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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 08/11/2011 14:36

The Masonic Blazing Star, not to be confused with the 5-Pointed Star, is one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry.


Blazing Star

The information, below is attributed to Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, 1929 in which Masonic scholars define the Masonic Star of Freemasonry.

Hutchinson said: “It is the first and most exalted object that demands our attention in the Lodge.”

Like many other Freemason symbols, it undoubtedly derives this importance, first, from the repeated use that is made of it as a Masonic emblem; and second, from its great antiquity, as a symbol derived from older systems.

Part of the Furniture of the Lodge:  In the earliest monitors, immediately after the revival of 1717, the Masonic Blazing Star is not mentioned, but it was not long before it was introduced. In the instructions of 1735, it is detailed as a part of the furniture of a Lodge, with the explanation that the “Mosaic Pavement is the Ground Floor of the Lodge, the Blazing Star, the Centre, and the Indented Tarsel, the Border round about it!”

Star of Bethlehem:  In the lectures credited to Dunckerley and adopted by the Grand Lodge, the Blazing Star was said to represent “the star which led the wise men to Bethlehem, proclaiming to mankind the nativity of the Son of God, and here conducting our spiritual progress to the Author of our redemption.”

3 Ornaments of the Lodge:  In the Prestonian lecture, the Masonic Blazing Star, with the Mosaic Pavement and the Tesselated Border, are called the Ornaments of the Lodge.

The Prestonian lecture goes on to explain:

Moses on the Mount:  “The Masonic Blazing Star, or glory in the center, reminds us of that awful period when the Almighty delivered the two tables of stone, containing the 10 commandments to His faithful servant, Moses on Mount Sinai, when the rays of His divine glory shone so bright that none could behold it without fear and trembling.


It also reminds us of the omnipresence of the Almighty, overshadowing us with His divine love, and dispensing His blessings amongst us; and by its being placed in the center, it further reminds us, that wherever we may be assembled together, God is in the midst of us, seeing our actions, and observing the secret intents and movements of our hearts.”

Divine Providence

Star of Bethlehem:
 In the lectures taught by Webb, and very generally adopted in the United States, the Masonic Blazing Star is said to be “commemorative of the star which appeared to guide the wise men of the East to the place of our Saviour’s nativity,” and it is subsequently explained as hieroglyphically representing Divine Providence.

Prudence:  In Hutchinson’s system, the Masonic Blazing Star is considered a symbol of Prudence…for Prudence is the rule of all Virtues; Prudence is the path which leads to every degree of propriety; Prudence is the channel where self-approbation flows for ever; she leads us forth to worthy actions, and as a Blazing Star, enlighteneth us through the dreary and darksome paths of this life”…(Spirit of Masonry, edition of 1775, Lecture 5, Page 111).

Back to Divine Providence:  But the commemorative allusion to the Star of Bethlehem seeming to some to be objectionable, from its peculiar application to the Christian religion, at the revision of the lectures made in 1843 by the Baltimore Convention, this explanation was omitted and the allusion to Divine Providence, alone, was retained.

The Creator:  The Freemasons on the Continent of Europe, speaking of the symbol, say: “It is no matter whether the figure of which the Masonic Blazing Star forms the center be a square, triangle, or circle, it still represents the sacred name of God, as an universal spirit who enlivens our hearts, who purifies our reason, who increases our knowledge, and who makes us wiser and better men.”

In the lectures revised by Doctor Hemming and adopted by the Grand Lodge of England at the Union in 1813, and now constituting the approved lectures of that jurisdiction, we find the following definition:

The Sun:  “The Blazing Star, or glory in the center, refers us to the sun, which enlightens the earth with its refulgent rays, dispensing its blessings to mankind at large and giving light and life to all things here below.”

Hence, we find that at various times the Masonic Blazing Star has been declared to be a symbol of

1. Divine Providence
2. The Star of Bethlehem
3. Prudence
4. Beauty
5. The Sun

Before we can attempt to decide upon these various opinion, and adopt the true signification, it is necessary to extend our investigations into the antiquity of the emblem, and inquire what was the meaning given to it by the nations who first made it a symbol.

Sabaism, or worship of the stars, was one of the earliest deviations from the true system of religion. One of its causes was the universally established doctrine among the idolatrous nations of antiquity, that each star was animated by the soul of a hero god, who had once dwelt incarnate upon earth. Hence, in the hieroglyphical system, the star denoted a god.

The Prophet Amos:  To this signification, allusion is made by the prophet Amos (Amos 5:26), when he says to the Israelites, while reproaching them for their idolatrous habits: “But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chium, your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.”

Egyptian Idolatry:  This idolatry was early learned by the Israelites from their Egyptian taskmasters; and so unwilling were they to abandon it, that Moses found it necessary strictly to forbid the worship of anything “that is in heaven above”; notwithstanding which we find the Jews repeatedly committing the sin which had been so expressly forbidden.

Saturn was the star to whose worship they were more particularly addicted under the names of Moloch and Chium, (already mentioned in the passage quoted from Amos).


The planet Saturn was worshiped under the names of Moloch, Malcolm or Milcom by the Ammonites, the Canaanites, the Phoenicians, and the Carthaginians, and under that of Chium by the Israelites in the desert.

Saturn was worshiped among the Egyptians under the name of Raiphan, or as it is called in the Septuagint, Remphan. (For more about the Septuagint, see Freemasonry and the Bible.

(Acts 7:43): St. Stephen, quoting the passage of Amos, says: “ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch and the star of your god, Remphan”. (also see Acts 7:43).

Hale, in his Analysis of Chronology, says in alluding to the above passage:

“There is no direct evidence that the Israelites worshiped the Dog-Star in the wilderness, except this passage; but the indirect is very strong, drawn from the general prohibition of the worship of the sun, moon and stars, to which they must have been prone.

This was peculiarly an Egyptian idolatry, where the Dog-Star was worshiped, as notifying by his heliacal rising, or emersion from the sun’s rays, the regular commencement of the periodical inundation of the Nile.

The Israelite sculptures at the cemetery of Kibroth-Hattaavah, or graves of lust, in the neighborhood of Sinai, remarkably abound in hieroglyphics of the Dog-Star, represented as a human figure with a dog’s head.

There is express evidence that they sacrificed to the Dog-Star. In Josiah’s description of idolatry, where the Syriac Mazaloth (improperly termed planets) denotes the Dog-Star; in Arabic, Mazaroth.”

Notwithstanding a few discrepancies that may have occurred in the Masonic lectures, as arranged at various periods and by different authorities, the concurrent testimony of the ancient religions, and the hieroglyphic language, prove that the star was a symbol of God.

It was so used by the prophets of old in their metaphorical style, and it has so been generally adopted by Masonic instructors.

Masonic Blazing Star...As A Christian Emblem

The application of the Masonic Blazing Star as an emblem of the Savior has been made by those writers who give a Christian explanation of our emblems, and to the Christian Freemason, such an application will not be objectionable.

But those who desire to refrain from anything that may tend to impair the tolerance of our system, will be disposed to embrace a more universal explanation, which may be received alike by all the disciples of the Order, whatever may be their peculiar religious views.


Such persons will rather accept the expression of Doctor Oliver, who, though much disposed to give a Christian character to our Institution, says in his Symbol of Glory, page 292, “The Great Architect of the Universe is therefore symbolized in Freemasonry by the Blazing Star, as the Herald of our salvation.”

Waved Pointed Star:  John Guillim, the editor in 1610 of the book A Display of Heraldrie, says: “All stars should be made with waved points, because our eyes tremble at beholding them.”

In the early Tracing Board, the star with five straight points is superimposed upon another of five waving points.

But the latter (five waving–points) star has now been abandoned and we have in the representations of the present day, the incongruous (to Mackey) symbol of a Masonic blazing star with five straight points.

Letter G:  In the center of the star, there was always placed the letter “G”, which like the Hebrew word, “Yod”, was a recognized symbol of God, and thus the symbolic reference of the Blazing Star to Divine Providence is greatly strengthened.

Credit and full acknowledgement is given to Albert Mackey, Mackey’s Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Volume 1, Page 138 and 139, 1929, for the above information.

Simon-Sez:  Whew! That was a long one. Sorry about that, but I felt that you deserved as full a history and the biblical relevance from the different points of view of Masonic scholars throughout history about the Masonic Blazing Star instead of a simple and trite answer that our Masonic Blazing Star is the symbol of Deity.

Freemasonry is fascinating, but rarely is it that simple. ...And Fat-Free?...only on this website. :)

I would also be remiss not to mention that within the Scottish Rite degrees there are similar but slightly different explanations of the Masonic Blazing Star within that organization, but that is beyond the scope of the Basic Freemasonry I attempt to share with you, here.

For those of you who are interested, the "Fat-Free" version of the above information is below.



The Masonic Blazing star is not only a Masonic symbol, but an ancient and historic one. 

From early days, Man has always looked to the heavens for guidance.  


The Sun God:  The sun is also a star.  We find that early man worshipped the Sun as a god.  In Egypt, we find that stars were also chosen as symbols of earthly heroes who once lived on earth and whose spirits were immortalized in the form of a tangible (something you can see, feel or touch) object. 

The Dog Star:  Egyptian idols and gravestone contain representations of Sirius, the Dog Star.  The Dog Star is actually 2 stars called Sirius A and Sirius B. 


Due to the fact that the Dog Star is 8.6 light years away, without a telescope of the magnitudinal category of the Hubble Telescope, using the naked eye, we see it as one star. 

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky because it is approximately twice the size of our sun. 


Heliacal Rising:  The Dog Star has a heliacal rising.  When the Dog Star would first become visible on the Eastern horizon approximately once a year, ancient peoples made note of it.  A heliacal rising is when the star becomes visible upon the Eastern horizon at dawn, travels through the sky and "sets" in the West, much like our sun.  Our sun and moon are visible for approximately 12 hours each day. 


However, depending upon a star's placement in the sky, a star with a heliacal rising may appear on the Eastern horizon and slowly "rise"  higher in the sky each day, until it "sets" in the West several months later.

Egyptian Calendar:  The ancient Egyptians based their calendar on the heliacal rising of Sirius and devised a method of telling the time at night based on the heliacal risings of 36 stars called decan stars (one for each 10° segment of the 360° circle of the zodiac/calendar).

Agricultural Calendar:  The Sumerians, the Babylonians, and the ancient Greeks also used the heliacal risings of various stars for the timing of agricultural activities.

Seafaring Travelers used the stars as a guide, much as we use a map, today. 


Star of Bethlehem:  For Christians, it represents God's light, ...the star of Bethlehem which guided the Wise Men to the manger whereupon they found the Son of God. 


It is for that reason that the star resides at the pinnacle (the very top) of every Christmas tree, as a symbol of God's guidance.


Astronomy and Astrology:  The ancients believed that the stars in the sky were connected to earthly events. Miracles were routinely associated with the birth of important people. 


Hence, the study of astronomy and astrology were conceived.  While many people scoff at these beliefs, today; we must also be cognizant of the deeply held belief in this system. 

Halley's Comet:  For those people who reject this theory completely, we must not forget that famous Freemason, Mark Twain, American author and humorist, who was born in 1835, two weeks after the closest approach to Earth of Halley's Comet.  In 1909, he is quoted as having said: 

"I came in with Halley's Comet in 1835.  It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it."  His comment was prophetic.  He died in April of 1910, (age 75) one day after the comet's closest approach to Earth.

From ancient civilizations to modern man,...our Masonic Blazing Star is a symbol of Divine Providence...the symbol of Deity which represents:






Omnipresence (the fact that the Creator is always present in our lives)

Omniscience (the fact that the Creator both sees and knows everything about us, including our thoughts and the secrets of our hearts)



...And throughout history, the Masonic Blazing Star is an ancient emblem of faith which shines for each of us, no matter which specific religion we embrace.





It makes its appearance in several of the Degrees.


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Reply  Message 9 of 23 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 13/05/2014 15:40
As already mentioned, it is the University of Bradford in the UK that has posted the Freemason ‘Hiram Key star map’ on line, making it available publicly as part of American history and a valuable historical reference document. The image seen below is a carefully reproduced image by Wayne. He uses the two most important sources: One from a famous Freemason and the earliest known version of it from University of Bradford. Ref - Click here

The ‘star map’ may have originated from a man called Hiram Abif. Ref – Click here

Very little is known about where he acquired his legendary secret. A secret that would inspire the beginnings of Freemasonry. Hiram Abif was murdered, as history has recorded it, for not sharing it. One would assume his killers acquired this ‘star map’ document from his possession without knowing its exact meaning. Freemason lodges across the globe have now published many variations of its symbolism. The ‘star map’ undoubtedly qualifies as the most important piece of Freemasonry history (see below).

A number of books have recently published research on the origins of Freemasonry. One specific book that came out in 2005, ‘The Arcana of Freemasonry’ was written by a top Mason, Albert Churchward. This author uses the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ on the cover of his book and refers to it as: “The First Degree Tracing Board of Freemasonry”. 

Why does Wayne refer to this symbolic depiction as a ‘star map’?

The fact is that for any representation of stars to qualify as a real map identifying areas of the cosmos, it needs two things:

  • A recognisable star pattern
  • North and South orientation references
The image above clearly has seven stars that look similar to the Pleiades cluster. If viewing the image above as a window looking out at the horizon, it would place the viewer or initiate (standing in the position of West) looking at the sky above the horizon in the direction of East.

The image portrays a night sky because the seven stars can be seen, as well as the star with a ladder coming down from it referred to in Freemasonry as the “Blazing Star”. There are openings in what looks like mist that appear to accommodate three important heavenly objects. Many have thought the two topmost heavenly objects represent the Sun and the Moon as they pass this area of the night sky near the Pleiades on the ecliptic. But a much more conclusive solution is now at hand.

The three heavenly objects are similar looking to one another and all look like Suns. They are obviously special in a very mysterious way. Wayne has found correlations for all of them as Sun-like stars, as suggested in the astronomical “UPDATE JULY 2007” image if you scroll back up.


The image above offers more on Wayne’s interpretation of the ‘Hiram Abif star map’. It highlights all the components and potentially what they could mean. Wayne is convinced the chequered tiles on the floor represent time. Each tile appears to symbolise 20 000 years of time. He figured out the chronology match for the pillar at the centre by measuring the time required for the “Blazing Star” to move so it would fit as a perfect match to where it is located in the Cydonia star map in his book. It is also shown in the identical position in the ‘Hiram Abif star map’. (See the Mars page on this website for more reasoning).

Once he had figured that out, he could find timeframe matches for the remaining two stars which coincidently also generally agreed with modern fossil records of modern humans. In the foreground, the initiate/viewer (not in picture) stands at the beginnings of the Homo Sapien-Sapien genus on Earth, looking towards the horizon and the sky in the East, which represents the “now”.

The secret to deciphering the pillars and the ladder in the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ is found in texts associated with ‘The Hiram Key’ (see university link). There is very little doubt from this dissertation that the ladder coming down from heaven originates from the biblical Genesis text, as does the pillar. In Genesis Chapter 28 verse 12, Jacob is shown a ladder reaching down from the heavens. Jacob, while witnessing this detailed vision, is then told that humanity was literally given this world.

The text associated with ‘The Hiram Key’ posted on the university website mentions it is Jacob’s ladder that is being depicted.

Jacob then celebrated where the ladder touched the ground by building a pillar at the actual site.

For Wayne the three pillars seen in the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ were particularly intriguing. On closer examination of their possible meaning, he was convinced that in the context of his existing theories they could be celebrating three separate ‘visitation’ events. The visitation of Earth by our human ancestors after colonising three different star systems at three different epochs. It is therefore highly likely that these people who had remarkably advanced technology are the references to “angels” we read about in our holy books. Beings, who were clad in bright clothing, and who could fly and perform great ‘miracles’.

Reply  Message 10 of 23 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 13/05/2014 15:40
  • Wayne interprets the largest pillar (on the left) as a commemorative ‘Genesis’ monument as it were, celebrating the discovery of our solar system by the first space travelling human beings. An epoch apparently dating back 200 000 years ago matching the first consistent collection of modern human fossil remains found. He believes our ancient star ancestor visitors most likely set up a very small number of experimental penal colonies on Earth. History has indeed found people to be living primitively as hunters and gatherers at this epoch. (The penal colony theory is explored in Wayne Herschel’s book, ‘The Hidden Records’. He bases this theory around the fact that Mars once had oceans and an atmosphere. Wayne is convinced Mars was inhabitable up until 10 000 years ago when a meteor impact destroyed it. In its time it would have been the ‘jewel’ of our solar system, more conducive to human colonisation than Earth. Earth is far from being a perfect planet. In reality it is a little too close to the Sun and it is fact that all human beings struggle with the intense solar radiation it is subjected to. Secondly, Earth’s gravity is tough on our thin-walled porous bones and poor muscle connections when compared to every ape and every hominid in history. Earth would therefore have been less favourable than Mars for colonisation). The aforementioned pillar is not embossed with any ornate carvings, unlike the others. This seems to symbolise the simplicity of humanity’s beginnings on Earth. The pillar aligns with the star to the left. This is the star, which Wayne decodes in his Cydonia star map in his book, as the star of humanity’s origins.  A star of humanity’s evolutional beginnings. A place where our human ancestors appear to have evolved up until the point of having developed the technology to space travel. In summary, they would have been the people who discovered our solar system.

  • The pillar on the right aligns with the star above it as the ‘new’ star, TYC 1799 1026 1 (see “Update July 2007” image). This star is in this position close to 100 000 years ago, and most likely represents another star system colonised by our advanced human ancestors next in line in the timeframe. The pillar therefore seems to be celebrating another visitation to Earth by human star travellers from this star system in this epoch. They too seem to have had an interest in planet Earth, perhaps once again only as a penal colony since Mars would still have been the jewel of our solar system at the time. Again, human fossil records from that epoch still show no sign of any technology. The carving on this pillar is slightly more ornate suggesting it is next in sequence and more recent than the epoch measured by the first pillar.

  • For Wayne, the pillar in the centre is the most important pillar. It is closest to this star and therefore represents this, the most important star, the “Blazing star”. It is located near the horizon at the foot of the ladder fitting along a timeline around 17 000 years ago, and tallies exactly with his key star correlation in his book ‘The Hidden Records’. Wayne isolates this star as the one that is celebrated the most by Earth’s diverse civilisations. The pillar seems to represent the beginnings of a mass arrival here in our star system that originated from the “Blazing Star”. It is this pillar that is synonymous with Jacob’s pillar from the biblical Genesis texts. It is embellished with the most intricate carvings, which suggests it is the most recent event of the three-pillar sequence. Fossil records and historical texts and murals suggest that visitors that came from the sky were abundant from this moment forward. What is more, ancient building techniques from this period show a lost technology that is impossible to duplicate today. Wayne contends that their arrival here on Earth could have been a full-scale invasion of this planet, replacing the last Earth hominid… the Neanderthal.
  • Notice what happens if one overlays the two seals on the one-dollar bill to form the combination as seen in the image below. The three stars become visible around the capstone, matching the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ triangulation of the three important astronomically catalogued Sun-like stars.
  • The overlay combination also forms a shape resembling the star of David with the all-seeing eye of God at its centre.
  • The pyramid on the ground is located below the inverted triangle formed by the stars in the sky, as if it were symbolising "as above so below". This strongly suggests that the pyramid starmap theory of Wayne's book is a reality.

Great Seal

The primary clue that led to interpreting the seal in this way is inspired by the matching blazing light themes on the two seals. It seems to suggest an enlightening secret: The connection between the capstone with all-seeing eye and a geometric pattern of stars blazing with an inner triangle of stars portrayed with a similar template to the capstone.

The pyramid capstone was thus repositioned carefully over the counterpart star shape and this is the result here. The letters m-a-s-o-n are also formed by the eagles wing tips, feet and tail only when an exact seal overlay is positioned. A lot more is revealed in this seal later.



If one were to merge together the two triangles in the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ (very faint grey lines) formed by the hourglass shape geometry, it also symbolises "as above so below". Also, notice that the star of David is formed (see the reproduced image below). This symbol is thought by many to trace back to the Seal of Solomon. The Judaic sacred symbol for the star of David (according to Wikipedia) represents the sacred number seven. A six pointed star with its larger hexagonal centre representing seven.

Their Menorah, or sacred oil lamp, also celebrates the sacred number with seven burning flames. One has to wonder if there is deliberate symbolism here. It is interesting too that a star icon is being formed when the two triangles merge to form the ‘star’ of David. Could it be representing one single important star in the heavens, the “Blazing Star”, while encrypted in it is the record of seven other nearby sacred stars… the Pleiades?


In the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ the key placed on the ladder may well symbolise Hiram’s key to the secret he was privy to, perhaps even the ‘key’ to deciphering the secret star map theory that he alone held. Wayne has proposed that St Peter also protected the same secret knowledge and in statues it is the key he holds in his hand while pointing to something important at the Vatican. For the secret layout design of Vatican City and the key of St Peter Click here.

Reply  Message 11 of 23 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 13/05/2014 15:41

More recently, there has been considerable publicity surrounding another secret that will follow on from ‘The Da Vinci Code’ epic and it will be exposed in the latest novel that Dan Brown is currently writing about. Its title is already listed at Amazon as: ‘The Solomon Key.’ Is this the same enigmatic ‘key’ to unlocking the same cosmic secret? After all, King Solomon is important to Freemasonry and the legendary seal of Solomon appears to have a lot to do with the key of Solomon, another mystery that has not yet been solved. In the link below take a close look at the all the historical and secret manuscript references there are on the seal and the key of King Solomon.

For the key and seal of Solomon Click here.

If you scroll back up to the ‘Hiram Abif star map’, notice the ‘celestial’ hand reaching down from the “Blazing Star” holding the symbol representing the Holy Grail. For more on Wayne’s theory on how the Grail fits into this story Click here.

The hand from the heavens, from the “Blazing Star” as it were, and the symbolic icon for the Grail would suggest that this invaluable star knowledge of human ancestry somehow forms part of the Christ story. If Wayne’s theory is real, then one must wonder: If humanity comes from somewhere else in this universe, then surely Christ would have tried to leave a record of it. Wayne is certain that remnants of this star knowledge are traceable in the Gospels of Matthew and Judas.

In the texts of Matthew, Wayne is convinced that the three ‘wise’ magi are synonymous with a very specific piece of star wisdom: The knowledge that it is the three-stars-in-a-row of the Orion belt stars that shows the way to both the Pleiades and blazing star. One needs to follow this alignment to find the location of the most important stars. Now consider the dual meaning:


It reads as a star map rather than the interpretation of the three kings from the East looking for a star hovering above the birth site of Christ. The problem with the traditional interpretation is: How can a star be located so low in the night sky that one would be able to follow it?  For more see the star animation at the top of the home page then Click here.

Another biblical story that holds an important clue is the recent discovery of the ancient codex of the Gospel of Judas Iscariot. In it Christ tells Judas that: “This star is also your star.” It seems likely that this was the perfect time to explain that we are all of the same ‘Divine seed’ as he was Click here.

There might be representation of the secret ‘art’ of stone masonry represented by the uncut stone and hammer you see on the bottom right of the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ (see below) and the cut stone at the centre. If we go back to the biblical texts, Solomon’s Temple was built by cutting colossal stone blocks without making a sound.

It is also worth mentioning that Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was quite convinced of a real mystery behind an inverted pyramid over a standing pyramid in the Louvre. This inversion forms an hourglass shape very similar to Orion, or the symbol for "as above so below". Note also in the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ (below) it completes a shape around the ladder, possibly symbolising a pyramid on the ground correlating with stars (Wayne’s complete pyramid/star map theory). The lines forming the edges of the pyramid also match the pyramid slope angles on the one-dollar bill.

The next important question inevitably has to be: Could this secret have its origins in ancient Egypt?


The most significant conclusion that Wayne derives from the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ is how accurately this ‘star map’ fits his pyramid star map theory. But to be more specific, how the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ correlates with the night sky of ancient Egypt.

The stars as they appear on the Eastern horizon in Egypt are identical to how the stars appear on the ‘Hiram Abif star map’. The orientation of the Pleiades stars is exact! 

“As above so below”: The Egyptian’s most precious monument, their gold-capped obelisk solar monument at Abusir celebrates the position of the star of Ra… The “Blazing star” in a grand pyramid/star map.
Click here

If you page through the early chapters of ‘The Hidden Records’, you will notice that the premise of Wayne’s research is the secret of the Sphinx. It literally beckons us to interpret all the pyramids as stars. Every night it watches these stars rise on the horizon in the East. Which comes as no surprise, because the Egyptians celebrated the stars specifically when they rise on the horizon, in the East! It is this secret of the Sphinx that led Wayne to determine that all 50 or so pyramids of Lower Egypt represent a complete ring… a 360 degree circuit of constellations around the Earth that correlated with pyramids on the ground. The whole pyramid field had at its centre a gold-capped obelisk near Abusir that represented the “Blazing star”. Click here.

Reply  Message 12 of 23 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 13/05/2014 15:42

But there is even more to the secret of the Sphinx. 

Not only does it beckon us to interpret all the stars as pyramids by watching them rise in the East every night. It is watching the rising of the ultimate star of Ra, near the Pleiades constellation, above the horizon in the East… something completely measurable.

This unique Pleiades interpretation and the blazing star are recorded at two other famous Egyptian sites:  In the Senmut tomb and on the Zodiac disc at the Temple of Hathor at Dendera.

The unique star orientation of the Pleiades was something Wayne felt compelled to test on a computer star programme. What would the Pleiades constellation look like, when it rises in the Northern Hemisphere above the Eastern horizon?

The pattern in the sky matched the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ exactly! Here was groundbreaking evidence that both star maps had their origins in the same knowledge base. On the advice of his publisher he did not include this material since it was derived from such a sensitive source at the time.

Testing the star positions on the horizon in Egypt is very straightforward. Any star program can do this.

The fact is that these stars always rise in the East in this general orientation everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

Wayne wondered what the scenario would be when the star of Ra rises precisely in the East and how far back in time this could be measured.

If you have a star program, try this quick experiment: What we want to prove is the orientation of the Pleiades when the “Blazing star”, rises on the horizon perfectly positioned due East. 

Simply type in this date and time with Egypt as your location: 7.30pm 14th September 3000 BC. It appears exactly like the Egyptian image above. One astronomer has already pointed out to Wayne that this exact orientation of the Pleiades rising perfectly in the East occurs over and again at many different earlier epochs. This means that it is unlikely one can use this star pattern occurrence as a way to date the beginnings of Egyptian civilisation.

However, there are now three Sun-like star positions that can be used to measure our civilisation’s chronology. Wayne already showed two of them in his book. Now that a third has entered the arena it offers even more to test his theory. The newly discovered Sun-like-star in the earlier astronomical image “UPDATE JULY 2007” displays a correlation pattern that appears to match the Egypt, Stonehenge and Mars pyramid star maps proposed by Wayne, when the sky appears as it did around 17 000 years ago (as seen in the layout images of various ancient sites at the end of this article).

BUT there is more. Take another look at the ‘new’ star depicted in the ‘Hiram Abif star map’: It is shown in a position to the left of the Pleiades.

The star has a movement path that surprisingly heads into this position interpretation… only when going back in time 90 000 years ago!

Surely this has to be an indicator of another important epoch in time, perhaps suggesting the proposed second arrival event date of people just like us from another star system. This begs the question: Are we looking at the human genus from one particular star system colonising Earth (but at different epochs), or are we dealing with human species from different star systems, but who have evolved independently and virtually identical to us?  It is quite possible our omnipotent Creator of the universe has created the human form with a universal design code, if we are to believe that we, the human being are the perfect creation, as our holy books insist. If one believes in God one would assume that the human form would be abundant throughout the vast universe if there were other worlds out there. The human form would therefore be a creature evolving over vast periods of time within this specific self-diagnostic evolutional design code to become compatible with its own planetary conditions (where water is found abundantly as a liquid).
Egyptian themes and this ancient civilisation’s knowledge are openly recognised and celebrated in Freemasonry. For example, as many already know: On the one-dollar bill. In the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ the hieroglyph for the star of Ra is clearly depicted on the altar/crypt at the bottom of the beam of light/ladder coming down from the blazing seven-pointed star.

The hieroglyph is a dot with a circle around it. (Compare this to the Egyptian Senmut tomb depiction below).

Wayne believes the seven-pointed star in the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ celebrates its close proximity in the sky to the seven stars of the Pleiades. Wayne also believes there could be a connection here to the origin of the seven points of light seen on the statue of Liberty in the USA and in some renditions of the god Apollo and Christ himself.

One of the most widely explored historical sites in ‘The Hidden Records’ is the very ancient Egyptian tomb of Senmut at Deir el Bahri, and for very obvious reasons. It contains the quintessential star map corroborating Wayne’s theories.  Horus appears to be representing the belt stars of Orion showing the way to find the Pleiades. This rendition is similar to the geometric line running along the three corners of the Giza pyramids that make up the human form that holds this line/rod as a direction pointer. (See ‘The Hidden Records’ p.197).

Look closely at the detail in the enhanced image below. Orion seems to be represented as Horus in the sky showing the way (representing three stars in a row) alignment to find the star group of the Pleiades. In his book, Wayne has set out to prove, with iconology found on a forgotten coffin lid, that for the ancient Egyptians the Pleiades were clearly depicted as the leg of the bull constellation, and the Pleiades are also found in the area designated as Taurus… the bull. (See Dendera images that follow and the image of the coffin lid in ‘The Hidden Records’ p. 122).

The Senmut tomb mural also has a beam of light or celestial ladder coming down from its ultimate star down to terra firma. For the full story in deciphering this mural Click here.

The star is depicted as a red disc. (In Egyptology the red disc means Sun… or Sun-like in this case). It certainly is a star because it is a night scene, and in conjunction with it is the sacred leg of the bull constellation. The red disc has a ring around it, endowing it with the Egyptian hieroglyphic title for Ra, which once again, cannot possibly be our Sun.

The glyph for Ra or Sun (in this case Sun-like star) is found on the altar at the bottom of the ladder in the ‘Hiram Abif star map’.

All these mysterious clues around the world are slowly coming together now to make sense. The gods of the ancients have left their calling card: “This is who we are and where we come from”… and we appear to be their descendants.


Look closely at the simplified image above. There is what appears to be a phallic symbol with a fine line linking down from Horus in the sky as Orion’s belt.

This strange symbol possibly resonates from the earliest Egyptian mythology of the first time in Egypt when Osirus had his phallus cut off by Seth. What may have become ‘lost in translation’ over time, now begins to make more sense. It is a fundamental part of the ancient Egyptians’ heritage involving the stars. Notice how the ‘object’ is being handed to the ‘narrator’ of the story who is pointing (in much the same way as the belt stars do) to what is in all likelihood the most important star. This is crucial in confirming: Firstly that it is Orion pointing/showing the way. And secondly what Wayne had suggested in his book and on this website. That Orion’s belt may not be a ‘belt’ at all, but a part of the male anatomy ‘showing the way’. To see more evidence on this theory Click here

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 13/05/2014 15:43

In Egypt, time and again evidence of the sacred leg of a bull star constellation icon can be found in this ancient civilisation’s most sacred places.

This is particularly so on the Dendera disc in the temple of Hathor. This leg icon once again is unambiguously representative of the Pleiades and the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ can now confirm his assertion. Why? Firstly, the leg has an exact orientation match with the stars of the Pleiades. Secondly, the carved mural includes two of the important Sun-like stars in the exact positions one would expect to find them in. Thirdly, the leg is connected to the womb of the hippo deity. This ‘interaction’ with the significant Egyptian deity Theoris or Tawaret provides an important clue to the overall meaning of this star map. She is the deity associated with human childbirth perhaps even the beginnings of humanity… the birth of the human civilisation so to speak.

In the expanded highlighted image seen above, Wayne is proposing the following detailed interpretation:

The bull of Taurus is staring back at its severed cosmic leg of the Pleiades (see dotted line).

The hippo deity or Genesis deity Theoris/Tawaret holds the symbolic knife, as the one who severed the leg. (Ref: Senmut tomb texts celebrating severing of the leg and setting it astray).

The leg as the Pleiades connects to the womb of the Genesis deity celebrating the leg as ‘Tep Zepi’… the first time.

The green figures probably represent the names of the stars of the Pleiades.

Follow the cosmic pointing effect of the leg to find the star of Ra.

It is probably Ra depicted here (with bull crown standing next to Isis). There is also a tiny bull on top of the lower star and Horus the bird on top of the bull. These two very important gods, one male the other female, have a vague but uncanny similarity with the Adam and Eve epic as a genesis theme.

We have seen some very substantial evidence in Egypt of definitive parallels between what the ancient Egyptians knew about the stars, and a mysterious piece of American history. Both must have been privy to the exact same knowledge. They both seemed to be aware of Sun-like stars that were integral to the story of their past.

But this is not where it ends. If we put the star map theory with the extra sun-like star to the test in other civilisations the unthinkable emerges. 

Click on each subsequent image below, to go to each individual pyramid star map and see how the new star appears to fit the apparent monument.

This is absolutely extraordinary. Virtually every megalithic civilisation appears to revere the same profound knowledge of a grand arrival of our star ancestors. An arrival from the very same “Blazing star” that the ancient Egyptians and Hiram Abif seem to have had a very poignant obsession with.


With the release of the evidence that there is a third Sun-like star – as corroborated by the ‘Hiram Abif star map’ – it is now possible to include what can be considered the ultimate beginnings of pyramid civilisations on Earth. Preview it on Google Earth at 32° 32’08.22” N   44° 26’ 36.93” E

The proclaimed cradle of civilisation itself… The historical city of the Sumerians… Babylon!

Sumer, the land of the Sumerians is without doubt just as famous as Egypt for its obsession with the stars. Many ancient scroll seals and artefacts from here show seven great celestial bodies in the sky. The London Museum has at least four examples and they are labelled as the Pleiades. See this example in the Berlin museum where it associates a man in a flying disk with a star near the Pleiades. Click here

Sadly the original temple layout evidence of Babylon is lost (the detail in image above in the square at the top left of the satellite image). Many of its cluster of ziggurats no longer exist, yet their most important and largest monuments have been rebuilt. History has it that the city of Babylon was once surrounded by three carefully placed ziggurats with their geometric waterways. The three great ‘pyramid’ ziggurats seem to form a perfect equilateral triangle.

Notice how it also has a remarkably similar star correlation pattern to the Mayan temples of Tikal and that of Stonehenge and Mars. If anything, since it is proclaimed one of the earliest of civilisations, it almost comes as no surprise that it had to be privy to the same knowledge about its star beginnings as every other civilisation.



ancient alien artifact expo

ancient alien artifact expo

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Respuesta  Mensaje 4 de 5 en el tema 
De: BARILOCHENSE6999 Enviado: 13/05/2014 13:03
Respuesta  Mensaje 5 de 5 en el tema 
De: BARILOCHENSE6999 Enviado: 13/05/2014 13:04

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SECRET NUMBERS 3 - 5 - 7 - 1

Freemasonry is believed to incorporate some sacred number combinations and they seem to have something to do with the stars of Orion, The Pleiades and stars in Taurus.

Click here Ref: Albert Pike 33 degree mason text.

The information contained in the link above proves this unequivocally. The stars of Taurus the bull, the Pleiades, Orion and a special "blazing star" are all mentioned. However top ranking Masons generally believe the "blazing star" to be Sirius. Let us test the Masonic Sirius theory. First we will reason how the stars appear to be linked to the sacred numbers. Secondly, how the solution is another little astronomical viewing trick to remember how the real "blazing star" can be located.

Here is a reproduced popular Masonic image with some valuable symbolism. The image adds clarity to part of the sequence 3 - 5 - 7 and how the numbers lead towards the illuminated secret - shown 'in the heavens'.

3 - 5 - 7

Click here Ref: masonic 3 5 7 stairway journey to 1, the Grand Architect of the heavens

The first thing that one should question is how would numbers be of any measurable value if the secret involves stars? Secondly if the solution involves the use of numbers to identify constellations then what would it be leading the initiate towards?

The only rational answer here would be if the numbers were finding the way to an important star in the heavens... a star associated with the solar deities revered in all ancient civilizations and in the case of Freemasonry… the "blazing star".

If there is a measurable star sequence at hand, then one can solve the identity for the "blazing star" mystery. Is it Sirius as many Freemasons believe, or is it another that is more Sun-like if one accepts the premise that the celestial gods were real Solar deities of flesh and blood?

Let us start with what astronomers refer to as the cosmic signpost: Orion's famous three in a row 'belt' stars, the most recognizable stars in the night sky. Logically this would be our point of departure.

The number seven, as the Freemasons suggest, is synonymous with the seven stars of the Pleiades. That leaves the number one and number five. The image of the staircase suggests that the number five is in the middle. This matches with the Roman numeral V, which is the shape, the stars of the Taurus constellation form and which also appear as five stars.

The number sequence now joins three constellations in a row.


The ultimate question is this: Do we start with the sacred number one or do we work our way up towards the sacred number one?

Here is what Wayne has reasoned: The image suggests that we begin with the three stars in a row. As stars, the three 'belt' stars of Orion show the way in alignment through the five stars of Taurus... through to the seven stars of the Pleiades, to find the ultimate star. This is traveling with our line of sight away from the star Sirius. The ultimate star is very tiny, and impossible to see with the naked eye! Small wonder that the Masons figured the solution needed to be Sirius as the "blazing star"!

This explanation that Wayne ventures as an alternative to the Freemason's "blazing star" becomes quite logical in the context of his bigger picture star map theory, and has made sense in each and every one of his star maps so far, where the special star of the ancients is always found in the direction that the Pleiades 'leg of the bull' points to.


If the grand secret involves extraterrestrial beings that once arrived on this world (our human ancestors from another star system) then did Washington leave any other clues proving how they got here?

George Washington has presented so many clues that it is certain he wanted people of the future to crack his code. His story would not be complete until it depicts like the ancient civilizations some kind of celestial ship of those that came from above.

This now begs the million-dollar question: Did George Washington have ancient knowledge that also included the celestial ships of the gods?

What are the odds of finding an image or proof of some sort depicting what we would class today as a UFO... a ship of the sky that does not originate from this Earth?

Where else could we search for either a journal or some form of record where he the once American president would have been able to depict his own interpretation of how our ancestors arrived here?

There probably is no secret book passed down from president to president, but there is one special medium with which he could have expressed himself, as a Freemason.

UFO apron

He would have had his own personal Masonic apron. It does exist, and yes, there appears to be something embossed on it that could be interpreted as a UFO as we know it.

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 13/05/2014 16:34
Here is a one more thing to think about on Wayne’s Washington DC star map theory. Consider another critical reason behind George Washington's motivation to build the United States’ capital in the way it is depicted in the main image above. It stands as the only modern monumental star map layout visible from space on our planet.

Look carefully at the proverbial "x" that marks the spot on the star map.

It is the grand obelisk, the Washington Monument.

If our cosmic ancestors officially decide to visit one day... and IF all our world leaders change their military protocol completely from chasing UFO's to shoot them out of the sky, to a protocol where we let them be, what appears to have been deliberately built with such an impending visit in mind, is an identifiable official landing site built exactly like the Inca Cuzco 'landing' site theorized by Wayne.

Click here Ref: Cuzco Puma landmark and stellar dark cloud discovery

An 'invitational' area so to speak seems to have been provided for such a 'visit' and it is also in the perfect shape. It lies between the great Yule tree and the Washington Monument obelisk… the two ultimate markers on either side of the massive round field highlighted in red.

How perfect.

And quite peculiarly, this site may well be the very same field used in one of the earliest science fiction films to re-enact a story of a UFO landing!


The layout of Washington DC also clearly depicts and cryptically 'shows the way' to the position of the residence of the world Super Power leader, along its beautiful causeway and secret symbols: The most cryptic of which is the crescent shaped garden around the Presidential residence, the Capitol - perhaps symbolic of the planet of the ancestors.

In the coming weeks Wayne will be releasing a 4500 year old Egyptian papyrus that shows this identical artistic impression of a UFO, a papyrus that depicts the cosmos, the Pleiades and more compelling than anything else... where it landed in Egypt!

Watch this website for more.

Some say George Washington was the founder member of the order of the skull and bones that George Bush apparently belongs to, but this is purely speculation perhaps interpreted from the insignia on the apron.


In 1848, the breaking of ground cornerstone of the Washington Monument obelisk was celebrated... on the 4th of July.

The Declaration of Independence was signed and celebrated on this day too. Since then, Americans have celebrated the day with an illumination ceremony... fireworks displays. Not only does this ceremony occur annually at the Washington Monument, but also at the statue of Liberty in New York.

It is a day that begins with an important rising star formation on the horizon that occurs exactly the same moment as sunrise.

Washington night

The Ancient Egyptians celebrated the rising of important stars on the eastern horizon across the Nile River and would probably have known this special date. What is becoming quite evident in Wayne's research is that the same is true for all the other ancient civilizations. They too revere the rising of important stars when they rise at the exact same time as the Sun.

There is only day in the year where the three stars of Orion's 'belt' rise almost perfectly due east and at the exact moment with the rising Sun...

The 4th of July

star program reference

The star program recreates the positions perfectly. Note how the ecliptic path of the Sun, as well as the Sun alignment with Orion's Belt and the line up towards the sacred star near the Pleiades also recreates the strange pattern found in the Dollar bill seal and on the Solomon talismans shown earlier.

The pattern in the sky is reflected in the waterway… as if beckoning the observer to look in the heavens.

The pattern in the sky IS the solution to the Key of Solomon.

Click here Ref: Key of Solomon

The very same star pattern occurs on Christmas Eve in Rome down the causeway above the Castel Sant Angelo, the star castle in Dan Brown's 'Angels and Demons' that Wayne identifies in another shocking star map celebration.

Click here Ref: Vatican star map.

In the interest of Dan Brown's new book getting history right, Wayne has sent his star map research material (predominantly the Solomon Key star map and Vatican star map theory) to Dan Brown's literary agent in New York offering it to Dan as reference so the important meaning is clear and that it has already been released. This was late in 2007. Certain that Brown would be anxious to get history right, all Wayne asked him to do is mention the reference source as any other author would if he decided to use it. After a few phone calls and discussions Heide Lange wrote back and mentioned that Dan was completely 'incognito' and unable to receive any mail no matter of what importance it may be deemed.

The exact date Dan Brown is to launch his new book, probably titled 'The Solomon Key', has not yet been released. He did however say it would be on a very important Masonic day fitting his story.

Did he get to see the new material sent to him? Will he make the same connections? Or will he reinterpret it all in an entirely different way?

Instead of identifying the 4th of July, Dan has chosen another important date only found encoded on the solomon talisman... the 15th of September.


The most exciting breaking story right now is how this story connects to the record of what appears to be the predominant and most ancient Hebrew talisman - listed also as the Key of Solomon (image directly below).

Click here: Ref source of manuscript

The 'key' to deciphering the talisman appears to be the smaller talisman shown below it. It contains what looks like an image of the earliest rendition of The Sacred Cross. The Solution connects this Washington DC story to Stonehenge in more ways than any other. Wayne's deciphering of 'The Key of Solomon' is currently being published in magazines internationally and as soon as the scheduled articles have released in American and British magazines the full story will be online at: www.KeyofSolomon.net.



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8. Mateo 16:18: Y yo también te digo, que tú eres PEDRO, y sobre esta roca edificaré mi iglesia; y las puertas del Hades no prevalecerán contra ella. (JUSTO ADONDE ESTA ALDEBARAN, LA ESTRELLA ROJA DE LA CONSTELACION DE HYADES, ENTRE ORION Y PLEYADES)
  • 19. Y a ti te daré las llaves del reino de los cielos; y todo lo que atares en la tierra será atado en los cielos; y todo lo que desatares en la tierra será desatado en los cielos.
  • 2. Job 38:31: ¿Podrás tú atar los lazos de las Pléyades,
    O desatarás las ligaduras de Orión?

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  • Wayne Herschel author - Discovered ancient alien star maps ...  

    The orientation of both seven stars and Blazing star fits the orientation of the ...
    the Testament of Solomon text of 33 units of cosmic measure to an important star.
  • The Forbidden Star Map - Wayne Herschel author - The Hidden ...  

    After all, King Solomon is important to Freemasonry and the legendary seal of
    Solomon ... The hand from the heavens, from the “Blazing Star” as it were, and
    the ...
  • 3 5 7 1 Star location code - Wayne Herschel author - The Hidden ...  

    The stars of Taurus the bull, the Pleiades, Orion and a special "blazing star" are
    all mentioned. .... The pattern in the sky IS the solution to the Key of Solomon.
  • Solomon Temple - Prt30(the Blazing Star) - teks Indonesia ... - Vimeo  

    vimeo.com/5611278121 Dic. 2012 - 10 min.
    This is "Solomon Temple - Prt30(the Blazing Star) - teks Indonesia - YouTube" by Kaze ...
  • The pentagram - Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon  

    18 Jun 2007 ... Gershom Scholem writes, "In Arabic magick, the 'seal of Solomon' was .... The "
    Blazing Star" of masonic usage is not to be confused with the ...
  • Washington Memorial - Welcome to The Key of Solomon  

    On the Key of Solomon website Herschel postulates that the founding fathers and
    ... obelisk pointing to the 'blazing star' or mystery star of Herschel's star map.

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    21:1 Después de esto, Jesús se manifestó otra vez a sus discípulos junto al mar de Tiberias; y se manifestó de esta manera:
    21:2 Estaban juntos Simón Pedro, Tomás llamado el Dídimo, Natanael el de Caná de Galilea, los hijos de Zebedeo, y otros dos de sus discípulos.
    21:3 Simón Pedro les dijo: Voy a pescar. Ellos le dijeron: Vamos nosotros también contigo. Fueron, y entraron en una barca; y aquella noche no pescaron nada.
    21:4 Cuando ya iba amaneciendo, se presentó Jesús en la playa; mas los discípulos no sabían que era Jesús.
    21:5 Y les dijo: Hijitos, ¿tenéis algo de comer? Le respondieron: No.
    21:6 El les dijo: Echad la red a la derecha de la barca, y hallaréis. Entonces la echaron, y ya no la podían sacar, por la gran cantidad de peces.
    21:7 Entonces aquel discípulo a quien Jesús amaba dijo a Pedro: ¡Es el Señor! Simón Pedro, cuando oyó que era el Señor, se ciñó la ropa (porque se había despojado de ella), y se echó al mar. (Vemos otro nexo PEDRO CON EL DISCIPULO AMADO. ES OBVIA LA RELACION PEDRO CON MARCOS, DISCIPULO AMADO, EN FUNCION A 1 DE PEDRO 5:13)
    21:8 Y los otros discípulos vinieron con la barca, arrastrando la red de peces, pues no distaban de tierra sino como doscientos codos.
    21:9 Al descender a tierra, vieron brasas puestas, y un pez encima de ellas, y pan.
    21:10 Jesús les dijo: Traed de los peces que acabáis de pescar.
    21:11 Subió Simón Pedro, y sacó la red a tierra, llena de grandes peces, ciento cincuenta y tres; y aun siendo tantos, la red no se rompió.
    2. Apocalipsis 3:7: Escribe al ángel de la iglesia en FILADELFIA: Esto dice el Santo, el Verdadero, el que tiene la llave de David, el que abre y ninguno cierra, y cierra y ninguno abre:

    21:12 Les dijo Jesús: Venid, comed. Y ninguno de los discípulos se atrevía a preguntarle: ¿Tú, quién eres? sabiendo que era el Señor.
    21:13 Vino, pues, Jesús, y tomó el pan y les dio, y asimismo del pescado.
    21:14 Esta era ya la tercera vez que Jesús se manifestaba a sus discípulos, después de haber resucitado de los muertos.
    21:15 Cuando hubieron comido, Jesús dijo a Simón Pedro: Simón, hijo de Jonás, ¿me amas más que éstos? Le respondió: Sí, Señor; tú sabes que te amo. El le dijo: Apacienta mis corderos. (Vemos un nexo esoterico del discipulo amado con el cordero/oveja/raquel en el contexto a PEDRO. Recordemos que RAQUEL SIGNIFICA OVEJA. LA CLAVE DE LA RELACION PEDRO CON MARCOS ESTA EN FUNCION A BENJAMIN, PERRO, LOBO, CHACAL, CAN MAYOR Y SIRIO. Aqui tambien tenemos una relacion con GENESIS 22 EN EL CONTEXTO A ISAAC, AMADO Y ABRAHAM. INSISTO, ISAAC, ES EL HIJO AMADO DE ABRAHAM. AQUI ESTA LA CLAVE. SI-MON/MOON/LUNA/RAQUEL/ BETZABE / MARIA MAGDALENA. MONKEY /MONA LISA / LLAVE DEL MONO.)
    GENESIS 22
    2. Y dijo: Toma ahora tu hijo, tu único, Isaac, a quien amas, y vete a tierra de Moriah, y ofrécelo allí en holocausto sobre uno de los montes que yo te diré.
    16. y dijo: Por mí mismo he jurado, dice Jehová, que por cuanto has hecho esto, y no me has rehusado tu hijo, tu único hijo;
    17. de cierto te bendeciré, y multiplicaré tu descendencia como las estrellas del cielo y como la arena que está a la orilla del mar; y tu descendencia poseerá las puertas de sus enemigos. (PUERTA/ORION/SEÑAL DE JONAS. ORION ESTA CERCA DE SIRIO. LO QUE TODAVIA NO LOGRO RACIONALIZAR DEL PORQUE DICHA RELACION. Indudablemente aqui hay un puente con GENESIS 3:22,24 cuando fue bloqueado el ACCESO AL ARBOL DE LA VIDA POR EL ANGEL AL ESTE. JUSTAMENTE LA ESTRELLA DEL ORIENTE ES ORION Y TIENE FUERTE RELACION CON RAQUEL, COMO POR EJEMPLO EN MATEO 2. EL ARBOL DE LA VIDA, OBVIAMENTE ES EL LINAJE, OSEA EL ARBOL GENEALOGICO.)


    phi in Simple Gematria Equals: 33 ( p
    ophir in Simple Gematria Equals: 66 ( o
    or in Simple Gematria Equals: 33 ( o
    john in Simple Gematria Equals: 47 ( j
    MATEO 16:18 (PHI=1.618)

  • 8. Mateo 16:18: Y yo también te digo, que tú eres PEDRO, y sobre esta roca edificaré mi iglesia; y las puertas del Hades no prevalecerán contra ella. (JUSTO ADONDE ESTA ALDEBARAN, LA ESTRELLA ROJA DE LA CONSTELACION DE HYADES, ENTRE ORION Y PLEYADES)
  • 19. Y a ti te daré las llaves del reino de los cielos; y todo lo que atares en la tierra será atado en los cielos; y todo lo que desatares en la tierra será desatado en los cielos.
  • 2. Job 38:31: ¿Podrás tú atar los lazos de las Pléyades,
    O desatarás las ligaduras de Orión?

    21:16 Volvió a decirle la segunda vez: Simón, hijo de Jonás, ¿me amas? Pedro le respondió: Sí, Señor; tú sabes que te amo. Le dijo: Pastorea mis ovejas. (Vuelve el nexo con RAQUEL/PASTORA DE OVEJAS Y BENJAMIN. Recordemos que CRISTO tambien es HIJO DE JOSE, que era HIJO DE RAQUEL. JOSE TUVO FUERTE RELACION CON EGIPTO. Tambien hay una relacion con BETZABE, la MADRE DE SALOMON que es relacionada con la OVEJA. Notamos que SI-MON tiene relacion la LLAVE DE SOL-O-MON. LA CLAVE MON/MOON/LUNA/RAQUEL/ MARIA LA MAGDALENA NOS DA EL GANCHO PEDRO CON MARIA MAGDALENA. Recordemos incluso que SIMEON y LEVI fueron los que defendieron a DINA, LA SEPTIMA HIJA DE JACOB, cuando fue violada y ambos estan relacionados con el TORO/SANGRE DE CRISTO segun GENESIS 49.)
     . Génesis 29:9: Mientras él aún hablaba con ellos, Raquel vino con el rebaño de su padre, porque ella era la PASTORA.
    9. Génesis 29:2: Y miró, y vio un pozo en el campo; y he aquí tres rebaños de OVEJAs que yacían cerca de él, porque de aquel pozo abrevaban los ganados; y había una gran piedra sobre la boca del pozo.
    10. Génesis 29:3: Y juntaban allí todos los rebaños; y revolvían la piedra de la boca del pozo, y abrevaban las OVEJAs, y volvían la piedra sobre la boca del pozo a su lugar.
    11. Génesis 29:6: Y él les dijo: ¿Está bien? Y ellos dijeron: Bien, y he aquí Raquel su hija viene con las OVEJAs.

    21:17 Le dijo la tercera vez: Simón, hijo de Jonás, ¿me amas? Pedro se entristeció de que le dijese la tercera vez: ¿Me amas? y le respondió: Señor, tú lo sabes todo; tú sabes que te amo. Jesús le dijo: Apacienta mis ovejas.

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    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 14/05/2014 00:55

    Right at the end of the movie 'National Treasure II' the producers presented a teaser suggesting there will be a National Treasure III and what its plot will be based on. This is interesting because the recent Angels and Demons film based on Dan Brown's novel has just done the exact same thing and possibly hinting along the very same new path.

    The US president asks Gates if he was able to look at page 47 of a secret presidential book he was fortunate to browse through. Gates replies yes he did see it and yes he will be able to help with it. He then said its contents were 'life altering'!

    Two movies now both dealing with Freemason secrets... both known for revealing historical material with an element of fiction... both hinting to reveal something monumental once hidden in secret books. Both genres Wayne has shown were founded on ancient star secrets and beings spoken of as Angels who came from above.

    Wayne's book project has sustained a continual barrage of interfering factors that are literally untraceable yet have almost stopped his book from getting seen by the masses and getting onto most bookshelves. His investors have seen the interference and agreed substantial back up measures should be set up to make sure the book does not get removed completely.

    It is their firm belief that the 'Elite' are behind all the interference, multi-million budget film makers and famous book publishers probably trying to overthrow copyright on this material. Wayne believes no matter what happens now the truth is going to be out soon and obviously his book will still have its chance to be seen in new light.


    In 'National Treasure I' you may recall a fictional hologram embedded in a parchment that could only be read with special glasses. It had a strange pattern and this pattern was also found at a site in the city where the protagonists were following the Wall Street clue.

    Three solar deities as a trinity.

    Click on this image below for the historical references.


    What seems like wild theory right now is going to make a lot more sense towards the end of this article.

    We find ourselves back at our first clue once again, and now with more clues at our fingertips, certainly more 'enlightened' to decipher the secret cartography of one of the most famous American presidents.

    Unlike the fictional secret treasure map encrypted into the reverse of the Declaration of Independence, there is a real 'treasure' map, and once deciphered, may reveal to humanity one of the greatest secrets of all time.

    The key to unlocking the design plan of Washington DC lies in George Washington’s family portrait.

    He appears to be pointing to a secret map, one that highlights positions of revealing symbolic monuments that will enlighten humanity, if deciphered. This map contains the same heavenly secret that is mirrored in the monuments and archives of many ancient civilizations.


    What first came to Wayne’s attention about this portrait was the geometry. It closely resembles the geometry he has found in virtually all the most famous of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings. What intrigues Wayne about the Renaissance paintings is how artists like DaVinci and Poussin have encrypted a blueprint of the star origin secret behind the human form into their symbolic subject matter. They seemed to obsess in the geometry with pride, perhaps showing other elite masters that they too know the grand secret. However, what they were subtly disclosing in their works of art was not enough evidence to have them burned at the stake.


    Click here Ref: Painting geometry DaVinci - Poussin - Salimbeni - Rosslyn Chapel – a star secret fitting a human blueprint code.

    Click here Ref: Definition of the human blueprint as a 'star man'.

    So what is the meaning of this? The human form blueprint is depicted as geometrically unique and as a 'star man'. In the context of murals showing angels or the Christ story, or of significant monuments embellished with star themes, the hidden message strongly suggests that humanity was one from the stars.

    The Washington DC city layout seems to prove in identical fashion that this ancient knowledge was a reality.

    Take a close look at the reproduced rendition of the Washington map below, onto which a copy of the original map has been overlaid. Note how it is tilted at 33 degrees. This is the highest level of Freemasonry to which George Washington apparently belonged. The map is of the unique layout that Washington proposed for his city: Washington DC.


    George Washington himself provides the first clue. He points to the planned foundation for a spectacular monument. Today the building that stands in this spot is recognized as the largest building (in terms of its base area) visible from space since the building of the pyramids: The Pentagon.

    Fort Runyon was the initial landmark built on this site 60 years after the death of George Washington (well before the Pentagon project). It appears to have been the first attempt at building a star shaped monument, like the base of the Statue of Liberty in traditional Roman style. It looked somewhat like the monument proposed as the ultimate star monument down the causeway of the Vatican Piazza in another example of Wayne's shocking star map theories: The five-pointed star-shaped fortress that became a focal point of Dan Brown's 'Angels and Demons'.

    Click here Ref: Vatican star map

    In later years the American Defense Department's Pentagon replaced it in the area George Washington is pointing to on the map. This building's breaking of the ground ceremony in traditional Masonic style took place on:

    September the 11th 1941.

    In many ancient civilizations as proposed in 'The Hidden Records' it would appear that all the major pyramid cities chose a spectacular monument for this particular Sun-like star correlation.

    Without going into all the detail and reasoning what Wayne believes these cultures of days gone by wanted to represent, this star was the place of human evolutional beginnings in the heavens.

    Click here Ref: Wayne's chronology interpretation for each star on the tracing board.

    They also found a way to build the monument as being representative of its significance: In some cases as a star representing the divine proportion of the human form as a pentacle. (ref human blueprint code link earlier).

    What is absolutely phenomenal about the design of the Pentagon is that its orientation is such that it almost precisely matches the controversial five-sided D&M pyramid ruin on Mars. Mars is 'The Hidden Records' most controversial star map! Not only is it in a place not of this world, where evidence is mounting, proving that Earth-like conditions once existed on the 'red planet'. But it mirrors the same pyramid star map layouts on Earth, and the tracing board with by far the most exacting star position correlations and geometrical proportions.

    Click here Ref: Mars star map

    washington map 2

    george washington

    Both the five-sided monument on Earth and that on Mars have a matching triangular pointer oriented North.

    Both correlate with the very same Sun-like star… the second most important Sun-like star in the ancient civilization star maps. (listed as HD 282943)

    Compare the inserted image of the D&M five-sided pyramid on Mars with the Pentagon in the Washington DC city image.

    george washington

    George Washingtons sword points to the place of the most important monument. It is the great obelisk celebrated in ancient Egyptian tradition as the ultimate solar obelisk. On Mars it is celebrated with a mountain-sized rendition of a human face. This is the ultimate monument correlating with the ultimate star (also measurable on a star atlas as a Sun-like star) - the prime star system of our ancestors. It is this star system that Wayne identifies as the most likely match for the Freemason's "blazing star."

    The Egyptians built their ultimate obelisk at the center of their pyramid field, they adorned its capstone with gold to celebrate the "blazing star" of Ra, the probable domicile of our ancestors.

    Click here Ref: Egypt's 50-pyramid star map with the obelisk at its center as proposed by Wayne Herschel in 'The Hidden Records'.

    The third most important monument is shown with the symbolic mason's chisel that Washington's wife is holding. It points to Capitol Hill: a splendid mansion surrounded by a garden in the outline of a crescent. From his research base, Wayne has established that the ancients (especially the Sumerians) revered this shape as the world of their human ancestors bathed in a crescent of light radiated down on it from its blazing sun, a Sun-like star like our own. Here it is represented by the great obelisk.

    And last but not least, Washington's daughter's strange hand gesture marks the place of the pentacle symbolic of the human blueprint. It aligns with Washington DC's most famous Masonic lodge and the great blazing star Washington monument obelisk.

    The final piece of the puzzle is somewhat hypothetical and is currently being explored further. It is the shape that is visible from space outlining the Rosslyn and Arlington areas. From above (especially when illuminated at night and highlighted in blue and white in the image below) it appears to match the shape of the sacred Egyptian 'leg of the bull' icon. As already established in 'The Hidden Records', this shape represented the stars of the Pleiades for the ancient Egyptians.

    The map of Washington DC appears to be a star map of the Pleiades and its nearby 'trinity' of Sun-like stars. The obelisk is in the position of the "blazing star" (in typical Egyptian style solar obelisk representation) and the Pentagon is in the right orientation and position (exactly as in the case of the Mars anomalies) representing the Human genesis Sun-like star position. Both of these stars are stars that have been catalogued by astronomers as 'G' spectrum and are stars exactly like our own Sun.

    A landmark to represent the third star is still open to speculation. One would need to fly over this area at night to see the whole city when 'illuminated'. There are two circular areas visible via satellite: one is the military cemetery and the other is also a military establishment. Watch this space for an update.


    There is more. The aerial view of Washington DC has a large circular field positioned next to the great obelisk and is gently highlighted in red on the Washington DC map. It is the field where another representation of the ‘blazing star’ occurs… once a year. Its chosen position near the obelisk is hardly a coincidence.

    It is the place of the celebrated Yule tree: Washington DC's Christmas tree.

    The origins of the Yule tree tradition may even predate Christianity itself.

    Click here Ref: Yule tree

    The pine tree was chosen for its conical shape, which Wayne is absolutely convinced represents the beam of light coming down from humanity's star of origin. It was always adorned with a five-pointed star or angel positioned at its top.

    Wayne is certain the star/ladder with beam of light touching the Earth celebrates the Egyptian secret in the Senmut tomb, the Freemason document and another that Dan Brown is no doubt also including in his next book. It is the earliest Hebrew talisman from the Clavicular Solomonis manuscript, probably the actual talisman that will soon be recognized as the Key of Solomon itself:

    Here are the three examples all compared to one another:


    Wayne is certain that the "blazing star" is also synonymous with the Bethlehem star. The star that the three Magi (Orion's 'belt') 'follow' (an alignment) from the East (stars rise in the East) to find the location of the star associated with the birth of Christ (Bethlehem star).

    Click here Ref: Bethlehem star Matthew text and illustration

    Consider the symbolism here. Either a five-pointed star or an angel is placed at the top of the tree, either way both seem to celebrate those that came down from the heavens arriving on this Earth.

    The image below shows the carol singers in Washington DC beneath the great Yule tree with "blazing star" on Christmas Eve.

    Imagine how this would appear to an advanced intelligence observing this ceremony from space: If anything Washington DC would appear like a recognizable star map from above, with the great illuminated obelisk representing the "blazing star" and the tree visible behind the carol singers duplicating the meaning of the obelisk... a star with symbolic beam of light coming down from it. The two celebrate the same secret.

    Little did these singers realize how they look when viewed from above in the context of all of the symbolism that unbeknown to them, surrounded them. The singers would have been oblivious to the long lost symbolism of the Yule tree, and the significance it and the obelisk nearby holds in commemorating the history of the most important question we all ask at some time or another: Who are we and where do we come from? Ironically Christ also makes mention of "his" star of beginnings in the recently discovered Gospel of Judas where he explains in his last hours: "This star is also 'your' star"... the star of humanity.

    Click here Ref: Judas codex

    christmas in washington


    Ever wonder why the 25th of December was chosen to celebrate the birth of Christ? Well here is another interesting thing. The day previously celebrated an occasion also relating to the Yule tree tradition: Sol Invictus - The Unconquered Sun.

    Click here Ref: Sol Invictus

    Before Christ, it was a celebration for the ‘birth’ of the great Sun. No... not the great Son… the great Sun. It happened around the period of the Summer solstice… the 25th December. It was the chosen day previously on which three known Solar deities were worshipped, inadvertently so because in all fairness they should really have been 'honored' and not worshipped.

    In all probability, according to Wayne's research the Sun rising on the 25th celebrates the memory of our origins from three great heavenly Suns that our ancestors came from (as seen in the Tracing Board on this page and in the ancient star maps already covered on this website).

    When the notorious Roman Emperor Constantine declared Christianity's place in society, he conveniently replaced 'Sun' worship with 'Son' worship. He kept as much of the old tradition in place and made the new tradition fit in as he saw fit. Hence Christians adapted this day thereafter to celebrate the day of the birth of the Son... and no longer the birth or the Sun.


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    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 14/05/2014 00:59

    A code encrypted in George Washington’s secret map unlocks a National Treasure.

    George Washington's Secret Map

    With the sequel to the Walt Disney production of ‘National Treasure’ hitting the box offices in yet another huge success story for director Jerry Bruckheimer one cannot help but wonder how much of the dramatisation is based on real Masonic secrets cloaked in the guise of fiction. (Click the icon at the top of the page to get to the National Treasure website). Even if you may already suspect this, few if any have been able to prove that the film’s subject matter is based on real history. History that has been kept a tightly guarded secret from us for so long!

    In the film, it was the pursuit of a grand treasure that had us all glued to the screen. Author of the controversial book - The Hidden Records - Wayne Herschel has found convincing proof that in reality there could be a national treasure, and it is not gold at all. It is something far greater. This website will put this two-part movie saga to the test. Are the clues real, and if so why do they tantalise our interest to the degree they do? Could it be because they could potentially unlock a treasure that will forever challenge the foundations of all religions?

    Many may feel that by exposing what is about to be revealed here, we could be treading on sensitive toes. Given this possibility, Wayne would like to say at the outset that his motive is purely to share with the world a magnificent and enlightening truth. Moreover this revelation acknowledges that Freemasonry was originally based on a constructive, inspiring truth. Having said this, this article detaches itself entirely from any Masonic interpretations, and the interpretations presented here are entirely Wayne Herschel’s own. Interpretations that he derives from ancient clues left behind by virtually every ancient civilization across the globe.

    Many will be surprised to find that inadvertently, be it intentional or not, a real treasure trail ingeniously makes itself known, once we look more closely. And what it does is revive a whole wealth of ancient knowledge kept hidden from us for so long. New evidence is now at hand that provides an astounding answer to the age-old question: Who are we and where do we come from?

    One could speculate wildly and cry conspiracy theory: Are the powers-that-be beginning to realize that their most fundamental secret is at risk of being cracked at any moment? One cannot help wondering, considering that quite recently Masonic scholars appear to have made available (via a university website) their foundational historical records. Perhaps divulging snippets of their secret in a film is their way of softening the truth around it, or an ingenious way of diverting attention from the truth. Wayne says he believes: "If anything, those in the know are probably preparing us for a great revelation. After all, we are a planet of millions of diversely religiously sensitive people and who knows what a new and profound piece of knowledge could set off."

    All the clues point in the same direction. To one truth that will no longer remain locked in forgotten vaults as hidden records.


    For those who are unfamiliar with Wayne Herschel’s book, ‘The Hidden Records’, or his latest updated findings on his website, then you are probably wondering what is being referred to here as the grand secret?

    Wayne claims to have identified a global collection of ancient star maps with pictographic encryptions. The encryptions suggest in various ways that the human lineage is descendant of celestial beings that once came from above. All our religions speak of them. They are most likely also the so-called ‘gods’ of ancient civilizations. In other words what this new evidence is telling us is that we all originate from flesh and blood beings that came down from the stars and arrived here on planet Earth.

    As a premise to this article, what we need to consider is the probability that the human race has heavenly origins. This is in tune with extensive research on the subject, drawing on evidence that the ancients have left behind, on which author, Wayne Herschel basis his theories. This basis is imperative to questioning the validity of the great secret that you will read about in this article, and more importantly why it has become a global secret. There have been countless books and films dramatizing a potential occurrence that has always captured our imagination: The possibility of aliens invading Earth. At some time or other, most of us have probably pondered on the possibility of a real invasion one day in the future.

    Ironically, such an alien invasion of Earth appears to have already occurred.

    We are those who once came from the heavens.

    The prime invasion was in all likelihood some 17 000 years ago. The last surviving primitive Earth hominid, the Neanderthal, that roamed Earth at the time would not even have known what had hit him. Driven by fear of these new arrivals, this once naturally evolved inhabitant of our planet would have fled to areas where conditions were extreme, food rare and a climate too harsh for their prolonged survival. Some may even have contracted strange diseases from these celestial human beings that now roamed their land. Diseases that would completely compromise their immune systems! And if all these factors were not enough to lead to their extermination, a cataclysmic flood 10 000 years ago would have guaranteed their final demise.

    From all his research, Wayne is convinced that a meteor impact event probably caused the oceans to destroy the existing civilizations on Earth literally in the blink of the eye, bringing on a ‘dark age’ of freezing conditions and no Sun. It is fact that the last Earth-evolved hominid, the Neanderthal, became extinct 10 000 years ago. At the same time human beings were reduced to living as primitive hunters and gatherers. After a few generations had passed, they seemed to have completely forgotten who they were and where they had come from. In essence:

    Beings from a nearby star system invaded Earth and robbed the Neanderthal population of its planet.

    Everything in Wayne Herschel’s research points to a verifiable hypothesis for the missing link – from powerful ape to a the very frail human being. And with one of the most controversial arguments ever, his theory completely steers away from the out-of-Africa origin theory where evolution is mysteriously thought to have quantum leaped in speed and where quite inexplicably, fossil records do not exist.

    Wayne’s latest research involves identifying how the human lineage is not naturally equipped for this world at all.

    Our bones are around 30% weaker and more porous than the Neanderthal's and that of all apes. Moreover our muscles connections are almost 30% less efficiently connected, once again compared to the Neanderthal and other apes.

    And that is only one aspect of a whole array of incongruities!

    Wayne believes Masonic history hints at the shocking possibility of three 'waves' of Earth invasions. And its First Degree tracing board suggests a chronology of the three epochs when this may have occurred.

    In short, Wayne insists that the human lineage evolved in a world (or worlds) somewhere close to us in our galaxy the Milky Way. In all likelihood, such a world would have been much smaller and further from their Sun, a star that would be just like our Sun. Also, given the incongruities the human form displays by our incompatibility with planet Earth, radiation emissions in such a world would have been lower, as would gravity. Hence, such a world would have been more conducive to the existence of human life. It would have been a world that was once similar to Mars – when it had an atmosphere and oceans.

    Click here Ref: Discovery that Mars once had oceans.

    Would it be that inconceivable to imagine that we are the descendants of these once highly technologically adept god-like celestial visitors? Human beings like you and I, who could perform the kind of miracles recorded in all our holy books and ancient records?

    Sadly, our heavenly origins appear to have been kept from us by a select few: Elite citizens of our past civilizations who knew the secret. Their great kings were probably re-visited by the returning advanced beings in their celestial ships that sailed down from the stars. They would have been told that they are of the same people. How would they deal with this knowledge? Without doubt it could be manipulated and make more powerful kings of them if they kept it a secret. They could raise themselves to the same God-like status as the awe inspiring celestial visitors. They too would become revered by the masses that had absolutely no idea that they too were children of the gods, despite their 'lowly' status.

    It seemed to get worse than this. Historical records suggest that there were numerous civilizations, which were also visited and enlightened by the 'celestial gods'. The diverse belief systems that would emerge from this array of diverse civilizations, would argue that only they could be the 'chosen' people.

    The dawning of the so-called 'holy war' phenomenon had begun.

    Each civilization believed it was 'God's will' that they could conquer foreign lands and govern its people as slaves.

    Over the ages, history has shown that humanity has always failed on the subject of equality, and to this date this iniquity prevails in many societies, in particular regarding the status of women. With this in mind it is no wonder that our sacred awe-inspiring origins were kept secret. If revealed it would prove every human life as equal, sacred and of heavenly origin.

    Such a truth would dispense with the global advantage of access to convenient labour.

    Wayne firmly believes that if the grand secret of our celestial human origins were to have been made common knowledge BEFORE an understanding was reached as to how this knowledge fits in with the pyramid civilizations, Freemasonry, Ufology and more importantly RELIGION, its release would have risked jeopardizing all the constructive attributes of every single belief system on our planet.

    This may well be the reasoning behind more recent efforts to keep the records of our past completely hidden.

    Another reason why our heavenly origins may have been kept a tightly guarded secret over the ages could be ascribed to the very mechanism most likely designed to protect it.

    In the past few thousand years anything that opposed mainstream religious teaching was considered heretical. Spiritual searchers could find themselves being burnt at the stake. To protect the secret that we are all of divine origin from being exposed, it appears the ancient texts were cleverly embedded with texts on misleading destructive ritual magic and witchcraft. Later those trying to decipher it would become confused with the hidden codes because of the harmful material it supposedly formed part of.

    The ancient records inadvertently inspired the worship of the Sun and Taurus the Bull.

    And it is thanks to this misinterpretation that the off-track and destructive Sun-worship cults began. And with these very off-track religions came a huge problem that has permeated history: An inordinate number of lost and confused souls. Over time very few ancient texts carried any clarity at all, let alone provide us with answers to our most basic questions. Most are riddled with strange symbolism and mysticism that only served to bewilder us even more.

    What was once a clever yet effective protection mechanism for the secret - ultimately became the reason it was forgotten. And the elite societies that this secret may have been passed down to, from generation to generation, seemed to have forgotten the essence of what was relevant and what was not.

    Blind faith is not quite the order of the day.

    We now live in a freethinking world where unquestioning belief in what tradition has told us, is fast making way for reasoning towards the truth.

    Much as is the case in 'National Treasure', the United States' secret history goes back to the Olmec, the earliest people who populated North America. They became the great Mayan civilization, which then became the various American Indian civilizations. Wayne has evidence that they all appear to have known the grand secret and left records of it (now online on this website).

    Now let us begin with what appear to be real clues: The one dollar bill.

    dollar 1

    The one dollar-bill is a treasure map. Decipher its meaning and you will crack a code that mirrors an amazing truth found in almost every ancient civilization



    George Washington was a Freemason and no doubt inspired the design of the great seal of the United States of America seen on the one-dollar bill.

    Washington is probably the most famous American Freemason of all time. This elite fraternity based its society around what it calls the great secret of the key of Hiram. Hiram Abiff was a legendary character that was supposedly murdered for a grand secret.

    Click here ref: Hiram Abiff history source

    Wayne identifies two of the main components integral to the grand secret you are about to read about here. It upholds human equality and appears to be focused around the greatness of a single universal Creator.

    It is likely that Washington was the last Mason who had a complete understanding of the cosmic secret. He probably took it to the grave. Freemasons today have officially made it quite clear that the big secret about the Freemasons is that there really is no great secret. They have published many books insisting such. Much of their fast evolving symbolism has been published, always with multiple interpretation possibilities depending on the source, leaving it up to the individual to decipher its complexity.

    So the place to start a treasure hunt for the truth would be to look at the earliest symbols and manuscripts of the Freemasons.

    Take a close look at the two seals of the American one-dollar bill above. One theme portrays a pyramid with an all-seeing eye on its capstone. To the Masons and most researchers this eye represents God.

    The primary clue that led Wayne to interpreting the seal in the animation above (where three stars are positioned around the capstone in the heavens, with the pyramid on Earth below), was inspired by matching the two 'blazing light' themes on both the seals. For Wayne this theme seems to hiding an ‘enlightening’ secret. There is a triangular pattern match between the capstone and the inner triangle of stars.

    In the image above, the pyramid capstone (and pyramid) was positioned over the seal with the Eagle so the capstone covered the counterpart star shape made by the centre portion of the star formation. Only when one seal is positioned exactly over the other, the eagle’s wing tips, feet and tail make contact with the letters comprising the word m-a-s-o-n.

    Quite uncannily, the 'three star' formation as an inverted triangle also matches the original Freemason First Degree Tracing board theme seen below, which has been released by the Bradford University in the UK.

    masonic starmap

    A trinity of three heavenly bodies seems to be represented here. Notice that the “blazing star” is a seven pointed star, which Wayne believes could be symbolic of the Masons' all-important blazing star being located in the proximity or alignment of the seven stars of the Pleiades. Is this three star pattern another clue? Could it be beckoning one to consider the idea of a heavenly trinity? More specifically it seems to represent the historical record of the original pre-Christian "solar trinity" of the heavens. This question is addressed a little later with references.

    When scribing the word MASON, a unique pattern comes to the fore. This pattern is a replica of that found on another important Solomon talisman: (found in the Clavicular Solomonis archives manuscript seen below).

    Click here Ref: Esoteric manuscript archives source

    Note how the talisman incorporates the sacred cross of Lorraine, which also appears to be the spectacular secret behind the Rosslyn Chapel's ceiling - a pattern that geometrically incorporates the human blueprint code as a 'star man'.

    Click here Ref: Human code in Rosslyn Chapel.



    We already mentioned the earliest ancient American civilizations in this article. The Freemason link to these peoples of times gone by is another real clue that has permeated 'National Treasure II'. Incidentally, the eagle in the seal is also found in the beginnings of the Olmec, who then became the Maya.

    The Maya genesis legend has an eagle clutching a serpent and not a scroll as seen in 'National Treasure II' or the spears seen on the one–dollar bill. If the scroll is not a real historical clue, Wayne wonders if the Disney movie script writers created the scroll to suggest subtly that the real treasure is not gold but lost knowledge.

    Much like the ancient Egyptians the constellation of Taurus was an integral part of the religion of the Maya, which also centered on Sun worship. This seems to run parallel to what we know about the Masons from their Tracing Board. Like the Egyptians, the Maya also built their earliest monuments as a star map emulating the place of their gods in the heavens. The image below shows the layout of what are probably some of the Maya's oldest monuments. Found at Tikal in Guatemala, everything in Wayne's research as already published in 'The Hidden Records' point to these pyramids representing the stars of the Pleiades and some important nearby Sun-like stars.

    It is absolutely intriguing that the First Degree Tracing Board appears to single out this exact same star pattern that this pyramid layout in Central America is based on.



    Another clue explored in 'National Treasure II' is arguably the United States' most famous landmark, the Statue of Liberty. Even its architect and the secret message found embedded into the statue come into their own in the film. The statue in New York was designed by Edouarde De Laboulaye and was based on the Roman Goddess Libertas, who was the goddess of liberty. Statue remains of this goddess were found on two of the seven legendary hills of Rome. The Roman goddess was however not often depicted with rays of light emanating in the way they emanate from 'Lady Liberty'. (For more on the incontrovertible relationship that the Seven Hills of Rome has with this story, see the Vatican link later on in this article).

    lady liberty

    Aside from her connection to the Roman goddess of Liberty, 'Lady Liberty' also seems to have a connection with an ancient solar deity. The beams of light radiating outward from her head are the clue. There are seven rays of light and the only other ancient deity who was portrayed in this way was the Solar deity, Apollo.

    Click here Ref: Apollo solar deity

    Tourists who climb to the top of the statue and look downward from the viewing area in the sky should notice that her base consists of a vast geometric star. What is truly phenomenal about this and probably does not occur to most visitors is that this star is so big that it can be seen from space.

    This deliberate choice of symbolism seems to be even more reason as to why we should look for the answers to what it all means, in the stars.

    Not only does she appear to ‘radiate’ light like the solar deity Apollo, but also for Wayne, her seven beams of light are a clue to part of her secret. For him, in congruence with his plethora of research on pyramid star maps, this seems to suggest that there is a single star of importance and it is found near the Pleiades star cluster.

    Because the light radiation emulates that of an ancient solar deity, this could be the crucial clue to what kind of star her blazing star really is:

    A star like our Sun.

    There is a Masonic document that shows a single orb, radiating light like the Sun. This orb correlates with a star that is in this exact position thousands of years ago seen in the star atlas image that follows a little later. The star in question according to the Hubble telescope records is exactly like our Sun and it only fits perfectly in that position 17 000 years ago! It is the ultimate star of the Freemasons. They call it their Blazing star. (See Tracing Board star document above, the Blazing star that is shown with a ladder/beam of light).

    As in the case of the movie, there really is a hidden message on the Statue of Liberty, although not specifically on the French statue, but engraved on a cornerstone plaque on the original statue in New York.

    It clearly commemorates a Masonic ceremony and if anything the inscription hints at the next clue:


    The key phrase is where the plaque speaks of "Liberty enlightening the world."

    What secret could be so spectacular that she would be able to enlighten the whole world? Is it a spiritual secret? Synonyms for the words enlighten and enlightenment, are as follows:

    Enlighten: Tell – speak of – inform.
    Enlightenment: Illumination – reach spiritual wisdom.

    More clues? Not only does she appear to be holding a spiritual secret, but this secret also appears to be secret knowledge.

    Ponder on this thought!

    It is worth questioning the earlier references to Apollo as a 'solar' deity from the heavens. We really should be considering flesh and blood visitors originating from another star 'solar' system. Tradition seems to have added bird-wings to our ancestral visitors as a teaching mechanism explaining their ability of flight to believers!

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    Masonic Symbolism - The Blazing Star of Sirius - YouTube  

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVAFZ_hz2IE8 Ago. 2011 - 12 min. - Subido por Goodfightlads
    More infomation of Freemasonry below: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ sociopolitica ...
  • PGS 8 - Sirius, Orion, The International Peace Garden, Egypt, and ...  

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=smbdl8DCQXg11 Jul. 2012 - 7 min. - Subido por PeaceGardenSecrets
    This is also the day that the Masons and the Order of the Eastern Star, which .... Earth to Orion ...

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      Google te lleva en un Viaje Virtual a Descubir Jerusalén.


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