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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 26/06/2012 22:50

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 22:53

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/09/2012 18:35

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/09/2012 18:36

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/09/2012 18:48

Washington DC – Ancient Vision of a New Age

It has been sitting there through multiple generations.. a place which has symbolized the power of freedom and democracy in the minds of Americans, a place which has been an anchor of pride to be called American, even when the politics being decided there are nothing to be proud of.

There is something about a place called Washington DC though, that even might give an uninformed visitor a strange sense of something more going on than they have been told about their Capitol.

There is something amazing about the sin of pride as I have seen. The first of all sins in the history of sins, and maybe the last to be conquered, it is a tool that Satan knows how to wield very well and with it he keeps minds entangled in small cages.

It is not easy for an individual to admit to themselves, or much less others, that they have been terribly wrong in the way they have viewed their world and reality, and this is how the enemy boasts his presence in front of the very noses of his victims without being discovered.

There is something that he has boasted in the capitol of the United States that generations of citizens have not notice and those who are informed might rather not hear.

Nearly all of the American founding fathers, as they are called, were freemasons. Freemasonry is not a Christian organization and it is not simply a club of men who do charity work in their communities.

This is an organization founded on very ancient principles of numerological, astrological and alchemical knowledge which came to be given into the hands of mankind by rebellious angels before the flood.

Those who have kept this knowledge through the ages have known that there are principles which govern the universe which can be drawn on to give power to those who know how to use them.

These bodies of knowledge and the power that comes by using them were things that YHWH recognized as having the ability to cause untold sin in the earth and so it did before the world was flooded.

It is this ancient knowledge which has been used to lay the foundations of many cities according to a power grid of geomagnetic energy, and to incorporate geometric shapes which have the mathematical qualities to enhance that power.

These are the forces which spiritual entities operate, by and by them can be empowered and called on.

By looking at the US one dollar bill it is able to be seen for what purpose the founders established this country, a New World for the New World Order.

It is natural then, that the center of American government should be built to reflect the occult goals which were the foundation of the future vision for America.

It was a man named Pierre Charles L’Enfant who was first assigned the task to draw up the plans for the nations capitol, and he is remembered as being the architect of DC, but another man, Andrew Ellicott with the assistance of astronomer, Benjamin Banneker, made the final revisions of what became the actual layout of the city.

Both L’Enfant and Ellicott were high level freemasons, but Ellicot was well known for his mathematical genius and his great accuracy in land surveying.

There is no denying, looking at a map showing the street and building plan of Washington DC, that there is a clearly visible five pointed star, or pentagram which has certain key features aligned to its points.

Washington DC Map : Pentagram, Square & Compass

Facing upside down, the pentagram’s lower point ends directly in the white house, a straight line north of the white house between and above the upper points of the pentagram sits the temple of the Supreme Council of 33 degree Freemasonry.

The Du Pont, Logan, Scott, Washington Circle and Mt Vernon Square complete the star. from the point of the White House to the Capitol building and then proceeding in a line from the Capitol Building to the Jefferson Memorial can be seen the image of the Masonic compass.

The points between the temple of 33 degrees, the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol building with surrounding areas design a formation known to Freemasons as the triple tau.

This is a symbol which stands for these mottoes in Masonic ritual – the Temple of Jerusalem, a key to the treasure, the place of concealment of the precious thing, the precious thing itself.

The temple reference is easily placed where there is an actual temple, the Supreme Council of 33 degrees. The Lincoln memorial is made to recreate the appearance of a statue of Zeus, king of the Mt Olympian gods who are comparable to the rebel Watchers residing on Mt Hermon. This is the key to the foundation of the New World Order.

Lincoln Memorial : Zeus

The Washington monument is obviously an Egyptian styled obelisk and in fact, the whole mall area of DC is situated to resemble the layout of Giza.

The obelisk is known in pagan tradition to be a phallic symbol which is a memorial to the invasion of angelic reproduction in to the human world.

The monument is placed directly across from the capitol building. The great dome on this building is the symbolic representation of the feminine aspect or the human women which were taken as wives by rebel angels.

Washington DC : Idols

The top of the Capitol dome is crowned by a standing female which can be seen in multiple logos and statues throughout the world. This woman is representative of Ishtar.

Columbia : Ishtar

This area between these two structures is a location charged with power, and it is well known that a system of concealed tunnels runs beneath it. The photo below was taken in February 2004 shows a serious excavation which had been conducted under the area.

Washington DC : Excavation

in the exact center of DC, in the very center of the Capitol building floor, beneath the very center of the dome depicting a deified representation of George Washington is a brass compass star embedded in the floor.

Beneath this brass star is a crypt which was built supposedly to entomb Washington himself, though he was never buried there. A question to ask yourself perhaps is, is that tomb empty now and what if anything does it conceal?

Capitol Building : Tomb Star

It is a matter recorded in the National Archives, that just as Giza, DC has been laid out to reflect certain celestial bodies, including the belt stars of Orion.

In comparing Giza with DC, the structure which would be representative of the same position as the Sphinx is the Capitol building. the Sphinx also has been noted as having a concealed, secret chamber beneath it containing pre flood records.

The spirits which were channeled through a man named Edgar Cayce who lived in late 1800s and early 1900s mentioned these records, as surely the spirits themselves were beings who witnessed the building of the Giza complex and understood its nature.

What is perhaps the most revealing observation one can make of this design plan can be found, not on this world, but on the surface of an entirely different planet.

If you have never seen the city complex which has been photographed at a location called Cydonia Mensae on Mars, it is a sight which will make you ask questions you may have never asked yourself before.

Mars Face : Small

Mars Face : Large

The layout of Cydonia and its features on Mars can be matched over a map of Washington DC with great accuracy and in fact there is at least one feature present at Cydonia which is a perfect match to one sitting in the nations capitol. The pentagon can be found on Mars

Washington DC : Mars Cydonia

It maybe cannot be ignored that what has been designed on Earth at positions of power and influence have a background of ancient knowledge that goes even beyond the borders of this planet, to worlds where, in the far past, angels have built cities.


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/09/2012 18:53

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/09/2012 19:10

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 29/09/2012 01:29


Washington, D.C. was designed as a Sacred Site, a City of God. By contrast Boston was designed through the daily course of life. The pasture was used by all the inhabitants for their cows. As a result it became known as The Common. People could trust that their cows would go to The Common and come home every day. The cows created paths going to and from The Common. Eventually the cow paths were paved and widened. The result is that heart of Boston is now a city laid out by cows. This makes Boston a unique city with a personality unlike any other. Since the cows were simply doing their local daily thing, they did not need a cosmic orientation. The cows did not need a star with a Rose Line orientation, or so I heard when I lived in Boston.

The contrast with New York is evident. Of course, New York was built on an island and commercial efficiency had a lot to do with the practical layout of its prime meridian which parallels the Hudson and East Rivers. Yet, as logical as the streets of New York may be, there is very little room for spiritual complexity and cosmic orientation.

The map of Washington, D.C. clearly shows that some intent other than grazing cows was behind the street design before habitation in the area. A Rose Line orients the city plan to the Earth. If the line between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol did not lay perpendicular to the Rose Line, then some other intent than orientation to an earthy Rose Line must have guided the city planners. Washington has a lay line not unlike Teotihuacán and Giza. These cities were dominated by their pyramidal architecture and the lay lines to celestial orientation and cosmic spirituality.  However, the fact that the Washington Monument is on the line between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial means that there was an intent to draw a line between the Capitol and the Lincoln memorial. Cows meander. Men of good judgment take straight paths to their destiny. The east west line is approximately one degree off the true east-west line, and yet the position of the obelisk is evidence that the designers knew that the line was straight. Either they had a defective protractor or they intended that the line be "off line" with respect to east-west line. This is how we know that the urban grid is a City of God. Teotihuacán  is oriented 15.5 degree off of the north-south meridian for the specific purpose of aligning the City of God to the return of the child in the mouth of the Feathered Serpent. Giza has so many lines of intent that one is often afraid to open Pandora's Box for fear of the Medusa that is locked inside. Yet, the Teacher of Righteousness, who was Sekhmet still stares due east at the rising stars. It has been shown else where that Sekhmet looks toward the star Spica and the dream of cosmic rebirth. But, her cosmic message is less apparent than her earthly message. She says, "Look eastward while you can, for the day is coming when you will pass through the gates of my necropolis.

New York City was not laid out by Sacred Cows or Righteous Lionesses. The intent behind New York City was efficient transit and maximum utility of a limited resource, land. They aligned the streets and the avenues to assure a thriving metropolis. The result was that NYC became the hub of rational commercial discourse. Nevertheless, Boston, Washington, and New York City clearly reveal design intent of Holy Cows, Sacred Fathers, and Commercial Enterprise. The designers put the spirit in each city at the Moment of the First Occasion for each city. The Moment of the First Occasion is the moment of the Intent to plan.

Artifacts found around ancient sacred cities clearly demonstrate that there was more than Bovine Intent when they started the project of civil construction. These artifacts may carry the essence of the Moment of the First Occasion, if they are the refuse of the original design. In archaeological undertakings we must assume that to be the case and then test the assumption by planning a city or sacred site around the artifacts we find. If the artifacts carry the true spirit of the planners the design will make itself known. However, if the rediscovered artifacts of the gods are interlopers or late comers, then we will be led down some primrose path. The next mistake is unconscionable. When we have false gods we must not force them to be the right gods for the sake of our own comfort. We desire to be on the right path. That is why the mistake of following false gods is unconscionable. We desire ourselves to be with the Right Gods and we have the power to choose which way we go. That power can get too close to usurpation and we fall into Perdition as the Eighth King of Seven. The Truth does not come with judgment, for that is when the truth dies in a mocker of a trial. The truth comes and comes and comes for ever when we witness is magical rebirth. It is for the sake of the rebirth of ancient truth that all great monumental cities were constructed. For what else is a monument is not a restoration of a Moment of the First Occasion.

That is why Judgment Day is the most important day in the processing of any plan. It is not a single Moment in Time. It is never being unconscionable for the sake of self righteousness. As such, it comes on the day of the last judgment when truth is self evident. In other words we have to see the false gods when we create them and before they become the habit of our own personality. Boston, Washington, and NYC are domains of the habitual where the people wander like ruminating beast chewing on the truth without swallowing its sweet grace.. The lay of the land creates the habits of the occupants of the land. We feel comfortable being loose and fancy free in Boston. That is how Boston became a focal point of Liberal Minds. We feel the need to do commerce in NYC. That is why The Big Apple is the greatest center of commerce in the world. We feel the governing power in Washington. That is why Washington has grown to become the city that governs all cities on earth. The plan in Boston was to ruminate. The plan in NYC was for enterprise. The plan in Washington was to govern.

In order to establish a City of the God of Government it is mandatory that the urban plan incorporate the Cosmic Design, otherwise the city is governed by chaos and it is without judgment, or worse it becomes a lair for tyrants and pirates. The urban planners of all great civil enterprises have understood this fundamental essence. In a  city dedicated to the Gods of Government special tasks must be performed because of the undeniable corruptive power of governing power. Planners of the Cities of God have to put cosmic order in their streets so that the King of Kings remains on the Throne of Truth. Consider the many tyrants who have tasted power without an appreciation for Cosmic Truth and you will see many nations at war. Was Giza, USA a Sacred Site, or was
Giza, USA a commercial site, or was Giza, USA a pasture of good times? The way to find out is to unravel the lay of the Rose Line.

In Washington D.C. the earth bound Rose Line runs between the Jefferson Memorial and the Presidential Mansion along the Prime Meridian of the new country. The short north-south aspect was dictated by the need to incorporate the great civilizing influence of the Native American and Egyptian mentors who taught their people that the soul was composed of five parts, Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Light.. The west triangle off the Rose Line dictates the width and breadth of the mall. Lincoln, being a fallen hero needs to be memorialized in the west. Freedom, being the goddess of the New World Order needs to be on a pedestal to motherhood in the east. The soul matures during the experience of life. If the individual does not make a mockery of the trial of life the soul of the individual will merge all the apexes of the pentahedron into the highest apex. This is the point where the four created parts of the soul merge into the Eternal Light that is the essence of the Universal Being. To be One with God is a lofty goal, for sure. But, to deny the potential of one's own soul is simply a path to perdition. That is why great cultures have always crated Stairways to Heaven. That is also why the crystal pentahedron on the Washington mall is hidden in plane sight rising high above the grassy knoll upon the memorial phallus of the First Father of the nation for which Washington is the Rose Line and Capitol. Most people see the great obelisk, but to see the crystal pentahedron an individual must learn how to utilize the All Seeing Eye. The Beatles made the pathway to the top of heaven popular in a song about Mother Mary speaking words of wisdom, let it be. That is how we become adepts at cosmic accomplishments. We let the accomplishment unfold within us as we witness the All Seeing Eye through us in such manner that our own example is the example of heavenly righteousness. It is this spirit of righteous freedom that ruled the urban planners when they set out to raise an Eternal city of God out swamp lands of Maryland and Virginia.

Like Giza the soul of America needs cosmic alignment. The south is the physical being, the baboon, the body soul, and it is asexual. Thus, the Jefferson Memorial is a feminine monumental design dedicated to a masculine personality. That was Jefferson. The west is the land of the Ka. It is the eternal material essence. Our genes carry the Ka of billions of years of the ascending soul from one generation to the next. When we die we return to the Ka. Thus, the president who most immortalizes death as a resurrected spirit belongs in the west. No president comes close to Lincoln in this regard because he took the holocaust of the Civil War and made it an example of the United States of America. That is the Ka of our land. The north is the land of the mind, Imsety. It is here that we must place the president's mansion. What the country needs most in this mansion is a mind for the ascending soul of America. This is the House of Seth and the House of Horus. These two gods of Liberalism and Conservatism must perpetually cycle through the mansion to maintain balance throughout all the land for all ages. The final point on the plan of creation is the east. It is the direction of future rising stars. It is also the direction of the gaze of the Sphinx and the place where Wise Men see the rising stars of kings to come. This is the direction of Kingdom Come. This is the future of the intent present at the Moment of the First Occasion when the city designers set about to accomplish the will of God. On the rotunda of the Capitol stands the dream of Kingdom Come, she is a Goddess called Freedom and she is the spirit of the Native Peoples of the Land of the Free. This spirit still reverberates in the land even though the overt traditions of the Native Peoples remain hidden from the view of impious fools.

The four compass points are visible in the codex of the urban grid of Washington. And they were not placed by accident or by ruminating cows. They are intentional. There is one other point of prime interest. It is the monument at the center. The obelisk is the phallus of the God Father. He was George Washington, whose name carries on under his monument. That monument points skyward to show the way we must all strive toward. Once we can see the pyramid of the soul on the mall in Washington, we can merge all the elements of creation, body, earth, mind, and spirit into a vision of the divine. To get there we have to rise on the wings of the eagle. That eagle has the Seal of Solomon on its obverse and the vision of God on its reverse. It is the Eye of Oneness. The magic of paying attention will overcome chaos, doubt, and denial. Eventually the Great Man with the crown of innocence will walk with the Heavenly Host.

The five primary stars chosen to tell the story of the birth of the New Age are Regulus, Spica, Arcturus, Zaniah, and Mintaka, but the whole of the heavens is implied by the destiny of all Great Men. The axiom "as above, so below" must be applied in the projection down to earth. That means we must project the stars down to the earth as they are seen from beyond the stars. The image of the Potter's Field shown above is the mirror image of the Potter's Field in the District of Columbia. It is what we see when we turn our back to Mother Earth and face the heavens. This is the major stumbling block of all cosmic research. We want to project what we see onto the ancestral monuments. But, having taken our hand from the play we fall on our back sides to the Redemptoris Mater.

Click on image to open a new window with the full layout.The Redemptoris Mater Chapel of Pope John Paul II shows Christ at the center of a revolving field of stars. This is the location of Polaris at the north pole. It shows Christ with his back to the heavens as he opens his arms to the four apostles before him. This is a crystal pentahedron of the Cosmic Soul in which the Light of the World comes back down to earth. This is the meaning of salvation.

The view from the heavens through the star field toward the earth at Washington D.C. is shown by the following correspondences:  Washington monument is Spica, Lincoln Memorial is Regulus, and the White House is Arcturus. The Jefferson memorial is a mirror image of the earthward projection. It says, "as above, so below" as a doubling unto the double of the Redemptoris Mater symbolized by the rotunda of the Jefferson Memorial. That projection represents the Birth of a Nation under Heaven on July 4, 1776.

More proof of the Birth of Kingdom Come? Why does the eastward line point through the Capitol at slightly less than one degree north of east? The only star that hits that alignment is Zaniah at the back of the head of Virgo. Zaniah was the Harlot of Babylon and it was the location of Uranus in the circular horoscope of Denderah. The metaphor at Denderah was the Dream of Kingdom Come. Did the Masonic urban designers want to restore the Harlot of Babylon? Would such a timeless moment memorialize the birth of a nation? In Egypt is was the Birth of the Age of Pisces. In America on July 4, 1776 it was Novus Ordo Seclorum meaning "thus is born a new order of the ages." These metaphors use the same stars and it is difficult not to see the same Eyes of the Gods. How could expatriates of England, France, and the rest of Europe see the ancient Egyptian message when Napoleon had yet to go to Egypt and inaugurate Egyptology? There must be a simple explanation. And it may be that the consequence of using stars to forecast the destiny of a new nation results in the founders of the new nation utilizing the Eyes of the Gods to establish a birthplace on earth as it is in the heavens.

The design of the mall of Washington was simply a birth chart for a nation. The most important celestial alignment is the one that reveals the Time of the Chart. That means that the east-west line is actually a "Time Line." It points to a specific time in the east and a specific time in the west. If it pointed due east-west that would provide a time of year for one of the equinoxes. Since the city is a government city we can exclude the vernal equinox in Pisces. The autumn equinox marked the astrological entrance into the Judgment Hall of Libra. This is not the celestial house of Libra on the zodiac it is the astrological house on the birth chart. By virtue of the precession we can unite the cosmic time with the horoscope time. Zaniah was just under 1 degree north of the autumn equinox on July 4, 1776. Thus, the offset is revealing where the vernal equinox was on the birth chart for July 4, 1776.


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