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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 31/12/2011 16:12
Maps of The Orion Zone
& Beyond

by Gary A. David
Copyright © 2000-20011 by Gary A. David.
Email: garydavid52@hotmail.com

Arizona Orion Correlation (left) and constellation reversed 180 degrees (right).

The belt stars correspond to Third, Second, and First Mesas. The distance between Betatakin and Canyon de Chelly is stretched about 12 miles in relation to the constellation; the distance between Walnut Canyon and Homolovi is stretched about 10 miles--not bad, considering it's over 110 miles between Betatakin in the north and Homolovi in the south.

Solstice relationships between villages.  Read more about the Arizona Orion Correlation in my book The Orion Zone.

Aries, Taurus, Orion, and Canis Major correlations in the American Southwest.

Arizona-New Mexico-California map with Star Hexagon.
 Read more in my new book The Kivas of Heaven.

The red dot at the center of the Flower of Life is called the Tuuwanasavi, literally "sand-middle." It is is conceptualized as the Center-place,
the spiritual heart of the Hopi cosmos. This sandy plain is actually located about 4 miles south-southwest of the village of Oraibi on Third Mesa.
In the ancient Egyptian cosmogony, a similar spot corresponds to the Primordial Mound rising from the Ocean of Creation, where the temple at Heliopolis was later constructed. This axis mundi housed the conically shaped, meteoric benben stone, upon which the Bennu bird (phoenix) perched.
The inner rectangle (above) is comprised of four loci: (1) Betatakin / Keet Seel (Navajo National Monument), (2) Canyon de Chelly National Monument (which jointly form the base of the Orion projection on the Arizona desert and run along the northeastern escarpment of Black Mesa), (3) Sunset Crater National Monument (a volcano that erupted in 1064 AD), and (4) a point about 18 miles south of Homolovi Ruins State Park, which is located on the right arm of the terrestrial Orion as it reaches southward toward the ancient Hohokam territory in the Phoenix Basin.

Overlaid on the hexagon / cube and the Flower of Life is Solomon's Seal (Star of David), composed of two interlocking equilateral triangles.

Winter solstice sunrise lines (parallel) extend from the Arizona Orion Correlation to both Roswell and Trinity Site in New Mexico.
A summer solstice sunrise line extends from First Mesa, Arizona, through Canyon de Chelly and terminates at the Dulce site.
 Read more in my new book The Kivas of Heaven.

Canis Major (Great Dog) superimposed on a Google Earth shot of New Mexico.
Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens, corresponds to Chaco Canyon, the largest Ancestral Puebloan ruin site in the American Southwest.

Gary David's books contend that the Chichimecs (literally "Sons of the Dog") lived in Chaco Canyon and perhaps constructed the pueblos there,
before they migrated southward in the 13th century AD to become the Aztecs in the Valley of Mexico.
 Read more in my new book The Kivas of Heaven.

About 45 miles south of Ajo, Arizona, on the U.S.-Mexico border is Vertex 17 of the Becker-Hagens "Earthstar" Planetary Grid System.
This grid point is one of 62 major vertices of the mercator-based hexakis icosahedron projected on the Earth globe. With 120 faces, 180 edges,
and 62 vertices, the hexakis icosahedron can be conceptualized as a giant earth-crystal. Coordinates for Cerro Cubabi: 31.72° N, 112°.80W.
Two great circles enclose the Arizona Orion Correlation: an orange “Yang” great circle and a lime-green “Balance” great circle.
This respectively represents Orion's characteristic male, or yang, energy and the Hopi ceremonial cycle that functions to keep the Earth in balance.

Articles by Prof. Bethe Hagens. Professor Hagens is currently a member of faculty in the Individualized Bachelors of Arts program at Goddard College as well as a member in Public Policy and Administration at Walden University which offers college online for a broader access to education.

This Golden Mean spiral starts at the Throat chakra located at Grand Falls, arcs through the San Francisco Peaks (home of the kachinas, or katsinam), sweeps by the Hopi villages of Oraibi, Shungopovi, and Walpi (the Belt), intersects Orion's right hand, circles into the Hyades horns, and passes through Gamma Tauri.
This Golden Mean spiral starts at the Sipapuni (Hopi "Place of Emergence"), arcs through Oraibi (oldest continuously inhabited community on the continent, settled c. A.D. 1100), swings through the Third Eye chakra of Orion at Walnut Canyon, then continues its sweep through the middle of the horns of Taurus.

For more on the Golden Mean Spiral, read "Spiral Gate: The Arc of the Covenant"

The Arizona Orion Correlation's upper part is oriented southwest. The left arm extends from Bellatrix/Wupatki Ruin toward Grand Canyon. It passes Hopi Point on the South Rim, and terminates within the canyon near a butte named Osiris Temple. It celestially corresponds to Pi 3 Orionis.
The Sipapuni (Sípàapuni), or Hopi "Place of Emergence," is a travertine (limestone) dome located on the north bank of the Little Colorado River.
Specifically, it corresponds to Pi 5 Orionis. However, the possible exoplanet status of Pi 3 Orionis and the wormhole nature of the Sipapuni
jointly represent the general function of Grand Canyon in Hopi cosmology. The Hopi perhaps see the Sipapuni as the most sacred spot on Earth.

Looking towrd the southeast, we see the location of the ancestral Hopi ruin site of Wupatki National Monument (corresponding to Bellatrix,
left shoulder of the Ari-zona Orion Correlation). The San Francisco Peaks, home of the Hopi kachinas from July until December, are a few miles
to the south. The Hopi Mesas are over 50 miles northeast of Wupatki. The Sipapuni is located on the Little Colorado River 3.5 miles upstream
from its confluence with the Colorado River. Osiris Temple (corresponding to Pi 3 Orionis) is downstream on the north bank of the Colorado River.
The ancient Egyptians associated Osiris with Orion. Today some people believe that a "Lost City of the Dead," was once located in Grand Canyon. It was reputedly found in 1909 by G.E. Kincaid on an expedition for the Smithsonian Institution. He described it as being filled with ancient Egyptian artifacts, mummies, and hieroglyphics as well as some Asian artifacts. Other people believe the complex is still there, waiting to be rediscovered.

1. Base Chakra = Mesa Verde, the Sun (Orion) Temple in southwestern Colorado.
2. Sacral Chakra = Burnt Corn Ruins near the village of Pinon, Arizona (corresponding to the Orion Nebula).
3. Solar Plexus (Navel) Chakra = Second Mesa and the Hopi village of Shongopovi.
4. The Heart Chakra = Kachina Points, a mesa southwest of Oraibi (also called Monument Point).
5. Throat Chakra = Grand Falls on the Little Colorado River.
6. Third Eye (Pineal) Chakra = Walnut Canyon Ruins in the foothills of the San Francisco Peaks.
7. Crown Chakra = Tuzigoot Ruins and the red rock country of Sedona in Verde Valley.

Crown:            Alexandria (Pharos Lighthouse)   29° 53’ E
Third Eye:       Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt   31° 09’ E
Throat:            Napta Playa, southern Egypt   30° 42’ E
Heart:              Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda  29° 57’ E
Solar Plexus:  Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe   30° 56’ E
Sacral:            Mapungubwe, South Africa   29° 22’ E
Root:               Boomplaas, South Africa   30° 24’ E

Prime Meridian: about 30° east longitude. Distance between Giza and Boomplaas: over 3,800 miles! 

For a description of Napta Playa, the world’s oldest astronomical observatory, see Thomas G. Brophy, The Origin Map.

The Zulu sangoma (shaman) Credo Mutwa states that creatures from a certain star in Orion built an ancient subterranean city of copper in the Rwenzori Mts. ("Mountains of the Moon"), located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Great Zimbabwe in southern Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) is 320 miles south of the Zambezi River, 1270 – 1550 AD, population c. 18,000. At this eponymous site the roofless oval structure of the "Great Enclosure" is 800 ft long. Its mortar-less granite walls are 30 ft. high and 20 ft. thick at the base. Small monoliths on top of the eastern arc of the Great Enclosure align with three stars in the constellation Orion: Bellatrix, Alnilam, and Saiph shortly before sunrise on winter solstice.

Mapungubwe on the Limpopo River in northern South Africa, 900 – 1300 AD, population c. 5,000.

For a description of Boomplaas (“Tree Farm”) Petroglyph Site in Mpumalanga Provence of South Africa, see Appendix 1 by Rob Milne in my book Eye of the Phoenix.

               Read a chapter about South Africa in my new book The Kivas of Heaven.

This possible Orion Correlation is located in the Mexican states of Tabasco and Chiapas. Tortuguero corresponds to Alnitak. (The Great Pyramid at Giza and Hopi First Mesa in Arizona also mirror this belt star.) Chilapa corresponds to Alnilam (the middle belt star), and Tepetitán corresponds to Mintaka. Comalcalco corresponds to Betelgeuse, but perhaps only symbolically so. This Maya city that burgeoned between 700 and 900 AD is unique because its pyramids are constructed of kiln-fired bricks. Moreover, many of the mud bricks had been inscribed with Mayan glyphs, but over 500 of them contain various foreign scripts, such as Phoenician, Egyptian, Libyan, Tifinagh, Chinese, Burmese, and even Ogam.

Jmetic Lubton, which corresponds to Saiph, was a ceremonial city with a carved sculpture of what in Tzotzil means “Our Mother Tired Rock.” The famous Maya site of Palenque corresponds to Rigel. However, even if that apex of the constellation is moved north to coincide with the actual site, we still have Tila/Orion Nebula at the center of the three Mayan hearthstones.

According to National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez, the Maya hold a ceremony at Tila dedicated to a black earth god, perhaps Ek Chuuah or God M/L. “Every June [solstice?] thousands and thousands of people crowd into the Chiapas town of Tila to see the Black Christ which hangs in the Catholic church in town. The town more than triples in size during the pilgrimage. Maya scholars have told me that the Black Christ is an embodiment of a Maya earth lord and that the blending of Catholic and Maya traditions is a prime example of syncretic religion.”

                The stele known as Monument 6 at Tortuguero, Mexico, contains the only known reference carved in stone
                                                  of the end of the 13th Baktun--that is, December 21, 2012 !
                                                         Read more in my new book The Kivas of Heaven.

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

Copyright © 2000-2011 by Gary A. David. All rights reserved
Any use of images without the author's prior consent is expressly forbidden.

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From: BillShiphr Sent: 29/07/2021 07:42
All the photos you published about the Orion zone are incredible, do you know how to enter map coordinates about it, because I think it is very important that people know where it is located so that they can get an idea of ​​how far it is from the earth and how immense space is. Thanks for sharing.

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From: Connon Berry Sent: 12/08/2021 13:11
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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 19/12/2021 20:52

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 23/07/2022 19:45

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