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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 30/07/2011 17:12







The Science and Christian Message of the












Second Edition 1961

Translations into other languages in preparation

Made and Printed in Great Britain by C. Tinling fS Co., Ltd., London, Liverpool and Prescot.



  The object of this Book is four-fold: (I) To give enquirers who know nothing of the subject an idea of the great weight of evidence and amazing facts in support of the conclusions  of Pyramidology, (2) To provide a simple explanation for  beginners in the study of Pyramidology, (3) To provide the experts with the results of the most recent research to date, (4) To supply keen Pyramid students with a book which they can circulate widely in order to spread the wonderful message of the Great Pyramid.

  By God's grace, may this grand message of the Great Pyramid, which is the Divine blue-print and the Bible in stone, bring assurance and peace to many who may be in perplexity of mind in these modern days of tension.


London, 29th September, 1957.


 The First Edition of this Book was written in 1957, under the title of Outline of Pyramidology.

  This Second Edition is very much enlarged and I have decided to constitute it Book I of a complete work entitled PYRAMIDOLOGY, which it is intended to publish in five volumes, Books I-V. Meantime Book II is now in active preparation and the others will follow as quickly as circumstances permit. The complete work PYRAMIDOLOGY will be a very comprehensive treatise, covering every phase of the subject.

  The First Edition of this Book created so much interest all over the free World and, according to letters received, so many derived great spiritual blessing therefrom that I feel deeply grateful to God that another Edition is already required. May this Edition bring increasing blessing and be of service in the interests of God's Truth and Kingdom.


DunstableGreat Britain, 5th May, 1961.



















































12 18 31 38 44 51


Passages and Champers of the Great Pyramid... Frontispiece

Map showing position of the Great Pyramid... Page  12

The Ten Pyramids and Sphinx on the Gizeh Plateau … Page 18

Cartouche of Khufu. . . .. Page 31

Geometric Construction of the Great Pyramid Page 38

The Nile Delta Quadrant .. Page 44

The Top-Stone... . Page  51

The Pyramids of jeezeh (Gizeh) in vertical and meridian section .. . . . . Page 62

High Central Section of King's Chamber Passage... Page  71

Ancient Sacred Cubit-more accurate than the Modern Metre.. . Page 74

The Year Circle... Page 84

Beginning of Subterranean Chamber Passage floor .. Page 134

The Great Step... .. .. .. .. Page 162

The Granite Secret House of the Great Pyramid  Page 165

Vertical Plane of the Great Pyramid's E- W Axis or "Equator" defines the Autumnal Equinox... Page 167

The Celestial Circle in the "Granite House" ... Page 184

The Perfect Pyramid Page 217



Two views of a Great Pyramid Casing Stone... facing page 64

Great Pyramid, Second Pyramid and Apex of Third Pyramid .. . . . facing page 65

The South Side of the Great Pyramid... facing page 80

 The North Side of the Great Pyramid... facing page 81

The Great Pyramid-North-East Corner... facing page 144

The East Side of the Great Pyramid... facing page 145

Tumbled Casing Stone at foot of Great Pyramid. facing page 160

The West Side of the Great Pyramid... facing page 161



The Great Pyramid Text of Scripture... Page 49

The Sacred Cubit and the Royal Cubit.  page 70



Pyramidology is the science which co-ordinates, combines and unifies science and religion, and is thus the meeting place of the two. When the Great Pyramid is properly understood and universally studied, false religions and erroneous scientific theories will alike vanish, and true religion and true science will be demonstrated to be harmonious.










Pyramidology is a new science and therefore, right at the outset of this work, it is well to give definitions of terms. In our day of modern research it has been discovered that the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt is something more than just a great tomb of a pharaoh. This colossal monument of antiquity has been found to portray the Christian religion upon a scientific basis in a manner most appropriate to our present scientific age. Pyramidology is the science that deals with the Great Pyramid's scientific demonstration of Biblical truth, true Christianity and the Divine plan respecting humanity on this planet. One who is skilled in this science is therefore defined as a Pyramidologist. But it is necessary clearly to distinguish between a Pyramidologist and a Pyramidist. A Pyramidist is an Egyptologist who specializes in the study of the pyramids of Egypt, or in other words, a specialist on the Egyptian pyramids from the archeological standpoint. Hence we find some people who have a good knowledge of Pyramidology know little or nothing about Egyptology. On the other hand, an Egyptologist, or even a Pyramidist, may know nothing about Pyramidology. An expert Pyramidologist, however, knows the Great Pyramid in all its aspects, including the Egyptological, even though his knowledge of Egyptology in general may not be very wide. Apart from a few builders' marks, which include a dating and the cartouche of Khufu (the pharaoh in whose reign the Great Pyramid was erected), there are no hieroglyphics in the Great Pyramid. Hence to become a Pyramidologist, knowledge of hieroglyphics is not required, whereas it is essential for all Egyptologists including Pyramidist to be able to read hieroglyphics proficiently. *


 * In some cases, the walls of subterranean chambers of other pyramids are thickly covered with hieroglyphic texts-as, for instance, in the Pyramid of Unas at Sakkara, which was built approximately two centuries after the Great Pyramid. These Pyramid Texts, as they are called, arc entirely wanting in the Great Pyramid.









Ours is an age of scientific appeal and this is all to the good, provided that the term science is interpreted in its correct meaning and applied in the proper way, for it is essential to distinguish between scientific fact and scientific theory which may be erroneous. The question "Is it scientific?" is applied to all manner of matters nowadays, including religion-and why not? All truth is harmonious and therefore true religion and true science must be. Certain scientific theory and considerable religious teaching are at variance, because both of them contain a certain amount of error. It is in this connection that Pyramidology, the science of the Great Pyramid, is of the utmost value today and its function can aptly be defined as follows:-

  Pyramidology is the science which co-ordinates, combines and unifies science and religion, and is thus the meeting place of the two. When the Great Pyramid is properly understood and universally studied, false religions and erroneous scientific theories will alike vanish, and true religion and true science will be demonstrated to be harmonious.

  Some, especially certain types of Christians, say to this that they do not see any need for such a thing or why the Almighty should reveal His will and purpose in stone as well as in a Book and is the latter not enough? Such an attitude, however, is both contrary to Christian principles and is also an utterly unscientific approach. We human beings know so little, and understand so much less still, that it is just foolish to come to conclusions on the basis of what we think should be or not be, or by wishful thinking or prejudices or just what we want to believe. Condemnation prior to investigation leads into error, not truth. As the Bible itself says, "He that answered a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him"-Proverbs 18: 13. The same Book of Books declares "Prove all things: hold fast that which is good"-I Thessalonians 5: 21. Along the same lines Herbert Spencer wrote: "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance; that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

 Isaac Watt likewise in his work Logic, or the right use of reason in the inquiry after Truth, pp. 230-231, wisely says: "Search for evidence of truth with diligence and honesty, and be heartily ready to receive evidence, whether for the agreement or disagreement of ideas. Search with diligence, spare no labor in searching for the truth in due proportion to the importance of the proposition. Search with a steady honesty of soul and a sincere impartiality to find the truth. Do not indulge yourself to wish any unexamined proposition were true or false. A wish often perverts the judgment and tempts the mind strangely to believe upon slight evidence whatsoever we wish to be true or false". So then, it is hopeless to expect to arrive at the truth unless the facts relative to the matter in hand are ascertained and considered first and then the why and the wherefore are allowed to take care of themselves afterwards.

In the Scriptures, God has promised to give those who trust Him all that is necessary in every time of need. In harmony with this, the Almighty, in the remote past, foreseeing the circumstances of this our day, and foreknowing that those who reverence Him would be confronted with the query "Is it scientific?" has pre-arranged in His great "eternal purpose" to give us a scientific revelation which includes the scientific demonstration of Bible Truth and thereby the God of Nature and the God of the Bible are at once proved to be identical and true science and true religion shown to be in perfect agreement.

  This scientific revelation is found in the structural form of the Great Pyramid, which has stood at the margin of the great Sahara Desert as a silent witness for more than four thousand years, but which now speaks. So, this great and wonderful scientific Pyramid is something more than we had suspected.

  Although the pharaoh in whose reign the Great Pyramid was built, namely Khufu (Cheops), had a mortuary temple*) built adjoining the east side of the Pyramid and had three small subsidiary pyramids erected close to the base of the Great Pyramid for the burial of three wives and although he had his huge sacred barques buried beside the Great Pyramid, nevertheless the classical historian Herodotus states that Cheops, after preparing a tomb, was buried elsewhere, namely "in a subterranean region on an island there surrounded by the waters of the Nile", (Euterpe 124, 125). The ancient historian Diodorus also says Cheops was buried "in an obscure place.”

  That no pharaoh was ever actually buried in the Great Pyramid is further indicated by the fact that, contrary to general Egyptian practice, the empty lidless sarcophagus in this Pyramid is uninscribed and undecorated, for it would almost certainly have been inscribed and decorated had a dead king been placed in it. **) Furthermore, the bore of the First Ascending Passage leading up to the chamber containing the sarcophagus is too small to allow the sarcophagus to pass through, thus proving that the sarcophagus was placed in the chamber during its actual construction and not when King Cheops died over six years later, after the chamber was covered over and sealed (as shown in Chapter II). _____________________________________________________________________________

*) A block of basalt from Cheops' Mortuary Temple, adjoining the Great Pyramid, is to be seen in Aberdeen Museum, Scotland.

**) The highly decorated and inscribed sarcophagus of Menkaura (Mycerinus) in the nearby 3’rd Pyramid of Gizeh would have been in the British Museum, London, today, had it not gone to the bottom of the sea on the voyage to Britain. Mycerinus belonged to the same Dynasty (the IVth) as Cheops of the Great Pyramid. The mummy was recovered however.

 Diodorus records that Khafra (Chephren) of the 2’nd Pyramid of Gizeh, like Khufu (Cheops), was not buried in his pyramid, but in an obscure place because of enemies who threatened spoliation, hence his sarcophagus is also plain, although polished. Khufu was buried elsewhere for additional reasons also, but these were unknown to Diodorus however.



This explains why the contemporary Egyptian hieroglyphic texts of that time allude to this chamber (now called the King's Chamber) as "the Chamber of the Open Tomb". In addition, the First Ascending Passage was blocked by an unslidable 15-foot Granite Plug which was built-in during construction. (This huge Granite Plug, comprised of three great blocks, is still there today and the present way of gaining access to the passages and the chambers beyond is by means of a large excavation in the surrounding softer limestone masonry-this excavation was made over 3,400 years after the Great Pyramid was completed.) There are ventilators in the Great Pyramid, but the dead do not require air. No other pyramid in Egypt has ventilators. *) So, whatever was the intention in King Cheops's mind regarding the Great Pyramid, the overriding intention in the mind of the Architect was something more than merely a huge tomb.

  A Pyramidologist is not so much concerned as to whether or not the Great Pyramid was intended either as a tomb or a cenotaph in the first place; what he is concerned about is the greater and real purpose for its construction. It was the Divine purpose that the Great Pyramid in the first place appear as a tomb and be universally recognized as such all down the ages until the present day so as to keep its real meaning a profound secret until His duly appointed time for revealing it, which is now.


 *) The total number of pyramids in Egypt, as at present known, is about 80 and they occupy a tract of desert on the west side of the Nile Valley extending some 70 miles from Abu Roash (5 miles N.W. of Gizeh Plateau) in the north to Illahun in the south. They were built over a period of nearly a thousand years, from the 27th to the 18th century B.C. The most famous areas of pyramids are those of Gizeh, Abu Sir, Sakkara, Dahshur, Lisht and Meidum.

 The oldest pyramid is the Step Pyramid of Zoser (III’rd Dynasty) built circa 2700 B.C. at Sakkara. Its rectangular base measures 411 feet from east to west and 358 feet from north to south, whilst it rises in six unequal stages or "steps" to a height of 204 feet. Of course, this Step Pyramid is not a true pyramid in the geometric sense, as is the Great Pyramid. The latest pyramids (XII’th Dynasty) are also at Sakkara, the Pyramid of Khenjer being built circa 1770 B.C.

 The superior pyramids, however, were erected during the period of the Old Kingdom, i.e., during Dynasties III to VI, circa 2700-2200 B.C. and this is known as the Pyramid Age. The largest and most famous of these pyramids are the Pyramids of Gizeh built during the IVth Dynasty. The first of the Gizeh Pyramids to be erected was the Great Pyramid (Khufu or Cheops), the dimensions of which are given in Chapter II (p. 27). The next to be built was the Second Pyramid (Khafra or Chephren), situated to the S.W. of the Great Pyramid and it has a base side length of 707 feet and height 471 feet. Then the Third Pyramid (Menkaura or Mykerinos) was built after the Second Pyramid and to the S.W. of it. The base side length of this Third Pyramid is 356 feet and the height is 218 feet. (The measurements as given apply to the Pyramids as constructed, not as in their present dilapidated condition.) All of these three large Pyramids of Gizeh have their small subsidiary pyramids beside them.-See diagram on p. 18.

 Concerning these Pyramids of Gizeh, I. E. S. Edwards, Head of the Department of the Egyptian Antiquities in the British Museum, London states: "Together these three Pyramids constitute possibly the most celebrated group of monuments in the world. The Pyramid of Cheops, or the Great Pyramid, marks the apogee of Pyramid-building in respect of both size and quality.” -The Pyramids of Egypt, p. 85. Regarding the Gizeh Plateau on which these famous Pyramids stand, Sir W. M. Flinders Petrie writes: "The small piece of desert plateau opposite the village of Gizeh, though less than a mile across, may well claim to be the most remarkable piece of ground in the world. There may be seen the very beginning of architecture, the most enormous piles of building ever raised, the most accurate constructions known, the finest masonry, and the employment of the most ingenious tools."-The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh, p. I.

 There are both correspondences and contrasts regarding the symbolism of the Great Pyramid and that of other pyramids. In the main the symbolism of the Egyptian pyramids applies to death, whereas that of the Great Pyramid pertains both to death and life. The passages and chambers of the great bulk of the pyramids pertain to death and burial, whilst in the Great Pyramid the Descending System of passage and chamber relates to death, the Ascending System with its high-above ground ventilated chambers pertains to life. A very interesting correspondency, however, exists between the Great Pyramid and others in connection with the symbolism of the exterior and of the capstone at the apex. Regarding the top stones of Egyptian pyramids in General L. V. Grinsell appropriately states: "There is evidence that the normal pyramid embodied solar symbolism. The hieroglyphic word for the pyramidion (the capstone of the pyramid) was bn, bnbn or bnbnt, and it seems to be related to the word wbn 'to shine' (referring to the sun's rays). The same words are used for the tops of obelisks, and Pliny describes obelisks as 'petrified rays of the sun'. Breasted considered that the obelisk was really a pyramid on a high plinth, since the top of an obelisk is always pyramidal. It has been suggested by Moret and Drioton that the sloping sides of pyramids were intended to represent the slanting rays of the sun. Inscriptions on pyramidia (e.g. those of Ammenemes III and Khendjer II) reflect the Heliopolitan doctrines and refer to the 'opening of the face' of the dead king on his seeing the Lord of the Horizon (the sun) traversing the sky and causing the deceased king to rise as Lord of Eternity and an imperishable one. The placing of the sarcophagus always near the west end of the sarcophagus-chamber recalls the parallel between the passing of the dead king to the west and the setting of the sun in the west. [Compare the present-day expression 'Gone west'.] The Pyramid texts are replete with ideas connected with the solar cult of Heliopolis." (Egyptian Pyramids, p. 27.)


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 30/07/2011 17:17
That a revelation was given to Enoch is confirmed both by the Bible (Jude 14) and tradition. * Although Enoch is cited in the Scriptures as a prophet of God, his prophecy is not included in the Bible, for he lived long centuries before the time of even the earliest Biblical writers and was God's prophet to a bye-gone world in a bye-gone age-the Antediluvian Age, "the world that then was" (2 Peter 3: 6). Enoch's "age" was from the 43rd to the 40th centuries B.C., whereas Moses lived in the 16th and 15th centuries B.C. In other words, from Enoch to Moses was a much longer period oftime than from Moses, the compiler of Genesis, till the completion of the Bible by the Apostle John towards the end of the 1st century of the Christian Era.

  The numbers connected with Enoch and his "House" are striking. By descent, Enoch was the founder of the 7th dynasty from the beginning of the Biblical record of human history (as shown in Genesis 5: 1-24) and Jude in his Epistle in the New Testament, when referring to Enoch, mentions that fact"Enoch. the seventh from Adam" (Jude 14). But why should Jude introduce such an apparently unnecessary detail into his condensed Epistle of only 25 verses, unless to draw our attention to a definite numeric symbolism connected with Enoch? No other ancient patriarch is thus specifically "numbered off". The significance of the numeric symbolism associated with Enoch is further brought out in the record of his "age" which is stated in Genesis 5: 23 as 365 years-the number of days in a normal year, hence Enoch's period was a year of years. The ratio between one year of Enoch's life and his entire period or "age" is the same as that between a day and a year, which, expressed to the nearest whole number (as in Genesis 5: 23), is 1 :365. So in symbolic significance or type, a day was represented by a year in Enoch's "life" and what is very significant, this is the very scale revealed in the Bible in regard to Biblical chronological prophecy, as definitely stated in Ezekiel 4: 6, "I have appointed thee each day for a year". This scale is found to


*) The original prophetic writings of Enoch must not be confused with the  versions of the apocyrphal "Book of Enoch" compiled 4,000 years later, about the  2nd century B.C.80

 be the key to the interpretation of the chronological prophecies of the Bible.

  Traditional references to the Revelation of Enoch as found in the Apocryphal Book of Enoch, compiled about the 2nd century B.C. speak of Enoch as having received a scientific revelation, as well as a prophetic and spiritual one, and that such included information concerning the courses and times of the heavenly bodies. Now, the duration of Enoch's period, as we have seen, symbolises the time of the course of the Earth around the Sun. If it is desired to make a representation of this scientifically, it can be done by means of geometry. The eras of the patriarchal dynasties can be geometrically represented by drawing straight lines having the same number of units in length as the respective epochs of the patriarchs. For example, the 930-year period of Adam (Genesis 5: 5) would be defined by a straight line 930 units in length, the period of Seth 912 units (Genesis 5: 8), that of Methuselah 969 units (Genesis 5: 27) and so on. But Enoch's period could not be correctly represented by a straight line terminating at the end of 365 units, for while the Bible records death at the end of each patriarchal era, there is one exception-that of Enoch, who is represented as not seeing death, but translation, after 365 years (Genesis 5: 23-24; Hebrews 11: 5). Therefore properly to represent Enoch's "life" by geometry it would be necessary to draw a line 365 units long without an end! This, however, can be done by describing a circle having a circumference of 365 units: and this very Enoch Circle constitutes the basis upon which the entire geometric design of the Great Pyramid is constructed and it pervades the entire structure-we have already drawn attention to an example of it in the "AnteChamber" (page 71). From the standpoint of our present investigation, the point of great significance is that the unit of the Enoch Circle is revealed by the Great Pyramid to be the inch, the subdivision of the Cubit which in much later times became known as the Sacred Cubit of the Israelites, although these later times were early times so far as Israelite history is concerned.

The Israelites thus obtained their Sacred Cubit from their




ancestors, the Hebrews, who in turn received it from their She mite ancestors, who got it from Noah their old ancestor, who again in turn had it handed down from his great ancestor Enoch. So the Cubit of Enoch, the Cubit employed in the building of the Ark by Noah, the Cubit used in the design ofthe Great Pyramid, the Cubit employed in the construction of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness by Moses and in the erection of the Temple at Jerusalem by King Solomon, was one and the same Cubit and had the one original source-Divine inspiration - hence the supreme accuracy of the determination of this 25-inch Cubit as the precise 10,000,000th of the Earth's polar radius and hence also its appropriate name, Sacred Cubit. Mter the erection of the Temple, 974-968 B.C., there is no evidence of the 25-inch Sacred Cubit ever having been used again.

  II Chronicles 3: 3 states that the measurements of Solomon's Temple were given in "cubits after the first measure", i.e., the original Divinely given cubit and not the shortened cubit used by the Israelites at the time. The short cubit was man's cubit, "the cubit of a man" (Deuteronomy 3: 11) and corresponds to the Latin cubitum (measurement from a man's elbow to the tip of his fingers). The original Divinely given cubit was based on the size of the Earth and at a time when man did not know the Earth's dimensions, whilst man's cubit was based on the size of a man. The Hebrew word translated "cubit" is ammah which, according to Strong's Hebrew and Greek Concordance, is derived from a root word ame, meaning "mother", thus signifying that it was God's original measure. Although the Sacred Cubit of 25 inches was never used again in actual construction after Solomon built the Temple, nevertheless the measurements given in Ezekiel's Temple Vision on the Day of Atonement in the Jubilee Year (Autumn, 572 B.C.), were according to the Sacred Cubit, for Ezekiel 40: 5; 43: 13 state the Cubit in that case to be a "cubit and an hand breadth", i.e., a handbreadth longer than the cubit in general use at the time. *


 * On each Jubilee, which recurred after a cycle of 49 years, the Jubilee Trumpet was blown on the Day of Atonement (Tishri 10th) and it is significant that Ezekiel's F



  Incidentally, in this connection it is interesting to note that all the dimensions of the Ark of Noah as recorded in Genesis are to be found in the Tabernacle also, as recorded in Exodus.

The length of the Ark was 300 cubits, whilst the perimeter of the Court of the Tabernacle was also 300 cubits. The breadth of the Ark and that of the Court of the Tabernacle were the same, namely 50 cubits. The height of the Ark was the same as the length of the Tabernacle, 30 cubits. As there were 3 storeys in the Ark, this gives a height of 10 cubits to each storey and this was also the height of the Tabernacle, as well as its width.

  In the record of Patriarchal periods given in Genesis, chapter 5, only whole numbers of years are recorded and no fractions of years are given, but it is essential to understand that this does not mean that the fractions of years involved in the actual periods are not taken into account in the total chronological chain from Adam to Noah. A very exacting astronomical check is applied to the total length of the Antediluvian Age from Adam to the Flood as obtained by totalling the years of the Patriarchs as given in Genesis, chapter 5,* and as we shall show later, an exacting Pyramid test is also applied in this present work to the date of Adam. This proves that the Antediluvians had a system similar to that adopted by the Near East nations in later ages whereby the 1st year of a king's reign was reckoned as beginning at the first New Year Day following his accession, whilst the year previous to that was counted as the last year of the reign of the predecessor. In this way, the lengths ofthe king's reigns were expressed in whole years only and yet the fractions of years at the beginnings or ends of reigns were not lost in the count. Hence in Genesis, Enoch's period is given as 365 years without any mention of the odd months, weeks or days, in accordance with the usual practice, but the Pyramid when portraying Enoch's period alone, by means of the Enoch Circle, Temple Vision was given on that very day. But the Jews could not observe it on

that occasion as they were in exile in Babylonia, but they reckoned and noted it and that was the last Jubilee to be counted by them. After the return from Babylonian Captivity no Jubilees were ever observed again, although the Sabbatic Years were.

* Treatise on Bible Chronolo!!J, pp. 199-200, by the same author.

 BOOK I 83

gives the precise time to the day and hour, namely, 365.242 years, i.e., 365 years 88 days 9 hours. The entire geometric design of the Great Pyramid is built upon the Enoch Circle-its circumference, diameter and radius, which are respectively 365.242, 116.26 and 58.13 geometric or Pyramid inches. So by geometric symbolism the representation of Enoch is stamped on the entire Pyramid from top to bottom, inside and outside. No wonder that the Great Pyramid is traditionally associated with Enoch and that Masonic tradition alludes to the Pyramid as "the Pillar of Enoch" (Hanok), even though the Pyramid was not built until the second millennium after Enoch lived. Because the Enoch Circle also expresses in inches the number of days in the solar year, as this is the same as the number of years in Enoch's patriarchal period, it is often called the Year Circle. So it is equally correct to refer to this circle as the Enoch Circle or the Year Circle, according to the viewpoint from which we are speaking-see diagram on p. 84.

  Thus, in the so-called "Ante-Chamber" of the Great Pyramid, the unit of time is revealed as the solar year and the unit of linear measure as the geometric inch, the integral part of the Sacred Cubit, hence the scale of the Pyramid's chronograph is the inch-year scale as exemplified in the Enoch Circle therein. Therefore the origin of the scale of Biblical chronological prophecy, 1 day = 1 year, and that of the Great Pyramid's chronograph, 1 inch = 1 year, can both be traced back to the Enoch Circle, as can also the Sacred Cubit itself. Thus the Sacred Cubit of 25 inches is the oldest standard of measure known.

  The Egyptian Royal Cubit being derived from the Sacred Cubit, as shown in the King's Chamber Passage, is of course of later origin. Its geometric derivation from the Sacred Cubit can also be shown from the hieroglyphic symbols. Horapollon in his work on Hieroglyphics, states, in chapter 1 section 5, how the Egyptians portrayed the year in hieroglyphics; he explains, "To represent the current year they depict the fourth part of an Arura; now the Arura is a measure of land of an hundred cubits. And when they would express a year they say a quarter".   

 BOOK I 85

In his illustrations Horapollon shows this hieroglyphic sign for a normal year as represented by a circle (a square sign was used in the case of an intercalated year). An arura, i.e., an Egyptian acre, is an area, which ifin the form of a square, has a side-length of 100 Egyptian Royal Cubits ( = 2,062.84 British inches) as Horapollon states. Now the heseb or i amra square has, of course, a side-length of 50 Egyptian Cubits. But if this "fourth part of an arura" take the form of a circle, the circumference of this circle, if expressed in inches of the Sacred Cubit of the Hebrews and their ancestors, is found to be 3652.42, the precise figures of the Enoch Circle or Year Circle (365,242 x 10). By taking a unit of 10 inches of the Sacred Cubit of the Hebrew ancestors, this circumference measures the number of days in the solar year and hereby is revealed the reason for the circular t amra being the hieroglyphic sign for a year, but hereby is also revealed the derivation of the Egyptian Royal Cubit from the Sacred Cubit of the ancestors of the Hebrews.

  Now, the natural question arises: At what time was the Egyptian Cubit developed out of the Sacred Cubit of the Shemitic ancestors of the Hebrews? From archceological evidence we know that this cubit of 20.6284 British inches was in use at the beginning of the Dynastic Period, circa 2947 B.C. and even before it. The Egyptians were, in the main, Hamites, i.e., descendants of Ham, the son of Noah, hence the Bible speaks of the Egyptians as "the House of Ham" (Psalm 78: 51) and the land of Egypt as the "land of Ham" (Psalms 105: 23; 106: 22) and as Professor Sayce states, "The Egyptians themselves called their country Khem, the Hebrew Ham". The descent of the Egyptians from Ham was through the line of Ham's son, Mizraim and the people who descended from him were known as Mizraim by the Hebrews. So in our English Bibles the word Mizraim is translated Egyptians or Egypt as the case may be. In Arabic today, Egypt is Misr. Thus the Hamite Egyptian race did not come into existence till after the Flood and would take some time to develop. As the Flood occurred in the 32nd century B.C. and the 1st Dynasty of Egyptian kings   

 BOOK I 85

In his illustrations Horapollon shows this hieroglyphic sign for a normal year as represented by a circle (a square sign was used in the case of an intercalated year). An arura, i.e., an Egyptian acre, is an area, which ifin the form of a square, has a side-length of 100 Egyptian Royal Cubits ( = 2,062.84 British inches) as Horapollon states. Now the heseb or l amra square has, of course, a side-length of 50 Egyptian Cubits. But if this "fourth part of an arura" take the form of a circle, the circumference of this circle, if expressed in inches of the Sacred Cubit of the Hebrews and their ancestors, is found to be 3652.42, the precise figures of the Enoch Circle or Year Circle (365,242 x 10). By taking a unit of 10 inches of the Sacred Cubit ofthe Hebrew ancestors, this circumference measures the number of days in the solar year and hereby is revealed the reason for the circular! amra being the hieroglyphic sign for a year, but hereby is also revealed the derivation of the Egyptian Royal Cubit from the Sacred Cubit of the ancestors of the Hebrews.

  Now, the natural question arises: At what time was the Egyptian Cubit developed out of the Sacred Cubit of the Shemitic ancestors of the Hebrews? From arch<:eological evidence we know that this cubit of 20.6284 British inches was in use at the beginning of the Dynastic Period, circa 2947 B.C. and even before it. The Egyptians were, in the main, Hamites, i.e., descendants of Ham, the son of Noah, hence the Bible speaks of the Egyptians as "the House of Ham" (Psalm 78: 51) and the land of Egypt as the "land of Ham" (Psalms 105: 23; 106: 22) and as Professor Sayce states, "The Egyptians themselves called their country Khem, the Hebrew Ham". The descent of the Egyptians from Ham was through the line of Ham's son, Mizraim and the people who descended from him were known as Mizraim by the Hebrews. So in our English Bibles the word Mizraim is translated Egyptians or Egypt as the case may be. In Arabic today, Egypt is Misr. Thus the Hamite Egyptian race did not come into existence till after the Flood and would take some time to develop. As the Flood occurred in the 32nd century B.C. and the 1st Dynasty of Egyptian kings86    87 came into power in the 30th century B.C., the origin and development of the Egyptian Cubit out of the Shemitic or proto-Hebrew Sacred Cubit can therefore be traced to the period between the two, namely the 31st century B.C., during the Predynastic Period. On the other hand the Sacred Cubit goes back to at least the period of Enoch in the 43rd to the 40th centuries B.C. and is therefore more than 1,000 years older than the Egyptian Royal Cubit.

  So much of the Great Pyramid's chronological prophecy has now been realised in history that the scale of the Pyramid's chronograph as stated above, viz., 1 inch = 1 year, has been incontrovertibly proved.    

God's Witness of Stone

- The Great Pyramid

In a dry weary land; in a wilderness lone; In a desert of sand, is the witness of stone, So majestic the whole and so deep its design, It convinces the soul of a Builder Divine.

Over four thousand years, it has stood in that place, 'Mid the sighs and the tears of the poor fallen race. With its secret unknown some have gazed at this tower, While Jehovah alone knew the depth of its power.

Now there's wonderful skill, that is seen all within; Come! behold, if you will, the dark symbols of sin;

And then trace from "the fall" how the Lord doth atone, Showing hope that's "for all" in this Bible of Stone.

'Tis a chart for the wise, giving signs for that day, When mankind will arise and pursue the right way; They'll read the glad story which before was unknown, And God will have glory through the Witness of Stone!




  In order to interpret correctly the Pyramid's great chronograph of history and prophecy, it is absolutely essential to take the lengths of the passages exactly as built by the ancient builders; there must be no measuring from a vertical alignment at one end of an inclined passage to a co-ordinate at the other end, nor from a mid-axial point at one end to something different at the other end, nor must there be measuring "round corners" or extending of plugs or any manoeuvring whatever.

Every passage in the Pyramid must be measured in the self-same consistent manner, and there must be no exception at all. Not until we take everything exactly as constructed can we solve the Pyramid, so far as chronology is concerned. On the other hand, when once we can take the straightforward measurements of the passages, etc., precisely as built, for chronological purposes, then we have discovered the Pyramid's chronological revelation. As honest searchers after truth at all costs, let us conscientiously adhere to this all important principle and countenance no violation.

  As 7T is the mathematical ratio upon which the whole physical Universe is designed, the ubiquity of 7T in the structural design of the Great Pyramid associates the Creator of the Universe with the Designer of the Pyramid, whilst that of y indicates that the Pyramid's Divine Revelation pertains to matters in connection with this particular World on which we live, whose solar tropical year is 365.242 days-the Divine Plan for the planet Earth, and not that for Venus, Mars, Jupiter or any other world. Hence we find that the dimensions of the Pyramid are defined by formulre incorporating both 77 and y. For example, the length of the "Ante-Chamber," already referred to, is 116.26 Pyramid inches, but this is y divided by 77. (y --:- 77 = 365.242 --:- 3.14159 = 116.26).

  Geometrically, the combination of 77 andy is expressible by one simple figure, a circle having a circumference of 365.242 units (the circumference is y and the ratio between the circumference and the diameter is 77). All measurements of the principal features of the Pyramid, exterior and interior, are simple functions of this Year Circle, the unit employed being the geometric Pyramid inch, as explained in the previous chapter.

  The fact that the interior arrangement of the Pyramid is built up from the functions of "77" and ')" in Polar diameter inches is scientific evidence that He who designed the universe designed the Ages, of which the Pyramid passages are a chronological representation. Hence the Great Pyramid, ancient as it is, presents to us scientific chronological prophecy from the Almighty Himself, thus bringing to our mind the words of Scripture, "I am GOD. declaring the end from the beginning, and FROM ANCIENT TIMES the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure. yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it" (Isaiah 46: 10-11).

  As will be observed from the chart, access is gained to the Pyramid's interior by means of a downward passage appropriately named the Descending Passage, which leads from the entrance right down to a small horizontal passage leading in turn into a large subterranean cavity known as the Subterranean Chamber cut in the natural rock about a hundred feet below the base of the Pyramid, and sometimes called the Pit, as there is a deep shaft or pit sunk in the bottom of it. The original angle of gradient in the Descending Passage and all sloping passages in the Pyramid, whether they be upward or downward, is 26° 18' 9.7".

  Down this Descending Passage at a distance of about 40 feet from the Entrance there is an absolutely straight knife-edge line cut from roofto floor on each side wall and exactly opposite each other. The appearance of these certainly suggests that they are intended as a clear cut zero-line or scratch mark from which to take measurements and thus ascertain the periods of the Pyramid's chronological prophecies. They are known as the Scored Lines.

  But what date do these "Scored Lines" mark? At night time, Polaris (a U rsre Minoris) the present Pole Star, shines down the Descending Passage. If we enter that passage and look backward we can see the Pole Star or North Star until we reach the lower portion, and then the star disappears, and of course that means to say that Polaris does not shine absolutely straight down the passage. The famous astronomer, Sir John Herschel, was nevertheless impressed by this phenomenon. He set to work to ascertain if at any time any particular star actually shone directly down the Descending Passage and he found that at a certain time in the twenty-second century B.C. the Dragon Star (a Draconis), which was the then Pole Star, was, when at its lower culmination, in that exact position. *

  That is to say, the Descending Passage and the Dragon Star were in the same inclined plane, which for the sake of using an easily understood term, we shall call the plane of the Dragon Star. The fact that there are two Scored Lines, one on each side wall and opposite each other, indicates the intersection of the plane of the Dragon Star by another astronomical plane.

On discovering this, Professor C. Piazzi Smyth, Astronomer


  " The position of the Great Pyramid on the surface of the Earth is-Latitude 29° 53' 5l" N., Longitude 31° 9' 0" E. The angle of the interior passages, 26° 13' 9.r, is therefore nearly 3° 41' less than that of the Pyramid's latitude. Hence the line of the Descending Passage does not point exactly to the north celestial pole but to a point nearly 3° 41' below it. The present north star, Polaris, is about 11° from the north pole of the heavens, hence can only be observed from the upper part of the Descending Passage, for even when at its lower culmination it is out of alignment with the passage angle to the extent of approximately 2~0.


Royal for Scotland, immediately began to calculate what was indicated by this plane. He found that, at the very same time that the Dragon Star was in alignment with the Descending Passage, that beautiful and much admired little stellar cluster, the *Pleiades or Seven Sisters in the constellation of Taurus (the Bull), was in alignment with the Scored Lines. The date at which the Dragon Star and the Pleiades were in those precise positions relative to the Pyramid was the Vernal Equinox of the year 2141 B.C.

  In earlier days, astronomers arrived at slightly varying dates in their computations of this matter, but today, with the more advanced knowledge and instruments, the range of possible error has been eliminated, and the date 2141 B.C. definitely established. In a letter, one of the most eminent British astronomical authorities has assured the author not only that 2141 B.C. is the correct year for the transit of a Draconis in this connection, but that even the year immediately preceding and that immediately following, i.e., 2142 B.C. and 2140 B.C. respectively, are both not only outside, but "well outside the limits of error permissible."

  The interesting story of the way in which the Scored Lines were discovered is most illuminating in this connection. While Prof. Smyth was actually carrying out research at the Great Pyramid in 1865 a Scottish shipbuilder, Robert Menzies of Leith (now part of Edinburgh), suggested that the Grand Gallery symbolised the Christian dispensation and that the First Ascending Passage represented the Mosaic dispensation and also that the lengths of the passages were determined by a chronological scale. Menzies, knowing that Prof. Smyth had made an approximate calculation of the date at which the


 * The Pleiades or Seven Stars are referred to in the Book of Job (38:31) "Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?" They are also spoken of in Amos 5:8, "Seek him that maketh the Seven Stars and Orion." Their names are Alcyone, Merope, Maia, Electra, Tayegeta, Sterope and Celaeno. Alcyone, admired from of old, is the principal star of the cluster; it is classified as 'T/ Tauri by astronomers. Mazzarath, meaning to encircle or surround, mentioned in the next verse (Job 38: 32) was the Hebrew name for the Zodiac.


Dragon Star shone exactly straight down the Descending Passage put forward the theory that the date of this important astronomical phenomenon of the alignment of the Dragon Star with the Descending Passage should be clearly marked in some way in the Descending Passage itself at the place representing the said date on the chronological scale. So Menzies requested Smyth to investigate the matter at the Pyramid itself. Prof. Smyth did so and to his great delight discovered the Scored Line on each side of the passage right at the very place. *

  This type of discovery is particularly gratifying and the elation experienced by Prof. Smyth and Robert Menzies must have been like that of Professors Adams and Leverrier who, in 1846, maintained from their studies of celestial mechanics that a hitherto unseen and unknown planet was in existence and that at a specified time the planet should be visible by powerful telescopes directed on a certain point in the heavens. At the time thus calculated the great telescopes were focussed on the point and 10! the planet was there-the planet we now know as Neptune. As the astronomical fixing and correct reading of the whole range of inch-year chronology in the Pyramid is determined by the Scored Lines dating, the discovery of the Scored Lines was a relatively much greater discovery in the realm of Pyramidology than even the discovery of Neptune in the field of Astronomy.

  Thus the Pyramid singles out that particular year, 2141 B.C., as the year of reference in respect of chronological measurements. The date represented by the Scored Lines, then, is the Vernal Equinox of 2141 B.C., and thereby the Pyramid's entire prophetic chronograph is astronomically fixed. Measurements in inches, backward or forward from the Scored Lines represent the corresponding number of years before or after that   * Prof. Smyth also noticed that, although the joints in the walls of the Descending Passage are perpendicular to the floor, there are two joints on each wall, immediately to the north of the Scored Lines that are not so; they are peculiar vertical joints, as if intended to draw attention to something of importance, evidently to the Scored Lines.


astronomically fixed date. The adoption of a merely arbitrary Scored Line date, such as 2144 B.C., in order to fit in with a geometric theory superimposed upon the Pyramid's passage system, is manifestly erroneous. The consequences of adopting a wrong Scored Line date are very far-reaching, for all the dates throughout the ages that are represented on the inch-year scale will automatically be thrown wrong also. As the theory involving the erroneous 2144

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B.C. Scored Line date has been widely circulated and boosted, it is appropriate that we deal with it here briefly at this juncture.

  In the first place, the geometrical construction invented to support the supposed Scored Line date 2144 B.C. (Autumnal Equinox) actually misses the Scored Line itself by over i an inch-which fact alone, apart from the astronomical error, is fatal to the theory. Secondly, the chronological system connected with this theory is based on an adopted length of the Precessional Cycle* connected with the scalar circuit of the Pyramid at the level of the top of the Great Step at the upper end of the Pyramid's most spectacular passage, the Grand Gallery. But here again, the postulated Precessional circuitt level misses the top of the Great Step by 2i inches! Consequently ingenious theories were invented in an attempt to explain away the discrepancy and obtain a desired result. Furthermore a theoretical point in the mid-air of the Descending Passage had to be invented to define a preconceived date ofthe Exodus. To fit the chronological theory into the geometric construction, the time-scale was changed in the middle of the floor of the Queen's Chamber-an obvious inconsistency. These are but some of the fallacies resulting from an erroneous Scored line dating. The invention of elaborate geometric theory

  * Taken as 25,826.5 years. Actually, the precise length of the Precessional Cycle is not yet definitely known to within 100 years.

  t Taken as 25,826.5 Pyramid inches, the equivalent of the sum of the Great Pyramid's diagonals at the base (i.e., of the full design, not the present contracted base. The height of the Pyramid of the full design is 5813.01 Pyramid inches. The complete explanation of this will be found in Book IV.)



in an attempt to confirm chronology thereby can be indulged in to an extent that is ridiculous and meaningless.

The theory also falls down on purely chronological grounds.

It was first advanced in 1921 and then published in books from 1924 onward. But the chronological system therein adopted has now been rendered completely obsolete by present-day scientific research. No one could have solved the problem ofthe chronology at the time the theory was first promulgated, before the present-day development of advanced arch

  Thus the 2144 B.C. Scored Line theory collapses on three lines of evidence, namely, on astronomical, geometrical and purely chronological grounds independently. (The scientific details will be given in Book IV of PYRAMIDOLOCY.)

  As access into the Pyramid's interior can be gained from the North only, progression in time is therefore represented by advancement southward. Hence it is important to realise that although the dating is determined on the floor-lines of the passages, the respective dates are defined not only by specific points on the floors but by the vertical east- west planes in which these points lie. The date, Vernal Equinox, 2141 B.C., is determined by the point at which the Scored Lines meet the floor of the Descending Passage, but is defined by the entire vertical alignment and east-west vertical plane of that point. The scalar line itself however is consistently the floor-line, always; it cannot be made tojump up and down from floor to roof and in between, at will, to suit grotesque geometric theories. After all, when we traverse the Pyramid's passages we walk on the floors.

 There is only one way by which we can arrive at correct dates on the Great Pyramid's inch-year chronograph and that is by measuring in a perfectly straightforward manner at the prescribed scale, from the astronomically fixed starting point, the Scored Lines, 2141 B.C. (Vernal Equinox), to the beginnings and endings of passages exactly where the builders placed them, without any more ado and without being influenced by any preconceived theory or indulging in geometric constructions of our own in our endeavour to support such a theory. Whilst the Pyramid is constructed according to a marvellous geometric design, nevertheless that is no justification for our inventing geometric constructions of our own to suit our purpose and superimposing these on the Pyramid. Many have been misled by invented geometric constructions ingeniously contrived in attempts to justify a preconceived theory or arrive at a pre- conceived date. So in our chronological investigations as we proceed into the Pyramid's interior, we will take the dates just as they come by the above straightforward method and then the results will accordingly be those intended by the Architect --and, as might be expected, those results are truly marvellous.

The time has come when the grand Pyramid truth can now be presented so beautifully and satisfactorily that even the unlearned can understand and rejoice in its simplicity and straightforwardness, whilst the most critical scientist can revel in its scientific soundness.

 It is important to realise that the astronomical data connected with the Scored Lines were not therein portrayed through actual observation, for the Dragon Star and Pleiades did not occupy the positions so defined until nearly five centuries after the erection of the Great Pyramid. It was purely a matter of astronomical foreknowledge on the part of the Almighty designer of the Pyramid. There is a highly symbolic as well as chronological significance in connection with the position of those stars at the appointed time. The precise astronomical time when the Dragon Star and the Pleiades occupied the positions defined by the Descending Passage and the Scored Lines alignments respectively was the noon of the Vernal Equinox, i.e., 21st March (Gregorian) 2141 B.C. At that moment, the sun was in the Zodiacal Sign of Taurus (the Bull) wherein is Pleiades, and at the same time was directly overhead on the meridian of the Great Pyramid, at the Equator. The entire plan of God for humanity is portrayed in the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Taurus, the Bull, aptly pictures the suffering, sacrificing Christ, even as the sacrificing of the bullock on the ancient Israelite Day of Atonement represented the sacrifice of Christ at His first advent. The Sun, on the other hand, is symbolic of the reigning Christ at His second advent, for concerning that time the Biblical Prophet Malachi says, "the Sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings".

  The Latin poet Virgil (70-19 B.C.) wrote of the constellation Taurus: "The White Bull with the golden horns opens the year."* Very appropriately, it was only a few years after the death of Virgil, that Christ, the antitypical Bullock of the Israelite ritual, was born at the opening of the year, on the Hebrew New Year Day, the Feast of Trumpets. Virgil of course was really alluding to an age, long before his time, when the Sun was in Taurus on the Vernal Equinox and when Taurus was on the meridian at midnight on the Autumnal Equinox. In the earliest recorded times, the beginning of the year was regulated by the Autumnal Equinox, but in later times by the Vernal Equinox, and so Virgil, in the context of the above quotation, connects it with the beginning of the Spring season of sowing.

So at noon on the Verna1 Equinox, 2141 B.C., the Dragon Star, anciently called the Devil Star, was in exact alignment with the Descending Passage, which represents the course of "this present evil world" under the domination of the evil powers. It is well known that bright stars can be visible from the bottom of a deep shaft, during the daylight. It is possible that the Devil Star would be visible at that time from the bottom of the

 * "Candidus auratis aperit cum cornibus annum

 Taurus ."-Virgil, Georgics I, 217-8.


Descending Passage, over 344 feet in from the outside atmosphere. It was the brightest star in the constellation of the Dragon in ancient time, hence its astronomical classification a Draconis, which defines it as the brightest star of the Dragon; but down the centuries it has gradually diminished in brilliancy until today it is a very faint star. Very soon, astronomically speaking, this star will doubtless be invisible to the naked eye, aptly symbolising that in due time the Devil will be divested of all his power. At the Scored Line date, this Dragon Star was the only star visible from the depths of the Descending Passage, which goes far underground, thus symbolising that this evil world is under the domination of Satan, for, as the Bible says, he is "the prince of this world" and indeed "the god of this world". The interception of the plane of the Dragon Star by the plane of the Pleiades in Taurus at the Scored Lines indicates the Divine purpose to intercept Satan's power over the world.


To The Great Pyramid


Somber, mysterious, lofty, ancient pile,

Enigma of remotest history,

Who set thee here beside the storied Nile,

Eternal watch to keep?

What Master Architect conceived thy plan?

Thou baffling riddle of the centuries,

Standing where Egypt's delta, like a fan,

Spreads northward, lush and green.

What skilful workman wrought in ages past,

So long ago their tools, their books, their songs,

The echo of their speech are lost to us?

No puny folk were they who set these stones

With artful nicety each in its place,

To stand, while things like nations, kings and thrones

Grow old and crumble into dust.

Unlike the other buildings standing near,

Inferior copies of the masterpiece,

No mummied relic of Egyptian king

Was ever found within thy mystic halls.

The writers of antiquity recount

Among their Seven Wonders thy great form,

Though knowing not what wonders thou didst hold,

To be disclosed at some far distant time.

Perhaps, when Abraham through Egypt passed

Escaping from the famine long ago,

He marvelled at thy beauty much impressed,

For thou wert cased in limestone white as snow.

Still in the early morning of the race,

When weeping Joseph entered Pharaoh's land,

Perhaps he dashed the teardrops from his face,

To stare at thee, amazed.

I wonder if, that day when Jesus rode

Into Jerusalem, acclaimed with palms,

The stones He said would instantly cry out,

Were thy great ponderous blocks?

That day, for more than twenty centuries,

The promise of His coming had been hid

Within thy massive core of masonry.

And now, at last, the latter days are come,

Wherein the light of knowledge is increased;

The secret thou has guarded for so long,

Is, with much other knowledge, now released.

Our learned men find in thy passages,

The angles and proportions you possess,

A story, that for wonder hath a charm

Beyond the power of language to express.

For surely, thy Designer was no man;

The orbits of the sun, and moon, and stars

Were all familiar unto Him,

And all the course of human destiny

He knew, and marked in everlasting stone

Long centuries before it came to pass.

The mournful Jeremiah somewhere says,

The Lord set signs and wonders in the land

Of Egypt that endure unto this day.

Isaiah speaks so boldly and so plain,

As almost to point out and call thy name.

A symbol of the human race art thou:

Thy builder left thee perfected and fair,

But now, for many centuries thou hast stood,



The mighty , rugged core of thee laid bare.

Loosened by shock of earthquake years agone,

Thine ancient sheath despoiling Arabs took,

To serve some wretch ed business of their own.

E'en so, as Adam once in Eden stood,

His mind and body perfect , and God looked,

And loved him, and pronounced him very good.

His far- descended children, now, alas,

By sin and death and sorrow, much reduced,

Please not the eye of God as Adam did.

But centuries of sorrow have an end, And see!

Already dawns the better day!

Wrongs of humanity begin to mend;

Wrongs that for justice long have cried in vain.

Soon shall the poor and sorrowful rejoice

, For all shall know the message that you bring:

The Restoration promised for so long,

The new and blessed earth the prophets sing!

And some shall dwell forever with the Lord:

Those who have trod the way of sacrifice;

But more, yea many more than all of these,

Shall live on earth restored to Paradise.

Perhaps the future holds some happy day

Wherein those selfsame workmen who at first

Set on with ancient geometric skill

In perfect symmetry thy snowy sheath,

Shall once more dress thee from thy mighty base

To towering top, and at last shall the chief,

The great, top cornerstone be brought

With shouting, and the song

Of "Grace, Grace Unto It" be sung.

Thereafter, for all time, thy sacred scars

The outer ones, at least, shall covered be,

The inner ones a testimony to

Thy service as a witness to our God.

And now, I leave thee, noble monument,

I thank thee for the story thou hast told,

Towering, half ruined, still magnificent!

Chart of the Ages!

Storehouse of wonders!

Thou stable Witness to the Word of God!




To continue now with the chronological aspect: the Pyramid as we have seen singles out the year, 2141 B.C., defined by the Scored Lines, as the datum-line or year of reference in respect of chronological measurements-the precise point of time being midday, 21st March, 2141 B.C., (Vernal Equinox) at the longitude of the Great Pyramid (Long. 3109' 0" E.).  The distance from the Scored Lines back up the Descending Passage to the Entrance itself is 482 Pyramid inches,t representing 482 years. Counting 482 years back from the datum-line of 2141 B.C., therefore brings us to the year 2623 before the Christian Era. As the passages of the Pyramid's interior symbolize ages which were then future, the Entrance to the Pyramid appropriately represents the date of the Pyramid's erection, and every inch forward into the Pyramid represents a successive year from that time onward. Thus the measurements reveal that the work on the construction of the Great Pyramid began in the year 2623 B.C., and this agrees with the most recent findings of Egyptology that the building of the Pyramid was begun in the 27th century before Christ. (Previously Egyptologists gave circa 3700 B.C. as the time of the Great Pyramid's erection). The portion of the Descending Passage in  * This will be dealt with more fully in PYRAMIDOLOGY, Book III.t As the original Entrance is now missing, this distance of 482 inches has had to be computed. The floor of the passage at the Entrance coincided with the bottom of the 19th course of masonry, whilst the roof coincided with the top of that course.!

the Pyramid's masonry above the natural rock is sometimes called the Entrance Passage.

 Having traced the Great Pyramid's representation of chronology backwards from the Scored Lines (2141 B.C.) to the Entrance (2623 B.C.) marking the monument's erection, let us now penetrate further into the Pyramid and examine the details therein. In order to obtain the truth, the method of procedure must be the co-ordination of fact-the only truly scientific process whereby the truth can be arrived at. Various complicated theories have been invented in attempts to harmonise the Pyramid with preconceived chronological ideas; this has had a very detrimental effect, and driven away many people who otherwise would have taken interest in the subject. As in the case of an ordinary architect's plan, there is no question as to what is meant. The Great Architect of the Universe is, above all, consistent, and His design in the Pyramid must be interpreted consistently and taken exactly as constructed by the inspired builders. The Pyramid is not made of elastic, but of rigid stone, and if taken just as built, it can only mean one thing. It is all those fanciful methods of measurement together with the invention of intricate theories to make things fit, that have been responsible for so much misunderstanding regarding the Pyramid. It is one of the main purposes of this work to reveal the straightforward, powerful truth of the Pyramid. In all cases we take the dimensions of the Pyramid's passages just as they were constructed by the ancient builders, and let the results take care of themselves.

  Now, 688 Pyramid inches beyond the Scored Lines in the Descending Passage, at a point which therefore by the inch-year measurement marks a date 688 years after 2141 B.C., namely 1453 B.C., an aperture appears in the roof, as will be seen from the diagram in Frontispiece. This aperture is the entrance to the First Ascending Passage, which in turn leads into other passages finally terminating in the chambers of life-the King's and Queen's Chambers-in contradistinction to the Descending Passage leading to the chamber of destruction and death, the Subterranean Chamber. As will be seen by referring to the work Treatise on Bible Chronology, * that year 1453 B.C. was the date of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and the giving of the Law on Mt. Sinai. At the Exodus the observation of the Passover was instituted and this constituted the first item in the Divine Law given to the Israelites through Moses. That Divine Law promised life to the Israelites, if they could keep it. Any Israelite who could keep God's perfect law in its entirety would thereby prove himself to be a sinless man and worthy of eternal life on his own merit. Thus the Bible says "Death reigned from Adam to Moses"


(Romans 5: 14) for through the Law given to Moses, a way of eternal life was opened. But no one could keep that Law perfectly until Jesus came; He kept that Law inviolate and fulfilled it. Thus the Law dispensation of the Israelites ended at the Crucifixion of Christ, which occurred in the Spring of A.D. 33.t This First Ascending Passage clearly represents that Law Dispensation with its offer of eternal life. On putting the matter to the chronological test, we find an amazing and conclusive result, for on measuring up the First Ascending Passage at the given scale of an inch to a year, we find that the length is 1,485 Pyramid inches~ and therefore


 * Treatise on Bible Chronology by the same author is a very comprehensive work on the subject and it is necessary to study it in order to obtain a proper understanding of the Great Pyramid's chronograph.-See back page.

  t For proof of 3rd April (Julian) A.D. 33 as the correct date of the Crucifixion of Christ, see Treatise on Bible Chronology, pp. 458-495.

 ~ Strictly speaking it is not correct to speak of the "junction" of the Descending and First Ascending Passages. There is no dovetailing of the structure of the First Ascending Passage across the walls of the Descending Passage to a junction at the floor of the latter. Access to the First Ascending Passage is gained by means of a "manhole" in the roof of the Descending Passage. The tightly fitting limestone block filling and concealing this entrance fell out as a result of the incessant vibration during Al Mamoun's excavation work in A.D. 820. In the ancient Egyptian Texts this limestone block, sealing the overhead entrance into the First Ascending Passage, was appropriately referred to as "the Secret Lintel", whilst the entrance itself was alluded to as "the Door of Ascent".

 At the time of the Exodus it was not a case of the Israelites and Egyptians coming to a parting of the ways, one going one way and one another, a "junction". Israel was delivered and lifted out of Egypt overnight into a new sphere and a new course under Divine direction and law. In the Pyramid symbolism, the Israelites were delivered by the way of escape up through the "manhole" into their new Divine appointed sphere, the First Ascending Passage, representing the course of the end of it marks a date precisely 1485 years after 1453 B.C. (Spring), namely A.D. 33. (Spring).* This is truly wonderful when we recall that the Great Pyramid was erected over 2,600 years before the Crucifixion of Christ actually occurred and well over 1,100 years before the Exodus. Thus the Great Pyramid, built in the far remote 27th century before Christ, clearly defined the precise dates of both the Exodus and the Crucifixion, long centuries before the actual events took place and indeed long before any of the Biblical prophecies concerning these matters were uttered.

  All recognised chronologers and archa::ologists, whatever dates they severally give for the Exodus, would agree that no date prior to 1453 B.C. is possible for that event; indeed many of them give dates much later. Similarly all chronologers, whatever their dates for the Crucifixion, agree that no date after A.D. 33 is possible. As the length of the First Ascending Passage floor is 1485 Pyramid inches, this rigidly fixes the interval between the Exodus and the Crucifixion as 1485 years, so far as Pyramid evidence is concerned, whatever the respective dates. But as 1453 B.C. is the earliest possible date for the Exodus and A.D. 33 is the latest possible date for the Crucifixion, and the interval between them is inflexibly fixed at 1485 years, it therefore means that these are the only possible dates for these two events. In addition to this, these dates are just as definitely fixed independently by the astronomically fixed Scored Line dating already mentioned. No other dates are possible for either event according to Pyramid evidence.

  We have only to look into the Law which was given to the Israelites through Moses to realise what a high spiritual

  Israel from the Exodus to the Crucifixion under the Law, of which the Passover was the first-feature. Hence the beginning of the Ascending Passage floor at its entrance at the "manhole" denotes the time of the Exodus, and this is the point that marks the date 1453 B.C. on the chronological scale.

 * For the sake of any who may not be used to chronological reckoning, the rule for ascertaining the A.D. date required is to deduct the figures of the B.C. date from the total period and add I, thus:


standard was placed before the Israelites at that time in comparison with the polytheistic idolatry among the nations all around them. Those laws ensured against the people becoming priest-ridden. The rights and privileges of the priests were limited; they were given no civil power whatever and wholly lacked opportunity for using their office to impose upon the rights and consciences of the people. It was also provided that rich and poor stood on a common level before the civil law. The arrangements in the law of Moses for the prevention of excessive wealth or extreme poverty through the institution of the restitution on the jubilee have not, as yet, ever been equalled by any other people. Not only was cruelty to animals prohibited, but even proper rest for the lower creation that serve man was provided for. The treatment of servants, foreigners and the aged was the subject of special considerate legislation. The laws were made public and anyone could copy them, and they were read to the people at their septennial festivals-thus preventing any tampering with the rights of the people by men in authority. It should be mentioned too that the food laws then put into operation were abreast with, if not in advance of, the conclusions of modern science. The spiritual life, duty towards God and fellow man ranked of paramount importance.

  The Israelites, or some section of them, as a nation, thus maintained the Mosaic Order therein, in varying degrees, for approximately fifteen centuries, that is, until the first century of the Christian era. But the Mosaic Law was not properly carried out, and through the centuries serious corruption set in. When Christ came he condemned the apostate system, declared it to be at an end, introduced religious and spiritual teaching of the highest order, and, in the religious world, inaugurated an entirely new age, with universal scope. This great change, as well as the precise time when it was effected, is accurately portrayed in the Great Pyramid, for the First Ascending Passage, representing the Mosaic Order, is immediately followed by a spacious lofty passage commonly known as the Grand Gallery.

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ-His life, His death,

His resurrection and ascension-is the central theme of the Bible and the Pyramid. The body of Old Testament truth focuses forward upon Christ, while the New Testament shows the ever-widening radiation from Christ until the whole earth shall be filled with the glory of God. So, correspondingly, the upward passages in the lower part of the Pyramid lead to and focus upon the spot portraying the death and resurrection of Jesus, whilst the passages beyond radiate from that point. THE HUB AND CENTRE OF THE ENTIRE PYRAMID SYMBOLISM IS CHRIST. The Pyramid portrays the whole life of Christ from Bethlehem to Calvary in wonderful detail, as well as His Resurrection and what this accomplished for all mankind. (This is dealt with fully in PYRAMIDOLOGY, Book 11- The Glory of Christ as revealed by the Great Pyramid.)

 If you were to read through the Bible from cover to cover, and ascertain the Plan of God therein, and then attempt to draw a diagram of that Plan in such a simple way that a child could understand, you could not do so any more simply and accurately than it is portrayed in the Great Pyramid wherein the downward system of passages leads to the chamber of death (as in all the other Pyramids of Egypt), whilst the upward system of passages leads to the chambers of Life (there is no upward system of passages or chambers of life in any other Pyramid). It should be carefully noted that there is no direct passage from the outside of the Great Pyramid to the Chambers of Life, the King's and Queen's Chambers, for as left by the ancient builders, the only entrance into the Pyramid was by the Descending Passage leading to the Death Chamber*. This clearly symbolises that no one is born into the World with eternal life. All are born in a dying condition-"born in sin and shapen in iniquity" as the Bible says. So, concerning the Pyramid symbolism in regard to the individual soul, the problem of the Great Pyramid is, how to get from conditions of Death to the Chambers of Life. The first Ascending Passage


 >I< The comparatively modern excavation by AI Mamoun (A.D. 820), by which tourists now enter, is of course no part of the original Pyramid. (Tourists are not allowed down the Descending Passage.)


is blocked at its very commencement by the huge tightly-fitting Granite Plug, representing the Divine Law, which blocked the way to life, for none could keep that Law perfectly and gain life thereby. Hence the only way to pass from Death to Life conditions is by faith up through the Well-Shaft, the top of which brings us out at the very place where Christ's First Advent is depicted at the end of the Ascending Passage and the commencement of the Grand Gallery. The top has the appearance of an Eastern rock-tomb such as that in which Jesus was buried, but burst open as if by tremendous power from within, beautifully representing the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. This exactly agrees with the Bible, which also informs us that the only way to pass from death unto life is through belief in the atoning work of Christ through His death and resurrection*.

"If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." "Behold the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the World." "Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time." (Romans 10: 9; John I : 29; I Timothy 2: 6).

  The lower end of the Well-Shaft pierces through the natural rock of the west wall of the Descending Passage far below

  • · A theory has been put forward by an Egyptologist that the Well-Shaft was merely an inspection shaft made later and not part of the Architect's design. To this we ask the question, To inspect what? The Egyptians were experts at embalming and had there been a mummy in the Great Pyramid, it certainly would not have been necessary to inspect him, for he would be keeping quite all right for a few thousand years. To inspect the Pyramid itself just after it was built was also quite unnecessary for the Pyramid was built so well that it would not need any repairs for a few thousand years either. We have waited long and we have waited in vain for a satisfactory answer to the question as to what there was to inspect. We can safely discard the theory as too absurd to be worthy of any further consideration. If the Well-Shaft is not part of the original design of the Pyramid, then the inescapable meaning of the Pyramid's symbolism would be that humanity is denied all access to the only way of eternal life and that the whole human race, without exception is doomed to eternal destruction-which of course is ridiculous in the extreme. Whether the Well-Shaft was made simultaneously with the building operations or whether the ancient builders bored it through in its entirety after the construction work was finished, matters not. What does matter is the recognition of the fact that it is part of the Architect's design.

ground level, as will be seen from the chart. The opening is rounded and irregular and it is impossible to find any defined point from which a date could be ascertained by scale measurement. This is the Architect of the Pyramid's way of saying that chronology does not apply, because no date can be obtained, as there is no defined point to which to measure. When an irregular undefined feature such as this occurs in the Pyramid, it means that the symbolism of such a feature does not apply to a particular date, because there is no date defined, but to the whole passage or chamber in which it is situated and to all that are represented therein, in this case to all mankind, for as we have seen above, the Descending Passage symbolises the entire human race in the condition in which they are brought into the world. Christ "tasted death for every man".

  The Grand Gallery, following after the first Ascending Passage, and at the same slope, represents the age from Jesus' day onward, wherein Christ "hath brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel". The First Ascending Passage (sometimes called the Law Passage because of its symbolic meaning) and the Grand Gallery, however, are in marked contrast. While the keynote of the symbolism of the First Ascending or Law Passage is bondage, that of the Grand Gallery is liberty. While the Law Passage is low and contracted and bound in by great Girdle Stones, the Grand Gallery on the other hand is exceptionally high, and appropriately so, being symbolically associated with "the high calling of God in Christ

Jesus". In this age represented thereby, the "Gospel of the Kingdom" has also "been preached in all the World, for a witness unto all nations" as Christ foretold it would be. On applying the chronological test to the Grand Gallery, as we did to the previous passages, we again obtain an

amazing result. As students of Bible prophecy well know, both the Prophet Daniel and the Saviour foretold that not only this age, but the whole world order of ages, of which this age is the last, would end in a great time of world-wide trouble of a magnitude and severity never before known. (See Daniel 12: 1; Matthew 24: 3,21, 22; Luke 21: 25,26). The reason of the unprecedented trouble is the smashing-up of the Old Order to prepare for the birth of a New Order, and so the Bible compares the great trouble to birth-pangs wherein each great spasm becomes more severe. When, according to the Great Pyramid of old, would this age draw to a close and the first great spasm of world trouble begin? The length of the Grand Gallery as left by the ancient builders we find to be just a trifle under 1,881! Pyramid inches.* So, continuing consistently at the rate of an inch to a year we ascertain that the end of it therefore marks a date l88l! years after the Spring of A.D. 33, namely the Summer of A.D. 1914 (the precise days will be given later). Right on time in 1914, when the great Divine Clock of the Great Pyramid struck the hour of doom upon "the kingdoms of this world", what we now call the Old Order upon this Earth was, with alarming suddenness, seized by the first terrible spasm or birth pang in the form of the First World War, which heralds the death of that Old Order and the ultimate birth of a New Order. At that time, the War was known as the Great War, for up till 1914 it was the greatest war the World had ever known. No other previous war could compare with it for magnitude, involving, as it did, 20 nations including all the great nations of the world. Outline History of the World by Sir J. A. Hammerton, published fifteen years afterwards, describes the Great War, known today as the First World War (1914-1918) as "the greatest convulsion known in the history of mankind" and states "it wrecked the entire nineteenth-century outlook upon life". Truly, the World "came off its hinges" in 1914. Thus at the appointed time, in 1914 was fulfilled the beginning of the first great spasm of the "time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation" with which this age closes, as foretold by Jesus and the Prophets and as timed by the Great Pyramid's chronograph and the chronological prophecies of the Bible (the "Seven Times", 607 B.C.-A.D. 1914). The First World War was thus "the beginning of sorrows", to use Christ's words. Still greater and more severe spasms follow. But let us pause here for a

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Restoration to correct movements due to earthquake and subsidence having been taken into account in the measurement.110

moment to think of the marvel of the Pyramid in this connection. What a wonderful thing it is that the chronograph of the Great Pyramid not only recorded the exact time of the Exodus over 11 centuries before it took place and the precise dates of Christ's birth, baptism and crucifixion over 26 centuries before He lived upon Earth, but even recorded the very date of the beginning of the dissolution of the present World Order in 1914 by the World Wars of our day, over 45 centuries before the events occurred! The Great Pyramid is supremely accurate. That it is the Divine blue-print is the eXplanation. The Great Pyramid is never wrong; it has no copyists' errors or mistranslations or interpolations, for it is the original real thing direct from the hands of the inspired builder, without any intermediaries whatever. *

Great Pyramid of Gizeh


Long hast thou stood, Great Pyramid of Gizeh, Hiding within thee secrets of our God, Secrets that trace the end from the beginning, Giving us hope for days that lie ahead.

 * In PTRAMIDOLOCT, Book II-The Clory of Christ as revealed by the Creat Pyramid, the detailed chronology of the life of Christ as portrayed in the Pyramid, is dealt with. As revealed by the Pyramid and shown independently in Treatise on Bible Chronology pp. 413-447, the long held popular date 4 B.C. for the birth of Christ requires to be adjusted, for the true date, as revealed by exhaustive research, is found to be 2 B.C. Thus from the birth of Christ in 2 B.C. to the beginning of the dissolution of the present World Order at the end of the Seven Times of the Gentiles in A.D. 1914 is a period of 1915 years (2+ 1914-1 = 1915) and it is remarkable how the period of 1915 years between important events comes into chronology.

 As shown in Treatise on Bible Chronology pp. 143-156, 203, Jacob's name was changed to Israel in 1883 B.C. and at that time he and his family, the Children of Israel, came into the land of Canaan. So that, Israelites came into existence as such, entered the Promised Land for the first time, received the confirmation of the Abrahamic Covenant at Bethel and immediately came into Divine favour, all in the Spring of the year 1883 B.C. From that important date to the end of the Mosaic Dispensation in the year that Christ was crucified, A.D. 33 was also 1915 years (1883+33-1 = 1915). But if we reckon from the end of that 1915 years' period in the Spring of A.D. 33, another 1915 years, i.e., another equal portion or "double", we come to the Spring of A.D. 1948 (33+1915=1948) when the State of Israel came into existence with phenomenal suddenness. The Hebrew word translated "double" in Jeremiah 16: 18 and Zechariah 9: 12 is mishneh, meaning a "repetition" or "second equal portion" and in this case has a chronological application.

God drew the plan that is enshrined within thee,

He gave the knowledge to the men who built,

That makes thee still, the greatest of earth's wonders,

Excelling far the wonders of our day.

 In thee we see an infinite compassion,

Shewing a way whereby all men may come,

Through Christ our Lord to joy beyond expression,

When He shall reign, in justice, peace and love.

Eva I. Scott








In Daniel, chapter two a prophetic outline history of the World is portrayed in symbols and the Divine interpretation is given. To summarise briefly: God Himself informs us through the Prophet that the then current dominant power of Babylon was the first empire referred to and it is a very easy matter to scan the pages of history and identify the others, for much of what was then a matter of prophecy has now materialized as history, and the remainder is yet prophecy.

  The empire of Medo-Persia succeeded Babylon as the dominant empire of earth. The Medo-Persian Empire was followed by the Grecian, and the Grecian in turn gave place to the Roman Empire, which became the most powerful up to that time, as foretold. In accordance with the prophecy that "empire" has had three phases: the old pagan Roman Empire (represented by the legs of iron in Daniel 2) out of which developed the Papal Roman Empire (symbolized by the feet of iron mixed with clay) which further developed into modern Continental Europe (fittingly represented by the dissected condition, the ten toes of iron mixed with clay). The prophecy reveals that following the dissolution of modern World Order, Divine rule will be established in the Earth and that this Kingdom of God will extend over the entire Globe and shall never pass away. Thus the "empires" or world-powers have risen and passed into history in the very succession foretold, with the precise characteristics foretold and even occupying the exact time foretold and now the last of these is represented by Europe in our day.

 The period during which those successive empires were to last until their smashing began preparatory to the establishment of the Divinely designed New Order is called "the Times of the Gentiles" by Jesus (Luke 21: 24) and is stated by the Prophet Daniel to be "Seven Times" (Daniel 4: 16, 17, 25), a cryptic expression which is solved in the Book of Revelation. In chapters 11, 12 and 13 of Revelation a certain period is interchangeably spoken of as "forty-two months", "1,260 days" and "time, times and half a time" (i.e. three-and- a-half times). Seeing, therefore, that 3t Times equal 1,260 days, then 7 Times are twice 1,260 days, i.e., 2,520 days (Note that a Time therefore represents an ancient year of 360 days, that is, 12 months of 30 days). In chronological prophecy the scale in the Bible is given in Ezekiel 4: 6, "I have appointed thee each day for a year". Therefore, "Seven Times" or 2,520 "days" on the prophetic scale represent 2,520 years in actual time. So then 2,520 years after the fall of Assyria in 607 B.C., * when the Babylonian Empire gained the ascendancy as the dominating empire of the day, brings us to A.D. 1914 as the end of the lease and the date for the beginning of "the time of trouble" introducing the overthrow of aggressive powers and their final destruction prior to the inauguration of the New Order. True to the Divine prophetic clock, the great smashing trouble began dead on time in 1914. Pyramid and Bible prophecy are thus in perfect agreement. t

* As given in Treatise on Bible Chronology (see back page herein).

t As there is much confusion in regard to the understanding of the "Seven Times" mentioned in Daniel 4: 16, 23, 25, a fuller elucidation of the matter would be appropriate here. The Hebrew word translated "times" in these verses is iddan meaning a "set time" or "set period of time", as can be verified by reference to a Hebrew lexicon. The context in each individual case shows whether it should be translated with the meaning of a set point of time or set period of time. Iddan occurs in Daniel 3: 5, 15, in which cases the context shows it obviously means the former and is so translated, whereas in the text in Daniel chapter 4 under consideration the context reveals just as obviously that it means the latter, a period of time, for to translate it otherwise would not make sense.

The record states that during Nebuchadnezzar's insanity "Seven Times" would   It is interesting to note in passing how in Our Lord's Great Prophecy (Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21) the deliverance of Jerusalem from age- long oppression is associated with the   pass over him-"seven times shall pass over thee till thou know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will" (verse 25). But the context does not give the slightest hint as to how long a "time" is, in this connection, but just says that "seven times" passed over him. Some have assumed that a "time" meant a literal year in this case, and that the Babylonian king was insane for 7 years, but this assumption can be proved to be erroneous.

 When the vision of the Seven Times was given, it is stated in verse 22 that Nebuchadnezzar was at the height of his power, "It is thou, 0 king, that art grown and become strong: for thy greatness is grown and reacheth unto heaven, and thy dominion to the end of the earth". He did not reach the zenith of his power until towards the end of his reign and in the Bible this period of his insanity is the last recorded event in his reign. The zenith of Babylonian power was reached with Nebuchadnezzar's successful expedition into Egypt in the 37th year of his reign and this dating is established by archreology. Now, the Bible, secular history and archreology are all in agreement that Nebuchadnezzar died in the 43rd year of his reign. (The Bible does not actually state the duration of his reign, but it can be computed from the information given in the Scriptures-see Treatise on Bible Chronology, pp. 320-326). Verses 28 and 29 record that it was 12 months after the "Seven Times" vision that Nebuchadnezzar was walking in his palace at Babylon boasting of his great might and accomplishments when he was told, "the kingdom is departed from thee" and verse 33 informs us that it was in "the same hour" that he was stricken with insanity, and this was therefore in the 38th year of his reign. But this only leaves 5 years until his death in his 43rd year, hence it was impossible for his insanity to have lasted 7 years.

 However, we have even more precise information on the matter. The Rabbinical records of the Jews state that his death occurred a year after his recovery from insanity. This therefore would leave 4 years as the duration of his insanity and this is confirmed by Nebuchadnezzar himself on his own great cuneiform inscription, in which, after describing his wonderful accomplishments in the kingdom, he says, "For four years the seat of my kingdom did not r~oice my heart,. in all my dominion I did not build a high place of power,. the precious treasures if nry kingdom I did not lay up. In Babylon, the buildings for myself and for the honor of my kingdom I did not layout. In the worship if Merodach, my lord, the joy of my heart, in Babylon the city of his sovereignty and the seat if nry empire, I did not sing his praises,. I did not furnish the altar with victims, nor did I clean out the canals" (Rawlinson's Herodotus ii, 586). Naturally, we could not expect Nebuchadnezzar to use the word "insane" regarding himself, on his inscriptions to posterity, but he could not tell us any more plainly that some dreadful calamity had befallen him which knocked him so completely out of action that he could do nothing for 4 years, yet he says nothing about having any physical illness of any kind.

 As the available evidence therefore shows that the "7 times" could not possibly be 7 literal years, the problem is: What were these 7 periods of time? The same Hebrew word iddan as is translated "time" in Daniel 4, which we have had under consideration, is also rendered "time" in Daniel 7: 25 ". and they shall be given great Time of Trouble with which this age, and indeed this whole World Order, is due to terminate. It reads: "Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the  into his hand until a time and times and half a time" (R.V.). The Revised Standard Version reads "and they shall be given into his hand for a time, two times and half-a-time", i.e. 3! times. The very same expression occurs in Revelation 12: 14, and the Greek word in this verse translated "time" is kairos, meaning "a fixed time or season" (Young's Hebrew and Greek Concordance). Kairos is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew iddan.

 This period of 3! "times" is also expressed in two other ways. In Revelation II: 2 and 13: 5 it is stated as 42 months, whilst in II: 3 and 12: 6 it is expressed as 1,260 days. So the position is as under:

 3! "times" = 42 months = 1,260 days Hence, by dividing throughout by 3! we have the equation:

 1 "time" = 12 months = 360 days


The prophetic time in these expressions is based on the archaic calendar in which the year was comprised of 12 months of 30 days each, i.e. 360 days in all, in the normal year (intercalary years had 13 months of 30 days, i.e. 390 days). This is the calendar that was in use in Noah's time-cf. Genesis 8: 3, where the 5 months from the 17th day of the 2nd month (Genesis 7: II) to the 17th day of the 7th month (Genesis 8: 4) is stated as 150 days (5 X 30 = 150). As a "time" is 360 days. 7 times, on the above basis, is therefore expressible thus:

  7 "times" = 84 months = 2,520 days

But the archaic calendar was not in use either by the Jews or the Babylonians in Nebuchadnezzar's time and had 7 literal years been meant in connection with Nebuchadnezzar's madness, the expression 7 "times" would not have been used at all, for 2,520 days or 7 "times" is not the equivalent of 7 years on the calendar used by Nebuchadnezzar or Daniel. In any case, 2,520 literal days is far in excess of the actual period that Nebuchadnezzar was mad, namely 4 years, as we have seen.

 Furthermore it should be observed that the Bible says that "seven times" would "pass over him" during his madness. On the face of it, this seems a peculiar expression. What does it mean? The above facts have shown that a "time" could not mean 2,520 literal days and nowhere in the Bible is there any proof that a "time" is a literal year. The question naturally arises, is there any other expression or manner of time than literal time? After recording the various time-prophecies, Daniel said "I heard but I understood not" and in response it was said to him "Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end" (Daniel 12: 8-9). The prophecy that Daniel had just recorded in the previous verse (7) was a chronological one in which the prophetic period involved was expressed in "times". This cryptic expression "times" puzzled Daniel-yes, and everybody else-for God distinctly declared that He wanted the meaning "sealed" and kept hidden till a later age. Nevertheless the Apostle Peter informs us that the ancient prophets were so interested and concerned that they "searched diligently" to ascertain "what time or what manner of time" was meant in the prophecies they uttered (I Peter 1: 10-11, R.V.). Notice the expression "what time or what manner of time" thus indicating that the time in the prophecies Gentiles be fulfilled." (Luke 21: 24). According both to Bible time- prophecy and the Great Pyramid's Chronograph the "Times of the Gentiles" were due to run out in 1914. In accord  could be expressed in a manner other than literal. Indeed, had the time been literal, no searching would have been necessary.

 On examining the Scriptures we find there is another "manner of time", namely, time represented symbolically according to a scale, much after the principle of an architect's scale, except that the latter pertains to space in distance, whereas the scale in chronological prophecy applies to space in time. In Ezekiel 4: 6, after a time-prophecy has been given expressed in days, the Lord said "I have appointed thee each day for a year." Just as an architect may have a scale, sayan inch to a foot in the measurement of distance, so the Divine Architect has a scale of a day to a year in the measurement of time. Verses 5 and 6 clearly state that the 390 days and the 40 days in the prophecy are 390 years and 40 years in actual time. A prophetic day is equivalent to a literal year.

 The question arises: Does this scale apply solely to the prophecy in the context or is it the great key to the chronological prophecies of the Bible? In the first place it is important to realise that this is the only definitely stated time-scale in the entire Bible. So, in regard to those prophecies where the time stated could not be literal, and is therefore symbolic scale-time, what right have we to apply any other scale than the one and only scale specified by the Divine Architect? But in the second place, let us apply the test to some other chronological prophecy in some other Biblical Book that has already been fulfilled in the past. As it is the "Seven Times" prophecy in Daniel, chapter 4 that we have under consideration, let us preferably apply the test to a prophecy in the Book of Daniel.

 The well-known prophecy of the "seventy weeks" given in Daniel 9: 24-27 clearly refers to Christ's First Advent. Whatever the differences of opinion about some details, all students of Biblical prophecy agree that according to this prophecy the sacrifice and death of the Messiah would occur within the limits of the 70 weeks-in fact within the limits of the 70th week itself. Now, 70 weeks are 490 days, which taken literally is only about a year and four months. The starting point of the period is clearly stated: "From the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem" (verse 25), but nobody for a moment would maintain that from that event till Christ's First Advent was only a year and some months, for every intelligent person knows that the interval was nearly 5 centuries. But when we apply the one and only Divinely given time-scale, I "day" = I year, we find that Messiah came and fulfilled the prophecy precisely on time as foretold. (For the exhaustive examination and elucidation of this 70 weeks' prophecy see the author's Treatise on Bible Chronology, pp. 449-510).

  As it has been demonstrated that the Seven Times or 2,520 days are impossible ofliteral application, the time expressed is therefore the Divinely stated scale-time of a day to a year. It should be carefully observed that nowhere in the Bible does the cryptic expression, a "Time" ever mean a literal year (365.242 days) but always means a period of 360 prophetic "days", i.e. 360 years. God says a "day for a year": but what day and what year? God's day and God's year, of course. What are they? The day is the length of time the Earth takes to make one rotation on its polar axis, namely 24 hours, whilst a year is the period of time that the Earth


ance with Christ's prophecy, Jerusalem had been oppressed by one power after another all down the centuries from the first century of the Christian era. The latest oppressor was the


takes (as viewed from the Earth) to make one revolution round the Sun, i.e. 365.242+ days, as arranged by God in the creation of the Solar System. In our Western calendar the normal year is 365 days, but the extra .242 + days (i.e. nearly t of a day) is accounted for by the leap-year arrangement, wherein an extra day is interjected at appropriate intervals (usually 4 years, because 4 times t day is a whole day, but there are exceptions to this rule because ,242+ is not quite t). That the year represented by the prophetic "day" is not the 360-day year of the archaic calendar is further proved and indeed demonstrated by the fulfilment of time-prophecy in the past. The 360-day period is practically 51 days short of God's true astronomical year of 365.242 days. If in the 70 weeks or 490 days prophecy already mentioned, a year were taken as 360 days, it would mean that the 490 "years" would be 490 times 51 days short of 490 true years, and this deficiency works out at 2,572! days, i.e. over 7 years. Hence it would also mean that Daniel's prophecy was false and that Christ came and performed his mission at a different time from that foretold. But, far from this, Jesus himself referred to the Prophet Daniel, quoted him, and sealed him as a true prophet of God by confirming his prophecy and telling us to watch for it coming to pass (Matthew 24: 15; Mark 13: 14). Moreover the prophecy itself gives us the definite assurance that the matters foretold would come to pass at the time foretold, sealing both the prophecy and the prophet-"to seal both the vision (the prophecy) and the prophet" (Daniel 9: 24. R.S.V.).

 We have now accumulated all the data required for the solution of what length of period is meant by "Seven Times", as under:

(I) A time is 360 days, hence 7 times are 2,520 days.

(2) A literal interpretation is impossible, for Nebuchadnezzar was insane for only 4 years whereas 2,520 days is approximately 7 literal years.

(3) The prophetic chronology is given according to a scale.

(4) The Divinely given scale is a day to a year, i.e. I prophetic "day" represents 1 year.

(5) 1 day = I year is the sole time-scale given in Scripture.

(6) The da..y is 24 hours; theyear is the normal solar year.

(7) Chronological prophecy fulfilled in the past has been fulfilled according to this scale precisely.

 Thus the "Seven Times" of Daniel, chapter 4, are 2,520 days at the scale of "a day for a year", i.e. 2,520 years. Hence the prophecy has a wider meaning than to Nebuchadnezzar personally. Some argue that the words are addressed directly to Nebuchadnezzar himself. But so also were the words "Thou art this head of gold" Daniel 2: 38. Now, in the first place, we know that Nebuchadnezzar was not a block of gold and secondly the words immediately following that statement are: "And after thee shall arise another kingdom (Medo-Persia) inferior to thee, and another third kingdom of brass (Grecian Empire)" (verse 39). These words clearly reveal that it was the Babylonian Empire that was meant, not Nebuchadnezzar personally. Nor was it just the Babylonian Empire during Nebuchadnezzar's reign, for the Medo-Persian power did not overthrow Babylon at the end of Turkish power and in 1914 Jerusalem was still in the Turkish Empire, by which the city had been "trodden down" for centuries. But in that year of destiny 1914, Great Britain

Nebuchadnezzar's reign and become the dominating world power then. The "head of gold" was clearly the Babylonian Empire during the entire period that it was the dominant world power, as the context unmistakably reveals.

 To whom then do the "Seven Times" or 2,520 years apply? We have seen that they cannot apply to Nebuchadnezzar or any other individual person. All the time prophecies in Daniel have to do with important features in the Divine plan or great world movements through the ages till the Messianic Kingdom is established. In the midst of these prophecies regarding great and important matters, what would be the point in devoting a whole chapter merely to the brief temporary insanity of a king and a matter that had little or no bearing on the course of subsequent world history or on the Divine plan? Surely the "Seven Times" pertains, like the rest of Daniel's chronological prophecies, to great and important matters, especially as the duration of the period involved is as long as 2,520 years.

 Notice the unusual way in which this time prophecy is worded. It states that during the king's madness "Seven times" would "pass over him" (verse 16). Why? The next verse (17) goes on to state, ". to the intent that the living may know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men and giveth it to whomsoever he will and setteth up over it the basest of men". In other words, God had granted a lease of 2,520 years during which fallen men, even the most evil, would be allowed to rule God's world, first in the Babylonian Empire world-empire of which Nebuchadnezzar was meantime the representative head and then (as the Babylonian domination only lasted 70 years all told) in the succession of world empires that followed, as represented in the metallic image of Daniel 2.

 In chapter 2 of Daniel the prophecy of the metallic image portrays the world empires that would rise and fall in succession during the interval from the time of the Babylonian Empire until the everlasting Kingdom of God on Earth, whilst in chapter 4 the "Seven Times" prophecy reveals the duration of that interval, namely 2,520 years during which period of lease the dominating world-powers would be allowed to run, before God began to break them up and take steps to set up His own regime under Christ.

 Babylon became the dominating world power when she overthrew the Assyrian Empire in 607 B.C. (See Treatise on Bible Chronology for proof of this date). Now "Seven Times" or 2,520 years after 607 B.C. bring us to A.D. 1914 (2,520 - 607 + 1 = 1914). Right on time in 1914 the breaking up of the Old World Order began with the first spasm of the great "Time of Trouble such as was not since there was a nation" foretold by Christ and Daniel, in the form of World War I. Jesus called it "the beginning of birth pangs" (Gr.) i.e. the first stage in the trouble which will eventuate in the birth of the New Order, the Millennial Reign, the Kingdom of God so long foretold. The lease to the Gentile powers has ended in 1914 and we now see before our eyes the disintegration of the kingdoms of this world and ejection process in operation, and this explains all the unprecedented world trouble since 1914. As we shall explain later, the ejection will be completely accomplished in a period of 65 years, i.e. by 1979. Jesus said, "Nation shall rise against nation".

Although there have been many wars all down through history, it was not till the 120 declared war on Jerusalem's oppressor, Turkey, only a few weeks after the beginning of World War I and, after a little over 3 years of fighting, Jerusalem was freed by the British under World Wars began in 1914 that the entire adult population, both men and women, of the great nations were mobilized and engaged in the wars, in one phase or another. As has never happened before, the entire nations rose up against each other in the World Wars, in fulfillment of Christ's prophecy, "nation shall rise against nation".

 Then, in the Great Pyramid, the lofty Grand Gallery representing the Gospel  Age from the time of Christ suddenly clamps right down at the point marking the  date 1914 on the time scale, for the due time had come for the Old Order and Age to wind-up, the lease having run out.

 The difference between this lease and a lease amongst human beings is that in  the latter case a contract has to be signed by the two parties concerned, whereas when God is involved He simply "lays down the law" and the other side have no say other than He allows. In the case of the "Seven Times" arranged by God it is nevertheless quite correct to speak of it as a lease, which according to the dictionary applies to "any tenure by grant or permission" or "the time for which such tenure holds good.'

 When a lease runs out, if the tenant does not get out, there is trouble and ejection  proceedings begin; hence the trouble and insecurity in the "house" of the Old Order of "the kingdoms of this world" since the lease ran out in 1914.

 Our Lord in His great prophecy stated that "they ofJudrea" (theJews) "shall be  led away captive into all nations; and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the  Gentiles until the times (Greek kairos) of the Gentiles be fulfilled" (Luke 21: 21,  24). This foretold calamity came to pass in A.D. 70. But since A.D. 1914 the reverse operation has been in progress. "They of J udrea", i.e. the Jews have been pouring  back to Palestine and today Jerusalem is a large rapidly growing prosperous city, with its university, and is the Capital of Israel. Britain, having declared war on Jerusalem's last oppressor, Turkey, in 1914 and cleared the Turks out by 1917, not only caused the treading down to cease, but actually took part in the reverse process, the vigorous restoration and reconstruction of the country. We know from the Biblical prophecies that a short period of severe trouble is yet coming in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, but that does not alter the fact that the long continuous period of foreign oppression through the ages ceased with the deliverance of Jerusalem during the First World War of 1914-1918. According to Jesus' prophecy therefore the Times of the Gentiles have officially ended and this is in complete harmony with Daniel's prophecy revealing that these Times would expire in 1914. Even the manner in which the British delivered Jerusalem was foretold in detail in Biblical prophecy-but this is dealt with in the text above.

 It is important to note that the Greek word translated "times" in Christ's expression "Times of the Gentiles" (Luke 21: 24) is kairos, the same word as is rendered "times" in Revelation 12: 14 "time, times and half a time", and is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word iddan translated "times" in Daniel 7: 25 "time. times and half a time" (R.V.), and in Daniel 4: 16, 23, 25 "seven times".

 As we have already seen, a "time" in chronological prophecy is 360 years. Jesus  did not f.tate how many "times" or periods of 360 years comprise the "Times of the     General Allenby and delivered from ages of oppression, in December, 1917, whilst the Turkish Empire was smashed the following year and reduced both in territory and power to a  Gentiles" but Daniel supplies the number, namely, "seven times". Thus by bringing together the information supplied by Christ and that by Daniel we learn that there are Seven Times of the Gentiles, i.e. 7 X 360 or 2,520 years.

 Some point out that the great nations, especially Russia, are stronger today than ever they were, and argue that therefore the Times of the Gentiles cannot have expired. As a matter of fact, these circumstances indicate just the reverse. It is usually only when a strong person is being cornered and in danger of being overcome that he becomes desperate and exhibits his all-out strength. The due time having arrived (1914) the mighty Christ is bringing down pressure on Satan (and his countless demons) "the god of this world" and "prince of the power of the air" to take from him "the kingdoms of this world" for they are now to "become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ." Satan & Co., of course, is getting desperate and going forth in great fury to destroy and this explains the terrible things that have happened on a world-wide scale since 1914 and the rapidly increasing crime, immorality etc., and the piling up of the tremendous strength of atheist Russia and China, as well as the attempted revival of the Papal power with all its hidden Satanic international intrigue.

 In carrying out His judgments, God sometimes moves gradually, sometimes in marked stages, sometimes with great suddenness, according to His will. In the position at the end of the Seven Times or Times of the Gentiles, He commenced in 1914 with "the beginning of sorrows" and is meantime moving in stages of increasing severity, but is to finish finally with a crisis of tremendous suddenness and unparalleled severity-Armageddon, "the Battle of that great Day of God Almighty"-it wi11 be a great swift pulverising blow. The true Christian, however, remembers the Saviour's words of comfort for this time, "when these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your heads; for your deliverance draweth nigh".

 Incidentally, the number of years in the "Seven Times", 2,520, is a most interesting number;It is the L.C.M. of all the numbers from I up to 10.

 In Daniel 5: 25 the mysterious handwriting on the wall during Belshazzar's feast is recorded as lv/ene, Mene, Tekel, UPharsin. These words are in the Aramaic Language. Translated into Hebrew, the inscription would read Minah, Minah, Shekel, Peres, which were Jewish weights, and Daniel's interpretation was "weighed in the balances and found wanting". The Gerah was the smallest Jewish weight, and the total of the above weights, expressed in Gerahs, is 2,520, as shewn below:

 Aramaic Hebrew

 Mene = Minah = 1,000 Gerahs

 Mene = Minah - 1,000

 Tekel = Shekel = 20

 Upharsin = Peres = 500


Total 2,520

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(Peres means "division-in this case, the division of the Minah, i.e. half a Minah).

mere skeleton of its former glory. It is interesting to notice too that A.D. 1917, the year of Jerusalem's deliverance is precisely the prophetic "Seven Times" (2,520 years) after 604 B.C., the date when Nebuchadnezzar first came against Jerusalem and commenced the Babylonian captivity of Judah. Even the manner in which the city was delivered in 1917 was explicitly foretold by the Prophet Isaiah (31: 5) "As birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it; and passing over, he will preserve it". Unlike almost every other town on a battlefield, Jerusalem suffered no damage from shell-fire on that great occasion. Droves of British aero planes of the Royal Flying Corps flew low, to and fro over


 The judgment thus connected with the 2,520 was on the Babylonian Empire, but as is often the case in the Book of Daniel, the prophecies have a fuller application to the whole Babylonian succession of world dominating empires, down to the present day. If this principle be applied in this case, we can see the force of the 2,520, as this is the number of years in the Divine lease allowed these powers, beginning with Babylon and terminating in A.D. 1914, when Divine judgment again came into effect and the breaking-up of the World Order began with World War I "the beginning of sorrows".

In the Great Pyramid also, there is a remarkable connection with the 2,520. It was just before His Crucifixion in A.D. 33 that Jesus prophesied of the oppression of Jerusalem lasting until the "Times of the Gentiles be fulfilled". This date A.D. 33 is marked by the beginning of the Grand Gallery. The end of the Grand Gallery, on the other hand, marks A.D. 1914, on the chronological scale of the Pyramid, when the 2,520 years' lease expired and the world trouble began. The length of the Grand Gallery floor-line between the two points is a fraction over 1,881 Pyramid inches, corresponding to the interval of fully 1,881 years from the Spring of A,D. 33 to the Summer of A.D. 1914. But the combined length of the horizontal length and the vertical height of the said floor-line is 2,520 Pyramid inches. There are no dates or chronological scale involved in the latter measurement, but the number is significant in its connection with the date-point 1914 on the inclined floor-line of the Grand Gallery, defining the end of those Gentile Times. So whilst the number of inches in this measurement, namely 2,520, corresponds to the number of years in the entire Seven Times of the Gentiles, the number of inches in the former measurement, i.e. 1,881 direct along the Grand Gallery floor-line, corresponds to that portion of the Gentile Times that had yet to run from the date that Christ prophesied concerning their termination, namely 1,881 years.

 It will be observed that the Grand Gallery floor-line (from north to south walls) together with the above-mentioned co-ordinates form a right-angled triangle in which the length of the hypotenuse is 1,881 inches and the combined length of the base and perpendicular is 2,520 inches-the figures here being given in whole numbers for the sake of simplicity at this juncture, although in actuality they also work out accurately to the fraction.


the city, roaring at high speed, almost at house-top level, and scared the city into surrender without firing a shot and at the same time defended it from Turkish planes. In detailed fulfillment of Isaiah, the British took Jerusalem as lions "roaring" (verse 4) yet "as birds flying" and "defended it", "delivered it", and "passing over it, preserved it", as the Prophet said. It was Number 14 Bomber Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps (the old name of what is now the R.A.F.) who flew over Jerusalem in that manner in fulfillment of the prophecy and it is most remarkable that their Motto as inscribed on their badge was

"I spread my wings and keep my promise"

-an indication of Divine overruling in every detail even to the selection of the Motto of the airmen. Truly, as Collins said, "A prophecy, literally fulfilled, is a real miracle; one such, fairly produced, must go a great way in convincing all reasonable men."

  The violent spasm of the First World War was followed by an uneasy period with the rise of Communism and Fascism and a World economic depression, which while it could not be called a spasm, was nevertheless as a dull pain all over the Earth. On the heels of that, came the nervous World tension brought about by the rise of Nazism, which eventually caused the second and more terrible birth-pang or spasm in the form of the Second World War 1939-1945. Having been severely shaken by two terrible spasms, the Old World is now in a dreadfully nervous condition, aggravated by the phenomenal rise of Communism and the invention of the atom bomb and then, worse than ever, the hydrogen and other bombs, by which man now has the power to destroy all life on this planet of ours. In this time of unprecedented World trouble with which this age and order ends, it was foretold by Jesus in His Great Prophecy that a stage would be reached when we would find "Men's hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the Earth; for the powers of the heavens shall be shaken". In this connection it is interesting to note that in the original Greek of the above Biblical quotation, the word translated "heavens" is ouranos (plural ouranoi) from which we have our English noun uranium and the corresponding English adjective uranic. Uranic has two meanings: it means heavenly, celestial, but it also means pertaining to uranium. It is literally the "shaking" and disintegration of the uranium atom that constitutes the appalling power in the atomic bomb, etc. Most other bombs explode on striking the ground or hitting objects, but atom bombs are made to explode in the air, and, as it were, not only shake the heavens, but also "the powers of the heavens" by the tremendous radioactivity. This is not the only or indeed the principal way in which the powers of the heavens will be shaken, but we mention this particular fulfillment as it is the one that is least known and yet it is striking.

 But even now the Old Order is not yet dead, neither is the New Order born. The birth of the New Order can only come with the final birth pangs that will be fatal to the Old Order. The final spasm will therefore lead up to and eventually culminate in what the Bible defines as the "Battle of that Great Day of God Almighty" which constitutes the death agonies of the Old Order and results in the birth of the grand New Order.

  In the Book of Revelation (16: 14-17) we read "For they are the spirits of devils which go forth unto the kings of the Earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty and He gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done". Revelation is a book of symbols, and the verses immediately following the above quotation describe in pictorial language the most terrible convulsion ever known "such as was not since men were upon the Earth". "And every island fled away and the mountains were not found", that

is to say in plain language, the World Order vanished. Later chapters in the Book of Revelation reveal that the Old Order is to be replaced by a New World Order, pictorially described as a new heaven and a new earth, "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and earth were passed away" and the conditions in that New Order are portrayed as grand in the extreme.

 In the meantime though, "the darkest hour comes just before the dawn". More details of the last great spasm that will culminate in the Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty and the overthrow of the present World Order are given in Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39. Verse 8 of the latter chapter speaks of that great holocaust terminating in that great day of God, "Behold it is come, and it is done, saith the Lord GOD; this is THE DAY whereof I have spoken".

  Humanity begins the terrible World Wars, but prophecy shows that it is going to land the world in such dire difficulties that the Almighty Himself will intervene to save the human race from annihilation, and it will then be God's "war"-"the Battle of that Great Day of God Almighty"-

He will end wars, but not before just punishments have been administered upon the wicked powers of the Earth and the required lessons have been learnt. As Our Lord stated in His Great Prophecy "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened". God's "war" or "battle" will be short, but very severe. "A short work will the Lord make upon the Earth." So many millions of humanity have ignored their Creator and righteousness that they inevitably will have to reap what they have sown, when that reckoning day comes, before God can restore and bless them through Christ the Savior. So God will intervene not in pleasure at first, but in righteous indignation to be followed ultimately by blessing "for His mercy endureth for ever". Hence "The LORD shall roar from on high. for the LORD hath a controversy with the nations". "For behold, the LORD cometh out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the Earth for their iniquity".

  So in that Great Day following the final war all unrighteousness amongst all the inhabitants of the Earth, whether in regard to individuals or organizations will be dealt with. During the future warfare, in the first stage, when the trouble is being worked up by man, the innocent will also, in some cases, suffer, as in previous wars and social disturbances, but when the Battle of the Great Day of God starts it will become quickly apparent that the wicked are being punished and the righteous spared, for the Divine prophets have declared "Seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD'S anger", whilst to those who completely trust in God and call upon Him there is the definite promise "And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be delivered", and Our Lord in His Great Prophecy said to His close footstep followers "Watch ye therefore and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of man".

  The Battle of the Great Day of God will have a terrible beginning but a glorious ending. In it occur the death agonies and destruction of the Old Order and the birth of the New World Order. Repeatedly where the Bible speaks of the short period of Divine wrath and righteous indignation with which the present age closes, it also assures us in the same context that the conditions in the new age and World Order that follow will be grand-indeed, the grandest the World has ever known. Sometimes this is stated all in one sentence, as for example in Haggai 2: 7, where God says: "I will shake all nations and the desire of all nations shall come." In other cases, where a verse deals with the great trouble, the next verse quite often speaks of the glorious conditions that immediately follow after. For instance, Zephaniah 3: 8, states, "Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the LORD, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy"; whilst the next verse continues, "For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent." We often find in other instances, that where the great trouble is mentioned in a certain chapter of the Bible, the succeeding chapter speaks of the glories of the Utopian Age that follows. An example of this is to be found in Isaiah, chapters 24 and 25. In chapter 24 we read "Behold the Lord maketh the earth empty and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.

The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish. The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof. Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are


burned, and few men left. The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the

earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth" (verses 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 19,20, 21). But in the next chapter we read "And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the vail that is spread over all nations. He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall be taken away from off all the earth: for the LORD hath spoken it. And it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God: we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the Lord; we have waited for him, and we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation" (verses 7-9). But there are instances in which a whole chapter is concerning the great final trouble of the age whilst the succeeding chapter is entirely devoted to the grandeur of the following age now near at hand. Isaiah, chapters 34 and 35, give an example of this. Chapter 34 begins: "Come near ye nations, to hear: and hearken, ye people: let the earth hear, and all that is therein; the world, and all things that come forth of it. For the indignation of the LORD is upon all nations. he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter." (Isaiah 34, verse 2). But the next chapter (35), dealing with what follows the great Time of Trouble, is one ofthe loveliest in all the Bible: it is the well-known chapter that begins, "The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose. It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing," and continues". Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. Then shall the lame man leap as an hart and the tongue of the dumb sing" and then ends with the words, "And the ransomed of the LORD shall return (i.e., from the grave, "I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death. 0 grave, I will be thy destruction"-Hosea 13: 14) and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away".

  But what exactly is this new age and new World Order that is so grand? The above quotations from the Bible reveal that it is the time when Divine rulership is established in the Earth, or in other words, the Kingdom of God so long promised and prayed for in the Lord's Prayer "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven".

  Now as all Bible students know and as clearly shown in Revelation 20, the first age of that New Order of God's Kingdom is the 1,000 years' reign of Christ and his saints, called the Millennium by common consent. The "Little Flock" of Christ's footstep followers are to reign with Him the 1,000 years (Revelation 20: 4) over Israel and the World for the purpose of restoring humanity to the perfection lost in Eden"the times ofrestitution of all things" (Acts 3: 20-21).

  The great contrast between the conditions in this present evil

 dispensation and those which will obtain when the Millennium   is ushered in, is very strikingly expressed by the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Concerning the present time he says:

  " Man's inhumanity to man

 Makes countless thousands mourn."

 While regarding the grand conditions of the Millennial Age, now approaching, he writes:

" It's comin' yet for a' that, That man to man, the world o'er, Shall brothers be for a' that."


Also, Sir Walter Scott, in The Prophecy, writes:

 " The dark shall be light

 And the wrong made right."

  "Under Messiah's glorious reign Restitution work will bring the Earth to the condition originally designed by God! It will complete the creation of Earth, and of mankind as a race of God-like rulers of Earth's affairs. It is not in the power of human tongue or pen to portray the glorious perfection of the earthly paradise condition. The most glorious qualities of mind and heart known amongst men must of necessity be imperfect as compared with the perfection of God's image as it will be restored in all the willing and obedient." "Across the vista of ages God saw in His purpose the glory of an intelligent creation in His own likeness, established in righteousness and worthy of His gift of eternal life. He therein foresaw the mutual pleasure of the Creator and the creature, and with a peaceful patience He resolved to wait for the glorious consummation." And what a consummation! "Close your eyes for a moment to the scenes of misery and woe, degradation and sorrow that yet prevail on account of sin, and picture before your mental vision the glory of the perfect earth. Not a stain of sin mars the harmony and peace of a perfect society; not a bitter thought, not an unkind look or word; love, welling up from every heart, meets a kindred response in every other heart, and benevolence marks every act. There sickness shall be no more; not an ache nor a pain, nor any evidence of decay-not even the fear of such things. Think of all the pictures of comparative health and beauty of human form and feature that you have ever seen, and know that perfect humanity will be of still surpassing loveliness. The inward purity and mental and moral perfection will stamp and glorify every radiant countenance. Such will earth's society be; and weeping bereaved ones will have their tears all wiped away, when thus they realize the resurrection work complete. (Rev. 21: 4)." -Studies in the Scriptures, Series I, The Divine Plan qf the Ages, pp. 191-192.


"Just beyond the coming trouble See the reigning Prince of Peace! Lo! God's Kingdom now is coming, And oppression soon must cease.


Tell how Eden's bloom and beauty Once again shall be restored, Making all man's wide dominion As the garden of the Lord."







The Great Pyramid's entire chronograph or Chart of the Ages is constructed in stone, and the scale is consistently a Pyramid inch to a year at the gradient of 26° 18' 9.7" throughout. There is no change of scale anywhere, neither is there any deviation from the said angle, which is the slope at which the main passages are constructed. What would you think of a map of Great Britain in which Yorkshire is at one scale, the County of Roxburgh at a different scale, the Isles of Skye and Wight at still another, and so on! It would obviously be a farce. But it is quite legitimate to have insets inserted in the map (often at the corners, but not necessarily so) showing big cities at a larger scale than that of the general map (for obvious reasons) and perhaps another inset of all Europe at a much smaller scale (in order to show the relative position and size of Britain to the whole Continent). But no one would say that there is a change of scale in the map on account of the insets at different scales.

  Attached to the long sloping passages which define the general chronograph are shorter horizontal ones in the form of insets to the general chart. It is essential to observe that the general chronograph is never on the horizontal, and that insertions or insets are never on the slope. The insertions may be at a larger, smaller or the same scale according to the structural data supplied. If a passage is horizontal, it is consequently off the general chronograph (which is displayed entirely at the angle of 26° 18' 9.7") and that fact alone reveals that it is an inset. All insets are on the horizontal and all horizontals are insets. The Pyramid presents a consistent plan and to attempt to apply changes of scale to the general chart, or within any individual inset, would be fallacious. To do so would be to turn the Pyramid into "an old fiddle" on which you could play any tune you like.

  It will be noticed from the Chart that there are three large horizontal sections in the Pyramid's interior, hence three insets at their own individual scales, namely: one beyond the Grand Gallery and extending into the King's Chamber; a second extending from the end of the First Ascending Passage along to the Queen's Chamber; and a third at the lower end of the Descending Passage.


  First, in connection with the lowermost inset it will be observed from the Chart that far underground the long Descending Passage is broken off and the inset horizontal passage of smaller bore is telescoped into it. The "break off" is not at right angles to the walls of the passage, but is slightly oblique, thus indicating further that this is not the true end of the Descending Passage, but merely a break off. (See p. 134).

  Continuing along the floor-line of the Descending Passage to its virtual end in vertical alignment with the extremity of the entire underground system, we find that the original distance from the Scored Lines to this point is 5, 119l Pyramid inches.* At the specified inch-year scale, this represents a date 5,119!- years after the Scored Line date, Vernal Equinox 2141 B.C., namely the Autumn of A.D. 2979.

 As pointed out hereinbefore, the Descending Passage portrays the condition of mankind under Adamic condemnation to death. The final date revealed by its measurements, namely, A.D. 2979 therefore marks the end of that condition on this

 * Due restoration to correct subsidence having been taken into account in the computation. The detailed computation will be given in Book III.

planet. The Bible makes it very clear that this will be accomplished at the end of the Millennium when "all that are in their graves" shall have "heard the voice of the Son of Man and come forth", and even "the rest of the dead" lived again. That will be the end of death under the Adamic condemnation. But both the Bible and Pyramid make it plain that this will not be the end of all death. The inset under discussion contains the symbol of a "bottomless pit" with a passage beyond leading to a "dead end". The Subterranean Chamber with its "bottomless pit" is exceedingly rough and tumble and has no proper floor. It is a chamber of chaos, the Pyramid's "Chamber of Horrors" and clearly symbolizes the smashing, and finally the ultimate destruction in the pit, of the World Order, with all the accompanying chaos. This as we have seen was due to begin, and did begin in 1914, according to the Pyramid's general chronograph already elucidated. But the Subterranean Chamber symbolizes much more than we have as yet seen fulfilled in history since 1914; it depicts the utter end and throwing down into the pit all institutions-social, civil and ecclesiastical-that are out of harmony with God and His righteousness, and the total abolition of all erroneous scientific theories and false religious beliefs and everything that deceives or misleads humanity. So thus we see that the eradication of all error will be a process that will last a good long while after the collapse of the institutions of the Old Order, and indeed extend well into the Millennium, the age foreordained for the very purpose of putting all things straight and in harmony with truth and righteousness. After the Subterranean Chamber, however, comes the long low passage terminating in a dead end, which marks the extreme limit of the Pyramid's downward and underground system, which as we have seen symbolises the way of sin and death and those things out of harmony with God. The farthest extremity of this Dead End Passage, i.e. the Dead End itself, therefore represents the time when sin, sorrow, suffering, death and all evil on this planet are due to come to their final "dead end", after which, the Bible says, "there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away". (Revelation 21: 4). According to the Bible, that will be at the end of "the little season" which follows the Millennium. This subterranean inset of the Pyramid is for the purpose of portraying the destruction of evil powers and, in the end, evil itself.

  Now when we come to apply the test of the chronological scale applicable to this horizontal inset, the result is in complete harmony with the above symbolism. We have seen already (p. 109) that the Great Pyramid in another place (end of the Grand Gallery) chronologically fixes the due date for the beginning of the smashing of the old world order as the summer of A.D. 1914 and we witnessed the first phase in the smashing begin exactly on time in the form of the First World War. Now we have seen that the Subterranean Chamber depicts the actual breaking up of the old order and the chaos involved. The entrance into this "Chamber of Chaos" therefore marks the beginning of that turmoil, and the Pyramid itself has already supplied the date, A.D. 1914. All we have to do now is to apply the chronological scale of this horizontal inset to the measurements in order to ascertain the dates defined. But there is no indication of a different scale from that of the general chronograph portrayed in the big sloping passages, as there is in the case of the other two horizontal insets. * The scale, as we know and have already applied it, is 1 Pyramid inch = 1 year, at the angle of 26° 18' 9.7" to the horizontal, the angle of all the sloping passages in the Great Pyramid. If this scale is to be applied to a horizontal section, then, of course, it must be projected on

 * In the case of insets having scales different from that of the general chronograph in the great sloping passages, steps are provided to reveal geometrically what the respective special scales are. The step in the Queen's Chamber Passage is usually known simply as the Step; that at the entrance to the King's Chamber Passage as the Great Step. There is no step in connection with the Subterranean


The drop at the entrance into the Subterranean Chamber is in no sense a step.

The rock comprising this drop is so uneven and bumpy and the chaotic "bottom" is so rough and tumble that no precise measurement is possible in any case. The symbolism is not of a descending step, but of the nations tumbling headlong into chaos, as they actually did at the date defined, A.D. 1914.

to the horizontal.* Starting then at the datum-line, 1914, at the entrance to the Subterranean Chamber and applying the scale projected on to the three horizontal sections of this insett the results are as follows:

Beginning of Subterranean Insett A.D. 1521.


 * This can be done very accurately in this case, for the trigonometrical ratios of the Pyramid passage angle are all expressible in simple terms of 1r.

The sine isv':;;: and the others are readily obtainable from this. The arithmetical


equivalents (correct to 12 decimal places) are:

  Passage Angle 26° 18' 9.7"

 sin = 0.443113462726 cosec = 2.256758334191

 cos = 0.896465537068 sec = 1.115491849548

 tan = 0.494289456096 cot = 2.023106072093

  Casing Angle 51051' 14.3' (1r angle)

 sin = 0.786439100095 cosec = 1.271554275314

 cos = 0.617667824839 sec = 1.618993186606

 tan = 1.273239544735 cot = 0.785398163397

  t Note that the horizontal floor-line of the Subterranean Chamber Passage lies It inches vertically above the oblique "break off" of the Descending Passage floor, at the centre line- see diagram on p. 134. The lengths of the three sections of this horizontal inset are:

(I) From the point where the Subterranean Chamber Passage floor-line contacts the Descending Passage floor to the entrance into the Subterranean Chamber (in other words, the full length of the Subterranean Chamber Passage), 352.4  Pyramid inches.

(2) Distance across the Subterranean Chamber, 322.8 Pyramid inches.

(3) Length of Dead End Passage to extremity, 645.6 Pyramid inches.

The full length of the horizontal subterranean inset is therefore 1320.8 :!: 0.1 Pyramid inches.

 To obtain the number of years represented, all we have to do is to multiply the above respective measurements in Pyramid inches by the secant of the angle of the sloping passages, 1.11549 and the results are (1) 393.1: (2) 360.1: (3) 720.2: Total 1473.4 years.

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t That is, where the Subterranean Chamber Passage floor-line contacts the Descending Passage floor. The point so defined marks the date A.D. 1521 on the horizontal inset, but not in the Descending Passage itself.

 The Subterranean Chamber Passage roof-line contacts the Descending Passage floor at a point defining the date, A.D. 1440 on the horizontal inset. This was the date of the invention of the printing press, which has had a greater world-wide influence on humanity than any other single invention, and which opened the way for the Revival of Learning, the Renaissance and the Reformation. The period 1440-1521 closed the Dark Ages. It was also the Age of Geographical Discovery.

 The geometric height of the Subterranean Chamber Passage is 35.76 Pyramid inches, the Pyramid's Contraction Factor, which is explained fully in PYRAMIDOLOGY, Books II and IV.



Entrance to Subterranean Chamber* A.D. 1914. End of Subterranean Chambert A.D. 2274. End of Dead End Passaget A.D. 2994.


. Now, A.D. 1521 is clearly defined in world history as the beginning of a new epoch. That year witnessed the beginning of

the great Reformation and the close of the Dark Ages. On April 17th the famous Diet of Worms was held and on May 26th 1521 the great Reformer Martin Luther was officially outlawed, whereupon Europe was split into Roman Catholicism and Protestantism (and the term "Protestants" was first used that same year). This great event changed the history of the World and the effect of it on humanity will be felt till the final end of this dispensation. The date 1914 marked by the end of the floor of the Subterranean Chamber Passage, at the entrance into the Subterranean Chamber itself, we have already discussed. The far side of the Subterranean Chamber, as we have seen depicts a time well into the Millennium, the precise date revealed by the measurements being A.D. 2274. The date defined by the extremity of the Dead End Passage beyond, i.e. at the Dead End itself, is A.D. 2994, by which time all sin and death, and all the miseries connected with these, are due to have come to a "dead end" and to have been obliterated from our World for ever and God's will is foreordained thereafter to be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven, in answer to the Lord's Prayer.

  As will be noticed, this final date A.D. 2994 is 15 years beyond A.D. 2979, which the Pyramid defines as marking the end of the Millennium. The last book in the Bible, states that immediately after the Millennium, the 1,000-year reign of Christ and His saints, there would be "a little season" during which "the second death" would operate (Revelation, 20: 3, 7-15). In accordance with this, the Great Pyramid reveals that the "Little Season" as its name shows, will be very short and that its duration will

* At the end of the floor of the Subterranean Chamber Passage. t At the mean South Wall.

; At extremity.

be 15 years,* A.D. 2979-2994. According to the Pyramid, in agreement with the Bible, the year 2994 will see the end of all human death on our Earth, when "death itself shall die" and the happy world be ushered into "the ages of glory" to follow"world without end".

  It is significant that the period represented by the Subterranean Chamber, A.D. 1914-2274is 360 years, i.e., 1 prophetic Time exactly, whilst the Dead End Passage beyond covers the period A.D. 2274-2994, which in turn is precisely 2 prophetic Times, i.e., 720 years. Thus the final date A.D. 2994 is 3 prophetic Times beyond A.D. 1914, i.e., 1080 years and at the same time 10 prophetic Times or 3,600 years after the beginning of the first of the 7 Times of the Gentiles in 607 B.C. and this is at the same time exactly 36 centuries.

  It is highly significant that the Time or 360 years from 1914 to 2274 should be so prominently marked off in the Pyramid, for this is the EIGHTH TIME, and 8 is the Christ Number; it is the number of His name-the numerical value of the name Jesus (Iryuw;) in the Greek is 888. It is during this Eighth Time that Christ returns and sets up His Millennial Kingdom. As the Seventh Time (A.D. 1554-1914) completes the Times of the Gentiles, the Eighth Time (A.D. 1914-2274) is the First Time of a new series-not a Gentile series this time, but a series of the God of Israel. It is a series of Three Times (A.D. 1914-2994). Concerning the number three, Dr. Bullinger appropriately states "The number three points us to what is real, essential, perfect, substantial, complete and Divine" (Number in Scripture, p. 108, Third Ed.). It is during these Three Times that the Millennial Kingdom is to wipe out all sorrow, pain, suffering and death from this world, and bring about those glorious conditions wherein God's will shall be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. All this is due to be accomplished by the end of the

 * The number 15 is also singularly connected with the Flood: "15 cubits upward did the waters prevail." "And the waters prevailed upon the Earth 150 days" (150 = 10 X 15). The length of the Ark was 300 cubits (300 = 20 X 15), whilst

the height was 30 cubits (30 = 2 X 15). Even Noah's "age" at the time was a multiple of 15, namely, 600 years (600 = 40 X 15).

Little Season after the end of the Millennium, that is, by the year A.D. 2994, and this is the self-same year that the Three Times are completed. The year A.D. 2994 is the last date in Biblical prophecy and it is the final date in the Great Pyramid's chronological revelation. It is the date when God's plan for human salvation is complete and God is "all in all". This wonderful date, A.D. 2994, is the great nexus-point between time and eternity.

  So this lowermost inset in the Pyramid clearly depicts the smashing of evil powers and ultimately the obliteration of evil itself in every form, from A.D. 1521 when Martin Luther, who has aptly been described as "the man who changed the world forever", brought the Dark Ages to an end till A.D. 2994 when all evil shall have been removed from our planet.


  The central horizontal inset comprises the Queen's Chamber Passage and the Queen's Chamber itself. Whilst the downward system of passages and chambers represents condemnation to death and the history of the organisation of the Old Order down to its dissolution and the ascending series portrays God's way oflife and preparation for, and inauguration of, the organisation of the New Order, the horizontal series (the Queen's Chamber Passage and Queen's Chamber) depicts the operation of that grand New Order and its application to the whole Adamic race, right back to Adam himself.

  Adam was a direct creation of God and was the first man to be made in God's image. The Hebrew word translated "man" in Genesis 1: 26-27 is Adam, the same word as is rendered "Adam" in Genesis 2: 19. So in Genesis 1: 26-27 the word could equally well be rendered "Adam" in English-"And God said, Let us make Adam in our own image, after our likeness. So God created Adam in his own image." Similarly in Genesis 2: 7 "And the Lord God formed Adam of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and Adam became a living soul" and also in Genesis 6: 2 ". the sons of God saw the daughters of Adam that they were fair." However, the word Adam is often used collectively of any who came from Adam. Even at the beginning it is sometimes used to include Eve as in Genesis 1: 27. In fact "Adam" is often used in Scripture to define all descended from the first Adam, the entire Adamic race, as in Genesis 6: 1, "And it came to pass when Adam began to multiply on the face of the earth. "

  As shown already, the two finalities of the Great Pyramid's interior system, the King's and Queen's Chambers, represent the destinies of life to which God is leading us, namely, the "new heavens" and "new earth" respectively of the New Order of God's everlasting Kingdom. In harmony with this we find that the predominating symbolism of the King's Chamber refers to the "new heavens" whilst that of the Queen's Chamber pertains to the "new earth". The Queen's Chamber is so situated that it is symmetrically balanced on the Pyramid's east-west axis, so that the high central apex-line of the roof, joining the apexes of the east and west gable ends of the Chamber, lies exactly along the Pyramid's axis and in perfect alignment with the apex of the Top-Stone of the Pyramid when placed. This signifies that the conditions represented by the Queen's Chamber are those which bring man into a state of perfect balance and harmony with the exalted "Top-Stone", Christ-in other words the Millennium, wherein Christ and His saints reign supreme over Israel and the World.

  In the ancient Egyptian texts, the names used in alluding to the Queen's Chamber are most appropriate, namely the Chamber of the Moon, wherein takes place the rising again or rebirth, hence the chamber is also referred to as the Chamber of the Rebirth. In Egyptian mythology the moon is associated with the Egyptian ancestral home, Paradise, known as the Holy Land of Khent. Accordingly the walls in the great Hall of Khent at the entrance to the Temple of Isis at Annu or Denderah (on the banks of the Nile about 400 miles south of Cairo) are covered by the representation of the fourteen daily ascents of the moon as it waxes from the new to the full moon. As Khent was the original Paradise, the rebirth in the Chamber of the Moon or Khent signifies the regeneration and restoring of Paradise, which is precisely the specific work of the Millennium; it is for this very purpose that God is bringing the Millennium to pass. Thus this horizontal section of the Pyramid's interior, comprising the Queen's Chamber Passage and the Queen's Chamber, portrays the story of "Paradise Lost" to "Paradise Regained".

  Although very much corrupted, nevertheless a considerable amount of basic truth lies hidden in ancient Egyptian mythology. "Messiahs" were to be found in pagan religions long ages before Christianity and centuries before Moses recorded Genesis, for they represent perversions of the true Messiah foretold by Enoch (Jude 14-15) before the Flood and, centuries later, portrayed in the symbolism of the Great Pyramid, the "Pillar of Enoch" of Masonic tradition. Messianism is thus exceedingly ancient. The Egyptian "Messiah" was Osiris, and in the ancient Egyptian religious ritual the Great Pyramid was pictured as the shrine wherein the neophyte was initiated into the Mysteries. The identification of the individual passages and chambers of the Great Pyramid in this very ancient Egyptian literature (now commonly known collectively as The Book of the Dead) shows the names to be most appropriate, as we have already observed in the case of the Queen's Chamber. Some more details are given in the footnote* to this page, but the subject will be found more fully elucidated in Book II of the present work.

  Let us now turn our attention to the relative chronological aspect. As the Queen's Chamber symbolises the Millennium, the far side of it, i.e., the south wall, therefore, marks the date

  * The ancient Egyptian texts which were incorporated in the so-called Book of the Dead (because its contents were mainly taken from sarcophagi and pyramid texts) contain allusions to the passages and chambers of the Great Pyramid. These texts though containing a great amount of corrupt mythology, nevertheless, at the same time, also contain a wonderful substratum of truth. To such an extent is this the case that the late Sir Gaston Maspero, Director-General of Antiquities in Egypt stated, "The Pyramids and the 'Book of the Dead' reproduce the same original, the one in words, the other in stone." Yet we know that the Great Pyramid is the Bible in stone. This shows of course that there is a measure of truth behind the mythology and that it is sufficiently discernible in regard to the Pyramid for Sir Gaston of the termination of the Millennium. The Great Pyramid itself already supplies this date, as we have seen, at the full extremity of the Descending Passage, namely, Autumn A.D. 2979. So our chronological datum-line for this central inset is the far side (south side) of the Queen's Chamber defining the date Autumn A.D. 2979.

  As to the scale of this inset, we could obtain it by bringing in data from the Bible direct. Revelation 20: 6 reveals that the reign of Christ with His saints is to last 1,000 years, and so we call it the Millennium. As the Queen's Chamber represents the Millennium, we could ascertain the distance across the chamber, divide by 1,000 and thus obtain the unit of measurement that represents a year. However, although that should give the right answer, that method would not be the true scientific approach. Better still to ascertain the scale independently within the Pyramid itself and apply it, and if on doing so, we find that the Queen's Chamber thereby represents 1,000 years, in harmony with the Bible, that would be most satisfactory.

  One purpose of single steps in the Pyramid's interior is to reveal the chronological scales in the horizontal insets to which Maspero to make such a remarkable statement. It was, however, largely through the researches of the Oxford scholar, W. Marsham Adams that Sir Gaston was enabled to come to that decision.

 The following are the terms in the Book of the Dead alluding to the principal features in the Great Pyramid:


 Great Pyramid The Light

Interior Passages and Chambers The Secret Places oj the Hidden God

 Descending Passage The Descent

Entrance to Ascending Passage Door of Ascent

 Ascending Passage Hall if Truth in Darkness

 Grand Gallery Hall of Truth in Light

 King's Chamber Passage Passage of the Veil

 Kin's Chamber f Chamber of the Resurrecti~n

 g L Chamber of the Grand Onent

 Queen's Chamber Passage Access to Chamber of Regeneration

 r Chamber of Regeneration

 Queen's Chamber ~ Chamber of the Second Birth

  L Chamber of the Moon

 Subterranean Chamber Chamber of Central Fire

 Well Shaft The Well of Life

they respectively apply. There are two such steps in the Pyramid-one at the entrance to the uppermost inset beyond the Grand Gallery and the other in the horizontal passage of the central inset. A rising step indicates a rising scale, that is a larger scale, whilst a descending step represents a descent in scale, i.e., a smaller scale than that of the inch-year general chronograph. The step in this horizontal passage simply constitutes a vertical drop in the horizontal floor from one level to a lower one. There is only one measurement to take in connection with this step, so it is impossible to go wrong, and this, of course, is the drop, which therefore constitutes the unit by which this horizontal series requires to be measured in order to reveal the chronology therein enshrined. At the present day, this step is very much fractured, whilst the adjacent floor is badly cut up by attempted excavations. The original height of the Step can, of course, be obtained by ascertaining the height of that part of the horizontal passage before coming to the step, and the height of the portion of the passage beyond the step, and finding the difference. * This difference is 20.6 inches and this is precisely the length of the Royal Cubit (expressed to one decimal place) which therefore constitutes the unit of measurement that defines the chronological scale in this inset. Whilst the geometric design of the Pyramid as a whole is based on the Sacred Cubit, that of this central inset comprising the Queen's Chamber Passage and Queen's Chamber is based on the Royal Cubit, which fact in itself supplies another independent evidence that the Royal Cubit constitutes the basis of the chronological scale in this case. The length of the Queen's Chamber is 11 of these Royal Cubits, and the breadth is 10 Royal Cubits, whilst

 * It is impossible to ascertain with accuracy the original height of the Step in the Horizontal Passage from the Step itself, owing to its present fractured condition. Notwithstanding the fact that the distance to be measured is so short--only about 20 inches-almost every measurer obtains a different result. Sir W. M. Flinders Petrie gives its present mean reduced height as 19.7 inches, whilst Dr. John Edgar and Morton Edgar, realising the hopelessness of measuring the original height to the fraction of an inch with certainty, state it to be (to use their own words) "between 20 and 21 inches". Hence to ascertain accurately the original height of this Step, it is necessary to adopt another method, as explained above in the text.

 the Great Niche in the east wall of the chamber is 1 Royal Cubit wide at the top and 3 Royal Cubits at the bottom, whilst its depth or length is 2 Royal Cubits.

  Both the Sacred Cubit and the Royal Cubit, however, are woven into the beautiful geometric design of the granite "Secret House" comprising the King's Chamber and its granite approaches.

  So just as on the general chronograph the basis of the chronological scale is the Sacred Cubit with its subdivision, the inch, representing a year, so on this central inset of the Queen's Chamber Passage and Queen's Chamber, the basis of the chronological scale applicable thereto is the Royal Cubit, with its subdivision accordingly representing a solar year. The Encycloptedia Britannica, Vol. 15, p. 142 ( 1956 print) in the Article "Measures and Weights (Ancient)" states that when the meh cubit, i.e., the Royal Cubit of Egypt later became mixed with other systems, it was considered to be divided into 7 palmr of 4 digits, that is 28 digits but that originally in its pure system as used from the time of the pre dynastic tombs, the subdivision was into 100 n. From this then it follows from what is stated above, that in the central inset in the Pyramid, the chronological scale is an n to a year, and therefore a Royal Cubit (100 n) represents 100 years. Just as on the general chronograph, the scale can be stated in two ways, namely:

 1 inch = 1 year

 1 Sacred Cubit = ! century so on this central horizontal inset the special scale applicable thereto can also be expressed in two ways as follows:

 1 n = 1 year

  1 Royal Cubit = 1 century

As the unit n is so small (0.206 of an inch) and not very well known, and as we have been more used to the later digit division, perhaps the most convenient way is to take the measurements in Royal Cubits to two decimal places, then remove the decimal point and the result will be the period of years represented thereby.



 North-East Corner

(The author is seated on the camel.)

  The ancient Egyptians used this decimal system in the Old Kingdom when the Pyramids of Gizeh were built. Sir W. M. Flinders Petrie in The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh, pp. 180 and 222, shows that the Royal Cubit as used in the erection of the Great Pyramid during the Fourth Dynasty was still subdivided into 100 units at that time. Petrie further states that this decimal division of the Royal Cubit or meh was also found in other countries.

  Now the distance across the Queen's Chamber, symbolising the Biblical Millennium is 10 Royal Cubits, representing therefore 10 centuries, i.e., 1,000 years, thus confirming the 1,000 years of Revelation 20: 4-6 exactly. As the datum-line at the extremity of the Queen's Chamber is Autumn A.D. 2979, the entrance at the other side of the Chamber, where the horizontal passage ends, therefore defines a date 1,000 years earlier, namely Autumn A.D. 1979, as the beginning of the Millennium. (The precise date revealed by the geometry is the Autumnal Equinox, 1979.)

  As we have noted, the horizontal passage leading into the Queen's Chamber symbolises the long period of the existence of the Adamic race, right from Eden till they are ushered into the grand eternal Order of peace, love and life brought into existence by the Millennia1 regime, due to be inaugurated in Jerusalem in the autumn of A.D. 1979. Let us now test this matter still further by chronological application.

  We have seen already that the end of the passage where it enters the Queen's Chamber marks the date A.D. 1979, the beginning of the Millennium, and that the scale of this entire horizontal section of the Pyramid's interior system is a Royal Cubit to a century. The length of this horizontal passage is 73.85* Royal Cubits, representing therefore 73.85 centuries, * The present length of the Horizontal Passage is 73.87 Royal Cubits, but, due to subsidence, the north wall of the Queen's Chamber is not now vertical where the passage enters, but projects southward at the base to the extent of almost t an inch. If the wall be restored to the vertical and the passage floor to the horizontal, the true original length of the Horizontal Passage is thus ascertained to be 73.85 Royal Cubits. Similarly, the true original distance across the Queen's Chamber is found to be precisely 10 Royal Cubits.


that is, 7,385 years. The date marked by the beginning of the passage is therefore 7,385 years prior to A.D. 1979, namely 5407 B.C. * and this, according to the data given in the oldest and most reliable manuscripts of the Bible, is the precise date of Adam in the Garden of Eden. (For full elucidation of the chronology see the author's Treatise on Bible Chronology). When we consider the smallness of the scale (by far the smallest in the Pyramid) and the enormous period of time involved, the precision of the result is amazing. The entire period represented by this Pyramid inset is 8,385 years, the last 1,000 years of which constitute the Millennium A.D. 1979-2979.

  This central layout of the Divine plan of restitution "in a nutshell", at the very core of the Pyramid itself, and in the very heart of the interior passage systems is displayed from the Divine standpoint, not the human. To human observation, the sacrifice of Christ did not occur until humanity had been on the

  ... The geometry shows the period represented to be actually 9 days short of the full 7385 years. As the date defined in A.D. 1979 is the Autumnal Equinox, the precise day defined in 5407 B.C. is therefore 9 days later than the Autumnal Equinox. As shown in the author's Treatise on Bible Chronology, p. 199, the 1st day of the 1st month of the Antediluvian Calendar fell exactly on the Autumnal Equinox in the year 5407 B.C. The Pyramid thus shows the Fall of Adam to have taken place on the 10th day of the 1st month of the ancient year. (According to our modern Western Calendar, the date would be expressed as 2nd October, 5407 B.C.) Many long centuries later, the 1st month of the ancient year became known as Tishri by the Israelites. At the time of the Exodus, Abib or Nisan became the 1st month and consequently Tishri thenceforth became the 7th month of the year. So, expressed according to the Hebrew Calendar, Adam sinned and fell on the 10th day of the 7th month, Tishri. But this was the very day that God commanded the Israelites to observe annually as the great Day of Atonement, when the special sacrifice of the blood of bulls and goats typically cleansed them of their sins for the ensuing year. Thus the Pyramid reveals why the Almighty ordered the Day of Atonement to be the 10th of Tishri and no other day. It was the day on which Adam sinned and therefore atonement had to be made on the very day of the year that the sin was committed and introduced into the World. Hence also Jesus, who made the real Atonement for the sin of the '' orld, placed his sacrifice, the sacrifice of himself, on the altar on that self-same day of Atonement, at his "baptism into death" on the 10th Tishri in A.D. 29. Then he kept his sacrifice on that altar and "poured out his soul unto death" for 3k years, until he cried on Calvary "It is finished", on the afternoon of the 14th of Nisan, when the Passover lambs were slain, in the year A.D. 33. These datings are all confirmed by the Pyramid, as is shown in PTRAMIDOLOCT, Book II.


Earth for several thousand years, but the Almighty planned the sacrifice of Christ at the beginning, for the Bible speaks of Christ as "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the World". (Revelation 13: 8). Hence the burst-open mouth of the WellShaft, like an eastern rock-tomb as if it had been burst open from within by a violent internal eXplosion-thus forcefully portraying in symbol, the death and resurrection of Christis situated right at the beginning of the Queen's Chamber Passage. So from this standpoint the beginning of the Queen's Chamber Passage represents Adam bringing sin into the World in the Garden in Eden, whilst the end of that passage at the entrance into the Queen's Chamber symbolises humanity being ushered into the glories of the Millennium yet future. But the end of the First Ascending Passage (representing the Law Dispensation which Christ brought to an end at the Cross) and the beginning of the Horizontal Passage coincide at the self-same spot. Therefore in the symbolism of the Great Pyramid, Jesus, at His First Advent stood at the self-same spot that Adam stood at the beginning, and took his place. Christ was, as the Bible says, the second Adam. Although sinless, He took the sinner's place. So, "as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive". In addition to this marvelous appropriate symbolism, a most wonderful thing about this spot is that on the special scale of the central inset, it marks the date of Adam in Eden, whilst on the general scale of the Pyramid's chronograph it defines the date that Christ symbolically stood there, thousands of years later, and took Adam's place. At this point, the symbolism and the chronology thus interlock with a double lock, completely establishing the accuracy of the chronology on both the general scale of the Pyramid and the special scale of the inset.

  The date at the other extreme end of the central inset, A.D. 2979 is also doubly established. As has been shown above, the year A.D. 2979 is defined as the date of the end of the Millennial Age in two places in the Pyramid, on two different scales and from two different aspects one from the aspect of life and the other from the aspect of death- thus confirming each other in a most conclusive manner.

  The Architect of the Great Pyramid is indeed the Architect of the Universe, the Almighty Himself. The Great Pyramid is verily the Divine blue-print enshrining the deep secrets of the Infinite Mind.

  As, during this latter half of the present 20th century we now move into the Millennial Age of the Bible, the Golden Age of the poets, the Aquarian Age of the students of the stars, the Divinelyappointed time has come for the revealing of these Divine secrets, first to those who are now "walking with God" and ultimately to all mankind.

  The duration of the complete Divine plan of the ages for human salvation, which extends from Adam, 5407 B.C. (Autumn) to the end of the "Little Season" in A.D. 2994 (Autumn), is 8,400 years precisely (5407 + 2994 - 1 = 8,400 or to express this another way, 5406l years B.C.E. + 2993£ years C.E. = 8,400 years). In regard to this, there is complete agreement between the Great Pyramid and Bible chronology, the latter being comprehensively dealt with and the accuracy demonstrated in the Treatise on Bible Chronology referred to above.

  From the standpoint of Biblical numeric symbolism this number of years, 8,400, is all-comprehensive. Indeed nothing more all-embracing from this standpoint could be imagined, and this is just what we could expect for the complete period of the Divine plan of human salvation, from the very beginning to the final consummation, when God's will is done here on Earth as it is in Heaven. The period of 8,400 years is 7 times 12 centuries and as every Bible reader knows, 7 and 12 (with their multiples) are the outstanding numbers in the Bible-the Book of Revelation in particular is just full of them and this is pre-eminently the symbolic Book of the Bible.

  As all students of the Bible recognise, the Tabernacle in the Wilderness was not only literal, but also highly symbolic and typical. Now, it is most significant that all the numbers connected with the Tabernacle, relating to measurements, are



contained an exact number of times in this all-embracing !lumber 8,400. The measurements of the Tabernacle and all the details of its contents are given in Sacred Cubits in Exodus, chapters 25 to 27. The complete list of the numbers of these cubits so given is as follows: 1, It, 2, 2!, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 28, 30, 50 and IOO-all of which are contained in 8,400 an exact number of times without a remainder.

  But the same is also true with reference to Noah's Ark, the recorded dimensions of which are: 10, 30, 50 and 300 cubits. These numbers together with the number 15 in the accompanying statement, "15 cubits upward did the waters prevail"

(Genesis 7: 20), are all contained exactly in 8,400. What a wonderful number indeed is this all-embracing 8,400 and how appropriate that it is the number of years of God's great plan in its entirety right to the glorious consummation.

  It is specially significant, though, that this complete period of 8,400 years is exactly 7 times 12 centuries. E. W. Bullinger, the well-

known student of Bible numbers states in his enlightening work Number in Scripture (Third Edition) that 7 is "the great number of spiritual perfection" (page 158) and that 12 is

"a perfect number, signifying perfection if government or of

governmental perfection." (page 253). Hence it is very significant and appropriate that the perfect plan of God for human salvation is completed through His government in 7 times 12 centuries, thus embracing the symbolism of both numbers.

  Now 7 is 3 plus 4 whilst 12 is 3 times 4. In other words, 7 and 12 are the sum and product respectively of the same two numbers, 3 and 4, and it is significant that the great Divine Plan of 7 dozens of centuries (8,400 years) is chronologically subdivided into 3 dozens of centuries (3,600 years) and 4 dozens of centuries (4,800 years). The Divine Plan is built up of centuries and prophetic "Times" (periods of 360 years) but the "Times"

do not begin until 607 B.C., which marks the initial point of

"the Times of the Gentiles". These Seven Times of the Gentiles

(7 x 360 = 2,520 years) terminated in A.D. 1914, from which date to the consummation of the Plan of Salvation in A.D. 2994 is other 3 Times (3 x 360 = 1,080 years), and these are the







K I151

Times of Israel (i.e., God's true Israel) through whom aU nations will be blessed. Thus the total number of Times is 10 Times, which extend for 3,600 years (10 x 360 = 3,600 years). Now, 3,600 years are also 3 dozens of centuries. But from Adam in Eden in 5407 B.C., to the beginning of the Times in 607 B.C., was 4,800 years or precisely 4 dozens of centuries. Hence the entire Divine Plan of 7 dozens of centuries is divided into 4 dozens of centuries and 3 dozens of centuries by the prophetic "Times" of Scripture. *

  The number 8,400 has still other significant features: it is 70 times 120, the latter being 3 times 40, and all of these are well known numbers, especially chronologically. Practically all the prophetic periods in the Bible are multiples of 5t and usually

  * Incidentally it is interesting to note that from the birth of Christ in 2 B.C. to the inauguration of the Millennium in A.D. 1979 is 1980 years (2 + 1979 - I = 1980) which is precisely 5t Times or "time, two timcs, two times and half a

 time." Again, the duration of "The Time of the End" (Daniel 12: 4),1798-99 to 1978-79, is 180 years, i.e. "half a time".

  t Periods of 5 years are the blocks or bricks with which the whole structure of prophetic chronology is built up, in the Bible. The prophetic chronological numbers 5, 10, 15, 40, 65, 70, 100, 120, 390, 400, 490, 1000, 1260, 1290, 1335, 2300, and the "Seven Times" expressed in days, 2520, are all mutiples of 5.

 Bible numerics are arithmetical, whilst Pyramid numerics are geometrical. However there is one, and only one, arithmetical number that is prominent in the Pyramid, and that number is 5. Professor C. Piazzi Smyth spoke of it as the sacred number of the Pyramid. Septimus Mark writes "The number five is at the foundation of much of the teaching connected with the Pyramid, and it is indeed the first and most characteristic of the Pyramid numbers." This of course should be understood to mean 5 and also multiples of 5. The Pyramid's Sacred Cubit itself is comprised of 25, i.e. 5 times 5 Pyramid inches and this inch is the 500,000,000th of the Earth's axis of rotation. The Pyramid has 5 corners (four at the base and one at the apex). The principal apartment, the King's Chamber, has 100 stones in its walls, built in 5 courses. It stands on the 50th course of masonry in the Pyramid, whilst the Queen's Chamber stands on the 25th. The King's Chamber is 20 Royal Cubits long and 10 broad. The north and south walls of the Queen's Chamber are respectively 5 Royal Cubits north and 5 Royal Cubits south of the Pyramid's E-W Axis or "Equator". The axis of the Niche in the Queen's Chamber's east wall is 25 inches south of the Pyramid's E-W Axis and has 5 storeys. Incidentally too, the dimensions of Noah's Ark and also of the Tabernacle were all multiples of 5.

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God changed Abram's name to Abraham by the insertion of the Hebrew letter i1 (He), the 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and it had the numerical value 5. This letter is the Hebrew aspirate and corresponds to our English letter h. It



10 as well: 8,400 is a multiple of both these numbers; in fact

it contains 25 which is 5 times 5 and also 100 which is 10 times 10. The number 10, with its multiples, is particularly associated with the Millennium, the duration of which is 10 centuries or 1,000 years. The period of probation during that time is indicated in Isaiah 65: 20 as 10 decades or 100 years. We have seen that in the Great Pyramid, the Millennium is represented by the Queen's Chamber which measures 10 Royal Cubits across. In the Tabernacle of the Wilderness, the Holy of Holies or Most Holy, which symbolised the centre of Divine authority which will be in control and universally acknowledged during the Millennium, was 10 Sacred Cubits long, 10 broad and 10 high and covered an area of lOx 10 or 100 square cubits and had a cubical capacity of lOx 10 x 10, i.e., 1,000 cubic cubits. The wonderful number 8,400 is also 280 x 30. Now 280 days is the correct perfect time of human gestation. On the other hand 30 years is the normal age when not only physical but mental maturity is reached-hence Jesus was 30 years old when he offered Himself in sacrifice, was baptised and began His ministry. So it is most appropriate that the period of 8,400 years during which the Divine plan for human perfection, from its inception, through all its developments, to the complete fruition should be 280 x 30 years.

  The relationship between the complete 8,400 years of the Divine Plan of the Ages and the 2,520 years of the Seven Times' Prophecy is also noteworthy. The number 10 is the basis of all our counting and mathematics and this always has been so. Now, if we divide the 8,400 years into 10 equal sections of 840 years each, it will be found that 3 of these sections constitute the Seven Times, i.e., 2,520 years (3 X 840 = 2,520).

  Furthermore, the 8,400 years of the entire Divine Plan of Salvation is 84 centuries, whilst the Seven Times or 2,520 years is 84 prophetic "months" (84 X 30 = 2,520).

There is one very important matter in connection with this


accordingly signifies Divine inbreathing, producing life or inspiration, as the case may be. How significant therefore that the characteristic and sacred number of God's inspired monument, the Great Pyramid, is 5.


 BOOK I153

horizontal passage leading into the Queen's Chamber that must be elucidated at this juncture. Although, by symbolism and measurement, the beginning of this Queen's Chamber Passage portrays sin entering into the World by Adam and the date when that occurred and although the length of the passage reveals the duration of the period of the reign of sin and death from Adam right to the Millennium, nevertheless the ages and great events during that period are not revealed therein. The symbolism discloses that the passage represents the process of deliverance from sin and death of all who have lived since the time of Adam's transgression (5407 B.C.), but this does not take place until the Millennium.

  As left by the ancient builders, the entrance to Queen's Chamber Passage was blocked and sealed up by the stone floor of the Grand Gallery. Only by several feet of the Grand Gallery floor being torn up and thus closing that great passage can entrance be gained to the Queen's Chamber Passage and the Queen's Chamber itself. In symbol this clearly reveals that until the present Gospel Age is closed, no passing along the passage unto the Queen's Chamber is possible. As will be shown later, the final date in the upper part of the Pyramid, beyond the Grand Gallery, is the Autumnal Equinox of A.D. 1979 when the present age and World Order are due to end. But as we have already seen, this is also the precise date that is marked by the entrance into the Queen's Chamber. What a marvellous correspondency and amazing accuracy! Thus, after 1979, i.e., during the Millennium "all who are in their graves shall hear the voice of the Son of Man and come forth", i.e., all mankind shall come forth right back to those living in the time of Adam, and, symbolically, progress along the Queen's Chamber Passage until they attain to the Restitution perfection portrayed in the Queen's Chamber into which they enter-a gradual process of resurrection by discipline and

judgment (John 5: 28-29. R.V.).* This resurrection process or


 * The A.V. of John 5: 29 contains a serious mistranslation, "resurrection of damnation", which does not even make sense. The R.V. reads "resurrection of judgment".



restitution from the imperfect to the perfect state, from sinfulness to sinlessness is forcefully portrayed by the Queen's Chamber Passage in that the first portion of the passage is very low (similar height to that of the Descending Passage) so that we have to stoop heavily while going along it, representing our stooping under the burden of sin, whilst the final portion of the passage terminating at the entrance into the Queen's Chamber is high, so that an average man can walk upright, symbolising complete resurrection. The matter will be gone into fully in PYRAMIDOLOCY, Book III but suffice it to say here that the geometric height of the entrance into the Queen's Chamber is such that it actually symbolises the measure of human perfection.

  The first portion of the Queen's Chamber Passage, i.e., the low portion, is practically 6 times longer than the terminal high portion, which constitutes the final 7th of the Passage, and as 6 is recognised as a number denoting sin and human imperfection and 7 as symbolising perfection, this is highly

significant, seeing that this Passage represents the restoring of

mankind from the fallen condition to perfection during the Millennium, due to begin when Christ reveals Himself to the world by the manifestation of His presence during His Second Advent, as forcefully stated in Acts 3, 20-21: "And He shall send Jesus Christ,. whom the heaven must retain until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began." Thus the Queen's Chamber Passage is the Restitution Passage, for it symbolises the "restitution of all things" during the Millennium, i.e. the rectifying of all that has gone wrong since 5407 B.C. when Adam fell.

  lt should be realised that whilst the "First Resurrection" -that pertaining to the "Little Flock" of overcomers, the real saints-at the close of the present Age is a re-awakening to

instantaneous perfect life on the celestial plane "in a moment in the twinkling of an eye", on the other hand the second or general resurrection of all mankind is a gradual process which follows the re-

awakening from death; it is a restitution process154


K 1


(Acts 3: 21). So that, re-awakening from the dead does not always imply immediate full resurrection. Jairus' little daughter and Lazarus and also others were raised from the dead to their normal state of health, not to perfection oflife, for after a while they just died again-in other words they were not resurrected, but only re-awakened from death. The Pyramid shows that Adam in the beginning and Jesus are the only ones who have stood erect in perfection on this Earth; all the rest of humanity are born fallen.

  A study of the air-channels of the Queen's Chamber is interesting, for their very existence was unknown till as recently as A.D. 1872. "Scratched on the wall above them we read the words 'Opened 1872'. In Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid Professor C. Piazzi Smyth relates how Mr. Wayman Dixon, perceiving a crack in the south wall of the chamber, which allowed him at one place to push a wire 'to a most unconscionable length' set his man, Bill Grundy, to apply his chisel, with

the result that before long the tool went right through into a

cavity beyond. Further excavating proved the cavity to be the inner end of a neatly squared air-channel! Proceeding to the opposite wall, Mr. Dixon discovered a second channel similar to the first. The builders had actually constructed two airchannels for the Queen's Chamber, but had not carried them through into the chamber itself! They had left the last five inches uncut! That this was their set purpose is proved by the fact that the orifices were not merely plugged, for there was no

jointing, but, to quote Professor C. Piazzi Smyth, 'the thin plate

was left and a very skilfully, as well as symmetrically left, part of the grand block composing that portion of the wall on either side' ". In other words, the builders left the last 5 inches unbored. This number 5 has significance too in this connection. (Footnote, p. l50)-Great Pyramid Passages, Vol. J, p. 385, John and Morton Edgar.

  The air-channels or ventilators of the King's and Queen's Chambers respectively are different. In each case there is an air-channel from the north wall right out to the exterior of the Pyramid and another similarly from the south wall, but those



of the King's Chamber however have been open from the beginning, from the time the Pyramid was built, thus indicating that those in the higher or First Resurrection at the end of the present age will be resurrected to immediate full life, "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye" and not by a gradual restitution process as in the case of General Resurrection typified by the Queen's Chamber.

  Symbolically speaking, we do not reach the north wall of the Queen's Chamber till A.D. 1979 and then, but not till then, is there therefore the opportunity to have the closed end of the air-channel broken through and the air-channel opened. But, symbolically there will not be an opportunity to have the south air-channel opened till the south wall is reached in A.D. 2979, and then, like the King's Chamber, both air-

channels will be full open. The meaning is obvious. From 1979 onward reawakening from death can take place but it will require 1,000 years of restitution before all humanity who have come back from the dead will have attained to full resurrection to perfect life.

  Nor should it be forgotten that the representation of the burst-open rock tomb is situated at the beginning of the Queen's Chamber Passage, symbolising re-awakening from the dead. To realise how near we are today to the time of the symbolic bursting-open of the Queen's Chamber Passage, which passage symbolises re-awakening from the dead, read Daniel 12: 1-2, wherein the Prophet associates the great "time of trouble" at the now imminent end of the present age with

the re-awakening from the grave: he says". there shall be a

time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation. and many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt." But is not this in flat contradiction to Revelation 20: 5 which reads "But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection" ? There is manifestly something wrong here. How can that be the first resurrection when the previous verse, in harmony with the rest of the Bible shows the first resurrection as taking place before the 1000 years begins and those thus raised reigning with156






Christ during the said Millennium ? Yet this verse says the first resurrection is after the 1000 years are ended. Because the words "But the rest of the dead lived not again till the thousand years were finished" do not exist in some of the oldest and most reliable manuscripts and versions, many have queried the genuineness of those words. Since the A.V. was published in 1611 much older manuscripts have been dlscovered and now we have many of these and it is revealed that those disputed words are not found in over 20 of these ancient manuscripts


including the famous Sinaitic MS., and so it is clear that the

said words are spurious. So, in the original, the latter part of

verse 4, together with verse 5 of Revelation 20 read". and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. This is the first resurrection". This not only makes sense now, but it is true and in harmony with all other Biblical statements relative

to the subject.

  The existence of the spurious words in the Biblical text in common use has caused many, many students to assume erroneously that the Judgment of the Great White Throne and

raising of the dead given in the same chapter (Rev. 20: 11-13) applies to another age after the Millennium. Christ comes to reign at His Second Advent to administer justice and put matters right. What is that but judgment? Judgment is the administration of justice, hence in I Chronicles 16: 31-33 we have the Reign of Christ and the Judgment of the World of mankind synchronised-"Let the heavens be glad and let the earth rejoice: and let men say among the nations, The Lord reigneth. Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof: let the fields rejoice and all that is therein. Then shall the trees of the wood sing out at the presence of the Lord because He cometh to judge the Earth." Hence in II Peter 3: 7-8 the Day of Judgment is stated to be 1000 years, because it is synonymous with the l1illennium.

  Isaiah 2: 2 states, "And it shall come to pass in the last days [an expression that always means the closing years of the present age] that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains and shall be exalted



above the hills: and all nations shall flow unto it". Notice that the text says "all nations", not just Israel, although it is the Divine arrangement that the approach must be made through Israel, as the next verse (3) goes on to say, "And many people

shall go and say, Come ye and let us go up to the mountain of

the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob [i.e., Israel] and He will teach us of His ways and we will walk in His paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem [the Capital of Israel]. And He shall judge among the nations. " Notice too that judgment is part of the administration of the Millennial Kingdom, for the Judgment Day of 1000 years and the Reign of the Christ for

1000 years are the same period. As for the theory that the Millennium is only for Israel, how could we imagine, for a moment, all

humanity for the whole 1000 years coolly gazing upon the Israel people being delivered from all their diseases and obtaining perfect health and everlasting life as well as receiving their loved ones back from the dead in God's Kingdom, and yet not want to come into that Kingdom themselves and receive these very things that all human nature craves, especially when we call to mind that the Devil will have no

power to delude them then for he is to be bound for that 1000 years (Rev. 20: 2)! Such a situation is utterly inconceivable. Anyway, if Christ is only going to reign over Israel in the Millennium who is going to be in power over the world at large, especially when we remember that the Satanic power has been removed for that 1000 years? Daniel's prophecies of the world-empires show God's Kingdom to be the fifth: there is nothing said about a sixth power in the Millennium controlling the major part of the world and Christ only reigning over Israel. On the contrary, the fifth, God's Kingdom, on being set up is to break the others to pieces and "fill the whole earth" (Daniel 2: 34, 35). The theory that the Millennium is for Israel only is completely untenable.

  Furthermore, as we have just seen, the Pyramid reveals that during the 1000 years of the Millennium from A.D. 1979 to 2979, those coming back from the dead in that period are those158


who have lived and sinned previously right back to the year 5407 B.C., when Adam first sinned. Israelites did not even come into existence till over 3500 years after that date. Moreover, the Pyramid reveals the date A.D. 2994 as the end of the "Little Season" at the close of the Millennium. It is the final date in the Pyramid which shows it to mark the end of all

sorrow, sin, suffering and death in our World. It is the time of

the glorious consummation of the Divine Plan of Salvation, when the World is ushered into everlasting blessedness. This wonderful date A.D. 2994 is the great nexus-point between time and eternity, for humanity. There is no room between now and 2994 for another supposed age after the 1000 years' reign of Christ and the saints. The only period after the Millennium mentioned in the Bible is the "Little Season" which immediately follows and is shown by the Pyramid to last only 15 years, A.D. 2979-2994. The wonderful 7 dozens

of centuries (8400 years) of the complete Divine Plan of Salvation, beginning with Adam in 5407 B.C., end precisely at the Autumnal Equinox, A.D. 2994, when the world will be ushered into an eternity of glory.



  We shall now turn our attention to the uppermost horizontal inset comprising the King's Chamber Passage and the King's Chamber itself. The First Low Section of the Passage is composed entirely of limestone, whilst the High Central Section is mainly of red granite: the Second Low Section and the King's Chamber are entirely of red granite. On the Chart constituting the Frontispiece, the granite is shown as filled-in in black. This is the only granite in the Pyramid (except the Granite Plug near the entrance of the First Ascending Passage). In the ancient Egyptian texts, this granite section is alluded to as the Secret House and was regarded as an inner sanctuary. It is a building within a building, a granite "house"

within the solid limestone of the Pyramid. It is an entity, a separate structure of different material and built according to a geometric design complete in itself and forming a complete

pattern of symbolism in itself. As the King's and Queen's Chambers constitute the finalities of the Pyramid's interior system and accordingly represent the "new heavens" and "new earth", respectively, of the New Order that is to remain for all time, the King's Chamber is accordingly the upper one and constructed of a superior stone-granite. The open tomb, the empty granite sarcophagus in the entirely granite surroundings of the King's Chamber fittingly portrays the First Resurrection in which the participants receive "Divine nature" with celestial bodies (I Corinthians 15: 40) "fashioned like unto His glorious body" (Philippians 3: 21) with "glory, honour and immortality" -bodies suitable to the "new heavens". Such will be the Christ (Head and Body) who will control the "new earth", or terrestrial phase of the Kingdom of God represented by the lower chamber, the limestone Queen's Chamber. The powers of the "new heavens" are thus celestial, immortal and infinite and are not limited by time or space, hence chronological scales are not applicable to the granite section of the Pyramid although they are applicable in the limestone in the Pyramid's interior. In this inset of the Pyramid therefore, chronology exists as far as the limestone goes but no further.

  The central and lowermost horizontal insets, as we have seen, are comparatively simple and straightforward to study. This uppermost horizontal inset however is much more involved and takes considerably more study. It was the last part of the Pyramid's interior system to be properly understood even in outline. In order to obtain the solution it is essential to emphasise the very important principle stated in the previous paragraph. The whole of the interior system of passages and chambers in the Pyramid is of limestone and is all laid out according to chronological scales, except the Secret House of red granitethe King's Chamber and its granite approaches-which occupies by far the greater part of this uppermost inset we have now under review. It is futile to apply chronological scales tothat which symbolises the immortal and infinite. All attempts to do so in the past and all chronological prognostications based on such have failed.

So far as chronology is concerned, we are therefore limited160




to the short limestone section at the beginning of this Pyramid inset. On examination we find that the limestone of the floor extends for more than 13 inches beyond what it does on the roof; beyond these two points we do not encounter any more limestone on the floor or roof respectively, only red granite.

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As we have already observed, single steps are introduced at insets in order to provide the geometric data that reveal the respective scales of the insets, in those cases where a different scale from that of the general chronograph is employed. We have noted that in the case of the central inset, the step therein is a simple drop from one horizontal plane to another and the measurement of the drop itself supplies the unit that forms the basis of the scale. The step applicable to the uppermost inset however is much more involved. It is much larger, being nearly 3 feet high, and is usually known as the Great Step. It is not actually within the inset itself, but protrudes from it back into the Grand Gallery, hence it has to be climbed in order to gain access to the King's Chamber Passage.

  Whilst the Step in the Queen's Chamber Passage is in the passage itself, the Great Step is situated immediately in front of

the entrance into the King's Chamber Passage. One of the several reasons for this is that the King's Chamber Passage, unlike any other, is mostly granite, hence non-chronological, and so the only section to which a chronological scale could apply

is the short limestone part right at the beginning. Hence the appropriateness of the Great Step (which supplies the chronological scale) being in front of the entrance and not in the King's Chamber Passage itself.

  A diagram of the Great Step will be found on page 162. It will be observed that the produced horizontal fl90r CD of the inset overlaps the sloping floor-line AB of the Grand Gallery. The purpose of this is to give us the relative proportion of the new scale in the inset to the general scale of the Pyramid (as found in the Grand Gallery), namely, as AB to CD.*

  * Various theories regarding the Great Step will be dealt with in PYRAMID.

 OLOey, Book V.




Tumbled CASING STONE at foot of GREAT PYRAMID Note the angle of the face



 BOOK I 161

  The riser or front of the Great Step has become tilted towards the South to a considerable extent through the long ages. But the measurements of this Great Step must of course be taken according to the restored position, i.e., reckoning for the block of stone comprising the step being pulled back northward at the top to its original position of verticality. The original height of AD, the riser of the step, is 35.76 Pyramid inches, (which measurement is the Expansion Factor of the Great Pyramid). * This riser of the Great Step is precisely in the vertical plane of the Pyramid's East-West axis and hence defines the Great Pyramid's latitude, which is 29° 58' 51" N. The apex of the Pyramid is of course in the same plane. The original length of CD (i.e., the top surface of the step) measures 61.625+ inches, that is, almost exactly 61-§- inches and consequently, by calculation, that of AB is 68.743 inches-the vertical alignment BC (the end of the Grand Gallery) defining the date, Summer Solstice 1914, on the inch-year scale.

  At this juncture we must apply the very important principle that a step that drops reveals a decrease in scale (as in the central horizontal inset) whilst a step that rises represents an increase, i.e., an enlargement of scale from that of the general

 * The Great Pyramid's Expansion Factor is a positive quantity, 35.76 inches, whilst its Contraction Factor is a negative quantity-35.76 inches. Similarly, the Rectification Factor is positive, 286.1 inches, whilst the Displacement Factor is negative-286.l inches. The Displacement Factor is revealed, in one instance, in the Pyramid's base, as is also the Contraction Factor. The Rectification Factor, on the other hand, is manifest in the excess of the height of the Grand Gallery roof over that of the First Ascending Passage roof. The Expansion Factor is displayed in the height of the Great Step (AD on the diagram, page 162)

 The Displacement Factor (Le Deplacement Caracteristique) was discovered and named by the Belgian astronomer Prof. Charles Lagrange of Brussels over 70 years ago and was further elucidated by David Davidson during the third decade of the present century. It was the discovery of the Displacement Factor that led to the discovery of the other Factors mentioned above.

 The Displacement Factor in the first instance is the extent to which the entire passage system is displaced (to the East) from the Pyramid's north-south axis, i.e. 286.1 inches. The Contraction Factor is, in the first place, the extent of the hollowing-in of the core masonry in the centre of each of the Pyramid's four sides at the base, namely, 35.76 inches, according to the geometric construction.

 These terms and their application and significance are dealt with fully in PTRAMIDOLOGT, Book II-The Glory of Christ as revealed by the Great Pyramid.




 BOOK I 163

 chronograph. Now in the proportion of the scales that we have

just observed, represented by AB and CD, it will be seen from

the diagram that AB is the larger one, so therefore the ratio of

the new inset scale to the general inch-year scale is as AB to CD, for the Great Step is a rising step. As the true angle of the Grand Gallery and all sloping passages in the Pyramid is 26° 18' 9.7", a very simple mathematical calculation shows the proportion AB: CD to be as 1.11549 to 1. This proportion holds good however long or however short the vertical overlap of the respective produced floor-lines may be. It is very important always to remember that the scale of the Pyramid's general chronograph as portrayed on the main long sloping passages is an inch to a year at the angle oj the passages only and not at any other angle or on the horizontal. So the scale of the inset in question is 1.11549 inches to a year on a slope of equal angle to that of the main passages, 26° 18' 9.7". But the inset is not constructed at that slope: it is laid out on the horizontal, therefore the scale must be projected on to the horizontal, which means in effect that a year on the horizontal would be represented by exactly one pyramid inch; so the scale of this inset can be expressed as 1 inch = 1 year on the horizontal.

  Now, at the end ofthe limestone floor of the inset, we not only step on to granite, but right in front of our face and fixed right across the Passage is the double slab of granite, usually called the Granite Leaf, on which is geometrically exhibited the Sacred Cubit (the ten-millionth part of the Earth's Polar radius) which, there is every evidence to indicate, was first given to Enoch under inspiration long centuries before, the same being used by Noah in building the Ark and also, long afterwards, by Moses in the construction of the Tabernacle.

It is impossible to proceed further in the inner "Granite House" without first of all bowing under the slab bearing the Sacred Cubit, the Divine Standard. The symbolism is surely clear that when the end of the limestone floor is reached, it is necessary thus to bow under the granite Divine standard to proceed further. This represents the time when the Divine administration takes over and the Divine Standard, the Divine Laws, put in164

 operation. In other words, this is the inauguration of the Millennium, when the reigning Christ and his faithful over

comers take control and when He as the reigning "Prince of Peace" begins to bring into force the Divine Law and standard with all the resultant blessing, peace and love.

 It is iDlportant to realise that when we step off the liDlestone on to the granite we enter a separate new building within the structure of the Great PyraDlid itself, naDlely, the granite "Secret House", sYDlbolising the entry into the new Divine adDlinistration, the New JerusaleDl of Revelation 21.

 From the Queen's Chamber symbolism and measurement we have already learnt what the date of the beginning of the Millennium is, but let us forget that for the moment and put the matter to an entirely independent test here, where it is shown from a different viewpoint and arrived at by an altogether different scale. As pointed out earlier in this work, the date marked by the end of the Grand Gallery in the general chronograph is A.D. 1914 when according to Bible prophecy the Times of the Gentiles ended and the dissolution with its attendant world chaos was due to begin, the first phase being World War I. This then is our datum-line for the inset and the scale we now know is an inch to a year on the horizontal. The limestone floor, at the end of which the inauguration of the Millennial regime is portrayed is 65.256 inches in length, representing therefore 65.256 years. Now 65.256 years after the Summer Solstice A.D. 1914 brings us to the Autumnal Equinox A.D. 1979 as the date of the beginning of the Millennium, the identical date revealed independently by the central inset. It will be recalled that the

date of the end of the Millennium, A.D. 2979 is also revealed in the Great Pyramid in two separate places, by two different scales, from two different aspects. Hence the dating of the Millenium is defined four times in the Pyramid.

  As already mentioned, the front or riser of the Great Step is precisely in alignment with the Pyramid's east-west axis. The vertical plane of the east-west axis of the Great Pyramid of course runs due east and west, parallel to the Earth's equator




and divides the Pyramid into two halves-a northern half and a southern half. It is, as it were, the Great Pyramid's "equator". It also cuts the Queen's Chamber exactly in two, with northern and southern halves, as the apex line of the Chamber's gable roof lies precisely along the Pyramid's axis. On this point Sir Flinders Petrie states, "It may, therefore, be taken as intended that the face of this step, and the transition from sloping to horizontal surfaces, signalises the transit from the Northern

to the Southern half of the Pyramid. This same mid-plane of the Pyramid being also signalised by the mid-plane of the Queen's Chamber" (Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh, p. 74 Edition 1883).

  At any point on the Earth's equator, at the equinoxes, the sun rises due east and moves across the sky directly over the equator the entire day and sets due west. Hence it is remarkable, and yet appropriate, that wherever the vertical plane of the Pyramid's "equator" intersects a passage or chamber, it does so

at a point chronologically marking the Autumnal Equinox of a

year in every case, irrespective of what the chronological scale is-see diagram on page 167. It intersects the Grand Gallery at the riser of the Step and the date so defined is the Autumnal Equinox (September 23rd) A.D. 1845. Then it cuts through the apex of the gable roof and centre line of the floor of the Queen's Chamber, the date defined thereat being the Autumnal Equinox A.D. 2479, the central date of the Millennium. Finally, the Pyramid's east-west axis or "equator" crosses the lowermost section of the passage system at a point in the horizontal Subterranean Chamber Passage marking the date, the Autumnal Equinox, A.D. 1860. Irrespective of whether or not these years, 1845, 1860 and 2479 have any special significance in themselves, the point of significance in this connection is that the intersection of passages and chambers by the plane of the Pyram.id's east-west axis is always at a point m.arking the Autum.nal Equinox, whatever the year and whatever the chronological scale involved.

  It is an interesting fact, too, that at noon on the equinoxes, to an observer standing at the centre of the Great Pyramid's



northern side at the base and looking up, the sun would appear

as resting on the summit of the Pyramid.

  The Autumnal Equinox was regarded with great sanctity by the ancient peoples. In earliest Bible times the beginning of

the year was regulated by it. In the ancient Egyptian texts it was associated with the primeval Paradise, whilst co-ordination of Pyramid, Biblical and astronomical data indicate the Autumnal Equinox as the day of Adam's appearance in Eden. This doubtless explains the high sanctity of that day in earliest recorded times.

  The distance from the foot of the Great Step to the end of the Grand Gallery, as measured at the slope of the Passage, is, as we have already seen, 68.743 Pyramid inches, chronologically representing 68.743 years. As the front of the Step defines the Autumnal Equinox, 23rd September 1845, the end of the Grand Gallery 68.743 years later therefore marks the date 22nd

June 1914, i.e., the Summer Solstice of the year 1914. (In most years the Summer Solstice falls on June 21st, but in 1914it fell on June 22nd as can be verified by reference to astronomical tables.)

  It is highly significant that the Grand Gallery chronologically ends at the Summer Solstice of 1914, for the high spectacular corbelled south wall, forming a magnificent lofty arch over the exit at the end of the Grand Gallery, is alluded to in the ancient Egyptian texts ofthe period as "The Royal Arch of the Solstice" (as stated by the eminent Oxford Egyptologist, W. Marsham Adams in Book of the Master of the Hidden Places).

  As shown in Chapter VIII, the "Times of the Gentiles" is in the nature of a lease ending in A.D. 1914. Its expiry in 1914 means that at that date the appointed time had come for Christ to begin to take action for the setting up of His Millennial Kingdom. That is to say that then action was due to begin with regard to three matters:

(1) The breaking down of the Old Gentile Order.

(2) Steps due to be taken for the deliverance of Jerusalem.

(3) Preparations for the setting-up of the "New Heavens"

 preparatory to the extablishment of the "New Earth" under

 Israel, for the "Heavens" control the "Earth".BOOK 169

  First, as the allotted "Seven Times" or "Times of the Gentiles" (2520 years) actually expired at the Summer Solstice, 22nd June 1914 we should expect to see immediate developments thereafter towards the disintegration of the Old Order and witness the first steps in "the beginning of sorrows". Sure enough, within a week (June 28th) the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, took place and this has been described many times as "the first shot in the First World War" for it was the match that kindled the world conflagration. In fact all detailed diaries of World War I begin with the date 28th June, 1914, and then follow with the dates of the rapid developments leading to the first actual declaration of war. These developments were as follows:

A.D. 1914

 June 28th Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian

throne assassinated at Serajevo.

" 30th Austrian dispatch to Serbia wanting "thorough reckoning" with Serbs. The Kaiser of Germany endorsed this dispatch with the words "Now or Never" !

July 5th Potsdam Conference. Kaiser promised unconditional German support for Austrian action against Serbia.

" 6th Germany and Austria take preparatory war meas

 ures. Warships ordered to await instructions.

" 7th Principle of ultimatum to Serbia adopted by


" 9th Austro-Hungarian press campaign against Serbia.

 " 10th Austria contemplated "addressing to Serbia an

inacceptable formula with 48 hours' time limit, so that Serbia might not have time effectively to consult Russia".

" 12th Austrian military movements on the frontiers of

 Serbia and Russia.170 PYRAMIDOLOGY A.D. 1914

 July 13th President Poincare of France sets out to visit Czar

 of Russia.

" 14th Two German High Sea Squadrons set out from


" 19th Final Draft of Austrian Note to Serbia approved.

 " 23rd Austrian Note approved by Germany, sent to

Serbia. Time limit to expire at 6 p.m. on July 25th. German Minister at Stockholm instructed to inform Swedish Government that war was imminent between Germany and Russia in connection with the Austro-

Serbian conflict and that Sweden might discern how grave was the moment in her own destiny also.

" 24th Great Britain proposed 4-power mediation. Serbia

 appealed to Russia.

 " 25th Serbian reply received to Austrian Note, con

 ciliatory but not unconditional acceptance. Austria

 and Serbia mobilise.

" 26th Austria mobilised on Russian frontier. Montenegro

 ordered mobilisation.

 " 27th Emperor of Austria (Francis Joseph) urged to

 declare war immediately on Serbia in order to

 forestall Triple Entente's efforts.

" 28th Austria declared war on Serbia.

 " 30th Kaiser instructed Chancellor, in event of war with

Britain, to inflame the Mohammedan world against Britain, so that Britain would at least lose India, even if Germany bled to death.

Aug. 1st. Germany declared war on Russia. Belgium mobilised. Germany demanded right of way from Belgium. Reply required within 12 hours. Turkey signed treaty with Germany.

 BOOK I 171

A.D. 1914

Aug. 3rd Germany declared war on France. Belgium rejected German ultimatum. Luxembourg invaded by VI lIth German Army Corps.

" 4th Britain demanded assurance from Germany by 11 p.m. G.M.T. (that is, midnight by Berlin time) that the neutrality of Belgium would be respected. No reply received.

Great Britain declared war on Germany.

" 5th Montenegro declared war on Austria-Hungary.

" 12th France declared war on Austria-Hungary.

Britain declared war on Austria-Hungary.

 " 23rd Japan declared war on Germany.

Nov. 5th Britain declared war on Turkey, the age-long oppressor of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, which were

 delivered by this war.

Subsequently a good many more nations in Europe, Asia and America joined the War in 1915, 1916 and 1917.*

  Then, secondly, Jesus said 'Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled" (Luke 21: 24). Accordingly, when the Times of the Gentiles

ended, then right on time on November 5th of that year of

destiny 1914, Britain declared war on the last age-long oppressor of Jerusalem, namely Turkey, and, after three years of fighting, delivered the city in 1917 in the precise manner foretold in Isaiah 31: 5 (details of which are given on pp. 122-3). Not only did Great Britain bring to an end Jerusalem's long oppression, but actually took part in its subsequent restoration and today

Jerusalem is again the Capital of the country and is a large, rapidly growing, prosperous city, notwithstanding that the small old part is still in Arab hands. However, after the coming

 * For detailed information see The Times Diary and Index of World War I, from which the above was mainly culled.172



Armageddon trouble, a still greater prosperity awaitsJermalem, when she will become the seat of Messiah's throne and government and Capital of the World.

  Thirdly, the dominating symbolism of the lofty Grand Gallery appropriately pertains to the "High Calling" of the "Little Flock" of overcoming Christians who are promised to be raised in the First Resurrection in the End of the Age and subsequently to reign with Christ. Hence the fact that the Grand Gallery ends and entry into the King's Chamber Passage is gained at the Summer Solstice of A.D. 1914 dearly reveals a completely new development in regard to the highly honoured "Little Flock" at that date. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth : Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; for their works follow with them". "Happy are the dead who die in the Lord from now on: Yes, happy, says the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours, and their works accompany them"-

Revelation 14: 13. ("He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.") In the ancient Egyptian texts of the period, the King's Chamber Passage is referred to as "The Passage of the Veil" and the King's Chamber itself as "The Chamber of Resurrection". The name "The Passage of the Veil" calls to mind our present expression, "Passing beyond the Veil", i.e., passing into the immortal life.

  As the Queen's Chamber Passage represents the process by which entry into the Queen's Chamber is gained, so likewise the King's Chamber Passage symbolises that by which entry into the King's Chamber is attained, the latter revealing the passing of the members of the Body of Christ into the immortal celestial

life in the end of the present Age, prior to the Millennium, whilst the former portrays the restoring of humanity from sin and imperfection to everlasting terrestrial life in its perfection, during the Millennium.

  At the time of the Annunciation at the Winter Solstice of

3 B.C., when Jesus left the heavenly glory to come down to Earth to suffer and die, the sun was at its lowest point in the heavens. At the Summer Solstice of A.D. 1914 the sun was at its highest point in the heavens. This is significant, for the sun

is symbolical of "the Sun of Righteousness", Christ (Malachi 4: 2).

 From all the above data it will be seen that A.D. 1914 is a much more important date in the Divine Plan than has been generally realised.

 Now, in the King's Chamber Passage beyond the end of the Grand Gallery, the beginning of the red granite roof of the "Ante-

Chamber" overlaps the end of the limestone floor to the extent of fully 13 inches. For reasons already given there is no chronology portrayed in the red granite of the Pyramid, but there is in the limestone structure. The scale in operation on the limestone floor of this inset is: 1 inch = 1 year (horizontal). As the end of the limestone floor marks the date 1979, the point marking the beginning of the overlapping granite roof over the limestone, therefore represents a date 13 years prior to 1979 on the limestone viz., A.D. 1966. In all other parts of the Pyramid's interior it is comparatively easy to interpret the symbolism and chronology because everything is limestone, but where we encounter red granite and in symbol are contacting the Divine immortal and infinite it is much more difficult, for we are dealing with matters in the celestial realm beyond the reach of our five senses. Happenings in the celestial sphere can have immediate and tremendous repercussions on the earthly plane; on the other hand, colossal things can happen in that realm which would be quite imperceptible to mankind.

  However, as the heavens control the earth, in both the literal and symbolic applications, and as both "the new heavens" and "the new earth" of the New Order are going to be under

Divine administration, "the new heavens" must therefore be ready to function first. Therefore we should expect various preparations in that realm some years prior to the inauguration of the Millennium. Hence it is also reasonable to think that this granite roof in question has some connection with that "new heaven" of the Divine administration. What will be the immediate effects upon the earth or whether these will be immediately perceptable or not in 1966, we of course do not know. Nevertheless, it is evident that what is symbolised has174




something to do with the footstep followers of Jesus Christ as these are promised a high celestial reward and a place in "the new heavens" (I Corinthians 15: 40, 44,48-52). So, in regard to the period 1966-1979 the footstep followers of Jesus would do well to pay special heed to the Saviour's words, "Be ye therefore ready", for the final glorification of the Church, the Body of Christ, is at hand.*

  In the Bible each of the great Orders in World history is spoken of symbolically as a "world" comprising "a heavens and an earth". The constitution during the ages before the Flood is called "the world that then was" (II Peter 3: 6) whilst the present Order, now being smashed, is termed "this present evil world" (Galatians 1: 4), and the permanent New Order soon to be established is called "the world to come" (Hebrews 2: 5). This metaphorical use of the word "world" is not confined to the Bible; we have the same in modern English. For example, the late British Premier, the Rt. Hon. Ramsay MacDonald said, "There is nothing less than a world crumbling beneath our feet". He was, of course, referring to the crumbling of the Old Order of 1914.

  Just as in the literal physical world we have the earth with the heavens (atmosphere, etc.) above it, so likewise in Scripture each of the three great "worlds" or Orders of human history is also symbolically termed "a heavens and earth". In the third chapter of II Peter the archaic Order or First World is also referred to as the heavens and earth that "were of old", but the Second World "this present evil world" is spoken of as "the heavens and the earth which are now", whilst the Third World or New Order is called the "new heavens and new earth". Our planet, the Earth, is, of course, the scene of all the three "worlds" or orders. The symbolic "heavens" relate to the spirit controlling powers (good or evil) whilst the symbolical "earth" pertains to human society as organised under the

 * The combined length of the two low sections of the King's Chamber Passage is 153 inches (52 + 101 = 153). That 153 is also the precise number offish caught in the great draught mentioned in John 21: II undoubtedly indicates a symbolic connection. The length of the lofty roof of the Grand Gallery is 1836 Pyramid inches, which is precisely 12 times 153.



influence of such controlling powers. This is very plainly shown in the Bible, for during "this present evil world" the Devil is declared to be "the prince of the power of the air" that is, the "heavens"; he is called "the god of this world" also "the prince of this world". In harmony with this the Apostle Paul says "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places". Evidently the Devil and his associate demons comprise the "heavens" of "this present evil world". The corresponding "earth" is represented in human society as organised by the dominating empires of history culminating in the great aggressive powers of today. This view helps to explain some matters otherwise mysterious. It is almost incredible that any human beings, however depraved, would of their own free will, deliberately plan mass atrocities of the most bestial type such as the villainous Hitlerite Government introduced. Surely they were goaded on by the demon influence of which the Apostle Paul spoke.

  If the New Order is to be successful and permanent, it is obvious that the present "heavens" as well as the present "earth" must be overthrown, and it was to this that Jesus referred when he said "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away" (Luke 21: 33). The Apostle

Peter says "the heavens" shall go on fire and pass away with a

great noise and that "the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up" (II Peter 3: 10, 12). This great "world" break-up is now going on before our eyes. How appropriate was the headline "The World on Fire" which appeared in some of our newspapers during the last war. In Zephaniah 3: 8-9, God says, "Therefore wait ye upon me saith the Lord, until the day that I rise up to the prey! for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger; for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy. For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve Him with one consent". Notice that it is the social "earth", i.e., the evil organised176


systems, that are to be devoured by the fire of God's righteous indignation which will sweep the whole earth, whilst the people will be so completely delivered from oppression that they will

ultimately all worship God "with one consent". Evidently a great unprecedented world-wide reformation and revival lie ahead in the not far distant future.

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It is beyond the power of man to dislodge the present wicked "heavens" and it is equally beyond the power of man to establish "the new heavens", hence we are absolutely dependent upon God for the success of the New Order. In marked distinction to the "heavens" of the first "world" in the ages before the Flood and to that of the second "world" "this present evil world", the "heavens" of the third "world" or New Order now imminent are to be grand beyond human description. In II Corinthians 12: 1-4 it is recorded by the Apostle Paul that, in vision, he was carried down the ages and "caught up to the third heaven" that is to say, "the heaven" of the third "world". Paul was thereby given a glimpse of the splendour of the "new heavens" as set up by Christ Himself; no wonder he was unable to describe or reveal the glories he beheld!

 We shall now trace the Divine preparation for both phases of the New Order, namely "the new heavens" and "the new earth". As Satan, the Chief of the present Order is to be overthrown, the Pyramid reveals, as we have seen, that Jesus Christ is the only one eligible to be Head of the New Order. The

Pyramid's Rectification Factor* discloses that Jesus is the only one able to bring mankind back into harmony with the Divine will, and that in due time He will be exalted as the symbolic "Top-Stone" or "Head-

Stone" to whom all shall be subservient "both which are in heaven and which are on earth"-Ephesians 1: 10. We observed, too, that at the beginning of the Grand Gallery it is revealed that Christ "rose again for our justification" whilst Jesus Himself, after his resurrection, declared" All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth" to be manifested "in the dispensation of the fulness of times".


* This is fully elucidated in PTRAMIDOLOCT, Book II.

  The Grand Gallery with the King's Chamber Passage and King's Chamber that follow relate to the Divine preparation of the governmental


parties for the New Order and their installation into office. The Grand Gallery is divided into two distinct portions, an upper and a lower, each with its separate, though related, symbolism. Throughout the entire length of

this 28-feet high Gallery, there is cut a 6-inch wide groove, midway between the floor and roof, on each side wall. This structural feature at once suggests a sliding partition between the upper and lower portions. The height of the roof of the Grand Gallery exceeds that of the First Ascending Passage to the extent of the Rectification Factor, as has already been men-

tioned, whilst the height of the "partition" grooves exceeds it by a distance equal to the diameter of the year-circle (the circle having a circumference


of the same number of Pyramid inches as there are days in the solar year). This precise geometric dimension (y -7- 1r = 116.26 Pyramid inches) in Pyramid symbology is always associated with celestial, spiritual or heavenly matters as distinguished from that which is purely terrestrial. The fact that the "floor" of this higher half of the Grand Gallery is lifted up to the extent of the diameter of the "Celestial Circle" indicates that this upper portion relates to a heavenly call in connection with the Divine preparation for the heavens of the New Order, and this is completely confirmed by the Scriptures. Just as the Devil and his associate demons comprise "the heavens" of the Old Order now ending, so also the Bible makes it clear that in "the new heavens" of the New Order, Christ the Head will also have associates with Him in that great office. Jesus Himself has promised his faithful footstep followers that they shall be exalted along with Him in His high office and share with Him in all His glory and work as "the new heavens", whose function it will be to guide, reconstruct and restore human affairs, the social earth, with such satisfaction and perfection as to bring about ultimately the fulfilment of the Lord's Prayer "Thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven". In view of this, how significant are the statements recorded in

the third chapter of Galatians, "If ye be Christ's, then are ye M178






Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise. in thee shall all nations be blessed" (verses 7, 8, 29). 0 what a change when the Devil with his demons are overthrown, and Christ with the saints are in full power! Not only is Jesus spoken of as the great Head and King of "the new heavens and new earth" but He is also stated to be the great Judge of the World (John 5: 22), and to show how intimately the saints will be associated

with Christ and how high their exaltation in the "heavens" of the New Order, the Bible plainly says not only that the saints shall likewise judge the world but that they shall even judge angels, too. "Know ye not that the saints shall judge the world" and also "judge angels" (I Corinthians 6: 2-3).

  What constitutes the difference between a saint and a

believer? In Psa. 50: 5 the Lord, speaking prophetically, says: "Gather My saints together unto Me, those that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice." The Apostle Paul calls upon

those who are already believers (Brethren) to make a covenant of sacrifice with God; he says: "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service" (Rom. 12: 1). Through our faith in the merit of the Ransom Sacrifice of Jesus to cover all our imperfections and blemishes God can accept the sacrifice of ourselves as perfect and holy. So, in God's sight, the saints die a sacrificial death, as did Jesus. That is why the Scriptures speak of the saints as being "planted together in the likeness of His death"

(Rom. 6: 5). Hence it is written, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints" (Psa. 116: 15). A believer is one who has accepted Christ as his personal Saviour. A saint is a

believer who has taken a further step, and has covenanted with God to present his body a living sacrifice and to walk in the footsteps of Christ even unto death, and who is faithfully carrying out that covenant of sacrifice.

  The saints are called "to follow in His steps". This is the "High Calling of God in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 3: 14). The difficult, thorny path trodden by the saints throughout the age now dosing is termed the Narrow Way (Matt. 7: 14; Luke 13: 23-24), in contradistinction to the Highway (Isa. 35: 8), which will be opened up during the Millennial Age now at hand and whereon "the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err" and wherein "sorrow and sighing shall flee away" (Isa. 35: 8-10; Rev. 21: 3-4). The Apostle Peter (in II Peter 1: 9-10) points out that for the saints to make their calling and election sure, it is absolutely necessary for them, in the present life, to develop a strong and lovely Christian character adorned with all the heavenly graces (II Peter 1: 5-7). The development of love is specially emphasised throughout the New Testament. "God is love" (I John 4: 8). He loves the world of mankind, hence those whom He shall appoint to "judge the world"

(I Cor. 6: 2) must of necessity be themselves rarest examples of all that is loving and kind and just. Therefore the Apostle Paul says if he had the tongues of angels, understood all mysteries, had all faith, gave all his goods to the poor, and even gave his body to be burned, and had not love, it would profit him nothing.

  Therefore the great work of the saints all down the Age has been the development of a Christlike character, so that when they "shall sit with Christ upon His throne" they may rule the World with the same compassionate love and long-suffering mercy with which the Saviour Himself shall rule. So we see that God is preparing and training a select body of saints for this glorious work of the future.

  Because the saints walk so closely in the footsteps of our Lord and because of the Lord's surpassing love and care over the saints, many pictures and illustrations are employed in the Bible in order adequately to portray this close relationship and oneness.

  Our Lord Jesus and the Church (the saints) constitute the great Christ (the Anointed). "For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body; so also is Christ" (I Cor. 12: 12). Thus we read of "the Church, which is His body" (Eph. 1: 22-23).

  To believers who make this covenant of sacrifice and are "faithful unto death" there is promised a very great reward. The Scriptures say, "If ye be planted in the likeness of His death, so shall ye also be in the likeness of His resurrection."

Concerning Christ, it is written, "God hath highly exalted Him far above angels, principalities and powers and every name that is named" and that "He is sat down on the right hand of God in the majesty on High." But are we to understand that the saints when "raised in the likeness of His resurrection" are to be likewise exalted? Christ Himself says so, "Ye shall sit with me in my throne, even as I am set down with my Father in His throne."

  In this World, the saints "suffer with Him". Because they share His sufferings here, it is promised that they shall also share His glory hereafter. Hearken to the "exceeding great and precious promises" to that effect; "If we suffer, we shall also reign with Him" (II Tim. 2: 12). "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me on My Throne" (Rev. 3: 21). "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom" (Luke 12: 32). The saints shall share with Christ in all His glory and work. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ comes to reign as Earth's Great King, but the saints shall "sit with Him upon His Throne" and "reign with Him". He also comes as Earth's Great Judge, but the saints shall take part in that work also (I Cor. 6: 2-3).

  It is clear, therefore, that the saints, the Body of Christ, are to receive a very much higher reward than the great mass of believers in general, but the standard to be attained in the case of the saints is correspondingly very much higher, and comparatively few ever reach it- only "a little flock" will "sit with Him upon His Throne", in comparison with the "great multitude" that worship before the throne of God (Rev. 7: 9-10).

The fact that "the little flock" are to reign with Christ and share with Him in His glorious office as King of the All-the-World Empire of Israel during the Millennium explains why the resurrection and glorification of the saints is always spoken of in the Scriptures as taking place at the end of this age before the Millennial regime is inaugurated and hence theirs is called "The First Resurrection" (Rev. 20: 6).

  Seeing that Christ is to be the great King and Judge of both the "new heaven" and the "new earth" and that the saints are to be associated with him in the jurisdiction both of terrestrial beings (mankind) and celestial (the angelic hosts) this necessitates that the saints, like Christ Himself, also be raised in a celestial resurrection and given powers far above the human and the angelic also, and furthermore that this take place right at the outset of the inauguration of the New Order. And both the Bible and the Pyramid clearly show that this is precisely what will take place. Concerning Christ it is written, "God hath highly exalted Him far above angels, principalities and powers and every name that is named" and that "He is sat down on the right hand of God in the majesty on High". Whilst concerning the overcoming saints it is written that they "shall be in the likeness of His resurrection" "fashioned like unto His glorious body".

  The Apostle Paul, speaking of "the resurrection of the dead" in I Corinthians 15, says, "There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial; but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another". "As is the earthy [terrestrial] such are they also that are earthy; and as is the heavenly [celestial] such are they also that are heavenly. And as we [the saints] have borne the image of the earthy [in this life] we shall also bear the image of the heavenly [in the resurrection)." In harmony with this the Book of Revelation speaks of two resurrections, the first being the celestial or heavenly resurrection-that of the saints-whilst the second at a later period is the general resurrection of the world of mankind-the terrestrial resurrection. Regarding the heavenly resurrection of the saints and their high exaltation with Christ in the "heavens" of the "New world", Revelation 20: 6, proclaims, "Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years". So, concerning the inauguration of the New Order wherein Christ and the saints come into control, the Prophet Daniel declares

"And the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom", whilst Jesus said, "Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom". So herein is the destiny





of the true church- the "Little Flock" of overcoming saints out of all nations-called to be "heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ" in the everlasting World-Kingdom of Israel, for the blessing of all humanity.

 In the present age now closing it has been the Divine purpose to callout and develop into Christlikeness the footstep followers of Jesus, the Saints, the Body of Christ, with a view to exalting them in the First Resurrection as suitable rulers, with Christ, over the world of mankind in the next age, the Millennium, in order that they shall gradually restore humanity, whosoever will, to Edenic perfection in those "times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began" (Acts 3: 20-21). So, as Galations 3: 29 declares, "And if ye be Christ's then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise, In thee shall all nations be blessed" (Verse 8).

  The Christ "shall reign over the House of Jacob for ever; and of His Kingdom there shall be no end" (Luke 1: 33). Whilst the Top-Stone of the Great Pyramid represents the Lord Jesus Christ personally, the complete pyramidal Crown represents the entire Christ, Head and Body, exalted and sitting on "the throne of the LORD" in the coming Kingdom of God.

  In the present dispensation God has thus been calling, training and preparing the saints as prospective members in "the new heavens" of the New Order, and it is from this point of view that the Apostle Paul says that the saints "have been quickened together with Christ and made sit together in heavenly places". Hence, as we said, this call of the saints is termed "the heavenly calling" and "the high calling". The Greek word which is translated "church" in our English Bibles is ekklesia and means "that which is called out". So the election of the true church must be completed, and the elect themselves exalted to office in the First Resurrection at the end of the present age before the New Order can be fully inaugurated and the promised blessing and uplift of all nations begin. Thus the destiny of the true church, the true saints under Christ their Head is to function as the "new heavens" of the New Order or "world to come" "world without end". The setting-up of "the new heavens" at the end of this present age is beautifully portrayed in the structural arrangements beyond the Grand Gallery in the Pyramid.

  In the ancient Egyptian texts the King's Chamber was alluded to as "The Chamber of the Resurrection" (and also as "The Chamber of the Open Tomb") for in it stands the Granite Coffer, which is in reality a large empty stone coffin without a lid. The ancient Egyptians of the Pyramid period, on observing what was a big empty lidless granite sarcophagus being placed in the Pyramid's crowning chamber, the King's Chamber, while under construction, concluded, and rightly so, that it symbolised resurrection, but naturally they misapplied it to a local deity-the deified Osiris-instead of to Christ and the risen saints of an age then in the far-distant future. Speaking of the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians regarding the Pyramid, W. Marsham Adams, in his work The Book of the Master of the Hidden Places (1933 edition) p. 41, says, "In truth, the Great Pyramid is the House of a Tomb; but it is not a closed but an open tomb. It is the tomb. not of the dead, but of the risen".

  It is remarkable, too, that this Coffer in the King's Chamber is the same size, in its interior capacity, as was the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies in the original Hebrew Temple at Jerusalem.

* It will be recalled that it was from the top of the

 *The wonderful mathematical design of the King's Chamber is revealed by what is known as the Simpson Proportions, named after their discoverer, James Simpson of Edinburgh, Scotland and these will be found elucidated in detail in PYRAMIDOLOCr, Book IV; but, in brief, they reveal that the sum of the squares of all the seven dimensions (rectangular and diagonal) of the Chamber equal 100 units, where the unit is 5 Royal Cubits.

The dimensions of the King's Chamber are as foIlows:

 (correct to 3 decimal places)

 Length 412.132 - Pyramid inches

 Breadth 206.066 - " "

 Height 230.389 - " "

 Floor Diagonal 460.777 + " "

 Side" 472.156 + " "

 End " 309.099 - " "

 Solid" 515.165 - " "



 BOOK I 185

Ark of the Covenant that the Shekinah Light, representing the Divine presence, radiated. The correspondency in symbolism between the granite Secret House in the heart of the Pyramid and the ancient Hebrew Tabernacle or Temple, is striking. In the Tabernacle proper or Secret House, gold was the metal used in construction, whilst in the Court outside a lower grade of metal, namely copper, was employed. So the Pyramid's Secret House is constructed of granite, whilst outside of that Sanctuary the entire Pyramid is built of a lower grade stone, limestone. Thus, granite in the Pyramid corresponds to gold in the Tabernacle and represents things Divine.

  The great mystery enshrined in the Pyramid's "Secret House" of granite, therefore, is the union of the members of the true church with Christ in the First Resurrection. And what is most convincing, the New Testament also declares this to be the great mystery of the Scriptures that has been hidden from ages and generations. Listen to the following statements from the Bible: "Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it; that he might sanctify and cleanse it. that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish. So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. For we are members of his body. For this cause shall a man. be joined unto his wife and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the Church." "Behold, I shew you a mystery: we [the saints] shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed." "The dead in Christ shall rise first and we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them. so shall we ever be with the Lord." " The mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations but now is made manifest to His saints to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery.

which is Christ in you, the hope of glory."-Eph. 5: 25-32, I Cor. 15: 51-52, I Thess. 4: 15-17, Col. 1: 26-27.

  There is no exit from the King's Chamber; it is a finality. This shows that "the new heavens", comprising Christ and the risen saints (and of course, "the new earth" organized under their direction and control) will be an abiding condition. Hence "the new heavens and the new earth wherein dwelled righteousness" are also termed in the Bible "the world without end". The Prophet Daniel says the same thing but in different phraseology: "The saints of the Most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever". "And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey Him."

  "The very stones of this Great Pyramid of Testimony are crying out in no uncertain tones. Every inch of this massive structure is eloquently proclaiming the wisdom and power and grace of our God. Firmly incased in this solid rocky structure, beyond the power of nature's storms or of the ruthless hand of the destroyer, the outline drawings of God's great plan have stood for four thousand years, prepared to give their testimony at the time appointed, in corroboration of the similarly revealed, but for ages hidden, testimony of the sure Word of Prophecy. The testimony of this 'Witness to the Lord in the land of Egypt', like that of the written Word, points with solemn and unerring precision to the final wreck of the old order of things in the 'Pit' of oblivion, and to the glorious establishment of the new, under Christ Jesus, the great Chief Corner-Stone of God's eternal building, in conformity with the lines of whose glorious character all things worthy of everlasting existence must be built up under Him."-Studies in the ScriPtures, Series III, Thy Kingdom Come (Great Pyramid section), p. 376.

  The question is often asked: Is it likely that there are more passages or chambers yet to be discovered in the Great Pyramid? The answer is: At present we do not know. As we have seen, the chronological revelation appears to be complete-right to the glorious consummation of the Divine Plan of Salvation and the obliteration of all evil from our Planet by A.D. 2994. So, if there is something more in the Pyramid's interior that we do not know of at present, it is very unlikely that it will be of a chronological nature.

  As the general chronograph is revealed on the gradient of the main passages at an angle of 26° 18' 9.7" and the insets at special chronological scales are all on the horizontal, any features in the Pyramid that are not constructed at that particular angle or on the horizontal have no chronological significance. For example, the Well Shaft, although approximately 200 feet in length, has no chronological scale applicable thereto. So, if there are any further passages etc. yet to be found, it is to be expected that they will be constructed, not at the angle of the now known passages, 26° 18' 9.7", but at some other angle and have a purely symbolic, but not chronological, significance.

  Of course, there may not be any more interior features in the Pyramid than what we already know of, but should there be such, the most likely thing would be a connecting link of some kind between the King's Chamber and the Queen's Chamber, for these represent the symbolic "new heavens" and "new earth" respectively and Revelation, Chapter 2 I, states that the Holy City, the New Jerusalem shall "come down from God out of heaven". In other words, the "Little Flock" raised in the First Resurrection with bodies "fashioned like unto His glorious body" and exalted to sit with Him upon His throne "in the heavenliest" as symbolized by the King's Chamber are to come down with Christ to Earth, symbolized by the Queen's Chamber, and reign 1,000 years, as the chronology and symbolism portrayed in the Queen's Chamber confirm. As will be seen on the chart forming the Frontispiece, the relative positions of the King's and Queen's Chambers are such that a connecting link of some sort between them could neither be horizontal nor at the chronological passage angle of 26° 18' 9.7", hence could not have any chronological significance, but symbolic only. As the King's Chamber is at a higher level and lies further south than the Queen's Chamber, such a connection between them would likely enter the Queen's Chamber somewhere in the south wall, if such a link exists at all.CHAPTER X






 The same dates as are revealed in the Great Pyramid are also disclosed by Scriptural prophecy. The Israelite Jubilee was clearly a type of "the times of restitution of all things" during the Millennium which the Lord establishes at His Second Advent. There were two types of Sabbath years instituted by the Mosaic Law-the Sabbatic Year which recurred in cycles of 7 years and Jubilees which were to be observed after a cycle of 49 years.

  II Chronicles 36: 21 plainly states that the land was desolated at the time of the Babylon Captivity "to fulfil the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had enjoyed her Sabbaths: for as long as she lay desolate she kept Sabbath, to fulfil* three-score and ten years." This could not refer to the Sabbath at 7-year intervals because there had already been many more than 70 of these and therefore it could only refer to the greater Sabbath, the Jubilee. These "Sabbath" Cycles were reckoned from the year of the Exodus, although of course they could not be fully observed, nor were the Cycles numbered, until after the Israelites' entry into the Promised Land. Before crossing the Jordan 2t Tribes were allotted land east of the river. In the 7th year after crossing the Jordan, other 2t Tribes


 * The Hebrew word male here translated "fulfil" also means "fill up" or "complete"; hence this passage means "to complete 70 years".

received their portion in the south. But it was in the 10th civil year after the entry into Canaan, that all the other 7 Tribes received their portions and the territory was divided amongst the 12 Tribes ofIsrael. The Apostle Paul speaks of the sojourning of his fore-fathers in Egypt and then says that after the 40 years in the Wilderness, and their driving seven nations out of Canaan, the land was divided after 450 years-See Acts 13: 17 -20, which properly translated reads "The God of this people of Israel chose our fathers and exalted the people when they dwelt as strangers in the land of Egypt, and with an high arm brought he them out of it. And about the time of forty years suffered he their manners in the Wilderness. And when he had destroyed seven nations in the land of Canaan He divided their land among them by lot, as it were, after 450 years"

Wyclijfe's Bible and Vulgate. This division of the land occurred the 450th civil year after the Israelites entered Egypt, and precisely one Jubilee Cycle after the Exodus. That was truly a Jubilee, a deliverance and restitution.

  Leviticus, chapter 25 records the institution of the Jubilee and gives the Divine justification for it, i.e., that it would prevent Israel's return to the slavery and bondage of Egypt, as stated in verses 38 and 42, "I am the Lord your God which brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, to give you the land of Canaan, and to be your God." "For they are my servants which I brought forth out of the land of Egypt: they shall not be sold as bondmen." So the going forth from Egypt was completed when the Israelites received their portions at the division of the Promised Land after their arrival in Canaan and this constituted their first Jubilee and appropriately it took place in the 50th civil year after the Exodus and giving of the Law. That Israel's receiving their inheritance in Canaan was their first Jubilee is clearly shown in Numbers 36: 4, 9, "And when the jubilee of the children of Israel shall be, then shall their inheritance be put into the inheritance of the tribe whereunto they are received. Neither shall the inheritance remove from one tribe to another tribe; but everyone of the tribes of the children of Israel shall keep himself to his own inheritance."

Although the Jubilee cycles began to count from the year in which they were Divinely instituted on Mt. Sinai, nevertheless the Israelites did not begin to number them until they received their inheritance in the Promised Land at the first Jubilee in the year 1405-1404 B.C. (Autumn to Autumn) and so this formed the 1st year of the 1st Jubilee cycle as numbered by the Israelites down through the centuries till the Babylonian exile. The 16th Jubilee is historically recorded as occurring on the 18th year of King Josiah's reign and the 17th Cycle was running at the time of the Babylonian Exile. The Jewish records state that the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple by Nebuchadnezzar occurred in the 36th year of Jubilee Cycle No. 17.

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The Jubilees however were not properly kept, hence the rest given to the land during the Exile. But the Bible states there were 70 of the Jubilees according to the Divine plan. A type ends when the antitype takes its place. As the Jubilee Cycle was 49 years, it means that the Divinely ordained number of 70 cycles, that is, 70 times 49 years, is 3,430 years which were followed by the 70th Jubilee making 3,431 years in all. When that expires it means that God's great prophetic year has come. Observe however the Lord uses the term "day" and "year" interchangeably in regard to it in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 34: 8; "For it is the day of the Lord's vengeance, the year of recompences for the controversy of Zion". (Note that "and" in the A.V. is not in the original Hebrew).

  That great prophetic "day" or literal year will witness a retribution on the evil systems and a restitution of right, such as the world has never known. It will witness, first of all, "the Battle of that Great Day of God Almighty" and end in the great deliverance and the ushering in of Millennial glories. When is that Great Day coming according to Bible prophecy? Well the Exodus took place in the Spring of 1453 B.C. As ordained, Jubilee cycles were counted according to the civil year, which began always in the Autumn, just as the sacred or ecclesiastical year commenced in the Spring. The Spring of 1453 B.C., of course, fell in the civil year commencing in the previous Autumn and ending in the following Autumn, i.e., 1454-1453 B.C. (Autumn). Now 3,431 years after the Autumn of 1454 B.C. brings us to Autumn A.D. 1978. The Jubilee type having ended, God's great year of retribution and deliverance is due, A.D. 1978-1979, eventuating in our being ushered into the grand Divine administration of truth, peace and love in the Autumn of 1979*.

  There is also a direct outstanding Biblical time-prophecy which defines the same date for that great deliverance, namely the "2,300 days"t (literally evenings-mornings) of Daniel, chapter 8: 14. Concerning this prophecy the context says, "At the time of the end shall be the vision. Behold I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation, for at the time appointed the end shall be." "Unto 2300 days, then shall the sanctuary be cleansed." The prophecy also shows that God's truth shall not prevail in the world until the 2300 "days" have

  * As there were 17 improperly observed Jubilees prior to the Babylonian Exile, it has been suggested that it will be 70 X 49 + 17 years, i.e. 3447 years after the civil year of the Exodus, 1454-1453 B.C., that the Restitution, commenced in Jerusalem in A.D. 1978-1979, will have reached global proportions, i.e. by A.D. 1994.

The period from A.D. 1994 to the final consummation of the Divine Plan of Salvation in A.D. 2994 is precisely 1000 years, constituting the last 10 centuries of the entire 84 centuries of the Divine Plan for the perfecting of the human race. See also footnote on p. 194.

  t In the popular Greek and English text of Bagster's Septuagint Version, Daniel 8: 14 reads "2400 days" instead of "2300 days" as in our English Bibles. This unfortunately has mis-led many students into thinking that the Septuagint actually gives "2400 days" and assuming that this is the original correct statement of Scripture. The truth is that this popular text of the Septuagint is that of the Codex Vaticanus (B) in Rome. But nearly all of Genesis and the entire Book of Daniel are missing from this Codex Vaticanus of the Septuagint Version; hence these portions were supplied from other versions of a much later date and correspondingly less reliable. In the case of the Book of Daniel the Theodotian Version was adopted, but this did not even come into existence till four centuries after the Septuagint, and it is this much inferior version which reads "2400 days" in Daniel 8: 14. On the other hand, the real Septuagint version of paniel is preserved in the Codex Alexandrinus (A) in the British Museum, London and in it Daniel 8: 14 reads "2300 days" just as it does in the Hebrew Massoretic Text and our English Bibles. The oldest and most reliable texts as well as the most famous versions of the Bible, the Greek Septuagint, the Hebrew Massoretic, the Syriac Peshito, and the Latin Vulgate all agree in giving "2300 days" in Daniel 8: 14 and the accuracy of this period is therefore placed beyond question.

expired (verses 12-14). We know that it is only when God destroys the present World Order and establishes His administration with Jerusalem as Capital, all the false religions and denominations will be swept away and the truth alone prevail. At that time, the Bible says, "Jerusalem shall be called a city of truth". (Zechariah 8: 3).

  Various interpretations are given concerning the cleansing of the Sanctuary, and in the main correct, for at that time God will definitely cleanse the sanctuary in every sense of the word.

So then to summarise the prophecy-The termination of the 2300 "days" will witness "the last end of the (Divine) indignation" and the "Sanctuary" is cleansed and God's truth thereafter prevails. In other words, the 2300 "days" end with "the Battle of that Great Day of God Almighty", the final climax of the Time of Trouble, with which this present age terminates.

  In Daniel's Prophecy, chapter 8, the basic theme is the Grecian Empire and what developed out of it. Just as in chapter 4- of Daniel, the "Seven Times" or 2520 years prophecy is associated in its beginning with the Babylonian Empire, so here in chapter 8, the 2300 years prophecy is associated in its commencement with the theme of the Grecian Empire. Just as the initial date of the 2520 years had to do with the Babylonian Empire, so likewise, consistently, the initial date at the beginning of the 2300 years (prophetic "days") is connected with the Grecian Empire. The great outstanding event in ancient Grecian history, which indeed affected the whole world after was, when at the zenith of Greek power, their greatest monarch, Alexander the Great suddenly and unexpectedly died, though only 32 years old in 323 B.C., whereupon the great Empire was immediately split into four and new developments set in. This event was graphically foretold in pictorial language in verse 8, and is indicated as the starting point of the "2300 days". As shown above, the Divinely given scale in Biblical time-prophecy is a day to a year. Therefore 2300 days in prophetic language is equivalent to 2,300 years in actual time. Now 2,300 years from 323 B.C. brings us to A.D. 1978 as the end of the 2300 "days" N194

of the prophecy.* It will be observed that 1978 is the very same date as was obtained from the Jubilee calculations, for the date of the Battle of the Great Day of God, which as we have seen is due to eventuate in the establishment of the Divine administration, the Kingdom of God, within the year beginning in Autumn of 1978 and ending Autumn 1979. Not only was the Jubilee year an Autumnal year (i.e., beginning and ending in the Autumn) but in the "2300 days" prophecy, the Hebrew translated by the word "days" is literally "evenings-mornings" indicating years that begin with the dark time (Autumn and Winter) first and end with the light time (Spring and Summer) i.e., Autumnal years. So we have two independent Biblical prophecies both indicating the same date for God's great "day" and year, 1978-1979 (Autumn) for the final destruction of the Old Order and inauguration of the grand New Order which will never pass away, and both in exact agreement with the Great Pyramid which reveals the Autumn of 1979 as the date when the Battle of God's "great day" or year will have eventuated in the establishment of God's kingdom in Jerusalem, over His entire chosen people, Israel and Judah whom He re-unites.

  It is important to realize too that verse 19 states that the vision of the 2,300 days pertains to "the last end of the indignation", i.e., the final end of the time of trouble with which this Age closes. The Septuagi.nt text of this 19th verse of Daniel 8 reads, "Behold I will make thee know the things that shall come to pass at the end of the wrath". Moffatt's translation reads, "Come, I will let you know what is to happen during the closing days of the wrath divine, for the vision relates to the crisis at its close".

 * It is interesting to note that although the Grecian Empire was suddenly split up into four on the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C. (as vividly foretold in Daniel 8: 8), it was not till 307 B.C. that the heads of the four dominions began to assume royal status, the first being Antigonus, who became King Antigonus of Syria at that date, whilst the others followed quickly. This possibly indicates that 2,300 years later, i.e. in A.D. 1994, we may look for a further major development it.

the Millennial Kingdom already set up in A.D. 1978-1979, which is 2,300 years after 323 B.C. The date A.D. 1994 is exactly 1,000 years prior to the final revealed date in the entire Divine Plan. See also footuote on p. 192.

 There is a marked contrast between the Seven Times of the Gentiles, or 2520 years prophecy and that of the 2300 years which is not yet generally recognised. The 2520 years is a lease, as it were, during which the aggressive kingdoms of this world, beginning with Babylon, have been granted Divine permission to rule (or rather, mis-rule) the Earth, after the expiry of which, the process of ejection begins. But the 2300 years prophecy extends beyond this until the time that truth is no longer cast down to the ground, nor the sanctuary trodden under foot (Daniel 8: 12-14); it extends to "the last end of the indignation" (verse 19). The "Seven Times" series brings us to "the beginning of sorrows", the initial stage of the ejection and breaking-up of the Gentile powers A.D. 1914 whereas the 2,300 "days" series brings us to the closing scene of the ejection, "the DAY of the LORD'S vengeance, the YEAR of recompences for the controversy of Zion", A.D. 1978-1979. "The Last Day", spoken of in Scripture (John 11: 24), is this year 1979 wherein this Old Order, "this present evil world", ends and gives place to the grand New Order of the Kingdom of God. It is the time when Daniel is foretold to stand in his lot (in the Kingdom of God) "at the end of the days". The year 1979 is verily the Year of Glory!CHAPTER XI







There is still another wonderful Biblical prophecy that focuses on 1979. It says: "Gh the blessedness of him that waiteth and cometh to the 1335 days! But go thy way till the end be:

for thou (Daniel) shalt rest and stand in thy lot at the end of the days"-

Daniel 12: 12-13.

  This 12th chapter of Daniel is one of the most thrilling of the prophetic chapters in the whole Bible. In it is defined "the time of the end" which extends from the time of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars till the establishment of the Millennial Kingdom. Chronologically, the Time of the End began when Napoleon took the Pope prisoner and brought to an end the so-called Holy Roman Empire in A.D. 1798-1799 and it will end at the inauguration of the Millennium in 1978-1979. Its duration is therefore 180 years, precisely "half a Time" of Biblical chronological prophecy (1 Time = 360 years). The last 65 years of the Time of the End extending from the end of the Times of the Gentiles and the "beginning of sorrows (Gr. birth-pangs)" in A.D. 1914 to the inception of the Millennium in 1979 is Scripturally defined as "The End of the Age"

(translated "end of the World" in the A.V.). The final year of the "Time of the End" and also of the "End of the Age" is therefore A.D. 1978-1979 and in the Bible, as we have seen, it is termed the "Last Day".

 The prophecy "many shall travel and knowledge shall be increased" in "the time of the end" has had both a general and a special fulfilment, the former commencing in the earlier part of "the time of the end", the latter during "the end of the age". Every intelligent person knows that much and rapid travelling and the enormous advance of research and knowledge are the two outstanding characteristics of the past century. It is as though the world had been sleeping all down history and now suddenly wakened up. Of all the many forms of mechanical transport now in general use, everyone without exception has been introduced since the beginning of last century. At the beginning of "the time of the end", Napoleon was not able to travel any faster than Noah nearly 5,000 years before him-the only modes of locomotion all down the ages being animal power on land and sailing ships and rowing boats on water. But with the advent of "the time of the end", chronologically beginning in A.D. 1798, what a change-trains, automobiles, ocean liners and aero planes darting to and fro at furious speeds all over the world. The whole world has become grid ironed with railways and motorways, the oceans a network of steam ship routes, whilst the Earth's atmosphere is permeated by great air-lines over both land and sea. All this "running to and fro", which has changed the habits of the people of all nations, had its commencement when Great Britain gave railways to the world in the early years of the nineteenth century.

  What is the Divine purpose in it all? In the first place, the invention of modern mechanical transport and the rapid development of the world's great transport systems have brought about a world-wide condition which the Bible prophecies declared would immediately precede the universal establishment of Messiah's everlasting Kingdom on Earth and is therefore a clarion call to Christians that Christ's Kingdom and Millennial Reign are imminent and that soon the Lord's Prayer "Thy Kingdom come" will be answered.

  Furthermore, this foretold condition of universal travel and communication which is now a fact before our eyes is an essential preliminary to Christ's reign. Christ's Kingdom is not just to be dominant, as were the empires of Babylon, Med Persia, Greece and Rome; it is to be universal, the one and only kingdom. But if the whole world from Pole to Pole is to be in full control and governed from the central Capital city, Jerusalem, it is necessary that all corners of the Earth be in direct touch with that centre. But that would be impossible with the meager and primitive means of transport and communication which have existed all down the ages till this "time of the end" began. But with railways, motorways and air-lines encircling the globe, the farthest and most remote parts of the world are brought within easy reach.

  A similar explanation underlies the Divine purpose in bringing about the advent of the radio and television during the present century. By means of these, even the most distant and remote parts of the Earth can be brought into instant communication with Christ's seat of world-government at Jerusalem. Then "the law shall go forth of Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. And He shall judge among many people and rebuke strong nations AFAR OFF; and they shall beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more" (Micah 4: 2-3). Thus we see why God pre-arranged that all these wonderful modern inventions be brought into being and put into use precisely at this "time of the end", all in preparation for His great Kingdom now about to be established.

  It is therefore most appropriate that this "Time of the End" in which we now live is also termed "The Day of His Preparation" in Scripture prophecy. In the Prophecy of Nahum it is written "In the day of His preparation. the chariots (i.e. cars or vehicles) shall rage in the streets (tracks or roads), they shall jostle one against another in the broadways, they shall seem like torches, they shall run like the lightning’s" (Nahum 2: 3-4). Here we have a vivid prophetic description of rail and automobile traffic, especially as they appear after dark. While Daniel's prophecy portrayed the great volume of traffic ("many shall travel to and fro"), the prophet Nahum foretold the high speed of modern transport ("they shall run like the lightnings"). The prophet Isaiah on the other hand predicted modern air travel ("who are these that fly as a cloud and as doves to their windows ?" -Isaiah 60: 8).

 The prophecy of Daniel foretold that in this our day not only would "many travel" but also that "knowledge would be increased". (Daniel 12: 4.) True to the prophecy, the advent of modern travelling facilities has indeed been accompanied by an enormous increase of knowledge over all past ages. We are living in a day of scientific research, when every conceivable subject is being scrutinised and probed to the bottom so far as is humanly possible under present conditions.

  But in addition to the advanced knowledge brought to light by the experts, we also have world-wide diffusion of knowledge by means of free education and the circulation of books, magazines and newspapers by the million and additionally in recent years by radio and television-a thing entirely unknown in the history of the world hitherto. This condition has been further intensified through the unprecedented transport facilities of today, referred to above. Thus the foretold increase of knowledge of our day has a two-fold aspect, (1) a great advance in knowledge in all its branches, (2) world-wide diffusion of knowledge. The purpose of it all is easily discerned when we recall that this is "the day of His preparation" for the Millennium. All of these inventions and modern conveniences, if properly used and not abused, are great blessings to humanity and we know that when Christ manifests himself as King no one will be allowed to use an invention to the hurt of his fellowman or to take advantage of him thereby. We see before our eyes therefore what grand and wonderful preparations the Almighty is now making for the blessing, comfort and convenience of humanity when His Kingdom is established supreme in the near future.


  But the prophecy "knowledge shall be increased" is also being fulfilled in an even grander and higher way than in the material aspects just described. It has a fulfillment in respect of God's Word itself and the revealing of Divine secrets hitherto not understood, as shown by the context "Shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end" (Daniel 12: 4-) ; also verses 9 and 10 "For the words are closed up till the time of the end. none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand". From the Biblical context it will be noticed that the words just quoted are sandwiched between time-prophecies, thus showing that the special enlightenment promised is in connection with the understanding of chronological prophecy.

  As in the material fulfillment of this prophecy, so also in the spiritual, for the increase in spiritual knowledge at this time has a two-fold aspect: (1) the opening of "the book", i.e., the revealing of Divine truth hitherto unknown, (2) the diffusion of the general knowledge of the Bible by a colossal circulation of copies of the Scriptures in hundreds of languages and by the world-wide preaching of the Gospel-"This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come (Matthew 24: 14). The world's oldest and largest Bible Society, the British and Foreign Bible Society, founded in London in 1804 in the early years of "the time of the end", has now translated the Scriptures or part of them into over a thousand languages (i.e., practically all the languages of the world).

  In the first aspect noted above, God has been pleased to reveal the outline of His plans and purposes, which until this "time of the end" had remained a mystery, for God had decreed that "the book" was to be "shut up" and "sealed" until "the time of the end". Consequently we find that, during the past century, students of time prophecy, of all schools, have come to see that we are in "the time of the end" and that the Millennial reign is near and not later than the end of the 20th century at the latest. But in regard to the understanding of the individual chronological prophecies in the Book of Daniel there has been no such agreement, each school having its own and different interpretations of the time features. Notwithstanding the fact that the time prophecies themselves are very explicit and precise there has been great haziness and confusion in their interpretation. Yet the fact that these chronological prophecies are so precisely stated surely means that they are intended to be understood clearly. Indeed God definitely promised that the "wise" would understand in "the time of the end" (Daniel 12: 10).

 Has God failed to keep His promise? That could never be. Careful study of Daniel, chapter 12, reveals the solution. While the "times and seasons" were known in a general way during "the time of the end" the specific chronological prophecies of the Book of Daniel were not due to be understood accurately until a certain point of time near the end of "the time of the end". This is shown in the chapter itself. In this connection relative to this foretold understanding, verse 12 of this 12th chapter of Daniel declares "Blessed is he that waited and cometh to the 1335 days!" If this time has not yet arrived, it means that the due time has not yet come for all those chronological prophecies of Daniel to be clearly understood; but if it has arrived, it means they will now be crystal clear to those who are watching and "studying to shew themselves approved unto God," for the Lord always keeps His promises to the faithful and right on time.

  Daniel, chapter 12, verses 12-13, show that the "1335 days" begin to count from the setting up of "the abomination that maketh desolate", "standing in the holy place", "where it ought not", (Matt. 24: 15; Mark 13: 14) and this prophetic period is to end at a time of blessedness, so blessed indeed, that Daniel is to be raised from the dead and stand "in his lot" at the time.

  Quite a number of Biblical prophecies have both a literal and a symbolic fulfilment. In this case, an "abomination" was to stand in the "holy place", but there are both a literal and a symbolic "holy place" and the prophecy can be fulfilled in both. In this connection however, we shall deal with the fulfilment in regard to the literal "holy place" only, but this does not invalidate in any way the further fulfilment of prophecy applicable to the symbolic "holy place" in our day.

  As H. Grattan Guinness in The Approaching End of the Age, page 431, points out, "The Papacy does not stand out more distinctly as the great Apostacy of the West than does Mohammedanism as the great parallel Apostacy of the East. The one originated from within the Church, the other from without; but they rose together. ; they have run chronologically similar courses; they have both based their empire on religious pretensions; the one defiled and trampled down the Church and the other defiled and trod down Jerusalem". The Holy Roman Empire under the control of the Papacy dominated nearly all Europe, whilst the Mohammedan Empire at its zenith extended all the way from Spain to India.

  So far as the literal "holy place" is concerned, to Daniel and all Israelites the "holy place" was where the Temple of the Lord stood, at Jerusalem. Here was the Shekinah Glory revealing God's presence with His people and here were the sacrifices made to Him. The Temple was destroyed by the Romans as foretold in Daniel 9: 26. But the prophecy declares that on that "holy place" there would ultimately be set up an abomination that would last for a very long time (for in prophetic time, the stated scale is "a day for a year").

  True to the prophecy, the great power arose several centuries later, the Mohammedan power, which caused desolation wherever it went and was a vicious enemy of Christianity and a brutal persecutor of Christians, and it came to Jerusalem and occupied the Temple site-indeed "an abomination that maketh desolate". It was in A.D. 622 that Mohammed fled from his native city of Mecca to Medina (which flight is commonly referred to as the Hegira) and his movement became military. This was the beginning of Mohammedanism as a power and it is from this date A.D. 622 that the Islam world begin their calendar, which is purely lunar.*

... This Moslem "year" is based on 12 lunations and is still in use today in Turkey, Persia, Arabia, Egypt and certain parts of India and Malaya. The Moslem year A.H. 1377 began on our 29th July 1957 and ends on 17thJ~ly 195.8. (Jerusalem time is used in the Moslem Calendar and is 2 hours 21 mmutes m advance of Greenwich time.)

  However, although the initial stage of the "setting up" of this "abomination that maketh desolate" occurred in A.D. 622, it did not reach Jerusalem that year, nor did it stand "in the holy place" at that time. But in 637, after Mohammed was dead and Omar was Caliph, the latter came against Jerusalem and reigned for 7 years more until his assassination in 644. In the last years of his reign, ending 643-644, a mosque was built in the old Temple area. Standing in that "holy place", it became the very symbol and embodiment of Mohammedanism, that great power and cult which so vehemently opposed Christianity. The Christian Patriarch of Jerusalem of that day, witnessing those events, exclaimed "The abomination of desolation is in the holy place" (Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. 9, p. 413).

  Thus this "abomination of desolation" was initially set up in A.D. 622, reached Jerusalem in 637 and finally stood in "the holy place" by 644, the year in which Omar died. So, the setting up of this "abomination" from its inception in 622 till it reached the stage required by Biblical prophecy and stood in "the holy place" by 644 was a process of 22 years. Having the events which mark the beginning of the" 1335 days" so clearly defined, it is a matter of simple arithmetic to ascertain the time of the termination of that prophetic period, since we know the Divinely given scale of time-prophecy, "a day for a year" (Ezekiel 4: 6). Well, 1335 years from A.D. 622-644 bring us to A.D. 1957-1979 as the terminal years of the prophecy. From the intermediary date when the Mohammedan power came to Jerusalem, A.D. 637, till the mosque was erected and then Caliph Omar died in 644 was 7 years. Consequently, 1335 years from that time bring us to 1972-1979 as the last 7 years of the present age.

  According to the prophecy, blessedness is due to come to certain people at the termination of the" 1335 days" in the years 1957 to 1979. Happiness or blessedness in connection with what? The context shows that it is in regard to revealing the true interpretation of the chronological prophecies pertaining to the end of the age. Immediately after recording a timeprophecy, Daniel said "And I heard but I understood not; then said I, '0 Lord what shall be the end of these ?' " Whereupon the reply came to Daniel "Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. and none of the wicked shall understand but the wise shall understand.

Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the 1335 days"

(Daniel 12: 8-12). Furthermore it is significant that all the principal chronological prophecies of the Bible concerning the time of the end of this age are crowded into this little Book of Daniel of only 12 chapters. The Book of Revelation contains an elaboration of some of these, but all the main ones are in Daniel. So, above all other books in the Bible, the Book of Daniel is outstandingly the Book of chronological prophecy of which it is written "0 Daniel, shut up the words and seal up the book (i.e., the Book of Daniel) even to the time of the end; many shall travel to and fro and knowledge shall be increased." (Daniel 12: 4).

  So we see now why hitherto all attempts to predict the final end of the age by trying to interpret Biblical chronological prophecy relative thereto have failed. The time of the end had come all right but we had not reached that point of time therein when the "1335 days" were due to terminate.

  The Hebrew word translated "blessed" in Daniel 12: 12 is ashere which according to Young's Hebrew and Greek Concordance means "happy, very happy". If at the appointed time God makes the meaning of the time prophecies so clear as to make us "very happy", it means that He does it in such a way as to make the matter conclusive to us and not merely dependent on man's interpretations and opinions as hitherto. Furthermore this indicates that He will do it thoroughly from the foundation-and the foundation of time-prophecy is chronology. To arrive at the correct results in all time-prophecies (especially future dates) it is necessary to get the starting points right and all of these are in the past. Hence chronology, which deals with the past, is the basis of time-prophecy inter pretation. To attempt to understand time-prophecy without first of all obtaining the correct chronology on which to begin calculating is just like trying to play tunes on a piano before the piano itself has been tuned.

 As we have seen, 1957 was the initial date in the running-out of the 1335 days and God, true to His word and right on time, brought to light the true Bible chronology not through man's opinions or guesses, but by a different method. In 1957, for the first time, finality on Bible chronology was reached and this was done by demonstration through the coming to light of facts previously unknown by which matters that students used to argue about were settled. It was mainly through the rapid progress of two sciences that this was made possible. These two sciences are archeology of Near East Bible Lands and that branch of nuclear physics dealing with radioactivity determination of chronology. The eminent archeologist Prof. W. F. Albright recently pointed out that of all the sciences, the two which have made the greatest advancement in recent years are archeology of Bible Lands and nuclear physics. But these are the very two sciences we required to supply the information necessary to settle definitely the very matters in Bible chronology wherein hitherto there had been room for differences of opinion. God had been speeding up those two sciences so that by 1957 all the necessary knowledge would thereby be in our hands for providing us with absolute Bible chronology at His appointed time and thus faithfully keep His promise at the ending of the 1335 days.

  Incidentally this thrilling flood of light on Bible chronology is such that it also throws light on related chronologies-e.g., it reveals the foundation of the very earliest Egyptian chronology and also solves knotty points in Assyrian and Babylonian chronologies which hitherto have baffled Assyriologists. The old problem of the Jubilee and Sabbatic Cycles, which was bristling with difficulties, has at last been completely solved in the most satisfactory manner, with not a single difficulty outstanding. The mass of details demonstrating that, in Bible chronology, rock bottom truth was reached and the ultimate basis established by the year 1957, is fully dealt with in the author's comprehensive work Treatise on Bible Chronologv to which the reader is referred.

  Then in regard to the Pyramid, different interpreters had their own theories concerning the chronology therein portrayed, but now the chronograph of the Pyramid is astronomically fixed by modern astronomical research (as we have elucidated on pp. 91-98), so that there is no longer any room for any body's opinions. Where opinions alone are involved we must be charitable, but in a case of demonstrated fact, no one has any right to differ, for opinions which conflict with indisputable demonstration are utterly worthless and irresponsible. Now, as the passages in the Great Pyramid are not elastic but are of rigid stone and their respective lengths are definitely known and the chronological scale (1 inch = 1 year) is indisputable and agreed to unanimously by all Biblical Pyramid students, then it follows that as one point therein is incontrovertibly fixed by astronomy (the Scored Line dating) the whole inchyear chronograph and all the dates therein are automatically likewise indisputably fixed.

  In view of this wonderful situation, a most exacting test presents itself-

What is the result when we compare the Pyramid dates, now fixed for all time, with the absolute dates of Biblical chronology now available? The result is that in regard to events and periods in the past, the agreement between the Pyramid dates and those in Bible chronology is perfect in all cases and likewise dates in the Pyramid pertaining to matters yet future are in complete agreement with those of the Bible time-prophecies as computed on the basis of the absolute chronology-there are no exceptions at all. This is surely satisfactory in the highest degree. Indeed nothing more satisfactory could be desired or even imagined. Only pure truth, when subjected to all possible tests, is found to be 100 per cent. harmonious in all respects.

  While, prior to 1957, as we have seen, it had been largely a case of interpretations, opinions, theories and guesses in regard to chronology, a matter of trial and error, whereas now the demonstration of true Bible and Pyramid chronology is complete and the dates of all outstanding events and periods established, nevertheless those who had been following closely the truth revealed by the rapidly advancing sciences of archeology, nuclear physics, astronomy and Pyramidology during the previous decade, had been adjusting their dates and creeping grauually nearer to the truth. But nobody could get the entire chain of Bible chronology quite right till 1957, God's appointed time, as revealed by Daniel's prophecy. To take the example of one point-it was not till as late as 1956 (only one year prior to 1957, the initial date in the termination of the "1335 days") when the British Museum published the translation of the most recently found cuneiform tablets recording the Chronicles of the Chaldaean Kings that the dates of the closing events of the Assyrian monarchy and the earliest dates of the Neo-Babylonian Empire could be stated with absolute certainty and these dates have a very important bearing on Biblical synchronisms, directly affecting not only the chronology but data required for the correct understanding of time-prophecy. So we praise God for leading us in the increasing light until His appointed time was reached for demonstrating to us the final truth on chronology by 1957.

  The recent discovery of the SDAS Assyrian King List in 1954 adds another invaluable asset in the establishment of the chronology of the Near East in Old Testament times. Indeed, it constitutes the greatest archreological find of a chronological nature since the discovery of the famous Khorsabad King List in 1933. (It should be noted that Ptolemy's Canon begins at the time that the Khorsabad List ends.) This SDAS King List, the Khorsabad List and the Assyrian Eponym Canon with its astronomical fixing, constitute three independent contemporary chronological chains establishing the chronology of many centuries. The Khorsabad List and the SDAS List (both in cuneiform) mutually confirm each other and establish the chronology for a period of a thousand years, from the eighteenth century B.C. right down to the eighth century, B.C. The Assyrian Eponym Canon runs contemporary with these two ancient records from near the beginning of the ninth century, B.C. down to the middle of the eighth century, that is to say, that for this period of a century and a half we now have no less than three independent contemporary records of continuous chronology in complete agreement and astronomically fixed. It is most fortunate that this period of very firmly established chronology is the very period wherein Biblical chronology is the most difficult to interpret, namely the period of the Kings of Israel and Judah, during the divided monarchy as recorded in the Books of I Kings and II Kings. The synchronisms given in these Biblical Books can, in some cases, be interpreted in more ways than one and from the Bible alone it is not possible to determine with certainty which is correct. But now that the due time has come wherein God promised to open the books and reveal "the times and seasons" previously kept secret, He has brought to light through archeological discovery an avalanche of hitherto unknown facts that settle definitely which is the correct interpretation of the Biblical chronology of the period.

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The Biblical, archeological and historical evidence concerning the time of the reign of Ahab, King of Israel, for example, is now so overwhelmingly conclusive that it can be demonstrated beyond all question; hence Dr. H. R. Hall (late Head of the Department of Assyrian Antiquities in the British Museum, London) in his work The Ancient History qf the Near East, page 16, made the following statement (the italics are in the original): "We know that Ahab was reigning over Israel in 853 B.C. and any chronological theorizing as to Old Testament dates which takes no account of this fact is utterly worthless"notice, "utterly worthless". Nor is this just the voice of one eminent authority; it is the unanimous verdict of all Biblical archeologists throughout the world. By the year 1957, however, we could go even a step further than Dr. Hall and state that the precise dates of Ahab's reign are now incontrovertibly fixed-see the present author's Treatise on Bible Chronology, pp. 83-91, 96-103, 282-286.

  Let us now consider some more marvels of this wonderful prophetic year, 1957. As we have already noted, the general enlightenment regarding "the times and seasons" during "the time of the end" has been accompanied by a great increase of knowledge in secular subjects also, particularly in science. So it is not surprising to find that the specific year 1957, when rock bottom truth on Biblical chronology was finally revealed and demonstrated, was also the year when unprecedented impetus was given to the increase of scientific knowledge. As is well known, 1957-58 was the famous International Geophysical Year in which the great nations of the world agreed to pour out their wealth and apply their cleverest brains in a concentrated effort of scientific research. As a result the increase in knowledge concerning our planet Earth and the outer space around it was tremendous and there had been nothing like it hitherto. No other year in the history of the world could be compared with it for the great increase of knowledge in so many scientific fields simultaneously. Furthermore 1957 was the year when man on Earth first projected objects into outer space and an enormous amount of knowledge has been obtained from the artificial satellites first sent whirling into space during that International Geophysical Year (IGY), 1957-58.

That wonderful date of prophetic fulfilment 1957 has also gone down in history as the beginning of the Space Age, for in 1957, for the first time, man invented mechanisms that could travel 18,000 miles an hour. Previously, the very fastest of man-made inventions could only travel a little over 1,000 miles an hour. Whilst the prophecy "many shall travel to and fro and knowledge shall be increased" has had a general fulfilment during the past century and a half, it is having a more specific fulfilment since 1957 in both the spiritual and secular aspects, for in that year the riddle of Biblical and Pyramid chronology was finally solved and demonstrated and at the same time the wonderful Space Age began.

  Thus since 1957, having entered the initial stage of the termination of the "1335 days" and witnessed the wonderful fulfilment of Daniel's prophecy regarding the revealing of absolute truth on chronology, we are experiencing the foretold blessedness resulting therefrom and the thrill of the clear understanding of Daniel's time-prophecies, made possible by the absolute chronology. Added to this simultaneously is the joy of the demonstration of finality in the chronological revelation enshrined in the Great Pyramid, in complete accord with the absolute chronology of the Bible now unfolded.

  As we pass through the 22 years constituting the 1335 days' terminal period, 1957-1979, the light and resultant blessedness will increase more and more unto "the perfect day". During this short terminal period ending in 1979 more light will unquestionably come on the meaning of the Book of Revelation which is the New Testament counterpart of Daniel in the Old Testament. But, say some, the full light cannot come until Satan is bound and the Millennial Kingdom inaugurated. We agree completely, for the final terminal date of the 1335 days, namely 1979 is the precise date revealed by two other Biblical prophecies independently as the beginning of the Millennium, confirmed also by the Great Pyramid, as we have seen above. This explains why the prophecy shows that Daniel is to be raised from the dead at the ne plus ultra or final end of the 1335 days, "But go thy way [Daniel] till the end: for thou shalt rest and stand in thy lot at the end of the days"-the "days" just mentioned (Daniel 12: 11-13).

  However, there are two sets of "days" given together in this prophecy, namely "1290 days" and "1335 days". We have dealt fully with the 1335 days and now we shall take up the matter of the 1290 days. The 1290 days prophecy is stated differently from any other chronological prophecy in the entire Bible. All other time-prophecies, when giving the period of time, state what will transpire at the end of the given time, otherwise of course they would not be prophecies at all. Merely to state a period of time, and then say nothing about it, would obviously be meaningless and yet that is what appears to be the case in regard to the 1290 days in Daniel 12: 11, which says that from the setting up of the abomination there would be 1290 days and then the verse ends. The period of time is given, but apparently no prophecy as to what it is about. The statement, as it stands in the sentence, is incomplete, so we read on and find the next sentence goes on to say, "Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the. " and then instead of saying "1290 days" as we would naturally expect it to do, it says "1335 days" instead. Does this not mean that the 1290 days end at the same point of time as the 1335 days ?-otherwise the statement of the 1290 days is incomplete and meaningless.

No mentioned already, Omar had a mosque built at the southern end of the Temple precincts by 643-644 from which date, 1335 prophetic "days", i.e. 1335 years, bring us to 1978-1979, but it was not till A.D. 688 that Caliph Abdul Malik began to erect the Dome of the Rock (the so-called Mosque of Omar) right on the very spot where the Lord's Temple had stood, and from that time 1290 years brings us precisely to the same date, 1978 (for A.D. 688 + 1290 = A.D. 1978). In connection with the erection of these mosques in Jerusalem, the Encyclopedia Britannica (11 th Edition) under the caption "Jerusalem" states: "In 637 the Caliph Omar marched on Jerusalem which capitulated [638J after a siege of four months. A wooden mosque was erected near the site of the Temple, which was replaced by the Mosque of Aksa, built by the Amir Abdalmalik (Abd el Malek) who also constructed the Dome of the Rock, known as the Mosque of Omar, in 688." These building operations on the Mosques began in the year 688 and were completed by 691.

  In trying to solve the chronological problem of Daniel 12: 11-13, it has hitherto been assumed that the 1290 and 1335 days began to count from the same starting point, but a careful reading of the wording of the prophecy reveals that this was an erroneous assumption and that it is the terminations, and not the beginnings, of the 1290 and 1335 days that coincide at the same date. Hence the wonderful words with which the Book of Daniel closes: "Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be 1290 days. Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the 1335 days. But go thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest (in the grave), and stand in thy lot (in the Kingdom of God) at the end of the days," Le., the days spoken of in the context-the 1290 and 1335 days which both finally end together at the date of Daniel's resurrection, the Hebrew year 5739, which, on our Western Calendar, begins with October 1978 and ends in September 1979, "the last day". It was to this same prophetic "day" or year that Martha of Bethany referred when her brother Lazarus died, "I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day"-the last year of the present Age introducing the Millennium. How thrilling! How inspiring! With what joyous expectation we now pray "THY KINGDOM COME!" It is a most arresting fact that the "1290 days", the "1335 days", the "2300 days" and the Jubilee Cycles all end

together at the same date 1978-1979. It is also a wonderful fact that the Great Pyramid independently reveals 1979 as the beginning of the Millennium. The year 1979 is indeed the annus mirabilis!


" A thousand years! Earth's coming glory! 'Tis the glad day so long foretold;

'Tis the bright morn of Zion's glory, Prophets foresaw in times of old.


Tell the whole world these blessed tidings; Speak of the time of rest that nears;

Tell the oppressed of every nation, Jubilee lasts a thousand years."CHAPTER XII







Now, the complete transition period from the Old Order to the grand New Order extends from A.D. 1914 to 1979-a period of 65 years, hence the limestone flooring extends for 65 inches beyond the end of the Grand Gallery, as we have seen. After Jesus foretold of the deliverance of Jerusalem in the First World War and told the parable of the fig tree (in Luke 21: 24-31) He said "This generation shall not pass away till all be fulfilled." The generation in Scripture is sometimes taken as 40 years, but there is another application of Christ's words which seems even more appropriate. When He said "This generation shall not pass" could He not simply mean that there would be people born or already alive in 1914 (when these things "began to come to pass") who would live to see all His prophecy fulfilled? If that be the meaning, then 70 years is the usually allotted span of life, and 70 years after 1914 brings us to 1984. Now, as has been shown, Christ's Millennial Reign is due to be inaugurated in 1979, which is 65 years after 1914 and thus 5 years within the recognised span of 70 years, hence the conditions of the prophecy will be amply fulfilled.

  It is interesting to note how a period of 65 years also comes into prominence relating to ends of outstanding eras in the history of Israel and Judah. In regard to the close of the period of existence of the Ten-Tribed nation of Israel in Palestine and its removal by force to Assyria, we recall the well-known 65 years mentioned in Isaiah 7: 8 "Within threescore and five years shall Ephraim be broken, that it be not a people". These words were uttered by the Prophet Isaiah against the TenTribed nation of Israel when King Pekah of Israel and King Rezin of Syria entered into a pact ("Syria is confederate with Ephraim" -verse 2) and jointly invaded the Kingdom of Judah with the object of attacking Jerusalem, the Capital of Judah, at the time that Ahaz came to the throne as Joint King of Judah in 735 B.C. Ten years later the Assyrians began the Siege of Samaria, the Capital of Israel, ending with the Fall of Samaria in 722 B.C. The monarchy of Israel was overthrown and many captives taken, but Ephraim, i.e., the Ten-Tribed nation of Israel continued. Nearly 50 years later, King Esarhaddon of Assyria began his attacks on Egypt, the first being in 675 B.C. On his way to and from Egypt he had of course to pass through Palestine and on these campaigns he took the opportunity to take the people of Israel captive to Assyria as they had then no king. In his final Egyptian campaign he cleared the last of Ten-Trided Israel out of their country. That was the campaign of 671-670 B.C., which was precisely the 65th year after Isaiah's prophecy was given in 735 B.C., declaring "Within 65 years shall Ephraim be broken that it be not a people". In Israelite history and Biblical prophecy, a final or utter end is usually accomplished in a 65-year period, and this is significant.

  Now about the end of Judah-Many centuries later, in connection with the breaking and dispersion of the Jews, there was also a 65 year period. From the fearful destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in A.D. 70 it was precisely 65 years till every Jew was expelled from Jerusalem and forbidden to enter it under the penalty of death in A.D. 135, when the terrible rebellion of pseudo-Messiah Bar Cochab (Bar Kochba) was finally crushed, after lasting 31 years.

  Now we are witnessing the breaking and removal of the present evil Order in a period of 65 years, 1914-1979, after the end of which we have the grand prospect of being ushered into Christ's glorious reign of peace, truth and love, wherein ultimately God's will shall be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. So today, when we have already seen two major phases of the 65-year period of World trouble and destruction, we can take courage and comfort from Jesus' prophetic words "When ye see these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads, for your deliverance draweth nigh". Christians who realise the coming judgments in the day of the Lord's righteous indignation, prior to the setting up of the Millennial kingdom, are responsible for making them known in order that the people be warned. The principle announced by the Prophet of old in Israel holds good and applies to watching Christians today, "So then, 0 son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the House of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth and warn them from me. Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. But if the watchman see the sword come and blow not the trumpet and the people be not warned; if the sword come and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand." (Ezekiel 33: 4-7). "Blow ye the trumpet in Zion. Therefore also now saith the Lord, Turn ye even to me with all your heart. turn unto the Lord your God; for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness." (Joel 2: 1,12,13). Now is the time to repent and give our lives to Christ before "The LORD cometh out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the Earth for their iniquity" and establish His glorious Kingdom. "His anger endureth but a moment; in His favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning"-the grand Millennial morning now so near. "The darkest hour comes just before the dawn"-the glorious Millennial Dawn which we are so soon to see.

  From September A.D. 1859, the date of the publication of John Taylor's book, the first book to announce that the Great Pyramid is God's Stone Witness in our day, till the final end of this Age in September 1979 is precisely 120 years. Therefore, just as Noah witnessed and proclaimed the then imminent Divine judgments for the final 120 years of the first World Order before the Flood, 3265-3145 B.C., so, in our time, God's Stone Witness, the Great Pyramid, witnesses and proclaims the now imminent Divine judgments-and also the glory to follow-for the final 120 years of the present World Order, A.D. 1859-1979. Verily, "the stones cry out!"

  How wonderful to realise that the grand Divine Plan for our Planet was all designed by the Divine Architect in the remote past and that His blue-print was portrayed in His "drawingoffice", the Great Pyramid, long ages ago.

  The Bible and the Great Pyramid enshrine the same eternal truth, one in words, the other in stone. The Pyramid is the Bible in stone; the Bible is the Pyramid in words. The Pyramid is truth in structural form; the Bible is truth in book form. The Great Pyramid, the first and greatest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is still the greatest Wonder of the World.


 GENERAL INDEX will be found at the end of BOOK V.If you have received help and encouragement from the reading of this book and would like to assist in making this grand message of Pyramidology more widely known, so that many who are distressed in the present trying times might obtain the very uplift of spirit which this message affords, the Institute of Pyramidology has been founded for the purpose of enabling you to do so effectively.

.On the next page are to be found particulars regarding THE INSTITUTE OF PYRAMIDOLOGY

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49:8 Judá, te alabarán tus hermanos; Tu mano en la cerviz de tus enemigos; Los hijos de tu padre se inclinarán a ti.
49:9 Cachorro de león, Judá; De la presa subiste, hijo mío. Se encorvó, se echó como león, Así como león viejo: ¿quién lo despertará?
49:10 No será quitado el cetro de Judá, Ni el legislador de entre sus pies, Hasta que venga Siloh; Y a él se congregarán los pueblos.
49:11 Atando a la vid su pollino, Y a la cepa el hijo de su asna, Lavó en el vino su vestido, Y en la sangre de uvas su manto.
49:12 Sus ojos, rojos del vino, Y sus dientes blancos de la leche. (LAODICEA=ILUMINACION=APOCALIPSIS 3:14. LA ILUMINACION en la tora tiene un fuerte contexto con MARIA MAGDALENA Y EL SANTO GRIAL. En la pelicula "EL CODIGO DA VINCI" cuando ROBERT LANGDON Y SOPHIE NEVEU van a la mansion del INGLES SIR  LEIGH TEABING es increible que PREVIO A QUE ESTE ULTIMO le revele a SOPHIE el nexo de MARIA MAGDALENA CON LEONARDO DA VINCI le hace cerrar los ojos y le pregunta de cuantas copas habia en la mesa en la SANTA CENA y justamente ella responde que una sola. TEABING, un ingles, cuando SOPHIE abre los ojos (ILUMINACION) le muestra que en dicha pintura no hay ninguna copa y que el GRIAL ES JUSTAMENTE LA MUJER QUE ESTA A LA DERECHA DEL SEÑOR CON PELO ROJIZO. LA ILUMINACION EN LA TORA ESTA 100% INTERRELACIONADA CON LA ESPOSA DE NUESTRO SEÑOR JESUCRISTO)
La gran piramide esta diseñada INCREIBLEMENTE en funcion a la ASUNCION DE LA VIRGEN (MARIA MAGDALENA) Y EL SANTO GRIAL. El 15 de agosto (dia numero 227 QUE EQUIVALE AL NUMERO PI (PI-RAMIDE/PYRAMID/P-YRAM-ID/MARY), que tambien esta UBICADO EN UNA POSICION AUREA (NUMERO DE ORO). EL ORO SIMBOLIZA AL GRIAL. EL SALMO 45:9 al hacer referencia a la REINA VESTIDA CON ORO DE O-PHI-R es un OBVIO NEXO ESPIRITUAL CON EL SANTO GRIAL en el contexto al NUMERO DE ORO (GOLDEN NUMBER) PHI=1.618033 INTERRELACIONADO CON EL HUEVO DE PASCUA en el contexto a que los conejos justamente se reproducen en forma AUREA. EL ORO ES UNA OBVIA INTERRELACION A LA ALQUIMIA/ESCALERA DE JACOB/CUADRATURA DEL CIRCULO/NUMERO 5/NUMERO DE ORO. EL MISMO NUMERO 5 ESTA DISEÑADO BAJO ESTE PATRON EN EL CONTEXTO  a que en la parte superior es cuadrada y en la parte inferior es circular. El compas (masonico) simboliza el circulo (el cielo) y la escuadra simboliza el cuadrado (la tierra). LA G INFERIOR SIMBOLIZA A GOD/GNOSIS/GALAXY/GRIAL.

EY = .5, The apothem is phi/1.618. This makes the 51 degree + degree angle.

Using a² + b² = c², this makes the height the square root of phi.


phi in Simple Gematria Equals: 33 ( p
ophir in Simple Gematria Equals: 66 ( o
La PI-RAMIDE de LOUVRE, tiene nexo esoterico en el contexto al metro/maestro/master/mister/istar/star/estrella/santo grial. Maestro tiene un fuerte nexo espiritual en la tora con el salmo 119 (muy interrelacionado con el santo Grial)
Sabemos que tambien que la distancia promedio de la tierra a Marte es de 227000000 de Km. Vemos tambien un nexo del 15 de Agosto, ROSE LINE, METRO, MARTE insisto en el contexto a que dicho dia es el numero 227=22/7=NUMERO PI DEL CALENDARIO GREGORIANO. ¿PENSAR QUE hay gente que afirma en INTERNET QUE EN LA BIBLIA NO SE CONOCIA EL PI?
171. Salmos 45:9: Hijas de reyes están entre tus ilustres;
Está la REINA a tu diestra con oro de OPHIR.

 EL diseño cientifico de MARTE en funcion al NUMERO DE ORO, y al NUMERO PI es un OBVIO NEXO ESPIRITUAL con el SANTO GRIAL. No olvidemos que el EXODO DE EGIPTO, osea la PASCUA, fue en el primer mes hebreo que en el gregoriano equivale a MARZO/MARTE.
8:1 Y se acordó Dios de Noé, y de todos los animales, y de todas las bestias que estaban con él en el arca; e hizo pasar Dios un viento sobre la tierra, y disminuyeron las aguas.
8:2 Y se cerraron las fuentes del abismo y las cataratas de los cielos; y la lluvia de los cielos fue detenida.
8:3 Y las aguas decrecían gradualmente de sobre la tierra; y se retiraron las aguas al cabo de ciento cincuenta días.
8:4 Y reposó el arca en el mes séptimo, a los diecisiete días del mes, sobre los montes de Ararat. (LA EXPRESION EN EL MES SEPTIMO, A LOS DIECISIETE DIAS DEL MES ES SUBJETIVA. Se lo puede interpretar como el 17 del septimo mes o como siete meses y 17 dias. En contexto a la segunda posicion multiplicando 7x30 dias=210 dias que mas 17 nos da 227 dias. ¿En este versiculo tenemos un simbolo tipologico de la ASUNCION DE MARIA EL 15 DE AGOSTO QUE ES JUSTAMENTE EL DIA NUMERO 227 DELAÑO?. ES INCREIBLE QUE EL MONTE DE ARARAT ESTA EN TURQUIA, QUE ES UNA NACION ISLAMICA. ¿CASUALIDAD O CAUSALIDAD? Recordemos que el ARCA DE NOE, AL IGUAL QUE EL ARCA DEL PACTO estan diseñadas en funcion al NUMERO DE ORO Y QUE ES UN RECIPIENTE, OSEA UN SIMBOLO FEMENINO. LA MUJER EMBARAZADA ES RECIPIENTE DEL HIJO. Incluso TURQUIA/ANATOLIA que es adonde esta ubicada el MONTE DE ARARAT tiene nexo con las siete iglesias de apocalipsis 1 con fuerte nexo con las PLEYADES y con MARIA MAGDALENA E incluso con ANTIOQUIA que es adonde nacio EL CRISTIANISMO. )

8:5 Y las aguas fueron decreciendo hasta el mes décimo; en el décimo, al primero del mes, se descubrieron las cimas de los montes.
8:6 Sucedió que al cabo de cuarenta días abrió Noé la ventana del arca que había hecho,
8:7 y envió un cuervo, el cual salió, y estuvo yendo y volviendo hasta que las aguas se secaron sobre la tierra.
8:8 Envió también de sí una paloma, para ver si las aguas se habían retirado de sobre la faz de la tierra.
8:9 Y no halló la paloma donde sentar la planta de su pie, y volvió a él al arca, porque las aguas estaban aún sobre la faz de toda la tierra. Entonces él extendió su mano, y tomándola, la hizo entrar consigo en el arca.
8:10 Esperó aún otros siete días, y volvió a enviar la paloma fuera del arca.
8:11 Y la paloma volvió a él a la hora de la tarde; y he aquí que traía una hoja de olivo en el pico; y entendió Noé que las aguas se habían retirado de sobre la tierra.
8:12 Y esperó aún otros siete días, y envió la paloma, la cual no volvió ya más a él.
8:13 Y sucedió que en el año seiscientos uno de Noé, en el mes primero, el día primero del mes, las aguas se secaron sobre la tierra; y quitó Noé la cubierta del arca, y miró, y he aquí que la faz de la tierra estaba seca.
13 de octubre fue la caida de los templarios-Misterio del 13/8

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20:1 El primer día de la semana, María Magdalena fue de mañana, siendo aún oscuro, al sepulcro; y vio quitada la piedra del sepulcro. (Antes de la salida del sol. Hay un obvio nexo con el SOL NACIENTE Y PROBABLEMENTE TAMBIEN CON LA SALIDA HELIACA DE SIRIO)

20:3 Y salieron Pedro y el otro discípulo, y fueron al sepulcro.
20:4 Corrían los dos juntos; pero el otro discípulo corrió más aprisa que Pedro, y llegó primero al sepulcro. (El mensaje obviamente nos quiere decir que EL DISCIPULO AMADO ERA MUCHO MAS JOVEN que PEDRO)
20:5 Y bajándose a mirar, vio los lienzos puestos allí, pero no entró.
20:6 Luego llegó Simón Pedro tras él, y entró en el sepulcro, y vio los lienzos puestos allí,
20:7 y el sudario, que había estado sobre la cabeza de Jesús, no puesto con los lienzos, sino enrollado en un lugar aparte.
20:8 Entonces entró también el otro discípulo, que había venido primero al sepulcro; y vio, y creyó.

20:9 Porque aún no habían entendido la Escritura, que era necesario que él resucitase de los muertos. (Cristo siempre hace referencia en el contexto al tercer dia/martes al HIJO DEL HOMBRE/ORION)

20:10 Y volvieron los discípulos a los suyos.
20:12 y vio a dos ángeles con vestiduras blancas, que estaban sentados el uno a la cabecera, y el otro a los pies, donde el cuerpo de Jesús había sido puesto.
20:13 Y le dijeron: Mujer, ¿por qué lloras? Les dijo: Porque se han llevado a mi Señor, y no sé dónde le han puesto. (MISTER/M-STAR/STAR/ESTRELLA/GRIAL. ESTA TODO EN CLAVE. Aparte el termino SEÑOR es una REFERENCIA A GENESIS 3:15. MAGDALENA ES LA NUEVA EVA)

Mister - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

MisterMister palabra inglesa que significa señor.

20:14 Cuando había dicho esto, se volvió, y vio a Jesús que estaba allí; mas no sabía que era Jesús.
20:15 Jesús le dijo: Mujer, ¿por qué lloras? ¿A quién buscas? Ella, pensando que era el hortelano, le dijo: Señor, si tú lo has llevado, dime dónde lo has puesto, y yo lo llevaré.
milky way in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( m 13 i9 l 12 k 11 y 25 0 w 23 a1 y 25 )
queen mary in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( q 17 u 21 e5 e5 n 14 0 m 13 a1 r 18 y 25  
hebrew calendar in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( h8 e5 b2 r 18 e5 w 23 0 c3 a1 l 12 e5 n 14 d4 a1 r 18
mary magdalene in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( m 13 a1 r 18 y 25 0 m 13 a1 g7 d4 a1 l 12 e5 n 14 e5  
orion in Simple Gematria Equals: 71 ( o
pleiades in Simple Gematria Equals: 71 ( p
master in Simple Gematria Equals: 76 ( m


3. Deuteronomio 4:48: Desde Aroer, que está junto a la ribera del arroyo de Arnón, hasta el monte de Sion, que es Hermón;


20:18 Fue entonces María Magdalena para dar a los discípulos las nuevas de que había visto al Señor, y que él le había dicho estas cosas.

APOTEMA =PHI/1.618033


phi in Simple Gematria Equals: 33 ( p
ophir in Simple Gematria Equals: 66 ( o
HECHOS 12:12/1+2:1+1/33

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phi in Simple Gematria Equals: 33 ( p
ophir in Simple Gematria Equals: 66 ( o
HECHOS 12:12/1+2:1+1/33

The time of the clock on back of the $100 dollar bill, As you can clearly see the time reads 2:22.

19.47 x 12.12 yrs = 235.9764 yrs = 235 yrs and 356 days
December 31, 1776 + 235 yrs and 356 days = December 21, 2012

19.47 x 12 yrs = 233.64 yrs = 233 yrs and 233 days
July 4, 1776 + 233 yrs and 233 days = February 22, 2010


322 has 7 proper divisors: 1, 2, 7, 14, 23, 46, 161
The sum of the proper divisors is 254  
En Hechos 12:12 (1+2,1+2:3,3 o 33) es PEDRO el que aparece con Maria la madre de Juan Marcos.
 Hechos 12:12: Y habiendo considerado esto, llegó a casa de María la madre de Juan, el que tenía por sobrenombre MARCOS, donde muchos estaban reunidos orando.




Sign Type


Celestial Position


Living Creature



Fall Equinox





Spring Equinox





Winter Solstice





Summer Solstice



7:22 Por cierto, Moisés os dio la circuncisión (no porque sea de Moisés, sino de los padres); y en el día de reposo circuncidáis al hombre(22/7=3.14 (Numero PI).)
illuminati.jpg (58992 bytes)
7:23 Si recibe el hombre la circuncisiónLevitico 12. 3 en el día de reposo, para que la ley de Moisés no sea quebrantada, ¿os enojáis conmigo porque en el día de reposo sané completamente a un hombre?Juan 5. 9(EL SHABBAT TAMBIEN ES OCTAVO DIA SEGUN JUAN 7:23 EN EL CONTEXTO A QUE LA CIRCUNCISION ERA JUSTAMENTE EN DICHO DIA)

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This is the real “ROCK” upon which the Krystos (ETHERIC CRYSTAL)  consciousness founded the “CHURCH” (Matthew 16:18):

MATT 16:18  “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church;

and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”


MATT 16:18 is an in your face glyph for the golden mean ratio 1.618

(“MATT” is pun of “MATTER”)

Golden Mean ratio of 1.618

Golden Mean ratio of 1.618

The Golden Meand and the Equilateral Triangle in a Circle

The Golden Mean and the Equilateral Triangle in a Circle; THE CRUCIAL FACT IS THE MIDPOINT OF THE TRIANGLE SIDE


Star Tetrahedron, formed by the MIDPOINTS OF THE CENTRAL EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE  (the blue and rose colored lines indicate these midpoint halves)


Tetrahedron in a Circle

Tetrahedron in a Circle; AT THE MIDPOINT of the central Equilateral Triangle, the radius connects the center of the circle to the MULTIDIMENSIONAL INTERSECTION POINT AT 19.5 DEGREES ANGLE

“PETER”     (is pun of)     PERIMETER

“PAUL”     (is pun of)     POLE

The Tetrahedron opens up to other dimensions at the 19.5 degrees point


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I C, the pillars are giving birth. /irgo's legs extend down to Libra's / Scorpio's balances were the pillars reside. 

The Babylonian "Chelae Scorpionis" is Libra's balances in sidereal Scorpio! 

For those wondering, yes, our astrological signs have been tampered with with as well, the degrees are way off. Eastern sidereal astrology is the truth! Is there anything they don't have there hands in? 

It's the same directly opposite side of the zodiac with the bulls horns & Cap El lA, with Capella being north of the horns. 

PerSeuS (Algol = negative feminine energy) is chasing CapELLA. (masculine positive energy = the lamb) Wink 

In-Between the bulls horns & capella is were we will find our 137 axis (F#4.5) or the nuclear axis. 

The light bends with the the sound !! 
1 black hole in the east, 1 white hole in the west, or we can rotate the ying yang 90 degrees. Wink 

There is a invisible white hole in Scorpio that the stinger is pointing to, it is the starting point of the west pillar. 
(at 9 on the major scale) Wink 

And that my friend is why Zuben EL chemali is the only star in the sky that is green, hydrogen green that is. Idea 

Here is the BRANE of the operation 

3 x 3 / 81 Permutations of the Lo Shu 

19.47 major (related to ADAM) 
25.52 minor (related to EVE) 

Those are two mirror numbers or mirror partners above & below G on the musical scale. Could note A on the scale be 19.47? 

Arrow http://www.bob-wonderland.supanet.com/journal_10.htm 

Hmmmmm, Zuben EL, Algol, & Scheat are all on the 19.5 degree mark with Capella at 20. Shocked 

The 19.47 degree angle is linked geometrically to the Mercury synodic hexagram circumscribed by the Earth's orbit. Idea 

22:7 = Mercury-Earth Synodic Cycle (22 x 116 = 2552 : 2555 = 7x 365) 


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Imagen relacionada
Resultado de imagen para numero de fibonacci
Resultado de imagen para ISLAND GIORGIO VENICE
Resultado de imagen para viktor schauberger agua viva
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Resultado de imagen para VENICE DAVINCI
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Resultado de imagen para DAVINCI PENTAGON
Resultado de imagen para DAVINCI PENTAGON
Resultado de imagen para DAVINCI PENTAGON

dollar US animé


11/9 O 9/11

Poster WTC


Image roll-over


11 Septembre 2001...?

Resultado de imagen para 666 1776
Resultado de imagen para espiral aurea naturaleza
Resultado de imagen para alien el octavo pasajero gato
Resultado de imagen para alien el octavo pasajero gato
Sapientia Aedificavit Sibi Domum. Es decir, "la sabiduría ha edificado aquí su casa". Resulta curioso que la misma frase aparece en el Evangelio de María Magdalena, un texto apócrifo. Se dice que en el interior de esta iglesia y de otras muchas de Venecia está escondido el tesoro de los templarios. Pero no hay ninguna prueba de ello. Para terminar ya con esta entrada me gustaría que nos acercásemos un momento a uno de los edificios más emblemáticos de Venecia: el Palacio Ducal.
Resultado de imagen para chiesa della maddalena venezia
Eye within an interlocking circle and triangle, Santa Maria della Maddalena, Venice
La Maddalena
Church of Santa Maria della Maddalena, Venice
La Maddalena
Tomb of the architect Tommaso Temanza, Santa Maria della Maddalena, Venice
Tomb of Tommaso Temanza
Resultado de imagen para the dark side of the moon pink floyd
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Resultado de imagen para genesis 22:15,18
Resultado de imagen para MAGDALENE NEW MEXICO
Resultado de imagen para GALAXY PHI
Resultado de imagen para GALAXY PHI

"¡Oh profundidad de las riquezas de la sabiduría (sophia)
y de la ciencia (gnwsiV, gnosis) de Dios!
¡Cuán incomprensibles son sus juicios, e inescrutables sus caminos!"
(Romanos, 11: 33).


Resultado de imagen para LEONARDO DA VINCI VENECIA
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Resultado de imagen para BELLAS QUE SON LAS MATEMATICAS
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the Apple
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Resultado de imagen para MAGDALENE NEW MEXICO
Resultado de imagen para MAGDALENE NEW MEXICO
milky way in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( m 13 i9 l 12 k 11 y 25 0 w 23 a1 y 25 )
queen mary in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( q 17 u 21 e5 e5 n 14 0 m 13 a1 r 18 y 25  
hebrew calendar in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( h8 e5 b2 r 18 e5 w 23 0 c3 a1 l 12 e5 n 14 d4 a1 r 18
mary magdalene in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( m 13 a1 r 18 y 25 0 m 13 a1 g7 d4 a1 l 12 e5 n 14 e5  
Resultado de imagen para MAGDALENE NEW MEXICO

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