloodline). Princes Diana was a direct descendant of Stuart kings.

While the Windsor bloodline seems to have flowed through the House of Stuart also, historically the Windsors and the Jacobites (those who support and believe in the legitimacy of James II and his descendants) are enemies, and Princess Diana and her princes represent the Jacobite side at least symbolically.

Take for example the fact that the Jacobites and James II were, though Scottish, closely aligned with France, which is the land of the Merovingians and the Holy Grail/Blood Royal. It was the Merovingian king Clovis who first made Paris the capital, where Princess Diana died. The Merovingians like their predecessors seem to have worshiped Artemis whose Roman equivalent is the goddess Diana. Artemis is closely associated with the bear, as was King Arthur, the name 'Arthur' stemming from 'ursus' (or 'arth') meaning 'bear'. King Arthur is the 'Once and Future King', expressing resurrection.

The basic storyline is that of 'House of Stuart vs. House of Hanover/Windsor' or 'Scotland vs. England/Germany' - something foreshadowed back in February when the Best Actress and Best Actor Oscars went to 'The Queen' and 'The Last King of Scotland' respectively.

The next day came the announcement of the 'Lost Tomb of Jesus'. It reinforced the aforementioned storyline by evoking the concept of Blood Royal/Holy Grail and Resurrection.

Just a few weeks before that, it was the Super Bowl (February 3) giving us the following 'signals':

  • Prince performing during halftime

  • Dolphin Stadium: 'Dauphin' = French princely title

  • Prince staring the show with 'We Will Rock You', a famous song by Queen

  • The stage was Prince's notorious 'love symbol', relatable to Venus.

It was also telling that the Super Bowl stadium was precisely aligned with Sacramento where California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger resides, who is another 'Mayan king figure' (guess where he'll be in 2012?). This was 'completed' nine days later, on February 12, when twin shootings in Philadelphia and Salt Lake City produced a secondary alignment re-highlighting Sacramento.

Feb 12: Three die in shooting in Philadelphia
Feb 12: Several people shot at Salt Lake City mall

Reply  Message 4 of 5 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 16/08/2012 04:52

On the same date in 2005, we had a major signal also involving two conjoined events - the Windsor Tower fire in Madrid (Feb. 12-13) and the appearance of 'The (Orange) Gates' in Manhattan (Central Park). The Windsor Tower destruction already hinted at the fall of the House of Windsor. More significantly, however, it was these events that first introduced me to the Golden Transit Line (purple line in graphic).

I noted that the NYC orange 'Gates' had a west coast counterpart in the 'Golden Gate' (San Francisco), which, magically, just happened to be 1.618 times the distance from Madrid to NYC, precisely expressing the 'Golden Ratio' (= 1:1.618), a mathematical 'golden gate'. This was clearly an intelligent design.

What I didn't realize back then, however, was how the combination of orange, New York City, and February 12-13 was quietly pointing its finger at a historic figure. A monarch named William III of Orange.

'King Billy' was a Dutch prince from the House of Orange who succeeded James II as the king of England/Ireland on February 12/13, 1689. James II was the last 'genuine' Stuart king to wear the English crown. The reign of William III and his co-ruler wife Mary II began the power shift from the Stuarts to the Parliamentary monarchy of the House of Hanover from German, as well as the beginning of the Jacobite movement which unsuccessfully tried to restore James II or his heirs to the throne.

In other words, William III represents a major 'gateway' point - an 'Orange Gate' - in the story. Indeed, New York, where the Orange Gates appeared on the anniversary of the beginning of King Billy's reign (2/12/05), was once called 'New Orange'... in honor of that Orange King, King Billy!

So the basic storyline is: 'The House of Windsor is to be judged, because of what happened at the time of King William III'. It is very Jacobite. It's about the resurrection of the House of Stuart, the Merovingians, or the 'Grail bloodline'.

It is in this context that we finally begin to understand the hidden significance of the world events witnessed around February 12 this year.

There was the double shooting event on Feb. 12 stemming from the symbolism of the Super Bowl on February 3. They were actually framing the 'main event' on February 8 - the high-impact death of Anna Nicole Smith near Miami (where the Super Bowl was played).

Now consider the following:

  • February 8th was the anniversary of the death of Mary, Queen of Scots, one of the best-known Stuart monarchs.

  • Both of Anna Nicole's parents (it seems) were born on July 12th, known as 'The Twelfth' or 'Orangemen's Day' commemorating the Battle of the Boyne (1690) in which William III defeated the Jacobite army fighting for James II.

  • The Battle of the Boyne actually took place on July 1st (Julian calendar), which is Princess Diana's birthday.

  • Anna was buried on March 2nd, two days before the original airing of 'Lost Tomb of Jesus' on the Discovery Channel, signifying 'resurrection'. (The Stuarts are said to be of the Grail/Jesus bloodline.)

  • The issue of inheritance or bloodlines was a major topic discussed in the media following her death.

  • Anna was buried in the Bahamas' capital Nassau, a city named in honor of King Billy. ('Nassau' coming from his House of Orange-Nassau).

  • Nassau is famous for its Atlantis Paradise Island.

Anna Nicole Smith's death was essentially about King Billy and the 'lost king'! It also brings Atlantis back into the picture... as it should. Remember, Maui, synonymous with Atlantis STS-117, is aligned with NYC or 'New Orange', the city of King Billy, via the Golden Transit Line!

We can infer from this that the Resurrection theme attached to Maui and Atlantis STS-117 is applicable to King Billy. 'Resurrection of King William'. And 'King William' in this case would signify the destiny of Prince William. Resurrection of a 'Stuart king'! Don't forget that Atlantis landed on June 22 (original schedule June 21) to highlight the birthday of Prince William (6/21).


So the picture is getting clearer and clearer.

Speaking of pictures, do you see what vaguely appears to be a person placing a crown (the Olympic rings) on the big head of another, almost-kneeling person in the 2012 Olympics logo?

The birth of 'King Billy' in London in 2012?

A preview at solar minimum (2007), actualization at solar maximum (2012).The phoenix rising... A 'King Arthur' is in the womb, getting ready to come out.

But danger looms... From the Book of Revelation: 

12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
12:6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

Before London 2012, there is the 2008 Summer Olympics... in China. One of China's national emblems is the dragon.

Dragons are also closely associated with the Grail bloodline. The term 'messiah', for instance, comes from 'Meseh' meaning crocodile, the closet thing we have in real life to a 'dragon'. And King Arthur is sometimes referred to as Arthur Pendragon - 'Pendragon' being a title meaning 'head dragon'.

...To be continued.


Article: 7/7/07: Solar Resurrection Day


Jun 29  

Jun 30  

Jul 16  

Jul 09  

July 20 'Sunshine' released; all about... Resurrection of a dying Sun!

Jul 27  


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/10/2012 04:30

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