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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 18/01/2013 06:13

The Great Pyramid


Isaiah 19:19 In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD. 


The great pyramid leaves a good deal of clues about the harvest or ascension at the end of time.  In the Bible, we read about the ascension in words, but in the pyramid we read about the ascension in the stones.  The various measurements, angles, and the alignments in the pyramids were designed in a way to communicate to people of the future.  Words are effective in transmitting information to future generations, but the problem is that languages change overtime.  If you really wanted to communicate with a future generation, then you would want to use languages that never change over time.  These languages would be mathematics and science, because the rules and laws never change.  This is also the languages of choice that we would want to use to communicate with an extraterrestrial civilization.

Another way to communicate with future generations is through interesting stories or myths that are likely to be told and retold throughout time; therefore people would be more apt to write about them in the new languages that develop, as well.  If a past civilization wants to pass down to their future generations certain important ideas and concepts, then also it is wise to repeat the stories in more than one way.  Therefore they could insure that if one story doesn’t get their attention then perhaps another one will.  You would also want to disperse the myths to many different cultures and places around the world, so therefore you wouldn’t be putting all your eggs in one basket.  By distributing the same kinds of stories to different cultures and religions, you would be increasing your chances of transmitting information to the future generations.

Myths can survive over languages for shorter periods of times, like centuries, but stone monuments can communicate through millenniums.  If you want to really get someone’s attention in the future, then putting the information in stone will be quite effective.  You could align it with the stars, which change very slowly over time and are easier to track, and you could align it perfectly with the directional points of the planet.  A civilization could encode all kinds of specific numbers that would be recognizable to a future generation that studies the monuments measurements.  If they really want to get their attention they could try to encode some scientific laws, as well, and encode some of the myths to catch their eye.

Well, we are the future generations that our ancestors wanted to talk to and they wanted for us to understand their messages perfectly.  Encoded within the great pyramid is information about when, how and why they were erected.  The whole thing reads like a book and it even tells us a very important story if we knew how to read it carefully.  The Christian story of Jesus and the apostles fishing with a net in John 21 is recorded in the book of stone, as well.

First, we must consider the arrangement of the Queen’s chamber and the King’s chamber, and take note of the ascending passageway between the two.  


Jesus told the apostles to throw the net over on the right side and so they did and they were able to catch 153 fish.  It is interesting to note that the ascending passage has been measured as 153 feet, and that the King’s chamber is 17 by 34 ft. by about 19 ft. high.  Those mathematical figures alone seem to echo the 153 fish in the net. This is the exact measurement of the ascending passage way and the sigma of the 17 foot length of the King’s chamber is 153, which means that if you add the first 17 numbers together you will get the number 153.  Also, the number of 17 multiplied by 9 is equal to 153. 

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17= 153


The Ascending Passageway to the King's Chamber

I made this animted gif from a virtual tour of the Great Pyramid.


That fits perfectly if I am using the old English measurements, which evolved as a combination of the Anglo-Saxon and Roman systems of units.  The old Roman measurements probably came from a system even older.  So you could say that this would speak specifically to certain parts of Europe, Britain and the Americas.  That is where a majority of the Christians live, so using this measurement works out for one religion and one form of measurement.  These pyramid measurements would fit the King James Bible just fine; however it may be different in other forms of measurements.  The measurement of angles is based upon an ancient measurement of 360 degrees of the circle, which came from the Sumerians.  The angles for the Great Pyramid’s sides have been measured at approximately 51° 50' or 51° 51' 14.  Again in the ancient Sumerian measurements of the angles we can find a relationship to the 153 number again.  The number of 153 is divisible by 51, and so 51 multiplied by 3 gives us 153.  It is noteworthy to realize that the numbers in 51 and 3 are also the exact numbers in 153.  If you add the numbers of 153, then you will have 9, which also divides into 153 perfectly in 17 times.  The number 153 is a unique and a special number mathematically in many different ways, but I am not going to go over all of its characteristics.  Jesus used that particular number in the John 21 parable to demonstrate many different things at one time.  The fishing net number of 153 also demonstrates the ratio of the vesica piscis, which interestingly enough looks like the fish symbol that is used to represent Jesus Christ.

The geometric ratio of the vesica piscis is 265:153.



The entrance to the great pyramid is at the 17th level, and of course we know that the sigma of 17 is 153.  This number would be the same for every culture and time, because it is a simple counting of the levels of the blocks. 


Both of these figures approximate the actual
( 51 degrees 51 minutes 14 seconds*) and all of these figures approximate the speed of light in miles per second (186,000+) when converted to arc seconds.

51 degrees = 183,600 arc seconds (51 X 60 X 60 = 183,600)
plus 51 minutes = 3060 arc seconds plus
plus 14 arc seconds  =186,674  



The angle of the Great Pyramid is 51 degrees 51 minutes and 14 seconds, which approximates the speed of light when it is converted to arc seconds.  This isn’t the only connection between the pyramid and light, because there were 144,000 casing stones placed on the outside.  They were polished to reflect the light of the sun, and therefore this monument must have appeared to be like a beacon of light when the casing stones were on the pyramid.  It would have been easily seen from the mountains of Israel, and perhaps it could have been spotted in the orbit around the Earth.

The 144,000 casing stones were meant to symbolize the 144,000 that sing a new song in Revelation 14, because they are reflecting the light of the son.  They are the assistant shepherds to Jesus Christ and have come into this world at this time to prepare mankind for the harvest.  The polished stones that once covered the Great Pyramid are a clue to what they are doing here.  Each casing stone is an anagram for tones, and so the 144,000 are a beacon of light for this world right now.  They have set up the a-tone-ment for all of mankind, and therefore they sing the new song at a higher frequency so that mankind will resonate with their song.  They are the net of 153, and they have been thrown from Christ arc into this cosmic sea to catch the fish or mankind for the harvest of souls.   

The resonant frequency of the King’s chamber is 441 Hz, and its mirror number is 144 which is the gematrian number for light and the measurements of the wall of New Jerusalem.

The higher dimension that Christ is bringing us into is a world of light, and physical matter will not exist there.  We will circumcise the flesh body from our soul and in the higher dimension we will get our new garment of the white light of the Holy Spirit.

The Great Pyramid tells the story of the harvest for those that know how to listen to its story.  The corner stone that was rejected is the Holy Spirit and Christ, and so the top capstone is no longer there from the three dimensional perspective.

C = Pi D

Diameter = 2 times the radius

2 times 280 = 560 Royal Cubits
560 times 22 / 7 (astronomical Pi) = 1760 (440 x 4)
or the sum of the 4 base sides.
3.142857143 or (22/7) was the Pi that was incorporated into
The Great Pyramid's grandest expression.




Py is Pi = 3.14 (Also the gematrian number for the Almighty and the archangel Metatron {Metatron’s cube}) -ra (pronounced as ray) ray of light – mid (the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible light)

The missing capstone is only missing from a three dimensional perspective and once we have ascended the capstone will magically appear on the top of the Great Pyramid.

From a symbolic interpretation of the Great Pyramid, it represents the skull.  The top three chakras are represented by the King’s chamber, the Queen’s chamber and the subterranean chamber.



The verse of John 19:17 is shown in the King’s chamber, as the measurements are 17 by 34 ft. by about 19 ft. high.  This verse was written in the 43rd book of the Bible and so 34 ft. is the mirror image of 43,  which also adds up to the number of the chakra or seal number 7 (3+4=7). Also, if you have broken this seal and have lighted this seventh lamp on your Menorah, then you have become a part of the 153 net (17).

The cone shape of the pyramid also represents the Pineal gland’s shape, which looks like a pine cone.  The Pineal gland typically is calcified in adults and is actually more like a stone.  If you set up your body temple by the blueprints in the Bible, than you can change your Pineal gland’s structure and turn it into a receiver and transmitter of electromagnetic energy.  The Pineal gland when it is acting properly will produce the precious oils to decalcify the Pineal gland.

Numbers 20:10-11 

 10And Moses and Aaron gathered the congregation together before the rock, and he said unto them, Hear now, ye rebels; must we fetch you water out of this rock? (Rebels don’t listen to God, because they haven’t smote the rock and decalcified their Pineal gland.)

11And Moses lifted up his hand, and with his rod he smote the rock twice: and the water came out abundantly, and the congregation drank, and their beasts also. (The oils poured forth from the gland. The rock is Christ and the Holy Spirit is the water.)

 13This is the water of Meribah; because the children of Israel strove with the LORD, and he was sanctified in them. (Meribah is actually the Merkabah or the light chariot of God.  {"Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body} The “I” in the middle of Meribah gets replaced by the Ka or Holy Spirit and so you are now working for God.  You sacrifice the “I” or your selfish desires and replaced them with God.)

The pyramids of Giza are in the shape of the belt of Orion, and therefore they are like a mirror image of the constellation of Orion.  Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert were the first to figure out the puzzle of the bizarre alignment of the pyramids of Giza.  Scholars had often questioned why the three pyramids weren’t aligned perfectly, and the reason is that one of the pyramids is offset just like the three stars in the belt of Orion.  The offset pyramid represents the star of Mintaka, the Queens Pyramid represents the star Alnilam and the Great Pyramid represents the star of Alnitak.



The Nag Hammadi Library Asclepius 21-29

"Or are you ignorant, Asclepius, that Egypt is (the) image of heaven? Moreover, it is the dwelling place of heaven and all the forces that are in heaven.




The identification of these three stars as a belt is a very old one. The Arabic names of two of the stars reflect this: Mintaka means 'the belt' and Alnitak means 'the girdle'. (The name of the third star, Alnilam, means 'the string of pearls'.) It has been suggested that the three Belt-stars influenced the placing of the Pyramids at Giza, and it is certainly true that there is a remarkable correspondence of position between the Pyramids and the stars.


The Arabic names are a big clue as to how the two endocrine glands in the skull and the one in the neck are suppose to work together with the other four glands in the body.  All seven chakras, lamps, churches, and seals work together to form a girdle.  If this string of pearls is a girdle than the Great Pyramid or the Pineal gland is the pearl of great price that Jesus talked about in the gospels.

Matthew 13:46
Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.

There is another clue about this girdle’s function in the book called the “Testament of Job”.  It is very different than the “Book of Job” in the Bible, and it kind of tells us what the girdle can do.

Testament of Job

Chapter 11

12 And she went and brought it to him, and he opened it and took out three-stringed girdles about the appearance of which no man can speak. 13 For they were not earthly work, but celestial sparks of light flashed through them like the rays of the sun. 14 And he gave one string to each of His daughters and said: "Put these as girdles around you in order that all the days of your life they may encircle you and endow you with everything good".

17 (153) Or do you not know my children, the value of these things here? Hear then! When the Lord had deemed me worthy to have compassion on me and to take off my body the plagues and the worms, He called me and handed to me these three strings.

22 Rise then and gird these around you before I die in order that you may see the angels come at my parting so that you may behold with wonder the powers of God". 23 Then rose the one whose name was Day (Yemima) and girt herself; and immediately she departed her body, as her father had said, and she put on another heart, as if she never cared for earthly things. 24 And she sang angelic hymns in the voice of angels, and she chanted forth the angelic praise of God while dancing.

25 Then the other daughter, Kassia by name, put on the girdle, and her heart was transformed, so that she no longer wished for worldly things. 26 And her mouth assumed the dialect of the heavenly rulers (Archonts) and she sang the donology of the work of the High Place and if any one wishes to know the work of the heavens he may take an insight into the hymns of Kassia.

27 Then did the other daughter by the name of Amalthea’s Horn (Keren Happukh) gird herself and her mouth spoke in the language of those on high; for her heart was transformed, being lifted above the worldly things. 28 She spoke in the dialect of the Cherubim, singing the praise of the Ruler of the cosmic powers (virtues) and extolling their (His?) glory.

The shafts in the Queen’s chamber and the King’s chamber point to specific stars and constellations.  This is another clue for us to notice the message or story that is also being told in the stars or the heavens.  The ancient people made sure to point out these constellations that tell the story of the ascension, as well as some other biblical stories.  They were the ones that showed Orion to be in the pattern of a great shepherd and they showed us Taurus, which is the bull that is charging towards him.  They pointed out these same areas in the Bible and in the pyramids of stone, so that future generations would know what they mean.



In the book “The Orion Mystery” by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert, they found that there is really only one unique star alignment that matches up perfectly back in time.  The marker of the Sphinx is the key to unlocking the date that the pyramids were built.

The Sphinx represents the constellation of Leo, but it also represents the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, which Jesus Christ came from this tribe.  Using a computer to view the stars back in time shows that that the pyramids of Giza must have been built around 10,500 BC.  It was at this specific time that the sun would have rose through the constellation of Leo on the horizon, and the constellation of Orion was at its lowest point on the horizon at exactly a 9 degree angle in the sky.



The analysis by a geologist named Robert Schoch discovered that the Sphinx had to be much older than the Egyptologist had thought, and so he dated it back to an earlier period of time.  He thought the erosion of the Sphinx was caused by water and not by the wind, and other geologists are in an agreement with his evaluation.  The Giza plateau has not received rain in quite a while, so Schoch dated the carving of the Sphinx to be made at a much later date.


To make a long story short, I came to the conclusion that the oldest portions of the Great Sphinx, what I refer to as the core-body, must date back to an earlier period (at least 5000 B.C., and maybe as early as 7000 or 9000 B.C.), a time when the climate was very different and included more rain.


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 03/11/2021 22:11

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