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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 18/07/2015 02:50
137 ~ Itzhak Bentov ~ Mystical Friend of Mine and the Swastika
“one of the good things about the system is that the system wants to teach you about itself”

The best quote in the video can be found starting @17:40

“one of the good things about the system is that the system wants to teach you about itself”

BUT what did Itzhak write in his book A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness that he knew the mundane profane world was not ready to hear on TV?
And it reveals the work of Itzhak more profound because Itzhak was Jewish too.
He loved to meditate and this is what he ‘saw’ when meditating and it is central to his theory, his story recovered, part of the narrative recovered that effects you and me.

“This desire resulted in the process of creation, symbolized by the swastika within the creative center, representing a four-dimensional rotating universe.

It is interesting to note that if you merge your consciousness with that of the Creator, you discover within Him a rotating swastika.

In other words, swastika stands for both the Creator and the Creation – they are inseparable”

bfc added by me
Worth repeating one more time;

“one of the good things about the system is that the system wants to teach you about itself”

What kind of paradox would two opposed swastikas put onto the Emerald Round Table for discussion?


The Mystic Tower

3  Chambers
7  Levels

My Guide with his wand touched a small and hidden door in the rugged walls of the triangular Tower, which opened and admitted us, then he turned to me and said:

‘The Tower is high and it containeth seven levels, and on each level are three Chambers, and above all lieth one Chamber, and the ascent thereto is long and wearisome.’

I replied:

‘My Master, thy footsteps will I follow …’

source: The Mystic Rose from the Garden of the King

Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths

The sun rises from the mound of creation at the beginning of time.

The central circle represents the mound, and the three orange circles are the sun in different stages of its rising. At the top is the “horizon” hieroglyph with the sun appearing atop it. At either side are the goddesses of the north and south, pouring out the waters that surround the mound. The eight stick figures are the gods of the Ogdoad, hoeing the soil.

 Twenty-first Dynasty (c. 1075–945 BC)


Allow me to enter the evidence of a mystic/meditator/scientist/mediator/inventor/teacher and a guru to some.
Evidence of an IDEA that seems to be connected to the evolution of our CONSCIOUSNESS.

Another JC mystic in fact.
He was a Jewish Czech mystic.
Itzhak Bentov’s name is a recognizable name in many, many circles.
Those that knew him well simply called him Ben.

The following two images below were drawn by Ben and without a doubt the first one bears a resemblance to the above image from the Egyptian 21st dynasty on the left.

Can this be confirmed?
Does God’s name in the original Hebrew text YHWH literally mean
“He Causes to Become”

And the text that accompanies these images on pages 50-51 of Bentov’s book A BRIEF TOUR OF HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS states the following: (highlights in red have been added by me)

“This desire resulted in the process of creation, symbolized by the swastika within the creative center, representing a four-dimensional rotating universe.

It is interesting to note that if you merge your consciousness with that of the Creator, you discover within Him a rotating swastika.

In other words, swastika stands for both the Creator and the Creation – they are inseparable”

Bentov died in 1979 in an air accident.

By no coincidence I turned 22 that year.
There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and this intuitive journey I find myself on requires I acquaint myself with the Hebrew alphabet…and the 22 chapters found in the last book of the bIbLE, Revelations and the 22 archetypes put on display as the Major Arcana in the Tarot, and the source of the Rotas Sator Magic Square is probably Hebrew/Jewish, not Christian.

“The front side of the Aleph is luminous and the back side is dark. This expresses two polarities. From the luminous side  emerges a stream of twenty-two interference patterns of Hebrew letters, in the correct order of the alphabet, hovering in space; on the black side, the twenty-two letters are in a jumbled sequence. You are puzzled and wonder what this means.

The explanation comes … ”
(refer to pages 49-54)
-Itzhak Bentov

Bentov and me together could have written Part 3 of his book entitled A Brief ‘Tour of Higher Consciousness, we arrived at virtually the same conclusions, but through different entry points.

There are no coincidences…soon that will become apparent.

Don’t forget that in the MEME game of associations based on a Law of Associations, evidence of unity is everywhere.
Evidence that time travels, it hops, skips and does quantum jumps and leaps of faith through Space and Time.

And using this Law of Associations has paid dividends in helping me conceptualize in my mInD, what cannot be put into words.
But I do try anyway, with the assistance of much imagery.
Don’t I?

If we remember, if our memory banks store data/info using images why do folks go on and on and on and on using wordy descriptions?
Why are bIbLEs today lacking images?
What happened to illuminated manuscripts?

Are images being ‘incepted’ as seeds into our fertILE minds?

Rosetta Mandala Fractal

Just recently I finally got around to associating this image that I photographed in 2006 in Peru, (a Kodak/Nikon moment that has changed my life forever) to the SQUARE or CUBE, which I am now associating with the numbers 137, placed between two GREEN pillars.

Is it because the number 137, referred to as a ‘dimensionless number’, which is associated with the two spectral lines** of a hydrogen atom,  is also placed between two lines similar to the pervading archetype of two pillars flanking an entrance.
(**spectral lines look like bar codes and reveals a unique fingerprint)

YES this association is so profound.

And right here in the HERE and NOW, I do declare, I finally realize WTF I have here.
What we have is a powerful MANDALA, it is without a doubt an archetype that we can associate with both the macro cosmic zodiac and something ‘atomic’ beyond the molecular…the ‘microcosm’.
A Model that can be applied to both the Big and the Small equally, with lessons learned with each application.

I feel what I have here, in this image, (circa 16th-18th century is a guess till I can authenticate) that I had nicknamed the ‘Rosetta Mandala Fractal’ (some time ago) is a MODEL for what befuddles the greatest mInDs today, certainly on the atomic level.

And it concerns the number 137 which the physicist has placed between two fine spectral lines.
And though I can place the CUBE between these two spectral lines, which appear as GREEN PILLARS, along with the number 137, the next step is placing a tetrahedron with a 137 sphere packing inside the CUBE.

Please note in this demonstration re: the evolution of the MiNd that the cutting edge of humanity is usually considered crazy.
The video gets interesting around 5 minutes.

Itzak’s demonstration in this video clearly illustrates why genius/crazy share the same space on the evolutionary curve, a convergence that is usually found not in the peaks but in the valleys of evolution.

Itzhak, or Ben as his friends knew him, is the fella who taught ME about …

137 sphere packing

note the 137 sphere packing model in the center

The above image was taken from The Kabbalah Unveiled translated by S.L. MacGregor Mathers

38. There are three qabalistical veils of the negative existence, and in themselves they formulate the hidden ideas of the Sephiroth not yet called into being, and they are concentrated in Kether, which in this sense is the Malkuth of the hidden ideas of the Sephiroth.

I will explain this. The first veil of the negative existence is the AIN, Ain = Negativity. This word consists of three letters, which thus shadow forth the first three Sephiroth or numbers. The second veil is the AIN SVP, Ain Soph = the Limitless, This title consists of six letters, and shadows forth the idea of the first six Sephiroth or numbers. The third veil is the AIN SVP AVR, Ain Soph Aur = the Limitless Light. This again consists of nine letters, and symbolizes the first nine Sephiroth, but of course in their hidden idea only. But when we reach the number nine we cannot progress farther without returning to the unity, or the Dumber one, fur the number ten is but a repetition of unity freshly derived from the negative, as is evident from a glance at its ordinary representation in Arabic numerals, where the circle 0 represents the Negative, and the 1 the Unity. Thus, then, the limitless ocean of negative light does not proceed from a centre, for it is centreless, but it concentrates a centre, which is the number one of the manifested Sephiroth, Kether, the Crown, the First Sephira; which therefore may be said to be the Malkuth or number ten of the hidden Sephiroth. (See Plate II.). Thus, “Kether is in Malkuth, and Malkuth is in Kether.”

Or, as an alchemical author of great repute (Thomas Vaughan, better known as Eugenius Philalethes) says, apparently quoting from Proclus: “That the heaven is in the earth, but after an earthly manner; and that the earth is in the heaven, but after a heavenly manner.” But inasmuch as negative existence is a subject incapable of definition, as I have before shown, it is rather considered by the Qabalists as depending back from the number of unity than as a separate consideration therefrom; wherefore they frequently apply the same terms and epithets indiscriminately to either. Such epithets are “The Concealed of the Concealed,” “The Ancient of the Ancient Ones,” the “Most Holy Ancient One,” &c

page 16 – paragraph #38

things are getting magical

more, more, and more ‘137‘ coincidences that have piled up to become evidence of a numerical unity we fail to comprehend.


by James P. Crutchfield, J. Doyne Farmer, Norman H. Packard, and Robert S. Shaw

There is order in chaos: randomness has an underlying geometric form. Chaos imposes fundamental limits on prediction, but it also suggests causal relationships where none were previously suspected.

A good example of a dynamical system is found in the simple pendulum. All that is needed t.determine its motion are two variables: position and velocity. The state is thus a point in a plane, whose coordinates are position and velocity. Newton’s laws provide a rule, expressed mathematically as a differential equation, that describes how the state evolves. As the pendulum swings back and forth the state moves along an “orbit”, or path, in the plane. In the ideal case of a frictionless pendulum the orbit is a loop; failing that, the orbit spirals to a point as the pendulum comes to rest.


STATE SPACE is a useful concept for visualizing the behavior of a dynamical system. It is an abstract space whose coordinates are the degrees of freedom of the system’s motion. The motion of a pendulum (top), for example, is completely determined by its initial position and velocity. Its state is thus a point in a plane whose coordinates are position and velocity (bottom). As the pendulum swings hack and forth it follows an “orbit”, or path, through the state space. For an ideal, frictionless pendulum the orbit is a closed curve (bottom left); otherwise, with friction, the orbit spirals to a point (bottom right).



p.s. It is all part of the design by the master mathematician, and it is very very cool as it reveals itself to you … the inter-connectivity is full of aha and awe and aums.

I also want to point out that I believe the orientation of the swastika that Bentov shows is incorrect for the direction he has indicated…

UPDATE March 2013

However after studying the movement of the swastika on the NANO scale I AM convinced either swastika oriented to the left or right can rotate in either direction.
And the direction that Bentov is indicating is probably correct.
The direction he is suggesting is due to high frequencies.

Go to APPLICATION #6 found at this link:

Optical forces induced on a light mill motor

Optical forces induced on a light mill motor by an illumination wavelength of 810 nm and 1700 nm. At 810 nm wavelength, light impacts the outer side of the arms, inducing a counterclockwise torque on the motor. At 1700 nm, light passes through the gaps and impacts the elbow of the motor, providing a clockwise torque. (Courtesy: Zhang group)

But in the image above take a look at the shadow that the swastika casts!

Does it look like the Hebrew letter aleph?
Yes of course it does.

Now that we have acquired NANO Lightmill/Swastika insights recall what Itzhak Bentov had said earlier …

“The front side of the Aleph is luminous and the back side is dark”

“This expresses two polarities.

From the luminous side  emerges a stream of twenty-two interference patterns of Hebrew letters, in the correct order of the alphabet, hovering in space; on the black side, the twenty-two letters are in a jumbled sequence…”

Leucippus and Democritus: atomist philosophers

The complex world is created by a whirling motion of atoms separated from the void.  This motion is like an Anaxagorean or Empedoclean vortex – spinning in a centripetal and centrifugal process.  Democritus took this accepted theory of the vortex and superimposed his atomic theory onto it so that the vortex would work in terms of atoms. The atomist theory creates a new mechanistic method at ground level.  However, these theories of scientific processes (so close to modern atomic theory) were, for these philosophers, pure speculation without experiment.  Amazingly, they were searching and postulating in the darkness of speculation.

A student then asked the question:  How does Democritus explain the weight of things if atoms themselves have no weight? 

Professor Hutchinson then said that Democritus answered that question in terms of centripetal and centrifugal forces.

UPDATE April 14, 2015

April 10 at 3:02pm Dan Winter: “worked with ben in boston and in italy- notes on his planet penetrating kundalini – physics”

source of image ~ Dan Winter

I have never seen Dan Winter mention the ‘swastika’ in any of his work.
It appears his entire theory defaults to ‘phi’ and  everything golden.

But let it be noted that in the theory recovered by ME+me building on the work of others, including Dan Winter and Livio Catullo Stecchini there exist at least two axis and Rene Schwaller de Lubicz identified three in the Temple of Luxor.

2B continued …

selah V



“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-A. Einstein





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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 18/07/2015 02:54

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 19/07/2015 01:37

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 03/08/2015 23:19

Génesis 25

1. Abraham tomó otra mujer, cuyo nombre era Cetura,
2. la cual le dio a luz a Zimram, Jocsán, Medán, Madián, Isbac y Súa.
3. Y Jocsán engendró a Seba y a Dedán; e hijos de Dedán fueron Asurim, Letusim y Leumim.
4. E hijos de Madián: Efa, Efer, Hanoc, Abida y Elda. Todos estos fueron hijos de Cetura.
5. Y Abraham dio todo cuanto tenía a Isaac.
6. Pero a los hijos de sus concubinas dio Abraham dones, y los envió lejos de Isaac su hijo, mientras él vivía, hacia el oriente, a la tierra oriental.
7. Y estos fueron los días que vivió Abraham: ciento setenta y cinco años.
8. Y exhaló el espíritu, y murió Abraham en buena vejez, anciano y lleno de años, y fue unido a su pueblo.
9. Y lo sepultaron Isaac e Ismael sus hijos en la cueva de Macpela, en la heredad de Efrón hijo de Zohar heteo, que está enfrente de Mamre,
10. heredad que compró Abraham de los hijos de Het; allí fue sepultado Abraham, y Sara su mujer.
11. Y sucedió, después de muerto Abraham, que Dios bendijo a Isaac su hijo; y habitó Isaac junto al pozo del Viviente-que-me- ve.
12. Estos son los descendientes de Ismael hijo de Abraham, a quien le dio a luz Agar egipcia, sierva de Sara;
13. estos, pues, son los nombres de los hijos de Ismael, nombrados en el orden de su nacimiento: El primogénito de Ismael, Nebaiot; luego Cedar, Adbeel, Mibsam,
14. Misma, Duma, Massa,
15. Hadar, Tema, Jetur, Nafis y Cedema. (12 HIJOS, OSEA UNA REFERENCIA A LAS DOCE HORAS DEL RELOJ)
16. Estos son los hijos de Ismael, y estos sus nombres, por sus
17. Y estos fueron los años de la vida de Ismael, ciento treinta y siete años; y exhaló el espíritu Ismael, y murió, y fue unido a su pueblo.
18. Y habitaron desde Havila hasta Shur, que está enfrente de Egipto viniendo a Asiria; y murió en presencia de todos sus hermanos.
19. Estos son los descendientes de Isaac hijo de Abraham: Abraham engendró a Isaac,
20. y era Isaac de cuarenta años cuando tomó por mujer a Rebeca, hija de Betuel arameo de Padan-aram, hermana de Labán arameo.
21. Y oró Isaac a Jehová por su mujer, que era estéril; y lo aceptó Jehová, y concibió Rebeca su mujer.
22. Y los hijos luchaban dentro de ella; y dijo: Si es así, ¿para qué vivo yo? Y fue a consultar a Jehová;
23. y le respondió Jehová: Dos naciones hay en tu seno, Y dos pueblos serán divididos desde tus entrañas; El un pueblo será más fuerte que el otro pueblo, Y el mayor servirá al menor.
24. Cuando se cumplieron sus días para dar a luz, he aquí había gemelos en su vientre.
25. Y salió el primero rubio, y era todo velludo como una pelliza; y llamaron su nombre Esaú.
26. Después salió su hermano, trabada su mano al calcañar de Esaú; y fue llamado su nombre Jacob. Y era Isaac de edad de sesenta años cuando ella los dio a luz.
27. Y crecieron los niños, y Esaú fue diestro en la caza, hombre del campo; pero Jacob era varón quieto, que habitaba en tiendas.
28. Y amó Isaac a Esaú, porque comía de su caza; mas Rebeca amaba a Jacob.
29. Y guisó Jacob un potaje; y volviendo Esaú del campo, cansado,
30. dijo a Jacob: Te ruego que me des a comer de ese guiso rojo, pues estoy muy cansado. Por tanto fue llamado su nombre Edom.
31. Y Jacob respondió: Véndeme en este día tu primogenitura.
32. Entonces dijo Esaú: He aquí yo me voy a morir; ¿para qué, pues, me servirá la primogenitura?
33. Y dijo Jacob: Júramelo en este día. Y él le juró, y vendió a Jacob su primogenitura.
34. Entonces Jacob dio a Esaú pan y del guisado de las lentejas; y él comió y bebió, y se levantó y se fue. Así menospreció Esaú la primogenitura.

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 03/08/2015 23:22

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 24/08/2015 02:48


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