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Copyright 2003 by Jack Andrews

Articles by Gary A. David available in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader needed)

1. Along the 33rd Parallel ~ The Global Mystery Circle
Completely revised and updated. Explore ancient sacred sites and modern power spots mysteriously distributed along this north latitude line of 33 degrees.
21 pages, 21 large color photos, PDF 5.07 MB

2. The Mimbres—a Pre-Columbian Counter-Culture in the American Southwest?

Enter the bizarre world of the Mimbres people living in southwestern New Mexico during the 11th century AD. See their unique paintings on pottery whose styles range from the realistic to the surreal to the sexually explicit. "In the late 1960s and early 1970s, New Mexico became a magnet for those seeking an alternative lifestyle. All over this semi-desert landscape, exotic varieties of communes sprang up like magic mushrooms after a rainstorm. One typical example of this phenomenon was portrayed in the 1969 classic film Easy Rider. It was not, however, the first time an alternative lifestyle occurred among the pinyon and sandstone mesas. One may have already developed a thousand years earlier."
17 pages, 14 photos (both color and b & w), maps, drawings,
endnotes, PDF 2.8 MB

3. Driekopseiland: a Celestial Rock Art Site in Central South Africa
In September of 2009, I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa in order to assist my friend and colleague Rob Milne with his rock art research. He and I along with his wife Slava visited a site called Driekopseiland, an Afrikaans name meaning “three hills island.” It is located on a working farm along the Riet River near the city of Kimberley in Northern Cape Province. The article presents numerous examples of rock engravings, or petroglyphs, carved hundreds or even thousands of years ago by the San (Bushmen). See the rock art evidence of their contact with extraterrestrials!
13 pages, 17 color photos, drawings, endnotes, PDF 1.6 MB

4. Seeing Red: Will Betelgeuse Soon Go Supernova?

Scientists have recently observed that the red supergiant star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion is showing signs of going supernova... and very soon. Hopi legends talk about the arrival of the Red Star Kachina at the end of the current Fourth World in order to purify humankind. The Maya saw Betelgeuse as the Red Dragonfly associated with Kukulkan, and the related Aztec god Quetzalcoatl was sometimes depicted with red skin and a dragonfly headdress. Both gods are said to appear at the conclusion of present cycle. A recent crop formation can be interpreted as the Mayan First Father named Hunahpu emerging from the cracked shell of the Cosmic Turtle, which symbolizes Orion. Will the right shoulder of this stellar giant become a supernova in 2012, blasting us with charged particles and transforming planetary consciousness? The whole world awaits some celestial messenger.
32 pages, 33 color photos, drawings, endnotes, PDF 6.01 MB

5. Wormwood: Orion's Impending Supernova Betelegeuse 
This essay is a continuation in a different vein of my previous essay titled “Seeing Red: Will Betelgeuse Go Supernova in 2012?”
A famous passage from the Book of Revelation identifies Wormwood as a large star that will fall upon the earth in the End Times, poisoning the waters. During the course of this essay I explore the possibility that this stellar body may refer to Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis), the right shoulder of Orion. I cite examples of its importance in primarily the Mayan, Hopi, Hebrew, Egyptian, Hindu, and Tibetan cultures. In the second part of the essay, I discuss the role that the metal copper plays in regard to this constellation.
24 pages, 15 color photos, drawings, endnotes, PDF 2.48 MB

6. The Maltese Cross: Hopi Indian Version of a Knight Templar Symbol
Discover the esoteric meanings of this universal symbol found in diverse cultures all across the globe. "The Hopi Indians of Arizona also claim the Maltese Cross as part of their cultural heritage. The nögla, meaning literally 'butterfly whorl,' is a women’s hair disk three to four inches in diameter. It was traditionally worn by virgins on both sides of the head above the ears, especially during the Bean Germination Ceremony. Two of these hair disks laid perpendicular to each other resemble the Maltese Cross."
15 pages, 26 photos (both color and b & w), drawings, endnotes, 1.80 MB

7. The Four Arms of Destiny: Swastikas in the Hopi World & Beyond
"Most of us shudder when we see photos of swastikas on Nazi flags or on the uniforms of the Third Reich. It reminds us of that terrible historical period in the mid-20th century when hatred threatened to rule the world. Most of us would be surprised to learn, however, that this emblem was once an ancient symbol known the world over to represent just the opposite: peace, prosperity, and fortuity. A prime example of the positive meaning comes from the Hopi of northern Arizona. When masked kachinas (spirit messengers) dance in the village plaza during annual ceremonies to pray for rainfall and fertility, they carry a flat gourd rattle in their right hand. These rattles
frequently bear the image of the swastika."
19 photos (both color and b & w), drawings, PDF 1.79 MB

8. A Star Correlation in Arizona

Overview of Arizona Star Correlation similar to the one found at Giza in Egypt. This star pattern was projected on the desert of the American Southwest over a period of four centuries. Find out
which particular star in the constellation Orion may be the origin of the Hopi star elders. Poster presentation for CPAK (Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge), San Diego, California, October 2008.
12 pages, 18 photos (color and b & w), constellation maps, earth maps, PDF 2.96 MB

9. The Mystery Egg and the Hopi Prophecies
"The Hopi of Arizona, more than most other tribes of North America, have developed as a people according to the dictates and demands of what may be called a legacy of prophecy. The predictions of the life to come do not merely pertain to the Hopi themselves but deal with impending events on a global scale." This essay discusses various Hopi prophecies for the coming years in terms of what they call the "Mystery Egg." This archetypal form is compared with prophetic visions from various cultures, including the Maya, Aztecs, Egyptian, Dogon, Greek, Hindu, and even the disturbing forecasts of the German medieval nun Hildegard von Bingen. See the Hopi Place Of Emergence. View a fiery, egg-shaped Google Sky image that may be headed for us.
25 pages, 26 photos (color and b & w), sky maps, PDF 8.05 MB

10. Giants, Kachinas, and Cannibals

"Legends of giants are found not only in the Bible but also from all corners of the world, and the American Southwest is no exception. It seems natural that a land of such immensity would spawn creatures of comparable size. Most tribes of this region have some collective memory of giants. Diné [Navajo] legends, for instance, refer to the anáye, which literally means “alien gods” but also implies those who speak a non-Navajo language. These ogres attained great stature, sometimes 'half as tall as the tallest pine-tree.' Although not particularly fast or smart, they were connoisseurs of human flesh. The fiends were even known to consume each other."
24 pages,18 photos (color and b & w), PDF 6.84 MB

 Buy one or more of the above articles and you will receive the following file as a bonus.
Thunderclouds Over Palatki—a Sanskrit OM Symbol In Arizona
Chapter 13 of Eye of the Phoenix (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2008)
. Read about and see photos of the ancient OM symbol that has been painted on a cliff near Sedona, Arizona. "Is this pictograph at Palatki a cross-cultural relic from an ancient time when Hindus walked the Americas?"

16 pages, 12 black-and-white photos, drawings, PDF 1.23 MB

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Articles by Gary A. David Free downloads

Excerpts from The Orion Zone

Chapter Synopses and Description for The Orion Zone

of The Orion Zone

This article has also been posted on the Graham Hancock Forum.

"As Above, So Below" in Ancient Arizona"
(pdf file--Adobe Acrobat Reader needed)
Copyright ©
2002 by Gary A. David. All rights reserved.
(Original Overview article for The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest published in Ancient American magazine, Volume 7, Number 46, July/August 2002)

of The Orion Zone

"The Sky Over the Hopi Villages"
from Chapter 2, The Orion Zone

"Carving the Cosmos: A Petroglyphic Earth/Star Map and Solstice Marker at Homol'ovi, Arizona"
from Chapter 5, "A Window Onto the Cosmos," The Orion Zone

The Hopi-Pawnee Connection

Global Orion Links: A Celestial Plan? (pdf file--Adobe Acrobat Reader needed)

Excerpts from Eye of the Phoenix 

Chapter titles and subjects for Eye of the Phoenix

"Spiraling to the Center of the World," Introduction to The Eye of the Phoenix

Mystery Mesa: A Masonic Temple Beside An Ancient Hopi Village

The Great Pyramids of Arizona

Phoenix: Masonic Metropolis in the Valley of the Sun

The Anthills of Orion: Ancient Star Beings of the Hopi

The Serpent Knights of the Round Temple

The Nagas: Origin of the Hopi Snake Clan?

The Tau (or T-shaped) Cross:Hopi-Maya-Egyptian Connections

Spiral Gate: The Arc of the Covenant

Excerpts from The Kivas of Heaven 

Chapter titles and description for The Kivas of heaven

The Dual Stargates of Egyptian Cosmology

Orion’s Invisibility:the Hopi Agricultural and Ceremonial Cycle

Orion's Stellar Trinity: Hopi Kachinas and the Egyptian Connection

The (Hopi) World According to Whorf -- a Brief Note

Online articles by Gary A. David
about The Orion Zone
and Eye of the Phoenix


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