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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 25/10/2011 19:27

Y tuvo setecientas mujeres reinas, y trescientas concubinas; y sus mujeres torcieron su corazón.

Y ya que Salomón era viejo, sus mujeres inclinaron su corazón tras dioses ajenos; y su corazón no era perfecto con Yahvé su Dios, como el corazón de su padre David.

Porque Salomón siguió a Astaroth, diosa de los sidonios, y a Milcom, abominación de los ammonitas. (Primer Libro de los Reyes, 11, 1-6).

No sólo esto, también la historia de que los judíos fueron monoteístas desde el siglo -XIII o incluso el -XVIII no se sostiene. La Biblia está llena de referencias a que los hebreos adoraban a otros dioses, como El (Saturno), Júpiter y Astarté (Venus). Mencionaremos sólo unos cuantos.

La historia de un carnero en el sacrificio de Isaac señala a Júpiter. El carnero era el animal que representaba a ese planeta. Debemos tener en cuenta que el nombre del sumo sacerdote de Jerusalén en la época del patriarca Abraham, Melquisedec, indica que el principal culto de la ciudad era al planeta Júpiter (Sedek, en hebreo). Melquisedec significa "Júpiter es mi señor (rey)". Muchos de los salmos reflejan ideas que se encuentran en la religión astral. Los salmos del Hallel podrían haber sido adoptados de la adoración "pagana" al lucero del alba (Venus). Las visiones del Señor atravesando el cielo con rayos saliendo de su cuerpo, como en el libro del profeta Habacuc, no son monoteístas. Estos pasajes, como los pasajes de la Torá que nos hablan de los sacrificios a un Ser Supremo, contradicen la creencia de que los judíos eran monoteístas.


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 25/10/2011 19:35
This quote above from Pennick gives us an indication of how the original principles of"sacred geometry" are preserved in the dimensions and measures of the Tabernacle and Temple and the corresponding elements of their walls, furniture, columns, clothing, altars, orientation, and architecture. This divine celestial plan modeled in the Hebrew Temple and Tabernacle, is the foundation of the "sacred geometry" adopted by Freemasons and others before them, who have tainted these concepts in the defiled context of mysticism, divorced from their authentic roots in the Astronomy of the Biblical Patriarchs. This study endeavors to return this Astronomy to its genuine origins, dispensing with the corrupt astrological influence and pagan mythology of various ancient cultures and secret societies. Figure A illustrates the double square rectangle, containing the phi ratio, that provides key aspects of both the "pattern of the Tabernacle" and  Temple of Israel. [Heb. 8:5, Exod. 25:9, 40]  

Figure A. The Plans of the Hebrew Temple and Tabernacle


   The graphic below shows another view of the precession of the poles from the perspective of the interlocking wheels of the ecliptic and Equator, with the fish shaped lozenge of the vesica between them. This "vessel of the fish" is formed from the lozenge of these two interlocking circles, the center of each located on the perimeter of the other. Archimedes called the formula associated with this, the "Measure of the fish." Its import to math and geometry was found in the ratio of its height to its length [153:265], and the fact that it represented the nearest whole number approximation of the square root of three, along with the controlling ratio of equilateral triangles.11 This provides abasis from which we can explore genuine aspects of the Creator's application of mathematics and geometry in His structure and ordering of Creation, according to the ruling base 60 standard of the precession of the equinoxes. This will differ widely from what has occurred with past associations in the mysticism of "sacred geometry."

Figure B. The Northern Astronomical Vesica


   This view powerfully depicts how the Temple and Tabernacle symbolized God's celestial design of the heavens, seen in their two altars, mirroring the two poles of the ecliptic and the Celestial Equator. This also agrees with many of the principles seen in the pattern of God's Intelligent Design inherent in His Creation. Since the "pattern of the Tabernacle" contains the phi ratio also known as the "divine proportion" or the golden section we can see definitive Biblical evidence that this universally recognized standard of measure is truly divine in origin, since the dimesions of these sacred architectural structures were given by revelation from God to Moses and King David.
A goal of Biblical Archaeo-Astronomy is to adopt a fresh view of the archaeology of Biblical artifacts like the Hebrew Temple and Tabernacle, viewed through the lens of the principles of Biblical Astronomy. This allows us to catch new glimpses of glories long hidden from the astrologers and empiricists, whose practices for too long have clouded the inherent grandeur of the Creator's sacred architecture.

   By liberating the divine blueprint of the Temple and Tabernacle from a profane orientation that has served to distort its original pattern, perhaps a new light can be shed upon the true Godly design and purpose hidden in these divine architectural blueprints. By allowing God's Word to speak for itself in this important area, we introduce a fresh perspective to the field of Archaeo-Astronomy, emphasizing the liberating power of adopting a genuine Biblical perspective in this meaningful area of research.

   We should keep in mind here that this double-square, (1x 2 rectangle) configuration of the Tabernacle's court containing the phi ratio, is also found in the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant [Ex. 25:10], along with in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The dynamic celestial equator, the second circle secular in nature, relates to both the civil calendar year and the earthly Equator as it is mirrored above into the heavens. The movement of this equatorial pole around the static pole of the ecliptic is what is known as the precession of the poles. The intersection points of the ecliptic and the Celestial Equator are called the equinoctial points, which we know as the Spring and Fall equinox, the days when the length of daylight is equal to the dark of night. The altar in the Holy of Holies, keeping the Ark of the Covenant is represented in the sacred pole of the ecliptic, around which the equatorial pole moves, both wheels, inter-locked in the form of a Venn Diagram, depicting God's personal presence among His people. In the Old Testament, God's presence was only accessible annually as the people obeyed the guidelines of the Law carried out by the High Priest, to cover for their sins. The pattern of access from the east mentioned above, holds true not only for Solomon's Temple of the Old Testament, but also remained for the later Temple referred to in Ezekiel 43. Let's take a detailed look at how the return of Christ integrates this theme of eastern access in the Temple and Tabernacle.

Ezekiel 43:1-5 Afterward he brought me to the gate, even the gate that looketh toward the east: [2] And, behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east: and his voice was like a noise of many waters: and the earth shined with his glory. [3] And it was according to the appearance of the vision which I saw, even according to the vision that I saw when I came to destroy the city: and the visions were like the vision that I saw by the river Chebar; and I fell upon my face. [4] And the glory of the Lord came into the house by the way of the gate whose prospect is toward the east. [5] So the spirit took me up, and brought me into the inner court; and, behold, the glory of the Lord filled the house.

   God's people are no longer dependent upon the sacrifices of bulls and goats by a High Priest that could only enter the presence of God once a year, but would have continual access to the Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, the High Priest after the order of Melchisedek. As we have pointed out in other sections of our web-site, the planet Jupiter was known by the Hebrew name Sedeq, showing the relation of the planet Jupiter with Melchisedek. The Jews looked upon him (the Messiah) as the royal offspring of David "the Sedeq Branch" (Jer. 23:5 Jehovah-Tsidkenu). More than that, the word Sedeq was associated with the word Melek (King) which was combined to form Melchisedek, the Righteous King.12

Hebrews 7:11

If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, (for under it the people received the law,) what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be called after the order of Aaron?

Heb 10:19 -20

Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh;

   As the redeemer and High Priest for all mankind, the ministry of Jesus Christ would include not only the restoration of man to the principles that governed the Paradise Administration before the serpent's temptation of Eve, but much more. Christ's redeeming work encompasses not only the sins of Adam and Eve, but also the many offenses of man since the fall of Adam. Thus we regain in Christ much more than we lost in Adam's fall, resulting from his one sin. The death of the first Adam, the death of a sinless man, initiated the ruin of Paradise and the transfer of Adam's dominion over the earth, to the serpent. Only a similar sacrifice will pay the legal debt of our salvation. To redeem humanity, Jesus had to come to us, [I John 4:1-3totally within the category of flesh to redeem those born into the same category, [Heb. 2:16-17, 4:15]. A "God-man" would not be tempted by the world of fleshly things as other men [James 1:13-15]. If Jesus was not a man of flesh and bone as he called himself in his resurrected body, then he could not have been the perfect sacrifice required-the death of a sinless man, to redeem humanity, and we would remain unsaved!  This is consummated in the final Paradise Administration referred to in Revelation 21-22. We find this in the reference to Jesus Christ as the "no more curse" in Rev. 22:3, who healed the curse that was put upon man as a result the fall in Genesis 3:17.

Rev 22:3 And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him:

   Thus, the birth of the only begotten Son of God signaled the beginning of the end of this curse. The pattern of eastern access to the Temple and Tabernacle is also found in the order of the celestial signs surrounding the birth of Christ. We find this in the pattern of the three Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions, marking the birth of Christ that occurred from 3 to 1 BC. The first Conjunction was in the final degree of Cancer, near its zero line border with Leo. The second was in fully in Leo, while the third was in Virgo. These three signs represent the eastern quarter of the zodiac of Israel, the heavenly image of the eastern side of the wilderness camp of the Israelites, the entrance or Way to the Door of the holy place (the truth) in the Hebrew Tabernacle. In Genesis 3:24, after God rejected Adam & Eve from Paradise, He protected the Way of the Tree of Life on the east of Eden, with the Cherubim's fiery sword, until the redeemer could come to reactivate the way of salvation and eternal life with God, for humanity. This door ultimately lead to the altar of the holy of holies, (the Life) in the inner heart of God's Sanctuary, containing the Ark of the Covenant. The temporal progression of these conjunctions perfectly matches the divine pattern of Israel's tribal arrangement on the eastern side of the Tabernacle. Judah/Leo was due east of the entrance to the holy of the holies, via the holy place, centrally located between the other two eastern tribes of Issachar/Cancer and Zebulon/Virgo. These planetary unions surrounding the birth of Christ are fully detailed in my book on The Season of the Morning Star. This eastern door to the Tabernacle represents the way, the truth, and the life, of John 14:6, which is embodied in Jesus Christ as the light of the world, and the door of the sheep, the Good Shepherd [Jn.10], the true way which leads unto life.

   The truths of Jesus as the Shepherd are vividly seen in three Psalms 22, 23 and 24, showing the sufferings and glory of the Lord. As the Prophet, the Good Shepherd gave his life not only for the sheep, but for the safe-keeping of all people who would come unto him [John 10:11]. As the High Priest and the Great Shepherd, he is the first, last and only door, the alpha and omega, which provides the way of access through his resurrection [Heb. 13:20] unto life, into the true spiritual fellowship with our Heavenly Father. As the King and Chief Shepherd, his return will exhibit his final glory, coming as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, [I Pet. 5:4, Rev. 19:16].

   Thus, like the eastern shepherd, Jesus Christ embodies Jehovah-Nissi: the redemptive name for God protecting His people, [Ps. 23:1].

   The Door, or gate giving access to the holiest of all was covered by a veil in both the Temple & Tabernacle. The veil ofthe Tabernacle, which hung on four pillars, separated the holy of the holies, the central point of God's presence among His people, from the holy place. Woven into the fabric of this linen veil, the Cherubim were depicted, the special class of angels who are always prominent in God's throne-room. They are uniquely pictured as having four faces that correspond to the "four royal signs" of the zodiac, ruling the four-corners or celestial pillars of heaven, previously seen in Numbers 24:7-9.


Reply  Message 3 of 105 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 25/10/2011 19:38
Jer 23:5 Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.
Verse # = 19490   |   Words = 16   |   Letters = 65
Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Hebrew Strong's # Value
Behold, the days יום 56
come, בוא 9
saith נאם 91
the LORD, יהוה 26
that I will raise קום 146
unto David דוד 14
a righteous צדיק 204
Branch, צמח 138
and a King מלך 90
shall reign מלך 90
and prosper, שכל 350
and shall execute עשה 375
judgment משפט 429
and justice צדקה 199
in the earth. ארץ 291
Total = 3142
Original Text
Hebrew Value Inc
הנה 60
ימים 100
באים 53
נאם 91
יהוה 26
והקמתי 561
לדוד 44
צמח 138
צדיק 204
ומלך 96
מלך 90
והשכיל 371
ועשה 381
משפט 429
וצדקה 205
בארץ 293
Search by Words   (Help) Strong's Number Verse Order # Gematria

מלך melek {meh'-lek} from 04427; TWOT - 1199a; n m AV - king 2518, royal 2, Hammelech 1, Malcham 1, Moloch 1; 2523 1) king

Gematria: 90

Reply  Message 4 of 105 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 25/10/2011 19:44
19:1 Aconteció que entre tanto que Apolos estaba en Corinto, Pablo, después de recorrer las regiones superiores, vino a Efeso, y hallando a ciertos discípulos,
19:2 les dijo: ¿Recibisteis el Espíritu Santo cuando creísteis? Y ellos le dijeron: Ni siquiera hemos oído si hay Espíritu Santo.
19:3 Entonces dijo: ¿En qué, pues, fuisteis bautizados? Ellos dijeron: En el bautismo de Juan.
19:4 Dijo Pablo: Juan bautizó con bautismo de arrepentimiento, diciendo al pueblo que creyesen en aquel que vendría después de él, esto es, en Jesús el Cristo.
19:5 Cuando oyeron esto, fueron bautizados en el nombre del Señor Jesús.
19:6 Y habiéndoles impuesto Pablo las manos, vino sobre ellos el Espíritu Santo; y hablaban en lenguas, y profetizaban.
19:7 Eran por todos unos doce hombres.
19:8 Y entrando Pablo en la sinagoga, habló con denuedo por espacio de tres meses, discutiendo y persuadiendo acerca del reino de Dios.
19:9 Pero endureciéndose algunos y no creyendo, maldiciendo el Camino delante de la multitud, se apartó Pablo de ellos y separó a los discípulos, discutiendo cada día en la escuela de uno llamado Tiranno.
19:10 Así continuó por espacio de dos años, de manera que todos los que habitaban en Asia, judíos y griegos, oyeron la palabra del Señor Jesús.
19:11 Y hacía Dios milagros extraordinarios por mano de Pablo,
19:12 de tal manera que aun se llevaban a los enfermos los paños o delantales de su cuerpo, y las enfermedades se iban de ellos, y los espíritus malos salían.
19:13 Pero algunos de los judíos, exorcistas ambulantes, intentaron invocar el nombre del Señor Jesús sobre los que tenían espíritus malos, diciendo: Os conjuro por Jesús, el que predica Pablo.
19:14 Había siete hijos de un tal Esceva, judío, jefe de los sacerdotes, que hacían esto.
19:15 Pero respondiendo el espíritu malo, dijo: A Jesús conozco, y sé quién es Pablo; pero vosotros, ¿quiénes sois?
19:16 Y el hombre en quien estaba el espíritu malo, saltando sobre ellos y dominándolos, pudo más que ellos, de tal manera que huyeron de aquella casa desnudos y heridos.
19:17 Y esto fue notorio a todos los que habitaban en Efeso, así judíos como griegos; y tuvieron temor todos ellos, y era magnificado el nombre del Señor Jesús.
19:18 Y muchos de los que habían creído venían, confesando y dando cuenta de sus hechos.
19:19 Asimismo muchos de los que habían practicado la magia trajeron los libros y los quemaron delante de todos; y hecha la cuenta de su precio, hallaron que era cincuenta mil piezas de plata.
19:20 Así crecía y prevalecía poderosamente la palabra del Señor.
19:21 Pasadas estas cosas, Pablo se propuso en espíritu ir a Jerusalén, después de recorrer Macedonia y Acaya, diciendo: Después que haya estado allí, me será necesario ver también a Roma.
19:22 Y enviando a Macedonia a dos de los que le ayudaban, Timoteo y Erasto, él se quedó por algún tiempo en Asia.
19:23 Hubo por aquel tiempo un disturbio no pequeño acerca del Camino.
19:24 Porque un platero llamado Demetrio, que hacía de plata templecillos de Diana, daba no poca ganancia a los artífices;
19:25 a los cuales, reunidos con los obreros del mismo oficio, dijo: Varones, sabéis que de este oficio obtenemos nuestra riqueza;
19:26 pero veis y oís que este Pablo, no solamente en Efeso, sino en casi toda Asia, ha apartado a muchas gentes con persuasión, diciendo que no son dioses los que se hacen con las manos.
19:27 Y no solamente hay peligro de que este nuestro negocio venga a desacreditarse, sino también que el templo de la gran diosa Diana sea estimado en nada, y comience a ser destruida la majestad de aquella a quien venera toda Asia, y el mundo entero.
19:28 Cuando oyeron estas cosas, se llenaron de ira, y gritaron, diciendo: ¡Grande es Diana de los efesios!
19:29 Y la ciudad se llenó de confusión, y a una se lanzaron al teatro, arrebatando a Gayo y a Aristarco, macedonios, compañeros de Pablo.
19:30 Y queriendo Pablo salir al pueblo, los discípulos no le dejaron.
19:31 También algunas de las autoridades de Asia, que eran sus amigos, le enviaron recado, rogándole que no se presentase en el teatro.
19:32 Unos, pues, gritaban una cosa, y otros otra; porque la concurrencia estaba confusa, y los más no sabían por qué se habían reunido.
19:33 Y sacaron de entre la multitud a Alejandro, empujándole los judíos. Entonces Alejandro, pedido silencio con la mano, quería hablar en su defensa ante el pueblo.
19:34 Pero cuando le conocieron que era judío, todos a una voz gritaron casi por dos horas: ¡Grande es Diana de los efesios!
19:35 Entonces el escribano, cuando había apaciguado a la multitud, dijo: Varones efesios, ¿y quién es el hombre que no sabe que la ciudad de los efesios es guardiana del templo de la gran diosa Diana, y de la imagen venida de Júpiter?
19:36 Puesto que esto no puede contradecirse, es necesario que os apacigüéis, y que nada hagáis precipitadamente.
19:37 Porque habéis traído a estos hombres, sin ser sacrílegos ni blasfemadores de vuestra diosa.
19:38 Que si Demetrio y los artífices que están con él tienen pleito contra alguno, audiencias se conceden, y procónsules hay; acúsense los unos a los otros.
19:39 Y si demandáis alguna otra cosa, en legítima asamblea se puede decidir.
19:40 Porque peligro hay de que seamos acusados de sedición por esto de hoy, no habiendo ninguna causa por la cual podamos dar razón de este concurso.
19:41 Y habiendo dicho esto, despidió la asamblea.
1. Hechos 14:12: Y a Bernabé llamaban Júpiter, y a Pablo, Mercurio, porque éste era el que llevaba la palabra.

2. Hechos 14:13: Y el sacerdote de Júpiter, cuyo templo estaba frente a la ciudad, trajo toros y guirnaldas delante de las puertas, y juntamente con la muchedumbre quería ofrecer sacrificios.

3. Hechos 19:35: Entonces el escribano, cuando había apaciguado a la multitud, dijo: Varones efesios, ¿y quién es el hombre que no sabe que la ciudad de los efesios es guardiana del templo de la gran diosa Diana, y de la imagen venida de Júpiter?

Reply  Message 5 of 105 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/10/2011 02:43
Why did the Heavenly Father, our All-Powerful, All-Knowing and Loving God, order and arrange the heavens as He did? One major reason was He wanted His people, the human family of His own Creation, to understand Him and some of the wondrous aspects of His glory and majesty. He also wants us to be aware of the adversary, our spiritual enemy & destroyer. Perhaps most importantly, He wants to show us the panoramic view in His celestial narrative, of the deliverance made available in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the purpose of the ages. We have seen how the celestial record of the stars and planets in their courses contains a special oracle which supports and agrees with the truths of God’s Written Word. This celestial showcase and epistle of the Creator’s Natural Law, works according to keys and principles which will open its secrets unto us, even as Scripture does when it is rightly divided. [II Tim. 2:15]

   A central theme in God’s plan of the ages becomes evident in the triple conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn in celestial history. As we have seen in the signs surrounding the birth of Christ, the Celestial Prelude involving the triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in 7-6 BC, was a key that unlocked the understanding of the Magi in recognizing the actual signs of Jesus’ birth in 3-2 BC. As we focus on the celestial signs surrounding the birth of Moses, a forerunner of Jesus Christ, we can witness a recurring theme involving the retrograde motion of the King planet-Jupiter, in relation to Saturn. The central theme regarding these Jupiter-Saturn unions delineates along four major interrelated Biblical lines, the first of which is spiritual warfare between the celestial powers of light vs. darkness.


Reply  Message 6 of 105 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/10/2011 03:10



The time of the patriarch Abraham witnessed unusual behavior by the planet Jupiter. The fact that Jupiter displayed a burst of activity exactly in the time of Abraham must not appear a coincidence: it was in the times of great global catastrophes, when the world was threatened with destruction, that religious reformers gained prominence and contemporaries looked to a divine man for guidance.(1)

Zedek was the name of Jupiter, and we read that in the days of Abraham the planet underwent some visible changes. Rabbinical sources relate that when Abraham was on an expedition against Cherdlaomer, king of Elam, and his allied kings—who had captured and despoiled Sodom, and taken Abraham’s nephew Lot into captivity—the star Zedek illuminated the night, thereby ensuring the expedition’s success.(2)

“When he returned from his victory over Cherdlaomer and the kings who were allied with him,” the book of Genesis relates, “the king of Sodom came out to greet him. And Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought out bread and wine; he was priest of the Most High.” (3) Abraham ceded to Melchizedek the spoils of the war he had obtained in Syria from Cherdlaomer.

Ancient Salem was a holy place, and Palestine was a holy land from grey antiquity. Thus, in the documents of the Old Kingdom in Egypt, Palestine is named God’s Land (Toneter), or Divine (Holy) Land.(4) Abraham lived at the end of the Old Kingdom in Egypt; and documents from that time already refer to Palestine as God’s Land. But in early times, it was an astral god.

The meaning of the name Melchizedek is “Zedek is [My] King.” Zedek, as said, is the name of the planet Jupiter, remaining so in the astronomy of the Jews in later ages. In the Talmud Zedek refers to Jupiter.(5) Zedek also has the meaning of “righteousness” or “justice.” It is beyond the scope of this work to find which of the meanings—the name of the planet or a word in common usage—preceded and which followed. It is conceivable that this planet was worshipped in that remote time and that, in the days of the patriarch Abraham, the cult of Jupiter was prominent in the Salem of the high priest Melchizedek. Melchizedek, “priest of the most high,” was, it follows, a worshipper of Jupiter(6).


  1. For example, the time of the great catastrophes of the Exodus saw Moses leading the Israelites from Egypt, to revelations and a covenant with God. And the time of the great upheavals of the eighth and seventh century before this era heard the voice of Isaiah. In later centuries, religious reformers found an especially large and responsive following when they announced the approach of the end of the world, or the beginning of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Numerous instances may be cited, but the best known became the foundation of the religion of a large part of the Old and New World.

  2. Rabbi Berkjah, quoted in Bereshit Rabba XLIII.3, translated by A. Ravenna (Turin, 1978), p. 328.

  3. Genesis 14:17-18. [Salem is considered to be the site of the later Jerusalem. Before Joshua’s conquest of Jerusalem the king of that city bore the name Adonizedek, (Joshua 10:1,3), an indication of continuing Jupiter worship among the Jebusites.]

  4. In Ages in Chaos I have brought extensive material for the identification of the Divine Land with Palestine.

  5. Cf. W. M. Feldman, Rabbinical Mathematics and Astronomy (New York, 1931).

  6. Melchizedek, the priest-king of ancient Salem, plays an important part in Christian catechism. [The Epistle to the Hebrews 5:6, 10; 6:20; 7:1ff. Cf. also F. Horton, The Melchizedek Tradition (Cambridge University Press, 1976).]








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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 10/11/2011 17:22
Por encima de los versículos 12-16 se refieren a la descripción del "Hijo del Hombre", como la del medio de los siete candeleros de oro, brillante como el sol en su fuerza, [v. 16]. This identifies the Sun, personified as Christ, [ Mal. Esto identifica al Sol, personificado como Cristo, [Mal. 4:2 ] holding seven stars, shining in the center of the seven branches of the candlestick. 4:02] la celebración de siete estrellas, brillando en el centro de los siete brazos del candelero. These seven celestial luminaries are associated with the angels of the seven churches in Rev. Estos siete luminarias celestes están asociados con los ángeles de las siete iglesias en Apocalipsis 1:20 . 01:20. Here God's Word draws a direct comparison, first, between the Sun in the center of the Candlestick, embodied in Christ. Aquí la Palabra de Dios establece una comparación directa, en primer lugar, entre el Sol en el centro de la vela, encarnado en Cristo. This sets the context wherein we can understand the symbolism of the other branches of the Menorah. Esto establece el contexto en el que podemos entender el simbolismo de las otras ramas de la Menorá. Secondly, the angels of the seven churches are embodied in Seven Stars held in Christ's right hand. En segundo lugar, los ángeles de las siete iglesias están incorporados en las Siete Estrellas celebrada en la mano derecha de Cristo. At this point, we should be reminded of the mythological roots of planetary symbolism, and how the planets Mercury-Gabriel, Mars-Michael, Saturn-Satan and the Sun and light of the world-Jesus Christ, also called the Covenant Angel named Wonderful [ Judg 13:18 ],are associated with these archangels. En este punto, debemos recordar las raíces mitológicas del simbolismo del planeta, y cómo los planetas Mercurio, Gabriel, Miguel Marte, Saturno y el Sol de Satanás y la luz del mundo Cristo-Jesús, también llamado el Ángel del Pacto llamado Maravilloso [Jueces 13:18], están asociados con estos arcángeles. The following quote from VP Wierwille, regarding the ancient Biblical symbolism of planets, establishes the basic context of our investigation of Biblical planetary symbolism: La siguiente cita de VP Wierwille, en relación con el antiguo simbolismo bíblico de los planetas, establece el marco básico de nuestra investigación del simbolismo bíblico del planeta:

" Writers have dealt at length with the spiritual significance of the constellations and their respective stars, but little has been said of the significance of the planets from a Biblical point of view. Mercury , the planet closest to the Sun, has long been characterized as the messenger god…In Acts 14:12 Paul as the chief speaker is called Mercurius . This same characteristic of being a message-bearer is attributed to Gabriel , God's archangel, whom God sent to Mary in Nazareth in Luke 1:26 . Venus…is known in Astronomy as the Morning Star because of its prominent position and brightness in the dawn sky. Biblically it is associated with Jesus Christ the “bright and morning star” in Rev. 22:16. Mars , the first planet farther away from the Sun than Earth is in mythology associated with war. In its genuine spiritual light this characteristic is best seen in the Archangel Michael, whom God commissions to stand and fight for His people; [ Dan. 12:1 ], and is seen fighting the Devil in Rev. 12:7. Jupiter in mythology was the father of the gods, the ruler and king who reigned over all else. Jupiter was associated with royalty. Interestingly, the Hebrew name for the planet Jupiter is zedeq , meaning “righteousness.” The Messiah who would come from David's genetic line was to be the “righteous branch,” according to Jeremiah 23:5 , who would reign as a king and execute righteousness...thus Jupiter has characteristics that would associate it with the Messiah, the Christ. Saturn’s significant associations have been obscured more than others, although Saturn is identified as the god responsible for agriculture and the harvest. In astrological lore, Saturn is an evil star signifying death and darkness. Likewise in Judean tradition, its usual signification is negative, for its associated with death, destruction, weeping, and grief. It was felt to have a hindering and inhibitive force in its negative aspect, especially when in Conjunction with another planet. Perhaps here is a clue to its association with Satan, the fallen archangel. The similarity between the names Saturn and Satan points to a possible common etymological origin. No known ancient beliefs surround Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the three remaining planets in our solar system, because being invisible to the naked eye, they were generally unknown to the ancients. The above associations and meanings proposed for the planets cannot be affirmed with finality. However they are very interesting when viewed in a Biblical light ." 3 "Los escritores han tratado extensamente el significado espiritual de las constelaciones y sus estrellas respectivas, pero poco se ha hablado de la importancia de los planetas desde un punto de vista bíblico. Mercurio, el planeta más cercano al Sol, ha sido caracterizada por ser el dios mensajero ... En 14:12 Pablo Hechos como el principal interlocutor se llama Mercurio. Esta misma característica de ser un portador del mensaje se le atribuye a Gabriel, el arcángel de Dios, enviado por Dios a María en Nazaret, en Lucas 1:26. Venus ... se conoce en astronomía como la estrella de la mañana, debido a su prominente posición y el brillo en el cielo del amanecer. Bíblicamente se asocia a Jesucristo, el "la estrella resplandeciente de la mañana" en Apocalipsis 22:16. Marte, el primer planeta más lejos del Sol que la Tierra en la mitología asociada con la guerra en su luz espiritual genuina esta característica se ve mejor en el Arcángel Miguel, a quien Dios comisiones de pie y luchar por su pueblo;. [Daniel 12:1.], y se ve la lucha contra el Diablo en Apocalipsis 12:7. Júpiter en la mitología era el padre de los dioses, el gobernante y el rey que reinó sobre todo lo demás. Júpiter se asocia con la realeza. Curiosamente, el nombre hebreo para el planeta Júpiter es zedeq, que significa "justicia". El Mesías que vendría de la línea genética de David iba a ser el "germen justo:" de acuerdo a Jeremías 23:05, que reinaría como un rey y ejecutar la justicia ... Por esto, Júpiter tiene características que lo asocian con el Mesías, el asociaciones significativas Cristo. Saturno se han oscurecido más que otros, aunque Saturno es identificado como el responsable de la agricultura y la cosecha de Dios. En la tradición astrológica, Saturno es una estrella del mal que significa la muerte y la oscuridad. Del mismo modo en la tradición Judea, su significación usual es negativo , por sus asociados con la muerte, destrucción, llanto y dolor. Se consideró que una fuerza de obstaculizar y de inhibición en su aspecto negativo, especialmente cuando está en conjunción con otro planeta. Tal vez aquí hay una pista de su asociación con Satanás, a los caídos arcángel. La similitud entre los nombres de Saturno y los puntos de Satanás a un posible origen etimológico común. No se conoce las creencias antiguas rodean Urano, Neptuno y Plutón, los tres restantes planetas de nuestro sistema solar, porque el ser invisible a simple vista, generalmente eran desconocidas para los antiguos. Estas asociaciones y significados propuestos para los planetas no se puede afirmar de forma definitiva. Sin embargo, son muy interesantes cuando se ve en una luz bíblica "3.

This foundational understanding of the Biblical symbolism of the five major planets in ancient Astrology and mythology has been corroborated from other independent scholarly sources, and authorities in the modern study of Astronomy . Esta comprensión básica de la simbología bíblica de los cinco planetas principales en la antigua astrología y la mitología ha sido corroborada por otras fuentes independientes de académicos y autoridades en el estudio moderno de la Astronomía . For example, much of the apparent value of Mayan Astronomy is found from our perspective, in how their tzolkin cycle correlates to the cycle of Venus , in her transit s and Morning/Evening Star cycles, and secondly to the other planets in their synodic returns. Por ejemplo, gran parte del valor aparente de Maya Astronomía se encuentra desde nuestra perspectiva, en la forma de su ciclo Tzolkin se correlaciona con el ciclo de Venus, en su tránsito s de la mañana / tarde ciclos de estrellas, y en segundo lugar a los otros planetas en sus declaraciones sinódico . We have already seen the relevance of certain aspects of Mayan Astronomy related to the Draconid Meteor Showers leading up to the birth of Christ, and we will consider other elements of the Maya in the section of our web-site dedicated to their expert Astronomy . Ya hemos visto la importancia de ciertos aspectos de Maya Astronomía relacionados con el Dracónidas Meteoro Lluvia previos al nacimiento de Cristo, y tendremos en cuenta otros elementos de los mayas en la sección de nuestra página web dedicada a su experto en astronomía . When correlated with the Solar cycle, we have a threefold spiritual witness of the Morning Star's dual aspects, first in relation to Lucifer the archaic Morning Star, and second in relation to Christ the ascendant Morning Star. Cuando se correlacionan con el ciclo solar, tenemos un triple testimonio espiritual de la doble dimensión de la Estrella de la Mañana, en primer lugar en relación con Lucifer, el lucero del alba arcaico, y el segundo en relación con el Cristo de la Estrella de la Mañana ascendente. Some additional background on the planets Mercury , and Venus will be helpful here for a fuller understanding of this symbolism. Algunos antecedentes sobre los planetas Mercurio y Venus serán útiles aquí para una mejor comprensión de este simbolismo.

Venus is the third brightest sky object next to the Sun and Moon, this bright and Morning Star , “ reaches its brightest magnitude as a Morning Star, in Virgo every 8 years . Venus es el tercer objeto más brillante del cielo al lado del Sol y la Luna, la estrella resplandeciente de la mañana ", llega a su momento más brillante de magnitud como una estrella de la mañana, en Virgo cada 8 años. This signifies Jesus' birth, while as an Evening star , Venus reaches its highest degree of magnitude in Capricorn , signifying his sacrifice for all mankind .” 4 Esto significa el nacimiento de Jesús, mientras que como una estrella de la tarde, Venus alcanza su más alto grado de magnitud en Capricornio, lo que significa su sacrificio por toda la humanidad "4.
Here we find another illustration of the sufferings and glory of the ascendant Morning Star. Aquí encontramos otro ejemplo de los sufrimientos y la gloria de la estrella de la mañana ascendente. The sufferings are shown in his sacrifice symbolized in Capricorn , while the glory of the Morning Star in rising, is seen in the new birth of Venus' cycle of brightness in Virgo every 8 years . Los sufrimientos se muestran en su sacrificio simbolizado en Capricornio, mientras que la gloria de la estrella de la mañana al levantarse, se ve en el nuevo nacimiento del ciclo de Venus en Virgo de brillo cada 8 años. These truths come to light as we take note of the sign of the zodiac wherein the planet in question appears. Estas verdades salen a la luz a medida que tome nota de la señal de la zodiac en la que el planeta en cuestión aparece. When we associate the planetary symbolism with the Biblical significance of the celestial sign where the planet appears, we find a combined message contained in the separate symbols of the planet associated with the Constellation s and their star names , as in a star atlas. Cuando asociamos el simbolismo planetario con el significado bíblico de la señal celestial, donde el planeta parece, nos encontramos con un mensaje combinado contenida en los símbolos separados del planeta asociado con la constelación de s y sus nombres estrella, como en un atlas estelar. Unlike other planets in our solar system, Venus' 225-day orbit around the Sun is counter-clockwise , always showing the same face to the Sun. A diferencia de otros planetas de nuestro sistema solar, de 225 días de Venus alrededor del Sol es a la izquierda, mostrando siempre la misma cara al sol. This provides an important example of mirror-rotational Symmetry Este es un ejemplo importante de un espejo de rotación simetría in the interwoven orbits of the planets of our solar system. en las órbitas entrelazadas de los planetas de nuestro sistema solar. Like Mercury , Venus shows lunar like phases in its orbital cycle, as it transit s across the face of the Sun, which has reminded some of Revelation 19:17 . Venus also is seen to fit into the Galaxy alignment scenario foretold in Mayan Astronomy on the last page of the Dresden Codex . Al igual que Mercurio, Venus muestra lunares como las fases de su ciclo orbital, ya que el tránsito s en la cara del Sol, que ha recordado a algunos de 19:17 Apocalipsis. Venus también se observa para encajar en el Galaxy escenario de la alineación anunciada en maya Astronomía en la última página del Códice de Dresde. The graphic below depicts Mayan glyphs for the Sun, Moon and Venus attached to the body of a large crocodile which represents their 260-day Tzolkin Calendar. El gráfico siguiente muestra glifos mayas para el Sol, la Luna y Venus unidos al cuerpo de un cocodrilo de gran tamaño que representa el de 260 días calendario Tzolkin. As the last page of the Mayan Long-Count Calendar, this foretells the end of the world, or their 5th Age, on December 21st, 2012 . Como la última página de la maya de cuenta larga del calendario, este predice el fin del mundo, o su edad de quinta, el 21 de diciembre de 2012. 

The Biblcal Cosmology of the Hebrew ... - Welcome to Try-God.com

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For those of you who were able to view the introductory flash animation to our Try -God web-site, you have already seen a symbolic representation of what the ...

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The seven stars are not mentioned again until Rev. 1:16, 1:20, 2:1, 3:1 as the seven churches in Asia

The Seven Churches


The Seven Churches of Asia

 19:21 Pasadas estas cosas, Pablo se propuso en espíritu ir a Jerusalén, después de recorrer Macedonia y Acaya, diciendo: Después que haya estado allí, me será necesario ver también a Roma.
19:22 Y enviando a Macedonia a dos de los que le ayudaban, Timoteo y Erasto, él se quedó por algún tiempo en Asia.
19:23 Hubo por aquel tiempo un disturbio no pequeño acerca del Camino.
19:24 Porque un platero llamado Demetrio, que hacía de plata templecillos de Diana, daba no poca ganancia a los artífices;

19:25 a los cuales,  reunidos con los obreros del mismo oficio, dijo: Varones, sabéis que de este oficio obtenemos nuestra riqueza;
19:26 pero veis y oís que este Pablo, no solamente en Efeso, sino en casi toda Asia, ha apartado a muchas gentes con persuasión, diciendo que no son dioses los que se hacen con las manos.
19:27 Y no solamente hay peligro de que este nuestro negocio venga a desacreditarse, sino también que el templo de la gran diosa Diana sea estimado en nada, y comience a ser destruida la majestad de aquella a quien venera toda Asia, y el mundo entero.
19:28 Cuando oyeron estas cosas, se llenaron de ira, y gritaron, diciendo: ¡Grande es Diana de los efesios!
19:29 Y la ciudad se llenó de confusión, y a una se lanzaron al teatro, arrebatando a Gayo y a Aristarco, macedonios, compañeros de Pablo.
19:30 Y queriendo Pablo salir al pueblo, los discípulos no le dejaron.
19:31 También algunas de las autoridades de Asia, que eran sus amigos, le enviaron recado, rogándole que no se presentase en el teatro.
19:32 Unos, pues, gritaban una cosa, y otros otra; porque la concurrencia estaba confusa, y los más no sabían por qué se habían reunido.
19:33 Y sacaron de entre la multitud a Alejandro, empujándole los judíos. Entonces Alejandro, pedido silencio con la mano, quería hablar en su defensa ante el pueblo.
19:34 Pero cuando le conocieron que era judío, todos a una voz gritaron casi por dos horas: ¡Grande es Diana de los efesios!
19:35 Entonces el escribano, cuando había apaciguado a la multitud, dijo: Varones efesios, ¿y quién es el hombre que no sabe que la ciudad de los efesios es guardiana del templo de la gran diosa Diana, y de la imagen venida de Júpiter? (JUPITER, ES UN NEXO CON MELQUISEDEC EN CONTEXTO A LA SANTA CENA. AQUI HAY UNA ANTITIPOLOGIA SATANICA PERO CON LOS MISMOS CODIGOS)
19:36 Puesto que esto no puede contradecirse, es necesario que os apacigüéis, y que nada hagáis precipitadamente.
19:37 Porque habéis traído a estos hombres, sin ser sacrílegos ni blasfemadores de vuestra diosa.
19:38 Que si Demetrio y los artífices que están con él tienen pleito contra alguno, audiencias se conceden, y procónsules hay; acúsense los unos a los otros.
19:39 Y si demandáis alguna otra cosa, en legítima asamblea se puede decidir.
19:40 Porque peligro hay de que seamos acusados de sedición por esto de hoy, no habiendo ninguna causa por la cual podamos dar razón de este concurso.
19:41 Y habiendo dicho esto, despidió la asamblea. 



2:1 Escribe al ángel de la iglesia en Efeso: El que tiene las siete estrellas en su diestra, el que anda en medio de los siete candeleros de oro, dice esto: (LAS SIETE ESTRELLAS SON LAS PLEYADES que Nuestro Señor las relaciona con EFESIOS)
2:2 Yo conozco tus obras, y tu arduo trabajo y paciencia; y que no puedes soportar a los malos, y has probado a los que se dicen ser apóstoles, y no lo son, y los has hallado mentirosos;
2:3 y has sufrido, y has tenido paciencia, y has trabajado arduamente por amor de mi nombre, y no has desmayado.
2:4 Pero tengo contra ti, que has dejado tu primer amor.
2:5 Recuerda, por tanto, de dónde has caído, y arrepiéntete, y haz las primeras obras; pues si no, vendré pronto a ti, y quitaré tu candelero de su lugar, si no te hubieres arrepentido.
2:6 Pero tienes esto, que aborreces las obras de los nicolaítas, las cuales yo también aborrezco.
2:7 El que tiene oído, oiga lo que el Espíritu dice a las iglesias. Al que venciere, le daré a comer del árbol de la vida, el cual está en medio del paraíso de Dios.
5:1 Sed, pues, imitadores de Dios como hijos amados.
5:2 Y andad en amor, como también Cristo nos amó, y se entregó a símismo por nosotros, ofrenda y sacrificio a Dios en olor fragante.
5:3 Pero fornicación y toda inmundicia, o avaricia, ni aun se nombre entre vosotros, como conviene a santos;
5:4 ni palabras deshonestas, ni necedades, ni truhanerías, que no convienen, sino antes bien acciones de gracias.
5:5 Porque sabéis esto, que ningún fornicario, o inmundo, o avaro, que es idólatra, tiene herencia en el reino de Cristo y de Dios.
5:6 Nadie os engañe con palabras vanas, porque por estas cosas viene la ira de Dios sobre los hijos de desobediencia.
5:7 No seáis, pues, partícipes con ellos.
5:8 Porque en otro tiempo erais tinieblas, mas ahora sois luz en el Señor; andad como hijos de luz
5:9 (porque el fruto del Espíritu es en toda bondad, justicia y verdad),
5:10 comprobando lo que es agradable al Señor.
5:11 Y no participéis en las obras infructuosas de las tinieblas, sino más bien reprendedlas;
5:12 porque vergonzoso es aun hablar de lo que ellos hacen en secreto.
5:13 Mas todas las cosas, cuando son puestas en evidencia por la luz, son hechas manifiestas; porque la luz es lo que manifiesta todo.
5:14 Por lo cual dice: Despiértate, tú que duermes, Y levántate de los muertos, Y te alumbrará Cristo.
5:15 Mirad, pues, con diligencia cómo andéis, no como necios sino como sabios,
5:16 aprovechando bien el tiempo, porque los días son malos.
5:17 Por tanto, no seáis insensatos, sino entendidos de cuál sea la voluntad del Señor.
5:18 No os embriaguéis con vino, en lo cual hay disolución; antes bien sed llenos del Espíritu,
5:19 hablando entre vosotros con salmos, con himnos y cánticos espirituales, cantando y alabando al Señor en vuestros corazones;
5:20 dando siempre gracias por todo al Dios y Padre, en el nombre de nuestro Señor Jesucristo.
5:21 Someteos unos a otros en el temor de Dios.
5:22 Las casadas estén sujetas a sus propios maridos, como al Señor;

5:24 Así que, como la iglesia está sujeta a Cristo, así también las casadas lo estén a sus maridos en todo.
5:25 Maridos, amad a vuestras mujeres, así como Cristo amó a la iglesia, y se entregó a sí mismo por ella,
5:26 para santificarla, habiéndola purificado en el lavamiento del agua por la palabra,
5:27 a fin de presentársela a sí mismo, una iglesia gloriosa, que no tuviese mancha ni arruga ni cosa semejante, sino que fuese santa y sin mancha. (IGLESIA GLORIOSA esta en un contexto sabatico en contexto a EXODO 24 Y 25 CON REFERENCIA A LA GLORIA Y EL SEPTIMO DIA. En contexto a LOS EFESIOS y en contexto a SALMOS 45:9 y muchisimo mas desgraciadamente la IGLESIA PATRIARCAL NO VE Y TAMPOCO QUIERE VERLO AL MENSAJE ESOTERICO DE PABLO por sus prejuicios machistas y misogenos)

5:28 Así también los maridos deben amar a sus mujeres como a sus mismos cuerpos. El que ama a su mujer, a sí mismo se ama.
5:29 Porque nadie aborreció jamás a su propia carne, sino que la sustenta y la cuida, como también Cristo a la iglesia,
5:30 porque somos miembros de su cuerpo, de su carne y de sus huesos.
5:31 Por esto dejará el hombre a su padre y a su madre, y se unirá a su mujer, y los dos serán una sola carne.
5:32 Grande es este misterio; mas yo digo esto respecto de Cristo y de la iglesia.
5:33 Por lo demás, cada uno de vosotros ame también a su mujer como a sí mismo; y la mujer respete a su marido.

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Jueves  Santo (jupiter)


La Última Cena del Señor

   Jesús realiza la institución de la Eucaristía, anticipa de forma sacramental –“mi Cuerpo entregado, mi Sangre derramada”- el sacrificio que va a consumar al día siguiente en el Calvario. Jesús se nos da en la Eucaristía para fortalecer nuestra debilidad, acompañar nuestra soledad y como un anticipo del Cielo. Jesús, aquella noche dió a sus Apóstoles y sus sucesores, los obispos y sacerdotes, la potestad de renovar el prodigio hasta el final de los tiempos:Haced esto en memoria mía (Lucas 22,19;1 Corintios 2,24)

I. Jesús celebra la Pascua rodeado de los suyos. Todos los momentos de esta Última Cena reflejan la Majestad de Jesús, que sabe que morirá al día siguiente, y su gran amor y ternura por los hombres. Jesús encomendó la disposición de lo necesario a sus discípulos predilectos: Pedro y Juan. Los dos Apóstoles se esmeran en los preparativos. Pusieron un especial empeño en que todo estuviera perfectamente dispuesto. Jesús se vuelca en amor y ternura hacia sus discípulos. Es una cena testamentaria; es una cena afectuosa e inmensamente triste, al tiempo que misteriosamente reveladora de promesas divinas, de visiones supremas. Lo que Cristo hizo por los suyos puede resumirse en estas breves palabras de San Juan: los amó hasta el fin (Juan 13, 1). Hoy meditamos en ese amor de Jesús por cada uno de nosotros, y en cómo estamos correspondiendo: en el trato con Él, en los actos de desagravio, en la caridad con los demás, en nuestro amor a la Eucaristía...

II. Jesús realiza la institución de la Eucaristía, anticipa de forma sacramental –“mi Cuerpo entregado, mi Sangre derramada”- el sacrificio que va a consumar al día siguiente en el Calvario. Jesús se nos da en la Eucaristía para fortalecer nuestra debilidad, acompañar nuestra soledad y como un anticipo del Cielo. Jesús, aquella noche memorable, dió a sus Apóstoles y sus sucesores, los obispos y sacerdotes, la potestad de renovar el prodigio hasta el final de los tiempos: Haced esto en memoria mía (Lucas 22, 19; 1 Corintios 2, 24). Junto con la Sagrada Eucaristía instituye el sacerdocio ministerial. Jesús se queda con nosotros. Jesús es el mismo en el Cenáculo y en el Sagrario. Esta tarde, cuando vayamos a adorarle en el Monumento, nos encontraremos con Él: nos ve y nos reconoce. Le contaremos lo que nos ilusiona y lo que nos preocupa y le agradeceremos su entrega amorosa. Jesús siempre nos espera en el Sagrario.

III. Jesús habla a sus Apóstoles de su inminente partida, y es entonces cuando enuncia el Mandamiento Nuevo, proclamado, por otra parte, en cada página del Evangelio: Este es mi mandamiento: que os améis los unos a los otros como yo os he amado (Juan 15, 12). Hoy, Jueves Santo, podemos preguntarnos si nos conocen como discípulos de Cristo porque vivimos con finura la caridad con los que nos rodean, mientras recordamos, cuando está tan próxima la Pasión del Señor, la entrega de María al cumplimiento de la Voluntad de Dios y al servicio de los demás. “La inmensa caridad de María hace que se cumpla, también en Ella, la afirmación de Cristo: nadie tiene amor más grande que el que da su vida por sus amigos (Juan 15, 13)” (SAN JOSEMARIA  ESCRIVÁ, Amigos de Dios).


Fuente: Colección "Hablar con Dios" por Francisco Fernández Carvajal, Ediciones Palabra.
Resumido por Tere Correa de Valdés Chabre

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13. Hechos 14:12: Y a Bernabé llamaban Júpiter, y a Pablo, Mercurio, porque éste era el que llevaba la palabra.

1. Hechos 4:36: Entonces José, a quien los apóstoles pusieron por sobrenombre Bernabé (que traducido es, Hijo de consolación), levita, natural de Chipre,
6. Hechos 12:25: Y Bernabé y Saulo, cumplido su servicio, volvieron de Jerusalén, llevando también consigo a Juan, el que tenía por sobrenombre Marcos.
22. Hechos 15:37: Y Bernabé quería que llevasen consigo a Juan, el que tenía por sobrenombre Marcos;

23. Hechos 15:39: Y hubo tal desacuerdo entre ellos, que se separaron el uno del otro; Bernabé, tomando a Marcos, navegó a Chipre,
28. Colosenses 4:10: Aristarco, mi compañero de prisiones, os saluda, y Marcos el sobrino de Bernabé, acerca del cual habéis recibido mandamientos; si fuere a vosotros, recibidle;

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OCTOBER 14, 2011



This is a special "time-sensitive" blog message based on the movements of the heavens. The Creator has given us something very special this Feast of Tabernacles, a sign just above our heads. The heavens are shouting and proclaiming a time of financial blessings again. If you looked up into the sky the past few nights, you have seen the beautiful full Moon. To the right of the Moon is Jupiter looming high as a double witness to the season we are in. They are both in Aries along with Uranus, this is a lot of power to manifest desires in the material world. The Feast of Tabernacles - Sukkot is the season of rejoicing and blessings; a time of God's favor, consideration and compassion. "The set time has come.." Psalms 102:13 In the natural it is literally the season of Harvest, reaping what you have sown. It is also called the feast of Ingathering and Abundance. After you sow a seed you must position yourself to receive and expect.

This Feast of Tabernacles, we have been blessed with the heavens boldly declaring, prophesying and confirming just over our head; we must also prophesy. "The heavens declare (prophesy, foretell)...the firmament shows forth his handiwork (how he operates)." Psalms 19:1

On the journey to deeper levels of spirituality, we come to realize that ancient Greek and Roman Mythology and Astrology are important keys to unlock mysteries in the Bible. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun. It is the planet of good luck, good fortune and blessings. In Roman Mythology, Jupiter is the same as Zeus in Greek mythology. Jupiter is the happy (joyful) god of Abundance, Wealth and Wisdom. He is called the God of gods or King of gods. He is known for giving a double-portion blessing in mythology. Jupiter is the Sky-god that sends the rain that produces the harvest. "Ask for rain (blessings) in the time of the latter rain (Feast of Tabernacles-7th month), so the LORD shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain (showers of blessings), to every one grass in the field." Zechariah 10:1

Melchizedek, Priest of El Elyon- God the Most High, met Abram before he became AbraHam, while coming from the war with kings of the nations (united nations) and defeating them. Abram gave a tenth (tithe) of all to Melchizedek and he blessed Abram. After Abram met Melchizedek and was blessed by him, he had an experience with Yahweh - Genesis 15. After this his name was changed, he got Sarah pregnant and produced the long awaited promised seed, Isaac (laughter, joy, bliss). Abrams seed to Melchizedek is what released the promised seed. Genesis 14

Malki = King, Zedek is the ancient name for Jupiter. So Melchi or Malki Zedek is King Jupiter. This is the way it is written in the Masoretic (Hebrew) Biblical text. So King Jupiter blessed Abraham, he increased and became the wealthiest man in the area. He became a blessing to all nations. His son Isaac, sowed seed (gave) during the time of famine (double dip recession) and God blessed him 100 fold that same year. Genesis 26:12 Do you understand the power of the seed in any form? That seed has the energetic information or DNA to reproduce itself in an unlimited fashion. That is also true about Money or Currency, it is only energy which can be instructed to multiply and flow to you as an unending current.


To add to this wonderful heavenly declaration of financial blessings, on Friday night Venus will join in with Jupiter @ 180 degrees for a few weeks. Venus rules the 2nd Zodiac house Taurus, which is the Zodiac house of Money (Material Wealth).


Over the next few weeks, there will be a financial turn around for many, as Jupiter and Venus will be seen together in the night sky exerting their influences of blessings, wealth and prosperity. (This period is an excellent opportunity for the RV of the IQD. However, we have no clear word it will manifest during this time).

Eye do see some positive changes in the markets over the next few weeks, Metals, Commodities, Currency, etc.

Venus also rules the 7th Zodiac house of Libra, which rules Relationships. Eye know that many of you reading this, within the past 9 days encountered some bumps in your relationship. Some were major bumps. Marital relationships seem to have taken a turn for the worse, anger, rage and communication breakdown has taken place over the past several days. Old wounds and things that you thought were over seemed to resurface just out of the blue. A lot of negative words were spoken out of hurt. Some of you found out things you suspected but did not really want to know.

There were others, people that had not been a serious part of your life in a while made contact. This caused and stirred up some unsettling emotions. Word to you is, DON'T REPEAT THAT CYCLE AGAIN. You already know how the saga will end. Relationships on many levels (family, friends, business, jobs) were strained in the past 9 days and some unusual things were happening. Kids and parents, discovery of things.

Eye have good news. Saturn (type of Satan) has been at superior conjunction but will have to move, because Venus is coming. Everything that took place negatively over the past 9 days is about to be overshadowed and swallowed up in Love. Venus the goddess of Love, Beauty and Creativity arrives on Friday, the 14th. Communication will be quickly restored. Eye see relationships getting back on track and great Forgiveness extended. All the anger, imbalance and feelings of insecurity are leaving. Realize that no one can ever know exactly how you feel and therefore can not be as sensitive toward your feelings/emotions as you'd like them to be.

All is well, for most of you everything will get back to normal. Others, you will realize that God has set you free from more unnecessary heartache. (This is the word of the LORD for those of you that fall into the category of within the past 9 days of events happening or intensifying).

Saturn (Satan) will return again toward the end of the month to try to stir up trouble. "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." The Sun will be in the 8th Zodiac house of Scorpio at that time. Remember who you are. Challenges and temptations may be presented in the forms of intimacy, infidelity and flings that could create problems.


This is the season of rejoicing, and the joy of the LORD is your strength. Take advantage of this positive financial energy and sow some seed in "good soil" while King Jupiter-Melchizedek & Venus is shinning bright. Expect a Double Portion blessing. These are universal principle that the ancients used in knowing the set times for sowing seed. This is what the Creator told the people to do during the 8 days of Sukkot. They were to go beyond their regular giving during this "set time". One of the reasons why is because within 6 months later they would have the opportunity to start a brand new cycle of blessings and reap a harvest on what was sown during this "set time" of Tabernacles. This awesome plan of the Creator was based on what the heavens would be doing 6 months later. Here's a clue. In the first paragraph, I told you that the Moon and Jupiter are in Aries along with Uranus. Where will the Sun be 6 months from now? Will it not be in Aries??!! (More on that later) Here is what God instructed:

"These are the appointed feasts of God which you will decree as sacred assemblies for presenting Fire-Gifts to God: the Whole-Burnt-Offerings, Grain-Offerings, sacrifices, and Drink-Offerings assigned to each day. These are in addition to offerings for God's Sabbaths and also in addition to other gifts connected with whatever you have vowed and all the Freewill-Offerings you give to God." Leviticus 23:37-38

Within the next 6 days of Sukkot, release an "additional seed" from your hands with an assignment. Tell that seed what you want it to accomplish within the next 6 months or sooner. Did you not know that you can actually talk to Money, Check Book, Visa or Debit Card and it MUST OBEY? Aren't you a son or daughter of God? Did He not give you dominion? Did not Jesus even say, If you continue to speak to a literal mountain, it would obey you? You must operate in faith and believe. You then obligate the universe to materialize your desires. Use your God given powers along with the universal principle of Giving and Receiving. We are not telling you where to sow this "additional seed" as prescribe for this "set time" for the Feast of Tabernacles - but make sure it is fertile soil.


This is the second day of the Feast of Tabernacles, the 7th Feast of the 7th month on the sacred Calendar. This is God's holiday that He set aside as "set times" for favor, blessings and consideration. This year the planets are also bearing witness of Abundance coming. Jupiter is conjunct with the Moon and Venus is joining them. Jupiter and Venus are celestial prophets declaring Abundance and blessing coming. Leviticus 23:37-38 gives us instructions of what to do to position ourselves to receive Abundance. We are only interpreting the heavens, agreeing by releasing the prophetic word from the earth realm to establish it, and confirming it with the ancient scripture.

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Coin of "Lucius Calpurnius Piso" (Grandfather of Arrius Piso)

Notice, the MOON, and the PISO Star.

Here is a Temple to Jupiter

notice, the Flames, and a Cross Symbol at the Top of the Coin

175 C.E. - Rabbi Judah (the Prince). Both a friend and relative of Marcus Aurelius (and descendant of Hillel the Pharisee), writes the Hebrew version of ’Job’ (the first version having been written by Arrius Piso, in honor of himself, his father, and his ’House’, that being the ’House’ of the supreme god - ’Jove’ or ’Jupiter’. That’s also why when the family captured Jerusalem, they renamed it ’Jupiter Capitolinus’ as the ’New Jerusalem’.


The Crucifixion Part of the Jesus Story, is 1. Based upon the Funeral of JULIUS CAESAR, as well as "JUDEA CAPTA" of 70AD.

The Romans derived Capitolium from caput. The tale is that an Etruscan king, Olus (i. e. Aulus Vulcentanus) was killed and buried there, and that the Capitoline temple and hill received its name after his skull was later found: ‘the head of Olus’—caput Oli—Capitolium
Also, note that "CAP" means "HEAD", in Latin, The Skull.

Golgotha is the translation of place of skull, The term "Golgotha" is a synonym for "Capitol" and "Capta".

Jesus was crucified not in Golgotha, but rather the CAPITOL, Julius Caesar was stabbed as he enters the CAPITAL in 44BC, and his state funeral occured in the Capitol, where is Wax Figure was Crucified.

In 70AD, Judea was Captured [Judea Capta], take note that it was Judus[Judea] whom caused his Crucifixion. the Capitol of Judea, and it became the Location of the New Jupiter Capitol.

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Constantine was In Fact also a PISO, descending from the Flavians and the Caesar's, as well as "Arrius Piso" himself, twice over.

Constantine the Great
(Latin: Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus)

1. Flavius - [Titus Flavius Sabinus/Vespasian]
2. Aurelius [ His Great-Great-Great Grandfather was "Marcus Aurelius]
3. Augustus [also. above]

Study, "Julius Caesar" and how he was elevated to Jupiter as "Divus Iulius"., The First Roman Emperor to be deified

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Venus: Blanco, muy brillante.
Mercurio:: Rojizo.
Jùpiter: Tambièn Blanco, pero no tan brillante como Venus.

Tip: Mercurio y Venus, NO cruzan toda la boveda celeste porque son planetas interiores (cercanos al Sol, y entre el Sol y La Tierra) y por eso sòlo se pueden ver de 1 a 2 hrs. antes de la salida del Sol, ò despuès de la puesta del Sol (dependiendo en que parte de su òrbita se encuentran).
En cambio, Marte (Rojizo), Jùpiter (Blanco opaco) y Saturno (Amarillo plomo) si se pueden ver de las 18:00 hrs. de un dìa hasta las 6:00 hrs. del siguiente dìa (cuando estàn en oposiciòn al Sol).
Conclusiòn: Cuando estàn visibles Mercurio y/ò Venus, con otros planetas exteriores, aunque sus colores sean muy similares, no hay pierde. Todo depende de que hora sea; si menos de las 8 PM ò màs.ç

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 Figure 4  The interaction in the 5th harmonic of Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto in the noon chart for NASA.

Apollo 11 lifted off from launch pad 39A at Cape Canaveral on July 16, 1969, at 9:32 AM EDT.4  The sky over the Cape boasted a classic tribute to the Masonic Sqaure, with the Pleiades culminating:

Pleiades culminates as Apollo 11 lifts off
Astrology wheel of Apollo 11 liftoff
 Figures 5 and 6  Pleiades culminating over Cape Canaveral as Apollo 11 lifts off.

This same ideal is expressed in the Inauguration of George Washington on April 30, 1789, when he took the oath of office as the Pleiades was culminating over New York City.

The position of Luna is a transit to the MC of the Penfield chart for the Declaration of Independence:

Biwheel of Apollo liftoff and D of I
 Figure 7  Apollo 11 liftoff Moon transits the MC of Marc Penfield's Declaration of Independence chart.

Apollo 11 was really two craft in one -- the main module Columbia and the landing craft Eagle.  These names are obviously in reference to the nation's Capitol and the national symbol, as seen in the graphics at the header of this page.  Apollo 11 entered lunar orbit at 1:28 p.m. EDT on July 19, where nearly 24 hours would elapse before the critical moment of separation. "It came down to a state of mind: they would convince themselves, as they coasted out to the moon, that the mission had not really begun, and that it would not begin until the moment when Armstrong and Aldrin floated into the lunar module Eagle, undocked from Columbia, and started to final descent to the moon."5  This time was 1:11 PM EDT on the 20th, and yet we see another Masonically inspired astrological moment over Washington D.C., with Spica rising exactly at high noon:

 Figure 8  Another mundane square over Washington D.C. as Columbia and Eagle separate.  Spica, the chief star in Virgo, rises as the Sun culminates at high noon.  Due to precession, this formation can only happen on July 20 in the current century.

The fact that this mundo square of Spica and the Sun occurrs on or near the 20th of July at Washington D.C. in the 20th Century may have more to do with its Masonic/ritual prevalence in the space program than this date's connection to the heliacal rising of Sirius in ancient Egypt, as Richard Hoagland has promulgated.  The use of Spica will be shown in detail in further installments in the CAVE.

Before this critical moment of separation, a spectacular triple conjunction of the (geocentric) Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus occured at 2:36 AM EDT on the 20th.  This conjunction was precise to the very minute of arc, at 0°40' Libra, a cardinal degree, and as in Table A above, a special degree associated with Washington's latitude.  Such a conjunction astrologically would be interpreted as highly favorable, profitable, enourmously successful, and far-sighted.6  This conjunction is also on the midpoint of Sun/Mars [SO/MA], what Ebertin gave as an indicator or "extraordinary achievement,"7 and thus we have on this date the fleeting but important combination of [MO/JU/UR = SO/MA].

This particular conjunction (parallax Moon) can be seen as it formed over Washington D.C.:

triple conjunction
 Figure 9  Triple conjunction of Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus at 0°40' Libra as it became exact over Washington D.C.

On the 20th of July, the Eagle touched down on the Lunar surface at 4:17:40 PM EDT. Luna was now in the 9th degree of Libra, and transiting the Sun of the NASA chart:

 Figure 10  Biwheel showing Luna transiting the radical NASA Sun/MC, and thus activating the primary quintile.

Notice the abundance of quintiles:

The Eagle has landed amidst a bevy of quintiles
 Figure 11  Quintiles are present between Sun/Moon and Jupiter/Uranus//Saturn.

And, notice that Mars, conjunct Graffias, is rising.

Neil Armstrong set foot on the lunar surface at 10:56:20 PM EDT, after which saying, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Armstrong's words represented the spirit of the entire Apollo program, as engraved on a plaque attached to the Lunar Module, which he real aloud to a national TV audience:

Here men from the planet earth
first set foot on the moon July 1969, A.D.
We came in peace for all mankind.

As Armstrong took his large step, back at Washington D.C., the astrology is remarkable, as another mundo square forms with the Galactic Center culminating while the Lunar North Node, ecliptically conjunct the fixed star Markab, rises:

The GC culminates as the NN rises over DC as Armstrong steps on the Moon
 Figure 12  The Galactic Center culminates of Washington as the North Lunar Node rises, ecliptically conjunct Markab.

Markab, better known as alpha Pegasus, is located at the ecliptic latitude of +19.5°, and sits at the corner of the celestial square, also a Masonic symbol.

 Figure 13  Constellation Pegasus, the "winged horse," and its cheif star Markab.

Here is the skymap of the Galactic Center culminating over Washington D.C.:

Skymap of GC culminating over DC at Armstrong footfall
 Figure 14  The Galactic plane's center intersects the local meridian at Washington D.C. as Freemason Armstrong steps out of the Eagle.

This next biwheel shows how the mission's Mars/Graffias conjunction activates the NASA combination mentioned above; notice that the Moon is in quintile to the NASA Part of Fortune (POF):





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