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Reply  Message 1 of 2 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 14/03/2015 18:11

If you look on the tomb of wicked King John - of Magna Carta/Robin Hood fame - you won't find a "John" there, I'll hazard.  They spelled things differently back then.  Similarly, I think it likely there's no "Jesus" mentioned ANYWHERE AT ALL before the beginning of the C17th AD.  I'll run that by you again:  there was no Jesus before some 1600 years after the birth of Christ.  Think about it - Greek, original Latin and Hebrew have no J whilst original Latin had no U. J, U and W were added to the Latin alphabet (that our 26-letter version derives from) in the Middle Ages.  In the very first edition of the 1611 AD, Tyndale-based, King James Authorised Version Bible there's no "Jesus".*  * Witness William Shakespeare's Ist Quarto 1597 AD and its 'ROMEO AND IULIET' - or his 'KING IOHN' .  I find mention of a Petrus Ramus of Picardy origin of the splitting of '1' and 'j, this French thing being subsequently imported into these Isles. ( Ramus was born in 1515 AD and died in 1572 AD.  He was a close friend of Dr. John Dee.  I find Sir Francis Bacon also "in the frame": http://watch.pair.com/TR-2-tetragrammaton.html - scroll down.  First use of j as a consonant - and separate letter from i. then - pre-1572 but abroad).

**  For j/J as alternative i/I, for instance:  "J and I were used interchangeably at the time the (C14th AD) Auchinleck manuscript was written; especially at the beginning of words scribes often preferred to use a J, even if the pronunciation was I.   (The same incidentally goes for V and U.)  As you say, the use of J as a consonant began later."  Reply to my "Of Arthour and of Merlin" query to the National Library of Scotland - and my thanks (and my red italics!)..

Both words, Jesus and John, however ubiquitous these days, are uniquely English in origin, and Jesus, in particlar, is fairly recent.   Were both constructed "to order" - or did the arrival of "John" influence the tagging of an "s" on the end of the Jesus precursor, Jesu?

The birthdays are stylised Midwinter* and Midsummer.  They are opposites/complements/mirrors and they are cyclical (the seasons/the year/the sun).  The exact same thing is true of Jesus and John, the words.  Quantified in our English alphabet Jesus = 10 + 5 + 19 (X 2) + 21 = 74 whilst John = 10 + 15 + 8 + 14 = 47.  74 is the mirror of 47.**

*Cautionary note: Jesus is birth date 6th January - Gregorian calendar - in some traditions,  It is supposed to have been moved to 25th December to stop people backing the "Unconquerable Sun" festivity that culminated on that date - Saturnalia.  It is this "Jesus" that John opposes and this perhaps explains why Freemasonry employs John the Evangelist (27th December) as the mirror.  The Julian Calendar Christmas of other traditions is 18th January in Gregorian terms.  The Gregorian was invented 1582 and introduced in England in 1752. 

** 7/4 meaned to 12/7 produces 194/112 - a very serviceable Sq Root 3!  1.7321 .... v 1.73205 ...  And this where 3 + 4 = 7 and 3 X 4 = 12. This is the maths of Gothic Cathedrals.

In both cases 7 + 4 = 11.  11 X 11 = 121.  Mirrors again.  74 + 47 = ...... 121.

The number of prime numbers up to 666 is 121, which is the square of 11, which is the number of prime numbers up to 36.


 (acknowledgement: Milo - with my thanks, geoffss, 8-7-13).

The spellings Jesus and John were of deliberate design to produce these outcomes, perhaps?*  Did someone think 121 (12,1) is of some GREAT SIGNIFICANCE?  Well, certainly, Chapter and Verse, it's the Woman of St. John's REVELATION, and the mystic - and albeit later - Isaac  Newton was to scour this and  DANIEL for the meaning of life, existence and everything whilst contemporary Evelyn evidences knowledge of the Kabbala in his submitted design to rebuild 1665 AD Great Fire London - http://www.geoffss.plus.com/tarotII.htm .  Both were Fellows of the (early) Royal Society - FRS.

* There's a consideration here: the "Simple English" code of Elizabethan times (and, supposedly, one of a number employed by Sir Francis Bacon) employed a 24 letter English alphabet, it seems - http://www.apprendre-en-ligne.net/crypto/bibliotheque/PDF/diasporter.pdf   There's no j, u doubles with v, but there is a w.  The values 74 and 47 do not apply in this code.  But they DO apply to a 26 letter English alphabet.  Some time about 1611 AD, we had at least 25 letters.  Note the 1611 King James Bible, Luke 1:13:

 " But the Angel said vnto him, Feare not, Zacharias, for thy prayer is heard, and thy wife Elizabeth shall beare thee a sonne, and thou shalt call his name Iohn." - a w but no j.  And, again. John 19:38: "And after this, Ioseph of Arimathea (being a disciple of IESUS, but secretly for feare of the Iewes) besought Pilate that he might take away the body of IESUS, and Pilate gaue him leaue: he came therefore, and tooke the body of IESUS. -  a u and a w, this time, but still no j (and no v).  http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/1611_Luke-1-13/  http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/1611-Bible/search.php?word=Iesus In 1769 it's J: http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Luke-1-13/ http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/John-19-38/ Some time between 1611 and 1769, therefore, the I of Iesus and Iohn became a J in England - and, apparently, circa 1600-1650-ish on - http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?l=j 

Note, geoffss, 14-04-11 - the 24-letter alphabet English Simple Code needs j (and u) adding to create a 74 and 47 count possibility. Lower case consonant j was already in use in the 1630s - a version of Milton's Comus contains "just hands"/"welcome joy" etc. but "Ioves court" http://www.mith.umd.edu/comus/final/TMS.htm   This "Trinity MS" transscription and the "Bridgewater MS" transcription both carry "Iove's courte" but the latter also has "Jo: Milton".  I see upper case "Ioye ... Iollitie" (joy and jollity) in both and "iocund" in the Brdgewater.  In 1634, then, lower case j was being used for some/many/most of (our) lower case j words and, by 1637, upper case Ioye and Iollitie had become Joy and Jollity.  Finally, in 1645, Iove became Jove - http://www.mith.umd.edu/comus/final/1637.htm http://www.mith.umd.edu/comus/final/1645.htm  As for v/u, all the transcruiption/texts use u within words - e.g. Comus - but the Bridgewater transcription generally carries v at the beginning - vpright/vnder/vnadorned/vs etc - but it also carries both up and vp.  1637 sees captial Vs and the odd v beginnings - but otherwise u.  In 1645. it's U and u. I saw no conflation of u with w - as in Ieues/Iewes - in the above (see Wiliam Tyndale C16th http://studybible.info/Tyndale/Acts%2020:18-21)*.

The "Iohn" cited above had and has variants: Ihon, Ioann, Iohann (Hans), Ieuan, Ian, Ivan, Evan etc. as well as the Js - Jean, Johann, Juan etc.  An origin is claimed water-related Oannes - note Baptist and water here: http://www.forbiddenfruitpublishing.com/sexdrugs/oannes.html

*Having a J doesn't quite do it - you need another s, too, as in the 1611 King James above (the u arriving c/o Greek upsilon - "uppercase Y, lowercase u" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upsilon  Tyndale gives "Iesu" here.  Note also Hesus, Ihesus Iesous, Issa (note Muslim Isa) and Yehoshua/Yeshua (Joshua).  Now, changing the I to J (1st half C17th AD if as above) gives us a (new/ 26-letter) Simple English Code outcome of 74 v the John 47.

If we look at REVELATION 4, 7 we find the four Royal Watchers coded: Antares, Aldebaran, Regulus and Fomalhaut.  These represent West, East, North and South.  They also turn up at  KINGS II, 2, II and ZECHARIAH 6, 2 - 6, 6 .  They are the wheels fixed the the various fiery chariots going heavenwards. Meanwhile, the angle 47 degrees is applied to the arc between Tropics Cancer and Capricorn - leaving 66.5 degrees to the Poles on either side.  A more accurate figure, though is 23.4394 ... : as 23.4 to one decimal point then .... 66.6.

 Note:(27-11-07): Frank Higgins, ANCIENT FREEMASONRY ... (1919, 1923 et al). 23.5 and 47 (2X 23.5) are said to be 2 of the 4 "Cosmic Angles" of Freemasonry*.  Masonic compasses. it seems, were once set at 47 degrees ** rather than the modern 60, and that 'all-seeing eye' pyramid thingy on dollar bills is at 23.5 (66.5) degrees.  He notes this in the context of the (solar) seasonal cycle of Cancer 23.5 to Equator to Capricorn 23.5 = 47.  Here are 60 degrees and 47 degrees together on a C16th AD icon of St. Catherine (of Wheel fame) from the eponymous Sinai monastery:

This is a vastly enlarged detail from the bottom left of the icon and was brought to my attention by Gary Osborn on the Graham Hancock Mysteries Forum (28-11-07).  Thanks for that - and to 'Blythe' for the original icon post.The compasses (seem to) give angles as illustrated - by my attempts to measure them.


* I can't find out what others they had (but the abridged text, lacking these, is on googlebooks).

 **Or were they?  I had a quick look-see and found 45 degrees, 36 degrees, 29 degrees .... all sorts of degrees, really!  See  http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/symbolism/compasses/index.html


This is ATALANTA FUGIENS , Maier, 1618 AD.  (1618?  1.618 is often used to represent the Golden Mean, I note, and is 1618 is commonly given as the date for this - but this was actually first published in 1617). It is a considerable alchemical 'beastie', I gather: http://www.levity.com/alchemy/atalanta.html ).  Notice the resemblance of the pyramid to the 'all-seeing eye' one on the American dollar.  It is possible that the compass hypotenuse demonstrates 47 degrees.*  I looked at the esoterically-charged Albrecht Durer, wondering what, if anything, he did with his compasses.

* Are we looking at the "Obliquity"/"Axial tilt" of the Earth here?  Well, perhaps.  This varies in the range-ish 22.5-24.5 and so means to about 23.5.  A simple experiment involving the two solstices and the midday sun helps derive it: you mark the Midwinter and Midsummer shadows thrown by a stick on the ground with pegs.  Job done (assuming the sun actually shines)!  These values also, as a mean,  roughly accord with the equinox latitudes, often given as 23.5 (23.4394 ...) and often symbolised as "Sts John" or "St Johns" - see my Tarot II (2 - but card 3) page.  Geoffss, 26-01-09.  47 and 1/2 X 47, 23,5, are said to be 2 of the 4 "Cosmic Angles of Freemasonry:

 the 23.5-degree angle, and it's 47-degree double, are two of Freemasonry's "Cosmic Angles," according to Frank C. Higgins in his 1919 book, Ancient Freemasonry: An Introduction to Masonic Archaeology http://www.freewebs.com/garyosborn/235degreereferences.htm

This is ASTRONOMER , late C15th-early C16th AD - and that's the Earth Durer's compasses are resting on.  Equator and ?, well, where? 

Is that a 23.5 angle of the upper compass leg?  It's close.  However there's nothing masonically secretive or hermetically arcane in the idea of an 'obliquity of the ecliptic'.  Apparently, the Chinese knew of it in 1000 BCE and/or Anaximander (and pupil Pythagoras) did, circa C6th BCE, whilst Eratosthenes certainly did circa 200 BCE as confirmed C2nd BCE by Hipparchus, albeit in a geo-centric system.

I looked at Chapter 1 of   DE SPHAERA MUNDI , by Ioannes Sacrobosco (John of Halifax), circa 1200 AD:  "23".  I then find Jan Sindel, Schoner, Werner and Tycho Brahe looking at it - and the notion that it changes slightly over time - circa 1518-1600 AD.  And, of course, we become helio-centric and more accurate*).  The important point, however, is that his thing was no secret - everyone who could read (and his mediaeval dog) had access to the idea of the 'obliquity of the ecliptic' - but that's not a reason not to indicate/employ it in art. 

*In 1518, Werner had a value equivalent to 23.46(6r); in 1544, Schoner had a value equivalent to 23.583(3r) - compared to Sacrobosco's 23 at the beginning of the C13th AD.

There is something else I found, though: Gary Osborn has amassed a sizeable collection of art (online) that illustrates the angle 23-23.5 (www.garyosborn.moonfruit.com - click NEWS, click REVELATION II, and click THE BAPTIST REVELATION gets you there).  The John the Baptist pics. fall 1515 to 1717, he notes, and Grunewald's 'The Crucifixion with John the Baptist' is the first, 1515.  It carries the phrase "He must increase, but I must decrease", referring, perhaps the the (mirror) suns of the first half of the year and the second half, the waning of its strength following the waxing, all in the (circular) cycle of the seasons.  Here it is:

That's the Baptist on the right, pointing (at 23.5 degrees according to Gary Osborn - and thanks!).  The point I want to make is that, if we accept this as a beginning of a tradition of an association of the Baptist with that angle, then we are doing it BEFORE the word 'John' (47, 2 X 23.5) is invented!  Was 'John'/47 therefore a deliberate coding for half a year: the movement from Cancer to Capricorn. the (solar) 'decrease' half of the year?  A noteworthy curiosity here is the Baptist birthday - 24th June.  Now that's both just after the Summer Solstice (marking the decline of the sun's beginning) and very close to ... 23.5.


In Gematria systems, where alphabet letters command numerical values which are summed to provide values for words and phrases - and possibly therefore influence their design!? - identical outcomes become interchangeable: Tarot = Menorah = Messiah = Joshua = Jesus* = Lucifer.  All are He Phren - Wisdom/Mind Below - 666 (74 X 9).  And this "Lower Mind" rather implies a Higher one, doesn't it?  After all, As Above, So Below works both ways: visit  KING LEAR and MACBETH .

* The association of the 37X table with Jesus has some provenance in the Greek Gematria system: Ihsovs (Ihsous) Xpistos, Jesus Christ, 2388, 37 X 64.

"Mind Below" refers to the physical/pentagonal - as against the spiritual/intellectual/hexagonal.  To move from the latter (Heaven) to the former (Earth) is variously to be "fallen", "cast out of Paradise" and "word/spirit made flesh" - hence 666 being both "the number of a man" and 'Beast".  666 is also an esoteric mathematical reference to the Sun:  it represents the Magic Square (where the 'magic' lies in horizontal and vertical rows summing to identical amounts) sided 6 X 6. Fit the numbers 1-36.  And these, added, sum to 666.  The association of He Phren with 666 is old - the classic Greek Gematria system also throws up this result.  666 can also be identified with the 'Red Dragon' of REVELATION:  it occurs at 12, 3 and 12 X 3 = 36 = 6 X 6 Magic Square of the Sun gives sum 1-36 = 666.


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Reply  Message 2 of 2 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 14/03/2015 18:12

But it's all really just mumbo-jumbo messin' with maths - where many now treat the fancy packaging as the actual substance rather the MAN-MADE gift-wrapping it really is.  For example:  666 is Lucifer (74 X 9)  and 6 6 6 is a 'Venus' at dominoes .... and Venus is ..... Lucifer (Bright Morning Star = that planet).  Its mirror is 999.  999 - 666 = 333

Note:  JEREMIAH 33, 3 .... 'great and mighty things', sometimes called "a telephone for talking to God" - and associated, by some, with the tetrahedral star and some 'whirling vortex' gobbledygook).  I note here, too that there is doubt as to the authenticity of the value '666' - apparently, the earliest REVELATION MS fragment surviving (maybe!) suggests 616.


The Sun is valued 6 (and 666 - Magic Square), the Moon is 9 (and 999 - Magic Square).  6 and 9 add to 15, and divide (9/6) to 1.5 and (6/9) .... not quite 666 (dropping the decimal).  It's really basic 2 : 3 stuff.  The real fun starts when you look at the other mirrors, including powers and roots, that these can produce.


The Sun and the Moon were seen as Male/Female mirrors/opposites/complements but in a cyclical context.  They were represented as 6 : 9, white : black, light : dark, day : night, lux : nox, goat : lady, devil : woman, adam : eve, fire/air : earth/water, hot/dry : cold/wet, Leo/Scorpio : Aquarius/Taurus, equilateral (male) pointed up : equilateral (female) pointed down; equilateral (male) pointed right : equilateral (female) pointed left, Midwinter Sun: Midsummer Sun, Jesus/Evangelist : Baptist, Tarot II right : Tarot II left.  They are equated with the two pillars that once stood at the entrance to the Temple Of Solomon, Jachin (J/North) and Boaz (B/South), Autumn (West) : Spring (East).  And the difference between solar 6 and lunar 9 is 3.  And 3 is 1.5 + 1.5 = ISIS (See Tarot II). 

It is interesting to note that Euclid 47 * informs one main investigative technique: recurring and thematically one must, it seems, cherchez le right-angled triangle.  Freemasons might be intrigued to find = if they don't know already, of course - that a right-angled (Pythagoras proposition) triangle hypotenused 7 with side 4 will generate another side, Square Root 33.  Since 3, 11 and 33 are supposed to signify, it's interesting that the Pembrokeshire Coast boasts a Point St. John sitting on Latitude 3113' precisely ... as well as cropping up in the "Constant of Pythagoras" Sq Rt 2-alikes 140/99 and 99/70 (it's in the '99': 3 X 11 X 3.

*If we take a 3-4-5 right-angled triangle then its angles, to one decimal point, are 90.0. 53.1 and 36.9 degreesNow there's 666 "fun" here:  531 + mirror 135 = 666 and 369 ... 468 .... 567 ... 666 whilst 369 + mirror 963 = 2 X 666.

Similarly, a right-angled triangle sided 4 and 7, adjacent and opposite, will deliver a Square Root of 65 hypotenuse, where 65 is a combination of the 1s, 3s, and 5s we encounter thematically again and again (5 X 13 here). 

It is also worth noting that, whilst Chaper and Verse in the Bible can seem to carry "significances" - like REVELATION 4, 7's Royal (Fixed Star) Watchers and DANIEL's 7, 4 'Vision' - and sometimes the Chapter and Verse seems tied to the actual text - like REVELATION 12, 6 talking of 1260 - this, if intentional, is of fairly recent design. Why?  Biblical 'Chapter and Verse' is from the mid- C16th AD*,  previously the text was organised in 4s and 7s, I gather.  You can have some fun, though, with the modern system - if you want, that is: compare the 12, 1 Woman of REVELATION with her 'mirror', the 21, 2 'Bride', the 'new Jerusalem.  Or add them together ... 33, 3 - as in JEREMIAH'S 'great and mighty things' (and also as in what happens when you slope decagonal 36 degrees at 3 degrees off 'up').   Another  nicety is REVELATION's 666  (of this selfsame 36  connection).  Intentionally or otherwise - and only since the mid-C16th AD! - this 'lives' at REVELATION 13, 18.  13 X 18 = 234.  The mirror is 432.  They sum to 666.  'Here is wisdom ...', it says.  666 is he phren, 'mind below'.

I note 360/7 here: the "virgin" latitude/angle.  There are ratios that approximate to it.  5000 : 3987 is incredibly close (to its tangent)  ... but  74 : 59 seems more, shall-we-say, serviceable: it's easy to identify on graph paper!  And 74 : 59 can be expressed (X 9) as 666 : 531.  The mirror of 531 is 135 ... and 531 + 135 = ... 666.  You could say solar 7 and 666 are here linked.

*Stephen Langton, 1205 AD, invented Chapter whilst the mid-C16th AD saw the first Bibles with Verse/Chapter and Verse.  So you need to be wary of the New Testament's possible 'messages' drawn from this.  The Old Testament, however, is structured on ancient practice - 4s and 7s, I seem to remember ....

Baptism note: apparently baptism by water, air and fire but NOT earth, I read.  Midsummer John the Baptist is associated with water and I read that Midsummer was a water festival marking the beginning of the waning/death of the sun whilst (the Jesus/John the Evangelist) Midwinter was a fire festival celebrating the rebirth of the sun.  Fire indicates (solar) male and water (lunar) female - but it is the Beloved Disciple John - Leonardo's LAST SUPPER - who seems feminine and this Evangelist person is also set opposite the Baptist.  Confusing, eh?

 "Another chance to see ..."

I imagine Isaac Newton and his mates were heartily sick of the zillionth rerun of Spartacus - I am Spartacus! - and Ben Hur, the Robe, the Great Escape and Spartacus ....  Bored brainless, they reached for the nearest biros 'n A4 and started doodling - messin' with maths.

Take 234*, as above, mirror of 432.  Whilst these sum to 666, their difference informs the Michell CPC (Circle of Perpetual Choirs) as 198, half the circumference (of Michell's original model).  "Take a rod .... measure the temple of God" is a somewhat loose REVELATION 11, 1 (where 111 = 3 X 37, Jesus being 2 X 37 ... X 9): 198".  That's a good old measure in these Isles: 16.5 feet, 5.5 yards, 22 spans.  If we bend it, we get "22/7" (a Pi value), 22 being wicket to wicket on a cricket pitch and the atu** of the Eyptian Wisdom and Moongod, Thoth.  A semicircular rod would be to scale to the CPC 1 : 2 X 63360.

*2 X 117 - see 'Station Stones' www.geoffss.plus.com/stonehengestationstones.htm

**the 22 cards of the Tarot Major c/o Golden Dawn.

But suppose we juggle with the 2, the 3, and the 4  their mirrors and combinations):  we already have he phren, the 666 'Mind Below' (234 + 432) - and somewhat evocative of Hafren!? (Welsh Severn name) - but what of  'Noos', 'Mind Above?  That's 567, 99 away: 243 + 324.  And if we look, say, at 243 and 234? 9 away.  Our varying combinations produce patterns of differences: 9s, 99s and 198s.  The one I was drawn to was (flying) mirror 747: 324 + 423,  where 423 = 'John' X 9.  Suppose I quantify Merlin: 13 + 5 + 18 + 12 + 9 + 14?  83.  X 9? 747.  Suppose I try Tehuti (Thoth)?  20 + 5 + 8 + 21 + 20 + 9?  83 (but a 'u' necessarily limits it, timewise) ... again X 9 = 747.

And 747?  That would be a 'John' eclipsing 'Jesus' or vice versa.  Now .... deep breath ... 7 + 4 = 11 (and it's a fair bet so does 4 + 7) so we can take our 11s and literally (half) eclipse them: 111 is visible but 121 is actually there .... and 121 is the 12, 1 Woman of REVELATION and the mirror of the 21, 2 Bride/New Jerusalem.  If we compare our eclipsed 11 11 (111) as an exoteric value and X 6 = 666, but our esoteric 121 X 6 = 726: The Messiah, The City of Truth, Behold Your God (Greek Gematria).

Note: messin' with maths - John X 9 = 423, Jesus X 9 = 666 ... the perms of opposites

423  234  342 = sum to 999

324  432  243 = sum to 999


747 666  585 = sum to 1998 (666 X 3) .... 747 + 585 = 2 X 666 = 1332 ("Alpha and Omega" http://www.jesus8880.com/chapters/gematria/isopsephia-values.htm ).

Note diagonal opposites also sum to 666. And note also 153 531 315 and their mirros.

*1296 is a Platonic precessional number - 1/20th of the stylised 25920 cycle.  The current best bet is about 144 years shorter!

**Now II is Gemini but also a pillar, a Boaz II and a Jachin II.  See Tarot II to see II above the head of the High Priestess and as the pillars either side of her:  II IITarot II is part of what Aleister Crowley, of Order of Golden Dawn et al fame, termed the atu of Thoth - the 22 keys/trumps,  the Major Arcana of Tarot.  In our alphabet, T + A + R + O + T = 74 (like Jesus and He Phren/Wisdom Below).  X  9?  666.

Note: Cherchez le right-angled triangle A somewhat evocative one would be sided 1, 6 and square root 37 and angled nearly 67.8 and 22.2 ( to well within about .005 of a degree).  222 is 37 X 6 (and 666/3).

Gary Osborn finds his '23.5' in the company of '52' (both degrees) thematically in art 1515-1717 AD - as well as certain other numbers - http://garyosborn.moonfruit.com - enter site by clicking, put mouse over 'NEWS' on left-side menu and see there REVELATION and REVELATION 2.  It is interesting that 52 belongs more readily to 23.4 (66.6) than 23.5 in that X 13 applies to the former (X 1.8 and X 4).  It is also interesting trhat the Michell Circle of Perpetual Choirs (CPC - my version, not John's!) has a centre exactly on the 'mirror' Lat. 52.025?

I've just noticed: sepirot 9 on the Tree of Life is Yesod, Hebrew Gematria value 74 - where 9 X 74 = 666.  But this sepirot has been acquainted c/o those who shove on the Ptolmaic system with the Moon, which is also accorded value 999, the mirror of 666.  In a chakra-related system, 999 would be the Crown and not the Foundation.


Note: Gary Val Tenuta of 'GreatDreams'/'Code Consortium' and 'The Ezekiel Code' has done some work in the area of an 'English Gematria' having alhttp://www.geoffss.plus.com/jesusandjohn.htmso found the Jesus 74 (X 9 = 666) and I find the Jesus = Lucifer = 666 well-established as 'out there' on the internet these days!  I seem to remember John Michell once ALSO made the identification.  Gary finds the (decagonal!) value 144 of great significance, I note.  Gary's system employs a 26-letter alphabet.  Gary kinda hints at a 'hand' creating the 26-letter alphabet to (gematric) order.



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