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Reply  Message 1 of 11 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 22/01/2015 02:58
Grail - wayne herschel claim



AUGUST 2014:
Is 'The Holy Grail' legend only a single chalice used with the Christ that has some sort of magic and powers as believed by millions? Or, is it a teaching by the Christ using a special gold chalice without magic powers BUT incorporating something much bigger that CAN change the world?

It is... the latter

This claim does however deserve to be treated as a harmless respectful hypothesis and an evaluation result by scholars expected to be presented measurably and views expressed with a degree of probability of it being truth. This result after a full investigation comparing the claim taking into account the SCIENCE of statistics of the repeating 35 strong cases on this website of what the star maps mean.

The Holy Grail knowledge IS something that can create WORLD PEACE that the Christ no doubt also taught. The ritual teaching of what is meant by the Grail in heavenly communion is at hand here using a special designed chalice in a celebration of a human uplifting truth, the genesis of a holy bloodline proving ALL humanity are EQUAL and SACRED, because the star map evidence appears to have been given to ALL ancient civilisations by heavenly visitors. This is the greatest hidden secret on Earth.

Read on and discover the truth deemed forbidden knowledge because it holds the way forward for peace, tranquility and a golden age IF it were possible all humanity know and believed the measurable secret. A truth not in the best interests of the powers that be that depend on the benifits of profiteering from humanity through centuries of lies and the chaos of war.

I will be adding to this amazing story monthly but begin with the fastest means diving straight into the 'breaking news' evidence BUT, to understand and comprehend the magnitude of the findings, it requires readers to read the full article here, follow ALL references and memorise the simple star pattern involved seen in this small animation. Here is also a link to the star map up close and a list of all the case studies around the world of civilisations that once knew it well: ref

Let me say this much for now:

The Holy Grail was a name given to a secret using a special gold chalice yes... but it has something with it that is far greater than magical powers... It has something powerful with it that without magic CAN create world peace and human civilisation greatness.

With great importance and the feeling of an overwhelming sense of responsibility, the time has come to claim I have solved the definitive one and only mystery of 'The' Holy Grail. I need to call it as it is, as there is no record of one before me with this precise claim. Since 2005 I first began claiming the grail was a star map celebration ritual taught by the Christ on just a handful of lose leads. But now the evidence collection is substantial enough to present a solid claim. I must challenge scholars to evaluate it and officially make statements. I don't expect conclusive results due to the present world ethics of 'official denial' protocol where any material that supports claims that we are not alone in the universe is outright rejected without reasons given until further notice.


The name 'Holy Grail'... what does it mean?

The name stems from the word Sang Real

Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh discovered the word origin. They wrote a book called Holy Blood Holy Grail ref and it presented some of the important fundamental research findings on the subject. A famous novelist Dan Brown chose to duplicate his main breakthroughs and use it for his fiction novel called 'DaVinci Code'. Fiction? Well he followed ancient monarchy twisted tradition, perhaps insistent by the publisher that might be elite owned in honour of a special bloodline obsession of a descending family lineage of Yeshua Ben Yusef. His book presented a person as THE Holy Grail.

While thinking of truth versus fiction, was it really God incarnate in the Christ or was he one who had a father from those that visit from above who had a biological gift perhaps with pineal gland more developed and able to have The Creator ref of the universe speak through him? Either way... this man still did not lie when saying his words are the words spoken by God. He was one of the most important people ever to walk the face of the Earth and our ancestors brutally murdered him before he could continue his life as a teacher with great following.

Michael tried to defend his intellectual property and sued Brown but Michael lost his case and lost millions and fell deep in debt from the losses. He died soon after while struggling just to get through monthly expenses and illness took over. Some say... bigger money, bigger lawyers, bigger success chances. Richard Leigh also died shortly after the book also from ill health. Quite sad how things turned out that these pioneers make big discoveries, face devastating hardships then suddenly die while others prosper.

The word Sang Real Michael said meant holy blood. But after years of deeper research I found it more precisely speaks of Sacred Lineage.

The sacred lineage of people that came from the heavens.

Leonardo DaVinci knew the secret and the meaning of the Three Kings as Orion's Belt that follow to his Bethlehem star and DaVinci shows in his paintings. In the Last Supper painting for example, Holy Blood Holy Grail showed where the Grail should appear that Christ was reaching for with empty hand. Between the sacred feminine next to Mary and Christ as sacred Masculine and the gap between them was the appropriate vessel shape. But the human geometry code was missed (click image). The heavenly bloodline of humanity encrypted as a human blueprint code in 5 of his most famous paintings. The identical human code encryption found in Egypt, Stonehenge and on Mars! ref .





If there is just one Golden Grail chalice on Earth that stands out impressively above all the others, an artifact encoded with the most ancient knowledge of the 'real' Holy Grail ritual, then it is this one here seen below.

But please note this is not 'THE' Holy Grail as claimed.

I believe this perfecly designed grail below might possibly be the actual chalice of the man himself responsible for the launch of Christianity. No other than Emperor Constantine himself ref . Here is the encoded meaning which will be explained and revealed in full on this page.

It is encoded as follows:

The curved chalice as the sacred feminine womb with its engraved truth.

The base and handle shape design as the male phallus aspect.

Image of Constantine placed so the handle is his 'male anatomy', the chalice handle as Orion's Belt.

Constantine holds a guiding rod heavenwards following from his 'male anatomy' to a cluster of heavenly bodies shown as the bunch of grapes. (the grapes also have sacred crosses added to some orbs to show they are no ordinary grapes). Grapes represent Pleiades: ref ref

Cosmic serpents a cosmic wormholes emerge from constantine to the place of a Sun held by a second depiction of constantine and a cluster of three orbs.

The large orb is our Sun system... the three orbs are the three suns as a solar trinity near the Pleiades... a secret the historical monarchy systems have hidden through all time... the place of our human ancestors bloodline.



Grail - wayne herschel claim


In 2012, I was searching through an ancient site that a friend said was worth looking at because it had some really amazing Hindu genesis of the winged 'gods' theme sculptures like at Angkor with cosmic serpents, a Maya style pyramid, ref and some secret symbols.

Well the simple mention of the word secret symbols is not something I could pass so I began a new path of exploration again in Indonesia in the Java region of the site named the Candi Sukuh Temple . I already knew it had an ancient Pleiades star deity obsession from the work of Márton Molnár-Göb from Hungary ref so I expected great things.



Sukuh Temple Indonesia



In the image above the Maya type pyramid style temple and winged deities found everywhere are breathtaking. The image of the deity personified as Orion shows that its was never the 'Belt' of Orion that shows the way... its his male anatomy. Note how the three stars of Orion's Belt teaching places three orbs in the belt area by his waist but on top of the tip of his male anatomy. Can it be any clearer? I have for years proposed this possibility with Egyptian tradition and compare one of my human coded geoglyph examples of the human code at Dorset ref in the UK to reference this obvious ancient tradition detail and the way it encodes the human geometry elongated pentagon code ref . Sadly one orb was broken off some time ago but scholars note there was once three orbs. ref




There was a pillar there decorated with another massive cosmic clue...

In the image above it depicts a cosmic deity holding two rods that I believe was the device used to open a cosmic 'serpent' wormhole conduit. Its the identical device seen on a Sumerian scroll seal found by Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb (that will soon have its own page due to whats on it). I believe this depiction here at the Sukuh Temple site is a dual teaching relief carving. I believe it is both a round portal opening view and sight of three suns all placed on top of Each other. The other dual depiction is of a crescent world the deity stands upon as his place of origin from a world bathed in crescent light from one of these sun systems and it is the perfect symbol also for a celestial ship. Futhermore he wears three orbs around his neck and wears a three tiered crown, one known quite well in the Vatican iconology decoded lower down on the page.

There is an Egyptian papyrus that shows the identical theme to this where an Egyptian deity steps out of the circle from the heavens with sun behind him ref .

A background story of the history and believed tradition of the site with stunning images here ref

The first amazing realisation was that this site was the place of the teaching of 'heavenly communion': Depicting a place in the heavens where the 'gods'... personified celestial figures created life. This leads on to a teaching that all humanity are their descendants. Would I find a match to the tradition of Egypt and ancient Europe with the teaching of the womb of the Cosmic 'Goddess' being impregnated to create Sun stars where human life began?

Yes I would. With the iconology I had hoped to find, I counted on a chance there would be some sort of sculpture to show the moment of Creation. The sacred feminine Egyptian Nut Genesis theme where all life of all humanity being created by these personified characters would be shown in a single teaching mechanism using a gold chalice. Something that I insist appears to be a global teaching by those that came from above. But there were a few more breakthroughs that would unfold that would lead me to the find of all finds. I thought I had seen everything that was here at this site and set off following leads to another nearby site. One that I heard had what I was looking for, the depiction of when heaven and Earth were created with the Sacred feminine.


There is another nearby and less known site to explore in the Java area on the side of Mt Lawu. Its the beautiful Candi Cetho Temple. ref

It has elaborate gateway decorations facing east with beautiful pointed tapered tops (see below). This facing east alignment inspired me to look along the east aligned path leading to the temple.

There it was as clear as day and well preserved on the ground in the open area ref . Was this going to be my proof of the Holy Grail? Not quite as it was not too clear as representing the womb of the sacred feminine.




But still it had massive confirmation of the male anatomy adorned with three orbs to celebrate it was a cosmic phallus of Orion.

Then I realised something quite special here. There is a disc emerging from the Chalice part of the Grail depiction with a seven pointed star and a round orb to represent planet. The ritual I was sure where it is celebrated as the birthing of the most important Sun from the Chalice womb. Listed as Sol 1 in the star map that is depicted all over the world with seven rays of light, like on the Liberty Statue ref and on the Freemason First Degree tracing board ref.

Above the disc was something new and unexpected. Another global case for the winged disc teaching of a celestial ship that flies just like in Egypt and Sumer!




The gold grail in the image above is compared here with the host wafer of bread (representing a sun being birthed) emerging from being dipped in red wine to celebrate the heavenly bloodline. Perhaps originally symbolic of the act of birth which later was adapted as the blood of Christ. This ruitual detail will be analysed. The triangle stone slab part as the chalice of the Grail depiction here had more. It had very heavily weathered eroded carved figures placed in special positions on the triangle platform. It seemed right at first glance to be speaking the same global story of the womb of the sacred feminine in the area of sky near the pleiades.

Three remains of crawling creatures facing inwards placed at the three points forming the triangle platform perhaps suggest the three sun systems in my star map theory. They inwardly face what looks like another triangle of three somethings. I think they most likely are three human embryos symbolic of the beginings of human life or plant seeds sprouting roots symbolic of the first life that forms on any world.

The fine detail up close here ref.

There is an arrow pointing to a crescent near the three embryos and here I believe this is telling the story of the journey to the fourth Sun... our solar system world seen in crescent light of our Sun.

Lastly a major important symbol. I first thought it was a crab and not a scorpion which would complete the story of where our solar system resides when viewed from the place of these three suns. The body of the scorpion with sting was broken off. Our sun position in the cosmos appears permanently in Scorpio when viewed from Taurus and many other ancients civilisations knew this too. The Egyptians show record of it and I show how it is proven ref and the site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey show it too ref .

I thought by now this was the best evidence I would find until I receieved a mysterious email after posting some of the ancient ruins on this site on my Facebook Timeline collection.

The nameless email read: "I see you are searching for the meaning of the sacred feminine and proof of the cosmic conception between heaven and Earth.... search the words "Lingga Yoni".

So I did. I opened google image search and typed it in and clicked search.

I was completely blown away!


And there it was... I couldnt believe my eyes at first. It lies at the main gate to the temple as if standing as a title sign for the meaning of the temple itself and it clearly was the ultimate Holy Grail depiction. It has a REAL human womb triangle depiction and the REAL male aspect ... the sacred feminine and male communion of the heavens teaching of the creation of life. The Hindus call it Lingga Yoni .

Please be warned the link goes to a very graphic image and since many young people are going to view the Hidden Records I will try avoid images depicting this traditional imagery that led to all forms of immorality when the secret became hidden and confused over time. In this link you will see Sol 1 ... a Sun being birthed for the cosmic womb... life creation place of origin in the heavens like the Egyptians celebrated. This image is a favourite theme being duplicated by modern mystics and spiritual artists who say it was sourced from a forbidden manuscript. Right now I still cant find which manuscript... but it will be listed in time if worthy.

So here it is... Behold... proof solving the mystery of The Holy Grail!

The Holy Grail by definition is a sacred teaching ritual of knowledge that became forbidden and the evidence is MEASURABLE.



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Reply  Message 2 of 11 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 22/01/2015 03:01
Yes the Christ would have taught about it too, and yes he would no doubt have produced a good rendition of the right chalice too. But was it used to catch his blood that created magical powers? How would one know which one was his... ever? Its a dead end. If one is prepared to believe there is a grail somewhere connected to God Creation in the hands of either a good or evil person and they can use the magical power... is that intelligent reasoning? A magical power gained from the drained blood from murdering the Messiah Yeshua Ben Yusef? Reasoning and logic are everything in this research. Would that really make sense worth considering as possible? Perhaps not. Some have grown up with this desperate belief and its not our fault we were taught this theory as a real story either. Each to their own.



Scotland pictish stones decoded



Now that you have just witnessed the measurable proof of the REAL Grail mystery in the image above that I propose is the biggest evidence proving and solving the mystery of what the ultimate Holy Grail is, its important now to present more defined explanations into context.

As promised earlier I would quickly lead right into the main story of the Grail discovery as fast as possible. I did this especially for those on this journey already knowing the basics and also for those who dont have much time to read. That was a fast condensed version and now its important we take time for the full analysis of the ritual and the messages extracted that were encoded all over the world hidden in plain sight.

On my home page I have an animation placed near the top of my page with the stars in question with multiple preview overlays. Here it is again shown below. Test your powers of memory and observation and see if it makes sense. If you are new to this material and the star map theory and it is still all very confusing then read on for better clarity. I will cover each grail linked overlay in the animation so you can proceed into much deeper reasoning of the massive collection of evidence that follows.





The image below has a mouse over option to see just the stars and how these important stars rise on the eastern horizon. The overlay is the Egyptian personification of the 'Goddess' Nut who births suns in the area near the Pleiades. The discovery in the Egyptian papyrus shows that it is this area near the Pleiades where the womb of Nut resides ref .

I have inserted two other sacred feminine versions of the Templars of Europe with Baphomet (new page being prepared) and the Rosicrucian Sophia encoded teaching ref .

The Egyptian legend is expanded in full detail a little further on.




In the image above the ritual of the deity Geb is the personified deity of Orion and Orion is measure rising on the east horizon. Initially in the Sky he is seen with his male anatomy aliging with the womb of Nut that he will impregnate to create all life. This was the way to teach how one finds these sacred stars. But in the next image the complete heavenly communion ritual date is celebrated with union with Earth... when Earth becomes 'Geb' at a date around 25th December was held when Orion's Belt rises perfectly vertical and perfectly positioned in the east.

An ancient obelisk of vast size in an area called Memphis at Abusir Egypt was built as the means to mark on the ground the male anatomy aspect of the Earth but now Orion' Belt is measuring something else.

When viewed from the right position an amazing effect is witnessed:

The three dots in the sky of Orion's Belt are seen rising from the tip of the obelisk as the illusion it is the male seed produced from Geb seeding the womb of the cosmic 'Goddess' Nut where he is merged with the Earth.

The very same ritual seen in Washington DC when viewed from the Lincoln Memorial ref .

One more thing... the most important sun star in most of the ancient star maps around the world named Primary Sol 1 is in the birth position about to leave the womb being created.






Well, now we have learned the mystery of The holy Grail is not definition of just one fantasy magic Gold goblet that was used with the Christ... it is a teaching of 'magical' knowledge of a secret that can create world peace and human greatness. When one realises these star maps are global with every civilisation, it means ALL race are sacred and EQUAL.

It was realised very recently while searching for the oldest most correctly decorated rendition, we were not going to find much more than what you see here in the image above and the 'Constantine' Grail. The best renditions show the Cross of Orion on the handles and the Trinity on the Chalice and the form of the male anatomy shape and the sacred womb. Since the oldest and most sacred grail goblet no doubt would be very simple but very carefully decorated it was decided a grail needed to be accurately recreated.

The ultimate teaching Grail therefore was specially rendered as so, to emphasize clarity and truth. This beautiful yet simple piece will be on display for view only with my talk events and ancient artifact shows with all the famous artifact reproductions found around the world that have the star map and ancient astronaut depictions. The other museum quality reproductions (not the Grail) will be sold to the public to generate funds that are desperately needed to continue my work and film a TV documentary presentation ref .


The term 'Goddess' here is purely a teaching mechanism of identity of sacred truths through animated personification, an old tradition that over time created a lot of harm and became interpreted far too literally. They even began to worship a bull icon for Taurus. It is an ancient Egyptian papyrus that I discovered this truth in the Cairo Museum while standing and in front of what I now nickname the 'UFO papyrus'.

A 4500 year old papyrus that has a special article on this website showing the landing of Ra in his celestial ship on the back of the Sphinx at Giza and where he journeyed from ref .

The papyrus has an utterance right next to the womb of Nut literally saying 'This is where Ra and life beginnings are from' and the ultimate symbol placed at the foot of Nut where she touches our Earth horizon, showing the symbol for the Pleiades.

This next image is a simplified image version of the Egyptian genesis theme with cosmos personified as Goddess Nut. She is arched over Geb who is depicted coloured green to personify the Earth and it is his phallus that will have heavenly communion with the womb of Nut. She then gives birth to a Sun. Shu in yellow is one measuring the communion event of truth on our origins from this foreign sun system of Ra which was celebrated around 25th December. A date that became known as Sol Invictus ref in ancient Rome long before it became revived with more detail in the teachings of the Christ. The genesis depiction meaning here is argued amongst scholars and even the ancient Egyptians. Why?



Scotland pictish stones decoded


This is because the ancient Egyptians had three time periods where each period interpreted it differently. I have chosen the earliest rendition of the legend as I believe time alters everything when in the hands of kingdoms who want to twist meaning to look different to their neighbours. Neighbours they want to present as not chosen ones so the kingdom can inspire its people to rape pillage and plunder their assets for the greedy king.

Nut is shown below with the full Lower Egypt pyramid field as the sacred feminine and giving birth to the Primary Sol 1. The sacred obelisk near Abusir in Memphis Egypt is the largest single most sacred monument of ancient Egypt placed to correlate in a star map as the phallus of Geb.

It was here where I discovered all 50 pyramids are a star map representing all the brightest stars of a 360 degree ring of constellations around the earth ref . It was here where I discovered out of all the 50 pyramids, 49 represented bright super giant stars used as layout references just to show where this single obelisk correlates with the only sun-like star in the pyramid field. One placed in the precise center of the pyramid field ref .

Move your cursor over the image below with a 'mouse over' to see the Grail position in a heavenly communion ritual where ancient priests raise this chalice heavenward with wine... signifying blood birthing of a Sun with a disc of bread from the chalice. Look closely above the obelisk as Orion's belt would appear when viewed from a carefully chosen viewing area as his three drops of his male seed traverse higher and higer appearing to go towards the womb of Nut. This ritual while facing east horizon on 25th December Sol Invictus ref .




Ponder on the symbolism in the image above with the reasoning the ancients chose to show the womb of the personified cosmic Goddess Nut (triangle of three suns) as a chalice... and the handle of the Chalice shaped as the male phallus... as a cosmic genesis... a communion ritual of heaven and Earth.

To all those of spiritual and of religious belief...

Let me assure you right now the meaning of all this was celebrating a romantisized teaching mechanism for one thing and one thing only:

To teach that we are ALL of the sacred bloodline of the star visitors from a special star area. Teachings given to us in many lands by the 'illuminated ones' that records call 'Angels'... or people empowered by them as messengers.

From here forward the lost knowledge DOES alter something that the Monarchy systems all chose to twist and hide: That ALL humanity have the same spiritual Creation source... the same God so to speak, and ALL human race are SACRED and EQUAL.

There is no evil alien agenda here in this study. The world elite are spamming us with an evil alien agenda campaign from both Hollywood and news media perhaps to try and set up the next cosmic messenger agenda protocol.

Reply  Message 3 of 11 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 22/01/2015 03:09
Their protocol perhaps to create disbelief in anything 'not of our world' so our world leaders can con us with global acceptance for their faked reason to smear them... and dare I say... try harm them. Just like before. The elite powers that be have the greatest fear that their manipulation of humanity for profiteering will be exposed.





During excavations at the ancient Greek city of Troy ref , close to the end of the last century, Heinrich Schliemann found a lead artifact of what scholars say is of a Goddess of the sacred feminine tradition ref .

Scholars also agree her depiction with Swastika symbol ref is also fitting with a Goddess that is often associated with cosmic depictions seen on Ceramics with Orion Cross and Pleiades depictions ref and of the Tree of life ref

I suddenly realised that this lead artifact shows a womb of stars matching my theory thus far and just like the other traditions

If this is all true it cracks the mystery of the Swastika... since it is the title symbol for sacred feminine genesis of humanity from the stars... is it not logically shouting out this is the symbol for the cosmogenic origin of humanity.... of both star visitor lineage ancestor knowledge and souls from the Tree of Life.


It makes absolute sense a manic dictator wanting to control humanity and all race would choose the symbol I propose is for:

"human star ancestor genesis"

Hitler believed he was 'god-like' in controlling humanity and records show he tried to twist the ancient truth of all race being equal and chose his lineage as better than others. He could do this if he could set up a special team to search all lands of other ancient records depicting other races with the same cosmic genesis records, steal them and hide them.

There has been a well known claim Hitler's control over hunting revealing 'special' artifacts of the Grail secret especially which inspired the Indiana Jones most famous film... "Quest for the Holy Grail".


Here is a famous wall fresco in the Atri Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Teramo Italy ref . of the Christ teaching of the Grail ritual of his place of origin which is the place of all humanity origins. ref . This depiction I believe portrays why he was murdered on a Cross... for teaching the meaning of the Orion Cross, and the Roman Emperor no doubt feared it was the same as other cultures and that would mean the people they wanted to pillage and plunder were actually people that were also sacred and equal to them.

Mouse-over the image to see the secret. The horizon is shown in the fresco, the Seven hills of Rome as a star map with even the precise position of the Sun star in context with the seven hills of the Pleiades is in correct orientation ref




'Mouse over' the image above to see the overlay explanation of the background of the seven hills of Rome representing Pleiades, the horizon in the east for the heavenly communion ritual of sacred human bloodline, the Sun disc of the Bethlehem star, a Sun-like star in the heavens.

In taking communion in a church a small disk wafer of bread dipped in wine in a chalice and and then swallowed in ritual is symbolic of memory of the sacred bloodline and body of humanity. But is anything more to prove this disc is really a sun disc as the place of our ancestors? I searched all the different prints made on these bread discs and due so many differences one cant draw conclusions. But here is a solid piece of evidence. The place where the bread disc wafer is stored and lets look at the Vatican.

The bread discs are first presented by the Pope in the object that stores the bread called a Monstrance.

Lo and behold... here is the acknowledgement of a Blazing Sun depiction that is conclusive. Mouse over the image to see the sources for comparisons and decoding the symbols because even this object is a precise star map representation too.





There is more to the representation for the sun disc wafers depiction with this gold blazing portrayal. Notice the Cross in its double cross form like in the Solomon Key parchment evidence represents orion. It is position in a star map to align to the Blazing Sun ref .

The Pleiades are depicted like the Nebra disc depiction ref and like the Scotland Kirkyard ancient cross ref as decoded in the full story article ref .

It has little cluster of three stars as the solar trinity as you will see below in this article just like the Templar version too. There is finally the Freemason matching Blazing star with same title. In many decorative lodges and the First Degree Tracing board star map Ref.

If this gold Monstrance depicts a sun star that is not our sun, what are the chances some other Monstrances will show the missing planet that goes with this sun as a world of our ancestors? Yes there are many that exist and the clamp that holds the wafers is purposely made in a crescent shape. A Vatican example in this link ref .



Scotland pictish stones decoded



The marble floors of the Vatican have symbols everywhere. Here is one with the Cross of Keys as Orion (see later) showing the way to three red suns and an Eagle. It had the wreath as the cosmic door opening. It even shows where this portal opens... at our Sun. Note the red rim around the wreath. This 3 sun, cosmic wormholes and Eagle decoration found also in ancient Scotland as seen below. Full story here ref .



Scotland pictish stones decoded


In the Atri Cathederal as seen earlier there is a second fresco theme here and it has four different versions on the ceiling where all four 'stories' have a solar trinity depiction above them. Our sun is the large one with three smaller suns, each in eclipse with their worlds. This finding by Franco Montevecchi of Italy:



Scotland pictish stones decoded

Scotland pictish stones decoded


The Male aspect of Orion's Belt that rises on the eastern horizon vertical as it does on Sol Incictus date 25th December is as follows. The ancient Egyptians wrote about rituals where deity Geb as the Earth personified would seed Goddess Nut's womb and give birth to the Sun of Ra. Here Orion is just below the horizon. The sacred feminine triangle formation of the 3 Suns of the Solar Trinity near Pleiades in a downward pointing triangle. Move your cursor over the image to see the effect.




'SON' of God belief has without doubt, according to what I have found so far, literally evolved from honour of the 'SUN' of the star visitors who later became worshiped as 'gods'

Over the last 20 years, I have made it my life quest to search for the truth after surviving my very unique near death experience in an accident (see link below) where I believe I came back with a lot more that I ‘left’ with. My work is based on re-identifying forgotten sacred patterns reliant on one common cosmic truth. It is a truth that paints a very unique picture previously hidden from humanity over and over again each time that it re-emerged.

It goes without saying that the material that follows here may be inclined to provoke great discomfort in religiously sensitive readers. Even if you are to take it with a pinch of salt, do not let this material pass you by without at least challenging the claim that is being made here. Everyone owes themselves at least a peak at what seems to be our amazing past, be it for better or worse so to speak. The good news is that the end result turns out to be non-intrusive and very uplifting in support of the sanctity of humanity - we as human beings are supposed to have inherited life on this Earth as a gift. The Christ could have had a beautiful bride and perhaps more human than most feel comfortable with, but without a shred of doubt... The Creation of the universe... God... spoke through him.

This article traces the origins of what conclusively appears to be a common pattern of worship for thousands of years. Worship of the Trinity, and the relevance of the three sun-like stars it is emulating. This article will reveal the origins of the ridiculous Sun worship cult and how it evolved thousands of years before The Christ became an addition to the concept of a Trinity. As already said, the spiritual findings revealed here only have positive outcomes. If anything, they are uplifting and constructive with a chance of creating a deeper understanding of the purity and gentleness of the Creator of this universe. The interpretation in conclusion here also supports the core belief of the big five religions of the world today and is explored further with the secrets of the human soul at Oneism.org.




The image here encapsulating those that came from above as a Trinity - three intersecting circles - and their connection with the sacred cross, sacred human form and The Christ will be explored here. The ‘Trinity’ belief appears to have its roots in the beginnings of the pyramid civilisations where many worshiped God as a multiple concept, either as encompassing three persons, or three deities, or more strangely than anything else… three Suns. The sacred Trinity origin involves tracing the repeating pattern in beliefs over the ages.

'SON' of God worship has confused ties to worship of the 'SUN' of 'gods'

This is where it started - note the usage of a capital 'G' for God The Creation, and the small 'g' for 'god' as often used in the ancient context of 'gods' representing a senario that was probably 'angelic' in nature - i.e. involving our ancestors visitation as advanced flesh and blood celestial visitors being represented.

Many accounts of historical celestial visitation events seem to suggest one primal 'Son' (Son of Man) figure as human form and the most important 'Sun' associated with the being... a Sun-like star near the pleiades... then it evolved into a Trinity of three Suns and a family unit of three believed to be 'of God'. Now this will start to sound very odd, but this is where the mystery begins to make the most sense. Religion is very difficult to research and the reason for this is because it has evolved so much through history.

Humanity has altered original sacred texts so often in each generation and in each civilisation so that we have evolved into the multiple diverse and opposing religions we have today. The truth has become so cloudy and confusing that we have reached a level where we are about to go to war because of our differences in belief.

Although the ancients became very confused as to which deities they worshipped as ‘gods’ were more important than others, they seemed less interested in the teachings of the omnipotent life-giving, all-seeing, all-knowledgeable Creator of the universe. It seems this knowledge was less attractive and intangible compared to the spectacular celestial flesh and blood visitors with their great flying discs or wheels that shone like the sun, which were arguably completely tangible. They let their emotions get the better of them and appear to have chosen to worship the celestial teachers, (Angels so to speak)… as ‘gods’.

I support the notion of only one Creator source of the universe, and the overwhelming proof there is for this. I make this clear in my life’s work on the subject at Oneism.org. History shows that ancient civilisations were visited by many beings that were worshiped as ‘gods’.

They appeared to have visited our world in groups that seem to be recorded more often as a direct family body… yes as bizarre as this sounds space explorers visiting our world as family groups! Here is one example of the visitors as a family unit apparently flying (bent knees, pointed toes holding on to each other while riding on what appear to be flying seats). The image is sourced from the remains of a very old damaged book (no author or book title evidence remains) claiming it was a rock painting found near Tassili in the Sahara desert when it was once green. A time around 10 000 years ago.




The ancient ways in teaching involved a multiple symbolism technique based on easy to remember patterns which have often complicated matters for researchers. For example the Sumerians and Egyptians both used the same symbolism for a disc that flies (a celestial chariot) that shone like the Sun by adding birds wings to symbolise flight. But it also represented the Sun-like star that they came from and our Sun itself. In typical multiple symbolism, the three Sun-like stars of the visitors, namely the stars where they originated from, may have been represented as a family unit, a Trinity incorporating father, mother and child, as a simplified teaching analogy.

With multiple symbolisms (two representations usually as a duality) it fits with another important teaching of three important Sun-like stars… put the two together and you have an easy pattern to memorize. A lot more comes to the fore when reasoning this theory. The sacred family unit was no doubt an important teaching to the ancients encouraging marriage commitment and love as a stable less warlike family unit. This Trinity family 'pattern' - 'that came from above' was a pattern recurring in many countries throughout the Northern Hemisphere and their teachings were all very similar.


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 22/01/2015 03:10
It happened in Meso America, China, Europe and almost all the great empires. Kings at the time were probably told they were of the same lineage as the heavenly visitors. This no doubt led to them insisting that only they were ‘of the gods’ and their people were not. This pattern of thinking has now evolved into a new concept where the very wealthy who have ties with politics have far more power and influence than the general public is aware of. I refer to this ‘group’ as the Elite. Perhaps the old ways of secret societies, that did not permit common man to be considered equal in any way to the Elite was well hidden then, and perhaps a little less today, although it still seems to be alive and well and secretly woven into politics globally.

In ancient times, the cosmic visitors to earth invariably seemed to need earthly materials, be it the best linen or the best foods or even the carbon from burning animals carcasses. (More on the reasons for this later). Moses and Leviticus accounts in the Bible make this very clear. Sadly, the fact that the ‘gods’ needed earthly materials began to evolve into a very destructive habit over the centuries. People began to make wasteful offerings at collection centres at the temples when the visitors had left. First selected goods… then animals… then over centuries of frustration with no returning revisits of the ‘gods’, even people were sacrificed. This happened more frequently in Meso America among the Aztecs.

All in all, the key teaching I believe I have learned is the teaching that the visitors, our ancestor’s lineage was associated with three Sun-like stars in Taurus and it was important for civilisations not to forget the star pattern and how to locate it. After all if we know who we really are, descendants of those that came from the stars, then humanity would have been inspired to live differently. Such a pity the secret was only deemed suitable for the Elite.

The visitors from the heavens probably never ever thought humanity would go off track and worship them or the Sun-like stars they were supposed to remember with a little pride and honour. In worshiping what was irrelevant, they forgot about the most important honour and love for the Tree of Life, the Creation itself. History proves our ancestors had an overwhelming primal need to conquer foreigners, their wealth and their lands - and to prostrate themselves in a very ritualistic form of worship of a fearful God.

I believe that as soon as advanced beings in the universe realised our emotional weakness, some sort of universal law has now been set in place preventing open contact of celestial visitors with all of humanity. I believe a protocol exists advising all advanced civilisations in the cosmos that Earth visitations would only provoke even more instability to our already temperamental warlike society. Not to mention all countries on earth still enforce security protocol to shoot any flying object in their air space that is unidentifiable.

Ancient civilisations appear to have been inspired to build massive monuments where the pattern on the ground would mirror an important star pattern of the sacred place in the heavens. The evidence you are about to see here reasons a connection between the Sun-like stars of the visitors and Taurus the celestial bull, which is the area of the Sun-like stars... and the reason that the ancients right across the Northern Hemisphere involved Bull worship with their Sun worship.

For stars to be Sun-like is a very important factor when we talk about other life out there in the universe. Scientists will agree that for life as we know it to exist, the conditions would have to like our solar system. Call it a coincidence but where the ancients have told us to look … there are three 'G' class Sun-like stars in this position, fitting more precisely the sacred pattern around 17000 years ago.

This sensitive material is just a preview of the basis of what has been carefully and respectfully woven together in the very detailed full colour 300 pages of my book ‘The Hidden Records’.


It begins over 4700 years ago in ancient Babylon in the area of Sumer, the place of the Sumerians. Babylon originates from the word ‘Babilani’ in Akkadian’ which means ‘gateway of the ‘gods’. This is another clue since they aligned stone gates for viewing the important stars as they rise in the east on special days. ‘Babel’ or ‘Babylon’ is supposed to represent ‘the place where ‘god’ came down to Earth ref’ - Genesis 11:1-9. Taken literally this suggests a visitation event… contact. In Mexico, Tenochtitlan, the largest ancient city of the Aztecs (descendants of the Maya) that the Spaniards conquered, was given the identical name meaning, but historians think it is just a coincidence.

Sumer which became Babylon was situated within the Mesopotamian plain, now Iraq - between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Bagdad. What we see in the image below are the ruins of Babylon today after Saddam Hussein rebuilt the three original ziggurat pyramids, which are located almost in an equilateral triangle layout position. I have proposed here that Babylon was another star map of the three Sun-like stars near the Pleiades that is associated with these so-called Sun gods. The ruins that I hoped would match the Pleiades position in a layout plan were destroyed so long ago that there are also no layout patterns visible.





Their massive Ziggurat pyramid temples were once said to be built ‘so they could reach the heavens’ which suggests their cosmic connection, both in their layout plan as well as the spiritual ritual the interior of the pyramid was intended for. These three large monuments most likely once represented their three most important Sun gods.

Three names that appear more often as a sacred group of three are …

Ninki - (later became Ishtar) the mother

Enki - (later became Namakh) the father

Marduk the son




They were a Trinity long before The Christ. In the scroll seal above, the three as a Trinity are present, from left to right, Marduk, Ninki and Enki. Above Enki the father figure; he is crowned in this instance with a large star and it is located very close to the Pleiades (seven dots). In almost all the scroll seals, only one of the three stars near the Pleiades was deemed important. This was just as I had found to be the case in the ancient star maps.

One star was always the most important out of all three Sun-like stars. It is situated next to cluster of seven dots that scholars have suggested (in labelling the artefact) is the Pleiades star cluster. The disc that flies, a celestial chariot belonging to these three is also visible in the sky and it is connecting to the forehead of Ninki with a cosmic serpent. Above Marduk we see the crescent of a planetary body that is unlikely to be the moon. It is most likely a planet associated with the Sun star. I debate this important claim further and the cosmic serpent here.

Three animal icons also became associated with the three Sun ‘gods’ independently. The lion was for the goddess Ninki/Ishtar, the bull was for Enki/Namakh the father, and either another Lion or dragon was designated for Marduk the son.


This Trinity representation evolved a little further. In the ancient ruins in Syria centuries later after the belief had been passed down many generations, long before The Christ, some names were altered for unknown reasons. Perhaps in the same way the name Yeshua, a Hebrew Aramaic name was altered to become Jesus, a more acceptable Roman name after someone of the authority like Emperor Constantine had altered it. The same three Sun gods from Sumer now as follows… from left to right… Marduk the son on a lion, Enki… now as Namakh the father still retaining the bull of Taurus, and Ninki… now as Ishtar on another lion.





In Egypt it was no different to Sumer. The obsession seemed focused on three members as a family initially as three Sun gods. For example in the beginning Ra was the most powerful male entity… he also had a wife and a child. This was soon replaced with Osiris, Isis and Horus as seen below. Ponder also on the largest ancient animal monument in Egypt.. the Sphinx... a lion. Another clue?

3400 years ago King Amenhotep IV worshipped three Sun gods before Akhenaten selected just one of them as his Aten… a single Sun.





Although the Hebrew rendition of King Solomon’s star visitors from the account of the ancient manuscript of the Testament of Solomon ref does not really clarify the three Sun-like stars, it does however mention The Pleiades and something important 33 degrees of arc star distance from Orion in the night sky. This is exactly where I found the position of the first and apparently the most important Sun-like star.

The rest of the ancient text is cleverly 'demonically' encoded with hidden meaning perhaps to frighten and prevent people from studying it. If caught with these faked evil texts suggesting demons and magic... people were burned at the stake for witchcraft. In this text ref Solomon has a ring that produces a beam of light that he points at the 'Demons' (stars) in the sky.

Astronomers reading this will see a possibility here of advanced technology matching that of today, because it is how they point to stars in the sky ... 'binding' the stars with light showing their constellation groups. (I do this with my star viewing evenings in Cape Town). The first secret I deciphered here is in the word Demon. It is referring to stars! I have a substantial article now on The Key of Solomon. But a lot of ancient truths of his temple seem to have filtered through from King Solomon’s great mason. A man with a name virtually matching the very same name in the Biblical account. The Hiram Abiff secret document from the time of King Solomon that follows appears to have become the foundation of Freemasonry … assuming we are speaking about the same Hiram Abiff in Freemasonry. Ref.




Scholars question the reference here but Freemasons beg to differ. The image above is sourced from the University of Bradford in the UK and updated using another very old source where thanks to some very open minded high ranking Freemasons who believe this is open study historical material, now considered valuable history.

This depiction appears to be the most important and earliest depiction of the secret of Hiram Abiff that for reference purposes we will assume is the same biblical Hiram Abiff, King Solomon’s master mason. The image here was adapted by Freemasons as their foundation, their first degree secret of their brotherhood as the initiate progresses up to the highest degree, the 33rd degree. I explore the star map aspects of it as it seems to be a mirror copy of the star maps I have found in ancient civilisations.Ref.

One star of importance with seven rays of light… like the statue of Liberty… like the Sun ‘god’ Apollo… representing its relationship with the seven stars of the Pleiades. The ancients all selected the very same star, even the extremely controversial finding I have made with what appear to be pyramid ruins on the planet Mars. The Mars pyramid star map selected this particular star. It was represented with a human face that I recently discovered is actually 'made from blocks' in a design of the very same face style found in the Mayan Sun 'gods', The Inca Sun 'gods' and the face of the Sphinx in Egypt. Ref.

There is a key depicted on the ladder/beam of light perhaps referring to the key to unlocking a great secret as one progresses in degrees of Freemasonry… the Key of Solomon matching the parchment from the forbidden Clavicula Solomonis perhaps? Ref.

At the top of the ladder note the hand from heaven holding the icon representing the Holy Grail. Yes... believe it or not... The Holy Grail itself ties in with the star map secret. The biblical account of Jacob’s ladder runs parallel and perhaps repeats the great Solomon secret seen above as they both seem to speak of the same ancient knowledge - Genesis 28:11-18.

Jacob is said either to have had a dream or a real encounter with those that came down from the heavens. He saw a stairway of light resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven and the angels were ascending and descending on it. There was one at the top of it saying he was the highest authority who was also the highest authority over Abraham and Isaac. It is here where I agree with many scholars who say the Yule Tree, the Christmas tree originated on the 25th of December … long before Christ appeared on this Earth to celebrate the re-birth or rising of the Sun/Sun-like star (not Son) also on the winter solstice. In the image below compare the four examples of the same secret star and ladder/beam of light down to Earth that scholars will absolutely not comment on at all. Ref.




In Genesis 31:43-54, I am certain it was not a dream but a real encounter like the Biblical Ezekiel flying wheel account soon to be explored and linked to here. It was the same beam of light phenomenon as seen in the Moses story (soon to follow) that Moses and his people followed at night - something making the beam that landed in a roofless tent when they had to sleep. Jacob was most likely told by an advanced being (angel) that he is of the same lineage of Jacob’s ancestors, rather than the interpretation that he was being told that he was his God. The entity goes on to say he should set up monuments on the land with an important pattern and a message. He places more than one most important pillar on the ground and the text becomes very hard to make sense of from here forward with the other pillars. Here it seems to paint a picture like the Hiram Abiff image seen above.


Here is where the story of the sacred Trinity reveals a lot more… when it includes the last great Messiah, which means ‘anointed/chosen one who came from above’… The Christ. The Christ story has a link to the star secret and it has been given an entire article on its own at the link below. The Matthew Gospel has the last remnants of the story and it is encoded in a way identical to the Testament of Solomon text, by encoding knowledge of the stars using fabricate fictional demonic characters.

In the Matthew texts it is the three Kings... three stars of Orion’s belt which rise in the East and the alignment follows to the star associated with the beginnings of The Christ… the star of Bethlehem. Ref.

The Templars were a secret group who carried forward the Christ Trinity secret and the remains of ancient documents that are about to be uncovered here suggest how the Christian Trinity secret was cleverly encoded as the very same sacred star map and its important link to The Christ. The first common representation for the Christian Trinity was merely three intersecting circles as seen here. In the Da Vinci code and National Treasure movie epics this symbol was easily recognisable in some interesting scenes.




The image above uses spheres to incorporate the Trinity… why spheres one will no doubt question? There has to be more reason behind the symbols. Consider perhaps that the Sun is round just as the Sun-like stars in question. The next clue in the image below (top left) shows the three spheres in an equilateral triangle effect but does not offer much more than this. One could say it matches the Babylon Ziggurat pattern, but really, a triangle is just a triangle this could just be coincidence.

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The sacred manuscripts of the Templars carrying forward the first renditions of the Sacred Trinity appeared as in this example by Petrus Alfonsi's early 12th century Tetragrammaton-Trinity rendition with the age old Lion insignia for the Sun/Son Marduk as seen earlier in the Syrians representations. Ref.

But there is more to it. As in the Key of Solomon, the three stars are ‘bound’, as they are bound in the sky with the light beam from King Solomon’s ring… a star pointer. But here the binding of the three is depicted with a cosmic serpent and two heads. The Cosmic serpent is explored as a path of travel between stars at oneism.org. Ref.

But the finding of the Petrus Pictaviensis rendition titled ‘Scutum Fidei’ Ref. during the early 13th century is where it all becomes very clear. See the image below top right. Not only does it match the star map I was looking for, it has more encrypted into it. I am certain it depicts in duality The Christ on the cross as the sacred cross that he tried to teach humanity about. Using the sacred cross Orion connection referenced earlier, as well as identifying each sun-like star’s meaning.

I suggested similarities in deciphering the Hiram Abiff chronology code from the tiles, which are placed between the pillars in the Freemason depiction. Study the two lower images in the group below carefully and compare the connections between the three spheres … not as tradition has it (on the left) but how the same code seems to fit in reasoning the importance of the three Sun stars (on the right) and how these three connect to a fourth Sun… our Sun, signifying arrival/interaction in our solar system.

In place of the words 'is' and 'is not' replace them with 'link' and 'no link'. In summary, this simple illustration explains even more that the Hiram Abiff illustration. the inclusion of our Sun as the fourth is clear on the first animation parchment at the Key of Solomon page.




Scroll back up to the Hiram Abiff Masonic image and compare it to image (4) here. It seems to be an exact match! (The Orion's Belt interpretation was thought to be missing in the Hiram Abiff image but it is not... the initiate appears to be involved in representing Orion's Belt on the ground in Masonic ceremony! ref . The very same sacred cross of Orion is recognized that I identified in the parchment of The Key of Solomon.

Constantine decorated his shields with the Sacred cross formation of Orion. The same sacred cross I believe The Christ was trying to teach humanity about that became forbidden and thus hidden by the Elite. It was no doubt deemed for their eyes only.

Quite a shocking assumption I am making here… but based again on research because the great surprise here is as follows… in real 'Da Vinci Code' style conspiracy theory… the layout of the Vatican city incorporates this sacred cross as Orion and it also incorporates the original Egyptian Obelisks that are historically known as Sun worship obelisks, which are carefully positioned in Rome near the seven hills. Did we say seven hills? The beginnings of both Rome and a city in China were both chosen because their sites had seven sacred hills... 'as above so below'... matching the place of their ancestors in the heavens. Ref – China star map.

In the image below note The Pope waving from his balcony on Christmas Eve and how the 'Three Kings' of Orion’s Belt, three stars in a row ‘follow’ from the East as an alignment to the 'Trinity' above, rising in line with the Vatican causeway… perfectly in the EAST. The three Kings that follow (align and show the way to locate the Bethlehem star)... the prime star of importance (lower position) when viewed in the EAST (rise vertically over the horizon in the East) as mentioned in the Matthew Gospel... this exact moment in the year is secretly celebrated on this night.

The same secret here is shared with the layout of Washington DC... yet celebrated on the 4th of July (rising with the Sun), and this Winter Solstice. Could this shocking star secret also be the secret behind the importance of the 4th of July? Click here.




The Sun-like stars on the ground are represented … and once again mirroring the Hiram Abiff star map where the great Star fortress (a big feature in Dan Browns Angels and Demons) is the ultimate star… the star of Bethlehem. This star secret is also found on the seal of the American one dollar bill by overlaying one seal over the other.

Ref 1 - Masonic history part one.

Ref 2 - National Treasure - George Washington secret.

More importantly a secret probably shared between the most followed religions, a secret that could unite them all… the icon of the Hebrews… the Menorah and the Star of David, the icon of Christianity the XP Chi-Rho and the Bethlehem star … and the icon of Islam, the Crescent and the star Ref.


Mouse over the image above to see what I believe is the secret of the Vatican icon. The two keys given to St Peter legend on the two great truths ... keys that unlock two great secrets. But was St Peter instructed to protect and bring forward to the world the truth... or lock it up, you decide. Records of St Peter then mention the unthinkable. I believe he was sentenced and murdered by the Emperor just like the Christ was murdered for teaching forbidden truth to the Roman tyrant manipulated public. The records say St Peter, the great teacher who would be better alive to keep teaching then asked to be brutally murdered on a cross like the christ, according to records? Again, you decide for yourself what really happened.

What are the two greatest truths? What could be more important for the world other than the secret of Creation... God... home of all souls, the Tree of Life as revealed at Oneism.org for the gold key. The silver key most likely the secret of our sacred human bloodline origins, the star maps here on this website.




The new Pope's coat of arms ref . Lets just call this my crazy conspiracy theory here in this image. I believe the new Pope might be a man of greatness and a man of change who knows the star map and what it means for world peace. Firstly I believe his position is not by chance just timing with the world in a massive global crisis (which is now) means it might be followed shortly perhaps with the witnessing of a cosmic messenger.

With respect to what might be seen as disrespectful to the potential greatness of this man I am not going to analyse the three symbols of the shield other than the grapes. Grapes represent Pleiades: ref ... ref . I will later add the story behind the legend of the Vatican flying hat and its serpent ropes that Cherubim traverse up and down on. Also the Lorraine cross H symbol for Orion later. Lets just leave this topic as it is for now.

There is more in Sweden and the rune stones to add here and that is a big part of Star map Scotland which launched a week ago, August 2014. This image for example clearly shows Orion aligning with the Sun disc being birthed from the Holy Grail. This Z symbol opened a whole new avalanche of findings ref .




If there is just one thing you only have time to compare on this page to get the meaning of the sacred pattern of Orion showing the way alignment to what appear conclusively to be three sun-like stars in specific positions near the Pleiades, then compare the star pattern of the stars over the Vatican on Christmas eve with the Pope at midnight… and the Hiram Abiff star map... all three are a match.

The Vatican layout is the same pattern too… how much more evidence than this do scholars need?

The three Sun-like stars are shown in the third image below... all three of which I believe is the secret of the Solar Trinity and the Holy Grail. Something not worth worshiping, but something one should feel a sense of greatness about if these star systems with planets are the places of our ancestors... people that evolved in another star system... a place that has little to do with The Creation of the universe. Is it so bad that we are descendant of Angelic beings... Aliens... that took over from Neanderthal as he became extinct in the last Ice age as seen in the Rosicrucian star map? ref

I think not.

But if it is our spiritual origins and God that you seek ... be sure to see the new evidence I have presented at Oneism.org.

The full global list of the matching star maps with 35 strong cases:

Click here

Proof of the sacred cross of Christ as Orion...

Click here

For the full Vatican story...

Click here.

See my Timeline collection file of major new findings and please click 'follow' on my Facebook if you want to get newsfeeds:

Facebook - THE VAULT




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Grail Resurrection Signals

April 07, 2007
by Goro (goroadachi.com)

April 2:
Massive Earthquake Spurs Pacific Tsunami

Thousands homeless from tsunami


Being the first earthquake to generate a deadly tsunami since the Sumatran 'Great Flood' in 2004 [Update: Actually this is not quite accurate, there was a deadly tsunami striking Java, Indonesia in July 2006...], this was definitely significant enough to be considered a 'Resurrection Window' event... projected late February and briefly mentioned here back on March 16:

...Another major window is late March/early April, which has been dubbed the 'Resurrection window' and considered pretty intense and heavily interacting with the Beltane one early May.

The 'Resurrection window' was essentially an 'earthquake window', as made clear in these quotes from STRUG post:

February 27: [...] I'm gonna go ahead and say that I'm now suspecting a major earthquake - late March-early April. More on this later.

March 02: [...] That's the storyline at least. And it's a story about Resurrection - and as such, it's also a story about an 'earthquake'... More on that later.

March 14: ...the 'Resurrection window' around the beginning of April. I've been noting that this window is closely associated with 'earthquakes', partially because in the Bible we find a clear link made between the death/resurrection of Jesus and earthquakes... [...] So are we in for a major 'earthquake' event/signal... during the Resurrection Window? Seems like a realistic enough possibility. [...] ...something major - some form of 'resurrection'/'earthquake' - is coming around late March.

It was the discovery of the supposed 'Lost Tomb of Jesus' - officially announced on February 26th, followed by a Discovery Channel documentary on March 4th - that loudly signaled the intensification of the 'Resurrection' theme. The 'Lost Tomb of Jesus' claim sent shockwaves throughout Christendom for it directly challenged - or so it was perceived - the literal view of the Resurrection story which is at the heart of the Christian/Churtianity faith.


This was an 'earthquake' indeed. Earthquakes are a major part of the death/resurrection story of Jesus:

Gospel of Matthew

[27:50-60] Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many. Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God. And many women were there beholding afar off, which followed Jesus from Galilee, ministering unto him: Among which was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James and Joses, and the mother of Zebedees children. When the even was come, there came a rich man of Arimathaea, named Joseph, who also himself was Jesus' disciple: He went to Pilate, and begged the body of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded the body to be delivered. And when Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, And laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn out in the rock: and he rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulchre, and departed.

[28:1-6] In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre. And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow: And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men. And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

A big earthquake hit Sumatra two days after the airing of 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus'.


And it was followed by a major plane crash the next day - also in Indonesia (Java).


Both happened right next to a 'Mt. Merapi' (different volcanoes with same name)...


'Merapi' or 'Merapis', the plural, can be interpreted as 'Mer-Apis' or 'Pyramid-Osiris' since 'mer' meant pyramid and 'Apis' was a bull-god identified with Osiris in ancient Egypt. This is important because 'Pyramid-Osiris' implies 'Tomb of Osiris' (pyramids are normally built as tombs) and 'Tomb of Osiris' is synonymous with 'Tomb of Jesus', Jesus being the biblical version of Osiris-Horus. And it is of course from the 'tomb of Jesus' that he rises again, i.e. Resurrection.

The storyline is supplemented by the two Mt. Merapis pinpointing the epicenter of the March 28, 2005 Sumatra quake (1300 killed) that came just three months after Sumatra's Boxing Day 'Great Flood' that shocked the world, the epicenter of which is also approximately aligned with the Merapis. In 2005, Easter fell on March 27, practically coinciding with the Sumatra quake #2. It was thus a 'Resurrection earthquake'.


All put together: The 'Tomb of Jesus' (Merapis) highlighted by this year's 'Resurrection quake' (March 6) pinpointing a 2005 'Resurrection quake' epicenter... Well, that's an unmistakable Resurrection signal. With Easter (= Resurrection Day) just a month away, the 'message' seemed clear enough, hence my focus on the 'Resurrection window' with emphasis on earthquakes as well as nuclear/Iran. (The 'Resurrection window' was defined as 'late March/early April', instead of just April 8/Easter or Easter weekend, due to there being multiple time codes converging in that general, temporal space.)


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 14/11/2012 19:42

Also communicated by the Merapi signal was a separate but related window around early May (= Beltane cross-quarter day/period) which was based on the fact that it was back in early May last year that Java's Mt. Merapi went 'red alert' (becoming our 'Shadow Mt. St. Helens') and made headlines around the world.


This may well have been a way of highlighting its anniversary coming up this year, echoing other 'time codes' such as this 'Mayan/9-11 midpoint' scheme:


What we already know about that window is that Queen Elizabeth II is planning to attend the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky around May 5th. (She'll visit Lexington as well.) Surrounding it is a thick cloud of masterfully encoded symbolism imparting inter-temporal information which we could use to get a glimpse of the future... which appears to heavily involve the Sangreal (Holy Grail/Blood Royal) theme expressed particularly through the British Royal Family.


Note that the Kentucky Derby is known as 'The Run for the Roses' - the rose being a traditional symbol for the Sangreal (Holy Grail/Blood Royal) also known as the 'Rose Line'. 'Thoroughbred', or 'thoroughly bred', also expresses the same concept. The British Royal Family has much to do with the intensifying theme heavily entangled with the Mayan counting down to 2012, the year of the London Olympics. The 'Resurrection' storyline happens to be related particularly to Diana and her offspring... This is a major puzzle to which Kentucky/Lexington seems to hold a major clue...

Most notable is the major plane crash last summer at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington - a 'kamikaze' event that 'bookmarked' the original launch day of the space shuttle Atlantis STS-115. The plane's destination was Atlanta, reinforcing the Atlantean connection. The launch was pushed back due to Hurricane Ernesto ('kamikaze'/'divine wind'). Ernesto achieved hurricane status only for a day on August 27th, i.e. the original Atlantis launch day and the day of the Lexington plane crash. Ernesto as a tropical storm went on to pass right over Atlantis STS-115 at KSC late August 30, the day before the anniversary of Princess Diana's fatal car crash in Paris. (In France it was already August 31.)

Ernesto made another US landfall on August 31, US local time, and then dissipated over the southern border of Virginia. The first Queen Elizabeth (reign 1558-1603) is called 'The Virgin Queen'; the Virgin Mary is part of the Sangreal bloodline.




Found encoded in the 'Atlantean' crash also was this ominous alignment design:


As you can see, Sumatra #2 epicenter was highlighted here as well. And it's important that Atlanta was involved...

Atlanta was the hosting city of this year's NCAA college basketball Final Four, the championship game played on April 2nd, the day of the Solomon Islands quake/tsunami!

It's noteworthy that the name 'Solomon' evokes King David's son, Solomon, both of whom are an integral part of the messianic/Sangreal line. Solomon is also the figure behind Solomon's Temple, the modern version of which is the Dome of the Rock, which is a perfect octagon.



The octagon is closely associated with cross-quarter days (= halfway point between solstice and equinox). As often discussed on this site, cross-quarter days together with solstice/equinox days produce an octagonal configuration when viewed from 'above' the solar system.


It is on one of those cross-quarter days early May, known as Beltane, that the Kentucky Derby with the Queen of England in attendance will take place this year. This is even 'acknowledged' by the UK flag 'Union Jack' which, as you can see, has a 'cross-quarter' configuration:

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The Queen's planned visit to Lexington before and/or after the Derby, home to the University of Kentucky and its renowned college basketball team, is filled with important and sometimes amusing signals as well. The 'UK' abbreviation (University of Kentucky) evokes 'United Kingdom' (UK) for starters.

UK's basketball coach Tubby Smith suddenly left in March. The top candidate to replace him at UK was Billy Donovan, who started his coaching career under Rick Pitino at UK and as a Florida head coach just won the championship in Atlanta on April 2nd (Resurrection earthquake day). Florida became undisputed king by beating Ohio State, whose logo is... an octagon.


Florida/Donovan wins NCAA title

Donovan's team is called the 'Gators'. The term 'messiah' derives from 'Meseh' meaning crocodile which is not much different from alligators. It was with the fat of the holy crocodile - or 'dragons' - that 'messiahs'/pharaohs were traditionally anointed. 'Gators', therefore, implies '(Grail) kingship'. The term 'King Billy' is important but we won't go into that here.

On April 5, Billy Donovan announced he was not interested in the UK job. The next day, which was Good Friday (commemorating Jesus crucifixion), UK announced its new coach, Billy Gllispie from Texas A&M. Florida's Billy died (for UK), only to be 'resurrected' as another Billy on Good Friday...

The two Billys even produced an alignment precisely pinpointing the April 2nd Solomon Islands 'Resurrection Quake' epicenter.


April 2nd is obviously significant, and appropriately enough it was the 2nd anniversary of the passing of Pope John Paul II. The combination of death and Christianity evokes the crucifixion/resurrection.

Pope John Paul II's funeral took place on April 8th, 2005. Easter/Resurrection Day this year is on April 8th. And it was also on that same day that Prince Charles and Camilla planned to get married but had to push it back a day due to the funeral.

[image source]

The next pope, Benedict XVI, was elected on April 19th - the very date stressed in the Bluegrass Alignment Code.


It should be noted that Pope John Paul II was not only a 'Paul', but also a Pole (from Poland). Intriguingly, it was to Minnesota that the former UK coach Tubby Smith fled - a state known as the 'North Star State'. The North Star is a pole star.

  • Musician Prince was born and raised in Minnesota. Prince did this year's Super Bowl halftime show... on the astronomical Imbolc cross-quarter day. The show began with the Queen song 'We Will Rock You'. The game was played in Florida. It was in Dolphin Stadium, 'daulphin' (French for dolphin) being a princely title in France.


The North Star was prominently featured in the Discovery STS-116 insignia back in December '06. NASA acknowledged this by stating:

The United States and Swedish flags trail the orbiter, depicting the international composition of the STS-116 crew. The seven stars of the constellation Ursa Major are used to provide direction to the North Star, which is superimposed over the installation location of the P5 truss on ISS.


Ursa Major is the 'Great Bear' constellation and is traditionally associated with King Arthur ('Arthur' meaning 'bear-like'), a bona-fide 'Grail king' embodying the Sangeal bloodline. He is the 'Once and Future King', awaiting Resurrection.

Discovery STS-116 landed on the winter solstice, December 22, '06, when the Sun was crossing the Galactic Equator, which is also where the Sun will be on the 'end date' of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012, associated with this 'messianic pregnancy/birth' imagery from the Athens Olympics:


When viewed side by side, the successive mission patches - STS-115 and STS-116 - tell a 'story'. In the STS-115 patch, the phallic shuttle enters an 'egg'. The sunrise/sunset on the horizon associate it with the Osiris-Horus transition (Osiris = sunset, Horus = sunrise) or the death of a king, giving rise to the birth/resurrection of a king as per the ancient Egyptian tradition (which the Jesus resurrection story follows). The royal baby thus conceived is subsequently shown in the STS-116 patch as exiting the 'egg', which is identified through the presence of the North Star as an 'Arthur' figure, i.e. the 'Once and Future King'... the Resurrected Messiah.


Outside the STS-116 'egg' is also the name 'Williams', an apparent allusion to Prince William, the elder son of Diana, as well as William III of Orange... also known as 'King Billy' (we've been focusing on this king on STRUG for some time now).


The North Star/Pole Star is 'reflected' on the ISS solar panel and the shuttle is marking the 'north pole' position. This combination of 'reflected' and 'polar' conveys the notion of 'polar opposite' or 180 degrees away which in terms of solar time corresponds to 6 months.

Discovery STS-116 came back on the winter solstice. The opposite point from there, separated by 6 months, is the summer solstice. Prince William was born on June 21st (1982), the summer solstice! The 'birth' symbolism of the STS-116 and William's birthday interact perfectly.

[Note: Next space shuttle mission, Atlantis STS-117, was originally scheduled for around spring equinox (3/21) but has been postponed.]

In other words, it is being suggested that Prince William is to be a 'King Arthur' figure linked to the whole concept of being ‘resurrected'. He is essentially, and almost literally, 'resurrecting' the royal bloodline of the House of Stuart to the throne of England.  A ‘messianic’ bloodline, the bloodline of the ‘once and future King’, restored to the throne?

This is a major part of the 'Mayan story' unfolding...

(P.S. Iran/nuclear theme is heavily entangled with all this and should interact with the Beltane window early May and more generally May-June.)


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Conjunto de Borobudur
UNESCO logo.svg Welterbe.svg
Nombre descrito en la Lista del Patrimonio de la Humanidad

Vista del templo.

Indonesia location map.svg

Coordenadas 7°36′29″S 110°12′14″ECoordenadas7°36′29″S 110°12′14″E (mapa)
País Bandera de Indonesia Indonesia
Tipo Cultural
Criterios i, ii, vi
N.° identificación 592
Región Asia y Oceanía
Año de inscripción 1991 (XV sesión)
[editar datos en Wikidata]

Borobudur (en javanés barabudhur o barabudur) es una estupabudista con silueta piramidiforme relacionada con la tradiciónMahāyāna, que está ubicada en la provincia Java Central deIndonesia, cuarenta kilómetros al noroeste de Yogyakarta. Es el monumento budista más grande del mundo. Fue construido entre los años 750 y 850 por los soberanos de la dinastía Sailendra. El nombre puede derivar del sánscrito Vihara Buddha Ur, que se traduce como «el templo budista en la montaña».

El monumento consta de seis plataformas cuadradas coronadas por tres plataformas circulares, y está decorado por 2672 paneles derelieve y 504 estatuas de Buda.1

El monumento es un santuario y lugar de peregrinaje budista. El viaje de los peregrinos comienza en la base del monumento y continúa por un camino que lo rodea, mientras asciende hasta la cima a través de los tres niveles de la cosmología budista. Durante el viaje, el monumento guía a los peregrinos a través de un sistema de escaleras y corredores.

La evidencia sugiere que Borobudur fue abandonado tras el siglo XIV con el ocaso de los reinos budistas e hindúes en Java, y la conversión de los isleños al Islam.2 Fue descubierto en 1814 porThomas Stamford Raffles, gobernador británico de Java. Desde entonces, Borobudur ha sido conservado mediante numerosas restauraciones. El proyecto de restauración más largo fue llevado a cabo entre 1975 y 1982 por el Gobierno de Indonesia y la Unesco, tras lo cual el monumento fue nombrado Patrimonio de la Humanidad.3 Borobudur es aún utilizado como lugar de peregrinación, donde una vez al año los budistas de Indonesia celebran el Vesak en el monumento. Además, Borobudur es la atracción turística más visitada de Indonesia.4 5 6




En indonesio, los templos son conocidos como candi, es por esto que Borobudur es conocido localmente como Candi Borobudur. El término es utilizado también para describir cualquier estructura antigua. Los orígenes del nombreBorobudur no son claros,7 aunque esto no es poco común, ya que la mayoría de los nombres de algunos candi no son conocidos.7 El nombre de 'Borobudur' fue escrito por primera vez en un libro sobre la historia de Java deThomas Stamford Raffles.8 Raffles escribió sobre la existencia de un monumento llamado borobudur, pero no se han encontrado documentos más antiguos que utilicen el mismo nombre.7 El único escrito antiguo que da algún indicio sobre este templo es Nagarakertagama, escrito por Mpu Prapanca en 1365, el cual menciona a Budur como un santuario budista.9 El nombre podría ser relacionado con Borobudur, pero el manuscrito carece de mayor información.

Se cree que el nombre 'Bore-Budur', y por lo tanto 'BoroBudur', fue escrito por Raffles en inglés para referirse a Bore, aldea cercana al templo; muchos candi son nombrados basándose en aldeas cercanas. Si se hubiese tomado en cuenta el lenguaje utilizado en la zona, el nombre del monumento habría sido BudurBoro. Raffles además sugiere que Budur podría relacionarse con la palabra Buda ('antiguo') - por ejemplo, 'antiguo Boro'.7 Otra hipótesis sostiene que 'Boro' fue tomado del antiguo término bhara ('honorable'), describiendo el monumento como "El honorable Buda". Otra interpretación proviene de la palabra biara ('monasterio'), con lo que se estaría refiriendo al monumento como 'monasterio de Budur'.


Ubicación de Borobudur-Pawon-Mendut en una sola línea recta.

Un gran número de templos budistas e hindúes están ubicados a aproximadamente 40 km (25 millas) al noroeste de Yogyakarta, en un área elevada entre dos volcanes gemelos, Sundoro-Sumbing y Merbabu-Merapi, y los ríos Progo y Elo. Según un mito local, el área conocida como llanura Kedu es un lugar sagrado y denominado 'el jardín de Java' debido a su altafertilidad.10 Durante la primera restauración, se descubrió que tres templos budistas de la región, Borobudur, Pawon y Mendut, están ubicados en una posición de línea recta.11 Podría ser coincidencia, pero su alineación concuerda con una leyenda local, la cual cuenta que hace mucho tiempo existía un camino amurallado que iba de Borobodur a Mendut. Los tres templos poseen una arquitectura y decoración similares, provenientes del mismo periodo, lo cual sugiere una relación entre ellos.9

A diferencia de otros templos, que están construidos en una superficie plana, Borobudur fue construido en una colina, a 265 m sobre el nivel del mar y 15 m sobre el lago seco que lo rodea.12 La existencia del lago fue motivo de intensas discusiones entre arqueólogos durante el siglo XX; se pensaba que Borobudur fue construido en las orillas del lago o incluso que flotaba en él. En 1931, el artista holandés y estudiante de arquitectura hindú y budista, W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp, formuló una teoría en que la llanura Kedu fue un lago y Borobudur representaba una flor de lotoflotando en este.10 Las flores de loto están presentes en casi todas las obras de arte budistas, casi siempre sirviendo como trono para buda o base de las estupas. La arquitectura del templo en si sugiere una representación de loto, en donde las posturas de Buda en Borobudur simbolizan el Sutra del Loto, presente en varios textos Mahāyāna (escuela de budismo que se expandió por las regiones del sureste y este de Asia). Tres plataformas circulares en la cima del monumento representan una hoja de loto.12 La teoría de Nieuwenkamp, sin embargo, fue contra argumentada por varios arqueólogos debido a que el templo está rodeado por terreno seco.

Los geólogos, por otro lado, apoyan el punto de vista de Nieuwenkamp, basándose en sedimentos de arcillaencontrados cerca del sitio.13 Un estudio de estratigrafía, sedimentos y polen llevado a cabo en 2000 apoya la existencia de un antiguo lago cerca de Borobudur.12 El área del lago, sin embargo, fluctuó con el tiempo; un estudio prueba que Borobudur estuvo cerca de la orilla del lago entre los siglos XIII y XIV. El recorrido de los ríos yactividades volcánicas influyeron en la forma del relieve, incluyendo el lago. Uno de los volcanes más activos en Indonesia, el Monte Merapi, está bastante cerca de Borobudur y su actividad se remonta al Pleistoceno.14



Peregrinos budistas meditando en la cima del templo.

No hay evidencia escrita de quién construyó Borobudur, o de su propósito original.15 El período de construcción se estimó comparando los relieves esculpidos en la base del templo y las inscripciones utilizadas comúnmente entre los siglos octavo y noveno. Se cree que Borobudur fue fundado aproximadamente en el año 800.15 Esto corresponde al período entre los años 760 y 830 d. C., el apogeo de la dinastía Sailendra en Java Central,16cuando estuvo bajo la influencia del imperio Srivijaya. Se estima que la construcción demoró 75 años y que fue finalizada el año 825, durante el reinado de Samaratunga.17 18

Existe una confusión entre los gobernadores hindúes y budistas de Javadurante ese período. Los Sailendras son conocidos por ser seguidores de Buda, pero unas inscripciones en piedra encontradas en Sojomerto sugieren que fueron hindúes.17 Durante esta época muchos monumentos budistas e hindúes fueron construidos en las llanuras y montañas alrededor de la llanura Kedu. Los monumentos budistas, incluyendo Borobudur, fueron creados al mismo tiempo que el templo hindúPrambanan. En el año 732, el rey Sanjaya, fundador de la dinastía Sailendra, encargó la construcción de un santuario hindú en honor a Shivá en la colina Ukir, ubicada sólo a 10 km al este de Borobudur. El sucesor inmediato de Sanjaya, Rakai Panangkaran, fue asociado con el templo budista Kalasan, como aparece en el estatuto Kalasanescrito el año 778. Los antropólogos creen que la religión jamás fue un conflicto serio en Java.19 Era posible que un rey hindú mandara construir un templo budista; o que uno budista actuara de manera similar.19


Estupas de Borobudur con vista a las montañas de Java. Han permanecido abandonadas durante siglos.

Durante siglos, Borobudur estuvo cubierto por capas de ceniza volcánica y vegetación. Las razones del abandono de este templo se mantienen desconocidas. No se sabe con certeza cuándo ocurrió el cese de actividades de este lugar de peregrinación.

Una suposición sostiene que el templo fue abandonado debido a que gran parte de la población fue convertida al Islam durante el siglo XV.20 Otra teoría se basa en la hambruna provocada por una erupción volcánica (aproximadamente en el año 1006) la cual obligó a los habitantes a abandonar sus tierras y el monumento.12 Se dice además que el evento causó una migración desde la llanura Kedu hasta el este de Java cerca del valle Brantas alrededor del año 928.

Sin embargo, el monumento jamás fue completamente removido de la memoria de los habitantes de la zona. En vez de glorificar la historia del monumento, la imagen de éste se convirtió en una más supersticiosa asociándola con mala suerte y miseria. Dos antiguos manuscritos (babad) del siglo XVIIImencionan la mala suerte del monumento. Según el Babad Tanah Jawi (o Historia de Java), el monumento se convirtió en un factor fatal para el rebelde que causó una revuelta en contra del rey de Mataram en 1709.2 La colina fue sitiada y los insurgentes fueron vencidos y sentenciados a muerte por orden del rey. En el Babad Mataram (oHistoria del Reino Mataram), el monumento fue asociado a la desgracia sufrida por el heredero al trono del sultanato de Yogyakarta en 1757.21 A pesar de que existía una restricción para visitar el monumento, se apoderó de una de las estatuas que formaban parte de éste. Tan pronto como regresó a su palacio, murió de una extraña enfermedad que duró sólo un día.

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La primera fotografía por Isidore van Kinsbergen (1873).

Tras la guerra entre el Reino Unido y los Países Bajos realizada en Java, la isla estuvo bajo administración británica entre los años 1811 y 1816. Elgobernador general asignado fue Thomas Stamford Raffles, quien estaba bastante interesado en la historia de Java. Coleccionó antigüedades y tomaba nota sobre la información recibida por parte de los nativos durante sus expediciones. Durante un viaje a Semarang en 1814, se le informó sobre un gran monumento llamado Chandi Borobudur el cual estaba ubicado en la jungla cercana a la aldea de Bumisegoro.21 Envió al ingeniero holandés H.C. Cornellius para que investigara el lugar.

Durante dos meses, Cornellius y sus 200 hombres cortaron árboles, quemaron vegetación y excavaron para poder despejar el monumento. Debido a los peligros de derrumbe, no pudieron explorar las galerías. Reportó sus descubrimientos a Raffles incluyendo varios dibujos. Aunque el descubrimiento es mencionado en unas breves palabras, Raffles es acreditado por centrar la atención del mundo hacia el monumento.8

Hartmann, administrador holandés de la región de Kedu, continuó el trabajo de Cornellius y en 1835 el monumento fue completamente desenterrado. Sus intereses en Borobudur eran más personales que oficiales. Sin embargo, Hartmann no escribió ningún reporte sobre sus actividades; en particular, la presunta historia en la que él descubrió la gran estatua de Buda ubicada en la estupa principal.22 La estupa principal del monumento se encuentra vacía. En1842, Hartmann investigó la cúpula principal, pero sus descubrimientos aún no se conocen.

El gobierno de las Indias Orientales Neerlandesas envió al ingeniero holandés F.C. Wilsen, quien realizó cientos de dibujos. Mientras tanto, J.F.G. Brumund fue asignado para realizar un detallado estudio sobre el monumento, el cual fue completado en 1859. El gobierno pretendía publicar un artículo basado en los estudios de Brumund e ilustrado con algunos dibujos de Wilsen, pero Brumund rehusó cooperar. El gobierno asignó a otra persona, C. Leemans, quien compiló una monografía utilizando las investigaciones de Brumund y Wilsen. En 1873, fue publicada la primera monografía basada en un estudio detallado de Borobudur, al año siguiente se hizo una traducción al francés.22 La primera fotografía del monumento fue tomada en 1873 por el holandés Isidore van Kinsbergen.23

La apreciación del sitio se fue desarrollando lentamente. Algunos objetos fueron sustraídos por ladrones. En 1882, el inspector en jefe de accidentes recomendó que Borobudur fuese completamente desmontado y sus restos puestos en museos debido a las malas condiciones en que se encontraba la estructura.23 Tras esto el gobierno asignó alarqueólogo Groenveldt, para que realizara una investigación sobre la condición del monumento. El reporte demostró que el miedo respecto a las condiciones del monumento eran injustificadas y que Borobudur debía permanecer intacto.

Eventos contemporáneos[editar]

Turistas en Borobudur.

Tras la remodelación de 1973 realizada por la Unesco,24 Borobudur fue utilizado nuevamente como lugar de adoración y peregrinaje. Una vez al año, durante la luna llena en mayo o junio, los budistas en Indonesia observan el Vesak (indonesioWaisak) conmemorando el nacimiento, muerte y momento en que Siddhārtha Gautama alcanza la máxima sabiduría para convertirse en Buda. El Vesak es un día de fiesta en Indonesia y la ceremonia está centrada en los tres templos budistas caminando desde Mendut aPawon y finalizando en Borobudur.25 26

El monumento es la atracción turística más visitada de Indonesia. En 1974, 260.000 turistas de los cuales 36.000 eran extranjeros, visitaron Borobudur.27 Los visitantes aumentaron a 2,5 millones anuales (el 80% correspondía a indonesios) a mediados de los años 90, tras la crisis económica del país.28 El desarrollo del turismo, sin embargo, ha sido criticado por no incluir a la comunidad local lo cual ha creado ciertos conflictos.5 En 2003, los residentes y pequeños empresarios ubicados en los alrededores de Borobudur organizaron varias juntas y protestas, debido la decisión del gobierno de construir un centro comercial llamado 'Java World'.29

El 21 de enero de 1985, nueve estupas fueron dañadas debido al ataque de unas bombas.30 En 1991, un predicadormusulmán ciego, Husein Ali Al Habsyie, fue sentenciado a cadena perpetua por dirigir una serie de ataques con bombas a mediados de los años 80, incluyendo el ya mencionado.31 Otros dos miembros de un grupo extremista de derecha, que estuvieron implicados en los ataques, fueron sentenciados a 20 y 13 años de cárcel en 1986. El 27 de mayo de 2006, la costa sur de Java sufrió un terremoto de magnitud 6,2 en la escala de Richter. El evento produjo varios daños en la región y algunos heridos en la ciudad de Yogyakarta, sin embargo, Borobudur se mantuvo intacto.32


Plano de Borobdur.

Borobudur está construido como una gran estupa, y cuando es visto desde arriba toma la forma de un mándala budista, representando simultáneamente la cosmología budista y naturaleza de la mente.33 La base es un cuadrado, con una medida aproximada de 118 metros por lado. Tiene nueve plataformas, de las cuales las seis inferiores poseen forma de cuadrado y las restantes son circulares. Las plataformas superiores presentan setenta y dos pequeñas estupas que rodean una más grande. Cada estupa tiene forma de campana y está decorada por distintos agujeros. Hay una estatua de Budadentro de cada estupa.

Fueron ocupadas aproximadamente 55.000 m³ de piedras las cuales fueron tomadas de diversos ríos para construir el monumento.34 Las piedras fueron cortadas, transportadas y puestas sin mortero. Fueron utilizadas hendiduras y protuberancias para poder ensamblar las piedras entre sí. Los relieves fueron creados in situ después que el monumento fue terminado. El monumento está equipado con un sistema de drenaje para combatir las precipitaciones presentes en la región. Para evitar inundaciones, fueron puestos 100 caños en cada esquina, los cuales tienen tallados gárgolas (makaras).

Un caño tallado (makaras), parte del sistema de drenaje.

Borobudur difiere con el diseño general de este tipo de estructuras. En vez de estar construido sobre una superficie plana, Borobudur está construido en una colina natural. La técnica de construcción, sin embargo, es similar a la de otros templos en Java. Sin espacios interiores como otros templos y con la forma de una pirámide, Borobudur fue identificado en un principio como unaestupa, en lugar de un templo (o candi en indonesio).34 Una estupa es denominada como un sepulcro para Buda. Algunas veces las estupas fueron construidas como símbolos de alabanza budistas. Un templo, por otra parte, es utilizado como el hogar de una deidad y posee espacios interiores para la veneración. La complejidad del diseño, sin embargo, sugiere que la estructura en realidad es un templo. La adoración realizada en Borobudur se lleva a cabo como una peregrinación. Los visitantes son guiados mediante el sistema de escaleras y corredores ascendiendo hacia las plataformas superiores. Cada plataforma representa un estado de iluminación. El camino que guía a los peregrinos fue diseñado con símbolos sagrados basados en la cosmología budista.35

Vista lateral del templo. Se indica la razón 4:6:9 para la base, centro y cima respectivamente.

No se sabe mucho sobre el arquitecto Gunadarma.36 Su nombre surgió del folclore de Java más que de inscripciones o escritos antiguos. Se dice que es quien "... lleva la regla, conoce las divisiones y piensa en él mismo como compuesto por partes".36 La unidad de medida básica que utilizó durante la construcción es llamada tala, definida como la distancia entre la parte superior de la frente y la barbilla o la distancia entre el extremo del dedo pulgar y el extremo del anular cuando ambos están extendidos al máximo.37 La unidad es obviamente relativa dependiendo de cada persona, pero el monumento posee medidas exactas. Una inspección llevada a cabo en 1977 reveló la presencia de la razón 4:6:9 a lo largo de todo el monumento. El arquitecto habría utilizado esta razón para trazar las dimensiones de Borobudur.37 La razón fue también hallada en los templos cercanos de Pawon y Mendhut. Los arqueólogos postularon que la razón y dimensión tala están basadas en temas cosmológicos y astronómicos, como en el caso del templo budista Angkor Wat en Camboya.36

Un pasillo angosto con relieves en la pared.

La estructura vertical se puede dividir en tres secciones: base, centro (o cuerpo) y cima, los cuales recuerdan la figura del cuerpo humano.36 La base es un cuadrado de 123x123 m aproximadamente y tiene una altura de 4 metros.34 El centro está compuesto por cinco plataformas cuadradas, las cuales van disminuyendo su altura a medida que se asciende. La primera terraza está ubicada a 7 metros del borde de la base. Las otras terrazas están a 2 metros, dejando un corredor angosto en cada plataforma. La cima consiste en 3 plataformas circulares, cada una posee un grupo de estupas perforadas, las cuales están distribuidas formando círculos concéntricos. Hay una cúpula principal al centro; la punta de esta es la parte más alta del monumento (35 metros sobre el nivel del suelo). El acceso a esta parte es mediante unas escaleras que poseen varias puertas, las cuales están resguardadas por 32 estatuas de leones. La entrada principal está ubicada en la parte este, donde se encuentran los primeros relieves. En las laderas de la colina hay escaleras que conectan el monumento con la llanura.

La división del monumento simboliza las tres etapas de preparación mental para alcanzar la meta final según la cosmología budista, llamados Kamadhatu (el mundo de los deseos), Rupadhatu (el mundo de las formas) y finalmente Arupadhatu (el mundo sin formas).38 Kamadhatu es representado por la base, Rupadhatu por las cinco plataformas cuadradas (el centro), y Arupadhatu por las plataformas circulares y la estupa principal. La arquitectura de las tres estaciones presenta diferencias metafóricas. En Rupadhatu hay una estructura más recta y detallada, la cual desaparece para convertirse en las plataformas circulares de Arupadhatu.39

En 1885, fue descubierta una nueva estructura la cual estaba oculta bajo la base.40 La "base oculta" posee relieves, 160 de los cuales corresponden a narraciones que describen el Kamadhatu real. Los relieves restantes son paneles con inscripciones cortas que aparentemente describen las instrucciones de los escultores, ilustrando la escena a ser tallada.41 Un revestimiento oculta la verdadera base, cuya función permanece como un misterio. Se pensó que esta base debía ser cubierta para prevenir un posible hundimiento del monumento.41 Existe otra teoría, la cual sostiene que fue agregado debido a un error en el diseño de la base original, el cual debía basarse en las indicaciones deVastu Shastra, un antiguo libro de arquitectura y urbanismo.40 El revestimiento, sin embargo, fue construido con un diseño detallado y meticuloso, el cual sirvió como compensación estética y religiosa.


Distribución de los paneles narrativos42
secciónubicaciónhistoria# paneles
base oculta pared Karmavibhangga 160
primera galería pared principal Lalitavistara 120
Jataka/Avadana 120
balaustres Jataka/Avadana 372
Jataka/Avadana 128
segunda galería pared principal Gandavyuha 128
balaustres Jataka/Avadana 100
tercera galería pared principal Gandavyuha 88
balaustres Gandavyuha 88
cuarta galería pared principal Gandavyuha 84
balaustres Gandavyuha 72
Total 1.460

Borobudur tiene aproximadamente 2.670 bajorrelievesindividuales (1.460 paneles narrativos y 1.212 decorativos), los cuales cubren la superficie de lafachada y balaustres. La superficie total ocupada por estos relieves es de 2.500 m² y están distribuidos en la base oculta (Kamadhatu) y las cinco plataformas cuadradas (Rupadhatu).42

Los paneles narrativos, que cuentan la historia deSudhana y Manohara,43 están agrupados en 11 series que rodean el monumento con un largo de 3.000 metros. La base oculta contiene la primera serie con 160 paneles narrativos y las 10 series restantes están distribuidas a lo largo de paredes y balaustres en cuatro galerías, comenzando por la entrada ubicada al lado este del monumento. Los paneles narrativos de las paredes se leen de derecha a izquierda, mientras que en los balaustres es de izquierda a derecha. Esto se ajusta a pradaksina, el ritual de circunvalación realizado por los peregrinos que se mueven en el sentido de las manecillas del reloj, dejando el santuario a su lado derecho.44

La base oculta narra la historia de la ley del karma. Las paredes de la primera galería tienen dos series de relieves sobrepuestos; cada una consiste en 120 paneles. La parte superior muestra la biografía de Buda, mientras que la parte inferior de la pared, e incluso algunos balaustres ubicados en las dos primeras galerías, muestran las vidas anteriores de Buda.42 Los paneles restantes están centrados en la búsqueda de Sudhana; quien intentaba encontrar la máxima sabiduría.

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La ley del karma (Karmavibhangga)[editar]

Los 160 paneles ocultos no narran una historia continua, pero cada panel muestra una ilustración de causa y efecto.42 Hay ejemplos de ciertas actividades inadecuadas, desde cotillear, hasta asesinar, cada una con su castigo correspondiente. Hay incluso actividades loables, como la caridad y la peregrinación a santuarios, con sus retribuciones correspondientes. También están ilustrados los sufrimientos del infierno y placeres del cielo. Hay además escenas de la vida diaria, junto al panorama del samsara (el ciclo infinito de la vida y la muerte).

El nacimiento de Buda (Lalitavistara)[editar]
Relieve en la pared de un pasillo.

La historia comienza con el glorioso descenso de Buda del cielo Tusita, y termina con el primer sermón en el parque Deer cerca de Benarés.44 El relieve muestra el nacimiento de Buda como el príncipe Siddhārtha, hijo delrey Śuddhodana y la reina Māyā de Kapilavastu (actualmente Nepal).

La historia es precedida por 27 paneles que muestran varias representaciones, en el cielo o la tierra, para recibir la última encarnación deBodhisattva.44 Tras descender del cielo Tusita, Bodhisattva coronó a su sucesor, el futuro Maitreya. Descendió a la tierra con la forma de un elefante blanco con seis colmillos, luego entró al vientre de la reina Māyā por el lado derecho. La reina tuvo un sueño de este suceso, la interpretación fue que su hijo sería un soberano o Buda.

Cuando la reina Māyā pensó que era momento de dar a luz, se dirigió al parque Lumbini fuera de la ciudad Kapilavastu. Se ubicó bajo un árbol Plaska, y sosteniendo una rama con su mano derecha dio a luz a su hijo, el príncipe Siddhārtha. La historia de los paneles continúa hasta que el príncipe se convierte en Buda.

Piedra con un detallado relieve.
Historia del príncipe Siddhārtha (Jataka) y otras personas legendarias (Avadana)[editar]

Los jatakas son historias sobre Buda después de nacer como el príncipe Siddhārtha.45Los avadanas son similares a los jatakas, pero el protagonista no es Bodhisattva. Los actos sagrados en los avadanas son atribuidos a otras personas legendarias. Los jatakas y avadanas están en una misma serie de relieves en Borobudur.

Los primeros 20 paneles inferiores, ubicados en la pared de la primera galería, narran elSudhanakumaravadana o hazañas del príncipe Sudhanakumara. Los primeros 135 paneles superiores, ubicados en los balaustres de la misma galería, están centrados en las 34 leyendas del Jatakamala.46 Los 237 paneles restantes narran las historias de otras fuentes, al igual que la serie inferior de paneles correspondientes a la segunda galería. Algunos cuentos jataka están representados dos veces, por ejemplo la historia del rey Sibhi.

La búsqueda de Sudhana (Gandavyuha)[editar]

Gandavyuha es la historia contada en el último capítulo del Avatamsaka Sutra, sobre Sudhana y su búsqueda de la sabiduría máxima. Ocupa dos galerías (tercera y cuarta) y mitad de la segunda; abarcando un total de 460 paneles.47 La principal figura de la historia, el joven Sudhana, hijo de un adinerado comerciante, aparece en el panel número 16. Los 15 anteriores conforman un prólogo de los milagros durante el samādhi de Buda en el jardín de Jetaen Sravasti.

Durante su búsqueda, Sudhana visita como mínimo a 30 maestros, pero ninguno lo satisface completamente. Tras esto es instruido por Manjushri para conocer al monje Megasri, de quien recibe la primera doctrina. El viaje de Sudhana continúa y conoce (en el siguiente orden) a Supratisthita, el médico Megha (espíritu del conocimiento), elbanquero Muktaka, el monje Saradhvaja, la upasika Asa (espíritu de la iluminación suprema), Bhismottaranirghosa, elBrahmán Jayosmayatna, la princesa Maitrayani, el monje Sudarsana, un niño llamado Indriyesvara, la upasika Prabhuta, el banquero Ratnachuda, el rey Anala, al dios Shivá, la reina MāyāMaitreya y finalmente regresa con Manjushri. Tras cada encuentro Sudhana adquiere una doctrina específica, conocimiento y sabiduría. Estos encuentros están presentes en la tercera galería.

Tras el último encuentro con Manjushri, Sudhana se dirige a la residencia de Bodhisattva Samantabhadra; suceso que es ejemplificado en la cuarta galería. Toda la cuarta galería está centrada en las enseñanzas de Samantabhadra. Los paneles narrativos terminan con el logro de Sudhana del conocimiento máximo y la verdad última.48

Estatuas de Buda[editar]

Una estatua de Buda con las manos en la posición dharmachakra mudra (la Rueda del Dharma).

Además de los relieves que narran la historia de la cosmología budista, Borobudur presenta varias estatuas de Buda. Estas estatuas están sentadas con las piernas cruzadas en posición de flor de loto, y distribuidas en las cinco plataformas cuadradas (nivel Rupadhatu) y en la plataforma superior (nivel Arupadhatu).

Las estatuas del nivel Rupadhatu están ubicadas en nichos, ordenados en filas al lado exterior de los balaustres. A medida que se asciende, las plataformas disminuyen su altura, al igual que el número de estatuas en cada una. El primer conjunto de balaustres tiene 104 nichos, el segundo 104, el tercero 88, el cuarto 72 y el quinto 64. En total, hay 432 estatuas de Buda en el nivel Rupadhatu.1 En el nivel Arupadhatu (o las tres plataformas circulares), las estatuas están dentro de las estupas perforadas. La primera plataforma circular posee 32 estupas, la segunda 24 y la tercera 16, lo cual suma un total de 72.1 De las 504 estatuas en total, cerca de 300 están mutiladas (principalmente decapitadas) y 43 están perdidas.

Estatua decapitada dentro de una estupa.

A primera vista, todas las estatuas de Buda son iguales, pero presentan pequeñas diferencias entre sus mudras o posición de las manos. Existen 5 grupos de mudra: Norte, Este, Sur, Oeste y Cenit, los cuales representan los cinco puntos cardinales según el Mahayana. Los primeros cuatro balaustres contienen los cuatro primeros mudras: Norte, Este, Sur y Oeste, representados por la dirección de las manos de la estatua. Las estatuas de Buda ubicadas en el quinto balaustre y dentro de las 72 estupas en las plataformas superiores, tienen el mismo mudraCenit. Cada mudrarepresenta uno de los Cinco Budas Dhyani; cada uno tiene su propio simbolismo.49 Son Abhaya mudra para Amogashiddi (norte), Vara mudra paraRatnasambhava (sur), Dhyana mudra para Amitābha (oeste), Bhumisparsa mudra para Aksobhya (este) yDharmachakra mudra para Vairocana (cenit).


Borobudur atrajo la atención en 1885, cuando Yzerman, el presidente de la Sociedad Arqueológica de Yogyakarta, hizo el descubrimiento de la base escondida.40 Las fotografías que muestran el descubrimiento de esta base fueron tomadas entre 1890 y 1891.50 El descubrimiento obligó al gobierno de las Indias Orientales Neerlandesas a encargarse del cuidado de este monumento. En 1900, el gobierno designó una comisión integrada por tres oficiales para evaluar el monumento: Brandes, un historiador de arte, Theodoor van Erp, ingeniero del ejército holandés, y Van de Kamer, ingeniero del departamento de Obras Públicas.

En 1902, la comisión creó un plan de propuesta para el gobierno consistente en tres partes. Primero, se debían reparar las esquinas para evitar accidentes, además de retirar las piedras que pusieran en peligro las partes adyacentes, reforzar los balaustres y reparar nichos, arcos, estupas y la cúpula principal. Segundo, cercar los patios, proporcionar un mantenimiento adecuado y mejorar el drenaje reparando el suelo y los caños. Tercero, todos los escombros debían ser retirados, despejar el monumento, retirar las piedras desfiguradas y reparar la cúpula principal. El costo total era para ese tiempo de 48.800 florines neerlandeses aproximadamente.

Técnica utilizada para mejorar el drenaje de Borobudur durante la restauración de 1973. Consistía en la incorporación de cemento y tuberías depvc.

La restauración fue llevada a cabo entre 1907 y 1911, basándose en los principios de la anastilosis y bajo el mando de Theodor van Erp.51 Los primeros siete meses de esta restauración consistieron en excavar alrededor del monumento para buscar cabezas de estatuas y paneles de piedra perdidos. Van Erp desmontó y reconstruyó las tres plataformas circulares y estupas correspondientes. Al pasar el tiempo, Van Erp descubrió más cosas que restaurar en el monumento, lo que requirió un total de 34.600 florines más. A primera vista Borobudur había recuperado su antigua gloria.

Debido al limitado presupuesto, la restauración se centró en limpiar las esculturas, pero Van Erp no pudo resolver el problema del drenaje. Durante quince años, las paredes de las galerías comenzaron a oscilar y aparecieron nuevos signos de agrietamiento y deterioro.51 Van Erp utilizó concreto, pero esto causó algunos problemas, por lo que era necesario una nueva restauración.

Desde ese entonces se hicieron pequeñas reparaciones, pero ninguna general. A fines de los años 60, el gobierno de Indonesia ordenó una restauración que asegurara la protección del monumento. En 1973, se inició un plan para reparar Borobudur.24 El gobierno de Indonesia y la Unesco se hicieron cargo de este proyecto de restauración entre 1975 y 1982.51 Los cimientos fueron estabilizados y los 1.460 paneles limpiados. Durante la restauración se desmontaron las cinco plataformas cuadradas y se mejoró el sistema de drenaje, incrustando tuberías en el monumento. Además se agregaron capas impermeables y de filtro. En este proyecto estuvieron involucradas 600 personas y tuvo un costo total de US$ 6.901.243.52 Cuando la renovación fue terminada, la Unesco nombró a Borobudur Patrimonio de la Humanidad en 1991.53

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