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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 24/01/2012 19:53

5. Lactantius declaró (De Morte 44) que el emperador vio a Cristo en un sueño en donde le ordenó que pintara en los escudos de su ejército “Chi-Rho” (primeras dos letras de la palabra Cristo en griego: Χριστός -ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ- (khristos)) las cuales forman el monograma cristiano;



7. El Labarum o Chi-Rho según In Vita Constantini de Eusebio, se afirma que antes de la batalla vio una cruz sobre el sol con la inscripción “Bajo este signo vencerás”, esa noche Cristo se le apareció y le dijo que pintara la cruz (llamado Labarum) en los escudos de sus soldados (Vita 1: 27-32); la autenticidad de Vita (335 o 338) es generalmente admitida;



[Nota del Traductor: Pueden observarse otros ejemplos del Monograma de Cristo, Crismón o Labarum en el Museo Pio Cristiano, del Vaticano. El cual es generalmente representado junto con las letras griegas Alpha (A) y Omega (minúscula ώ o mayúscula Ω, según la propia descripción que Jesucristo hace de sí mismo (Apocalipsis XXII,13)]


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 24/01/2012 19:54

Reply  Message 3 of 57 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 24/01/2012 19:57


The coincidence of the uprising in Egypt happening just as Chiron was changing signs in the sky AND as Jupiter had just crossed into the sign of Aries has been piquing my interest. In ancient astrological texts the Prime Meridian, which divided the world into East and West hemispheres, was set as passing through the longitude of  the Great Pyramid. What this means is that 0 Aries was pinned to that longitude and not to Greenwich where it 'ended up' in 1884. If we use Cairo (the pyramids) as the main meridian from which we divide the globe up into celestial and terrestrial longitudes starting at 0 Aries, then Jupiter has just crossed into the region having already come from Tunisia and is now heading towards Jordan, Israel, Syria, Saudi and all points East. From March onwards Uranus, the great liberator will follow as it too moves to 0 Aries.

This transit and the uprising in Egypt is all too much of a coincidence for skywatchers to ignore because 'what is above is like what is below and what is within is like what is without' so we must consider that the ancient pinning of the Prime Meridian has more celestial significance and physical significance than many hitherto realised. Where else do we have 2 hemispheres. In the brain. As within, so without*

Still  on the same subject, but major coincidence number two, is that I have always understood the Chiron glyph to be closely related to the subject of Christ Consciousness - i.e. enlightenment. This week, just as it was moving into the sign most associated with Christianity  - Pisces, the fishes - for the first time since 1961, I was inclined (the stars incline they do not compel) to make my first video in about two years. The video is about... drum roll... enlightenment. Furthermore I originally posted it up for private viewing and someone pointed out to me it went up exactly as Chiron moved to Pisces. Just coincidence?

The video has now been reposted and is set for public view, you can watch it below but before you do... The name Cairo is officially said to be Al-Qahira or Masr but the occulted (occulted means hidden from view) reason for its name is thought to derive from the words CHI-RHO which is the Greek spelling of the word Christ. In FreeMasonry the Hiramic legend was originally the CHIramic legend as it is really about Christ - or Chris consciousness. Anyway I digress, you can read about this christogram here.
Update: Is it just a coincidence that since writing this an earthquake hit a city called CHRIST-CHURCH and toppled the spire of a cathedral? It is not a coincidence from a metaphysical point of view

If you look at the pictures from Zane Stein's great site on the subject ( he's an expert on Chiron)  it shows one of the two original glyph designs. We all know the symbol as a key but it was formed from the cross (and drawn to divine proportions)
So, there I was pondering all this and I saw a list which You Tube video's automatically generate to 'match' the keywords of the one I posted. One caught my eye called Revealed - The Secret of Christianity and was put up in 2007. I watched it only to synchronistically discover the video maker had put together a whole section about (some of) the significance of the Chi- Rho. The rest of the video is worth watching but it is information which, whilst accurate, is not the whole story about the Cross and the Sun but my website will soon have that 'full story' so keep an eye out for that*.

In conclusion then, Jupiter and Uranus could be said to be moving into the land of Cairo or Chiron! I will be watching the progress of Jupiter, a planet which brings freedom and release and Uranus - revolutions - over the Middle East with great interest. I see its passage back to this location as a time of teachings (Chiron is associated with Teachers, Gurus and Heirophants) and awakening to the real truth about Egypt and the Holy Land. We are approaching a time of awakening (Uranus) about the truth of organised religion and as such we can expect to see many Catholics being wounded (wounds are a keyword for Chiron) by the the burgeoning revelations about the reality of the Christ story and the history of corruption of power in the Papacy. I would say Chiron's passage through Pisces means the Vatican and spiritual truths will be very much in the news in 2011/2012 and beyond right through to 2019

Here is the official emblem of the Papacy - the cross keys ( the key taken from the cross in the picture further up, now being the universal symbol of Chiron). This symbol is steeped in much hidden esoteric wisdom via the proportions, the colours, the numbers in the emblem that I will also discuss shortly.

For now though, here is my video followed by the one I just found.
I hope it informs you. Get a cup of tea - it is 8 mins long!

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 24/01/2012 19:59

Reply  Message 5 of 57 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 24/01/2012 20:05

Alfa y omega

De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Este artículo trata sobre el apelativo de Jesús en el Apocalipsis. Para las letras griegas, véase alfa y omega.

Reply  Message 6 of 57 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 24/01/2012 20:19
The Predecessors' of the Masons, are the "Pisons", whom are the Roman-Elite Ruling Class of the Roman Empire, whom are responsible for the Creation of Christianity and the Modern form of Judaism, and laid the foundations for "Freemasonry".

L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi, 90 BC,

Above, is the Coin of a "Piso", upon the Coin, upon the Left, next to his head is a Symbol, remember, this dates to 90BC.

Rather resembles this

--The additional "P" is for "Piso", deliberately made us think, to be the the Greek "R".

Julius Caesar was an in-law of the Piso family. His wife, Calpurnia, was a Piso, whom also bore the name "Caesoninus" another name for the House of Piso,

When Cleopatra, also a Piso relative, seduced Caesar, it is possible that she was conspiring with her relative Pharnaces II, king of Pontus, to distract Caesar while Pharnaces prepared to wage war against Rome. But Caesar got wind of the activities of Pharnaces and rushed to Pontus with two legions, one of which was almost entirely composed of Judeantroops. Caesar turned the tables on Pharnaces. That defeat probably led to Caesar's assassination, and the eternal hatred of Caesar by the people of Pontus. There is no new historical information here. It is well known that Caesar took two legions from Alexandria to conquer Pontus in 47 CE.

Three years later, Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by Roman senators in the Forum. Several of the conspirators were Piso family members or close relatives.

The Piso's where responsible for the Brutal Murder of Julius Caesar, but the Pisons where also in the means of Crafting a New Religion, an Imperial Religion, where the Mass would worship the Emperor as a "God", Since Julius Caesar was the Most Loved Roman, and the mass adored him. what better person to turn into a God, his successor Augustus, would thus bear the title "Son of God".

Thus, After the Death of Julius Caesar, The Pisons, turned Julius Caesar, into "Divus Iulius", and all over the Roman Empire, they built Temples ALL over the Empire, and this would lay the foundation for its successor, The Pisons became the Temple Builders [Religion Makers] henceforth, they became the Masons.

Around 40BC, Herod Fled to Rome, whom pleaded to Restore his Power over Judea, The Roman answered, and they Installed him as a "King", They also permitted him to build the Temple of Jerusalem to honour the newly created god "Divus Iulius".

Also, around 44BC, a comet had appeared, known today as the "Comet of Caesar", and this accelerated and promoted the New Religion, and the Comet was used as a Symbol of Caesar, they merged the Comet with
the Symbol of the Pisons above, and became the "Sidus Iulium", the symbol of the New Religion

The First Temples

Above, Is one of the Temples, they built for Divus Iulius, take note of the Design, Triangular Roof, 4 Pilers and a CROSS, this is before BC ERA, This became the Foundations for there Later Christian Religion.

Caesar was known as a Clementine, which means "Forgiver of Sins", because, Caesar was known to Forgive his Enemies.

Here is another Design for the Caesar Temples

Above, Triangle Roof, with a STAR, and notice FLAME like Roof,[like Herods Temple] and FOUR Pillers.

Last edited by roman piso; 31-12-2011 at 06:46 AM.
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Notice the Temple, Triangle, 4 Pillers and a Circle.

Another Coin

Above depicts Herods Temple, 4 Pillers and a Star. Herods Temple is usually depicted with a Flat Roof, based upon these Coins, If a Star Symbol WAS Atop, thus had a Triangle-like Roof.

Here is a Tomb in Judea, that some people believe to be the Tomb of Jesus

Notice, Triangle ROOF, and the Circle.

Here are Coins found in Judea dating to herods time, depicted PISO's Symbol, SIX Pointed.

This is where the "Hexagram" or the Star of David had derived, as well as the Chi-Rho

Notice, that Tombs, found around Judea, also BEAR the Symbol of Piso, Here is a Tomb, that some believe to be that of Jesus, but notice the Symbols

Here is Augustus being Crowned with the Piso Star.

Reply  Message 7 of 57 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 24/01/2012 20:20
The Cross
The Cross is a Symbol that pre-dates Christianity, but also, as well as the Star, was the Imperial Symbol of Caesar, and its New Religion.

See the CROSS, INSIDE the Temple [note, This is BEFORE Christianity]

This is what the CROSS looked like closer up.

Notice the Piso Star in Her hair above [She is Venus, Celestial Mother of Caesar/God]

...Notice the CROSS, and two Criminals Behind, this would become JESUS, and the Two Criminals behind in the Successor Religion

The new god was called "DIVUS iulius", and note that the Greek translation for "DIVUS" is "THEOS", and on Coins in Greece, The Greek word "Theos", is placed upon the Coins, THEOS is a Synonym for CAESAR and THEOS, is the God of the NEW Testament, wherever GOD is used in the NT, in Greek the term is "THEOS".

Last edited by roman piso; 31-12-2011 at 05:25 AM.

Reply  Message 8 of 57 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 24/01/2012 20:20
Caesons in the Sun

Julius Caesar in 45 BC with the help of " Sosigenes of Alexandria" reformed the Solar Calender, and would also replace the Older, Luner Calenders throughout the Empire, not only making the "Lunar Calenders" obsolete, but the Lunar Gods attached to the Calenders, this would gave rise to the Popularity of the Sun Gods, as well as the New Religion of "Divus Iulius".

The Pisos and Pliny introduced into their stories all the symbols of the Sun religion and Babylonian Brotherhood myths. They locate their Saul/Paul in Tarsus in Asia Minor (now Turkey), the chief city of the Cilicians. This just happens to be a major centre for the Mithra Sun religion and it was the [B]Cilicians(mutated into the term Catholic), who had taken this cult to Rome, from where it spread throughout the empire. Asia Minor was also a region which followed the cult of Dionysus. Both were symbolic Sun gods, born on December 25th, who died so our sins could be forgiven.

The Vatican, became the Centre and Capital for the Worship of Mithras, introduced by the Original Catholics, the "Cilicians"

Why December 25th
In 46 BCE Julius Caesar in his Julian calendar established December 25 as the date of the winter solstice of Europe (Latin: Bruma).

The Epigraphy of Divus Iulius and that of newly Introduced Mithra from Turkey, would transform "Divus Iulius" into "Mithras/Sol Invictus", Born, on the date Established by Caesar, December 25th, in Northern territories of the Roman Empire, this date became YULE-tide, YULE is a deritive of divus IULIus {YULEius Caesar}.

Above, transformed into Below. Divius Iulius become the Sun God, take not that "Jove" was a Patron of "Julius Caesar" and "Invictus" was his Epithet, and its means "Unconquerable" also referring to Caesar, for he Conquered and Expanded the Roman Empire

Julius Caesar, bore the title "Pater Patriae", and this became the title, for the head Priest of Mithras, and the name was shortened
Pater Patriae to PA-PA, becoming POPE, or PAPAL, or the papacy.


Notice, The Mark of PISO, the Chi-Rho, And the Obelisk, The Egyptian monument to RA, the Sun God, notice the Triangle Roof and Circle upon St.Peter

Reply  Message 9 of 57 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 24/01/2012 20:21
Ezekiel is a PISO'ED creation


"The New Testament, the Church and Christianity, were all the creation of the Calpurnius Piso (pronounced Peso) family, who were Roman aristocrats. The New Testament and all the characters in it ­ Jesus, all the Josephs, all the Marys, all the disciples, apostles, Paul, John the Baptist ­ all are fictional. The Pisos created the story and the characters; they tied the story to a specific time and place in history; and they connected it with some peripheral actual people, such as the Herods, Gamaliel, the Roman procurators, etc. But Jesus and everyone involved with him were created (that is fictional!) characters.

"In the middle of the first century of the present era, Rome's aristocracy felt itself confronted with a growing problem. The Jewish religion was continuing to grow in numbers, adding ever more proselytes. Jews numbered more than 8,000,000, and were 10% of the population of the empire ...Repeatedy, religious-minded Judaean zealots were staging insurrections against the Herodian rulers of Judaea who were Piso's wife's relations. ...The Pisos searched for a solution to the two problems. They found it in the Jewish holy books, which were the foundation both for the rapid spread of the religion and for the zealots' refusal to be governed by Rome's puppets. The Pisos mocked, but marveled at, the Jewish belief in their holy books. Therefore, they felt a new "Jewish" book would be the ideal method to pacify the Judaeans and strenghten their inlaws' control of the country.

"The Jesus figure which Piso creates is a composite. ...Piso plagiarized the Hebrew scriptures.

"In addition to creating Jesus in literature, Piso created for himself another famous literary role, that of a purported Jewish general and then historian: Flavious Josephus. ...Piso is known publicly in history only under his pen name of Flavious Josepus. He does not appear as Arius Calpurnius Piso."

The Name "Christ" in Greek is "XPISTOS" > X(alpurnius) Piso
some historians, use CHREST, with an E, XPESTO, because Piso, is pronounced PESO, with an E, and those Historians are also PISO'S themselves.

JOSEPH is a favorite secret name of Arius Calpurnius PISO. One of Piso's top guises (pen names) outside the bible is Flavius JOSEPhus, Osep < PESO/PISO, backwards,

The River of Piso

Genesis 2:11
The name of the first is the Pishon; it winds through the entire land of Havilah, where there is gold.

Scholar have NOT identified the River "Pishon", WHY?, because it Never Existed

PISHON is PEISON, greek version of name PISO, and "Gold" is Yellow, and in Latin, its "Flavus" , "Flavius", because they Pisons Family had merged with the "Flavians", and the New Testament was created by Arius Calpurnius PISO who was a FLAVIAN, whom deliberately edited the Torah to support there New Religion, take note, that "River Piso" is where the Gold is, because the Pisons where the Riches people in Rome.

Why Create a Religion

Simply put, there could have been no royalty without a god or gods to ordain them as such.
And so, those who sought to control others and gain power over them created ‘gods’ to
facilitate that. Let me explain…

The ancient royals were what we would call "god makers" and religion creators.
They were big on making sure that what they said in their works were ‘true’ in at
least some sense and so they used what we today would described as ‘disclaimers’.
These were very much like what one would think of as ‘small print’. Yes, that is
right, the same kind of ‘small print’ that is used by crooked merchants. Here is the
"disclaimer" of the ‘god makers’ in Jeremiah 16:19-20; "Shall a man make gods
unto himself and they (are) no gods?" This should be read; "Shall a man make gods
FOR himself and there are no gods?" This says that the person who is making "gods"
is no god (in reality). A question is then inferred from this and that is; then why make
the gods? And we will find that out in this article.

This says that "they" are no gods, but means "there are" no gods. Not because this is
a translation or even a mere "interpretation" of the statement - no, it "means" this
because when one knows the full truth about all of this FIRST that one is then able to
DEDUCE the "inferred" meaning.

Once you realize that one royal family via its various branches were the creators of
virtually all known gods and religions - then you know the deeper truths about this
which one discovers and that is that they (the royals) were in the "god"/religion
business, but that it was still even much more than that - you also learn that for royals
to even have existed they first had to create "gods" to ordain them. That is, to "authorize"
them as select representatives of those "gods".

Yes, creating gods and religions was a means of establishing and creating "authority" for
royals in order for them to rule in the first place. They were "ordained" by the very gods
that they created! That was the real and original reason and purpose for the creation of
gods (by royals), to BE that facilitation that creates royalty itself. Funny how this reminds
one of the phrase "to BE, or NOT to BE". In this instance, that would mean either they
DID this in order to BE royalty, or they would NOT be royalty. That, in their minds would
BE the question!

"Gods" were the higher and mysterious power that gave orders to the masses instructing
them to accept one person or other and/or their family members as the ones who would be
"in charge" and be the leaders of the masses - they, the "chosen" (of the created god/s)
were the representatives of "god" on Earth. And that is how all of this truly and logically
worked. This is the real truth about gods and royalty. This should have been figured out
long, long ago.

To restate this, there could have been no royalty without a god or gods to ordain them as
such. And so, those who sought to control others and gain power over them created ‘gods’
to facilitate that. So, what came first the royals or the gods? The very first time it had to be
that there were ordinary persons who sought to be "royal" in order to gain control over a
group of persons and then a god or gods were created by them in order to achieve that.

However, after having had this work, this particular family then worked on refining this.
And so, afterwards it was the royals who were creating gods for various branches of this
family so that rulers could be "ordained" in other countries as well. This family learned a
lot from what they were able to accomplish by this. They well knew that knowledge was
the key to their being able to manipulate the masses, or as we are used to hearing it;
"knowledge is power".

They, these "god creators" know what things to do in order to maintain/retain their power
and control over the masses. They knew that for themselves to maintain a high level of
knowledge and information was to keep what they already had and to even more, and so,
"dumbing down" the masses was a large part of this. So, they invented superstitions and
other misleading items so that the masses would preoccupy themselves with trivial matters
and be distracted from ‘real’ things or things of real consequence to them in their lives.

The poor, mistreated and thoroughly manipulated masses were kept in perpetual ignorance
by these rulers - and were ‘played’ like musical instruments by master musicians. The royals
from the very beginning of the time when they first discovered how to BE royals, were busy
figuring out how they could keep this good thing going for as long as possible. And a part of
that included keeping records of their observances of the skies (called "heavens" by them).

They knew when solar and lunar eclipses would occur. And this knowledge was used as a
very powerful tool to convince the masses that "god" was giving them a ‘sign’. Can you
imagine who those poor and dumb subjects would have acted when seeing such a thing
happening? The manipulators (the royals) could have asked for ANYTHING and got it from
each and every one of those poor fools who were under their control. Today, we see this
same thing being continued. Only instead of "royals", it is those who have the "knowledge"
and who are using it to gain their "good life" off of the backs of "believers". They do things
that most of us never think of and that most of us as good persons would NOT do to other
human beings - yet, they are praised by the very persons whom they are scamming! They are
televangelists and preachers in large churches, they are in positions of authority within those
very familiar "organized" religions.

And what is it that they do? They get their "tithes" from the masses, which is really millions
and millions of dollars annually for each of these churches and preachers. And, on top of
that churches do NOT pay property tax. And eventually, each and every ‘believer’ will die.
And guess what? A great many of these ‘believers’ will leave their money and property to
"the church". That is millions and millions of dollars worth of personal property and homes,
jewels and jewelry, etc. People complain of "rip-offs", but get angry with you if you try to
explain to them that they are being ripped off by the church! And if I were a child of a person
who would have something to leave to me and instead found out that all that my parent had
worked hard to obtain in their lifetime was left to the church instead of me, I’d be angry!

The truth of the matter is that all of this could go directly to the church with very few persons
even being aware of it. You, as a child of someone who had their life’s work to leave to you,
may NEVER even know WHERE all of that personal wealth had went! And, chances are that
if YOU are a believer, that very same thing may happen to you and your child or children will
have the same thing happen to them too in this ‘cycle’. We are not just talking about money
or real estate property either. We are talking about ANYTHING that one can leave to others
upon death. We are talking about art, patents, research secrets, little known information, rare
books, family heirlooms, archaeological finds, gold, silver, rare coins, and on and on. All of
this piled up on top of another pile of wealth times millions - all going to "the church" in a
continual cycle year after year for all of these years! Can there BE any bigger scam???

When you get to a certain point where you have gained a large amount of knowledge about
all of this - all you will need are "inferences" which may be found in ancient texts in order
to understand what is really "meant" when things are stated in them. The reason being is that
you will pretty much have already figured out what is being inferred and all that the inference
would do is to further substantiate your conclusions. Those inferences would be like so much
"supplemental" knowledge or information to what you already know anyway.

Please share this article with others and get this information out so that persons may have a
clue as to what is really going on. Thank you.

NOTE: You are free to link to this article online and/or to print out or otherwise keep copies
of it and to reproduce it for educational purposes. However, to use it in books or in any way
for profit, you must obtain our permission.

Reply  Message 10 of 57 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 24/01/2012 20:49

HYPSISTOS (greek for "Most high")

Reply  Message 11 of 57 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 31/01/2012 14:55
Extra clues might be references on each side of the square to the four great angels. The four crosses at each corner could well be the outer stars of the Orion star cross formation. It could merely be a coincidence or it could a strange link to the four Egyptian obelisks that hold all the clues in deciphering the meaning of the sacred cross in Rome.

The map of Rome at the time of Leonardo Da Vinci. Notice how much larger and clearer the five pointed star shape was and how large the fortress outer walls were before the area around it was land filled and built over. Note also the intact star corner points by the river edge. The image below has been digitally restored to match it.

Is the great star of the Castel Sant' Angelo (seen above) the "x" star that marks the spot on the star map? What does this star represent? Is it a coincidence that it holds the identical elongated pentagonal shape that fits an overlay of the Vitruvian man like the other ancient star maps Wayne has deciphered?
- click here

Is it also a coincidence that the navel of the Vitruvian man overlay marks the position of the entrance to the fortress and the secret library as rumoured in the 'Angels and Demons' image on page 388 of the illustrated edition?

Note also the enclosed secret passage that links the Vatican to the archive fortress in the image above. It is the thin bridged link protruding from the top left portion of the inner fortress. Is the Vatican City star map the code to deciphering the Christ star and its meaning? If it is then it matches the Orion only theme of the Mathew text (three Magi - three stars of Orion's belt that follow from the east to find the star associated with the birth of Christ).

It also matches the Orion only cosmic pointer (shown as a "coincidence" in the Judas codex documentary. Ref - click here

Not to mention the greater detailed star maps of the Egyptian pyramids and Senmut tomb and other ancient star maps across the globe explored on this website.

Page 3


Reply  Message 12 of 57 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 17/06/2012 15:04


Paying attention to Parallels & Meridians

Rome-to-Spitsbergen Meridian

The location of the Vatican's OBELISK pinpointing a location in Spitsbergen -the "Spear" shaped island in the Shakespeare code ("Shake the Spear")-



In the articles “The PATAGONIA THEFT (Part 3) -a centuries old secret agenda-” and “Mapping the Inter-Dimensional Interdiction” in my other older blog I did a fairly good job at tying the knots on many of the issues secretly surrounding the island of Spitsbergen as seemingly a secret stash for extant Atlantean technology and/or information, a hidden vault of records of sorts away from prying eyes and the possibility of theft, in my opinion perhaps taken there during the 18th Dynasty of Egypt  -the Akhenaten days or the immediate aftermath-.  Whatever was in Egypt’s pyramids, seems to have vanished and I contend a likely candidate for its relocation was the island of Spitsbergen near the North Pole; however I do  not think for 1 second this was the only stash, but a part of a 5-POINTED STAR set of 5 locations involving also the Big Bend area in Texas and the Patagonia. You are then compelled to first quickly read the 2 articles in the links above before proceeding, for a better grasp at the multi-faceted themes related to the topic at hand.

St Peter's Basilica Piazza with Obelisk as origin of the Meridian to North and the Parallel to West

St Peter's Basilica & Square with Obelisk as origin of the KEY Meridian to North & the Parallel to West



Central KEY Egyptian Obelisk at St Peter's SQUARE

Central KEY Egyptian Obelisk at St Peter's SQUARE: the "KEY & SQUARE" (view from Dome of the Basilica towards the East), Obelisk was brought from Heliopolis in Egypt

Now Heliopolis in Egypt was The City of the Sun, and the latest official research indicates the Pyramids as well as ALL other main Egyptian landmarks were orientated towards Heliopolis (the center of the entire geographical architectural layout design); thus the placement of the very Obelisk of Heliopolis in ancient Egypt at the center of the St Peter’s Piazza, cannot under any circumstances simply be downplayed as just a minor historical accident.  it was taken to the Vatican in 1536 AD under Pope Sixtus VI; do take note of the exact frame of time coinciding with the Conquest of the Americas.  As Wikipedia remarks: “During the Middle Ages the gilt ball on top of the Obelisk was believed to contain the ashes of Julius Caesar”, no irrelevant detail either.

Axial Tilt of the Earth - 22.1 to 24.5 degrees long wobble in time

Axial Tilt of the Earth - 22.1 to 24.5 degrees long wobble in time every 41 to 42 thousand years

The Axial Tilt of the Earth is currently at 23.4 degrees, but wobbles every 41 to 42 thousand years to between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees; isn’t it a little too coincidental that the same Obelisk from Heliopolis at the Vatican, is 25.5 meters high, in all 41 meters to the cross on its top (ok not 24.5 but rather 25.5, yet… maybe wasn’t really perhaps 25.5 degrees the original Axial Tilt, let me here loosely suggest…?).  This Obelisk is officially considered to have been erected by an unkown Pharaoh of the 5th Dynasty (2494 to 2345 BC), then the Roman Emperor Augustus (63 BC to 14 AD) had it moved to ALEXANDRIA -which had been the capital of the elite’s esoteric secret knowledge throughout the Greeks period-, until Caligula ordered it  moved to Rome in 37 AD, placing it on the spina which ran along the center of the Circus of Nero, presiding over the brutal games and public executions.  It is completely obvious this Obelisk is considered a MAGICAL pole interpreted as the “center” of the Matrix, while also containing the KEY secret information regarding the astronomical new configuration of the Earth’s Axis after the debacle (and subsequent series of debacles) at the end of first the fall of Lemuria and then the fall of Atlantis  -acting as a sort of pinpointing device or maquette of Axis Mundi-.




St Peter Square - Galactic Cross and Solstices

St Peter Square - Galactic Cross and Solstices

Like in the 3 links to other blogs given above, one is totally free to extrapolate whatever one wishes to see as the larger “Big Picture” within the overarching theme, yet the simplest of all templates is that of the Piazza layout clearly representing the Galactic Cross and the disposition of the Solstices & Equinoxes along the Solar Year; this is the construction on the ground of the famous “Sing of Constantine” or CHI-RHO Sign (XP in our current modern universal English letters), the Emperor who legally founded Christianity; this symbol is the KEY itself, and was depicted containing the “ALPHA & OMEGA” letters as the other name of Jesus Christ in the Book of Apoc/Revelation, meaning the CHI-RHO or XP are also somehow the ALPHA & OMEGA. These are very complex multi-linguistic encryptions spanning across different millenia, because they encode deep secrets within the elite’s closely guarded hidden mysteries  -or what they delusionally think they “know” about it, anyway-.

Chi-Rho or XP Sign of Constantine as Alpha & Omega

Chi-Rho or XP Sign of Constantine as Alpha & Omega; the vertical "P" is the Earth's POLE which also was meant to signify "PAX", covertly meaning the final "resting/peaceful" place of the current Axial Tilt angle of the Earth in a stable manner; "POLE" is "St PAUL" is "POPE", and so the general encryption goes

 ”POLE”  ~~~  (St) “PAUL”

(St Paul, Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul I, Pope John Paul II)

“PAX”  ~~~  ”POLE AXIS”

(St) “PETER”  ~~~  ”PERIMETER”

“PIAZZA”  ~~~  ”PI”  (3.14…)






The 5 above articles in my other older blog each also contains some further extrapolation & elucidation of the multiple synchronistic themes embedded within the riddle, thus anyone interested in these things is strongly advised to read them as well in order to truly get out of the mental cage and think out of the box as required.  Now let’s go back to the “KEY & SQUARE” at the St Peter’s Square (Piazza) and peer somewhat deeper into the total Obelisk height of 41 meters as a crucial clue:



Exact latitude  of the Obelisk at the Vatican is:    41.90 N

Camp Nou (Barca team) in Barcelona:  41.38 N  (symbol of Roman Coliseum)

 Barack (Barca/Barac) Obama’s house in Chicago:  41.80 N

Mount Shasta in California:  41.40 N

In Universal Standard English Gematria (a=1, b=2, …, z=26):

KEY = 41 = USA 

(the KEY moved from Europe to America, Europe is the ‘Has-Been’ place)

In other words, all highly emblematic and publicly visible things or people in very high places of maximum exposure, appear to simply be “script pads” as hidden carriers for the secret science that was lost at the fall of Atlantis, which remains in bits and scattered fragments here & there in the Earth today; this current 3D Earth realm in and of itself seems to be a big “script pad” as playground for parallel realm dimensions, in its entirety including the people living on this 3D reality.  What this means is that what you see in places of symbolic stature such as famous “sacred” spots, cities, mountains, buildings,  or people representing larger than life roles or symbols, are but mere NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROJECTIONS OF A MUCH DIFFERENT UNDERLYING SCRIPT, involving a higher dimensional knowledge only encoded unto the human & geographical contextual data. If at any level you were then somehow relevant to these subconscious games and themes underlying our entire 3D Earthly construct as a Matrix, then necessarily your “person” would begin to embed similar encoded information, manifested in a series of SYNCHRONISTIC CIPHERS manifest in all aspects and details of your “life” here in 3D.  And only those with the PROPER TYPE OF CONSCIOUSNESS (less trapped in the devolved normal form of prevalent Consciousness) are able to perceive and “read” these.  Unfortunately also many PSYCHOPATHS are able to read into the same to some extent, and this is the general cause of trouble and malaise on this plane in general, because they are the BAD TYPE OF PLAYERS if you will, the veritable Insane Asylum dwellers and keepers that doom and plague this Matrix; they will be present either at the bottom, the middle, and the top all the same, to confuse / toxify / pollute all knowledge and endeavors, charging them with distracting and malicious content laden with nefarious karma, full of robotic obsession & compulsion psychic mechanisms.


-El Camino de Santiago, the Road of the Stars; this area was a haven of secret Templar activity-


Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in northern Spain

Which is eerily similar to the much smaller wooden church below in Patagonia-Chile

(that nation’s capital being Santiago)

Castro Church in Chiloe Island - Chilean Patagonia

Iglesia San Francisco de Castro in Chiloe Island - Chilean Patagonia (built at the beginning of the 20th century, plans by an Italian architect)



If you think their highly similar design and same opposing latitude degree are just a coincidence, then you are a certified moron; the Chiloe region in Chilean Patagonia has been for centuries riddled with fantastic legends of the mythical CIUDAD DE LOS CESARES (another name and variant as the El Dorado legends), it even has its very own peculiar folklore involving ghosts ships, large predatory birds, et al.  Now I’ am not calling you a moron in case you do not yet know that the entire Conquest of the Americas was to a large extent clearly motivated very specifically to the pursuit of the location t the Ciudad de los Cesares and El Dorado, in which case I shall just call you an ignorant, because that is well known official fact. Every single major explorer or Conquistador, was “hot on the trail” of some magical city of gold or the like, equally in North America as in South America all the way down to the Patagonia.  The officially accepted versions of history have us believe that these were all fairy tales concocted to lure the poor bastards that did  all the back breaking labor for the different Crowns of Europe  -most of whom died in the process-, simply a ruse promoted to endow their tough routine with a sense of colossal “reward” (akin to finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow) while the Crowns were steadily advancing their political domination of the new territories; but that is my friends, the biggest fairy tale of them all, this one to never let you in on some much much bigger secrets pertaining the mythical Ciudad de los Cesares and El Dorado.




EL DORADO - lost lands of imagination

"EL DORADO" and the "CIUDAD DE LOS CESARES" where only in part (the outer cover story) lost lands of imagination, while at a highly secretive level these were code names for ENTRANCES TO THE INNER EARTH IN HIGHER DIMENSION, which via higher crystal Earth Grids in 3D to 4D frequency had been attained by the ATLANTEAN FORMER CIVILIZATION


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