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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 01/08/2020 17:15

The Vesica and the True History of Mary Magdalene

stained glass mary magdalene pregnant

So many people talk about Jesus this month that I thought I would talk about his wife, Mary Magdalene. Beware, there are some real shockers here. Portions of this article appeared on an earlier blog post which has completely disappeared from the internet! Even that is shocking to me, since all posts were archived, and moved as I imported the blog into my website.

As a teacher I have heard many stories from students about their own experiences. This is not one of them! This is the information that I’ve learned from other authors and research, coupled with my own discoveries. Prepare to be amazed.

Initially I posted parts of this article in honor of Mary Magdalene’s feast day, July 22. The feast day of Mary Magdalene is quite important and special. This is because when you begin to understand the sacred geometry, you will find the absolute proof of her identity. Let me start at the beginning.

I have been working with sacred geometry for almost 20 years. I started with the MerKaBa, the meditation based on the three-dimensional six-pointed star. My interest really didn’t begin there. It began many years earlier, when I was a child. I was fascinated with numbers, and as a 5th grader could easily transpose to any key, in any music I was playing. Even my piano teacher was astounded, and so flabbergasted that I could do this she wanted to show off my skill to her eighteen-year-old daughter, inviting me to play a piece in any key she chose as a demonstration! In high school I was such a natural at geometry that I could have slept through the class and still pulled an A.

Piano wasn’t really my thing – it was numbers! I took an instant liking to music theory in college. However, it had a piano skills requirement and when I failed the piano portion of my final exam for theory I didn’t know what to expect! The theory portion of the final involved analyzing a Beethoven symphony. I remember each of the other students going into practice rooms and playing it. I couldn’t come close to that; however, I could see the underlying mathematics effortlessly and marked it up. I got a perfect score plus the bonus points. Most of the other students barely passed, and with the curve the instructor had to use, I ended up with the top score and a B for a final grade!

Enter Gematria

Gematria, at its core, was used by the Greeks and Pythagoreans as a way to encode the numerical value of a significant numerical relationship into written texts so that they could be interpreted exactly as intended by later generations. It is not just some simplified letter equals a number as in the western Pythagorean numerology.

Labeling gematria as a form of numerology would be a gross oversimplification, even though a much later use of gematria by the Jewish people became a simplified numerology. This compromised and abandoned many of the original Greek symbols and diluted the mysteries hidden within its usages. Gematria was a way that the Greeks used mathematics and deliberate spellings and misspellings in order to insure the understanding of secret principles. One such sacred mystery was about the vesica piscis. The vesica is that almond shape that is created when two equal circles have their circumference on the other’s center.

Gematria in the traditional form is the language the ancient Greek philosophers used to allow the presence of a mathematical equivalent in writing. In a way it is a form of code. Unlike Pythagorean numerology, where a = 1, b=2 and c=3, the system of gematria used the sum total of a word to represent a concept. In other words, it was the opposite of today’s numerology where the numbers keep being added to a sum until you get a single digit. An example of this would be the name Maria. In numerology it adds up to a 7, whose meaning is research and enlightenment. Think of Rodin’s thinker as a representative of seven.

In fact, because of knowledge at that time – decimals were not used, so all irrational numbers were expressed in fraction or relationship form instead of their now common usage with a decimal point. It represents the relationship between a radius and the height of the vesica, 265/153, thus the nickname “153.” As such, the number 153 was a common shorthand for the fraction 256/153 the relationship multiplied by the radius to produce the height of the vesica.

vesica pisces gray circles with overlapping blueAs you look at this almond shape of the vesica piscis you can see what the radius is (the distance from the center of the circle to its edge.) The diameter is also easily seen as double the radius. Yet, the height of the vesica is shorter than the diameter. The formula was shortened to “the 153” to name the vesica piscis. Just like it is now common usage to understand the phrase “24/7” which has meaning of 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and was originally a medical term, there are many such shorthand references now that people are texting. Some of them have obvious meaning, like 24/7, even though it is not a mathematical fraction.

The system of gematria allows for the addition of one unit, a colel – a unit of one in Hebrew. Gematria used what was known about geometry to create an “insiders look” at the message. Many names were deliberately misspelled in the ancient Greek writings to insure the meaning was clear. In geometry, we say that pi is 3.14. However, in ancient times, before the use of 0, and the invention of the use of the decimal place, the common expression for pi was 22/7. Pi is the most important relationship of a circle, representing the relationship of the circumference (2 π R) or the area (π * R2), formulas we all learned in fifth grade! What’s the common element? Pi or π!

According to Margaret Starbird, author and mystic, “The 153” was directly related to the meanings of the vesica which include, matrix, womb, mandorla, vulva, or gateway, all representing the seed shape emphasizing its unique role in creation as the birther, or bringer of life. In addition, it also represents the divine feminine.

More meanings to “The 153”

In gematria the name Mary adds up to 152. By adding the colel of 1 to it, all the Mary’s of the old testament become representative of the Divine Mother. My aunt was a nun. Going to Catholic schools, most nuns were called “Sister Mary something!” What if the tradition of Mary as the first part of a religious order’s spiritual name was a title? That would also explain why there were so many “Mary’s” in the new testament!

Yet, only ONE name in the Old Testament adds up to an exact 153, Mary Magdalene. Hidden in the gematria is the true understanding of Mary Magdalene. Thus, I believe that Mary Magdalene was a title and not related to her place of birth! Margaret Starbird, named a renegade Catholic by a Catholic website, in her book Goddess in the Gospels, says that her discovery of this convinced her of the true history of Mary Magdalene and her role with Jesus.

Now my discovery allowed me to look at her feast day, the way the Europeans write dates, 22 July, or 22/7 showed me that someone in the Church clearly knew who she was, and further, with these two gematria codes superimposed upon one another, you will find in the middle of the vesica π and her name “The 153” putting her at the very center of the Divine Mother or Divine Birther. Can it be an accident that the ancient church fathers chose July 22 as her feast day? I think not. Margaret tells the story in her book, that it is only in modern times that the scholars ignore the codes of gematria. I believe seeing both Mary Magdalene’s name in gematria and her feast day intersecting in the center of the vesica piscis provides the symbolic proof found in numbers that is irrefutable.

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 02/05/2021 20:31
Resultado de imagen para PYRAMID MOON
great-pyramid-speed-of-light-by-onstott | Pyramids, Wrath, Ancient knowledge

Respuesta  Mensaje 1097 de 1098 en el tema 
De: BARILOCHENSE6999 Enviado: 02/05/2021 16:29
What is the biggest scientific coincidence that you know? - Page 5

Respuesta  Mensaje 1098 de 1098 en el tema 
De: BARILOCHENSE6999 Enviado: 02/05/2021 16:55
Cosmic-ray particles reveal secret chamber in Egypt's Great Pyramid :  Nature News & Comment

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 07/06/2021 23:33
Reply  Message 224 of 224 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 18/06/2016 13:40

TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2010


“If one proceeded to announce that there is still nowadays a work of the former Egyptians, one of their books that escaped the flames that devoured their superb libraries, and which contains their purest doctrines on interesting subjects, everyone who heard, undoubtedly, would hasten to study such an invaluable book, such a marvel. If one also said that this book is very widespread in most of Europe, that for a number of centuries it has been in the hands of everyone, the surprise would be certain to increase. Would it not reach its height, if one gave assurances that no one ever suspected that it was Egyptian; that those who possessed it did not value it, that nobody ever sought to decipher a sheet of it; that the fruit of an exquisite wisdom is regarded as a cluster of extravagant figures which do not mean anything by themselves? Would it not be thought that the speaker wanted to amuse himself, and played on the credulity of his listeners?”
- Antione Court de Gebèlin, The Game of Tarots,
from le Monde Primitif (1781)


RING ONE: hidden element

3 Rings linked together, their centers being vertices (corners) of an equilateral Triangle.

Viewed in this diagram, we are looking at a 2-dimensional map of Earth from its side, represented by One ring of our choosing (blue):

Orient the planet so the Great Pyramid at Giza (30˚N) lays at one of the vertices, the Earth’s center at another, and its axis’ North pole at the third.

Exploring this set of relations, it can be demonstrated that the architectural proportions of the Great Pyramid at Giza exhibit a means of utilizing the measure of Earth to express the mathematical constant, π. To understand how we must suspend, for a moment, our habit of thinking of number in purely quantitative terms and consider the ways in which some numbers are also inherently bound to specific geometric forms - like with ‘square’ (1² 2² 3² 4² 5²...) or ‘cubed’ (1³ 2³ 3³ 4³ 5³...) numbers we see a sum attached to a particular shape. Other shapes each possess their own sequence of numbers also attached to their change in proportion.

These are called ‘figurate numbers’, and tradition has it they were introduced into Greek mathematics by the pre-Socratic philosopher, Pythagoras, in the 6th century BC. A student of the ancient mystery schools, it is likely he acquired this knowledge during his journeys to Chaldea & Egypt; but all that is really required to calculate the number sequences tied to these shapes is a stack of pebbles and time to spare, counting out the variety of polygons & devising ways of stacking them to construct polyhedrons.

To the careful interpreter of nature a pattern was discernible amidst this numerical data - One that, properly placed, could be applied to the measure of all things. It is suggested here that the Great Pyramid at Giza, in relation to the 3-Ring structure given above, embodies this application.

Let us then imagine the Great Pyramid as keystone to a system of ‘projective numerology’ - an application of mathematics using figurate numbers to model distances and proportions as shapes, and translating them into their related forms as ‘seen’ from different angles & in other dimensions.

At the root of any square pyramid’s architecture is its’ seked - an ancient Egyptian ratio of angular measure used to determine the slope of a pyramid’s sides and thus its’ height.

Utilizing the seked of the Great Pyramid, the perimeter of a square pyramidal base equals the circumference of a circle whose radius is equal to that pyramid’s height.

Within our 2-dimensional map, as our planet rotates upon its’ axis, the Pyramid appears to move from one end of a vesica piscis to the other, as if turning on a Wheel whose rim is the 30th parallel. Thus, in one quarter turn (11/14 ≈ π/4) the Pyramid appears to move in a perpendicular line to the base of the equilateral Triangle articulated within our 3-ring diagram.


The distance of this perpendicular line from the Great Pyramid to the Earth’s polar axis is 3430 nautical miles, or 10x the cube of seven.

Let us then imagine this distance as a stack of 10 cubes, 7x7x7.

A ‘quarter turn’ (11/14) of the Earth thus ‘apportions’ a 10x10 square of these cubes:
10² x 14/11 = 127.27272727...

So, by the logic induced with this arrangement of proportions, distances can be pictured in the mind’s Eye as figurate numbers of octahedral symmetry with 7-unit sides. Reading the Run & Rise of the Great Pyramid’sseked both forward and backward we get a formula for modeling a linear distance of the Earth’s measure as a column made of figurative cubes.
[3d:2d = 343 : 127 ]

As such, we can picture the square pyramid monument atop this ‘column’ as pointing to the center of an imaginary 11th cube.

It follows, then, that a 12-hour rotation (180˚) measures a distance from center-point to center-point of the cubes at either end of a column 22 cubes of 7 long.

The center point of a unit cube has a specific relationship to the vesica piscis traversed in this 12-hour ‘distance’ within our diagram, as Two rings sharing a single radius give a rational approximation for √3, which is also the space diagonal of any unit cube.

In other words, with respect to a unit cube, the √3 is the distance between opposite corners of that cube. Tracing these space diagonal lines joins the opposing corners, all of which intersect at the center of that cube, and thereby delineate the edges of six square pyramids joined at their apex.

22:7 ≈ π
To the Egyptian god Thoth, equated with the Greek god, Hermes, and particularly the Roman god, Mercury, this ratio is significant in describing the number of conjunctions aligning Mercury & Earth with the Sun every 7 years. Also known as a ‘synodic cycle’, this is an example of what ancient Greek astronomers called an exeligmos, or ‘Turn of the Wheel’ - describing any period wherein Sun, Moon, and/or planets return to conjunction(s) from which they started. The term is still used today, but is more specifically applied to the Triple Saros cycle of reckoning lunar eclipses, each 120º of longitude apart, eventually returning to a point relatively close to where they began: exeligmos. The Romans used the term annus magnus, or ‘great year’ to describe the same class of periodic event.

As we shall see, each of the planets have a harmonic ratio of conjunctions with our planet Earth, and with each other. By fixing the Earth to the center of our ecliptic plane, the motion of other planets relative to our position appear as serpentine spiro-graph patterns, looping in close when aligning into conjunction with the Sun, and looping out to trace a wide arc that coils about the Earth until looping in again for another conjunction.


Venus: Earth

Consistent within our model of 10 cubes of seven, the Great Pyramid (pointing to the center of an eleventh) also corresponds to the tip of an octahedron of 7 = 231. And it just so happens that 11x 231 is the number of days in the exeligmos of Mercury & Earth, 22:7. In addition, the measure of the Great Pyramid’s base side lengths (440 cubits each) give a total base area measuring approximately 231 meters square.

Being a close approximation of the value π, and our annus magnus with the planet Mercury (Hermes/Thoth), let us then imagine this column of 22 cubes of 7 as the staff of his Caduceus. As we shall see, the cycles of the other planets can be represented as the serpents entwined about this Staff, their helices in tune with the ratio of their exeligmos.

Imparting more than just the inevitable passage of Time, they were the very music of the spheres by which the harmony of creation was made known to the ancient Geometers. Our 3-Rings establish the base unit of an entire system of weights & measures (metrology) by symbolizing an angular dimension constructed by the movement through Time of the Great Pyramid, like the point of a metronome entrained to the Earth’s tempo. In effect attuning the mathematical constant π with Mercury's Great Year  & the linear measure of Earth's size in units of angular measure. 'Squaring' the circle much like the Great Pyramid's seked.

1 nautical mile = 1.15 miles
The nautical mile used as our base unit of measure for obtaining the distance in cubes of seven is also a unit of angular measure equivalent to 1/60th degree of Earth longitude (=1 minute of arc degree). Converting this into survey land miles = 1/10² the number of days between Earth:Mercury conjunctions (=115).

22:7 = 12 hrs @ 30˚north (12x 30 = 360)
180˚ = 10,800 arc minutes of degree = 50x 216, the cube of 6
216 also equals the number of degrees between Earth:Venus conjunctions (x5 = 1 Earth:Venus pentagram = exeligmos). So, by subdividing each degree of arc into 60 minutes, Earth’s 180˚ rotation (22:7) upon its’ axis thereby possesses a kind of numerological resonance regarding its harmonic with Venus, the exeligmos of the pentagram. Reputedly a symbol of good will among the Pythagoreans, the pentagram also provides an easy means of obtaining the golden ratio.


12 : 1 = (22/7) = 60 minutes
In this way our measure of both Time & Space define each other by weaving together the value π with the ‘divine proportion’ of the golden ratio.

Of the numerous other curious facets to this TooL of Hermetic Metrology, establishing not only our system of weights & measures, its choice of cubes & octahedrons also exhibit a direct connection to speeds of both sound & light:

1 meter
=distance trave1ed by sound 1/343th of second
=distance trave1ed by light 1/299,792,458th of second

343 = cube of 7
299,792,458 = c = speed of light in meters per second
1296000 / π = number of square degrees in one whole sphere
c / 1296000 = 231.321....
231 = octahedron of 7

Stranger still, the proportions outlined above are also paralleled in the numerical structure of the Tarot de Marseilles’ pattern of 22 major arcana trumps when applied to the Hebrew alphabet - in turn derived from Egyptian (via proto-Sinaitic) hieroglyphs which depicted the symbols those letters are still associated with.

We see traces of this tradition within our own English alphabet with the letter A: also the glyph for an Ox head (turned upside-down) having the same origin as the Hebrew letter aleph.

Referred to by 'occultists' as the Book of Thoth (though never adequately explained why), the key to unlocking this puzzle, as with any cryptological TooL, is knowing where to place the cypher, or sifr - the arabic word from which we also get Zero, or ‘nothing’, the rank of every Tarot deck’s Fool [aleph=0].

And this role proves more than suitable for One who ushers in what ultimately reveals a prank, of sorts... leading to what is arguably the greatest punch-line in history.

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 09/07/2021 03:36

Reply  Message 61 of 72 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 04/09/2021 12:33

Reply  Message 62 of 72 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 07/09/2021 00:23
Antes del Rapto 90 Días Infierno en la Tierra – De Zonen Gods

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 07/09/2021 01:07
100 ideas de Pentágono en 2021 | disenos de unas, técnicas de dibujo,  geometría

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 08/09/2021 00:33
1. Secret geometry in Washington DC - 2. Legend of Isis and Osiris --  Secret architecture of extraterrestrials - movie protocol w. photos

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 08/09/2021 23:21
Si todos los caminos llevan a Roma...
Harmonics Great Pyramid Timing & Proportions - YouTube
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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 19/09/2021 12:51

Reply  Message 67 of 72 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 22/09/2021 01:33
David Sereda (@DavidSereda) | Twitter

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/09/2021 16:25
Resultado de imagen para Matrix Morpheus

Vesica piscis

Fermentation - nigredo - bread and wine of Christ 

10 jul. 2012 - Subido por Jose Alfonso Hernando
Con las matematicas vorticiales puedes explicar absolutamente todo lo que hay en el universo. http ...
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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 24/11/2021 01:14
Resultado de imagen para eclesiastes 3:15
Resultado de imagen para eclesiastes 3:15
210 Diy Ideas | blessed friday, viral pins, viral
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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 25/05/2022 01:01
How I Got My Name JAIN 108 - Jain 108

Reply  Message 71 of 72 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/05/2022 23:40
The BOOK OF PHI, Vol 5: Phi Code 2 - Jain 108

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 31/05/2022 00:28
Golden Ratio in Geometry

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