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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 01/06/2014 02:17
Jerusalem Temple Dome

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 11/02/2015 13:28

Foundation Stone

I just received the Temple at the Center of Time by David Flynn. Although I haven’t read the book yet, I flipped through it and came across a map showing the distance from the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem to the Kaaba in Mecca measures 666 nautical miles.

It is essential to verify seemingly outrageous claims such as these so I fired up Google Earth and used the Ruler tool to measure a line from the Dome of the Rock to the Kaaba, center to center:


I am planning on creating a video course on how to use Google Earth that I will offer for sale on this site. This will teach you how to navigate, measure, find alignments, overlay images, record flythrough tours, organize and share placemarks, and so on.

The distance 665.65 of course rounds off to 666 nautical miles, thereby verifying Flynn’s claim. I notice also that 665.65 encodes the relationship of 6 to 5 as discussed in The Snowflake and the Flower.

A nautical mile is about a minute of arc of latitude where 1 nautical mile is defined as 1.85200 km (1.15078 miles)

When I opened the units drop down menu on Google Earth’s ruler tool I noticed that one can measure in a variety of units including degrees. While latitude and longitude are measured in degrees I never thought to measure distances in degrees until a couple of nights ago.

One degree of arc is 60 minutes so 1 degree is 60 x 1.85200 = 111.120 km. This is only 9 m off the mean degree of latitude which measures 111,111 meters.

Flynn’s thesis seems to be that Isaac Newton deciphered a code in the Bible revealing the Temple at the Center of Time is the Dome of the Rock. This is so up my alley that I’m really looking forward to reading every word of his book.

I have discovered some amazing things already using the foundation stone within the Dome of the Rock as the omphalos, or center of the world.

The foundation stone is the rock after which the famous Dome of the Rock was named. Incidentally the image of this structure below was taken on 1/11/11:

Dome of the Rock Jerusalem

Image courtesy Victorgrigas under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Let us remember that the foundation stone was the place where Abraham almost sacrificed Issac…

Rembrandt The Sacrifice of Abraham

Rembrandt’s Sacrifice of Isaac (1635)

…the place where Mohammed ascended into heaven on his Night Journey…


…and the place where many Jews believe the holy of holies was located inside Solomon’s Temple.

Solomons temple

Jewish tradition views [the foundation stone] as the spiritual junction of heaven and Earth. Jews traditionally face it while praying. -Source

Why is a single stone so important to three of the world’s religions and billions of people?

Foundation stone

The foundation stone within the Dome of the Rock

Perhaps it really is the world center. Read on to find out what I’ve discovered that supports this notion.

I drew a series of lines (actually sections of great circles) from the foundation stone (FS) using degrees as the unit of measure.

The distance from the FS to Glastonbury Tor is 33.3 degrees.


The distance from the FS to the Cherhill Obelisk is 33.0 degrees.

I have discovered much more relating to the Cherhill obelisk on top of the Oldbury Hill Fort in Finding the Center.


The distance from the FS to Olympic Park in London is 32.0 degrees.

OlympicPark London

Iran has threatened to boycott the London 2012 Olympics unless the organisers replace the official logo, which Tehran claims spells out the word “Zion”. -Source

2012 Zion

The distance from the FS to the Puerta del Sol in Madrid is 32 degrees.


The Puerta del Sol is very close to the Temple of Debod which itself aligns with the Vatican obelisk.

The distance from the FS to the location of the bombing in Oslo is 32.0 degrees.

The Norway attacks took place on 22/7 (Pi day) and were attributed to a 32 year old freemason Anders Behring Brevik. This obviously isn’t the kind of press freemasons want. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the freemasons are evil, and this was probably engineered to discredit the freemasons in the court of public opinion. But there it is.


The distance from the FS to the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana is 32 degrees.


Astana, right in the middle of nowhere, is the new capital of Kazakhstan. Astana is full of Secrets in Plain Sight deserving a post of its own. Let me confine myself now to discussing the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation:

Astana Pyramid

Image courtesy Amanante under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The Pyramid of Peace as it also known was designed by Lord Foster who also designed WTC2 that I wrote about in my recent post on the World Trade Center. This pyramid’s tip has a height of 77m and features stained glass at the top depicting doves (again see my WTC post). The area comes in at 25,500 sq.m which is close to the duration of the Great Year.

200 delegates from the world’s main religions and faiths will meet every three years in a circular chamber — based on the United Nations Security Council meeting room in New York. -Source

Delegates from the world’s main religions and faiths reminds me of the same significance placed upon the foundation stone itself. There are many secrets encoded in the UN security council chamber that I explored in my New York Part 2 video.

The number of delegates (200) reminds me of the number of fallen angels who descended on the summit of Mount Hermon. Recall from my Children of Dan post that Mt. Hermon is located 33° north of the equator and 33° east of the Paris prime meridian. Here’s a quote from the book of Enoch:

And they were in all two hundred; who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon, and they called it Mount Hermon, because they had sworn and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it.

There is an elite using sacred numbers and geomancy for their own ends. Here is what Michael Tsarion has to say about this practice:

Sure, these numbers like 666 and 13 and 777 and 21 that they use a lot, and the number which you have just mentioned, which is 33 — are not negative. No symbol in itself, no number by itself is negative. But, very negative anti-human societies do use them, and there are many reasons why they do this. A few of the basic reasons are because they know that these things are sacred, and so if they use them they get their power. Because these anti-human agencies have no inherent power of their own. They have control, but they don’t have any power. They have control, because we the human race have given up our power. Now, they also get a certain kind of empowerment from using sacred symbols and sacred numbers, and sacred ideas. They empower themselves in the same way a thief can come in and steal something beautiful and then say it’s his. So, they have murdered all the shamans, they’ve murdered the oracles, they’ve murdered the great astrologers of old, and that is under pain of genocide. But, they are after that treasure. They want to appropriate it, because these are magpies who steal the sacred knowledge so that they can use it for themselves. -Source

That might be the case but what I’m most amazed by is Oldbury and Glastonbury Tor, both of which are prehistoric. Notice also that the most ancient and sacred sites are at 33.3 and 33.0 degrees from the foundation stone. The more recent sites are only at 32 degrees. Was all of this a conspiracy? I don’t think so. It must have been planned from a higher level, and whether that was angels, demons, Allah, God, the great architect of the universe, or the number matrix we are embedded in influencing the humans who built these structures is worthy of serious contemplation.

Consider the UFO that appeared over the Foundation Stone on 28 Jan 11:

This just in…

The Foundation Stone inside the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is 33.00 miles from the Mediterranean. This literally is the shortest distance to the coast. The mind boggles.


©2012 SIPS Productions Inc. – All Rights Reserved.

Reply  Message 3 of 6 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 11/02/2015 15:36
Hoy en día...
Saturno d
Hubal es una de las principales divinidades preislámicas que era adorada fundamentalmente en la Meca. En el medio oriente era un dios lunar masculino asociado con el dios semita Baal, sincretismo de Saturno, como ya hemos visto. De hecho Hubal se originó como "Hu-Baal".
Una gran estatua estaba en la Kaaba, su centro de culto antes de la reforma religiosa instituida por Mahoma en el año 630, quien la destruyó junto con las de los otros 360 ídolos presentes allí.
A partir de Mahoma el dios del Islam pasó a ser Alá, que no es otro que B-ALA, BAAL.

De la presencia "divina" en ese lugar santo, da fé que la proporción entre la distancia entre La Meca>polo norte y entre La Meca>polo sur es de exactamente 1,618, es decir el número phi, el número áureo.
<<<< La media luna característica del Islam proviene del dios lunar de Hubal o Hu-Baal (Baal-Saturno) que luego seria Alá y también de su hermano Nannar-Sin, ambos del linaje sumerio anunnaki representado por la Luna y las aves, aguilas principalmente.


<<<< Antiquísima figura del dios Alá, es su faceta precursora de Hubal, Hu-Baal.

La Kaaba es un edificio de piedra en forma de cubo, cubierto por una tela negra, que está en el centro Gran Mezquita de la Meca, el lugar sagrado de peregrinación de los musulmanes. Los millones de peregrinos que acuden cada año a la ciudad santa dan siete vueltas a su alrededor, apretujados y al unísono, de forma que crean una figura que evoca a Saturno y sus anillos.
<<<<   Los peregrinos deben dar siete vueltas alrededor de este cubo negro de Saturno (la Kaaba) imitando de esta manera a los anillos de Saturno y creando un potente campo magnético.
En la esquina oriental de la Kaaba, se encuentra una estructura de plata a media altura con una muy explícita forma de vagina. En su interior está la Piedra Negra, una reliquia musulmana (regalo del arcángel Gabriel a Abraham), que los peregrinos intentan besar despues de dar las siete vueltas del ritual.
Se trata de un betilo o piedra sagrada, símbolo del arquetipo de la montaña sagrada. Como la mayoría de los Betilos, proviene de un meteorito y se le reverencia como símbolo de los dioses, es decir no se rinde culto a la piedra sino a la divinidad que alberga. Un caso parecido a los iconos rusos de la Virgen Maria o de las reliquias católicas, ver Arcadas en el Alma
<<<< Urna de plata, en el ángulo de la Kaaba, que guarda en su centro la "Piedra Negra", un meteorito.

La gran vagina que los musulmanes intentan besar en su pereginaje también evoca al símbolo por excelencia de la oscuridad: "el ojo que todo lo ve", el "Ojo de Horus"... Ver Roma, cartas boca arriba

Reply  Message 4 of 6 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/08/2015 00:38

Dome of the Rock

The floor plan of the Dome of the Rock and some construction lines; possible source of inspiration for Templar constructions

and the cross pathee

Everything is Connected and there are no

Reply  Message 5 of 6 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 03/10/2015 04:52

Centered octagonal number

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Centered octagonal number.svg

A centered octagonal number is a centered figurate number that represents an octagon with a dot in the center and all other dots surrounding the center dot in successive octagonal layers.[1] The centered octagonal numbers are the same as the odd square numbers.[2] Thus, the nth centered octagonal number is given by the formula

(2n-1)^2 = 4n^2-4n+1.

The first few centered octagonal numbers are[2]

1, 9, 25, 49, 81, 121, 169, 225, 289, 361, 441, 529, 625, 729, 841, 961, 1089.

Calculating Ramanujan's tau function on a centered octagonal number yields an odd number, whereas for any other number the function yields an even number.[2]

See also[edit]



Reply  Message 6 of 6 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/05/2016 23:17

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