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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 22/09/2012 22:56

Zaniah is the star once known as the "Harlot of Babylon" and it rose in the east over Freedom's Perch from Washington monumental phallus. This is the Gate of Heaven (Babylon) and can only be passed by the desire for personal righteousness on a path toward the Heavenly Father in the Garden of Paradise. It is the Immaculate Conception of the dream of Kingdom Come which a mortal must pass from father to son on a Day of Judgment. It is not the judgment of the son, but judgment of the father that determines the course through Heaven's Gate. This gate requires that each rational mind be born of the virgin so that the legacy of past communication is not broken by a Solomon in a quest for Delilah.



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Reply  Message 1 of 120 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 22/09/2012 22:58
  • The Hand of the Eighth King and the Hand of God

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    This is the Gate of Heaven (Babylon) and can only be passed by the desire for ...
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    But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent's cunning, your
    minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.
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    31, Zaniah, Mercury/ Venus, 4, Southern wing, 02N, 00N ... In Babylonian myth,
    the identification between Virgo and the grain goddess led the ... Ishtar, in grief,
    travelled to the Underworld, threatened to break down the gates and free the
    dead ... When the gods of Heaven heard the dreaded news and saw the
    devastation of ...
  • The Fixed Stars Report Julia Roberts

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    The Copts of Egypt associated Syrma with their asterism Khambalia, from which
    ...... With Zaniah (Eta Virginis), this star was known as Ninsar, "the Lady of
    Heaven", which as ... King Nebuchadnezzar II dedicated a city gate in Babylon to
    this ...
  • LacusCurtius • Allen's Star Names — Virgo

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    Soared up to heaven, selecting this abode, ..... It was also Emuku Tin-tir-Ki, the
    Might of the Abode of Life, a common title for Babylon itself. .... Zaniah is from Al
    Zāwiah, applied in German lists to this instead of to the stars β and γ, all of ...
    equinox which the Chinese knew as Yih Mun, Twan Mun, or Tien Mun, Heaven's
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    southern heavens and conjoining Zaniah lies Turais Carina and Phi Velorum, .....
    cycle hallmarked by Pluto's primary alignment over the Gate of God, ...
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  • Virgo « Starlight Knight

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    Green Hill, Military Gate, and the Master of Constructions are made from stars in
    Hydra. ..... roots of the Signs of the Zodiac as they were in Babylon or Egypt is a
    waste. ... earth for the heavens, and her constellation lies near to her precious
    scales .... 27° Virgo, Zaniah 4° Libra, Syrma 3° Scorpio, and Khambalia at 6°

  • Reply  Message 2 of 120 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 22/09/2012 23:00

    Harlot of Babylon, Zaniah,
    680 × 546 - 33 k - gif

    Zaniah was the Harlot of
    680 × 586 - 60 k - gif

    Zaniah is the star once known
    741 × 574 - 30 k - gif

    Square on the zenith at the rising of Zaniah a Good Shepherd climbed a
    680 × 546 - 33 k - gif

    The Hand of the Eighth King
    450 × 337 - 281 k - gif

    The sA of Egypt is Heaven's
    492 × 387 - 45 k - gif

    Zaniah - Vol. 2
    500 × 500 - 31 k - jpg

    Notice to Washington of our separation from Mystery Babylon in obedience to
    668 × 501 - 113 k - jpg

    a Gateway to Heaven sits in the architecture at America's Rose Line.
    700 × 402 - 279 k - gif

    Mystery Babylon The Great - Rebuilt Tower of Babel.
    966 × 504 - 153 k - jpg

    Mystery Babylon the Great
    302 × 400 - 28 k - jpg

    Staying at the nadir while allowing the heavens to move to the position
    680 × 546 - 47 k - gif

    Nimrod the mighty hunter,(Bab el - Gate of god), Washington & Orion the
    400 × 300 - 19 k - jpg

    Persia's New Year,The breach in heaven…Is in the Constellation of Virgo…
    668 × 515 - 117 k - jpg

    Heaven that lights THE
    300 × 400 - 24 k - jpg

    trespassed into heaven by
    400 × 343 - 136 k - png

    It is a prism and a gate. Most importantly, it is a mystery.
    401 × 463 - 11 k - png

    Proverb 30:4 Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended? who hath
    356 × 258 - 27 k - jpg

    Astronomy With the Naked Eye (1908)
    255 × 300 - 35 k

    Get documents about "LLC Operating Agreement" start here
    1754 × 1242 - 72 k - png

    Reply  Message 3 of 120 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/09/2012 18:01

    Reply  Message 4 of 120 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/09/2012 21:00

    Reply  Message 5 of 120 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/09/2012 21:09
    With names like Virginia, Maryland, and District of Columbia, it is clear that the Virgin's Dream of Kingdom Come was on the minds of the Founding Fathers. This message has been at the heart of every religion known to man. Why? Because the purpose of all religion is to pass to future generations the experience of past generations. Knowledge is not a sign of wisdom, for arrogant fools know everything. Solomon failed to pass on his wisdom to his son. In so living he demonstrated that the wisest man in the Bible was simply a fool who knew not how to show the Stairway to Heaven found by his father to his son. This is why the Mystery Cults were created by wise men. Experience at unraveling the mysteries of life is the Stairway to Heaven.

    Same message as Stariway.gif.

    This image reveals the transfer of life from the Father of Time, Uranus-Sebek, to the Son of Time, Zeus-Jupiter. Saturn, which is Time itself, Cronus, is Horus the Bull between Libra and Virgo. This is the location of the Last Judgment before rebirth in Virgo. Thus, the Father of Time ascends to Heaven Above at Cancer-Khephera, and the Son of Time descends to Earth at Hathor's Star. In these three generations we are given the key to witnessing the Logos of the Saint Paul, which he saw as a light on the road to Damascus. The Solomon Key is in the hands of Bootes. It is the Plow of Truth. "And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God." Luke 9:62

    Mother's Sons are not privy to the Secret Codes because the Father's Sons are raised under a Code of Silence under penalty of death. The process of initiation into the Mystery of Life requires self discovery as a result of painful gain in a land of the Begotten Son. Balance requires that the arrogant children be silent so that the truth seeking children can climb the ladders and stairways to heaven with the force of their own souls. To understand the secrets encoded in plans for any City of God, the importance of secrecy can only be revealed to the seeker by seeking. There is no secrecy in a Mother's Breast. There is only bondage. The Heavenly Father, and all sons who rise to the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Virgin will inherit the throne of the Father on the Lion's back. A Mother's Righteousness leads the way to the Father's Righteousness as the self seeking child of the "I Am This I Am" discovers the Divine Self within the "I AM THAT I AM." When the Father's Righteousness is accepted, the seeker receives by a process of Free Will. If this were not true, then the Father in Heaven would be a tyrant. Yet, Free Will is Freedom's Perch, and that very fact proves that the Washington, D.C. is the City of God of "novus ordo seclorum" for the sake of "e pluribus unum" by the virtue of "annuit coeptus." In other words, when we put aside or childish thoughts we begin to align ourselves to the stars in heaven. That is the ultimate secret that is within the Father's Code, and Da Vinci's True Code. Arrogance and timidity are two sides of imbalance. The Man In The Middle has an eye for both hands and can distinguish one from the other. Arrogant fools cannot tell right from left.


    Any one who can see Da Vinci's Code in the Right Eye and hands of the Man In The Middle, can read a One Dollar Bill. An All Seeing Eye is one that can read the mind of a Medusa. Most importantly, an eye that can see All, will have the power to seek true justice with vision in balance. The left eye is a symbol of the passive eye that witnesses the passing of truth. The right is the active eye that project truth received and enhances the vision of righteousness. That is why the one dollar bill has two left eyes in it roundels. They say to all who would succeed, "Pay attention."

    Kite of Isis, Click for full size
    << West << Click on this image for an larger view of the Kite of Isis.  >> East >>

    The layout of the monumental construction west of the Masonic Compass reveals the same celestial correspondence implied by the oldest image of the founding of Egypt by the Scorpion King. It shows Bootes with a Virgin's Crown with a welcome matt placed before his feet as he sees before his eyes the desire for Seventh Heaven, which is King Scorpion's Flower. This is the path of righteousness, which is the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mother. It is so old a concept, that no archaeological discovery has been able to predate it. The Magdalenian caves in Southern France (circa 30,000 BC) reveal the Dream of Kingdom Come that was present when the Father of Time conceived the Birth of Time as an intermediate step on the way to Reason. It is not the Big Bang Universe of modern material arrogance. It is the Heavenly Father's Intent that Earthly Fathers would share Free Will with grandchildren throughout the ages. This process can only be accomplished if the Grandchildren can find the Truth under the Rock of Ages at the entrance to the Elysian Field. The very same message can be read in the cave art of the Australian Aborigine (Father Original) that is dated by some to exceed 50,000 years. The message is simple. A father must guide without bondage the fathers to be in the eternal journey toward Kingdom Come. Prophesy is the essence of all Mystical Codes. The mystery is how will a son become a father. There is no mystery in how a daughter is made a mother, but genetic wisdom is not all that has been created. On the contrary, genetic wisdom is that physical knowledge that is passed from father to son through an habitual organism ruminating without reason and through a rational mind that that can be raised by reason to the enlightenment that all action results from intent. That intent which planned the movement of the stars is the Heavenly Father's Will. The mortal mind that can connect the dots on the cosmic wall will realize that the paw of the Great Sphinx has the Regulator of Time.

    The sA of Egypt is Heaven's Gate through which the king has passed.
    The sA of Columbia is One with the sA of Egypt.
    Columbia's secret code is a message of trust in the Heavenly Father.

    Zaniah is the star once known as the "Harlot of Babylon" and it rose in the east over Freedom's Perch from Washington monumental phallus. This is the Gate of Heaven (Babylon) and can only be passed by the desire for personal righteousness on a path toward the Heavenly Father in the Garden of Paradise. It is the Immaculate Conception of the dream of Kingdom Come which a mortal must pass from father to son on a Day of Judgment. It is not the judgment of the son, but judgment of the father that determines the course through Heaven's Gate. This gate requires that each rational mind be born of the virgin so that the legacy of past communication is not broken by a Solomon in a quest for Delilah.

    Mintaka is the third star in the Strong Man's belt. It is the Star of the Son of God, and it is the star toward which the Great Sphinx gazes. The Great Sphinx was the body of the lioness Sekhmet (Virgo-Leo), the Teacher of Righteousness, with the head of a man looking toward the future in the east. A man's head on an image of Virgo and Leo says that a rational prophetic conception had been conceived without mistake. The Man, Arcturus, the Woman, Spica, and the Pride, Regulus, are joined in a trinity of Father, Mother, and Son. This is not a provable tenet, it is the Immaculate Conception known only to those mortals who have mastered the Agony in the Garden to set aside self will for the sake of the will of the Heavenly Father. In Egypt, this was the Flight of Isis upon which she embarked when Osiris had become a legacy of a dream. In her dream of his legacy, she impregnated herself with the intent of Osiris and brought forth a son for the sake of Kingdom Come. All these mysterious actions are not denial of the Medusa's Face, they are the process though which a mind ascends Jacob's Ladder and any Stairway to Heaven. But, for a mind to accomplish the cosmic journey it must be born of the spirit of the Father in Heaven. This was the Legacy of Horus and the Legacy of Mary's Immaculate Conception. This is the meaning of the correlation of Washington's Monumental Phallus and the Virgin's star, Spica. Death is not an option to life. Death is a loss of options for life. Yet, if a mortal can establish a legacy for generations, then that mortal will live on in memoriam for generations to come.

    So what is the great moral in the Kite of Isis that can be seen in the overview of the Mall of Washington, D.C.? It is a moral that shows a Mason's Compass in the East, and the Divine Compass of the Teacher of Righteousness in the West. What is the essence of a moral code, if not that human designs should reflect the designs of the Heavenly Father? There can be no greater wisdom than that which reveals the purpose for Free Will without destroying the process of freedom that allows for the pursuit of happiness by free will. That is why Freedom stands oriented to Zaniah on a rotunda like the navel of a mother with child. Freedoms birthplace was memorialized in Columbia's District from heaven above to the earth below.  That is also why the memorial to Abraham Lincoln occupies the orientation to Mintaka, for he was a son of Columbia who saw the legacy of the forefathers and saved a nation when self desire had brought it to its knees as brother fought brother in an echo of Osiris and Seth, and Cain and Abel.

    Although many would ponder the rose line of Washington, D.C. Do not fall for these street cars named desire for they deny the memoriam of our forefathers. The rose line and prime meridian of Columbia's district runs true north from Jefferson's Rotunda to the President's Mansion. The guiding influence of any memorial is that it inspires future generations to strive and to reach the dream of Kingdom Come for which the memorials were created. These monumental constructs are not meant for fools to ponder, but for great men to emulate. If there is doubt that the architects had resolved this design, then consider the two triangles on either side of America's Rose Line. To the left the angle between the Rose Line and line between the White House and the Lincoln Memorial is essentially the same as the side slope of the Khufu (51.8°) and Menkaure (51.3°) pyramids of Giza. It would not be out of line to say that the message is that the Father and Son are one, for the Khufu pyramid is dedicated to the Father of Time, and the Menkaure pyramid is dedicated to the Son of Time, or Reason. The line between the Jefferson Memorial, which has a rotunda to signify mother, and the Lincoln Memorial is the same as the side slope of the Khafre (53.1°) pyramid, which has the Great Sphinx (Virgo-Leo-Mintaka) resting along side its causeway. The three great pyramids at Giza are clearly represented by the architecture of the City of God called Washington in the District of Columbia. So, what of the Masonic Compass and the symbol of the soul to the east of the Rose Line with the apex at the feet of the Stature of Freedom on the rotunda of the Capitol Building? Is not this the legacy of all ancestors that their descendants should extend the boundary of the soul farther with each generation. This is the purpose of ancestors and they have told us so in many ways. "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." John 10:10

    Did the Egyptians and the Masons have something in common? The evidence is overwhelming that they both drew the same understanding from the Heavenly Lights. Egypt was a land famous for many forms and forums of religious freedom that revealed the Cosmic Plan. America has no less goal. The pyramid texts clearly say, "The king must return to the imperishable stars." On that premise they designed the City of God at Giza. It would be the highest folly to assume that the Masonic Code did not carry the same light from above.

    Did the Masonic architects know from personal thoughts the Holistic Mind of God? Or, does their work declare that the Mind of God will reveal itself to that man-child who seeks and finds Truth that sets one Free? Chance could not have designed the city in the District of Columbia. Yet, if the Masonic architects did not build the Temple of God in accordance with the fundamental tenet of the compass and square, then God Almighty must have intervened without their knowing. An it can be easily proven that God does such things, if we destroy the Intent of our forefathers, we are simply denying the legacy of our own souls. Which love would be greater, that of God directly, or that of God through benevolent ancestors? In either case the message is that a Gateway to Heaven sits in the architecture at America's Rose Line.

    The Da Vinci Code was clearly revealed in Leonardo's Last Supper. But, does that mean that the Holy Grail is the "V" between the "Man In The Middle" and the Face at the Comforter's Hand, and that the Holy Grail is Mary Magdalene as Dan Brown would fantasize? If that had been Leonardo's intent, then why do all the men at the table of the ecliptic reveal the stars on either side of Pisces? And, what of the grail of Vessica Pisces revealed in the hangings on the walls of the past and the future, the light and the dark? And let us not forget that the Eye of the Man in the Middle is at the apex of a triangle of his own two hands. What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it will achieve. That was the tenet of Leonardo and that is his secret code.

    The designs of every great City of God constructed by any civilization have always carried the fundamental message that man does not know what God has not revealed. The Comforter is the Good Samaritan who pours Life Giving Waters on the head of a seeker of compassion. When compassion comes to the Man In The Middle, that Mother's Son will save a Lost Soul in a revelation of the All to the child of its Father. This is how Isis reincarnated her lost husband and brother. This is how it was intended to be done before the first sentimental memory found a monument on Earth.


    Reply  Message 6 of 120 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/09/2012 21:16
    In order to establish a City of the God of Government it is mandatory that the urban plan incorporate the Cosmic Design, otherwise the city is governed by chaos and it is without judgment, or worse it becomes a lair for tyrants and pirates. The urban planners of all great civil enterprises have understood this fundamental essence. In a  city dedicated to the Gods of Government special tasks must be performed because of the undeniable corruptive power of governing power. Planners of the Cities of God have to put cosmic order in their streets so that the King of Kings remains on the Throne of Truth. Consider the many tyrants who have tasted power without an appreciation for Cosmic Truth and you will see many nations at war. Was Giza, USA a Sacred Site, or was Giza, USA a commercial site, or was Giza, USA a pasture of good times? The way to find out is to unravel the lay of the Rose Line.

    In Washington D.C. the earth bound Rose Line runs between the Jefferson Memorial and the Presidential Mansion along the Prime Meridian of the new country. The short north-south aspect was dictated by the need to incorporate the great civilizing influence of the Native American and Egyptian mentors who taught their people that the soul was composed of five parts, Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Light.. The west triangle off the Rose Line dictates the width and breadth of the mall. Lincoln, being a fallen hero needs to be memorialized in the west. Freedom, being the goddess of the New World Order needs to be on a pedestal to motherhood in the east. The soul matures during the experience of life. If the individual does not make a mockery of the trial of life the soul of the individual will merge all the apexes of the pentahedron into the highest apex. This is the point where the four created parts of the soul merge into the Eternal Light that is the essence of the Universal Being. To be One with God is a lofty goal, for sure. But, to deny the potential of one's own soul is simply a path to perdition. That is why great cultures have always crated Stairways to Heaven. That is also why the crystal pentahedron on the Washington mall is hidden in plane sight rising high above the grassy knoll upon the memorial phallus of the First Father of the nation for which Washington is the Rose Line and Capitol. Most people see the great obelisk, but to see the crystal pentahedron an individual must learn how to utilize the All Seeing Eye. The Beatles made the pathway to the top of heaven popular in a song about Mother Mary speaking words of wisdom, let it be. That is how we become adepts at cosmic accomplishments. We let the accomplishment unfold within us as we witness the All Seeing Eye through us in such manner that our own example is the example of heavenly righteousness. It is this spirit of righteous freedom that ruled the urban planners when they set out to raise an Eternal city of God out swamp lands of Maryland and Virginia.

    Like Giza the soul of America needs cosmic alignment. The south is the physical being, the baboon, the body soul, and it is asexual. Thus, the Jefferson Memorial is a feminine monumental design dedicated to a masculine personality. That was Jefferson. The west is the land of the Ka. It is the eternal material essence. Our genes carry the Ka of billions of years of the ascending soul from one generation to the next. When we die we return to the Ka. Thus, the president who most immortalizes death as a resurrected spirit belongs in the west. No president comes close to Lincoln in this regard because he took the holocaust of the Civil War and made it an example of the United States of America. That is the Ka of our land. The north is the land of the mind, Imsety. It is here that we must place the president's mansion. What the country needs most in this mansion is a mind for the ascending soul of America. This is the House of Seth and the House of Horus. These two gods of Liberalism and Conservatism must perpetually cycle through the mansion to maintain balance throughout all the land for all ages. The final point on the plan of creation is the east. It is the direction of future rising stars. It is also the direction of the gaze of the Sphinx and the place where Wise Men see the rising stars of kings to come. This is the direction of Kingdom Come. This is the future of the intent present at the Moment of the First Occasion when the city designers set about to accomplish the will of God. On the rotunda of the Capitol stands the dream of Kingdom Come, she is a Goddess called Freedom and she is the spirit of the Native Peoples of the Land of the Free. This spirit still reverberates in the land even though the overt traditions of the Native Peoples remain hidden from the view of impious fools.

    The four compass points are visible in the codex of the urban grid of Washington. And they were not placed by accident or by ruminating cows. They are intentional. There is one other point of prime interest. It is the monument at the center. The obelisk is the phallus of the God Father. He was George Washington, whose name carries on under his monument. That monument points skyward to show the way we must all strive toward. Once we can see the pyramid of the soul on the mall in Washington, we can merge all the elements of creation, body, earth, mind, and spirit into a vision of the divine. To get there we have to rise on the wings of the eagle. That eagle has the Seal of Solomon on its obverse and the vision of God on its reverse. It is the Eye of Oneness. The magic of paying attention will overcome chaos, doubt, and denial. Eventually the Great Man with the crown of innocence will walk with the Heavenly Host.

    The five primary stars chosen to tell the story of the birth of the New Age are Regulus, Spica, Arcturus, Zaniah, and Mintaka, but the whole of the heavens is implied by the destiny of all Great Men. The axiom "as above, so below" must be applied in the projection down to earth. That means we must project the stars down to the earth as they are seen from beyond the stars. The image of the Potter's Field shown above is the mirror image of the Potter's Field in the District of Columbia. It is what we see when we turn our back to Mother Earth and face the heavens. This is the major stumbling block of all cosmic research. We want to project what we see onto the ancestral monuments. But, having taken our hand from the play we fall on our back sides to the Redemptoris Mater.

    Click on image to open a new window with the full layout.The Redemptoris Mater Chapel of Pope John Paul II shows Christ at the center of a revolving field of stars. This is the location of Polaris at the north pole. It shows Christ with his back to the heavens as he opens his arms to the four apostles before him. This is a crystal pentahedron of the Cosmic Soul in which the Light of the World comes back down to earth. This is the meaning of salvation.

    The view from the heavens through the star field toward the earth at Washington D.C. is shown by the following correspondences:  Washington monument is Spica, Lincoln Memorial is Regulus, and the White House is Arcturus. The Jefferson memorial is a mirror image of the earthward projection. It says, "as above, so below" as a doubling unto the double of the Redemptoris Mater symbolized by the rotunda of the Jefferson Memorial. That projection represents the Birth of a Nation under Heaven on July 4, 1776.

    More proof of the Birth of Kingdom Come? Why does the eastward line point through the Capitol at slightly less than one degree north of east? The only star that hits that alignment is Zaniah at the back of the head of Virgo. Zaniah was the Harlot of Babylon and it was the location of Uranus in the circular horoscope of Denderah. The metaphor at Denderah was the Dream of Kingdom Come. Did the Masonic urban designers want to restore the Harlot of Babylon? Would such a timeless moment memorialize the birth of a nation? In Egypt is was the Birth of the Age of Pisces. In America on July 4, 1776 it was Novus Ordo Seclorum meaning "thus is born a new order of the ages." These metaphors use the same stars and it is difficult not to see the same Eyes of the Gods. How could expatriates of England, France, and the rest of Europe see the ancient Egyptian message when Napoleon had yet to go to Egypt and inaugurate Egyptology? There must be a simple explanation. And it may be that the consequence of using stars to forecast the destiny of a new nation results in the founders of the new nation utilizing the Eyes of the Gods to establish a birthplace on earth as it is in the heavens.

    The design of the mall of Washington was simply a birth chart for a nation. The most important celestial alignment is the one that reveals the Time of the Chart. That means that the east-west line is actually a "Time Line." It points to a specific time in the east and a specific time in the west. If it pointed due east-west that would provide a time of year for one of the equinoxes. Since the city is a government city we can exclude the vernal equinox in Pisces. The autumn equinox marked the astrological entrance into the Judgment Hall of Libra. This is not the celestial house of Libra on the zodiac it is the astrological house on the birth chart. By virtue of the precession we can unite the cosmic time with the horoscope time. Zaniah was just under 1 degree north of the autumn equinox on July 4, 1776. Thus, the offset is revealing where the vernal equinox was on the birth chart for July 4, 1776.

    At 11:21 am on July 4, 1776 the Harlot of Babylon, Zaniah, aligned with the Statue of Freedom as viewed from the Washington Monument. With Saturn at her back, it was time for a Virgin birth. Neptune was at the top of her head as if he were lifting her out of the cosmic abyss. According to the historical records, Neptune had yet to become a twinkle in the eyes of man.

    At 4:33 pm on July 4, 1776, Mintaka aligned with the Lincoln Memorial as would have been viewed from the Washington Monument. Above the head of Orion were Jupiter and Venus on the legs of the male Gemini and Mars was between the horns of the ancient Bull. Above the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran, sat Uranus, the wandering star that carries the name of the Father of Time. As Uranus was setting in the west, his son, Saturn was just below the horizon preparing to rise in the east. Above Mintaka was the Son of Time, Jupiter, in conjunction with the Daughter of Love, Venus. These alignment would have been well known an well researched before picking the date of the birth of the first nation to carry the Greek promise of Freedom to a democratic society of man. The eyes of the gods said, "Annuit Coeptis."

    Square on the zenith at the rising of Zaniah a Good Shepherd climbed a mountain with the plane of the earth fortified under his feet with a Grand Conjunction of five planets and the Sun. This is the return of Elijah at the Gateway of Men.

    Directly opposite the Good Shepherd and at the Gateway of Gods the nadir rested in the Southern Crown beneath the sign witnessed by Constantine I (the Great) on the last night before he earned the title of Emperor of Rome by telling his soldiers, "In this sign you shall conquer." The sign for Constantine was a grand conjunction of planets stretching from Aquarius to Sagittarius. On July 4, 1776 as Zaniah rose in the east three wandering stars marked the ancient place of reincarnation, the Moon, Pluto, and the Earth, whose presence is shown by her shadow in the eyes of the Sage. Above the gateway a child in swaddling cloths in the mouth of Quetzalcoatl and a man wrestling with a serpent with one foot on the earth and one foot in the sea crushes the Great Red Dragon under his feet. The Great Red Dragon is the unbalanced desire of the Harlot of Babylon. But, "in this sign you shall conquer" means that a boy become a man when he can liberate unbalanced desire with the Virgin's Child with the hand of iron. Justice was born that day. And justice is born every day that Unbalanced Desire is divided into Balanced Desire. This is the word of god shown in the hieroglyph for neter between the Red Crown and Anubis.


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    Fixed star:  ZANIAH
    Constellation:  Eta (η) Virgo
    Longitude 1900:  03LIB08 Longitude 2000:  04LIB31
    Declination 1900:  +00.40' Declination 2000:  +00.07'
    Right ascension:  12h 19m Latitude:  +02.04'
    Spectral class:  A0 Magnitude:  4.0

    The history of the star: Zaniah

    from p.471 of Star Names, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889.

    ZaniahEta (η) Virgo, Zaniah, is a star on the left arm of the Virgin.

    Zaniah is from Al Zawiah, applied in German lists to this instead of to the stars beta (β Zavijava) and gamma (γ Porrima), all of these being in the Kennel.

    In China it was Tso Chih Fa, the Left-hand Maintainer of Law.

    It lies on the left side of the Virgin, and just to the westward is the point of the autumnal equinox which the Chinese knew as Yih Mun, Twan Mun, or Tien Mun, Heaven's Gate.

    With zeta (ζ Heze) it almost exactly marks the line of the celestial equator.

    [Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889].

    Eric Morse in The Living Stars says about this Mercury-Venus star; "The name must bring a smile to astrologers who often associate Mercury with money and Venus with love, and Ptolemy having put the money first for Zaniyah means "Adulteress" or "Harlot". We have seen how Virgo has had such a reputation in past times, having been Lilith and Ashtoreth as much as more honored ladies like Mary. A little amusement is permitted in reading older books in which the word is either not translated at all, or the authors digress into a learned discussion on whether or not this star belongs to a group once known as the "Kennels", along with the title "little mosque" [for Zavijava], Victorian avoidance of the unmentionable does have its comic side!" [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.69-70.]

    The Lunar Mansions

    The stars beta (β Zavijava), eta (η Zaniah), gamma (γ Porrima), delta (δ Auva), epsilon (ε Vindemiatrix), outlining this Kennel, formed the 11th manzil (Arabic Moon Mansion), Al Awwa, the Barker, or "the Howler", which was considered of good omen.

    Influences of  the 11th Arabic Moon Mansion Al Awwa: Gives benevolence, gain, voyages, harvests and freedom of captives.

    With Moon transiting here: sow, plant, take medicine but do not travel or marry. [Robson*, p.72.]

    The astrological influences of the constellation Virgo

    Legend: This constellation is said to represent Erigone, daughter of Icarius, who hanged herself through grief at the death of her father (Bootes). According to other accounts it is Astraea, daughter of one of the Titans, who sided with the Gods against her own father. [Robson*, p.66.]

    Influences: Ptolemy makes the following observations; "The stars in the head of Virgo, and that at the top of the southern wing, operate like Mercury and somewhat like Mars: the other bright stars in the same wing, and those about the girdle, resemble Mercury in their influence, and also Venus, moderately . . . those at the points of the feet and at the bottom of the garments are like Mercury, and also Mars, moderately." By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Gimel and the 3rd Tarot Trump "The Empress." [Robson*, p.66-67.]

    The astrological influences of the constellation Virgo given by Manilius:

    "spicifera est Virgo Cereris"   —  "The Virgin with her sheaf belongs to Ceres". [Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, p.117]

    "Virginis in propriam descendunt ilia sortem",  —  "the belly comes down to the Maid as her rightful lot"  [Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, p.119]

    "At her rising Erigone (Virgo), who reigned with Justice over a bygone age and fled when it fell into sinful ways, bestows high eminence by bestowing supreme power; she will produce a man to direct the laws of the state and the sacred code; one who will tend with reverence the hallowed temples of the gods." [Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, p.265]

    "The temperaments of those whose span of life she pronounces at their birth Erigone (Virgo) will direct to study, and she will train their minds in the learned arts. She will give not so much abundance of wealth as the impulse to investigate the causes and effects of things. On them she will confer a tongue which charms, the mastery of words, and that mental vision which can discern all things, however concealed they be by the mysterious workings of nature. From the Virgin will also come the stenographer: his letter represents a word, and by means of his symbols he can keep ahead of utterance and record in novel notation the long speech of a rapid speaker. But with the good there comes a flaw: bashfulness handicaps the early years of such persons, for the Maid, by holding back their great natural gifts, puts a bridle on their lips and restrains them by the curb of authority. And (small wonder in a virgin) her offspring is not fruitful." [Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, p.237 and 239]

    The astrological influences of the star Zaniah

    According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mercury and Venus; and, to Alvidas, of Venus and Mercury in sextile. It gives refinement, honor, congeniality, order and a lovable nature. [Robson*, p.218.]

    An attribute of Zaniah can be seen in the Mercury-Venus-in-Libra talent for negotiating peace. One attribute which a good commander (or salesman) must surely need is an intuition for knowing to call a halt to battle and either offer or seek terms for peace. If well aspected and on the right planet, Mercury, Venus, Sun, or Jupiter for example this is what will show up in the horoscope. With Mars or Saturn the terms for peace may be too harsh for acceptance; with the Moon or Neptune they may be either unrealistic or downright "shady". [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.69-70.]

    With Sun: Educational and studious interests, popular, social success, much pleasure, favorable for marriage. [Robson*, p.218.]

    With Moon: Worry, loss through legal and Venusian affairs, trouble through writings, led astray by sympathies. [Robson*, p.218.]

    With Mercury: Musical or artistic ability, gain through writing short stories, popular, social success, many friends especially among opposite sex. [Robson*, p.218.]

    With Venus: Quick in learning, musical and artistic ability, fond of society, many friends, favorable for gain. [Robson*, p.218.]

    With Mars: Active, energetic, loss through lawsuits, trouble through opposite sex. [Robson*, p.218.]

    With Jupiter: Religious and philosophical mind, social success, many friends. [Robson*, p.218.]

    With Saturn: Sober, industrious, many influential elderly friends, gain through old people, grand-parents, and marriage. [Robson*, p.219.]

    With Uranus: Studious, psychic, retiring, somewhat unpractical, uneventful life, many friends, social success, favorable for marriage if male but less so if female, gain through marriage and business, natural death. [Robson*, p.219.]

    With Neptune: Kind, sympathetic, somewhat impatient, good at detail work, peculiar love affairs, gain through marriage and partnership, help from influential friends, uneventful life, danger of death at about 10 years of age or natural death in middle life. [Robson*, p.219.]

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    second largest of all the constellations, lies to the south of the Herdsman, Boötes, in an area of the sky that Edwin Hubble called the “Realm of the Nebulae.” Indeed, located within the triangle bounded by Spica, Denebola in Leo, and Arcturus in Boötes are hundreds of bright galaxies, members of the Coma-Virgo Cluster.
    Among these are the twin elliptical galaxies M84 and M86, which Conrad Jung has photographed in the accompanying illustration. M84 is the westernmost of the two, and is a round, bright diffuse object, increasing in brightness toward its center. It produced a supernova in 1957, unusual for elliptical type galaxies. M86 is just 17 arcminutes away. This object actually has another elliptical companion that is only about 15th magnitude. In all, Virgo is the home for nine of the Messier objects, including the Sombrero galaxy, which was found by his colleague Mechain after Messier had finished his catalog. It was added to the list as M104 in the year 1784.
    In Greek mythology, Virgo is the maiden Astraea, goddess of innocence and purity, who is the daughter of Themis, the goddess of justice. In our drawing, the virgin is at her bath and at peace with nature; her innocence is depicted in the friendship shown her by the birds. In most early cultures, Virgo was almost universally associated with the harvest. The bright star Spica is named for the Latin word meaning wheat. Harvesting of grain was begun when Spica rose just ahead of the Sun. When Vindemiatrix, Mistress of the Vineyard and northernmost of Virgo's stars, first rose before the Sun, this was a signal for the gathering of the grapes.
    Few stars in Virgo's coterie are bright. Spica is the major star, while Porrima, Vindemiatrix, Delta Virginis and Zavijava complete the list of stars brighter than magnitude 4. Zaniah is a variable star that shines between magnitudes 3 and 4; it is called by the Chinese Tien Mun, Heaven's Gate. It lies almost exactly on the celestial equator.
    Continuing with Chinese lore, we find that the star we know as Spica was the first of the twenty-eight Houses of the Moon, which constituted the Chinese lunar Zodiac. This was the home of the God of Long Life, Shou Hsing. Although a god of the stars, he would come down to Earth at times.
    One time, in south China, lived a youth named Chao Yen. His father learned from a fortune teller that his son was slated to die before he reached the age of nineteen. Dismayed when his father told him this news, Chao Yen, then eighteen, burned incense at the temple and joined with the priests in their chants of worship, but there seemed no hope, because it was told that the span of a man's life could not be changed once it had been written.
    Shortly before his birthday, Chao Yen went into the forest to hunt, and he killed two deer with his keen aim with bow and arrow. Lying down to rest under a large oak, he woke to find that nearby were two regally clad men at a table engrossed in a game of chess. Chao Yen listened quietly, and heard the proclamations of the men. “Thirty-eight,” said one, “a reasonable life, though not overlong.” He wrote something on a tablet and continued the game. “Twenty-three,” he called after a few minutes, and wrote again. “Much too short!” After a while, the older of the two men cried “Eighty-nine. That man will be ever thankful to me for a long life.”
    Chao Yen realized that the two were playing for the lives of humans, and he stepped forward an demanded “Who are you? And what strange game is this?” The younger of the two replied in a friendly manner, “I am the spirit of Pei Tou, the Northern Dipper; and my opponent is Shou Hsing, the God of Longevity, from the southern sky. It is he who fixes the date of a man's birth, and I fix the date of his death.”
    Chao Yen then pleaded, “You must help me. Could you not play again for my life, for I have been told that I must die before my nineteenth birthday? If you will help, I will be grateful until my last days. I will bring you fine offerings, such as these two deer that I have taken, for I am a good hunter.” The two men argued, for the time of life was unalterable, once set. But at last, they agreed to a compromise. Pei Tou said, “I cannot possibly erase the characters written in the book of death, nor can we gamble again for the same life, but I can reverse the characters which say ‘nineteen’ so that they say ‘ninety,’ a life long enough, certainly.”
    The young man threw himself on the ground, overcome with gratitude and with joy. When he looked up, he was alone. Even his deer were gone, and he knew then that the gods had taken them in token. As darkness came Chao Yen looked up and saw the stars of Shou Hsing shining brightly, and in the north the seven stars of Pei Tou were splendid.
    The constellation of Virgo is also the location of the brightest known quasar, 3C273 Virginis, which was instrumental in the discovery of these objects in the early 1960s. At 13th magnitude it should be possible to find with a telescope of above eight inch aperture. Lying three billion light years away, it is likely the most distant object amateurs will see in their telescopes.

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    Return to EAS Home Page

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    www.gabitogrupos.com/...LAS.../template.php?...En caché - Traducir esta página
    4 days ago – Zaniah is the star once known as the "Harlot of Babylon" and it rose in the east over Freedom's Perch from Washington monumental phallus.


    www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Zaniah.htmlEn caché - Similares - Traducir esta página
    Eta (η) Virgo, Zaniah, is a star on the left arm of the Virgin. ... the autumnal equinox which the Chinese knew as Yih Mun, Twan Mun, or Tien Mun, Heaven's Gate.

    FOI Homepage - Online Liturgy - Fellowship of Isis

    www.fellowshipofisis.com/liturgy/sophia7.pdf  - Traducir esta página
    Formato de archivo: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    For the present is your Gate to Heaven. When worldly cares veil true .... (S.E.): I hail the Guardians of Zaniah, Heaven's Gate. May we find the Gate of Heaven ...
  • Faery Initiations - Página 203 - Resultado de Google Books

    Kisma Reidling - 2005 - Fiction
    Southeast: I hail the Guardians of Zaniah, Heaven's Gate. May we find the Gate of Heaven and enter therein. Northwest: I hail the Guardians of the pale yellow ...

    The Hand of the Eighth King and the Hand of God

    www.eyeofsiloam.com/Varanasi/.../index.htmlEn caché - Traducir esta página
    Zaniah is the star once known as the "Harlot of Babylon" and it rose in the east ... This is the Gate of Heaven (Babylon) and can only be passed by the desire for ...

    Thunderbolts Forum • View topic - Bill McDonald's General ...

    www.thunderbolts.info/.../viewtopic.php?f...En caché - Traducir esta página
    19 Mar 2011 – Far beyond our solar system, yet within the same alignment, lay the star Zaniah, known to the Chinese as "Heaven's Gate." The alignment's ...


    www.eastbayastro.org/.../virgo.ht... - Estados UnidosEn caché - Similares - Traducir esta página
    Zaniah is a variable star that shines between magnitudes 3 and 4; it is called by the Chinese Tien Mun, Heaven's Gate. It lies almost exactly on the celestial ...

    Skyscript: Star Lore of the Constellations - Virgo the Maiden

    www.skyscript.co.uk/virgo_myth.htmlEn caché - Similares - Traducir esta página
    31, Zaniah, Mercury/ Venus, 4, Southern wing, 02N, 00N ... Ishtar, in grief, travelled to the Underworld, threatened to break down the gates and free the dead ... When the gods of Heaven heard the dreaded news and saw the devastation of the ...

    Secrets of Rosslyn Chapel — Jeff Nisbet's Mythomorph

    www.mythomorph.com/.../secrets-of-rosslyn-cha...En caché - Traducir esta página
    Far beyond our solar system, yet within the same alignment, lay the star Zaniah, known to the Chinese as “Heaven's Gate.” The alignment's next nearest star, ...

    January 15, 2011 at 9:54am - Facebook

    www.facebook.com/permalink.php?...En caché - Traducir esta página
    Michael Lambert God Bless Sgt. Zaniah C. Creamer and watch over her family in their time of grief. ... Another angel to guard the gates of Heaven. RIP ♥ ...

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    Secrets of Rosslyn Chapel

    by Jeff Nisbet

    (Originally published in Atlantis Rising #38 – March/April, 2003. All photos, except for the two pillars, are by Antonia Reeve for the Rosslyn Chapel Trust. The 9/21/1450 sky was calculated in the Skychart III program, available at www.southernstars.com)

    Rosslyn Chapel

    Rosslyn Chapel sits just six miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland’s ancient capital city. Built in the 15th century by Earl William St. Clair of Rosslyn, the chapel has become one of the most mysterious and controversial buildings on Earth. Recent years have seen the controversy reach fever pitch as an adversarial band of alternate-history researchers, freemasonic “seekers of light,” and treasure hunters vie to unlock the secrets they feel are hidden within the chapel walls.

    The stakes are high.

    At last tally, these intrepid questers have variously speculated the chapel hides the Long-Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar, a piece of the “True” Cross, Scotland’s Stone of Destiny, the mummified head of Christ, and even that Holy Grail of relics—the Holy Grail, itself.

    A world-class collection, no doubt—but none has yet been found. Rosslyn keeps its secrets well.

    London businessman and St. Clair descendent, Niven Sinclair is fond of saying that William built Rosslyn Chapel “at a time when books could be burned or banned, so he left a message for posterity chiseled out in stone.” Niven’s pet project, into which he has sunk a great deal of energy over the years, is to prove that William’s grandfather made a voyage of discovery to America almost a century before Christopher Columbus made the voyage that history has approved.

    Niven also believes that Christ did not die on the cross, but survived to sire children with his wife, Mary Magdalene. This marriage begat a bloodline that has flowed down the centuries through several high and mighty European families, including Niven’s own. But it is still the Biblical tale of Christ’s ascension that wins the popular vote in the credibility department, so Niven soldiers on.

    While the expression “carved in stone” has become synonymous with the “unchangeable,” that’s not the case with Rosslyn. Some very significant changes have been made within the chapel walls, and then concealed.

    Let’s take a look.

    The interior greets the eye with such a visual feast of carved stone that one barely knows where to begin. Strange foliage and figures hang everywhere about the walls, arches and ceiling, like icing on a cake. And while the overall effect was clearly meant to be Christian, closer inspection reveals that many carvings have their symbolic origins in quite different ideologies, some of them decidedly Pagan.

    Photo of Barrel Vault CeilingHere and there you’ll find the head of a “Green Man,” an ancient Celtic vegetation god, peering out from within the carved foliage, and on Rosslyn’s most celebrated structure, the “Prentice Pillar,” a daisy chain of dragons nibble away at the roots of what’s been interpreted as the Nordic “Tree of Life.” Add to the mix carved tales from the Hebraic Old Testament, and legends that resonate with Templar and Freemasonic lore, and you have an architectural recipe for perennial success. And except for a few dicey years during the Reformation, when Protestant zealots took stern issue with what they called “idolatry,” the chapel’s been successful ever since.

    But while certain details have been added to the chapel over the years, it’s considered that the original language of Earl William’s “book in stone” has remained unchanged. On my last trip to Scotland, however, I found several dusty guides to Rosslyn that, here and there, tell a different tale.

    Let’s walk to the center of the chapel and look up.

    Rosslyn’s great barrel-vaulted ceiling is divided into five courses. Four courses have a floral theme, each with its exclusive tile, which repeats, in cookie-cutter fashion, over its entire course. But the fifth course is different from the others. Instead of flowers, it is full of stars—and other things!

    Head Hand PhotoIn one corner of the course is a bearded head with an open hand raised alongside. Niven Sinclair has described it as the head of Christ with his hand raised in blessing of his ancestor’s pre-Columbian voyage of discovery. But according to an 1877 article, which ran in Volume XII of the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries in Scotland, Andrew Kerr describes this feature as simply “an open hand,” and his observation is corroborated in an 1892 account written by the Rev. John Thompson, Rosslyn’s chaplain.

    Where was Christ’s head and blessing when this “book in stone” was built, and why is it there now?

    Three rows up from Christ’s head is the “sun in splendour,” and one row up from the adjacent corner of the star vault is the emerging moon, described in both accounts as a “crescent” moon and “small star.” Nowadays the moon appears to be full, complete with surface features that should not have been observable 159 years before Galileo’s telescope supposedly allowed him to look twenty times closer than anyone had before. What’s been carved into Rosslyn that the founder never intended?

    Star CourseTowards the east end of the chapel stand two pillars that together form the basis for what has become Rosslyn’s most enduring legend—the murder of an apprentice stonemason by his master. Legend has it that the master mason, who had been on a junket to Rome to study the form of a pillar he meant to duplicate in Rosslyn, returned to find that his apprentice, inspired by a dream, had finished the job before him, The master, in a fit of jealous rage, slew his apprentice with a single blow to the head.

    While both pillars are glorious, the Prentice Pillar clearly outshines the Master’s.

    Kerr’s report, while giving lip service to the Apprentice Legend, refers to the Master’s Pillar as the Earl’s Pillar, and in John Slezer’s 1693 “Theatrum Scotiae” the Prentice Pillar is called the Prince’s Pillar. A 1774 account by Bishop Forbes of Caithness postulates that Slezer was referring to the founder’s “princely origins” as last Prince of Scotland’s Orkney Islands.

    Confusing, I know.

    Masters PillarPrentice PillarTo add to that confusion, back below the star vault is a carved head much studied by Freemasons. Tradition claims it is the head of the slain apprentice complete with fatal wound—a tale that resonates with the Freemasonic legend of the death of Hiram Abiff, architect of Solomon’s Temple, who died in similar fashion. It has been noticed, however, that the apprentice’s chin may have once sported a beard that was subsequently chiseled off. Indeed strange, considering apprentices did not grow beards back then.

    Master, apprentice, earl or prince—who’s who? Is it possible that a fairly elegant “shell game” has been carved into Rosslyn’s “Book In Stone” that the founder never intended, leaving us still searching for his elusive pea of Truth?

    In 1954 the chapel was diagnosed by Scotland’s Ministry of Works as suffering from extreme damp. It was decided to coat the chapel’s interior with a “cementinous slurry” meant to keep the moisture out. Instead, it made matters worse. But it did more than that. Since fresh paint can cover a multitude of sins, the recent changes are no longer noticeable, and I have it on good authority that the cost of the slurry’s removal, if even possible, would be prohibitively expensive. Rosslyn’s fabled “Truth that Conquers All,” it seems, must wait for better days. Or must they?

    Increasingly thought to be the premier Illuminati of his day, Earl William built into his chapel something that could never be changed—something that has waited to be noticed for a very long time. And considering that the Knights Templar were ostensibly founded to protect Christian pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land, and that the Earl’s male progeny became “hereditary Grand Masters” of the Freemasons until the beginning of the 18th century, William’s wildcard might come as a bit of a surprise.

    Rosslyn Chapel was founded upon St. Matthew’s Day, 21st September, 1446, and officially dedicated to that saint on the same day in 1450. Since September 21 marks the Autumnal Equinox, when the sun rises exactly due east of Rosslyn, I decided to see if the Earl had written something in the sky above, that might have reflected the truth he’d been carving on the earth below. I wasn’t disappointed.

    My previous Atlantis Rising articles propose that an “inner circle” of the Knights Templar escaped the order’s suppression in 1307 France, going “underground” in Scotland, while continuing to send what they believed to be “Truth” forward to more enlightened times by secretly hitching rides on both the astrological mythologies of a past they believed to be rooted in “fact” and the astronomical discoveries they knew would be found “when the time was right.”

    Thought to have introduced both Chess and Tarot Cards to medieval Europe, the brotherhood quietly and strategically wove long-forgotten truths into the warp and weave of the historical record—truths that would only be seen by those “with eyes to see,” and heard by those “with ears to hear.”

    Earl William knew that even a book “carved in stone” could be pounded to dust, so he wrote his testament on the inviolable daytime sky, and hid it in the light.

    In “Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail,” by Tim Wallace-Murphy & Marilyn Hopkins, the authors claim that the site had been “revered by the Druids as the oracle of Saturn, the supreme Guardian of Secrets.”

    According to my research, it seems they are right.

    When Rosslyn was dedicated on September 21, 1450, the sun had risen exactly due east. Throughout the day, behind the sun and in exact alignment with the Earth lay the planets Saturn and Neptune, a conjunction that occurs only once every 36 years. And they all rose invisibly in the light of day within the constellation Virgo, symbolic of various Goddesses found in diverse astrological traditions.

    Rosslyn at Dawn Graphic

    Following the parallels I’ve drawn in my previous articles between the belief systems of ancient Egypt and Scotland, however, it’s interesting to note that a Greek tradition proposes the Sphinx was originally constructed with Virgo’s head on Leo’s body. It’s also interesting to note that the head of the Sphinx we see today looks disproportionately small, and newer, when compared to the much-weathered body—as though carved “back” from a previous head. And before the weathering of the body, today’s head would have looked even smaller. Another tradition identifies Virgo with the Egyptian goddess Isis—clasping the infant Horus, last of the divine kings, in her arms. Since the advent of Christianity, however, Virgo has been identified as the Virgin Mary, with baby Jesus in her arms, But the Templars are thought to have venerated a “Black Madonna,” not the white one that Christian artwork has promoted for so long, so perhaps it was considered safe enough to leave the door to past belief systems open just a crack.

    Far beyond our solar system, yet within the same alignment, lay the star Zaniah, known to the Chinese as “Heaven’s Gate.” The alignment’s next nearest star, Porrima, was also called Antevorta and sometimes Postvorta, two ancient goddesses of prophecy. Curiously, the star was eventually discovered to indeed be a two-star system, and so we might draw an interesting parallel between Porrima and the “debunked” theory of Africa’s Dogon tribe and it’s knowledge of Sirius B.

    In any case, the alignment on Rosslyn’s dedication to St. Matthew indicates that several dedications were made—but only Matthew’s was “official.”

    Before we leave Rosslyn, let’s again look at the star vault. The rows of stars alternate in chessboard fashion, except for two. Each of the two meets and mirrors the other, thereby reversing the order over the remainder of the course. Is this just another change that’s been made in the architectural fabric of Rosslyn, or is it a part Earl William intended to survive? Many world “myths” describe a day “the sky fell” and the heavenly order changed, an observed phenomenon much explained if the crust of the Earth had suddenly slid around its core, moving parts of the Earth out of (and parts into) polar regions, and causing the world’s oceans to slosh over the land in a cataclysm now known to Christians as the biblical flood! It makes sense that it was not the great Universe that moved—it was us. Two rows up from Rosslyn’s full moon is a dove with an olive branch in its beak. Could it be that William meant the dove to be Noah’s messenger of hope at the flood’s subsidence?

    Barrel Vault Ceiling with Arrow

    When the Templars were suppressed on Friday, October 13, 1307, it’s thought that the escaping Templar fleet, carrying the order’s inner circle, headed towards Scotland with their treasure and their truth. Hidden below that dark night’s horizon was the same rare alignment that rose at daybreak on Rosslyn’s dedication, but this time a second “undiscovered” planet, Uranus, had conjoined with it. Quite resonantly, considering the events of that Friday the 13th, the alignment lay within Libra, the Scales of Justice. It’s a strong possibility, given such a grand celestial “coincidence,” that the inner circle had decided that “the time was right” for the order’s demise, and had chosen the date to coincide with the alignment. What the hell—they’d all be dead and gone when “Truth” finally conquered “All!”

    On November 4, when the Templars may have reached Rosslyn after first gathering secreted stores of arms in Ireland, the sun and moon entered the alignment at dawn—a truly spectacular six-body alignment. And exactly 400 years plus two days after Rosslyn’s foundation date of Sept. 21, 1446, Neptune was finally “discovered,” also during the same alignment. Quite the anniversary gift for those in the know!

    [Note: Three years after writing this article I was advised that in 1846, the year Neptune ws discovered, the Autumnal Equinox took place on Sept. 23, so the actual 400th anniversary of Rosslyn Chapel's foundation date was in fact more exact than I had originally calculated.]

    Much has been speculated about what the Templars knew about Earth’s early history not deemed “prudent” to reveal at the time, and how much of that knowledge was passed on to the Freemasons that has since been lost.

    Today’s Scottish Templars, whose connection with the original Templars is often hotly debated, have suddenly become uncomfortably pro-active in contemporary events. They have been granted special “consultancy status” with the United Nations, and their current pet project is to bring Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock under UN control. They meanwhile continue to keep an aloof silence about anything they please. Also avowed to “protect” Scottish history, they have shown no love for my version of it. I have been told in no uncertain terms that while I am entitled to my opinions, they are not “informed” opinions. When I suggested that perhaps “informed” opinions are opinions one has been “informed” about, and so may have little to do with “Truth,” I got silence in reply.

    One of the Templars arrested on Oct. 13, 1307, and subsequently interrogated, claimed that during his “initiation” into the order he was shown the Christian cross, and was told “Put not thy faith in this, for it is not old enough.” Is it possible that all adversaries in the current conflict have been “played the fool” over the past few millennia, in order to precipitate the much-prophesized “crisis of faith” that will introduce a new faith the suddenly faithless will flock to?

    Is it possible that in order to find the things that once made us friends, we must first discover who’s bright idea it was to make us enemies—and why?

    Or is it already too late?


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    Papers on More Joy In Heaven

    www.termpapersmonthly.com/about/...heaven/6/En caché - Traducir esta página
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    Heaven's Gate - National Animal Welfare Trust - working towards a ...

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    June 19, 2012 Lunar Cycle: The Solstice New Moon: The Uranus ...

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    Our New Moon of June 19, 2012 conjoins the Gate of Man in early sidereal Gemini. ..... Conjoining Zaniah in the southern heavens is Turais Carina and Phi ...

    January 23, 2012 Lunar Cycle: With Global Vision: Mars Retrograde

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    23 Jan 2012 – We are not separate from the greater heavens, from the stars and planets around us, ..... The Moon conjoins the Gate of Man; Betelgeuse, Alpha Orion; ..... The Moon conjoins Zaniah of Virgo, Turais of Carina, Argo Navis; Phi ...

    Heaven's Gate - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heaven's_GateEn caché - Similares
    Heaven's Gate. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Saltar a: navegación, búsqueda. «Heaven's Gate» (en castellano: puerta del cielo) puede referirse a: ...
  • The Book of Common Prayer: And Administration of the Sacraments ... - Página lxiv - Resultado de Google Books

    Church of England - 1771 - Religion
    ... me up between the earth and the heaven, and brought me in the visions of God to Jerusalem, to the door of the inner gate that looketh toward ... the midst of them stood Jaa- zaniah the son of Shaphan, with every man his censer in his hand; ...
  • Star Names and Their Meanings - Página 471 - Resultado de Google Books

    Richard Hinckley Allen - 2003 - Nature
    Zaniah is from Al Zawiah, applied in German lists to this instead of to the stars 0 ... which the Chinese knew as Yin Mun, Twan Mun, or Tien Man, Heaven's Gate.

    Reviews | La Grotta dei Fichi

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    A week ago I opened the arched gates and stepped into heaven! I now look back and reflect upon a most enjoyable vacation. Grotto dei Fichi in an amazing ...

    Alkes Rising | Sidereal, Babylonian & Egyptian Astrology

    alkesrising.wordpress.com/En caché - Traducir esta página
    1 day ago – Sun is conjunct the star Zaniah in Virgo. ... of Heaven (Taurus) and Samegar, the Crown Prince (Jupiter) newly emerged from the Underworld.


    www.gabitogrupos.com/.../astroteologiaevangelio_en_las_estrellas.ph...En caché
    184. BARILOCHENSE6999, 23/09/2012 14:42. ZANIAH (GATE OF HEAVEN/ BABYLON/HAROT OF BABYLON). 3. BARILOCHENSE6999, 22/09/2012 23:00 ...

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    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/09/2012 21:49

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    Sirius and Orion Over Washington

    The Congress of Isis and Osiris just so happens to happen above... Congress.

    Washington D.C. and many of it's buildings and monuments are laid out according to the cardinal directions with the streets running due NS and EW.


    In the map of Washington D.C. below, due east is up and the star chart shows the constellation of Orion rising due east over Washington D.C., as it has done every day for the past two hundred years.


    Orion's belt points towards Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, and while Orion is rising and low on the eastern horizon, Orion's belt is vertical, pointing to Sirius below.



    In relation to the fixed stars, the sun rises later each day due to the rotation of the earth around the sun.


    The sun rises just after Sirius at the latitude of Washington D.C. on August 15. This is known as the heliacal rising of Sirius. Prior to this time of year, the sun is above or too close to the horizon for the rising of the star to be visible.


    Ancient Egyptians based their calendar on the heliacal rising of Sirius, which signaled the onset of the annual flooding of the Nile. Christians celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15, linking the Assumption to the first appearance of Sirius/Isis in the sky just before dawn.

    Orion has also set due west at the latitude of Washington D.C. for the past two hundred years.


    From the viewpoint of the Capitol building, Orion sets right behind the Washington Monument. Setting in the west, Orion's belt is horizontal, pointing to Sirius setting south of due west.


    From the viewpoint of the Capitol building, Sirius sets over the Potomac River, on the alignment of Maryland Avenue. The bright star above Orion is Aldebaran, the alpha star in the constellation of Taurus.


    From the viewpoint of the Capitol building, Aldebaran sets over the White House, on the alignment of Pennsylvania Avenue.



    It has already been established that the Goddess can be symbolized by an owl.




    Columbia and the Constellation of Virgo

    The District of Columbia has more astrological symbols than and other city in the world. The capitol city was built from the ground up with a specific esoteric design.


    There were many changes however, and some things didn't go exactly to plan.

    In David Ovason’s book, The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capital ... The District of Columbia and its Federal City were arranged, according to Ovason, so that the constellation of Virgo and its goddess symbolism dominates the structure.


    Ovason notes that the right triangle of first magnitude stars that contains the constellation Virgo, Arcturus, Regulus and Spica, can also be found in the plan of the Federal city marked by the location of the Capital, the President’s House and the Washington Monument.


    And he also notes that the consecration ceremonies for these sites all include prominent astrological connections to Virgo...



    This earth/sky alignment can be seen every year, weather permitting, around August 10th, as the sun sets down the Pennsylvania avenue sight line from the Capital, the great triangle enclosing Virgo appears in the darkening sky.


    It was not as obvious 200 years ago when the plan was laid out, but now, at the moment of culmination, the alignment is clear and unmistakable.


    As Ovason insists, it is plain that from its inception, the District of Columbia, and the Federal City,

    “was intended to celebrate the mysteries of Virgo - of the Egyptian Isis, the Grecian Ceres and the Christian Virgin."






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