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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 14/11/2014 18:57
What is 'Sacred' Geometry' :

The synchronicity of the universe is determined by certain mathematical constants which express themselves in the form of 'patterns' and 'cycles' in nature.

The outcome of this process can be seen throughout the natural world as the following examples demonstrate:


The Passion-flower Spiral galaxy M74 Giant's causeway, Ireland. Spiral snail shells.

These displays of mathematical and geometric constants are confirmation that certain proportions are woven into the very fabric of nature. Recognising the significance of this simple fact offers us the means to understand how and why such matters were considered sacred. They and everything around us, are the product of the delicate balance between chaos and order.

 The word 'geometry' can be traced through its component parts:

The word 'Geo-metry' comes from the Greek words Geos meaning 'Earth' and Metron meaning 'To measure', which together literally translate as the 'Measuring of the earth' or 'Earthly measurements', an art which was traditionally restricted to the priest-hood.

Sacred geometry has existed in many forms across the ages

It is often mistakenly said that geometry began with the Greeks, but before them were the Minoans, the Egyptians, Sumerians, Indus valley, Chinese, Phoenicians and of course, the builders of the western European megaliths all of whom left clear geometric fingerprints in their greatest constructions. The Greeks may well have been the first to have offered geometry to the public at large, but they were by no means the first to realise it.



Sacred-Geometry: The First Step.









One of the most common shapes in nature is the circle, it is therefore extremely significant to understand that all other geometric shapes can be determined from a circle...with the use of only a compass (or string) and a ruler (straight edge) as the following procedure illustrates...


Starting with the Vesica-pisces...from which one is able to produce...


An Equilateral triangle, Hexagon, Pentagon, Square and so on and so on..

The Vesica Pisces is one of the key starting blocks from which sacred geometry was applied to life.


Featured Articles:


  • The Harmony of the Spheres.

The first confirmed record of a knowledge of the relationship between astronomy, music and geometry comes (almost predictably) from the Greeks: in particular, Pythagoras who wrote of the 'Harmony of the Spheres', and of whom it was said: '...of all men, he alone [Pythagoras] could hear the music of the spheres...'

(The Harmony of the Spheres)

  • Labyrinths:

The symbol for the Labyrinth has been found associated with 'sacred' places for thousands of years from all around the ancient world. More recently, more especially from the middle ages onward, it has been used as a tool for pilgrimage - representing our metaphorical path through life.

(Labyrinths Homepage)


  • The Flower of Life:

The flower of life symbol has found its way into the human consciousness, it is no more than an elaborate extension of the Vesica pisces, but one within people have found themselves lost in a state of perpetual imaginative bloom.  It is said to contain values that depict the fundamental geometry of time and space.

(The Flower of Life)

  • Spirals: Form and Function.

Spirals are one of the most a common forms of natural geometry, being a product of the sacred mean. They are associated with omphalos and earth-navels and are regularly found engraved on megaliths. Their original meaning is lost today but spiral designs at such noticeable sites as Newgrange and Chaco Canyon, has led many to believe they were primarily astronomical.

(Spirals Homepage)

  • Geodesy and the World Grid:

This section examines the theory that geometry was applied in the placement of certain prominent (sacred) prehistoric sites, based on an understanding of longitude and latitude. The 'linear-mentality' of our ancestors seems to have had no frontiers, but what if any, was the origin and purpose of networking sacred sites, and how

(Geodesy Homepage)

  • Petrospheres and the Platonic Solids.

Of the hundreds of small carved stone balls fond in Scotland, over 75% have been found to conform to the five Platonic solids. This remarkable discovery suggests an association as yet undetermined. Although it is generally believed that the Greeks discovered this mathematical principle, these come from over a thousand years earlier.

(Scottish Petrospheres)

  • The Myth of Precession.

It has been proposed that the understanding of sacred geometry extended into time and space, as realised through the 'Platonic Year'. Santillana (6)

and others have shown that certain precessionary numbers were encoded into ancient sacred buildings, texts and mythologies. these same numbers appear to be reflected in  the natural geometry of the universe.


(The Myth of Precession)


Other Articles:




Sacred Geometry and the Great Pyramid of Giza:

The exterior angle of the 'Great pyramid of Giza' can be reproduced with the Vesica-pisces. It has been long suspected that the Great pyramid was a subsidiary of geometric knowledge. There are several other indications that sacred geometry was an important factor in the design of the pyramid.


The Sacred mean (Phi), was also recorded into the dimensions of the pyramid itself.


Pi and the Pyramid.

Egyptian mathematicians arrived at a figure of 3.16 (as shown on the Rhind Papyrus), written 600 to 800 years later and far cruder than the precise ratio the great Pyramid seems to express. The figure of Pi is recorded into the dimensions of the Great Pyramid several  times; As well as the Height/Perimeter ratio of the pyramid itself

(2∏x H = Perimeter)

The perimeter of its main compartment, the so called “King’s Chamber,” is also exactly 3.14 times its length, and the large granite coffer or sarcophagus in this room shows the same proportion. In the earlier, rhomboidal or “Bent Pyramid” at Dashur, a few miles to the south, the sides begin to ascend at the same 2-Pi angle as the Great Pyramid, then change half way up to 3-Pi (43 ½º ) ratio.

(More on the Geometry of the Great pyramid)


Pyramid Geometry and Latitude.

The exterior angle of the Great pyramid is the exact same latitude that Silbury Hill was built, and at the same time. It is perhaps no coincidence to find that exterior angle of the Silbury monument has an exterior angle of 30°, the same as the latitude of Giza.  This exact angle is also found at nearby Stonehenge in the orientation of The Avenue, which points towards the sunrise on the summer solstice. Stonehenge sits exactly 1/4 of a degree of longitude south of Avebury.

This fact is just one of many in the increasingly convincing argument in favour of the existence of applied sacred geometry in prehistory.

(British Geodesy)      (Egyptian Geodesy)

(Geodesy Homepage)







   The Sacred Mean:  'Phi'.




The Sacred mean - (5:8 or 1:1.618 or Φ)

(The Divine Proportion, Golden Section, Golden ratio, Phi, )  

One of the Key-stones of sacred geometry is the 'sacred mean' or 'golden section'.


The Mathematics of the Golden Ratio (Phi).

The golden section exists between measurable quantities of any kind where the ratio between the smallest and the next size up is equal to the ratio of the sum of the first two to the third.

Mathematically, the same proportion is generated with the following formula:

√5+1 / 2

In numerical terms, the 'Golden ratio' was first popularised by Leonardo Bigollo Fibonacci, the founder of the  'Fibonacci sequence', a numerical series which simply follows the rule that the next number is the sum of the previous two numbers.. as follows:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 etc...



Vitruvian Man: Leonardo Da Vinci.

One of the fundamental products of this underlying mathematical structure is the 'sacred mean', a mathematical constant which is visible across the spectrum of the natural world. The sacred mean is one of the defining geometric qualities of life itself, as it plays an integral part of the complex process of division and variation. Leonardo da Vinci illustrated both the mathematical proportions of the human body, (which are based on ratios of 1.618), and the concept of 'squaring the circle' with his famous drawing (right).

Da Vinci was engrossed by Vitruvius, who had written that human proportions should have a relationship in architecture. Vitruvius believed that if human proportions could be incorporated into buildings they would become perfect in their geometry.

One of Da Vinci's greatest discoveries was the division of the body into proportions of whole numbers which he called 'cubits'. For example, while the body is 4 cubits high, it can be seen on the same body that 1 cubit is both the length from shoulder to shoulder and from elbow to fingertips. 



According to Vitruvius, the distance from fingertip to fingertip should be the same as that from head to toe. The sacred mean can be seen in the ratios of body parts. In the arm of the Vitruvian man for example, we can see that the ratio of A is to B is the same as that of B to C. The same rules apply throughout the human body.



One of the mathematical products of the sacred mean is the spiral, commonly found in nature.

(Spirals Homepage)




The result of this motion is that Venus 'draws' a pentagon around the sun every eight years.


Bode’s law:  Shows the simple mathematical relationship for the distances of the planets from the our sun.




Distance from Sun (Millions of Km’s)     



Bodes prediction


    0 + 4 / 10 = 0.4
    3 + 4 / 10 = 0.7
    6 + 4 / 10 = Au
  12 + 4 / 10 = 1.6
(Asteroid belt)
  24 + 4 / 10 = 2.8
550 wide
  48 + 4 / 10 = 5.2
  96 + 4 / 10 = 10
192 + 4 / 10 = 19.6
384 + 4 / 10 = 38.8
768 + 4 / 10 = 77.2


In addition to which...


Keplers 3rd Harmonic law – Kepler initially used the geometry of the Platonic solids to calculate the distances of the planets from the sun. In doing so, he attempted to revive the ancient tradition of Sacred Geometry with astronomy. Although this met with reasonable success, proving the ancient systems to be accurate, he eventually determined that the period of a planet or comets orbit is relate to its distance from the sun in the following simple mathematical equation:

(p² = a³)

( Where p = period of revolution and a = the distance from sun in astronomical units ‘Au’).

Kepler furthered the research of Aristotle who first realised the concept of the Harmony of the Spheres in which the planets positions and 'noise' were predicted according to musical harmonic ratios.



Sacred Geometry and the Harmony of the Spheres.


The theory of the 'Harmony of the Spheres' was originally proposed by Plato, in which he envisioned the five 'perfect' solids to be enclosed within imaginary spheres, each placed within the other. He proposed that the distances of the planets from the sun showed similar ratios from each other as the spheres surrounding each solids did. Modern science has indeed shown that planets have unique 'vibrations', or 'sounds' supporting Plato's conjecture.

(More about the Harmony of the Spheres)




   Sacred Geometry in Architecture:

What Happens when geometric constants are placed into the dimensions of buildings.?


ome of the best examples of the application of sacred geometry can be seen in constructions from the ancient world. It has been shown (1), that ancient sacred and ceremonial sites were invariably built with dimensions that incorporate mathematical figures such as infinite numbers, astronomical or mathematical constants (such as Pi or the 'sacred' mean), and the use of geometry (3:4:5 Pythagorean triangle etc). The application of 'sacred' geometry in our most important buildings is a reflection of the importance attached to it, but exactly how early was such information realised?




Following his renowned survey of over 600 English stone circles, Prof. Alexander Thom concluded that geometry had been used in their design.


also proposed that common mathematical units of measurement (the megalithic yard), had been used in order to achieve these geometric results. Surprising as this might sound, one finds that as well as working with common units of measurement, the Neolithic people were also apparently aware of geometric constants as the following examples demonstrate.




The geometric design above was discovered by Prof A. Thom to have been used as a ground-plan for many European 'Type I' and 'Type II' flattened stone circles (Such as at Avebury, England).

(Note: Both type I and II circles show the application of the Vesica-Pisces and 3:4:5 triangles)

Sacred geometry, involving both astronomy and geometry appears to have been  applied to prehistoric quadrangles. It has been shown by Thom etc, that the Quadrangles at both Stonehenge and Carnac have incorporated into them geometric constants which relate to the latitude upon which they were built.


(More about Quadrangles)


The Golden section is a ratio which has been used in sophisticated artwork and in sacred architecture from the period of ancient Egypt (1).


Freemasonry and Sacred Geometry.

Following the collapse of the Roman empire, architects versed in geometry grouped together into 'guild's', thus forming the roots of 'freemasonry'. The tradition of building sacred/holy structures with applied sacred (euclidian), geometry was continued into the middle ages by the 'Templars', who envisioned their (mostly round) churches as 'microcosms of the world' (1). This idea was soon adopted by the Christian church, who began to employ 'sacred' dimensions into their religious buildings. These traditions were carried in the form of 'freemasonry' until, as Pennick aptly quotes - 'The lodges of freemasons closed down one by one. The last to go was the premiere lodge of Europe - Strasbourg, which shut shop in 1777. From then on, the arts and mysteries of freemasonry were carried on exclusively by 'Speculative masons' (1).

(Chartres Cathedral and Harmonic Ratios)


A continuation of the geometric Vesica Pisces results in the geometric matrix named Ad-triangulum...as used for the design of many of Europe's greatest Cathedrals...


 We may never know for sure whether such geometry was identified first from the observation of natural formations, or whether it came as a result of an intellectual quest, but whichever, it is clear that these natural mathematical building blocks began to be used in the design of many important man-made structures.




(Harmony of the Spheres)

(Science and Technology Homepage)
















A continuation of the geometric Vesica Pisces results in the geometric matrix named Ad-triangulum...as used for the design of many of Europe's greatest Cathedrals...



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Reply  Message 15 of 29 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 07/02/2015 01:17

It turns out that the following 6:5 relationship in the Pyramid of Khafre is 99.9% accurate. The discovery was made by Peter Casperson in his book Den Matematiska Nyckeln Till Guds Namn (which translates from Swedish as “The Mathmatical Key to God’s Name”) published in 2004. The illustration is my own. The 6:5 relationship ties in with what I’ve written before in Taking Measure, the Snowflake and the Flower, and Cubits, among other blog posts.

The Pyramid of Khafre encodes 6:5 proportions

The Pyramid of Khafre encodes 6:5 proportions

The outer perimeter of the egg’s cross-section is 33,333 feet assuming the eggshell has thickness of ~5 feet at the scale of the Great Pyramid. I made a similar oval image a few years ago called The Megalithic Egg but it was based on the 3:4:5 triangle instead.

The circumference of the egg based on the geometry of the Great Pyramid is 33333 feet

The egg formed by the elevation of the Great Pyramid has a circumference of 33333 feet

“It is the mark of an instructed mind to rest satisfied with the degree of precision which the nature of the subject admits and not to seek exactness when only an approximation of the truth is possible.” -Aristotle

I made a round image (with Photoshop’s polar filter) of moai on Easter Island looking into the center, and then felt inspired to have them look at the Orion nebula. The 15 moai fit the stages of the alchemical process and I took the stage names from a fantastic novel by Katherine Neville called The Eight that I was re-reading. The philosopher’s stone naturally fits in the center as the final goal of al-kemi. I was playing with the swirling colors as seen above in the nebula or below in the chemicals of the alchemist’s cauldron. Are we looking into the heavens or deep within? They end up in the same place: awareness.

The Great Work

The Great Work

Here I update The Mystery of 273 image that was published in Quantification with one more fact in the upper right — The temperature of the cosmic background radiation (that’s the energy left over from the big bang) measures 2.73°K. Wonders never cease.

The Mystery of 273 (update)

The Mystery of 273 (update)

Mostly I have been working on paying projects at Lynda.com lately with little time for SIPS, although Dennis Fetcho interviewed me yesterday and we talked about SIPS and Quantification.

Here is a full accounting of our solar system:

Inspired by Don Barone on Graham Hancock's forum

Inspired by Don Barone on Graham Hancock’s forum

Is this the basis of the Fahrenheit scale, why water boils at 212°?


It’s interesting also that 33°F = .55555…°C

Here’s a discovery I made some time ago but don’t think I’ve posted it in the blog before. The Governor’s mansion at the top of Victoria Peak overlooking Hong Kong is 3333.3 km from Borobudur. Amazing distance between such important sites!


Here is a view of the fruit growing on the Tree of Number.


The Vitruvian Labyrinth


The Eye of Horus symbolizes the view of an observer, as an all-seeing-eye.

The Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus

Post Metaphysics, aka The Soul of Matter


Beauty is experienced in the world, love in the body, and truth in the mind. The eye of horus in the center symbolizes the view of any observer. The transcendentals are ontologically one and thus they are convertible: e.g., where there is truth, there is beauty and love also. The transcendentals are irreducible qualities of awareness. The triangle represents the seeming boundary between your interior sensations, thoughts, and perceptions and your exterior body, mind, and world.


Philosophy is written in this grand book, the universe, which stands continually open to our gaze. But the book cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and read the characters in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it; without these one is wandering in a dark labyrinth.
—Galileo Galilei, The Assayer, 1623

The World Wide Web




The traditional Buddhist retreat lasts for 3 years, 3 months and 3 days. Makes sense?



I was Graham Hancock’s author of the month for September 2014 and wrote the following article called Measuring the Mystery.

I wrote an article called Mathematical Encoding in the Great Pyramid on Ancient-Origins.net.


Here is the universal accounting, according to cosmologists. They actually give slightly different values but I looked at the uncertainty in the measurements and think the following percentages are the canonical values, as they fit within the tolerances of the measured data:


We can’t measure dark matter or dark energy. They pass through ordinary matter without interacting. Cosmologists needed something to explain why galaxies and galactic clusters don’t fly apart so they invented “dark matter”. Then they needed something to explain why expansion is accelerating so they invented “dark energy”. These quantities are more of a measure of our ignorance. However, regardless of whether dark energy and dark matter turn out to be like epicycles in earlier cosmological models, the math needed to account for our observations is balanced using the above breakdown, and I find that very interesting.

Discovered by Kevin McMahon

Discovered by Kevin McMahon

We are in the middle of it all:


Urban Asplund discovered that the distance from the “Pyramids of the North” at Old Uppsala, Sweden is 3333.33 miles (99.99%) to the Obelisk of Axum, Ethiopia (which was stolen and moved to Rome for most of the 20th century and returned and re-erected in Ethiopia in the 21st century).


“The enormous usefulness of mathematics in the natural sciences is something bordering on the mysterious and…there is no rational explanation for it.” -Eugene Wigner, nobel laureate


“How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought which is independent of experience, is so admirably appropriate to the objects of reality?” -Albert Einstein


“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” -Niels Bohr






The galactic habitable zone is a narrow band where life can possibly exist. Too close to the galactic center and there are supernovae, nebulas, black holes, and other extreme dangers to bombardment. Too far and there are not enough products of stellar fusion, namely elements bigger than helium to enable life with carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. Looking closer at our system, we have the stellar habitable zone, a narrow band sometimes called the goldilocks zone. If the earth was too close to the Sun our oceans would boil off and too far they would be ice. Looking closer still, life exists on our planet only in a narrow biosphere, which can be thought of as a thin film on the surface of the planet, a few miles thick. Finally, looking within, conscious thought can occur only in your neocortex which is a gossamer membrane 2-3 mm thick on the outer surfaces of your convoluted brain. Your apprehension of all of the above is a rare miracle in the grand scheme of things.


“The most beautiful system of the sun, planets and comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.” -Introduction to the Principia by Isaac Newton

Here is the proof, chocolate is a very close cousin to happiness. You knew that already!





The geometry of the pharaoh’s face carved on the Sphinx is the same geometry behind the design of the Great Pyramid.


The combined diagonals of the boxes bounding Earth and Moon compared to their average distance from the Sun are proportioned as the foot is to the mile (99.3%).

The average distance of the Earth-Moon system to the Sun compared to the distance light travels in one revolution of the system around the Sun are proportioned as the inch is to the mile (99.9%).


I update this post periodically with images, old and new. I have made so many images that I fear I’ve forgotten more than I remember, so it’s good for me to post them somewhere searchable like this blog.

Reply  Message 16 of 29 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 08/02/2015 18:38


The Great Pyramid has a base perimeter of 1007.7 yards, as measured by Sir Flinders Petrie in 1883 and confirmed by J.H. Cole in 1925.

The mean diameter of the Earth plus the mean diameter of the Moon is 10077 miles (99.99% accurate). 1007.7 yards and 10077 miles use the exact same digits, however these measurements are in different Imperial units and scales.

The polar diameter of the Earth plus the polar diameter of the Moon is 10000 x Φ kilometers (99.98% accurate). The Greek letter Φ (phi) represents the golden ratio, which is approximately 1.618033989…

The reason that there is a difference between the mean and polar diameters of the Earth is that the equator bulges out somewhat. In fact the Earth’s diameter bulges .33% beyond a perfect circle. The Earth orbits the Sun in an ellipse whose major axis bulges 3.3% beyond the diameter of a perfect circle.

The Great Pyramid’s slope angle of 51°51′ encodes the relationship of the size of the Earth to the size of the Moon. The pyramid elevation triangle in the diagram below cuts across the Earth’s equator and connects to the center of the Moon with matching angles of 51°51′.


Dividing the 4 edges of the Great Pyramid’s base perimeter by 4 gives us its mean edge length, which turns out to be 755.775 feet.


My analysis of the Great Pyramid’s elevation reveals the repeating digits 3333 inches and 555.5 feet. This can be discovered either by drawing a vesica piscis such that the height of the almond shape intersection between the circles matches the height of the pyramid, or by inscribing an equilateral triangle within its elevation. 555.5 feet equals 6666 inches.


The Washington Monument is 555.5 feet in height. Its geometry is derived from the sacred geometry of the Great Pyramid. That is what I showed in this image from Quantification (it’s larger in the book).


I discovered that the Washington Monument is 333,333 meters from the spire on the Bank of America Tower in New York. Right now the Bank of America Tower is the third tallest building in Manhattan (soon to be eclipsed by 432 Park Avenue). The bank tower features an obelisk-like metal mast.


The Washington Monument is also 33003300 feet from the foundation of Etemenanki in ancient Babylon. It’s not entirely clear to scholars but Etemananki might also be the Tower of Babel.


The Seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg France was designed to resemble the Tower of Babel, as painted by Pieter Bruegel.

EU parliament

Vigilant Citizen’s article confirms this connection with the official poster promoting the EU Parliament building. Its inverted pentacles are another story.

EU poster

I measured the distance from the EU Parliament building to Thebes, Egypt and it is 3333 km. More specifically this exact distance is to the Colossoi of Memnon, two 720 ton statues at the ceremonial entrance to Amenhotep III’s temple built ~3333 years ago. I call this one “Seats of Power” in my book Quantification (page 57).


The hills behind Amenhotep III’s temple is the part of the Theban Necropolis known as Valley of the Kings, burial place of many a pharaoh. The Ancient Egyptians called the highest point in this valley ta dehent, or ‘The Peak’. The distance from ‘The Peak’ to Mount Everest is 3330 miles. Their shapes are even similar.

Valley of the Kings Mount Everest

Immediately across the Nile is the Temple of Luxor. In 1833 the French moved one of the pair of obelisks at the entrance of this ancient Egyptian temple to the 86400 square meter La Place de la Concorde in Paris, 33.0° across the surface of the Earth.


The distance from the Arc de Triomphe to the Louvre Pyramid is 3333 meters. Do you suppose that is an accident or design?


The oldest obelisk in the world still stands in Heliopolis but sadly, that’s all that remains of this once great ancient city where Pythagoras was educated and where the Ennead came from. It’s fitting that the City of the Sun is located 3333 miles from the highest point in the most massive mountain range on Earth, considering that the Sun is 333000 times more massive than the Earth.

Heliopolis Everest

Incidentally, the distance from Mt Everest to Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the world’s oceans, is 6066 km.

A pair of obelisks from Heliopolis were moved to Alexandria in antiquity by the Romans and almost two thousand years later they became known as Cleopatra’s Needles. In the 19th century, the English moved one of these obelisks from the harbor of Alexandria and erected it on the Victoria embankment in central London. This obelisk was moved a distance of 3333.33 kilometers. If you doubt any of these facts, check them yourself in Google Earth or using other precise methods. Part of the magic is seeing it for yourself.


The partner of this obelisk is in Central Park in Manhattan. The tip of Manhattan is 3333 km from the Great Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico. Cholula is the largest monument ever built anywhere on Earth. The sprawling Great Pyramid of Cholula has a volume twice as large as the Great Pyramid of Giza but is only 66 meters high. Manhattan has been described with such superlatives as Alpha++ Global Power City, cultural and financial capital of the world, largest city in the United States and so on. It seems fitting to compare Manhattan to Cholula.

NYC Cholula

The Germans moved the original Ishtar gate to Berlin in the 1910s. Saddam Hussein built a replica at the original site in Babylon in the 1980s. The distance between these Ishtar gates is 3333 km.


La Place de la Nation in central Paris is 3333.33 kilometers from the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. This isn’t the distance from the gas station to the hairdressers, it is the distance between symbolic national monuments. It measures 33.33° across the surface of the Earth from the Dome of the Rock to Stonehenge.


A line from the Sun King’s Hall of Mirrors at Versailles to the White House bisects the symmetric French landscape garden.

Versailles Alignment

These two power houses are exactly 3330.3 nautical miles apart.

Think about all of this. At first you might assume the threes are all part of an incredibly vast Freemasonic Conspiracy. The highest rank one can earn in the Scottish Rite is the 32nd degree. The 33rd degree is by invitation only.

Morals and Dogma

Cover of Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike

I invite you to think more deeply about it. The locations of Washington DC, New York City, Babylon, Strasbourg, Thebes, Luxor, Paris, London, Berlin, Jerusalem, Versailles, Stonehenge and Mount Everest all appear to be interrelated with repetitive threes.

A hidden hand may have shaped history.

Hidden Hand


A disembodied hand supposedly wrote MENE MENE TEKEL PERES on the wall of ancient Babylon at 32°32’32″N. Most importantly, what did the hand that shaped history write?


Belshazzar by Rembrandt (1635)

These words are known Aramaic names of measures of currency:
MENE, a mina (from the root meaning “to count”),
TEKEL, a spelling of shekel (from the root meaning “to weigh”),
PERES, half a mina (from the root meaning “to divide”).

Much is illuminated when we count, weigh, and divide the Earth. After all the word “geometry” literally means Earth measure.


Modern Baghdad is located at 33.333333°N, 44.444444°E. In fact that exact point is in a lake fronting an 864 foot diameter Martyr’s Memorial complete with oculus and eternal flame.


There are 32 boroughs surrounding the City of London.

London 33

The London Eye has 32 cars rotating around a compass-like central pivot.


Diliff CC BY 2.0

It is 333333 inches from Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square to the centre of the London Olympic Stadium. Lingam and Yoni separated by nothing but threes.


The United Nations emblem divides the Earth into 33 sectors.

UN emblem 33

In Buddhism the traditional Great Retreat lasts for 3 years, 3 months and 3 days.


Jesus supposedly lived 33.33 years and performed 33 miracles.


There are 33 bones in your spine.


The speed of sound in air varies with temperature. The speed of sound is 333.3 meters per second at 3.3°C. Escape velocity is 33 times the speed of sound. Spaceport America is located exactly at 33° latitude.


We are all part of the cosmic pattern. My work hopefully is making you more aware of this great pattern: as above, so below.


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 10/02/2015 18:19
BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 09/02/2015 14:13

Not to be missed
220 × 249 - 12k - jpg

with masonic symbols over
555 × 399 - 61k - jpg

in Venice: Cannaregio
1600 × 1200 - 133k - jpg

Tour Magdala, Rennes le
389 × 583 - 160k - jpg

Church of St. John the
667 × 500 - 38k - jpg

Masonic Symbols at the
373 × 500 - 531k - jpg

On a recent trip to Venice,
600 × 450 - 52k - jpg

Church of St. Mary Magdalene
425 × 500 - 51k - jpg

Mary Magdalene, Georges de La
409 × 599 - 81k - jpg

of the seminary of St.
555 × 368 - 55k - jpg

in the Lower Church of St
2024 × 2071 - 457k - jpg

(Page 7: Venice)
783 × 588 - 96k - jpg

Pantheon symbol
555 × 486 - 90k - jpg

1948 × 1867 - 79k - gif

depicts Mary Magdalene in
569 × 495 - 236k - jpg

St. Paulus Church (left),
1410 × 1600 - 607k - jpg

of Venice's Saturnalia are
555 × 568 - 115k - jpg

View original sizeReport
2592 × 3456 - 1974k - jpg

Church of St. Mary Magdalene,
236 × 354 - 13k - jpg

symbol suggesting masonry
555 × 555 - 66k - jpg
Venice Maddalena detail
Photo courtesy James LaMarca on the occasion of his 33rd birthday.

with masonic symbols over
555 × 399 - 61k - jpg

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Día Pi (π)

El día Pi es una fiesta no oficial que celebra la constante matemática pi (π). Se celebra el 14 de marzo en los países que siguen el formato mes / día que corresponden con los dígitos 3/14.

En los países que siguen el formato de fecha día / mes, la fiesta es después, el 22 de julio y se llama El día Pi por aproximación. Esto resulta de que el 22 de julio, o sea, el 22/7 es el valor aproximado de π (22 /7 = 3,14). 

El día Pi el 14 de marzo también coincide con el cumpleaños de Albert Einstein. Otras fechas especiales del calendario del día Pi en 2015: Será la única vez del siglo que la celebración del sábado, será un Pi muy especial: Sólo se da una vez cada 100 años. Este año, no sólo el mes y el día de la fecha (3/14) corresponden a los dígitos de la constante matemática, los dígitos del año también lo hacen. Si se escribe la fecha en el formato mes / día / año, entonces los dígitos de la fecha  3/14/15 se corresponden con los 5 primeros dígitos de pi: 3.1415.

Pero eso no es todo. El día Pi de este año va un paso más allá. A las 9:26:53 am y las 09:26:53 pm, la fecha y la hora se corresponden exactamente a los 10 primeros dígitos de pi: 3,141592653. Muchas personas están llamando a este el segundo Pi. Aunque hay un cierto desacuerdo sobre si habrá dos o un segundo Pi. Los más "puristas" creen que sólo puede haber un segundo Pi el de las 9:26:53 am, considerando que a las 09:26:53 pm en el reloj de 24 horas son las 21:26:53. 
A este respecto Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, profesor de Estadística de la Universidad de Toronto ha propuesto la designación del instante Pi: El instante exacto en el que la fecha y hora incluyen todos los dígitos de pi.
Cuenta atrás para el Segundo Pi
Una constante antigua y universal Pi (π), es una letra ampliamente conocida y una de las constantes matemáticas más reconocida, el diámetro en el espacio euclidiano o la relación del área de un círculo con su radio al cuadrado. El valor de PI es aproximadamente igual a 3.14159265, pero es un número irracional y su representación decimal nunca termina.  

Día paléndromo
El día Pi fue fundado por Larry Shaw y se celebró por primera vez en 1988 en el Exploratorium de San Francisco.
El público y el personal del museo marcharon alrededor de un espacio circular y comiern pasteles de frutas.
Los estudiantes, los matemáticos y los entusiastas de las matemáticas de todo el mundo celebran el Día Pi participando en actividades y concursos alrededor de pi que incluye hacer y comer empanadas, convertir números tales como el tiempo o la edad de cada uno usando pi, y recitar los dígitos de pi o ver la famosa película en blanco y negro Pi (1988) de Darren Aronofsk

Días alternativos Pi y aproximación Pi se pueden celebrar en otras fechas del calendario como:
  • 22 de julio: Cuando 22 se divide por 7, resulta igual a 3.14.
  • 5 de Abril: Cuando han transcurrido 3,14 meses del año.
  • 26 de Abril: La Tierra ha viajado dos radianes de su órbita en el día de hoy (25 de abril en los años bisiestos). Esta se celebra exactamente en el segundo 41 del minuto 23 de la cuarta hora, el 26 de abril o el día 116. (En los años bisiestos, se celebra exactamente en el tercer segundo del segundo minuto de la hora 12 el 25 de abril o el día 116 del año.)
  • 10 de november: El día 314 del año (9 de noviembre en años bisiestos).
  • 21 de Diciembre, a las 1:13 p.m.: El 355 día del año (20 de diciembre en los años bisiestos), que se celebra a las 1:13 de la aproximación china 355/113.
  • http://elsoberadotecnologia.blogspot.com.ar/2015/03/dia-pi.html 

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source of quote and free pdf:

And here we are 101 years later and I feel we are again knocking on the door attempting to cross over that line.


With triangular arms that do not fill the square (sometimes not called pattée but a variant of the Maltese cross; see also variation of the St George’s cross)

With the ends of the arms convex and curved; sometimes called “Alisee”.
(French croix pattée alésée arrondie)

Cross pattée – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



cross and crown laid upon a cross pattée inscribed with “In Hoc Signo Vinces” resting upon downward pointing swords in saltire is often used to represent the Knights Templar.
(The various symbols used allude to the orders of the body, though the cross and crown is often used alone as well.)

The earliest documented link between Freemasonry and the Crusades is the 1737 oration of the Chevalier Ramsay.

This claimed that European Freemasonry came about from an interaction between crusader masons and the Knights Hospitaller.

So is the 137 in the year 1737 a coincidence or do we have more evidence of a ‘numerical’ narrative that seems to keep pace with the bIbLE  narrative comprised of letters and words resulting in a state of IsraEL being formed?

sator square 1173 Church of San Giovanni (Campiglia Marittima) 1of2

Sator Square ~ Parish Church of San Giovanni (St. John) Campiglia Marittima, province of Livorno.

Abbreviations normally used at the time conventionaly replaced some letters with circumflex accents: we have substituted small letters for those missing. The words Cator Matheus, put in parenthesis, are carved on a stone on the other side of the architrave but are a part of the same inscription.

The translation of the words is as follows:

“The sinner Matthew achieved this work through the Grace of God: O Brothers, pray God, so that He will forgive the sins committed.”

The date, at the beginning of the inscription, has been interpreted in different ways, according to how the letter “S” is deciphered.

The theory supported by Prof. P. Bacci in 1910 upheld that it stood for the number 6, making the date of construction 1109. More recent studies, which consider the “S” an abbreviation of seventy, argue that the date is 1173.

I would argue based on the fact the Knights Templar were arrested in 1307, that 1173 is the ‘idea’ being passed forward not 1109.
Though 1109 hinting at a 911 could be a possibility too.

Dr. George Merkl (1920-2004), Ph.D, PhD, was a Nuclear Physicist and Molecular Biologist.

Dr. Merkl is listed in “Who’s Who Among Pioneers in Science Today” and holds several awards in Physics and Biology. His final and most momentus discovery involved “particle biochemistry” and the Secret of Life.

He is the author of “Inner Space (Unified Theory)”, and has discovered new treatments which can cure HIV-AIDS, cancer, and many other degenerative diseases naturally.

Life Crystals, made of adenosine tri­phosphate (ATP) and guanosine tri-phosphate (GTP) and their precursors, are optically active and are capable of polarizing, absorbing and storing light.

One result of being able to provide concentrated, specially charged and readily available ATP and GTP, is that it is possible to ensure the optimum energy levels necessary for cellular and genetic repair, growth and function.

The Chondriana are human in origin.
They are our precursors.

They are micro-organisms which have been synthesized from human DNA. The Chondriana existed three and a half billion years ago. We had life forms back then that were capable of reproducing or mass producing all our organs. There is a micro-organism which has been found fossilized in western Australia dated three and a half billion years old. It is identical to the Chondriana. The Chondriana (ancient female micro-organisms) give birth to the Chondrions (ancient male micro organisms). Every organelle in our cells was at one time produced by similar female Chondriana.

In other words, we had life forms, back three and a half billion years ago that were capable of reproducing all our organs. We had factories in our cells, which we do not have today, which produced the organelles inside our cells. In so many ways we have de-evolved.

With this discovery we can correct the atrophy that has taken hold of us at a deep cellular level and activate dormant DNA codes to regenerate ourselves.

(I just happen to be the 137th viewer!)


more info found here:

In part 1 introduction George tells us he came to the west from the east in the year I was born, 1957.
(I do not believe in coincidences so my attention ‘span’ has been heightened and lengthened … btw)
George and ME both arrived alive in the year of IGY – 1957, the most intense solar flare/sunspot activity we have on record….was in 1957-58 

As mentioned I also happened to be the 137th viewer of this video.
Coincidence or evidence that I should watch this video?

@6:35 George says a few things.

He mentions phrases like FREE ENERGY, the ENERGY of CREATION, and the BREATH of GOD followed immediately by the words 918 pairs of ‘scrolls’ of this FREE ENERGY …

well that was enough for me 
for now

918 pairs of SCROLLS?

holy moly torah batman 
I have a problem ya see, I look at clues from all angLEs using my angEL POV. 
I read from right to left and  from left to right.

So how do we connect 918 to 819?
Will it allow us to merge east with west?

13 x 7 x 9 = 819

Note this formula was used by the Mayans to help tell TIME and by FREEMASONS like George Washington when to lay a cornerstone for the temple you plan on building…. what a Capital IDEA!

George M. gives us insights to George W.   

But as a searcher of the TRUTH, I knew that IF my work was TRUE BLUE it must connect with other inspired TRUTH seekers.

In this video lecture by George Merkl he suggests that Sumerian technology is poised to making a 21st century comeback….this next image is taken from GM’s Sumerian lecture.

In this image do you see:

1/ the hexagon/star of david?
2/ the maltese/templar cross?
3/ the left facing swastika inside the maltese cross?

What is the connection between the Maltese Cross, the Swastika, and THEY who are in the know?

   Why is the swastika used as a SEAL for the Buddha’s HEART?

Can we ignore this vital clue? 

For how much longer?


George Merkl Sumerian Technology meshes with KNIGHTS TEMPLAR SATOR A-E-O-N CROSS

And that is fantastic because we now have another confirmation.
It helps to explain why we can associate the Knight’s Templar Rotas/Sator Magic Square to Roger Penrose/Ed Witten Twistor String Theory!



MORE more more of the same;

selah V

to be continued

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Rosicrucian Lectures – Vesica Piscis – Robert Gilbert and Raphael

December 30, 2012 – 12:38 pm

	frac{1351}{780} > sqrt{3} > 	frac{265}{153},.

The mathematical ratio of the height of the vesica piscis to the width across its center is the square root of 3, or 1.7320508… (since if straight lines are drawn connecting the centers of the two circles with each other and with the two points where the circles intersect, two equilateral triangles join along an edge). The ratios 265:153 = 1.7320261… and 1351:780 = 1.7320513… are two of a series ofapproximations to this value, each with the property that no better approximation can be obtained with smaller whole numbers. Archimedes of Syracuse, in his On the Measurement of the Circle, uses these ratios as upper and lower bounds:

In Buddhism, the swastika signifies auspiciousness and good fortune as well as the Buddha’s footprints and the Buddha’s heart.
The swastika is said to contain the whole mind of the Buddha and can often be found imprinted on the chest, feet or palms of Buddha images.
It is also the first of the 65 auspicious symbols on the footprint of the Buddha.

6 5

The swastika has also often been used to mark the beginning of Buddhist texts. In China and Japan, the Buddhist swastika was seen as a symbol of plurality, eternity, abundance, prosperity and long life.
The swastika is used as an auspicious mark on Buddhist temples and is especially common in Korea. It can often be seen on the decorative borders around paintings, altar cloths and banners. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is also used as a clothing decoration.

The most striking change Dalí makes from nearly every other crucifixion painting concerns the cross. Instead of painting Christ on a wooden cross, Dalí depicts him upon the net of a hypercube, also known as a tesseract. The unfolding of a tesseract into eight cubes is analogous to unfolding the sides of a cube into six squares. The use of a hypercube for the cross has been interpreted as a geometric symbol for the transcendental nature of God

Just as God exists in a space that is incomprehensible to humans, the hypercube exists in four spatial dimensions, which is equally inaccessible to the mind.

The net of the hypercube is a three-dimensional representation of it, similar to how Christ is a human form of God that is more relatable to people. The word “corpus” in the title can refer both to the body of Christ and to geometric figures, reinforcing the link Dalí makes between religion and mathematics and science.

Christ’s levitation above the Earth could symbolize His rise above Earthly desire and suffering. The motif of the cube is present elsewhere: Gala is standing on one and the chessboard is made up of squares.

However what I found interesting was this description that accompanies the image, specifically the part about the knees.

In viewing the original one is immediately struck by the simplicity of the landscape, background, and Christ’s body contrasted with the classic realism of Gala/Madonna and the relatively grotesque detail amplification of Christ’s knees and hands. In the original painting you can see at least 5 images of Gala in Christ’s right knee and 5 images of Salvador in Christ’s left knee. It would be interesting to view this under ultraviolet and infrared light to explore what else Dali may have hidden in this painting.
Oddly the only other art I’ve seen to take direct inspiration of ‘hidden images in knees’ is male erotic Tom of Finland ‘biker boy’ 1982 where a lower woman’s torso is hidden in right knee; a man’s upper torso and phalic image are hidden in the left.
Well I do want to offer another ‘hidden image’.
Here is a image dated from the same era as the SHROUD of TURIN.
I have cropped out a portion of the Girona Tapestry  circa 11th-12th century.
It shows Adam ‘naming’ the animals in Eden. Take a look at Adam’s knees!
Swastikas on both.To the right of Adam are the stag and unicorn both associated with Jesus Christ.
To the left we see a serpent and a strange creature that has bat wings for ears.


complete image:

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Image on the right I have highlighted the vescia piscis on the ax from Rome.

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Late breaking news…
I am the source of this breakthrough… :oops:

The 55 holes (with a 56th at one time evident) found in the Grand Gallery is a reference to DNA, I suspect.

How do I know?
The evidence is pointing me in that direction.

source of  image:
Ever wondered how the Kaaba looked inside

S H A R Z A R W A A N  55  Rings of Brass

55 brass rings line the perimeter of the Kaaba cube in Mecca

more info:


Though it should be noted I did find one photograph posted on wiki that has 56 brass rings, the 56th being placed in the southern corner of a diamond configuration, however in the image above the 56th brass ring can be seen in the top left.
[I want to mention at this time that  the Freemasons lay their cornerstone in the northeast.

Similar to Stonehenge, the ‘heelstone’ (healstone?) is placed in northeast.]

Also in regards to Stonehenge we find that there are  56 Aubrey Holes in the most outer circle, not 55
(…but it should be noted that the 56th hole blocks direct line of sight from the ‘center’ of Stonehenge out to the Heel Stone)

So in Mekkah (the real spelling of Mecca), in Stonehenge, and in the Great Pyramid we seem to have a significant common denominator identified as 55 vs. 56 

and this quote was taken from wiki:

The true purpose of the holes may never be known, although future excavation of the remaining twenty-four using modern archaeological techniques will certainly provide more information.

Well I disagree, the fact the Aubrey Holes were treated as ‘tombs’ suggests my theory that these ARKetypal temples are in some way connected to our DNA.



And of course it is another coincidence that the Heel Stone is about the same distance from the center of Stonehenge as is the Black Door (where they hold service for dead Popes) is from the Obelisk in St. Peter Square.

’55’ X-perts went to ____ and asked is DNA the HOLY GRAIL?

The DNA KEYHOLE temple theory also aligns itself with the best of the other theories that currently exist regarding Stonehenge.
One theory was that it was a solar/lunar calculator, and the most current debate is fueled by the theory that it was a healing center.
Well our DNA is altered on the altar called Earth, and both the solar and lunar cycles are playing a role in how our DNA is affected from cradle to grave.
In other words we have great evidence NOW that the ancients saw a connection between our DNA and the dance of the coSmoS.

image: The Dimensions of Paradise
by John Michell 

note: in the above image we have a pentagon with 5 edges  and a hexagon with 6 edges sharing a common edge.
Therefore we end up with a geometric shape that has 9 edges not 11.
Compare to the images of DNA below.

It does appear therefore, based on the primal prime numbers, and other archetypal clues based on shape/form, that my IDEA or theory has great merit.

We also find:
>> 55 black and white dots in the Ho Tu (I Ching)
>> 55 atoms comprise ATCG
>> 55 = SS = Holy Spirit

>> 55 km is also a ‘boundary’ surrounding the earth, 55 AU is one too.

>> 56 = 5 + 6 = 11 = II = two pillars?


source of images and great info:

Ho Tu 55 black and white dots  and 55 is the sum of the numbers 1-10
Next to DNA’s nucleotides ATCG

And YA sure it is all a coincidence, that the 5 pointed pentagram/pentagon and 6 pointed hexagram/hexagon were both amulets/Seals of Solomon, and lo and behold LOOK it is the same geoMEtry (pentagon rings and hexagon rings married) that we find manifest in the chemistry of ATCG of DNA.

And how do we make the jump from the RIGHT geometric brain to the LEFT algebraic one?

Does FIVE have anything to do with F + IVE = F + I37?

…what SOUND is F ?
…what is 137?
...why are both the physicist/mystic enamored by 137?


And I almost missed the 91.37 cubit reference to the length of the GRAND GALLERY, which I had previously connected to why we build TEMPLEs based on the structure of our DNA…so we can enter the DNA Temples and thus heal our selves in ways we have yet to master….

BiNgo score another direct hit for the MM MaN.
The Myrrh-ijuana Mystic MaN.

 “…The Amphora, the Rosetta Fractal, DNA and the Holy Grail”

But wait there is ONE MORE GREAT reason why the numbers 1379 are important.

The number 5 is the number assigned to ‘MAN’.
If you surround the 5 with the numbers 1379 what configuration do you arrive at?


cha ching we have one of two sources that would combine to become the I-Ching!

Those 5 odd/yang numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) comprise the + of the 3×3 LO SHU Magic Square, (in the corners are the EVEN female numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?) which is fundamental to the I Ching, the Chinese ‘bible’ re: morality, causal/acausal synchronicities’, it is their Book of Changes of Transformations, eastern alchemy, a blend of science, theology, and the metaphysical.

XX Mystic recovers Mystic Tablet i.e. the 3rd Bagua Arrangement to the I-Ching … now what?

You folks will need to wait for my book….ETA?
(Can’t say when it will be completed. I know now that I might need to come back, again, and again, in order to put the finishing touches on me mnemonic, meme, magnum opus)

Pray it gets to print before the I37  aLIEn  :lol:  invasion takes place.
An invasion designed to instill FEAR.
IMHO aLIEns are evidence of a mass hysteria that I see ‘we the sheeple’ consciousness is being directed toward.

The Philosopher King/Queen, the ONE-who-is-to-come, will take a REAL GOOD look at their OWN life, and they will put all the pieces together in a language that is comprehensible to each and ALL.
A simple truth that encompasses science, theology, philosophy and the arts, reduced to ONE idea we can all rally around.

Till then, it will be bu$ine$$ a$ u$ual.

End of story…

hardly…here is an update:

SS ‘the Holy Spirit’

Held up to a mirror this image yields pi.

i.e. in the mirror the SS or 55 looks like a 22 surrounded by 7 doves.

Leonardo Da Vinci might suggest the above image of the Holy Spirit SS/55 >>> put to the test using a mirror leads us to pi >>> 22/7 and >>> 3 1/7

Try to remember we are trying to recall how those memory games would have been played, recalling ideas by utilizing associations and correspondences.  Both the QaBaLaH and I-Ching promote learning about the universe by being keen observers of nature, and noting the associations and correspondences that must exist if the concept of an underlying unity is even to be considered.


The Templar/Maltese Cross was formed by joining the letters A-E-O-N

4 x AEON and AEON or AION means AGES.

So we have a reference to the 4 AGES
(gold, silver, bronze, iron is one version)

Knights Templar Magic Square has 25 units

It can be thought of as 5×5 or 5^2

The Maltese Cross and language:




The Maltese Cross and the Great Pyramid:

So there appear to be correspondences/connections between all of the above.
i.e. Sator Square (Knights Templar), Maltese Cross, 25, Great Pyramid design

http://www.amazon.com/Great-Pyramid-Dec … 1852307935

But what did I find in this book that got me excited again?
I went looking for information about the 55 holes in the Grand Gallery (DNA archetype) and found 56 like in Stonehenge.
But in the Great Pyramid where the 56th hole should be we find this:

visit the well >>

55 DNA Temples – Holy Spirit – SS – the KEYHOLE

But it was the MANY references to 25 primitive inches = 1 sacred cubit that caught my eye.
All of the following references to the number ‘25‘ are listed in the book :

25 (primitive inches)
It is suggested that the missing capstone would be 5 points 5 sides

And as listed in the book, the references to 25 are associated with all of the following:

the ONE-who-is-to-come
the Great Initiate
the birth of enlightenment
the Messianic Ideal

What the hell is a Messianic ideal?
Is an idea and the IdEaL essentially the same thing?

Does the ‘Well’ lead to a Hell or lower realm?
Yes it does…

And ONE day folks will realize that 25 = ZS, and the Holy Spirit or SS is in fact a reference to the number 55 and our DNA structure on the atomic level.
This has been proved that we have 55 atoms associated with all the building blocks of life called ACGT.

And we know another fact that is easily confirmed.
Somebody long ago felt that there were 10 Rules or 10 Commandments we should be aware of and live by.
Simple addition reveals the sum of the numbers 1 thru 10 = 55 
And it is also a fact of life that at some point in our ‘fractal self-similar’ evolution we were sent another reminder of how to interpret the inPHOmation that ‘just is’.

“… the 55 seems to be generated at the completion of the fine structure constant 137 that comes in horizontally on the number 21 …”

-Anthony Morris

The 10 Commandments are listed in Exodus 20:3-17.
Can we in fact find a profound correlation between Exodus 20:3-17, the 3 Mother letters, 7 double letters, and 12 single letters AND the position of ACGT as letters in the Alephbet?
Recall that Alpha = 1/137 = the fine structure constant.

Oh my oh my what has been recovered?
Could it be this simple?
go to the comments below:

To me it all adds up to 137 along with hinting that the Exodus across the Red Sea could be another clue in fact that the Red Sea could be the Reed See, and the corpus callosum, that ‘barrier that divides our LEFT and RIGHT brain.

What consistent connection can we find between the Egyptians and many other pagan/heathen/indigenous basket weaving CULTures concerning reeds and magic squares and sacred knots?


So what do the SwiSS and Vatican City have in common?
And how do we use simple geometry (some like to call sacred) as the link between Switzerland and the Vatican City.
It really is simple as counting 1   2   3
The most primitive societies count in this manner …

1 … 2 … many

One to many?

The most primitive societies have no number for anything beyond ‘3’.
And that is rather interesting because we can find a profound analogy in string theory that suggests the same thing.
There is no need to count beyond three when looking for patterns.

So here is yet another AHA I want to share.
There is only ONE country in the entire world that is currently using a distinctly shaped flag that is NOT a square or rectangle.

Only ONE.

And it is Nepal.
I see a number ’13’.
How about you?





larger image of the Tabernacle Floorplan:

The Holy See (Latin: Sancta Sedes “holy chair”) is the episcopal jurisdictionof the Catholic Church in Rome. The primacy of Rome makes itsbishopthe worldwide leader of the Catholic Church, commonly known as the Pope. It is the preeminent episcopal seeof the Catholic Church, forming the central government of the Church. As such, diplomatically, the Holy See acts and speaks for the whole Catholic Church.

The ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) is one of the three sectors (divisions or units) of the International Telecommunication Union(ITU); it coordinates standards for telecommunications.

ITU-T has a permanent secretariat, the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB), based at the ITU HQ in GenevaSwitzerland.

ITU-Tassigned code 379 to Vatican City. However, Vatican City is included in the Italian telephone numbering plan and uses the Italian country code 39, followed by 06 (for Rome) and 698.

Rome = 39

And how do we connect ROME to VBM and a much bigger picture?

click on link:  

Swastika – 396 – ABHA Kingdom – 1251 – Yin Yang – Greek KEY fret pattern – Saturnalia

fig. 513 Ya – Holy Ax

YA = fig. 513 and it also is called the HOLY AX and the same ‘characters’ are again found in fig. 525 which means LONGEVITY.
The characters that resemble the numerals 5 and 2.

52 placed in the north and 25 in the south lead us to another clue about the need to go back to the Well, the 3×3 Lo Shu magic square, and Marko Rodin’s recovery of Vortex Based Mathematics!

And perhaps a solution has been retrieved from the collective unconscious, regarding one of Jesus’s famous miracles?

How to feed 5000 people using 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish

The oldest traces of hominid existence in Switzerland date back about 150,000 years.[19] The oldest known farming settlements in Switzerland, which were found at Gächlingen, have been dated to around 5300 BC.

‘SS GoddeSS Civilizations’ and the Vinca script 55oo B.C.

Which brings us back to the beginning of this IDEA I had about patterns and how to communicate….SS truthS!

1  dot/pebble/stone represents the SPACE between the PARTS of a LETTER
3  dots/pebbles/stones represents the SPACE between TWO LETTERS
7  dots/pebbles/stones represents the SPACE between TWO WORDS

Sticks and Stones can break ME bones but calling me names will never ever hurt me.

IGNORANCE of SOUND a.k.a. hertz hurts you.

Wang Mang<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />                 "Large Coin, Fifty" (da quan wu shi) with four<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />                 lines extending from square hole (si chu)

The “Large Coin, Fifty” (da quan wu shi 大泉五十) exists in many sizes and varieties.

The example above is one of the rarer varieties.  It has four lines extending from the corners of the hole to the rim which the Chinese refer to as si chu (四出). (diameter: 26.8 mm, weight: 4.2 grams)


I need to study coins.
Because they were the currency of THOTH thoughts too.

The strange relationship that John Michell was alluding to in the above image between pi and phi has been solved by Livio Catullo Stecchini.


Naturally, Sonnet 55 is addressed to Hiram Abiff.

The reason we can be sure of this has to do with two Key words in the text of Sonnet 55—they are “masonry” and “arise”.

Sonnet 55 is the ONLY Shakespearean sonnet in which these two crucial words are to be found. The clincher is that the words masonry and arise are conjoined by precisely 55 words—again, this is not a coincidence, rather it is an affirmation.




KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

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Sapientia Aedificavit Sibi Domum. Es decir, "la sabiduría ha edificado aquí su casa". Resulta curioso que la misma frase aparece en el Evangelio de María Magdalena, un texto apócrifo. Se dice que en el interior de esta iglesia y de otras muchas de Venecia está escondido el tesoro de los templarios. Pero no hay ninguna prueba de ello. Para terminar ya con esta entrada me gustaría que nos acercásemos un momento a uno de los edificios más emblemáticos de Venecia: el Palacio Ducal.
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"¡Oh profundidad de las riquezas de la sabiduría (sophia)
y de la ciencia (gnwsiV, gnosis) de Dios!
¡Cuán incomprensibles son sus juicios, e inescrutables sus caminos!"
(Romanos, 11: 33).


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milky way in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( m 13 i9 l 12 k 11 y 25 0 w 23 a1 y 25 )
queen mary in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( q 17 u 21 e5 e5 n 14 0 m 13 a1 r 18 y 25  
hebrew calendar in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( h8 e5 b2 r 18 e5 w 23 0 c3 a1 l 12 e5 n 14 d4 a1 r 18
mary magdalene in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 ( m 13 a1 r 18 y 25 0 m 13 a1 g7 d4 a1 l 12 e5 n 14 e5  
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Golden Ratio in Geometry

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