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ASTROTEOLOGIA-EVANGELIO EN LAS ESTRELLAS: The Pentagon "Attack" and Other Isis (Sirius) Rituals
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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 30/06/2011 15:43
CTers are always focusing on the WTC disaster probably because its demise was so very dramatic, but let’s have a look at the synchromystic themes swirling around the Pentagon.
One of the most dramatic and obvious things we can start with is the bizarre timing of the ritual on 9/11 coinciding with the actual physical groundbreaking (11 Sep 1941) in the construction of the Pentagon. That’s correct--the Pentagon was started and hit on the same day of the year, Sept 11, exactly 60 years apart.

I would like to mention one other historical 9/11 which might apply. The USA-backed overthrow or coup of Chile in 1973 spearheaded by Kissinger and Nixon was also on Sept 11. The event started with a bang as rebels bombed the Palacio de La Moneda, the presedential palace, with British-made jets. So we have USA-backed bombings of a important government building in Chile by jet planes (or symbolic doves, as we shall see) on another Sept 11!
The next step is the recognition of the occult five-sided shape and implied pentagram the geometry of a pentagon mandates. The pentagram is one of the most widely used occult symbols and is found in Freemasonic lodges as the Blazing Star and also as the symbol of the female wing, the Order of the Eastern Star.

Order of the Eastern Star symbol

Albert Pike, once Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, makes no bones about the meaning of this star.
The Ancient Astronomers saw all the great Symbols of Masonry in the Stars. Sirius glitters in our lodges as the Blazing Star. - Albert Pike 33° (Morals and Dogma, page 486)
The pentagram in the fraternal context we are discussing here is the star of the constellation of Canis Major, Sirius the Dog Star.
In a Freeman Perspective episode about Columbia we learn that Columbia is the goddess venerated by the big secret societies (usually I think of the big 3 as O.T.O, Freemasons and Rosicrucians), interchangeable with Isis whose symbol and star is Sirius.


Columbia is also the dove (columba, latin for dove) and the person who is popularly believed to have found America (Columbus) just like Noah’s dove that found land in the famous Bible story.

Suggesting quite probably that Christopher Columbus’ name was attributed to him for symbolic reasons and wasn’t his real name. America’s heart is the District of Colombia and the name Colombia was interchangeable for America.

The Columbine flower-type is a five-petaled variety as is also the Blazing Star flower (pictured below), their points forming a pentagram and thus an implied pentagon.

Another way of connecting the pentagram and pentagon with the dove is by the close proximity of the star signs for the Columba (the Dove) and Canis Major (Sirius) constellations in the heavens.


Indeed further investigation reveals the stars of Columba were once one with Canis Major.
Columba first appeared in 1679, invented by the French astronomer Augustin Royer. Before then, its stars belonged to Canis Major (According to this sight listed below).

Hence the constellation including the Blazing Star or pentagram/Sirius of Canis Major, is well connected with dove or Columba. We might go as far as saying their symbols are interchangeable. Thus the Pentagon building, in my mind at least (like the similarly shaped Blazing Star flower), is also the Dove and the pentagram and Sirius.

Now when we look at the Pentagon ritual of 9/11 we know that it was a symbolic affair somehow involving the star Sirius, which also means it involves Isis, because remember we also know that her symbol and star is Sirius, right? Let’s double check that with a quick Google search shall we… Ah, there we go good old Wikipedia!

The star Spica (sometimes called Lute Bearer), and the constellation which roughly corresponded to the modern Virgo, appeared at a time of year associated with the harvest of wheat and grain, and thus with fertility gods and goddesses. Consequently they were associated with Hathor, and hence with Isis through her later conflation with Hathor. Isis also assimilated Sopdet, the personification of Sirius, since Sopdet, rising just before the flooding of the Nile, was seen as a bringer of fertility, and so had been identified with Hathor. Sopdet still retained an element of distinct identity, however, as Sirius was quite visibly a star and not living in the underworld (Isis being the wife of Osiris, king of the underworld).


So wikipedia confirms that Isis is the personifiaction of Sirius. Now we can connect the Pentagon event with the World Trade Center ritual through Isis. I speculate that the WTC event was the symbolic dropping of the veil (interestingly veil is an anagram for evil) between the two pillars revealing the light or truth of Isis (Sirius).

Note also the winged disc above Isis; we shall see it again. This pic is a modified "Saitic Isis" fom Manly P. Halls' "Secret Teachings."

Here is a quick quote and the URL if you're interested in reading more.
Could the WTC disaster have been the symbolic dropping of the veil of ignorance through the destruction of the twin pillars holding up the veil? The same veil perhaps, which covered the holiest of holies, in Solomon’s temple?

The Pentagon symbol is the creepy corporate sigil of Pentagon Chrysler (more geometric car symbols to follow shortly).

I would like to point out a few related car themed concepts. The new tricky Sept 11th Time Magazine cover has a giant modified Chrysler hood ornament of an eagle head staring ominously at the WTC from its vantage point on the Chrysler building.

Further, the tagline at the bottom reads, "The Conspiracy Myths of 9/11," just so we can avoid wondering whether Time will look at the subject with an open-minded aproach, saving us the ‘time’ of reading such garbage. Actually I did and it sucked...

Photo from http://www.deadprogrammer.com/?m=200508 I also saw this great article at this blog about the evolution of the Starbucks Siren logo http://www.deadprogrammer.com/?p=1684

Pictured above is another Chrysler building ornament, the winged hubcap or egyption winged solar orb (we shall meet this symbol once more before this post ends...).

Car movies and themes have been big this year as gas prices have climbed to record highs. I count four major motion pictures with cars or car themes.

Do you think this is unconnected? I have also noticed while doing research for Time Magazine that the idea of oil being connected to holy light and gold, exemplified by the phrase “Black Gold,” is quite possibly connected to its importance as fuel for our society.

The golden promethean flame, achieved out of a black substance, seems almost alchemical in nature.

An oil pipeline forming the solar disc and tail of this egyption symbol. The solar disc or "holy light" formed by an oil pipeline. Surely this is a sign of derangement!

This too can be connected to another important aspect of the New World Order conspiracy, the “Dark side of the Sun,” a feature of Atenism and also represented on Time magazine covers.


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 30/06/2011 15:44
Is the ritualistic use of Columbia (Isis or Sirius) involving human sacrifice limited to the WTC and Pentagon rituals?

Apparently not; some have speculated that the Columbia shuttle disaster and even more controversally, the Colombine school shootings, were part of ritualistic symbolic human sacrifice. We can probably place princess Diana's (as a goddess figure herself) death in league with these. I want to however concentrate on the NASA Columbia shuttle disaster of 2003 and its mission patch.

Again we see here the Blazing Star of Sirius underneath a three-pronged pillar-shaped tail coming through a circle with the middle pillar eminating from the letters mg. My intuition about mg is that it stands for Mother Goddess, as this is the star of Isis, officially though it is considered to be microgravity. The patch also has the Columba 7 star constellation, the same number of people who died during the shuttle's disintegration.

See the blue masonic compass?

Another MG of note is the car company MG whose logo are the letters MG inside an octogan, interestingly the same shape of the NASA STS-121 mission patch.

Goro Adachis’ newest article at Etemenanki recognizes this patch as similarly shaped to a stop sign.
The article also fascinatingly compares the WTC ritual to this season's wonderful ‘explosion’ or perhaps ‘implosion’ formation. I say Implosion because I believe it can also be seen as the collapse of the three buildings on Sept 11-that of WTC 1,2 and 7. Also again the three pillars.

The circle through which the three-pronged pillar shape protrudes (in the Columbia mission patch) pointing towards Sirius, is quite possibly a Stargate. The Stargate is another facet of the possible motivation for these sacrificial rituals of the WTC, Pentagon and Columbia disasters. People like Michael Tsarion speculate that the Nephilim (possible aliens from Sirius intimately connected to the big secret societies) is attempting to open a Stargate to Sirius or Draco to escape the Earth. I am personally still trying to figure out a comfortable theory for the Stargate idea but can add that the London Eye which stands opposite the Ministry of Defense (which echoes the Pentagon itself) also seems to have the idea of a Stargate built into its design.

My mind has been filled lately by the three pillars of Masonry and the three pillars of the Kabbalistic tree of life. Specificly I have found the middle pillar referenced syncromysticly in the posters of the new WTC and United 93 movies, which led to the discovery of the holy inner light Jesus pyramid and middle pillar also presented in da Vinci’s, “The Last Supper.”

Following this “holy inner light of the middle pillar theme,” it is interesting to note the three pillars again showing up in the Columbia and STS-121 mission patch. Highlighted is the middle pillar with the star of Isis or Sirius.

We can also see the “Explosion" or rather "Implosion” crop circle as the three pillars with again a star. In fact, with a little mental gymnastics we can see this as a star generated by the injection of ****** from the collapsing three pillars (like the 3 WTC buildings), possibly symbolizing the opening of a Stargate formed by this ritual?

3D crop circle which some attributed to Wormhole-like symbols (I really like these). Could Wormholes and Stargates be the same thing? Interestingly, Goro calls this period involving the Atlantis STS-115 shuttle launch the "Atlantean Gate" period.

Don't forget that Atlantis STS-115 lifted off, two days shy of the 5-year Sept 11th anniversary, which I was speculating over the last few days would be surprising us by being left for 9/11 itself. We will have to wait to see if any significant events will be marked by this shuttle mission as implied by its pyramid with missing capstone design. One historical event that I have always felt must be somehow connected to the WTC disaster is the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massoud a leading mujahideen and Defence Minister of Afghanistan who was killed on this day in 2001.

A friend told me today that she thought the pyramid-shaped part of this mission patch image looks like the two WTC buildings in linear perspective, as if one is looking up at two tall structures. With the launch being so close to the 5-year anniversary this comment gave me pause.

I would speculate at this juncture, with this convulated intricate mish-mash of ideas that seem to fit into a bizarre picture of synchromysticism, the following tentative hypothesis: maybe the Illuminati's higher ups or wizards and the enlightened shamanistic amongst the public are involved in an intricate game concerning the yet to be determined new rules to govern consensus reality as we awaken into higher cosmic consciousness. We are vying for the soon-to-be-assigned roles that the individual will play in the higher evolutionary state that technology and magick are opening to us as we head for 2012.

Some folks in the fraternities seem to want to be our masters after this transition, others probably want to help us. There could be an alien intelligence issue at play here as well. More as things progress. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND).

PS I just noticed another Wormhole or Stargate circle at the bottom of the STS-115 mission patch. Indeed the three ****** swishes (similar to the 3 pillars on the other two patches) are going through the gate or hole as the shuttle heads upwards to become the capstone of the pyramid as pictured in the three STS-115 mission patches shown earlier in this post. Nice.

The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 06/07/2011 19:17

From Eden to Babel

The descriptions below can be seen visually by keeping this Zodiac Map open in a separate window.

This report covers the astrological time from the Garden of Eden to the Tower of Babel. By the timetable in Bible Dates the events of Genesis 2:4b-11 occurs in the Age of Taurus. The zodiacal sequence explains how the Bible's editors told their stories and placed events in the order they did. I have kept additional commentary to a minimum.

Scholars are certain that the first two chapters of Genesis were written by two different authors and later spliced together by a third. One view holds that they are contradictory; another finds the second complementary to the first as a focused view of the creation of man.

In When Was Eden Created I proposed a third view, that the second chapter on the Garden of Eden was the author's way of introducing the creation of the zodiac. The Old Testament was not written as an actual history of Jews. It was written as an epic, giving a mythological view of where Jewish ideals and traditions came from. More specifically, it was written as an astronomical allegory in which the main actors are represented by the stars and how they move.

Thus it is that circle of stars within the zodiac which serves as our guide to deciphering Genesis. As a check on this method, by following the sun along its path through each of the twelve constellations, we should be able to find constellations within each month that represent the principle actors.

As far as where to start, in Days of Creation, I explained why the first six days of creation occur in the Age of Gemini. Of significance is that the third day was in Leo when God made earth. As Genesis 2:4b says, the Garden of Eden was created in the day God made the earth and heavens. So we start in Leo.


On the third day, God made dry land appear from the water under the heavens.

9And God said, "Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear." And it was so.
10God called the dry land Earth, and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas. And God saw that it was good. (Gen. 1:9-10)

+++++++++++++++ Begin Genesis 2 in the Garden of Eden ++++++++++

In the day God made the earth and heavens-the third day.

In the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens.
when no plant of the field was yet in the earth and no herb of the field had yet sprung up-for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was no man to till the ground;(Gen 2:4b)

Note how in Genesis 1:10 the land is described as dry. This is how Eden started out.

Age of Taurus

In Days of Creation I explained that the six days of creation represented the Age of Gemini. That means that the Garden of Eden was created in the next Age, the Age of Taurus. As such, the Age of Taurus begins when the sun is in Taurus at the spring equinox.

As always, light symbolizes good and dark symbolizes evil. Leo starts on the summer solstice when everything is good. As the sun descends through the monthly constellations, evil increases to its maximum on the winter solstice.

The next two watery constellations represent the cleansing in Noah's flood. As the sun rises to the next summer solstice, things continue to get better. The Age of Taurus extends to the time before Abraham. The chart below serves as our guide.


Virgo and Libra

The Garden of Eden — Images

The three actors in the Garden of Eden are Adam, Eve and the Serpent, represented by Bootes, Virgo and Serpens respectively. They do not appear on the scene in the same sequence they are on the zodiac, so I am going to treat Libra and Virgo as one unit.

1. God created the man.

7then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.(Gen. 2:7)

Bootes the Herdsman represents Adam.

2. God made the tree of life in the middle of the garden, and he put the tree of knowledge of good and evil there too.

9And out of the ground the LORD God made to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food, the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.(Gen. 2:9)

The middle of the garden would place the two trees at the north pole.

3. Eden had a river that divided into four rivers.

10A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and there it divided and became four rivers.(Gen. 2:10)

The zodiac has two rivers, the Milky Way and the constellation Eridanus. The Milky Way's size and length easily qualifies it as the main river with Eridanus a tributary. The other two were the named Tigress and Eupthrates.

4. God formed beasts and birds, and brought them to the man to be named.

9So out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to the man to see what he would call them; and whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name.(Gen. 2:9)

The task wasn't immense as it sounds. They were the animals of the zodiac. The word "zoo" has the same etymology.

5. God took a rib from the man and used it to create a woman.

21So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh;
22and the rib which the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man. (Gen. 2:21)

Bootes has his arm raised towards Virgo, exposing his rib cage.

6. The serpent and the woman have a conversation.

1Now the serpent was more subtle than any other wild creature that the LORD God had made. He said to the woman, "Did God say, 'You shall not eat of any tree of the garden'?" (Gen. 3:1)

Serpens head is facing Bootes and Virgo as if they are engaging in a conversation.

7. The woman ate the forbidden fruit and gave some to the man to eat.

6So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate; and she also gave some to her husband, and he ate. (Gen. 3:6)

Virgo has in her outstretched hand what is usually interpreted as a corn stalk. It is not much of a stretch to think of it as the forbidden fruit she is offering to the man.

8. In the year 2750 BCE the star Thuban was almost exactly in the North Pole position. Two things qualify if as the tree of good and evil. One, it is located in the constellation Draco when is associated with evil. Two, from the years 2750 on, Thuban descended from its pole position to be replaced by Polaris. The plucking of the forbidden fruit represents the star's descent.

9. The serpent was cursed above all the wild animals.

14The LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, cursed are you above all cattle, and above all wild animals; (Gen. 3:14)

The statement refers to the constellation Draco which lays on the North Pole above all the other constellations.

10. "He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel."

15I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel."(Gen. 3:15)

One foot in the constellation Hercules lies on top of Draco's head. Over the course of a year the constellations rotate around the pole. Thus at one time the foot is on top of the head, and at another the head is on top of the foot. This is what is meant by bruising.

11. He drove out the man. At the east of the garden he placed a cherubim and a flaming sword.

24He drove out the man; and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed the cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life. (Gen. 3:24)

Bootes and Virgo leave the garden when they descend below the horizon. At the same time, Perseus (next to Aries) rises in the east as if to be driving them out of the garden with his sword.

When Ezekiel describes a cherub as having the face of a man, the face of a lion, the face of an ox and the face of an eagle, he is describing the four cardinal constellations in the Age of Taurus. (See the chart at the top of this page.)

10As for the likeness of their faces, each had the face of a man in front; the four had the face of a lion on the right side, the four had the face of an ox on the left side, and the four had the face of an eagle at the back. (Ezek. 1:10)

14And every one had four faces: the first face was the face of the cherub, and the second face was the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle. (Ezek. 10:14)


Cain and Abel — Images

Representing Cain and Abel are Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer and Hercules respectively. The serpent symbolizes Cain evilness and Hercules upside down position represents the fallen Abel.

8Cain said to Abel his brother, "Let us go out to the field." And when they were in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and killed him. (Gen. 4:8)

What was the mark on Cain? Coincidently Ophiuchus' head is represented by one star. It's a reasonable guess that that the mark is the head star Ras Alhague which ranks as the 56th brightest star of all the stars and the brightest in the constellation. Graphic illustrations show the star on Ophiuchus' forehead.

15Then the LORD said to him, "Not so! If any one slays Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold." And the LORD put a mark on Cain, lest any who came upon him should kill him. (Gen. 4:15)

The Golden Age

Before the introduction of Christmas, each year beginning on December 17 Romans honored Saturn, the ancient god of agriculture, in a festival called Saturnalia. This festival lasted for seven days and included the winter solstice, which usually occurred around December 25 on the ancient Julian calendar.

The Titans were among the earliest gods. They were of enormous size and incredible strength that were said to populate earth with demigods by coupling with nymphs or each other. The most important was Cronus, called Saturn in Latin. In the time of Cronus, the gods made the first men, the Golden Race, who did not suffer old age, sickness or toil, because the earth gave them fruit without labor.

This period, called the Golden Age is described as the first age when men kept the faith and did right by the gods. There was ease and peace upon the land. There were no laws and no strife, therefore no need of punishment. When Zeus overcame the Titans the Golden Age ended.

The Jewish version of the Golden Age can be found in Genesis 5.


1. Genesis 5 gives us an account of great men, most who lived for almost a thousand years. The longest was Methuselah at 969 and the shortest, Enoch at 365. Enoch was the only one who went to heaven without dying first. Noah was the tenth generation after Adam.

23Thus all the days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty-five years.
24Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him. (Gen. 5:23-24)

Enoch's flight to heaven when the sun is in Capricorn occurs when the Milky Way stretches south to north when it was taken as the celestial river to heaven. Star maps show Cygnus the Swan in Capricorn flying up the Milky Way.

The Bible's silence on human events suggests that everyone lived to such extreme ages because there was no strife.

2. Then there was the Nephilim, sons of God who mated with earth women.

4The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown. (Gen. 6:4)

The Nephilim are comparable to the Titans.

Noah's Ark — Images

There is a classic Greek Myth called Jason and the Argonauts. It is about Jason and his fifty Argonauts who sail through twelve adventures on the ship Argo in search of the Golden Fleece. A web search will turn up sites that tell the story and there is a 1963 movie which may be available in your local video store.

Their ship Argo is represented by the constellation Argo Navis and the story unfolds as they sail around the zodiac. The Jewish version is called Noah's ark and takes place from Aquarius through Gemini. It's a story of appalling savagery for which Christians and Jews take too lightly.

Richard Elliot Friedman in Who Wrote the Bible? makes a compelling case that the Bible had several original authors which were later woven together by a later editor to make them seem as if there was one. The confusion caused by this duplication will become apparent.

What is notable is that one author (P for priestly) refers to God as God and the other (J for Yahweh/Jehovah) as Yahweh, translated as Lord. P has one pair of each kind of animal. J has seven pairs of clean animals and one pair of unclean animals. P said the flood lasted 370 days. J said it was forty days and forth nights. To denote the differences, I put a J or a P after the sequence number.

Either way, both were consistent in basing their versions on the constellations. When the sun is in Aquarius the Water Carrier, Noah is the man and the constellation Argo Navis appears in the evening sky as Noah's ark. It is such a big constellation that astronomers, today, have broken it up into three constellations: Puppis, the Stern, Carina, the Keel, and Vela the Sail. They stretch from Gemini to Leo. At the bow is Corvus the Crow, and at the stern is Columba the Dove.


In classical times when the Sun passed in front of the stars of Aquarius, it used to be the rainy season. This was the beginning of the Egyptian Spring when they believed that the Nile would overflow its banks when Aquarius dipped his great jar into the waters of the Nile.

Aquarius is the central figure of that region in the sky often referred to as The Sea. To the east of Aquarius is Eridanus, the Great River, Cetus, the Whale, and Pisces, the Fishes; to the west lies Capricorn, the Seagoat; and to the south is Pisces Austrinus, the Southern Fishes. In the Age of Aries Aquarius coincided with the month of February, which gets its derivation from februarie, "to cleanse."

1. In the Age of Taurus, Aquarius began at the end of December when the sun begins to rise from its lowest point on the horizon. It was a time of darkness, personified as evil.;

5The LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
6And the LORD was sorry that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart. (Gen. 6:5-6)

2. Noah personifies Aquarius the Waterman.

9These are the generations of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation; Noah walked with God. (Gen. 6:9)

3. God told Noah to make an ark.

14Make yourself an ark of gopher wood; make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and out with pitch. (Gen. 6:14)


When did the flood begin? 

1P. On the seventh day of the second month in the 600th year of Noah's life, the flood began.

11In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the windows of the heavens were opened. (Gen. 7:11)

If the 600th year symbolizes the 6th month, the flood began on the eighth month which coincides with the time of Pisces.

2J. It rained for forty days and forty nights.

12And rain fell upon the earth forty days and forty nights. (Gen. 7:12)

The number four represents a complete journey through the four cardinal points. Perhaps the authors chose forty days because forty months or years seemed too long to live on a ship. Also, forty days would take the ark into Aries.


When did the flood end? 

1J. At the end of forty days Noah opened the window.

6At the end of forty days Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made, (Gen. 8:6)

Forty days takes us from Pisces to Aries.

2P. The flood lasted one year and ten days to the 27th day of the second month.

13In the six hundred and first year, in the first month, the first day of the month, the waters were dried from off the earth; and Noah removed the covering of the ark, and looked, and behold, the face of the ground was dry.
14In the second month, on the twenty-seventh day of the month, the earth was dry. (Gen. 8:13-14)

The 27th day of the second month falls into Aries.


Which bird did Noah send to find dry land?

1P. Noah sent a raven to seek dry land. The raven went to and fro until the waters dried up.

7and sent forth a raven; and it went to and fro until the waters were dried up from the earth. (Gen. 8:7)

In the evening sky, Corvus the Crow's position along the equator makes it visible for half the year. From March it descends towards land until it disappears below the horizon in June.

2J. Noah sent a dove to look for dry land. On the first attempt the dove returned. On the second attempt it returned with an olive branch. On the third attempt he did not return, proving to Noah that the earth had dried.

8Then he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters had subsided from the face of the ground;
9but the dove found no place to set her foot, and she returned to him to the ark, for the waters were still on the face of the whole earth. So he put forth his hand and took her and brought her into the ark with him.
10He waited another seven days, and again he sent forth the dove out of the ark;
11and the dove came back to him in the evening, and lo, in her mouth a freshly plucked olive leaf; so Noah knew that the waters had subsided from the earth.
12Then he waited another seven days, and sent forth the dove; and she did not return to him any more. (Gen. 8:8-12)

When the sun is in Aries, Columba the Dove rises above the horizon. In the myth of Jason and the Argonauts, Jason sent out a dove to test the dangerous rocks at the passage from the Aegean Sea to the Black Sea. When the bird returned unscathed, it proved to Jason that the passage could be navigated.

When did Noah and God make their covenant?

3J. Noah built an altar and offered burnt offerings of every clean animal and clean bird. Yahweh promised to never again destroy every living creature as he did.

20Then Noah built an altar to the LORD, and took of every clean animal and of every clean bird, and offered burnt offerings on the altar.
21And when the LORD smelled the pleasing odor, the LORD said in his heart, "I will never again curse the ground because of man, for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; neither will I ever again destroy every living creature as I have done. (Gen. 8:20-21)

The sun leaves Aries on the spring equinox. It is a time of triumph over evil when daylight hours start to exceed night time hours. The constellation Perseus with its meteor shower the Perseids appears above Aries.

When Noah stepped on land, his first task was to make burnt offerings of the clean animals. Imagine Noah standing before his animal bonfire represented by Perseus and the Perseids meteor shower. Or his fire could be represented by the sun's emergence above the equator.

4P. The bow in the cloud shall be a sign of the covenant between God and the earth.

13I set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. (Gen. 9:13)

Each day the sun moves in an arc or bow above the horizon. Cloud is a code word for Milky Way. There are only two places where the sun crosses the Milky Way-Gemini and Sagittarius. By process of elimination, the sign of the covenant would occur when the sun crosses the Milky Way at Gemini. The word "covenant" is a pun for covering, as in the sun's light covers the earth.

Noah gets drunk.

5P. Noah got drunk and lay naked in his tent. Ham saw his nakedness and told his two brothers.

20Noah was the first tiller of the soil. He planted a vineyard;
21and he drank of the wine, and became drunk, and lay uncovered in his tent.
22And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brothers outside. (Gen. 9:20-22)

The constellation Auriga the Goat Herder's position above Orion accounts for the incident when Ham looked down upon his father's nakedness.


Shem and Japheth covered their father but did not see his nakedness.

23Then Shem and Japheth took a garment, laid it upon both their shoulders, and walked backward and covered the nakedness of their father; their faces were turned away, and they did not see their father's nakedness. (Gen. 9:23)

The Gemini Twins' position above Orion represents Shem and Japheth standing over their father.


Tower of Babel


When the sun was in Capricorn, Gen 5:23 tells us how Enoch went to heaven. It was the time when the Milky Way went in a north-south direction, symbolizing the celestial river to heaven. Six months later in Cancer, the Milky Way is again facing a north-south direction. This takes us to Genesis 11:1-8, the story of the Tower of Babel when the passage to heaven is open again.

As the story goes, the world had one language. One day the people got together and decided to build a tower that reaches to the heavens because it would prevent them from being scattered.

4Then they said, "Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth." (Gen. 11:4)

But God feared that if they spoke one language, nothing would be impossible for them.

6And the LORD said, "Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do; and nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. (Gen. 11:6)

So the gods came down and confused the language by scattering them all over the earth.

6And the LORD said, "Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do; and nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.
7Come, let us go down, and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another's speech." (Gen. 11:6-7)

Readers might reflect on the moral significance of this little fable. Like the story of Adam and Eve, it reflects on the attitude of the priests to preserve their authority by keeping the people ignorant and confused.



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Freemasonry, Astrology, and the Washington D.C. Street Plan

During the 1790s French Freemason Pierre L’Enfant designed the street plan and architectural layout of Washington D.C. to include many occult talismans. If you see D.C. from an aerial view, you may be shocked to find things like an iron cross (used by Hitler), the Star of David (used by the Rothschilds), an upside down (satanic) pentagram pointing to the White House, and even a pyramid with a huge owl sitting atop at the Capitol building. The Egyptian hieroglyph for the Illuminati Goddess Isis/Sirius is a star, an oval, and an obelisk all drawn together. In Washington D.C. there just happens to be the Washington Monument obelisk, the Oval office, and a pentagram encoded in the streets/architecture.

“The Egyptian hierogram for the star Sirius consists of three shapes: a five-pointed star, an oval, and an obelisk. Amazingly, this is just what we find in stone in Washington D.C. The entire city is dedicated astromantically to the star Sirius and its occult deities. Astrology is good enough for the ruling Plutocrats it seems. Pity that when the ordinary person seeks to use the divination arts for their own personal physical and spiritual empowerment, they are considered freaks and devil-worshippers.” -David Ovason, “Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capitol”

“Millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires do.” -J. P. Morgan

In Washington DC we have the phallic "Monument" facing the female "Oval" office, plus the pentagon and L’Enfant’s pentagrams. In Paris we find “Cleopatra’s Needle” another obelisk in front of the Notre Dame ("Virgin" Mary’s) Cathedral. The Vatican has another masculine obelisk surrounded by a feminine circular building structure. In London, New York, and many other places you will find the same. The Brotherhood has placed their sexual architecture at key geomantic points all over the Earth.

“The obelisk and the dome are common sights in the monuments and buildings of the Brotherhood. The obelisk is an ancient phallic symbol of the male energy and solar energy and the dome represents the female or moon energy. Often they are placed together or close to each other. This is the symbolism of the Oval Office (the womb, female) in the White House which looks out on the Washington Monument, the vast stone obelisk (phallic, male). These symbols attract and generate the energy they represent: they are a physical thought form. The obelisk also symbolizes the penis of the Egyptian Sun god, Osiris. According to legend, after Osiris had been sliced into pieces by his rival, Set, the Queen Isis found all the pieces except his willy. An obelisk claimed to come from Alexandria in Egypt stands in Central Park, New York, and its twin was erected in the 19th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria, on the former Templar lands alongside the River Thames not far from the Houses of Parliament. It is known as Cleopatra’s Needle and originally stood in On (Heliopolis), the Egyptian City of the Sun, from at least 1500 BC, before it was moved to Alexandria... A sphinx has been placed on either side at its London location. Another Egyptian obelisk which was built in Luxor 3,200 years ago now stands in the Place de Concorde in Paris, less than a minute’s drive from the scene of Diana’s crash. On the other side of the crash scene is the Eiffel Tower, another gigantic obelisk in disguise. The Washington Monument in Washington DC is a colossal obelisk. The dome (from a Greek word meaning Place of the Gods) draws in and harnesses energy, as does the pyramid.” -David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (354) 

They also keep the secrets of ancient ley lines and continue building along them. For instance the cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. are all on a perfect diagonal that continues down to Teohitican and all the way up to Stonehenge, Troy, and Baalbak. London to Giza and Paris to Dendera are almost equidistant parallel lines as well. This geomantic knowledge was understood and kept hidden by ancient builders/Masons and remains that way today.

“Has anyone ever asked themselves why a war memorial nearly always has to be an obelisk? And why do you think the Washington monument in the centre of Washington DC is a giant obelisk? Because obelisks, like all these symbols and geometrical shapes, generate the energy they represent. I remember climbing some stone steps inside a big obelisk near Hebden Bridge in England and feelig enormous male sexual energy all around me. I wondered what on Earth was happening until I remembered where I was ... inside a male penis in effect. What a symbol is built to represent is the energy it will generate, because symbols are a physical manifestation of the thoughts which create them. These guys don’t put their symbols everywhere just for fun. They do it because it helps to resonate the energy field to the vibrational frequency they want. In turn, this affects the thoughts and feelings of the people.” -David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (136)  

“The extraordinary truth is that the very existence of the Washington Monument is intimately linked with the Egyptian star, Sirius the Sihor, which the ancients represented in their sacred hieroglyphics as an obelisk as well as a star. How is it possible that this most important star of the ancient world should find itself, as it were, resurrected in the architecture of the United States. …in the course of that day, when the cornerstone of the Washington Monument was laid, the Sun would have passed over Sirius … Computations clearly show that on the day the Declaration of Independence was agreed in Philadelphia, the Sun was on Sirius. The Mason who first signed the Declaration of Independence would have been aware of the particular significance of July 4 as a cosmic event. The day was the second in the so-called dog days…which begin on July 3. The dog days are so-called because they refer to the rising of the star Sirius.” -David Ovason, "Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capitol"

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El calendario civil Egipcio

Los egipcios elaboraron el calendario más exacto y complejo de la antigüedad. El año egipcio constaba de 12 meses de 30 días y 5 días adicionales (coincidiendo en esto con el Calendario Revolucionario). Este calendario ya existía antes del año 4000 AC. El calendario estaba basado en la observación de la salida "heliaca" de la estrella Sirio (la más brillante del firmamento). Se produce la salida "heliaca" de una estrella cuando ésta vuelve a ser visible sobre el horizonte poco antes del amanecer, después del intervalo de tiempo en el que la luz solar impedía su visibilidad. El intervalo de tiempo entre dos salidas "heliacas" consecutivas de una estrella es el año sidéreo, que no coincide exactamente con el verdadero año solar o trópico, que es el que determina la periodicidad de las estaciones. La causa de que no coincidan año sidéreo y año trópico es el movimiento de precesión de los equinoccios que sufre nuestro planeta. De todas maneras la diferencia entre ambos es relativamente pequeña.

El Calendario civil egipcio El calendario civil u oficial egipcio es el primer calendario solar del que se tiene noticia. Los pueblos de la antigüedad medían los años mediante calendarios lunares. Los babilonios, altamente preocupados por la Astronomía y las matemáticas tenían un calendario basado en observaciones lunares. Ahora bien, el concepto de mes a partir de las fases lunares lleva implícito la observación constante de fenómenos que no son en absoluto regulares. La duración de una lunación es variable y está comprendida entre 29 días 6 horas y 29 días 20 horas, siendo el mes lunar medio de 29 días 20 horas 44 minutos 2 segundos. Un calendario con meses de 29 y 30 días se ajusta bastante bien a los ciclos de la Luna. Habría que añadir 1 día a 1 mes de 29 días cada 30 meses. A pesar de la dificultad de ajuste mediante la Luna, los calendarios solares se complican todavía mas. No obstante este era el que empleaban los egipcios, aunque existen noticias de que en épocas mas antiguas hacían uso de un calendario lunar.

El calendario oficial o civil constaba de 365 días divididos en 12 meses de 30 días cada uno, a los que añadían 5 más, conocidos como epagómenos. Estos 5 días, en egipcio "heriu repenet" eran los dedicados a los nacimientos de Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis y Neftys, por ser los días en los que la diosa Nut pudo dar a luz a sus hijos, depués de la maldición de Ra (ver historia de Osiris). Los meses se agrupaban en estaciones, cada una de las cuales constaba de 4 meses.Estas eran: la estación de la inundación (Achet), el invierno o germinación (Peret) y el verano o calor (Shemu), también conocida como estación de la deficiencia por la falta de agua en el Nilo. Los 4 meses de cada una de las estaciones, en su versión griega eran: Ajet o inundación: o . Meses: Thot, Faofi, Athyr , Joiak Peret o germinación (invierno): . Meses: Tybi, Meshir, Famenoth, Farmuthi Shemu o cosecha (verano): Meses: Pajon, Paini, Epifi, Mesore A estos meses se les añadían, tras el último día de Mesore, los 5 días epagómenos. Este era el calendario impreciso o civil. Comenzaba con el amanecer helíaco de Sotis. Sotis fue el nombre dado a la estrella Sirio. Así el año empezaba cuando Sirio aparecía por el horizonte en el momento de la salida del sol. Este fenomeno, conocido como salida helíaca de Sotis, se producía en torno al inicio de la inundación anual, y equivale aproximadamente al 19 de Julio del año juliano o al 15 de junio de nuestro calendario en la latitud de Menfis. Ahora bien si tenemos en cuenta el año egipcio de 365 días frente al juliano de 365.25 días se produce un error de 1 día cada 4 años, es decir el principio del año oficial se retrasaba un dia cada 4 años. El año sótico, o año alejandrino, no coincide con el solar exactamente, sino que es algunos minutos máyor, por lo que un periodo sótico tenía 1460 años sóticos y 1461 civiles o imprecisos Este es un error importante, al cabo de 400 años el inicio oficial y el solar estarían desviados 100 días y sólo cada 1461 años coincidirían ambos principios de año. Lógicamente los egipcios observaron este desplazamiento que provocaría que el verano comenzase a mitad de la estación Peret (invierno). Y aquí es donde surgía el problema agrícola. Los egipcios, o al menos los sacerdotes, conocían esta desviación perfectamente, ya que no es difícil observarla, y se puede ajustar con mayor precisión cuanto mayor es el tiempo de observación. Pero el calendario civil no se corregía, sino que se acumulaba el error. Si pensamos que la fecha de la inundación era el acontecimiento más importante del año, era necesario calcular y hacer saber a los encargados de las labores agrícolas en que momento se produciría, puesto que empleando el calendario civil habría años que el día de la inundación caería en plena estación de la cosecha. Es posiblemente en este punto donde los sacerdotes utilizaban su poder. Eran ellos quienes calculaban, a través de un calendario religioso, basado en observaciones astronómicas, las fechas religiosas y de la inundación. ¿Por que entonces no cambiaron el calendario civil, ajustándolo a 365.25?. La respuesta se encuentre quizá en el poder que les otorgaba la necesidad de calcular no solo la fecha de la inundación sino también ciertas festividades religiosas, y una modificación al calendario civil les supondría esa perdida de "poder". Era un secreto que el pueblo no debía conocer. El resultado inmediato del uso de este calendario religioso es que algunas fiestas se celebraban el mismo día del mismo mes y otras se desplazaban anualmente. En el 238 a.C durante el reinado de Ptolomeo III, el decreto de Canopus estableció el llamado calendario alejandrino que establecía un 6 día epagómeno cada 4 años. A esta época pertenece el texto de Diodoro quien en su libro I dice :"Los meses y los años egipcios se organizan de forma especial. Los días no responden a los movimientos lunares sino del sol; los egipcios cuentan los meses de 30 días, y después del duodécimo añaden 5 días y un cuarto, y de este modo realizan la revolución del año". Más tarde Julio Cesar, en el 45 a.C, por sugerencia de Sosísgenes de Alejandría, transformó la duración del año en 365.25 días. Pero a pesar de todo los egipcios siguieron reacios a modificar su calendario civil, y no fue hasta el año 8.a.C., por imposición de Augusto, que tuvieron que adoptarlo de forma oficial. Esto nos da un clara idea de la reticencia de los sacerdotes a "publicar" sus secretos.

Inicio del calendario El astrónomo Theon de Alejandría, partiendo de amanecer helíaco de Sotis del año 139 juliano, que se produjo el día 1 del mes de Thot dedujo que el día 1 del mes de Thot de los años 1321, 2781 y 4241 a.C. también se produjo el fenómeno. Este cálculo es el que se ha empleado para intentar determinar el inicio del calendario. Si suponemos, como parece lógico, que el calendario debió nacer un año en el que coincidiesen las fechas, debió ser uno de estos. El año 1322 es demasiado cercano; en el 2781 ya existía el calendario según reflejan "los textos de las pirámides". Esta lógica es la que lleva a muchos autores a "aceptar" el 4241 como el año de inicio del calendario, aunque es cierto que la fecha parece demasiado lejana como para ser cierto y es por muchos autores inadmisible. Hemos de tener en cuenta que toda esta teoría se basa en el supuesto de que el calendario tuvo comenzar uno de estos años y se llega a ella por eliminación de las anteriores. Sabemos que en el año 7 del reinado de Sesostris III (XII dinastía), la salida helíaca de Sotis se produjo el día 16 del mes 8º , lo cual supone un retraso de 225 días respecto al calendario astronómico. Esto nos permite deducir que al menos durante 900 años (225 de retraso por 4) se había empleado el calendario oficial. De la misma forma, sabiendo que durante el reinado de Amenofis I ( XVIII dinastía ), el año 9, el amanecer helíaco de Sotis se produjo el dia 9 del mes 11 (308 días de retraso) deducimos que el calendario civil se empleo al menos durante 1232 años atras. Según estos datos obtenemos unas fechas de inicio de reinado en el año 1888 a.C. para Sesostris III y 1558 para Amenofis I. En ambos casos podemos deducir que el calendario de 365 días ya se empleaba en torno al 2800 a.C.

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The Dog Days and Sothic Cycles of August

 Article Updated: 23 Dec , 2015



The month of August is upon us once again, bringing with it humid days and sultry nights for North American observers.

You’ll often hear the first few weeks of August referred to as the Dog Days of Summer. Certainly, the oppressive midday heat may make you feel like lounging around in the shade like our canine companions. But did you know there is an astronomical tie-in for the Dog Days as well?

We’ve written extensively about the Dog Days of Summer previously, and how the 1460 year long Sothic Cycle of the ancient Egyptians became attributed to the Greek adoption of Sothis, and later in medieval times to the ‘Dog Star’ Sirius. Like the Blue Moon, say something wrong enough, long enough, and it successfully sticks and enters into meme-bank of popular culture.

Sirius (to the lower right) along with The Moon, Venus and Mercury and a forest fire taken on July 22, 2014. (Note- this was shot from the Coral Towers Observatory in the southern hemisphere). Image credit and copyright: Joseph Brimacombe

Sirius (to the lower right) along with The Moon, Venus and Mercury and a forest fire taken on July 22, 2014. (Note- this was shot from the Coral Towers Observatory in the southern hemisphere). Image credit and copyright: Joseph Brimacombe

A water monopoly empire, the Egyptians livelihood rested on knowing when the annual flooding of the Nile was about to occur. To this end, they relied on the first seasonal spotting of Sirius at dawn. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, and you can just pick out the flicker of Sirius in early August low to the southeast if you know exactly where to look for it.

Sundown over Cairo during the annual flooding of the Nile river. Image Credit: Travels through the Crimea, Turkey and Egypt 1825-28 (Public Domain).

Sundown over Cairo during the annual flooding of the Nile river. Image Credit: Travels through the Crimea, Turkey and Egypt 1825-28 (Public Domain).

Sirius lies at a declination of just under 17 degrees south of the celestial equator. It’s interesting to note that in modern times, the annual flooding of the Nile (prior to the completion of the Aswan Dam in 1970) is commemorated as occurring right around August 15th. Why the discrepancy? Part of it is due to the 26,000 year wobbling of the Earth’s axis known as the Precession of the Equinoxes; also, the Sothic calendar had no intercalculary or embolismic (think leap days) to keep a Sothic year in sync with the sidereal year. The Sothic cycle from one average first sighting of Sirius to another is 365.25 days, and just 9 minutes and 8 seconds short of a sidereal year.

Image credit:

The Djoser step pyramid outside of Cairo. Image credit: Dave Dickinson

But that does add up over time. German historian Eduard Meyer first described the Sothic Cycle in 1904, and tablets mention its use as a calendar back to 2781 BC.  And just over 3 Sothic periods later (note that 1460= 365.25 x 4, which is the number of Julian years equal to 1461 Sothic years, as the two cycles ‘sync up’), and the flooding of the Nile now no longer quite coincides with the first sighting of Sirius.

Such a simultaneous sighting with the sunrise is known in astronomy as a heliacal rising. Remember that atmospheric extinction plays a role sighting Sirius in the swampy air mass of the atmosphere low to the horizon, taking its usual brilliant luster of magnitude -1.46 down to a more than a full magnitude and diminishing its intensity over 2.5 times.

This year, we transposed the seasonal predicted ‘first sightings’ of Sirius versus latitude onto a map of North America:

Image credit:

Optimal sighting dates for the heliacal rising of Sirius by latitude. Image credit: Dave Dickinson, adapted from data by Ed Kotapish.

Another factor that has skewed the date of first ‘Sirius-sign’ is the apparent motion of the star itself. At 8.6 light years distant, Sirius appears to move 1.3 arc seconds per year. That’s not much, but over the span of one Sothic cycle, that amounts up to 31.6’, just larger than the average diameter of a Full Moon.

Sirius has been the star of legends and lore as well, not the least of which is the curious case of the Dogon people of Mali and their supposed privileged knowledge of its white dwarf companion star. Alvan Graham Clark and his father discovered Sirius B  in 1862 as they tested out their shiny new 18.5-inch refractor. And speaking of Sirius B, keep a telescopic eye on the Dog Star, as the best chances to spy Sirius B peeking out from the glare of its primary are coming right up around 2020.

Sirius image Credit

The dazzling visage of Sirius. Image credit: Dave Dickinson

Repeating the visual feat of spying Sirius B low in the dawn can give you an appreciation as to the astronomical skill of ancient cultures. They not only realized the first sighting of Sirius in the dawn skies coincided with the annual Nile flooding, but they identified the discrepancy between the Sothic and sidereal year, to boot. Not bad, using nothing but naked eye observations. Such ability must have almost seemed magical to the ancients, as if the stars had laid out a celestial edge for the Egyptians to exploit.

Image credit:

Man’s best (observing) friend… Image credit: Dave Dickinson

You can also exploit one method of teasing out Sirius from the dawn sky a bit early that wasn’t available to those Egyptian astronomer priests: using a pair of binoculars to sweep the skies. Can you nab Sirius with a telescope and track it up into the daytime skies? Sirius is just bright enough to see in the daytime against a clear blue sky with good transparency if you know exactly where to look for it.

Let the Dog Days of 2015 begin!

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Resultado de imagen para ILUMINATTI MATRIX
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Resultado de imagen para new york big apple
Resultado de imagen para new york big apple
Resultado de imagen para PENTAGONO PHI
Resultado de imagen para PENTAGONO PHI
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Resultado de imagen para new york big apple

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De María Magdalena se cree que su nombre indica que ella pertenecía a la ciudad de Magdala, del hebreo migdál que significa “ciudad de las torres”, la cual ha querido ser asociada con un puerto pesquero, aledaño a una región donde proliferaban los burdeles.

Imagen relacionada

Su fama de prostituta se origina cuando la iglesia católica la quiso identificar con la mujer pecadora que ungió con perfumes a Jesús, en la casa de Simón el fariseo; sin embargo el pasaje de Lucas 7.36-50 donde se registra este hecho, no da el nombre de la mujer a quien Jesús le perdona sus pecados, ni mencionan los 7 demonios de los que Jesús libró a la Magdalena.

Aunque en el Evangelio no se dice que ella fuera viuda o casada, tampoco se dice que fuera soltera, o una prostituta. Estuvo relacionada con mujeres importantes como la esposa del intendente de Herodes, y ayudó a financiar con sus bienes el ministerio de Jesús. Teniendo en cuenta que migdal significa torre, el nombre de María Magdalena la muestra como mujer vigilante, como una atalaya.

Precisamente esta mujer permaneció atenta a todos los acontecimientos durante el ministerio de Jesús; estuvo presente “mirando de lejos” la crucifixión del Señor, junto con el grupo de mujeres que lideraba; fue ella quien vio el lugar donde Jesús era puesto luego de morir. También fue quien vio quitada la piedra del sepulcro el primer día de la semana; y fue quien primero vio a Jesús resucitado, y salió apresurada para anunciar las Buenas Nuevas.

Con su don especial de permanecer atenta, se asemeja a las cinco vírgenes sensatas que manutuvieron aprovisionadas sus lámparas hasta la llegada del Novio. La bendigo, y reconozco que la iglesia de Jesucristo necesita Atalayas como esta mujer, la cual representa a la iglesia fiel y vigilante que será la esposa del Cordero




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Muy bonito cuento, ¿Quién es el autor? Quizá Wilde, o tal vez Andersen, o Dumas? O sería el judío Raigorodsky? Qué sé yo, pero el cuento es fascinante, sobretodo, en la parte narrativa en la cual especifica que estuvo, María Magdalena, presente en muchos acontecimientos y me pregunto, de que viviría esa mujer que tenía espacio de tiempo para estar de fisgona, de verdad que se las inventan para tener entretenidos a los lectores creyentes de fábulas y la iglesia católica no pierde tiempo, la declara santa para seguir agregando adeptos y claro, digo esto esperando no ofender a nadie.  
Resultado de imagen para TOWER BACK TO THE FUTURE

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La historia en realidad es algo más profunda.
María Magdalena era una mujer muy joven que cuidaban sus padres sabiendo que estaba endemoniada.
Sufría de neurosis y epilepsia, de esa manera se reflejaba su enfermedad espiritual, y por esto fue sanada por Jesús. No hay bases para afirmar que era prostituta, eso fue una enseñanza falsa, o mal entendido desde que en un sermón al Papa Gregorio I se le ocurrió decir que fue la mujer pecadora que ungió a Jesús con perfumes

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Bueno Cajeli, real o no, es irrelevante, pero si, creo es una fantasía, es como tú mismo afirmas que el tal Gregorio I se le ocurrió que dicho personaje era una trabajadora sexual, bien pudo este sujeto u otro crear o tergiversar historias que luego, repetidas una y mil veces, con el tiempo se dan como verídicas, hay quienes afirman que esta mujer fue amante de Jesús Cristo e incluso tuvo vástagos de esa relación y no lo afirmo yo, sino está en boca de mucha gente y por ello te digo que las historias están trabucadas.  

Esta es otra región de Marte, Cydonia Mensae a 33ºN y 13ºW




sidon esta en el paralelo 33


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Este pasaje puede relacionarse con María Magdalena...
15:21 Saliendo Jesús de allí, se FUE A LA REGIÓN DE TIRO Y SIDÓN. 

15:22 Y he aquí una mujer cananea que había salido de aquella región clamaba, diciéndole: ¡Señor, Hijo de David, ten misericordia de mí! Mi hija es gravemente atormentada por un demonio. 
15:23 Pero Jesús no le respondió palabra. Entonces acercándose sus discípulos, le rogaron, diciendo: Despídela, pues da voces tras nosotros. 
15:24 El respondiendo, dijo: No soy enviado sino a las ovejas perdidas de la casa de Israel.
15:25 Entonces ella vino y se postró ante él, diciendo: ¡Señor, socórreme! 
15:26 Respondiendo él, dijo: No está bien tomar el pan de los hijos, y echarlo a los perrillos.
15:27 Y ella dijo: Sí, Señor; pero aun los perrillos comen de las migajas que caen de la mesa de sus amos. 
15:28 Entonces respondiendo Jesús, dijo: Oh mujer, grande es tu fe; hágase contigo como quieres. Y su hija fue sanada desde aquella hora. 
15:29 Pasó Jesús de allí y vino junto al mar de Galilea; y subiendo al monte, se sentó allí. 
15:30 Y se le acercó mucha gente que traía consigo a cojos, ciegos, mudos, mancos, y otros muchos enfermos; y los pusieron a los pies de Jesús, y los sanó; 
15:31 de manera que la multitud se maravillaba, viendo a los mudos hablar, a los mancos sanados, a los cojos andar, y a los ciegos ver; y glorificaban al Dios de Israel.
15:32 Y Jesús, llamando a sus discípulos, dijo: Tengo compasión de la gente, porque ya hace tres días que están conmigo, y no tienen qué comer; y enviarlos en ayunas no quiero, no sea que desmayen en el camino. 
15:33 Entonces sus discípulos le dijeron: ¿De dónde tenemos nosotros tantos panes en el desierto, para saciar a una multitud tan grande? 
15:34 Jesús les dijo: ¿Cuántos panes tenéis? Y ellos dijeron: Siete, y unos pocos pececillos. 
15:35 Y mandó a la multitud que se recostase en tierra. 
15:36 Y tomando los siete panes y los peces, dio gracias, los partió y dio a sus discípulos, y los discípulos a la multitud. 
15:37 Y comieron todos, y se saciaron; y recogieron lo que sobró de los pedazos, siete canastas llenas.
15:38 Y eran los que habían comido, cuatro mil hombres, sin contar las mujeres y los niños. 
15:39 Entonces, despedida la gente, entró en la barca, y vino a la región de Magdala.

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Resultado de imagen para isis horus set
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La minoría más importante de Egipto

Quiénes son los coptos


Los cristianos coptos de Egipto conforman un grupo religioso de antiquísimo origen y constituyen la principal minoría del país.

Son unos ocho millones -el 10 por ciento de la población- y la mayor comunidad de Medio Oriente. Sin embargo, los demógrafos y analistas internacionales estiman que, si continúan siendo víctimas de estos sangrientos ataques y tensiones, están destinados a disminuir rápidamente Las masacres de hoy son solo las últimas en el tiempo en una larga trama de sangre por parte de grupos terroristas yihadistas. Los coptos se concentran en el Alto Egipto y en las periferias de las populosas ciudades de El Cairo y Alejandría, las dos más importantes del país.

Tras el derrocamiento militar en 2013 del presidente islamista Mohamed Mursi, los sectores más radicales que simpatizaban con él lanzaron una ola de violencia contra los cristianos coptos, especialmente contra sus iglesias y sedes. En febrero pasado, la filial del ISIS en Egipto amenazó directamente a los coptos en un video y les aseguró que “lo peor” está por venir.

Los coptos están presentes en todo el país y todas las categorías sociales, aunque se consideran marginados y fuera de algunos sectores como la justicia, la universidad o las fuerzas del orden.

Tras el Concilio Vaticano II, la Iglesia Católica y la Iglesia Copta iniciaron un camino ecuménico de diálogo que llegó en 1973 al primer encuentro -después de 15 siglos- entre el papa Paulo VI y el patriarca de los coptos, Shenuda III Juntos decidieron iniciar un diálogo teológico, cuyo fruto principal fue la declaración común del 12 de febrero de 1988.

La mayor parte de los coptos adhiere a la Iglesia Ortodoxa Copta. El resto está repartido entre la Iglesia Católica Copta y varias confesiones cristianas protestantes.

Es en ese marco en el que debe inscribirse el viaje que el Papa Francisco emprenderá al país entre el 28 y el 29 de abril próximos.

Historiográficamente, la historia del pueblo copto se remonta a tiempos del antiguo Egipto. Los miembros de la iglesia copta consideran que muchos de sus ascendientes fueron constructores de las pirámides. Sus antepasados más cercanos se convirtieron al cristianismo en el año 42 d. C y, a través de los años, conservaron su religión a pesar de las conquista musulmana de Egipto 600 años más tarde, con la cual, el país se perfiló con una mayoría islámica. Desde entonces, los coptos han sido objeto de discriminación.

Los primeros monjes coptos vivieron en Egipto en el siglo IV y la suya fue una de las iglesias que más sufrieron la avanzada islámica en el norte de Africa

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Resultado de imagen para number 13 fibonacci
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Resultado de imagen para PENTAGONO PHI
Resultado de imagen para PENTAGONO PHI
Resultado de imagen para PENTAGONO PHI
Resultado de imagen para PYRAMID PHI
Resultado de imagen para BELLAS QUE SON LAS MATEMATICAS

Apocalipsis 21

1. Vi un cielo nuevo y una tierra nueva; porque el primer cielo y la primera tierra pasaron, y el mar ya no existía más.
2. Y yo Juan vi la santa ciudad, la nueva Jerusalén, descender del cielo, de Dios, dispuesta como una esposa ataviada para su marido.
3. Y oí una gran voz del cielo que decía: He aquí el tabernáculo de Dios con los hombres, y él morará con ellos; y ellos serán su pueblo, y Dios mismo estará con ellos como su Dios.
4. Enjugará Dios toda lágrima de los ojos de ellos; y ya no habrá muerte, ni habrá más llanto, ni clamor, ni dolor; porque las primeras cosas pasaron.
5. Y el que estaba sentado en el trono dijo: He aquí, yo hago nuevas todas las cosas. Y me dijo: Escribe; porque estas palabras son fieles y verdaderas.
6. Y me dijo: Hecho está. Yo soy el Alfa y la Omega, el principio y el fin. Al que tuviere sed, yo le daré gratuitamente de la fuente del agua de la vida. (911 O SALMO 119)
7. El que venciere heredará todas las cosas, y yo seré su Dios, y él será mi hijo.
8. Pero los cobardes e incrédulos, los abominables y homicidas, los fornicarios y hechiceros, los idólatras y todos los mentirosos tendrán su parte en el lago que arde con fuego y azufre, que es la muerte segunda.
9. Vino entonces a mí uno de los siete ángeles que tenían las siete copas llenas de las siete plagas postreras, y habló conmigo, diciendo: Ven acá, yo te mostraré la desposada, la esposa del Cordero.
10. Y me llevó en el Espíritu a un monte grande y alto, y me mostró la gran ciudad santa de Jerusalén, que descendía del cielo, de Dios,
11. teniendo la gloria de Dios. Y su fulgor era semejante al de una piedra preciosísima, como piedra de jaspe, diáfana como el cristal.
12. Tenía un muro grande y alto con doce puertas; y en las puertas, doce ángeles, y nombres inscritos, que son los de las doce tribus de los hijos de Israel(EL MISMO RELOJ, O SANTA CENA O LA MANZANA, LA TRASLACION EN EL TIEMPO)
13. al oriente tres puertas; al norte tres puertas; al sur tres puertas; al occidente tres puertas.
14. Y el muro de la ciudad tenía doce cimientos, y sobre ellos los doce nombres de los doce apóstoles del Cordero.
15. El que hablaba conmigo tenía una caña de medir, de oro, para medir la ciudad, sus puertas y su muro.
16. La ciudad se halla establecida en cuadro, y su longitud es igual a su anchura; y él midió la ciudad con la caña, doce mil estadios; la longitud, la altura y la anchura de ella son iguales.(CUBO=ESPACIO/TIEMPO)
Resultado de imagen para israel clock
Resultado de imagen para hipercubo cuadratura del toro
Resultado de imagen para HIPERCUBO HEXAGONO
18. El material de su muro era de jaspe; pero la ciudad era de oro puro, semejante al vidrio limpio;
19. y los cimientos del muro de la ciudad estaban adornados con toda piedra preciosa. El primer cimiento era jaspe; el segundo, zafiro; el tercero, ágata; el cuarto, esmeralda;
20. el quinto, ónice; el sexto, cornalina; el séptimo, crisólito; el octavo, berilo; el noveno, topacio; el décimo, crisopraso; el undécimo, jacinto; el duodécimo, amatista.
21. Las doce puertas eran doce perlas; cada una de las puertas era una perla. Y la calle de la ciudad era de oro puro, transparente como vidrio.
22. Y no vi en ella templo; porque el Señor Dios Todopoderoso es el templo de ella, y el Cordero.
23. La ciudad no tiene necesidad de sol ni de luna que brillen en ella; porque la gloria de Dios la ilumina, y el Cordero es su lumbrera. (PROVERBIOS 25:11, OSEA LA MISMA MANZANA, OSEA UNA REFERENCIA AL SOL/ORO/HOMBRE Y LUNA/PLATA/MUJER, OSEA EL MISMO SUEÑO DE JOSE DE GENESIS 37)
24. Y las naciones que hubieren sido salvas andarán a la luz de ella; y los reyes de la tierra traerán su gloria y honor a ella.
25. Sus puertas nunca serán cerradas de día, pues allí no habrá noche.
26. Y llevarán la gloria y la honra de las naciones a ella.
27. No entrará en ella ninguna cosa inmunda, o que hace abominación y mentira, sino solamente los que están inscritos en el libro de la vida del Cordero.

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Resultado de imagen para ISLAND GIORGIO VENICE

dollar US animé


11/9 O 9/11

Poster WTC


Image roll-over


11 Septembre 2001...?

Resultado de imagen para 666 1776
Resultado de imagen para espiral aurea naturaleza
Resultado de imagen para alien el octavo pasajero gato
Resultado de imagen para alien el octavo pasajero gato
Sapientia Aedificavit Sibi Domum. Es decir, "la sabiduría ha edificado aquí su casa". Resulta curioso que la misma frase aparece en el Evangelio de María Magdalena, un texto apócrifo. Se dice que en el interior de esta iglesia y de otras muchas de Venecia está escondido el tesoro de los templarios. Pero no hay ninguna prueba de ello. Para terminar ya con esta entrada me gustaría que nos acercásemos un momento a uno de los edificios más emblemáticos de Venecia: el Palacio Ducal.
Resultado de imagen para chiesa della maddalena venezia
Eye within an interlocking circle and triangle, Santa Maria della Maddalena, Venice
La Maddalena
Church of Santa Maria della Maddalena, Venice
La Maddalena
Tomb of the architect Tommaso Temanza, Santa Maria della Maddalena, Venice
Tomb of Tommaso Temanza
Resultado de imagen para the dark side of the moon pink floyd
Resultado de imagen para MAQUINA DEL TIEMPO DE VENECIA
Resultado de imagen para VENICE SNAKE
Resultado de imagen para genesis 22:15,18
Resultado de imagen para MAGDALENE NEW MEXICO
Resultado de imagen para GALAXY PHI
Resultado de imagen para GALAXY PHI

"¡Oh profundidad de las riquezas de la sabiduría (sophia)
y de la ciencia (gnwsiV, gnosis) de Dios!
¡Cuán incomprensibles son sus juicios, e inescrutables sus caminos!"
(Romanos, 11: 33).


Resultado de imagen para LEONARDO DA VINCI VENECIA
Resultado de imagen para BELLAS QUE SON LAS MATEMATICAS
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the Apple
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Resultado de imagen para MAGDALENE NEW MEXICO
Resultado de imagen para MAGDALENE NEW MEXICO
milky way in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( m 13 i9 l 12 k 11 y 25 0 w 23 a1 y 25 )
queen mary in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( q 17 u 21 e5 e5 n 14 0 m 13 a1 r 18 y 25  
hebrew calendar in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( h8 e5 b2 r 18 e5 w 23 0 c3 a1 l 12 e5 n 14 d4 a1 r 18
mary magdalene in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( m 13 a1 r 18 y 25 0 m 13 a1 g7 d4 a1 l 12 e5 n 14 e5  
Resultado de imagen para MAGDALENE NEW MEXICO

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