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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 05/02/2015 23:20

Archive for 2011


Masonic “G” od

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The Masonic Compass “G” and the Star of David. by Apollo Illuminaughty

**NOTE*-asterisks will be MY added commentary to this subject! Please notice that this is a running commentary from a forum and this person is a Freemason and this is my attempt to reveal the TRUTH…because Freemasonry twists the TRUTH of GOD into something that fits their agenda. Please note the author of this post in the forum’s name is APOLLO…hmmmm**

The familiar symbol of Freemasonry is the letter “G:” in the interlocked compass and square that is put upon the altar of the Temple in the first three degrees.

The compass and square used by architect workers and builders. Freemasons learn to “square their actions” and learn to “circumscribe and keep us within due bounds toward all mankind”:

The Compass and Square, usually called Sun compass and Moon square are easy to understand, but how about the letter G? Its been assumed to mean both God and Geometry. It also closely resembles the spiral symbol of the Mayan Sky god and healer, Hunab Ku.

**EDITOR: The composition and elements of this composite symbol reflect the esoteric ideas of Cosmogony that were the same in the Old and New Worlds. Please recognize the symbology of the phrase “Old & New Worlds”. Also it could reflect a 8-pointed Cross and the Old World Swastika. These symbols and concepts were masked and simplified, and almost always it was forbidden to discuss their meanings. Under the penalty of death for divulging of secret esoteric concepts, they were transferred from Initiate to Initiate. At the same time, for the masses these concepts (relative to cosmology, symbols, etc) were given in religious form-as mono-or theolatry.
The correlation between the Secret Doctrine’s Root Races history and Maya concepts relative to the cyclic nature of evolution allows one to presume that the Mesoamerican “Suns” stand for the Root Race, but in fractal manner, can present the Long Count as the actual cycle that was not revealed in the Secret Doctrine (the Doctrine does not reveal all the cycles intentionally, but at the end of the XIX century Helena Blavatsky warned that the XX century would bring very important events for humanity and could even place mankind on the brink of existence). If so, the “new world” should start.
This ancient knowledge at present is associated, first of all, with the Mayan teachings, although it is reflected in Aztec and other Mesoamerican cultures and closely corresponds with the ideas of the Secret Doctrine.
This symbol of the spiral image is actually called a “Galactic Butterfly” and it represents a higher consciousness or Galactic Center. The mystical symbol shows that the Egyptians believed in reincarnation and existences of the Immortal entity. Being, however, an esoteric doctrine, revealed only during the mysteries by the priest-hierophants…it was kept secret.
Once again, the two interlaced spirals show duality of the Galactic Energy. Moreover, each spiral reflects the Maya symbol “G” that is associated with the Milky Way. Even at this point we see that the Galactic Butterfly clearly describes the transfer of the Galactic Core energies in Space in cyclic spiral of Time. These crosses, spirals, and other elements denote the fundamental esoteric analogies. In particular, the combination of “G” symbol (Serpent), Milky Way (Water Depth), and Spirals (Whirling Motion) mimics the Ancient Mystery of Narayana (the mover on the Waters of Space) and Fohat that sets in {a spiral} motion the primordial World-germs.**


Let us look at the Ark of the Covenant for clues since the study of Solomons Temple is center in Freemasonry

What did the 2 cherubim on the ark of the covenant represent?

**EDITOR: From the “Secret Doctrine”, we have Helena revealing…In the Astro-theosophic chart of the Western Rite, the Ark corresponds with the NAVEL, and is placed at the sinister side, the side of the woman (the Moon), one of whose symbols is the left pillar of Solomon’s Temple-Boaz.**

The answer which it gives is: “The mystery of the Golden Altar” (Dumfries Ms., ca. 1799).

Thus, the union of “the two Cherubim” in the Jerusalem Temple would appear to be the ultimate source of the “mystery of the Golden Altar” in the Masonic Temple.

The letter “G” (signifying God’s secret Name) appears between the intertwining compass and square and is paralleled by Philo’s explanation that the union of the statues in the Jewish Temple represented God’s “consorting” with the soul, and his “divinizing” of the recipient. Thus the compass and square are exact symbolic equivalents of the ancient Cherubim, i.e. the ancient “Male” and “Female,” whose union was the central feature of the Wisdom mystery, and which brought about the candidate’s deification. But we should also compare this unique symbolism with the Divine Image itself (Gen. 1:27), which teaches that God is male and female united; hence the sacred “G” appears only when the male compass and the female square are intertwined. ” (shields research. /End Qoute)

In the Mysteries, the Symbolic union of male and female being a symbol of the Great Work is both in Mystic Israel and Gnostic tradition. and European Alchemy.

Heaven and Earth is also symbolic of God and his Bride, the Yod, heh, Vav Heh of the Tetragrammaton combining the Holy Family. It is also known as As Above, So Below.

Above, the celestial things, below, the terrestrial; by the male and the female the work is accomplished. Join the male and the female and you will find what you are seeking (Aphorisms of Zosimus)

QOUTE: But before they can complete this all-important work, both must die and pass through the “nigredo” state, i.e. the death and dissolution of the body. Zosimus appropriately characterized this stage of the mystery with the image of the “priest” who is torn to pieces and mutilated before he can be resurrected and discover the “Stone of the Nile.” (Shields research/End Qoute)

The Two in One is also the Star of David , its center hexagram being the nara narayana or perfect state between man and God, or God and his Bride, this reflects the superius/inferius and externis/interius,from the Gospel of Thomas (“You shall enter the Kingdom when the upper is as the lower and the outside is as the inside.”)

**EDITOR: The  quote, “You shall enter the Kingdom when the upper is as the lower and the outside is as the inside”…this comes from the Gospel of Thomas and the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts.

The Rebis and the letter G being the union of the Hermaphrodite God, The Union so complete that two become ONE and Inseperable.

Squaring the circle or the G is described in I Ching.

(ca. 720-474 B.C.) the heavens is round ( the compass delineates the horizon), and the earth is square (with its “four corners”).

Yahweh says in the Old Testament verses, “I will set a plumb line in the midst of my people, Israel” (Amos 7:8). . . “Judgment will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet” (Isa. 28:17). . .”And thou shalt make an altar…(that) shall be foursquare” (Ex. 27:1). . . “When he prepared the heavens, I was there; when he set a compass upon the face of the depth.” (Prov. 8:27) . . . “He has described a circle upon the face of the waters” (Job 26:10)

The Letter G is the perfect Symbol of the Divine Builder mastering both the Intellect of the Above with the Wisdom Below, The Sun and the Moon in perfect Harmony, In Santa Croce Cathedral in Florence, Jesus is above the main portal holding a workers square..

The Letter G in finality is the symbol of the Great Work pictured in the Universe card of the Tarot Major. In the Evolution of the Soul, Man unites his whole self in its original immortal ovoid and finds himself complete.

Kundalini is a VERY important part of it, Its what charges the Holy Union.

The Rebis is the UNION…The Original Ovoid of the soul. The Great Work of Lead into Gold.

High Priests of Israel were astrologers, Of course the Star of David pre dated Israel. cause astrology was always there.

The Three Masteries of Hermes Trismegestus was Alchemy, Astrology and Theurgy, (religious ritual)

Star of David is a 6-point star, with 6-triangles and a hexagram in the middle with 6-sides

END OF TRANSCRIPT……………………………..

Another point of view on the forum: NOW LETS REVIEW!!!

one would argue the ‘G’ means Gnosticism…considering the meaning of it is relevant to the meaning of the illuminati – “aliens illuminated with knowledge and spirit”.
As Gnosticism means “possessing intellectual knowledge or spirit of things”

Aliens interact with humans and pass on knowledge and spiritual teachings, but use selective beings, that being labelled a gnosis.

A human can never be an illuminati (they are aliens).

The atlantians (which live on and control this world behind the veil) are the gnostics, as their colony was an alien stronghold (Aryans from Aldebaran) in allegiance with the Orion Consortium. Their fate was that of Power Corrupts, but they didn’t die off, just the land they lived on.

**EDITOR: WOW….this company is so secretive that it is CREEPY! Plus having the name, “Orion” give weight to the connection of the government and the ‘alien’ agreement.**

Look a bit deeper, and get off the illuminati pseudo awareness bandwagon.

Man and Woman becoming one = Elite goal of DNA advancement of becoming immortal (clone yourself over and over to become gods)… a ‘closed loop’ cycle

Temple = Human Body

Rebuilding Temple = Changing DNA

Triple Helix DNA = Man, Spirit, Little God all in one with the ability to change into either one at any time

Original Adam = man and woman in one. ‘Rib’ is a mistranslation… it’s ‘part’. In other words, the gods took the woman ‘part’ out of Adam (hence the need for ‘deep sleep’).

Now Adam connot clone, hence he knows death. Get it?

Once you understand the basics, it all makes sense after that.

The two headed man woman pic. The snake biting its tail (closed loop system of cloning). It’s a goal they’ve had since the beginning.

Kundalini is about training for the ‘transformation’. When the technology is here, the DNA altering chemicals will ‘snake’ up your backside etc. and it will be like unplugging from ‘the Matrix’ so to speak.

*** WARNING! *** *** WARNING! *** *** WARNING! ***

Changing your DNA is FORBIDDEN if you want to go to ‘heaven’. Once you alter it, your spirit is NO LONGER COMPATIBLE with the afterlife!!!

Not my opinion… this is what the Bible talks about over and over in ‘code’. The elites know this. They know how to read the code, and now you can begin to read it as well.

BEWARE of the New Age movement to get you to alter your original DNA. That’s the goal (most people don’t realize this).

WE ARE ALREADY GENETICALLY ALTERED… meaning our spirits have not evolved naturally over milleniums… thus the need for a ‘saviour’ to ‘save us’. Our sins are the fact that we have been tinkered with and THAT IS NOT ALLOWED.

We are scheduled for termination… because we are not suppsed to exist. WE ARE GMO CROPS. Get it?

The ‘galaxy cops’ if you will don’t want our ’roundup ready’ crap in their backyard, just like we don’t want it in ours.

Their mission is to keep the universe ‘organic’. Original DNA from the creator as he/it intended.

666 is CARBON

6 electrons
6 Protons
6 Neutrons

WE ARE THE BEASTS! Carbon is now enemy #1… get it yet?



Triquetra is the carbon atom from a top view!!! They KNEW THIS a long time ago!!!


Some believe Saint Germain to was Francis Bacon, and/or William Shakespere? YES! St. Germain (AN ASCENDED MASTER) was the founder of Freemasonry before it was highjacked. He wrote the TRINOSOPHIA…

**EDITOR: But just what is the Pistis Sophia? Technically speaking, it is a gospel — that is, a compilation of sayings and incidents in the life of Jesus — its text attributing authorship in several places to the apostle Philip. The manuscript in fact bears no title, and its current designation is but a scribe’s heading to the second section of the codex whose central theme is the myth of Pistis Sophia, “Knowledge-Wisdom” as translated by HPB.*
Although pistis is usually translated as “faith,” HPB, in her earlier series, “The Esoteric Character of the Gospels,” objected to the word’s customary theological interpretation. These articles, reprinted in Collected Writings 8:172-239, and also in Studies in Occultism, form a helpful prelude to her commentary on the Pistis Sophia.**

The Talisman of the Magi are associated with this subject in that the talisman (tsilmenaia) signifies an image, a figure, and was engraved in the form of an emblem or symbol on metals consecrated to the genii of the seven planets.
The Freemasons have a tremendous interest in a ‘Blazing Star’ that is said to represent Sothis, or Sirius. They have this Star motif placed in prominent places in their Temples, or Lodges. Many of their rituals are derived from Isian rites, and ancient Egyptian symbols feature strongly in the Craft, even though many of their degrees are actually Mosaic, or sometimes Christian, in character. There is emphasis placed upon the appearance of a bright light in the darkness, derived from the ‘Black Rite’, described by Isis in ‘The Virgin of the World’. This celestial entity known as the ‘Night’ “weaves her web with rapid light though it be less than Sun’s”

Sirius represents the Dog god of Egypt, Anubis. Sirius is the most evil star in ancient Egypt. The dog star, SIRIUS, also has become known as the EASTERN STAR.

The Crescent and the Seven Stars icon with the “Talisman of Orpheus” is not an uncommon symbol. The Angel and the Mason are both pointing in the direction of this curious motif (circled), which is found close to Aries on this occasion. The Mason appears to be stood upon a five-pointed star (Sirius), and a ladder extends towards the Crescent and 7 Stars (a stairway to heaven?).
Freemasons love this star and reportedly have “SIRIUS GLITTERS IN OUR LODGES AS THE BLAZING STAR” states Albert Pike. And according to Alice Bailey, the “Great White Lodge” of Freemasonry was based at the SIRIUS System.

“Each star in the heavens is a solar system with a light-producing sun and revolving planets. Our solar system in which our Earth exists is one of them. There are millions of stars but, among them all, only the star Sirius has a direct link with the Earth and with humanity. Much was known to the Ancients about Sirius, now largely lost but recoverable… Masonic tradition has it that the first three degrees of our Blue lodge [I haven’t the faintest idea what the Blue Lodge is] are equivalent to the first degree of Freemasonry on the star Sirius. Pondering upon the implications of this statement is fascinating because it lifts the whole concept of Masonry as a spiritual quest on to a higher plane than ever known before. It gives meaning and depth to the question: Why Masonry? It will be no detriment to Masonry if we use the “as if” technique of philosophy which does not hesitate to deal with that which is yet unproven. More Masons are asking more fundamental questions about Masonry these days… Among such questions is: Where did Masonry originate? Because the star Sirius is older than the Earth Masonry could have existed there long before our Earth Masonry began. By implication there is human life on Sirius… Our solar system receives energy from three main sources. There are three great waves of energy which sweep cyclically through our solar system, on of which comes from Sirius.

There are seven paths of progress open to man when he has learned all that human evolution on Earth can teach him. One is the path to Sirius. He arrives there in consciousness as a perfected human being. It follows that there is therefore a type of life on Sirius which includes the essential of human life on Earth. This includes Masonry and he finds that great spiritual fraternity already there. Life on Sirius is therefore the destiny of the majority of humanity who then, if they are Masons, continue as Masons… Great as Masonry has been in the past, it has before it still more glorious and useful future as it moves from Speculative to Spiritual Masonry. That inevitable change is already dimly seen. It will be more important than the change from Operative to Speculative Masonry. It is towards this end that Masonic Research should direct its efforts.”
“One great fact to be borne in mind is that the initiations of the planet or of the solar system are but the preparatory initiations of admission into the greater Lodge on Sirius. …The first four initiations of the solar system prior to the first cosmic initiation. The fifth initiation corresponds to the first cosmic initiation. that of “entered apprentice” of the Lodge Sirius. The sixth initiation is analogous to the second degree in Masonry, whilst the seventh initiation makes the Adept a Master Mason of the Brotherhood of Sirius. A Master, therefore, is one who had taken the seventh planetary initiation, the fifth solar initiation, and the first Sirian or cosmic initiation.”

Alice Bailey also said quite explicitly:
“…in the secret of the sun Sirius are hidden the facts of our cosmic evolution, and incidentally, therefore, of our solar system.” This might almost serve as a motto for my own book! And yet these insights reached Miss Bailey by means of some strange “automatic writing” which she apparently produced, like someone in trance. And I only found out about it after I worked my own way along what might be called by the Hindus “the path of knowledge”; Miss Bailey seems to have taken some kind of short-cut.

**EDITOR: This whole subject of esoteric meaning reverts back to this star Sirius and who come from this star…The so called Ascended Masters. These monsters are actually fallen demons and came here to earth millenniums ago to begin spreading the FALSE RELIGIONS of the New Age we presently see.**


Robert Temple’s website


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 31/07/2019 03:14
Resultado de imagen para watch stone

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 03/10/2019 17:54
Resultado de imagen para egypt 22/21 hexagon
Resultado de imagen para JUDAS TADEO PINTURA SANTA CENA
Resultado de imagen para MILKY WAY CLOCK
806. Juan 16:21 La mujer cuando da a luz, tiene dolor, porque ha llegado su HORA; pero después que ha dado a luz un niño, ya no se acuerda de la angustia, por el gozo de que haya nacido un hombre en el mundo.
Resultado de imagen para KEYNES ALQUIMIA
The matter lies before the eyes of all; everybody sees it, touches it, loves it, but knows it not. ~ The Golden Tract

Alchemy refers to a range of philosophies and ancient practices which seek to prepare or develop the "elixir of Life" or "immortality" or "longevity" using the philosophers' stone, accomplish the transmutation of base substances into gold, and attain ultimate wisdom. Many alchemical sources treat the various substances, equipment and processes used in alchemical workshops in an allegorical sense, as metaphors for a spiritual discipline. Alchemy, in its physical procedures and investigations can be viewed as a protoscience, the precursor to modern chemistry, having provided many procedures, equipment and names of substances which are still in use.


Did you know they can change it all?
They got alchemy. ~ Kate Bush
The alchemical tradition assumes that every physical art or science is a body of knowledge which exists only because it is ensouled by invisible powers and processes. ~ Manly Palmer Hall
I had discovered, early in my researches, that their doctrine was no mere chemical fantasy, but a philosophy they applied to the world, to the elements, and to man himself. ~ William Butler Yeats
comp 2014
Resultado de imagen para watch stone
Resultado de imagen para MILKY WAY CLOCK

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 04/10/2019 19:14
Resultado de imagen para mateo 16:18
Resultado de imagen para PYRAMID PHI
Resultado de imagen para mateo 16:18
Resultado de imagen para mateo 16:18
Resultado de imagen para mateo 16:18
Soul, Body and Spirit



In light of the above there seems little doubt that in general and in the present astronomical context in particular, Spira Solaris qualifies to be described numerically as "the One and the Many," the "One and the All," "the Alpha and the Omega," and also (from The Chaldean Oracles): "Fountain of Fountains, and of All Fountains,
The Matrix of all Things."
Pythagoras said the sacred Tetractys is: ` the spring having the roots of ever-flowing nature.' .... The four parts of the Decad, this perfect number, are called number, monad, power and cube. And the interweavings and minglings of these in the origin of growth are what naturally completes nascent number; for when a power of a power; and a cube is multiplied on a cube, it is the power of a cube; and when a cube is multiplied on a cube, the cube of a cube; thus all numbers, from which arise the genesis of what arises, are seven: number, monad, power, cube, power of a power, power of a cube, and cube of a cube.
We have seen that the whole nature of things, all the essential properties of physis, were believed by the Pythagoreans to be contained in the tetractys of the decad; and it now appears that, just as we should expect, this ' fountain of ever-flowing nature' contains the periodic movement of life, evolving out of unity and reverting to unity again, in the recurrent revolution of a wheel of birth. It embodies the fundamental Dionysiac representation of palingenesia.
But there is something more in it than this. Pythagoras inherited the music of Orpheus, as well as the reincarnation doctrine of Dionysus. From the Orphics he inherited also the doctrine of the fall of the soul from its first perfect state of union with the divine, its degradation into the darkness of this life and of the underworld, and its final restoration to peace and unity. Now, on the model of this doctrine of the fall of the soul, the Pythagorean philosophy must hold that all existence proceeds out of the One and returns to it again; and that the One alone is perfect, while the manifold world of visible body is a turbid medium of appearance, in which the one truth is half-revealed and half-concealed, as the divine soul is manifest in the flesh and yet obscured by it and degraded.
There is thus, inherent in the representation handed down from Orphism to Pythagoras, not only the primitive wheel of birth, but another aspect of the movement of life, which is best described as a processional movement out of unity into plurality, out of light into darkness. This movement, also, must be revealed in the nature of numbers, and contained in the tetractys. Pythagoras found it in the procession of numerical series, the study of which he originated, thereby rounding the science of number. It is practically certain, also, that in music he discovered the ratios of the octave, the fifth, and the fourth, contained in the harmonic proportion 12: 8: 6. Now a progression like those contained in the tetractys of Plato's worldsoul --the series, 1: 2: 4: 8, 1: 3: 9: 27– is what the Pythagoreans called an harmonia; it is a continuous entity knit together by a principle of unity running through it, namely the logos or ratio (1/2 or 1/3) which links every term to its predecessor by the same bond. Both series, moreover, radiate from the One, which in Pythagorean arithmetic was not itself a number, but the source in which the whole nature of all numbers was gathered up and implicit. When we note, further, that every number is not only a many, but also one number, we can see how Pythagoras would find the whole movement of cosmic evolution contained in the procession of series, in which the One passes out of itself into a manifold, yet without losing all its unity, and a return from the many to the One is secured by that bond of proportion which runs, backwards and forwards, through the whole series and links it into a ' harmony.' It is thus that we must understand the doctrine that ' the whole Heaven is harmony and number.' The processional movement of physis is modelled upon that of soul, which falls from its first state of union with the divine, but yet remains linked to the One life by mysterious bonds, and can return to it again, purified by music.
As for the "geometric figure", that we may already have (whether applicable here or not) and although the concept of "organic motion" may strike some modern readers as strange, it is nevertheless an underlying feature in many ancient major works--the Timaeus of Plato especially. Here it may also be observed that by expressing the exponents of this short section of the Phi-series planetary framework in thirds, the sets [3, 6, 9 , [4, 8, 12] and [6, 12, 18] are also apparent--sets that may or may not be considered further with respect to other passages in Plato, etc.
It is in the same fashion that the Timaeus also tries to give a physical account of how the soul moves its body; the soul, it is there said, is in movement, and so owing to their mutual implication moves the body also. After compounding the soul-substance out of the elements and dividing it in accordance with the harmonic numbers, in order that it may possess a connate sensibility for 'harmony' and that the whole may move in movements well attuned, the Demiurge bent the straight line into a circle; this single circle he divided into two circles united at two common points; one of these he subdivided into seven circles. All this implies that the movements of the soul are identified with the local movements of the heavens. (Aristotle, On the Soul)
Mind is the monad, science or knowledge the dyad (because it goes undeviatingly from one point to another), opinion the number of the plane, sensation the number of the solid; the numbers are by him expressly identified with the Forms themselves or principles, and are formed out of the elements; now things are apprehended either by mind or science or opinion or sensation, and these same numbers are the Forms of things. Some thinkers, accepting both premises, viz. that the soul is both originative of movement and cognitive, have compounded it of both and declared the soul to be a self-moving number. (Aristotle, On the Soul)
Thus that in the soul which is called mind (by mind I mean that whereby the soul thinks and judges) is, before it thinks, not actually any real thing. For this reason it cannot reasonably be regarded as blended with the body: if so, it would acquire some quality, e.g. warmth or cold, or even have an organ like the sensitive faculty: as it is, it has none. It was a good idea to call the soul 'the place of forms', though (1) this description holds only of the intellective soul, and (2) even this is the forms only potentially, not actually. (Aristotle, On the Soul)
there will be a need for several sciences. The first and most important of them is likewise that which treats of pure numbers--not numbers concreted in bodies, but the whole generation of the series of odd and even, and the effects which it contributes to the nature of things. When all this has been mastered, next in order comes what is called by the very ludicrous name mensuration, but is really a manifest assimilation to one another of numbers which are naturally dissimilar, effected by reference to areas. Now to a man who can comprehend this, it will be plain that this is no mere feat of human skill, but a miracle of God's contrivance. Next, numbers raised to the third power and thus presenting an analogy with three-dimensional things. Here again he assimilates the dissimilar by a second science, which those who hit on the discovery have named stereometry [the gauging of solids], a device of God's contriving which breeds amazement in those who fix their gaze on it and consider how universal nature molds form and type by the constant revolution of potency and its converse about the double in the various progressions. The first example of this ratio of the double in the advancing number series is that of 1 to 2; double of this is the ratio of their second powers [ 4 ], and double of this again the advance to the solid and tangible, as we proceed from 1 to 8 [ 1, 2, 2^2, 2^3]; the advance to a mean of the double, that mean which is equidistant from lesser and greater term [the arithmetical], or the other mean [the harmonic] which exceeds the one term and is itself exceeded by the other by the same fraction of the respective terms--these ratios of 3 : 2 and 4 : 3 will be found as means between 6 and 2: why, in the potency of the mean between these terms [ 6 x 2 ], with its double sense, we have a gift from the blessed choir of the Muses to which mankind owes the boon of the play of consonance and measure, with all they contribute to rhythm and melody.
So much, then, for our program as a whole. But to crown it all, we must go on to the generation of things divine, the fairest and most heavenly spectacle God has vouchsafed to the eye of man. And: believe me, no man will ever behold that spectacle without the studies we have described, and so be able to boast that he has won it by an easy route. Moreover, in all our sessions for study we are to relate the single fact to its species; there are questions to be asked and erroneous theses to be refuted. We may truly say that this is ever the prime test, and the best a man can have; as for tests that profess to be such but are not, there is no labor so fruitlessly thrown away as that spent on them. We must also grasp the accuracy of the periodic times and the precision with which they complete the various celestial motions, and this is where a believer in our doctrine that soul is both older and more divine than body will appreciate the beauty and justice of the saying that ' all things are full of gods ' and that we have never been left unheeded by the forgetfulness or carelessness of the higher powers. There is one observation to be made about all such matters. If a man grasps the several questions aright, the benefit accruing to him who thus learns his lesson in the proper way is great indeed; if he cannot, 'twill ever be the better course to call on God. Now the proper way is this--so much explanation is unavoidable. To the man who pursues his studies in the proper way, all geometric constructions, all systems of numbers, all duly constituted melodic progressions, the single ordered scheme of all celestial revolutions, should disclose themselves, and disclose themselves they will, if, as I say, a man pursues his studies aright with his mind's eye fixed on their single end. As such a man reflects, he will receive the revelation of a single bond of natural interconnection between all these problems. If such matters are handled in any other spirit, a man, as I am saying, will need to invoke his luck. We may rest assured that without these qualifications the happy will not make their appearance in any society; this is the method, this the pabulum, these the studies demanded; hard or easy, this is the road we must tread. (The Collected Dialogues of Plato)

1998 + ONEneo = 1999 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Matrix






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Resultado de imagen para gate ovni

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Resultado de imagen de FREEMASONRY NUMBER 33

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72 Names of God in Hebrew Unisex T-Shirt - YourHolyLandStore

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No hay ninguna descripción de la foto disponible.

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El observatorio La Silla cumple 50 años: Cómo es el complejo nortino que  busca los secretos ocultos del espacio | Emol.com
Telescopios: desde Chile miramos el universo - www.explora.cl
Infografía REUNA (1) - Blogthinkbig.com
UC3 - Infografías
Infografía de la Astronomía en Chile | Pandora screenshot, Art, Pandora

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milky way in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( m 13 i9 l 12 k 11 y 25 0 w 23 a1 y 25 )
queen mary in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( q 17 u 21 e5 e5 n 14 0 m 13 a1 r 18 y 25  
hebrew calendar in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( h8 e5 b2 r 18 e5 w 23 0 c3 a1 l 12 e5 n 14 d4 a1 r 18
mary magdalene in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( m 13 a1 r 18 y 25 0 m 13 a1 g7 d4 a1 l 12 e5 n 14 e5  



"¡Oh profundidad de las riquezas de la sabiduría (sophia)
y de la ciencia (gnwsiV, gnosis) de Dios!
¡Cuán incomprensibles son sus juicios, e inescrutables sus caminos!"
(Romanos, 11: 33).


Geoglifo de 119 metros en Chile Gigante de __ Respuestas -  CodyCrossAnswers.org
Derriban mitos sobre origen de enigmáticas figuras en el desierto de  Atacama - El Mostrador
15 datos curiosos sobre Chile en el 2020 - Only Fun Facts
15 datos curiosos sobre Chile en el 2020 - Only Fun Facts

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GENERAL RELATIVITY-4 ~ Universal science & mathematics

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Reptilian Aliens a Book of Memes eBook by Sundiata Xian Tellem -  9781469114750 | Rakuten Kobo United States

Respuesta Ocultar Mensaje Eliminar Mensaje  Mensaje 36 de 39 en el tema 
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Imagen relacionada
Resultado de imagen para NARCISISMO MACHISMO
Génesis 1:28 - Su Biblia
Alien Reptilian Legacy by Chris Turner | Audiobook | Audible.com
Abandonware Games / Area 51
Génesis 1:26 - Versículo de la Biblia - DailyVerses.net
Génesis 1:24-2.3
EL Ambiente del Edén La Bendición fue dada a ambos - ppt video online  descargar
Las Cinco Relaciones de un Hombre - ppt descargar

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Reptilian Aliens a Book of Memes eBook by Sundiata Xian Tellem -  9781469114750 | Rakuten Kobo United States

Respuesta Ocultar Mensaje Eliminar Mensaje  Mensaje 36 de 39 en el tema 
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Imagen relacionada
Resultado de imagen para NARCISISMO MACHISMO
Génesis 1:28 - Su Biblia
Alien Reptilian Legacy by Chris Turner | Audiobook | Audible.com
Abandonware Games / Area 51
Génesis 1:26 - Versículo de la Biblia - DailyVerses.net
Génesis 1:24-2.3
EL Ambiente del Edén La Bendición fue dada a ambos - ppt video online  descargar
Las Cinco Relaciones de un Hombre - ppt descargar

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Suman Sadhukhan on Twitter: "Today is one of the greatest day in human  history because in this day i.e 14 th March the great physicist Albert  Einstein bron and another great physicist
Invasión al Área 51: cuando la ficción puede más que la realidad
Alien Last Supper Painting by Similar Alien
Resultado de imagen para gate ovni
Resultado de imagen de apocalipsis 3:3
comp 2014
Resultado de imagen para watch stone
Resultado de imagen para MILKY WAY CLOCK
Reptilian Aliens a Book of Memes eBook by Sundiata Xian Tellem -  9781469114750 | Rakuten Kobo United States
Resultado de imagen para mateo 16:18
Letter g or number 6 six logo Royalty Free Vector Image
Initial Letter Number Logo G 6 Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 619692806
G6 g 6 six letter number combination creative color green orange blue  magenta pink company logo vector icon spectrum
The Letter G | Freemason Information
What Does The "G" in Freemasonry Mean? - MasonicFind
What is Freemasonry? – Saint Paul Lodge
Google Maps | Área 51: ¿dónde queda la base militar más secreta del mundo?  | HISTORIAS | MAG.
Area 51 Builds Massive Alien Pyramid | RiseEarth | Pyramids, Ancient  knowledge, Ancient aliens
Pin on ☥ Aliens ☥
UNRAVELING THE MATRIX .. UFO'S AND AREA 51 03/26 by Truth Emerges | Current  Events
Area Cyber: UFOs Land At Area 51 Pyramid, Seen On Google Earth, Other  Strange Buildings
UNRAVELING THE MATRIX .. UFO'S AND AREA 51 03/26 by Truth Emerges | Current  Events
No necesitas ir al Área 51, Google Maps revela todos sus secretos | GQ  México y Latinoamérica
????¿Dónde está el área 51?
Google Maps: Esto pasa en tu PC si buscas el "Área 51" mientras se agota  hospedaje en "zona de Ovnis" | MISCELANEA | CORREO
Simbolo illumati en area 51? | Mundo Secreto Amino
Google Maps: recorre el Área 51, hace 'zoom' y descubre lo que nunca  imaginó encontrar | Video | Viral | Google Street View | Estados Unidos |  EE. UU. | OVNI | Tendencias
Google Maps: este es el gran secreto que oculta el 'Área 51' y se revela  fotografías inéditas | Fotos | Video | Estados Unidos | Ovnis |  Extraterrestres | Marcianos | EEUU |
Área 51: ¿Dónde queda exactamente la base militar secreta? | Coordenadas y  mapa | Google Maps | OFF-SIDE | DEPOR

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