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Reply  Message 1 of 27 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 20/09/2011 15:34

Jerusalem's latitude and longitude at the exact center of the city totals 666. N 31:47 and E 35:13 = 3147 + 3513 = 6660 = 666.

Interestingly, at the 31:47N, 35:13E, the hotel of Arcadia is found. The hotel boasts as being directly in the center of the city of Jerusalem. As seen in part 10 click here , Arcadia is another name for Atlantis, the false garden of Eden.


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Reply  Message 13 of 27 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 02/05/2014 04:46

Traditionally, Magic Squares are made for the spheres of the Tree of Life, based on the number of the sphere. In the case of the sixth sphere, it is the Magic Square of the Sun, where a 6 x 6 grid is made with the numbers 1 through 36 placed inside --


Magic Square of the Sun


Each row, column and diagonal adds to 111 (There were 111 days left in the year on 9-11-2001). All the numbers added amount to 666. Of course, that is the famous number given in Revelation 13:18 --


Wisdom 666 Biblical quote


I believe this is in reference to mankind during the time cycle dealing with the lower three chakras, which are the animal instincts -- the will to survive, to procreate, and to succeed. According to Joseph Campbell, the Virgin Birth represents the birth of the spiritual human out of the animal human, which  happens at the heart chakra.


Revelation 17:11 also speaks of the beast --


As for the beast quote


Indications are that this Biblical beast corresponds to the Swallower Beast of the Egyptians, as displayed in this judgment scene from the Book of the Dead, where the heart is weighed against a feather --


Judgment Scene from the Egyptian Book of the Dead


There are seven spherical nodules along the pole from near the bottom on up to the crossbeam. Mythologists have interpreted them as corresponding to the seven chakras of the human body. The snout of the beast and the Judgment Seat are positioned between the third and fourth nodules, corresponding to the third and fourth chakras. The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. If the heart weighs more than the feather, the dead soul is devoured by the beast, meaning that the person must be reborn to try again.


In terms of Revelation 17:11, this beast will be destroyed in the future -- meaning that this death/rebirth karmic cycle will come to an end. Negative karma will no longer be a problem when humanity en mass has reached the heart chakra level of consciousness evolution. Violations will not take place when each person operates from their own heart's center, and understands that we are all one.


On 22 July 2004 (Pi Day 22/7), a confirmation came -- the Chakra System crop circle formation appeared at Pewsey White Horse --


Chakra System Crop Circle Formation of 2004

Chakra System
Crop Formation


A swastika cross type crop formation was nearby, which aligned between the third and fourth chakras -- quite like the scene above, from the Book of the Dead. The Crown chakra (the seventh chakra) was pointing to the white horse on the hill side.



666 Star of David


The 6th sphere of the Tree of Life (Tiphareth) corresponds to the heart chakra. It seems clear that sphere 6 is symbolized by the Seed of Life symbol. The traditional symbol for the heart chakra is a 12 petal lotus flower, with a Star of David inside. A Star of David also associates with the Seed of Life, as lines can be drawn between major points to form a six-pointed star.


The Star of David symbol associates with the number 666 in this way --


666 Star of David


The Seed of Life is part of a series of geometric shapes called the Flower of Life, one of which is Metatron's Cube, which also has a type of Star of David inside. In addition, the Seed of Life is associated with the sixth day of creation.

Following the logic, the next step, the seventh day, or the day of rest, would correspond to the central circle or all seven circles and perhaps the number 777.

I reported a coincidence involving a dream in the early 1990s, which suggested that the seventh day of creation, based on the 1991 Barbury Castle crop formation. A primary focus was the North Sun glyph, which contains certain portions of the Seed of Life geometry.


Reply  Message 14 of 27 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 21/09/2014 23:10
  • Secrets of the Giza Pyramids - World Mysteries Blog

    18 May 2011 ... To then find the same answers within 144,000 and 666… it totally blew me away.
    ... http://www.ronaldbirdsall.com/gizeh/petrie/index.htm ...
  • [PDF] 

    Beastly 666 Magic - World-Mysteries.com

    Major Design Elements of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Found Imbedded in ... 2
    W.M.F. Petrie – The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh – Published London 1883 ...
  • Khufu Cheops Great Pyramid Inscription Giza Colette Dowell CT

    J.Iuliano's interpretation of the inscription on the Great Pyramid of Khufu, Cheops
    ... located in Giza, Egypt .... ( 666 ^ 6 ) / ( 37 ^ 3 ) / pmev / ( 10 ^ 6 ) = pmev / emev.
  • PYRAMID CODES - Whgbetc.com

    The Pyramid Matrix Codes. Giza The ancient sites around the world are very
    precisely positioned on a ... 315 + 351 = 666 2160 miles is the diameter of the
  • Operations Carried on at the Pyramids of Gizeh in 1837:: With an ... - Resultado de Google Books

    in performing pilgrimages to the Pyramids, sacrificed hens and black calves, and
    ... 666, in Uri's Catalogue, contains an account of the Sabaean observances.
  • the code of carl munck, and ancient gematrian numbers - part one

    He saw workers constructing the Great Pyramid at Giza. .... familiar with the Greek
    system of Gematria, or others, which have numbers such as 666, 777 and 888.
  • MYSTERIES of the PYRAMIDS of GIZEH - YouTube

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=paw_jKc-p1E20 Ago. 2012 - 6 min. - Subido por CatholicusRomanus
    MYSTERIES of the PYRAMIDS of GIZEH .... 188+161+150 Mystery of Pyramids in ...
  • The Pyramids And The End Of The World; 12/3/12 To 12/21/12 ...

    30 Nov 2012 ... I have researched the Giza Pyramid complex before and feel that it has ... The
    goal of this report is to re-establish the Great Pyramid of Gizeh as a beautiful .....
    The winning lottery number in Illinois was 666, which, as everyone ...
  • The Revelation of the Pyramids - Watch Free Documentary Online

    The Revelation Of The Pyramids takes an in depth look into one of the seven ...
    They should put the pyramidian back on top of the Giza pyramid (if indeed it is the
    ...... http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HXKRJBSRX666M777MLCQW6NT3A Maciej.
  • Giza Precession Wheel - Update, page 1 - Above Top Secret

    This simplified Gize Precession Wheel hypothesis shows then that the 'important
    times' will always commence 666 years after the belt stars reach .... With TWO
    stars (pyramids at Giza) the problem is much the same since any ...

  • Reply  Message 15 of 27 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 21/09/2014 23:12
    The Pyramid Matrix Codes

    GizaThe ancient sites around the world are very precisely positioned on a global coordinate system (grid) in relation to the position of the Great Pyramid at Giza.
    The positions of the sites are given in the geometry of their construction. A very ancient system of numbers was used in the system.
    The Code system is quite like the cartographic system still used today . . . which was probably handed down to us from very ancient times. In both the old and new reckoning systems, the earth is divided into 360 degrees around the equator for longitude coordinates, and latitude coordinates are reckoned at 90 degrees, from the equator to either Pole. Each degree is further divided into 60 "minutes," and each minute is divided into 60 "seconds." Thus, by giving the degrees, minutes, and seconds of East or West longitude and same for the North or South latitude, we can "locate" any point on the earth, similar to the way we give two street addresses to locate a place in our cities and towns. The big difference between the two systems is that today we use Greenwich, England as the starting point (zero degrees), or "Prime Meridian," for the longitude coordinates, whereas the ancients used the Great Pyramid of Giza.
    DELIVERED THROUGH THE PYRAMID CODEX IN NEARLY THE EXACT METHODOLOGY THEY USED IN KEYING THE EARTH'S EQUATORIAL CIRCUMFERENCE TO THE CUBE ROOT OF DOUBLE-PI when they built the Great Pyramid at Giza are the same ones preserved in eastern metrology and western calendrical computing; square roots and tangents - all keyed to the terrestrial speed of light.
    "Someone back there had it all; maps of enviable accuracy, a complete knowledge of every inch of our planet, a thorough understanding of mathematics and, yes, even calculators and computers we take for granted today - because without such tools, they could never have put it all together. Why do I say that? Because the U.S. Geological Survey advises me that they have the only computer in the United States which is programmed to calculate accurate distances between widely separated points anywhere on the planet - which means - that before the ancients could have marked out the pyramid grid system, they required a computer of the same caliber!!" Carl Munck
    The great accuracy of The Code holds true only with the latest satellite mapping coordinates. Carl says the plates of the earth have shifted a bit since some of the sites were built. Since, "The Code" shows accuracy within yards, the question is, "How did the ancients know how to do this." He thinks it is like a time-capsule, because it could have never been figured it out until now. Many years ago, the ancient sites were not located at the same coordinates where we find them today; so, whoever devised "The Code" must have known where the sites would be located in the future.


    from: 153 Music, Stonehenge and The Great Pyramid by James Furia

    D# = 152.89924 cycles per second, the augmented 4th from its root "A." This interval was outlawed a few hundred years ago. Divide by pi = the radius of the inner circle of Stonehenge. Multiplied by pi = height of the Great Pyramid.
    Also, this note is extremely close to the number 153, an ancient Pythagorean story problem that "The Code" has solved. Found in The Bible, John Chap 21, Jesus returns from the dead and mentions this highly significant number to some of the apostles. What was discovered recently is that the entrance to the Great Pyramid is at the 17th course (level)
    1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17 = 153
    17 X 9 (total pyramids at the Giza complex) = 153
    204 (total courses of stone on the Great Pyramid) / 1.3333333(a 4th in music intervals) = 153
    360 feet up the Great Pyramid is the 153rd course
    The length of the grand gallery inside the Great Pyramid is 153 feet
    153 + 513 = 666 6 x 6 x 6 = 216(new standard)
    315 + 351 = 666 2160 miles is the diameter of the moon
    135 + 531 = 666 (not the devil but astronomy)
    1 and 5 and 3 are the degrees in a scale used to make a chord



    The Great Ballcourt at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan (above) is 545 feet long and 225 feet wide, with walls on each side 30 feet high and 120 feet apart. Theoretically, the structure should have had poor acoustics, but as every visitor to Chichen knows, it possesses amazing acoustic properties. It has no vault, no continuity between the walls and is totally open to the sky. Each end has a raised temple area. A whisper from one end can be heard clearly at the other end 500 feet away and through the length and breadth of the court. Sound waves are unaffected by wind direction or time of day or night.

    from: The Message of the Sphinx, by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval (pages 37, 38):

    "Also 'almost impossible', since the mathematical value opi (3.14) is not supposed to have been calculated by any civilization until the Greeks stumbled upon it in the third century BC, is the fact the designed height of the Great Pyramid - 481.3949 feet - bears the same relationship to its base perimeter (3023.16 feet) as does the circumference of any circle to its radius.
    Equally 'impossible' - at any rate for a people like the ancient Egyptians who are supposed to have known nothing about the true shape and size of our planet - is the relationship, in a scale of 1 : 43,200, that exists between the dimensions of the Pyramid and the dimensions of the earth. Setting aside for the moment the question of whether we are dealing with coincidence here, it is a simple fact, verifiable on any pocket calculator, that if you take the monument's original height (481.3949 feet) and multiply it by 43,200 you get a quotient of 3938.685 miles. This is an underestimate by just 11 miles of the true figure for the polar radius of the earth (3949 miles) worked out by the best modern methods. Likewise, if you take the monument's perimeter at the base (3023.16 feet) and multiply this figure by 43,200 then you get 24,734.94 miles - a result that is within 170 miles of the true equatorial circumference of the earth (24,902 miles). Moreover, although 170 miles sounds quite a lot, it amounts, in relation to the earth's total circumference, to a minus-error of only three quarters of a single per cent."

    Other points in the matrix
    Egypt's El Kula Pyramid (at 36), its Bent Pyramid of Seneferu (180), the Druid Mound in Massachusetts (180), the earthen ideogram ("Fort") at Newark Ohio (2160), the Temple of the Atlantes at Tula in Mexico (2880), Giza's Sphinx (5400), Georgia's Kolomoki Mound* (7200), Ohio's Seip Mound (8640), Mississipi's Emerald Mound and the Red Pyramid of Seneferu at Dahshur (10,800), the ideogram at Franklin Ohio (16,200), the Great Triangle drawn on the Plains of Nazca in Peru (17,280), Germany's Go-Low Earthcircle near Bonn (27,000), the "EYE" on the mile-long "FACE" at Poverty Point, Louisiana (32,400), the Oregon Vortex (48,600), MANOS, another drawing on Nazca's Plains, Peru (64,800), North Bimini's Shark Mound and the Pyramid of the Magicians at Uxmal (129,600) - ALL OF WHICH ARE DIVISIBLE BY 360!
    kolomoki mounds*Kolomoki Mounds State Historic Park (photo left) is an important archaeological site as well as a scenic recreational area. The seven earthen mounds within the park were built between 350 AD and 750 AD by prehistoric Woodland Period Native American cultures identified by archaeologists as Swift Creek (Kolomoki) and Weeden Island Indian cultures. The mounds include what may be Georgia's oldest great temple mound, two burial mounds and four other ceremonial mounds.
    The pyramids of the ancient world were left to serve as "time capsules" of knowledge, not merely the funerary monuments that history thinks them to be. (We have never found the remains of any ancient monarch in ANY of Egypt's pyramids.) These architects knew the world every bit as well as we do, but the language they used to explain it encompassed no writing. Instead they used the common language of the universe, the writing of Creation itself: Mathematics. Then, in order to express it in recognizable terms, maps were employed.
    One might easily ask, if knowledge was conveyed by pyramids, why hasn't archaeology or Egyptology found and reported it? Because archaeology doesn't look for knowledge and never has. Its representatives have all been preconditioned to the idea that anything prior to the Phoenician times was strictly Stone Age. Nothing back there but ignorance, hence, these disciplines content themselves with the gathering of ancient personal objects for our many museums. As the ancients were stupid, why waste time looking for anything higher?
    Even worse, they don't know the "language" of the pyramids: math, maps and form. The only questions they ask of pyramids is who built them, when and how. Primitive concepts applied to ancient genius. They should have asked why they are WHERE they are, and built the way they were. But, it has never occurred to them.
    Contrary to popular belief, we do not live in a New World. We live in a very ancient codified world, a global encyclopedia every page of which is represented by an ancient pyramid, mound, effigy, stone and earthworks.








    Reply  Message 16 of 27 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 21/09/2014 23:14



    This article is published for those of you who like to delve into mathematically encoded subjects that symbolically represent a supposed profound principle. This paper was conceived by a Mr. By J.Iuliano. This is his personal interpretation of the inscription that is on the main entrance to the Great Pyramid. No one seems to know what the inscription means and it has never been deciphered. I have received other notations on the inscription, but, hey, I am not that far out. Iuliano’s interpretation is as far out as I will contemplate, but, I think it has merit in the esoteric world. I thank all other entrees for this topic, I will still consider more ideas. These papers are of the opinion of the author only and are published for your enjoyment and inquiring mind.  Thank you, Colette

    PS.....I  hope the diagrams lay out properly for the different browsers.


    My Interpretation of the Inscription on the Great Pyramid

    by J.Iuliano    © 2007

    Concerning the symbol at the gate of the great pyramid . vee(pyramid) , circle with a diameter line (c/d)= a circle with two vertical lines through it (Pi), represents the 2/Pi ratio of the great pyramid. ...article follows

    The Inscription on the Entrance to the Great Pyramid of Khufu/Cheops

     located in Giza, Egypt

          What is the meaning of the Cheops pyramid? In reductionist terms , it has a shape (angle-form) , a measure (baseleg / height) in three dimensional space. These are its geometrical parameters and can describe its boundaries in form and measure , apex , base height , etc. As previously demonstrated these parameters can derive the electronic form , fine-structure...aem
                         aem =   ( .37 ^ 2 ) / ( 10 ^ ( 3.99999552 / Pi ))   = 1/137.03599911
            ....37 plays the active role here , as does the Cheops constructs...2*ht/bl = 4/Pi...But is this the simplest form for interpreting the object pyramid , that is,  height divided by base leg? Can it be simplified using a simpler contemplation ? If one could simplify the object to a single description , what would it be ? Observe this phenomenon of the Cheops face-angle...FA = 51.85 degrees Sumerian....(see references). A single expression that relates to exactly what occurs in the object , a slope projected into an apex. This is the single idea that Cheops represents , the idea of slope or angle and that this slope or angle representing this slope should contain everything in physical metrology as measured in the single fact of geometric angle... 51.85 degrees. Though the ht/bl ratio can demonstrate the fine-structure quite accurately using the Christian(37) form , the angular contemplation idea , however , or face-angle , can derive the single TOE equation...or unification of the four fundamental force constants of Nature  !!...aem-electromagnetic ; a(s) strong nuclear ; Gw-weak nuclear-fermi-couple ; Gn-gravitational constants and the minimum stable mass unit , the proton ..pmev. This single symbolic form , the face angle of the Cheops pyramid can describe to nine decimals of accuracy the metrology of modern physical measurement. This is demonstrated through two formulas derived from the universal equation for a black hole...Planck mass...Mp:
                          (( ev/Pi )^(4/3)) * (( h*c/E)^(2/3)) * 2.5 / (( Gf*as)^(1/3)) = Mp
                                     ( aem ^ 2 ) * Gn * ( 10 ^ 3 ) / a(s) / Gw = Mp
            ....the Cheops pyramid face-angle unites the two forms:
                    as / ( 37 ^ 3 ) / ( 10 ^ 9 )  / aem / Gn  /   Gw     /    pmev  =  51.85643356
                 aem / ( 37 ^ 3 ) / ( 10 ^ 6 )  /      Mp      / ( Gw ^ 2 ) / pmev  =  51.85643368
            ...interesting to note that Planck mass is a combination of gravity and electronics, that switching out the strong nuclear with electronic forms ,  forces the condensation of Planck mass and the squaring of the fermi-coupler (Gw) , energized , occurs:
                                                      short range
                   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   =  51.85643356
                      37^3 * 10^9   *   aem   *   Gn  *  Gw    *    pmev
                                                electronic    gravity   weak        mass
                                                       long range   short range
                                                            to      /
                                                        Planck  /
                                                          mass /
                                                       long range
                  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   =  51.8564336    
                      37^3 * 10^6        *      Mp     *   Gw^2  *  pmev
                                                           mass         weak        mass
                                                                        short range
            ....note that the electronic form aem , is the switch to a field , going from denominator to numerator and that this action forces the black hole Planck mass to condense out of the interaction of the gravitational and electronic constants. The strong force , a(s) , is the coupler to the electronic gravity interaction. The unchanging constants are divine , being 10^6or9 , ( 37^3 ...a 3-d Christian King ) and the proton as minimum mass. Since these quantities remain unchanged in both equations , the main action is among the four fundamental forces. Inverting the as/aem ratio , the strong force and gravity convolute through their dimensional parameters, disappear and then reappear as the black hole entity,  Planck mass...Mp. One quantum unit of weak force Gw is created as the balancer to make the equation invariant to  the Cheops face angle: Action illustrated as:
                                            -------------------                        begin (stable)
                                           aem Gn Gw
                                                 aem                              create a field
                                          -----------------------    interaction (invert as/aem) to fermi-coupler
                                             as Gn Gw
                1                               aem
          -------------                    ----------------------      absorption(kicks out fermi-coupler)
           as Gn -->--->---Gw--->---->Gw
                l                                    l
                l                                    l
                l                                    l
                1                                aem                          
           ------------          *        ----------------------            end (stable)
               Mp                              Gw^2
            Where does the electron fit into this scheme? If the proton is divine , is the electron also divine? The answer is incredibly yes!! The electron lies in the unchanging (divine) constants:
                                 1 / ( 37 ^ 3 ) / pmev / ( 10 ^ 6 ) = 2.104098458 * ( 10 ^ - 14 )
            ...to extract the electron energy out of the equation above, one has to invert the 3-d Christian King(37) and wed to six powers of Egyptian Queen Isis(18):
                              ( 666 ^ 6 ) / ( 37 ^ 3 ) / pmev / ( 10 ^ 6 ) = pmev / emev
            ...which reduce to:
                                ( 37 ^ 3 ) * ( 18 ^ 6 ) / pmev / ( 10 ^ 6 ) =  pmev / emev
                                ( 37 ^ 3 ) * (( 18 / 10 ) ^ 6 )                 = ( pmev ^ 2 ) / emev
                                ( 37 ^ 3 ) * (( 18 / 10 ) ^ 6 ) / ( pmev ^ 2 ) = 1/emev
            ( pmev ^ 2 ) / ( 37 ^ 3 ) / (( 18 / 10 ) ^ 6 ) = emev = .510998918
                ...the equation predicts a value for the proton as:
                                pmev = 938.2749476 or 99.9997% of 2004 NIST values.
            ...the face-angle to electron relationship can be shown as the ratio....emev / FA:
                ( 10 ^ 15 ) * ( pmev ^ 3 ) * aem * GnGwa(s) / ( 18 ^ 6 ) = emev / FA
                ....this is the unification equation ; all four fundamental forces WITH the electron and proton energies linked in a single equation.
                    Mp = Planck mass = 2.176449594 * ( 10 ^ - 8 )kg ....exact
                    ev = electron volt = 1.602176527 * ( 10 ^ -19 )C.....exact
                    h = Planck's constant = 6.626069287 * ( 10 ^ - 34 ) J....exact
                    c = speed of light = 299792458 m/s....exact
                    E = permitivity of space = 8.854187818 * ( 10 ^ - 12 ) Fm....exact
                    Gf = 3.685789144 * ( 10 ^ - 82 ) Fm....exact
                    a(s) = strong force = 14.000436  ....~ 14
                    aem = fine-structure constant = 1 / 137.03599911....exact
                    Gw = fermi-coupler , weak force = .0000116638....exact
                    Gn = gravitational force =  6.67420559 * ( 10 ^ -11 ) m^3/kg/s^2...exact


    Various degree angles have been postulated as the exact angle for the diagonal faces of the Great Pyramid and it is now generally accepted that the intended angle was very close to 51 degrees & 51 minutes. In a decimal rendition, this would equate to 51.85 degrees. The means whereby the angle has been estimated in modern times is based upon the few remaining weather worn casing stones at the base of the pyramid. Thankfully, one solitary course was buried under a high bank of sand during the era when the outer casing stones were being ravaged and plundered to build the city of Cairo


    Figure 4: The few solitary casing stones at the bottom of the Great Pyramid. These too would have been removed were it not for the good fortune that they were covered in tons of sand and inaccessible to those who plundered the Pyramid's stone to build the city of Cairo. These beautiful white limestone casing stones once sheathed the entirety of the Great Pyramid on every face, all the way up to its 44' X 44' flat floor altar on the top of the pyramid.

    There are various degree angles given, all in the vicinity of 51.85 degrees, which different scientists have determined represent the intended, finite angle of the Great Pyramid.
    Because of the weather worn and sand lashed condition of these limestone sheathed surfaces, the exact degree angle will never be resolved, definitively, by averaging the damaged angles of the casing stones themselves. We do, however, know that the architects were aiming for a figure around 51.85 degrees.

        ....  In the black hole singularity, the frequency of the surface area of the singularity is transferred to reality through frequency modes called, QNM's , quasi-normal modes, each with its own characteristic frequency and damping. In 1993 , Nollert  used computer calculations  to show that in the limit of large damping , the frequency (w) of these modes approaches a specific number depending only on the mass of the black hole:

                                                 w = .0437123 / mass of black hole 


            ...plugging this result into a previous formula , Hod in 1998 , obtained the quantum of the area of any black hole mass : IN = reciprocal natural log e
                                              quantum area = 4.394444...~ 4 * IN3
            ...later it was shown that the quantum area is indeed ...4*IN3...Symbolically the quantum area can be represented by one number as entity , this being 666 as energy of the black hole , and yet describe through mathematics, what the Nollert/Hod frequency constant ( .04371235) does exactly in the transition from black hole frequencies to electronic probabilities ( fine-structure constant ) and the laws of natural forms  , the golden mean -phi , pi , Feigenbaum etc., that control the electronic interactions that exist in the biological and static world forms. The incredible ability of the black hole frequency to interact as an exponential to the black hole energy...666, can be demonstrated by this amazing fact of invariance among ALL of the human measuring systems of the human mind.... trigonometry angle , measuring systems: the radian (2/Pi) , degree(360) and gradian(100) , this number being unique to performing this function. Starting with the Hod/Nollert black hole frequency constant as a function of black hole quantum area:
                                            IN3 / 8 / Pi = .043712394 = Hod , Nollert discovery...1998
                                            black hole frequency = Bhf = .0437123133..
                                      IN( 80 * ( 666 ^ ( Bhf ^ 2 ))) = 4 * IN2.999999944 = quantum area BH
          ...the three human mathematical angle measuring systems and phi = 1.6180339875...
                                RADIANS.....cos(( 80 * ( 666 ^ ( Bhf ^ 2 ))) - 10 )  =  .61803394 / -2...
                                DEGREES...cos(( 80 * ( 666 ^ ( Bhf ^ 2 )))  - 9 )   =  .618034189 / 2...
                                GRADIANS..cos(( 80 * ( 666 ^ ( Bhf ^ 2 )))   - 1 )  =  .618034139 / 2...
            ...the golden mean , phi = 1.6180339875 , ( biological form rules ) remains invariant among all systems of measurement. I can't find another number that does this !!!  Another mathematical trick of the black hole entity is the fine-structure constant derived from black hole energy only...this is the collective unconscious form:  (( 80 * ( 666 ^ ( Bhf ^ 2 ))) - 9 ) * 36 = Plato = 2592
                          666 / ( 10 ^ (((( 80 * ( 666 ^ ( Bhf ^ 2 ))) - 9 ) * 36 ) / 666 )) = sqrt aem
             (  666 ^ 2 ) / (10 ^ ( 287.999975837 / 37 ))  =  aem = 1/137.035999701 = fine-structure constant
      ...note the use of the degree form (72) for translation to fine-structure ...this is ancient, ancient , ancient knowledge !!
                                         80 * ( 666 ^ ( Bhf ^ 2 )) - 9   =    71.99999396  ~   72
                    ....288 is the Kabballic  genesis number...all matter originating from ---

    " 288 sparks from broken vessels "....


    By J.Iuliano

    Cabbala Kabala cabala cabbala  




    Reply  Message 17 of 27 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 21/09/2014 23:19

    Reply  Message 18 of 27 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 21/09/2014 23:38

    Such rectangle (representing the layout of the pyramids of Giza) can be generated in many ways:

    1. From the Flower of Life:


    The Flower of Life set in stone
    at the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt.



    2. From arcs generating sqrt(2) and sqrt(3) (scaled 1000 times)

    3.  From diagonals of a cube 1000 x 1000 x 1000:  sqrt2_sqrt3


    Number 137 is the scale factor for the 2nd pyramid (which base to height ratio is 3/2)

    • 137 is the 33rd prime number;
    • Using two radii to divide a circle according to the golden ratio yields sectors of approximately 137° (the golden angle) and 222°.
    • The fifth harmonic number is 137/60
    • The fine structure constant, a dimensionless physical constant, approximates 1/137, and the astronomer Arthur Eddington conjectured in 1929 that its reciprocal was in fact precisely the integer 137
    • The fine structure constant of physics continues to convince esoterists that the universe has numerological fine tuning: for example the age of the universe could be considered as roughly 137 times the square of a myriad of years.
    • The atomic number of the highest allowed element on the periodic table allowed by the Bohr Model and the Dirac equation( Caesium-137 )

    Source: Wikipedia

    On autumn equinox the distance of the Sun from Earth is approximately 150.336 million km, about 108 times that of the Sun’s diameter (or 216 times of the Sun’s Radius)
    216=63 , also 216=23 x 33

    108 x 2= 216 = 6 x 6 x 6 , 666 is the number of the Sun (and also number of the Beast)
    108  has 12 divisors:   1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 27, 36, 54, 108

    Interesting, multiples of 3 multiplied by 37 = repeating digits

    (1×3) or 1+1+1=3 x 37 = 111
    (2×3) or 2+2+2=6 x 37 = 222
    (3×3) or 3+3+3=9 x 37 = 333
    (4×3) or 4+4+4=12 x 37 = 444
    (5×3) or 5+5+5=15 x 37 = 555
    (6×3) or 6+6+6=18 x 37 = 666
    (7×3) or 7+7+7=21 x 37 = 777
    (8×3) or 8+8+8=24 x 37 = 888
    (9×3) or 9+9+9=27 x 37 = 999


    108 has 12 divisors:  1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 27, 36, 54, 108
    216 has 16 divisors:  1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 18, 24, 27, 36, 54, 72, 108, 216
    360 has 24 divisors:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 30, 36, 40, 45, 60, 72, 90, 120, 180, 360
    666 has 12 divisors:  1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 18, 37, 74, 111, 222, 333, 666.

    666 and the Magickal Seal of the Sun

    The “Seals of the Planets,” popular before the time of Christ according to Budge (Amulets and Superstitions), are interesting because the seal containing “the Grand Number of the Sun” contains the very sacred number 36 laid out in a 6×6 square with the numbers from 1 to 36 so arranged that they add up the same in all directions, with the total of the whole seal 666.

    Though popular also in Eastern lands, the Greek and Roman, or Latin, inscriptions on these seals show also their popularity in the West.. Since the sun-god was considered as the ruler over the 36 constellations of the sky and the 36 rooms of the circle of the zodiac, it was inevitable that the summary number of the numbers from 1 to 36, the number 666 should have been assigned to the sun as the ruler over all the gods of heaven and earth.

    Babylonian astrologers divided the starry heavens into 36 constellations (ten days each). These were represented by different amulets called “Sigilla Solis,” or the Sun Seal. These amulets were worn by the pagan priests and they contained all the numbers from 1 to 36. By these figures they claimed to be able to foretell future events. These amulets were usually made of gold, yellow being the sun color. While being carried, these amulets were wrapped in yellow silk, as it was thought that the bearer would thus receive the beneficent powers believed to emanate from that jewel.

    The 6×6 Magic Square of the Sun contains the first 36 numbers arranged in such a fashion so that each line of numbers, weather added horizontally, vertically or diagonally from corner to corner, will yield the “solar number” 111. The entire magic square therefore equals 666, a number which was significant to early Christian mystics.   In Hebrew Kabbalah, the names of the intelligence of the Sun and Spirit of the Sun were designed to equal 111 and 666 respectively. Like 888, 666 is an important musical number, for 0.666 is the ratio of the perfect fifth, the most powerful harmonic interval.  — From Jesus Christ, Sun of God (Fidler)

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    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 21/09/2014 20:34

    By the way:

    + 23+24+25+26+27+28+29+30+31+32+33+34+35+36= 666

    Check it out with calculator or use this formula:
      the sum of the first n numbers = n(n+1)/2

    Number 144

    144=12 x 12
    144=32 x 42

    1 day = 24 hours = 1440 minutes
    100 days = 144,000 min

    Sacred Tetractys

     The Pythagoreans adored numbers. Aristotle, in his Metaphysica, sums up the Pythagorean’s attitude towards numbers.

     “The (Pythagoreans were) … the first to take up mathematics … (and) thought its principles were the principles of all things. Since, of these principles, numbers … are the first, … in numbers they seemed to see many resemblances to things that exist … more than [just] air, fire and earth and water, (but things such as) justice, soul, reason, opportunity …”

    One of fascinating ancient discoveries is Tetractys. It is a symbol composed of ten dots in an upward-pointing triangular formation. It was a sacred pattern for the school of philosophers who followed the teachings of the Greek sage Pythagoras.

    Tetractys itself can be interpreted as the symbolic blueprint of creation. Its image is an equilateral triangle based on the essential numbers 1 (top), 2, 3 and 4 (base), whose sum is the “perfect” number 10  ( 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10).

     These numbers were considered by the Pythagoreans to be holy and at the origins of the universe. They believed that a four-fold pattern permeated the natural world, examples of which are the  point, line, surface and solid and the four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

    Musically they represent the perfect consonants: the unison, the octave, the fifth and the fourth.

     The importance of the tetractys to the Pythagoreans is illustrated by their oath of fellowship:

     I swear by the discoverer of the Tetractys,
    Which is the spring of all our wisdom,
    The perennial fount and root of Nature.


    Tetractys generates hexagon which is 2-D projection of 3-D cube

    Copyright 2012 A.Sokolowski & World-Mysteries.com

    To be Continued…

    Your feedback and comments are welcomed!


     - – – 

    PS Visitors’ Comments

    These are the dimensions of Khufu (The Great Pyramid). 440,418, 356,280.


    The answers you can find by using the right cubic scale will reveal many answers. Above I suggested adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing 666 to find more answers purposely hidden within the Pyramids at Giza… with an added suggestion you might want to do the same thing to all the other Giza like setups that exist around the world.

    As Doug reiterated within this blog, the total number of minutes that separates December 3, 2012 from December 21, 2012 is 25,920 minutes
    the Procession/Progression/Precession of the Equinox takes 25,920 years. Now that’s one damn interesting “correlation”. Kinda makes a person wonder if that is true for the minutes then shouldn’t the Pyramids themselves point to the restarting of the Equinox?

    Plus the Pyramids at Giza has many more mathematical truths people can discover just by adding/multiplying the 3 groups of three together;
    3+3+3 = 9.
    3*3*3 = 27.
    As you see we have 3?s equaling 9 and then 3*9 = 27.
    Where is the Six?
    Can you find the Six by discovering how many groups of three can you add together… ie Group 1(G1), Group 2(G2), & Group 3(G3). So G1+G2 = 6. G2+G3 = 6, and G3+G1 = 6. So if we bring all the groups together that equals 666. Now that’s one hell’ve jump to find 666 in the physical makeup at Giza… hell most people would dismiss that as finding something that truly isn’t there. And I would agree with them if it wasn’t for a few simple truths.


    Remember at the beginning of this comment I gave the dimensions of The Great Pyramid at Giza… let’s see what happens when you add 666 to those measurement. 440+418+356+280+666 = 2160.
    Now that is interesting, where do I know that number from. The Pro/Precession of the Equinox takes 25,920 years to restart. That’s right Doug divided that number by 12 for the number of Zodiacs our Earth wobbles through before the restart. 25,920/12 = 2160. So though you can be dismissive about adding all the groups of 3 together to equal 666… how dismissive can we truly be if adding 666 to the dimensions of the Great Pyramid just happens to equal the number of years between zodiacal signs. Let alone 6+6+6 equals 18 and 6*6*6 equals 216.

    The diameter of the Sun is 894,000 and its radius that is 432,000.
    If you multiply that number by 216 you get 432,000*216 = 93,312,000.
    Not to mention 6*144,000 = 864,000.

    Now we know from other people’s hard work that has already been mentioned within this blog, that the Dimensions of Khufu can equal the mathematics of our Earth and our Sun. The question becomes how many Sun would it take to reach our Earth? Well how far is our Earth from the Sun?

    For those of you who don’t know you might want to Google that answer and then look at the answer above. Whoever built these Pyramids around the world flew in Space, PERIOD! Or you do really believe governments of the world would invest so much man/material/money/power on a bet, on a guess? You can decide all of this equals nothing more than a kawinkadink if you want, or you can decide someone has been lying to us our entire lives. If someone has been lying to us our entire lives, how better to get word out then to have people from all over the world, in all walks of life, seeking the rest of the answers that will eventually lead all of us (the whole world) to the truth. Math doesn’t lie, man does… follow the math stop believing the men who keep telling you to ignore it.

    –- Charles Marcello

    - – -

    144,000 & 666

    These two numbers can be found all over the world 144,000 and 666.

    One day I decided to multiply/divide 666 into 144,000.
    Because there are three 6’s I decided to multiply/divide 6 into 144,000 three times…
    and then decided to multiply/divide 6*6 = 36 & 6*6*6 = 216 into each of those numbers…
    and then decided to multiply/divide 6, 6, 6’s into itself.
    Below is what I found.
    You decide if any of these mathematical answers equal something or nothing at all.

    • 144,000 * 6 = 864,000 — 144 * 6 = 864
    • 144,000 / 6 = 24,000 — 144 / 6 = 24
    • 24, 000 / 6 = 4,000 — 24 / 6 = 4
    • 4,000 / 6 = 666.66 — 4 / 6 = .666
    • 144,000 * 36 = 5,184,000 — 144 * 36 = 5,184
    • 144,000 / 36 = 4000 — 144 / 36 = 4
    • 24,000 / 36 = 666.66 — 24 / 36 = .666
    • 4,000 / 36 = 111.11 — 4 / 36 = .111
    • 144,000 * 216 = 31,104,000 — 144 * 216 = 31,104
    • 144,000 / 216 = 666.66 — 144 / 216 = .666
    • 24, 000 / 216 = 111.11 — 24 / 216 = .111
    • 4,000 / 216 = 18.5185 — 4 / 216 = .0185185
    • 144,000 * 666 = 95,904,000 — 144 * 666 = 95,904
    • 144,000 / 666 = 216.216 — 144 / 666 = .216
    • 24,000 * 666 = 15,984,000 — 24 * 666 = 15,984
    • 24,000 / 666 = 36.036 — 24 / 666 = .0360
    • 4,000 * 666 = 2,664,000 — 4 * 666 = 2,664
    • 4000 / 666 = 6.006 — 4 / 666 = .006006
    • 666 * 6 = 3,996
    • 666 / 6 = 111
    • 666 * 36 = 23,976
    • 666 / 36 = 18.5
    • 666 * 216 = 143,856
    • 666 / 216 = 3.083

    with the added bonus of…

    6*6*6 = 216
    216*432,000 equals 93,312,000
    432,000/216 equals 2000.

    BTW I can’t wait to read your next part(s)

    –- Charles Marcello

    Don’t miss Decoding-Giza-pyramids-Part-2

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    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 23/09/2014 00:18

    La Gran Pirámide y el espacio


    El codo real y el metro

    La relación entre el codo real y el metro ha sido establecida por los estudios egiptológicos realizados hasta ahora, que se han basado en la medida de varas de madera con marcas en codos reales. El resultado obtenido es 1 codo real = 0,5236 m.

    Al respecto, se produce un hecho desconcertante: 0,5236 equivale, a la vez, a Π/6 y a Φ2/5, ya que 3,1416 / 6 = 0,5236 y también 2,6180 / 5 = 0,5236.

    Es decir, si dividimos el Número Π entre 6, nos da el mismo resultado que si dividimos el cuadrado del Número de Oro entre 5.  Y en ambos casos obtenemos lo que mide un codo real ¡en metros!

    Es más, si dibujamos una circunferencia de 1 metro de diámetro y inscribimos un hexágono en la misma, el arco de circunferencia que corresponde a un lado de ese hexágono es igual a 1 codo real (fig. 16).

    La relación geométrica entre el codo real y el metro.

    Figura 16. La relación geométrica entre el codo real y el metro.

    El resultado es muy desconcertante porque nos obliga a preguntarnos: ¿el codo real podía obtenerse geométricamente a partir del metro?


    ¿El metro en la Gran Pirámide?

    Una vez reconstruido el modelo de la Gran Pirámide, lo analizamos minuciosamente. Y uno de los resultados más excepcionales obtenidos fue la longitud de la arista. Esta longitud que era especialmente significativa porque elevaba el monumento hacia el cielo, medía exactamente ¡218,00 metros!

    Es decir, parecía como si la Gran Pirámide hubiera sido diseñada, a la vez, en codos reales y en metros, ya que las dos principales longitudes que definían su forma se expresaban en números enteros: el lado de la base medía 440 codos reales y la arista, 218 metros.

    ¿Se podía tratar de una casualidad?

    El análisis de las medidas de la Cámara del Rey, que se mantiene intacta en el interior del monumento, insistía triplemente en la presencia de medidas exactas en metros: La altura sobre el zócalo [1] es 43,00 m. La diagonal del muro mayor de la Cámara del Rey mide 12,00 m. Y el volumen de la Cámara es de 321,00 m3.

    Por si no fuese suficiente, la suma de la base (440 cr) y la altura (280 cr) de la Gran Pirámide es igual a 720 cr, una medida que coincide exactamente con 377,00 m. Y además da la casualidad que el 377 es el número 14º de la Serie de Fibonacci.

    Figura 17. La Cámara del Rey de la Gran Pirámide.

    Ante la insistencia de tantas medidas en metros, es obligado que nos preguntemos: ¿los sacerdotes-arquitectos de la Gran Pirámide conocían el metro y lo usaron como segunda unidad de medida al proyectar el monumento?

    Para intentar responder a esta pregunta, veamos si las medidas en metros nos proponen juegos numéricos.

    Sumemos las 9 longitudes obtenidas: las 4 aristas (4 x 218 = 872 m), más las 4 diagonales de los muros mayores de la Cámara del Rey (4 x 12 = 48 m), más su altura sobre el zócalo (43 m). Resultará 963 m. Y, curiosamente, esta cifra es el triple de 321, el número que expresa el volumen de la Cámara del Rey en m3.

    ¿Se trata de otra casualidad?

    Al llegar a este punto, como había números que establecían juegos entre ellos o se repetían insistentemente en la Gran Pirámide, recordé que Pitágoras [2] estudió en Egipto, donde vivió entre 10 y 20 años, y donde fue ungido sacerdote, por lo que tuvo acceso a sus conocimientos. Por eso no es extraño que el llamado Teorema de Pitágoras se halle en la Gran Pirámide.

    Pitágoras y los pitagóricos afirmaban que “todo es número“, por lo que consideraban a los números como divinidades o como entidades abstractas preexistentes e independientes de su unidad de medida.

    Este hecho viene confirmado por nuestra cotidiana práctica mental. Si yo levanto la mano y te muestro fijamente la palma abierta con los 5 dedos extendidos, no te preguntaras si es que te estoy saludando, sino que inconscientemente pensarás en el número 5, con independencia de que te esté mostrando 5 dedos.

    Lo importante, pues, es el número, no la unidad que expresa. Tanto da que te muestre 5 dedos o 5 lápices, tú pensarás en el número 5.

    Basándonos en este concepto, encontraremos otro importante juego numérico, asociado a las medidas enteras que definen el monumento: el lado de la base de 440 cr y la arista de 218 m. La pirámide tiene 4 lados y 4 aristas. El número que se obtiene de la suma de los 4 lados es 4 x 440 = 1.760; y el que resulta de la suma de las 4 aristas es 4 x 218 = 872. Su diferencia es igual a 888.

    Y el 888 es el número que contiene la clave de la Gran Pirámide de Keops.


    La ley matemática del número 888

    Una vez reconstruido el modelo original de la Gran Pirámide y a la vista de los resultados que se iban obteniendo, resultaba imprescindible estudiarlo con detalle. En un primer análisis era necesario obtener y estudiar sus magnitudes: el perímetro, la superficie y el volumen.

    A partir de la concepción abstracta del número que nos llega desde los pitagóricos, me decidí a tomar las magnitudes de la Gran Pirámide simplemente como números, con independencia de la unidad de medida que designaban. Y ello dio como resultado una extraña ley asociada a un número singular: el 888.

    En la adjunta Tabla de la Gran Pirámide (fig. 18) las magnitudes se hallan en codos reales y en metros. La investigación desarrollada me permitió concluir lo ya intuido: la relación entre el codo real y el metro que los sacerdotes-arquitectos de la Gran Pirámide usaron en el monumento fue 1 codo real = Φ2/5 metros, o lo que es lo mismo, 1 codo real = 2,61803399/5 metros = 0,52360680 metros.

    Esta relación es, pues, la que se aplica entre ambas unidades de medida, tanto en el perímetro de la Gran Pirámide, como en su superficie o en su volumen. Por tanto y como es lógico, para transformar codos reales en metros se ha multiplicado la medida en codos reales por 0,52360680; para hacerlo de cr2 a m2, se ha multiplicado los cr2 dos veces por esa cifra, es decir, por su cuadrado; y para pasar de cr3 a m3 se ha multiplicado los cr3 tres veces por la cifra antedicha, es decir, por su cubo.

    La Tabla de la Gran Pirámide, con sus magnitudes que cumplen la Ley del 888.

     Figura 18. La Tabla de la Gran Pirámide, con sus magnitudes que cumplen la Ley del 888.

    En la tabla adjunta (fig. 18) también se puede aplicar la teoría de conjuntos. Si pongo sobre la mesa una cesta con 3 plátanos, 5 naranjas y 8 manzanas, puedo decir que en la cesta tengo 16 frutas, porque estoy sumando elementos distintos de similar naturaleza.

    Es por ello, que tanto si entendemos que las magnitudes son sólo números, como si aplicamos la teoría de conjuntos, podemos sumar codos reales o metros con independencia de que sean lineales, cuadrados o cúbicos. Y es por ello que también podemos sumar los números de las magnitudes obtenidas tal como se hallan en la última columna de la Tabla, donde se suman codos reales y metros.

    Observemos las sumas resultantes de cada una de las tres columnas: 18.301.722, 2.671.509 y 20.973.231. Separemos las cifras de 4 en 4, es decir, tomémoslas en unidades de 10.000. En la primera columna resultarán 1.830 y 1.722; en la segunda, 267 y 1.509; y en la tercera, 2.097 y 3.231. Sumemos los números 2 a 2 y obtendremos, en todas ellas, múltiplos de 888, ya que se cumple 1.830 + 1.722 = 3.552 = 888 x 4, y también, 267 + 1.509 = 1.776 = 888 x 2, y finalmente, 2.097 + 3.231 = 5.328 = 888 x 6.

    A pesar de haber consultado a cualificados matemáticos, aún ninguno de ellos se ha podido explicar esta ley tan sorprendente. No sabemos cómo los sacerdotes-arquitectos egipcios pudieron establecerla. Y tampoco cómo pudieron llegar a construir la Gran Pirámide a partir de ella.

    En el supuesto de que hoy conociéramos la Ley del 888 y, a partir de ella, intentásemos construir una pirámide que tuviera un perímetro, una superficie y un volumen prefijados, sólo podríamos hacerlo mediante sucesivas aproximaciones a través del ordenador. Y quién sabe cuánto tiempo necesitaríamos para conseguirlo y si finalmente lo conseguiríamos.

    Por tanto, la Ley del 888 presenta un doble enigma:

    ¿De dónde procedían los conocimientos matemáticos hallados en la Gran Pirámide?

    Los sacerdotes-arquitectos de la Gran Pirámide… ¿Cómo consiguieron diseñar el monumento a partir de tener prefijados su perímetro, su superficie y su volumen por la Ley del 888?

    Sin embargo, más allá de los enigmas que abre, la Tabla de la Gran Pirámide nos aporta una importante certeza.

    La Ley del número 888 ofrece la prueba irrefutable de que la reconstrucción del modelo original de la Gran Pirámide es totalmente exacta.

    Y esta afirmación se basa en que dicha Ley no se cumpliría si hubiera una desviación en el perímetro de la Gran Pirámide de un solo codo real sobre 8.388 cr, o de un solo codo real cuadrado en su superficie sobre 314.159 cr2, o de un solo codo real cúbico en su volumen sobre 17.979.175 cr3, lo que en este último caso representaría que si la exactitud de la reconstrucción fuera de un 99,999994% no sería suficiente para que la Ley del 888 se cumpliese.

    Por tanto… ¡La Ley del 888 certifica la reconstrucción exacta del modelo de la Gran Pirámide en sus medidas originales!

    Y la Ley del 888 también confirma que en la Gran Pirámide se usó una unidad de medida prácticamente igual a nuestro metro, que establecía la igualdad ya comentada entre 1 codo real y 0,523606797 metros.

    [1] DORMION, Gilles – GOIDIN, Jean-Patrice. Kheops: Nouvelle Enquëte. Propositions Preliminaires. Editions Recherche sur les Civilisations. París, 1.986.

    [2] Pitágoras nació en Samos en el siglo -VI.


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    24*7=168 (tiene el numero 16 y tambien el 8) ¿casualidad o causalidad?
    24*9=216 (6*6*6)
    24*36=864 (EL NUMERO DE JERUSALEN) noten la relacion con el sistema sexagecimal.

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    Resultado de imagen para apple 666 computer

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    Resultado de imagen para ILUMINATTI MATRIX

    Respuesta Eliminar Mensaje  Mensaje 3 de 4 en el tema 
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    En la Biblia, la Nueva Jerusalén (también llamada el tabernáculo de Dios, ciudad sagrada, ... 185,20 metros del sistema métrico decimal actual) y 144 codos la altura de sus muros (la dimensión de uncodo en la antigüedad, se determinaba ...Y midió su muro, 144 codos, medida de hombre, la cual es de ángel." ... La Nueva Jerusalém será una ciudad celestial durante toda la Eternidad, en cuanto a ...28 oct. 2014 - La nueva jerusalem tenia 144,000 cubitos ,era un cubo y en la teoria de ... y 144 codosla altura de sus muros (la dimensión de un codo en la ...

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    216 CODE: Pisano Function - Jain 108 Academy

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