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Reply  Message 1 of 132 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 30/01/2012 01:03
Sugerencia: Buscar sólo resultados en español. Puede especificar el idioma de búsqueda en Preferencias.

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Reply  Message 118 of 132 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 18/09/2015 03:35

The KEYHOLE to the MIND?


Trelleborg Viking Fortress
Denmark of course...

Who else uses that KEYHOLE symbol?

:arrow: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=13121


“….What Tesla saw peeking through the KEYHOLE”

:arrow: http://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2010/1 ... e-keyhole/

the Heaven's Gate Cult that committed maSS suicide is discussed in the next post...

This powerful KEYHOLE shape helps explain why an evolving consciousness would build TEMPLES that resemble our own DNA.
The distinct KEYHOLE or LIGHTBULB shape/form that is a perfect match for DNA expressed as binary code.

Makes sense to both ME and me shadow.
We build DNA (holy grail) temples, that we can enter, and pray, chant mantras, sing, wed, bury the dead, or to help heal ourselves...by accessing/via our epi-genome which is hierarchical to our genome-mapped DNA?


what did Tesla see in his dreams?

more MEMES of course.

KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

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 Post subject: ENE East-North-East "What Tesla saw peeking through the KEYH
PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:30 pm 
Author / Researcher
User avatar

Joined: Thu Mar 16, 2006 5:58 pm
Posts: 6519
Location: x, y, z plus w (motion)

This is a powerful powerful symbol folks.
powerful enough to *activate* a maSS suicide. :shock:

http://sites.google.com/site/paranormal ... -Control-1

But that symbol of the KEYHOLE is still being used by some powerful groups.
Think about it.



KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

Reply  Message 119 of 132 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 20/11/2015 01:49


Eins Zwei Drei Vier ….. (repeat)

1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

About face, time to turn around…
…is a clue

How to do the Goosestep

In that video re: Hitler … go back to the end of Part IV.

The crypt tour guide Stuart thinking rather little, takes 3 STEPs into the recessed circle, claims it pertains to the ‘3rd Reich’ and then he russells up the courage to take one more final step, a 4th STEP down into the center of the circle?
Stuart does not ‘see’ the obvious, the obvious that is obvious, but once the veil is removed and you start to ‘see’ the obvious, it becomes quite obvious, obviously.

Need I say it is glaringly obvious one more time?
Okay, it is obvious.

One photo above is a Masonic representation of a ‘cycle’.
The other image of the Greek Zodiacal Cross, with the serpent intertwined was the inspiration of Aleister Crowley.

How do we connect the Macro equinox (precession) with the micro equinox (vernal/annual), to a cycle that is found onall levels, existing between the big macrocosm and the small, the microcosm?

Including Milo Wolff’s theory?
In Wave vs Out Wave = Standing Wave Theory

And beside Milo’s archetypal model is another.
Interesting relationship we see between concentric circles and Phi?

Could Phi represent the transcendental ‘pulse’ that creates concentric wave action…leading to spherical standing waves?

Why 12?

Could the 12 in the temple symbolize the 12 constellations that sit on the ecliptic, further signifying their inherent energetic role, taking part in a journey, tracking our sun through The Great Year, a 25,812 year sojourn?
(re: 25,812…the length of precession is under dispute)
Alchemy was referred to as the Great Work and it takes a Great deal of time.

The next step in the unveiling of the Great Work is quite easy.
Substitute numbers for a constellation/astrological position on the ecliptic.
Each sign is identified on the astrological wheel by a number.
That is the rule, not something I made up.
And the wheel begins with ARIES in the number 1 position at 0 degrees.
Please note that in ARIES the snake is consuming its tail.
Similar to the ouroboros, another symbol that represents a cycle of time.

Room 1258 / the Crypt contains significant symbolism regarding 4 of those constellations that sit on the ecliptic….specifically referring to the 4 beasts of the apocalypse represented by the constellations represented by the numbers 11, 2, 5, and 8.

We find those 4 numbers are ALL on the second orbit / valance, marked in yellow in the above image.
And I used those colors WHITE, YELLOW, and RED for an important reason.
Which becomes apparent later.

And then we join the dots…you can go in either direction.
We can rotate clockwise around the clock/elemental and zodiacal cross 1 >> 2 >> 3 >> 4 etc. OR you can do what the term precession implies, and go backwards or counterclockwise.

Again the concepts of Clockwise and CounterClockwise play a role.
And now we can mention that the Judaeo/Christian Ezekiel’s vision was wheels within wheels….

Here is an earlier sketch I did showing those 4 numbers (11, 2, 5, 8) and their position on the Zodiacal cross.
And I want to mention that beside the Greek Zodiacal Cross is a Chaldean Zodiacal Cross, that I just recently came across.
We can apply the same techniques to the Chaldean Cross because it also represents the Precession cycle…but it has an additional wheel within a wheel.

So it becomes apparent that the movement that is implied by the Precession of the Equinox cycle … by virtue of its movement or path along the ecliptic the Sun actually weaves a ‘knot’.

‘knot’ that was associated with and please choose as many that apply…

a/ King Solomon
b/ Sacred temple
c/ Knights Templar
d/ The Ark of the Covenant
e/ The Holy Grail
f/ Swastika
g/ Americas
h/ ancient navigation tool called the mattang
i/ TIME that can be expressed as Clockwise and Counterclockwise
j/ SPIN that can be expressed as Clockwise and Counterclockwise
k/ Polarity that can be expressed as Clockwise and Counterclockwise
l/ Electron vs. Positron that can be expressed as Clockwise and Counterclockwise
m/ Zoroaster’s 4 Oracles
n/ Riddle of the Sphinx
o/ Milky Way
p/ 2012 prophecy
q/ Standing Wave Theory
r/ All of the above?

I am sure I can find reasons/associations from A-Z.
Maybe I post the rest later.

A section of the vast expanse of mosaic floor, found under the floor of the Aquileian basilica. The floor is longer than that of the great basilica. It extends past the presbytery to an undisclosed end. The scenes of Jonah’s tribulation, of which the center panel is shown above, lies further along past the top of the illustration.Solomon’s knot, a Judaic motif, is repeated here as well as throughout the mosaic floors of the adjoining buildings.

I love it.
A mosaic floor filled with archetypal clues.
HIDDEN or veiled under another floor.
By who?

And the circle containing the fixed cross>>> the swastika >>> the quatrefoil actually tells an interesting story … suggesting a progression is taking place.

Fixed Cross within the circle is balance…but then we see movement, the ancient graphic artist used the same technique to indicate ‘movement’.
The bent arms of the swastika indicate a counterclockwise movement will thus ensue.
Counterclockwise is the movement of the earth, looking down from above…
And the final shape are four spirals within a quatrefoil = ONE precession cycle.

And the images inside those quatrefoils are suggesting this cycle of time is about the infinite cycle of LIFE that takes place, as a result of this cycle taking place, on earth is where the narratives we see depicted taking place.
I have been suggesting on ALL my threads that Precession, Precession, Precession is what the really important archetypes are all pointing toward.
Or Location Location Location becomes important too when discussing valuable real estate in the solar system.

How difficult would it be, to bury a cycle called The Great Year or a symbol like the swastika within western consciousness?

How difficult would that be?
I will show you that any esoteric understanding of the SUN has long ago disappeared from our consciousness.

What is mainstream consciousness?

Mainstream in my opinion represents about 95% of the people.
About the same percentage of JUNK DNA identified by the ‘gee’ gnome experts.
About the same percentage of Dark Matter + Dark Energy that exists in the Universe.
About the same percentage of the life on earth that gets eliminated when the cataclysms hit.

I then proceed to ask ‘mainstream consciousness’ three questions, that expose their plight as a cult of Sun worshipers who have no idea what they are worshiping.

1/ What does the moon orbit and how long does it take?
2/ What does the earth orbit and how long does it take?

Now here is the question that stumps civilizations that turn rain forests into a sea of stumps.

3/ What does the sun orbit and how long does it take?

“Duh” is the response to match the expression I usually get…is there a difference.
95% of the sheeple will bleat nothing and reach for either the TV remote, a beer, or a bible.
All three reactions are highly predictable.

The extent of their consciousness has been exposed.
I rest mi case.
Most people are sheeple and seegullibles…no offence directed at anybody specifically.
And HIS-story will repeat it itself because the ewe simply don’t learn from it.
They are doomed to rebleat rebleat rebleat.

I now want to illustrate why I identified certain colors with certain valances or orbits.
Why I identified WHITE, YELLOW and RED with certain stages.
It is all about alchemy and change and evolution and reversals of fortune.
Alchemy is the language of archetype that will help us become golden.
Note the stages of alchemy and the colors associated.
Black was not mentioned earlier because it is the center.

1/ blackening
2/ whitening
3/ yellowing
4/ reddening

Rosetta Fractal
I found / photographed this symbol in a Peruvian monastery back in 2006.
It is the archetypal image that I used to unlock these mysteries that I now share on this website…hence the name I now use to identify it.
The Rosetta Fractal Mandala has ‘Standing Wave Theory’ written all over it.

1/ blackening
2/ whitening
3/ yellowing
4/ reddening

On each and every level of the matrix, invisible or visible, the science of alchemy / thermodynamics are at play.

I forgot to mention another interesting observation that occurred in the crypt / Room 1258.
When Stuart was standing in the center of the circle / NAZI world and he looked up what did he see?
Go back and watch the video and tell me if it matches what I found in Pompeii.
In a place called the Villa of the Mysteries.
Remember they found the Knights Templar Magic Square in Pompeii, so it existed at least 1000 years before it became associated with the fighting monks known as the Knights Templar.

That scroll runs the entire length of the perimeter of the room where the archetypal narrative is taking place.

Okay so we have identified one of the images that we see on the wall in the villa.
The same image we see on the ceiling in the NAZI version of Valhalla is on the wall in the Villa.
And the image that alternates with the swastika, the image consisting of concentric squares, I have seen often.
It is known as a ‘lozenge’.

All we need to do is rotate the square into a diamond or lozenge shape.

And the lozenge is associated with the feminine aspect.

And the 3 x 3 square is our friend, the Lo Shu magic square at the very centre…

So let us enter Valhalla one more time.
Remember the Crypt is located below the North Tower.
We look up and see the MALE symbol on the ceiling, above us.
And the circular temple we are standing in represents the earth, the alchemic forge of nature.

It is also the lozenge that helps soothe the bitter pill we must swallow.
It all fits.

In conclusion:
Here is an ancient theory still valid today.

figure 215 above I want to suggest tells an interesting story.
It is actually suggesting the same thing as Milo Wolff.
I see an ancient attempt to communicate Spherical Standing Wave Theory.

>>> Cross within a Circle moves CW or CCW 
>>> Swastika 
moves CW or CCW
resulting in Solomon’s Knot = Standing Wave Theory

And I think the ancient Polynesian mattang which contains ALL the magic of the Knights Templar magic square, found in Pompeii, is a navigational tool, a GPS, left by the ancients, termed a survival tool by the Polynesians, can in fact be used to help modern man navigate our way through the ‘2012 Stargate’.

Somebody tell those fellas at CERN to stand down.
There is another way to move this mountain, to make us skip like a stone over the surface of the water.

2bee continue




Reply  Message 120 of 132 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/11/2015 18:05
Hitler's Search for the Holy Grail

G R E A T V I D E O !!!!
Hey Vision...your masterful support on this forum and over in wankerville, Peak Oil, is about to pay off dude ... BIG BIG BIG TIME ... :roll: 
You may want to supply a link to this thread for those dinks over at PO.

V A L H A L L A 
Hypothesis confirmed.
The swastika and all it implies is divine and sacred and currently its powers are being used against humanity.
I always knew at the end of the story, there would be a profound twist to the narrative.

The final jewel or should I say wewel in the crown, that we have been seeking is in fact theHOLY GRAIL.
What Hitler and Himmler and all others have failed to find.

Yes I know most people will doubt these words.
VisionMaster this is the jewel in our crowning glory, and it is called Wewelsburg Castle.
By entering this castle, we will understand that little has changed in over 7000 years.

Milo Wolff and me have both identified this simple archetype using different languages.
But that is allowed.
Isn’t it?

Clockwise and Counterclockwise according to Milo Wolff are the only two movements or spin possible creating either In Waves and Out Waves

S I M P L E is beautiful and when you go back in time toward a hypothetical Big Bang things in fact become more simple/less complex and more dense.


Clockwise and Counterclockwise

Here is the KEY to Universal movements, not only on the quantum microcosmic level as Milo has observed, but also on a macrocosmic celestial level as the astronomers, astrologers and physicists have also observed when mapping the Milky Way.
As the above image called a Digital Sky Survey illustrates. 
So two different fields of science are suggesting a similar model can be applied to both the Milky Way and an atom/electron/positron?

The Dalai Lama wrote a book called The Universe in an Atom.
Do you think science could meet him halfway?
But wait what else can the above archetypal model apply to?


Equinoxes and Solstices?
Precession of the Equinoxes or the Great Year perhaps?
The above image on the left is the 3 STEP program according to a Freemason.
The image I drew on the right is an archetypal model, the same cycle can be found in both the Greek and Chaldean Zodiacal Crosses, and on a plate from Samarra Iraq circa 5000 BCE. 

And as we can see Milo Wolff's model suggests the same movements.
Two valances move outward and the third valance moves inward.
How cool is that?

What does Leonardo DaVinci, the Freemasons, quantum physicist Milo Wolff, Marko Rodin and his torus and 369, a Polynesian navigational tool, Hitler, Himmler, the NAZIs, and my journey all have in common?

Did I mention the swastika is in fact the common denominator; it is the only divine symbol from antiquity that is both chiral and asymmetric … just like all biological systems, that get their start from chiral asymmetric DNA.

Clockwise and Counterclockwise
Seems we keep coming back to the movements of a ‘clock’.
The motions are stated relative to the ‘hands of a clock’.
Are Time and the Calendar important considerations in how humanity evolved?


Go to 5:31 of this video and tell me if you can see this clock?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLXImzFu ... re=related
Is the fat lady about to start singing?
What other coincidences exist between the Vatican and the Nazis?

We must take a visit to the center of the NAZI Universe to see that they embraced all of the above when building their archetypal temple for entry into Valhalla.
This is truly enlightening.
Within this castle we will find the archetypal HOLY GRAIL.
Within the castle Wewelsburg is a ‘crypt’ and now I realize this crypt is Room 1258.
http://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/1 ... room-1258/

The HOLY GRAIL can be identified and understood using the archetypes that transcend time, space and motion and it also helps to pay attention to what mathematicians call the transcendental numbers.
Pi, phi and Phi.

Divine archetypes that keep resurrecting themselves, no matter how much nature and man attempt to conceal or veil these ‘secrets’.
They will always be revived because the archetype does not die. The archetype plays a role in the revival, perpetually being updated is the intent of this process.
Both the creation and destruction process is itself a most powerful archetype.
The creation of an electron and positron is divine.

Milo Wolff can describe the Holy Grail in scientific terms.
He calls it Standing Wave Theory.
S I M P L E thus beautiful.
The simplicity of the theory is a fine clue that Milo Wolff is full on.

I. Edward Clark a Freemason wrote a most profound book called The Royal Secret.
The best $25 I ever spent on esoteric revelations via Freemason perspective.
http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/Roy ... ch_organic
It is a gem filled with secrets... i.e. suppressed knowledge.
I. Edward Clark and Manly P. Hall are two Freemasons whose work I highly respect. :wink: 

I will reproduce Chapter IX from The Royal Secret in its entirety at the end of this post...it discusses the 3 steps we shall see later in the Wewelsburg crypt.
You will see how I.E. Clark cuts through the Freemason bullshit that was used to veil the mysteries.
And I.E. Clark's work is a fine Freemason's interpretation of the mysteries that have been preserved as archetypal rite and ritual, helping to document this cycle of time.


Above is GOSECK, an important clue to the archetypal Aryan / Nordic ‘Valhalla’.
GOSECK is a German Wood/Stone Henge....from 4800 BCE.
From the same epoch as this plate found in Samarra from 5000 BCE.
This blog shows the profound intimate connections...what everything is pointing toward.
http://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/0 ... milky-way/


http://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/0 ... te-of-god/
Please note they have identified 3 openings/GATES in the structure in GOSECK.

Wewelsburg was mainly Himmler's vision...and it was Himmler who was the driving force behind the arcane / occult methods of the SS.
Himmler actually saw himself as a reincarnation of King Heinrich who initiated the First Reich.

Wewelsburg was their 'occult' hangout.
Wewelsburg was their entry into Valhalla.
Wewelsburg was the seen by Himmler as the center of the Nazi SS Universe.
Remember to the Roman Catholic SS = the Holy Spirit or St. Peter and St. Paul.

Wewelsburg confirms my 3 GATES hypothesis.
Wewelsburg confirms that the Knight's Templar, the Freemasons and Hitler/Himmler's SS all shared the same 'vision', based on the same underlying archetypal truth that even Plato discussed when describing the archetypal Atlantis.

Which brings us back AGAIN to what all of the important archetypes are pointing us toward.

Precession of the Equinoxes / The Great Year / The Platonic Year / a Grand cycle of Time tracking the movement of the SUN….

Shall we step inside the archetypal temple/crypt at Wewelsburg?
Here is a must see video.
So let’s go pilgrims you are now ready to enter Valhalla / Solomon’s Temple / Eden etc etc etc.
Go to 8:05 of this video. Part IV.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odpfOS4r ... re=related
Please watch this video folks.
Please please please do yourself a favor, today's flavor of the day is quite sweet.
Please the truth is so easily revealed.
What the grand conspiracy conceals is a most simple TRUTH.
The truth can be revealed in many ‘languages’.
i.e. myth, math, astronomy, astrology, scriptures, art and archetype (mi field of interest).
When you have a chance, watch the entire 5 parts.

Don't be discouraged by the lack of knowledge the fella leading the tour of the crypt in the video displays.
He apparently doesn't have a clue what that room represents, what those 12 plinths are for, those 3 Steps and then he takes one more step into the center?
Geesh fella...12 represents the 12 constellations that sit on the ecliptic?
Can I have your job dude?

Wewelsburg and the 3 GATES.
How would those 3 Gates operate?
Is this a clue?
http://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/0 ... tiodromia/

Only 3 GATES?
It is mentioned that the Wewelsburg crypt is situated under the NORTH Tower.
This is an important clue.
North does not receive sunlight like the 3 other directions, east, south and west.
North is the direction that the Hopi suggested was blocked and they had no access.


The Polynesian mattang also shows that one direction appears 'blocked' with a stick.
See the extra stick?
The Polynesian mattang was used to identify different kinds of waves.
The Polynesian mattang I feel might help us navigate through the 2012 'stargate'.


Knights Templar Magic Square is a clue to how the ancients navigated the oceans.
And a navigational tool or GPS 2000+ years ago would have been very very valuable.


SOLOMON's KNOT the symbol that represents the manifestation of universal movements...beside it is the quatrefoil often used in Gothic churches which were built and designed by who?
Freemasons and the Knights Templar are the rumors.

So the symbol that represents these universal inward/outward movements is universally recognized, it is ancient, it is often illustrated with 3 ribbons, it is found worldwide and it is associated with the Swastika and all divine sacred temples.


Clockwise and Counterclockwise

And in Part V, in the final minute of the video, this comment is made.
"...these men were engaged in a project to rewrite the record of the past in order to influence the future course of history"

So are you folks concerned about CERN and, about these men who are engaged in a project to do what exactly?




p.s. Here is The Royal Secret Chapter IX.


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…” 

Reply  Message 121 of 132 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 23/01/2016 00:54
Originally Posted by orslah View Post
I kept looking at the Fibonacci Numbers;

Love Debbie
Debbie I am not sure if you have seen this link.
it is a compilation of FIBONACCI sources that connect to the pattern detected by moi, regarding the numbers 11, 2, 5, 8

AND some folks in their holier-than-thou IGNORANCE, (and there are many on these forums) seem to believe that only *experts* can see divine patterns?

Back to remembering...
later I found out the Masonic cipher is 3.
(because of its association to gimel and gamma, the two languages that used similar forms of gematria long ago, among other reasons....)

so when we add the cipher 3 to 11, 2, 5, 8
the FIGURATIVE FIB that is being VEILeD by the big LITERAL LIE called jesus reveals itself.
So I am suggesting that the advertising camPAIN called jesus was used to VEIL LAWS of NATURE from the pagans that the Church was trying to convert?
Occams Razor applies here folks, in a very big way...why delude yourselves with HIS-story based on the LITERAL LIE called jesus, born 2000 years ago.

An archetypal FIGURATIVE jesus was born 6000 years ago.

Easily proved, based on this zodiacal CODE that folks should start their end of daze with 
... 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,

I love coincidences that reveal patterns...
take a look at the post number assigned to that thread I just linked you too.
#5228 or 11, 2, 5, 8? 
or design?

design of course, based on certain patterns, just ask the Mann who supplies the NOBEL GEL, the glue that binds all of EWE to YOU using a U?

And the U looks like a magnet or cosmic good luck horseshoe to me.
lol lol lol

And please note that the horseshoe shape fits nicely into St. Peter's Square....

2 versions of OMEGA
, man

AND please note that the U used as a horseshoe in the image above resembles an upside down OMEGA symbol too?
OR that the Masonic cipher 3 can look like an omega symbol too if rotated 90 degrees through space?

Mind if I ask a rhetorical question Debbie based on the above image?

Why oh why was the Temple of Delphi and the letter/shape/glyph 'E' attributed to Apollo who we see has a swastika on his chest, just like the Buddha?

2 FISH and 5 LOAVES of BREAD = Marko Rodin's cosmic blender concept re: 25

Courtyard of the Church of the Multiplication where the miracle of 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish took place, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

I love patterns...Am I being lead back to the source?
By what?
right click and take a look at the url # of this image that I posted off the web...OBVIOUSLY the Church of the Multiplication is to be a part of the narration I am supplying.

i.e. this is the photo url.
You need to know, that before I was lead to 11, 2, 5, 8, 
I was exploring the numbers 528....re: the solfeggio frequency that heals DNA, as some researchers claim.
I was born at 5:28 am?

regarding the Church of the Multiplication I want to ask the following questions... 
a/ does it look like an OMEGA symbol?
b/ does it fit into st. peter's square?
c/ is it a mnemonic/shape/temple design pointing toward the Holy Grail, the ARK, our DNA?
d/ does this 'omega' temple shape fit the binary (1 and 0 ) representation, of what we find in St. Peter's Square Ellipse, as seen from above?

YES lordy lordy lordy do ya see it dude?
ground control to major tomtom
the pope is sending you a message... 
go here>>> HOLY GRAIL found in ARECIBO Message


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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 31/05/2016 00:31

Reply  Message 42 of 42 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 30/05/2016 21:21

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 02/02/2017 01:29
Resultado de imagen para hercules manzanas de oro

Reply  Message 124 of 132 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 13/10/2017 01:32
Alcoseri Sent: 10/10/2017 18:37


Hace tiempo que no trabajo en el blog, así que reconozco que estoy un poco "perdida".

Por esta razón, he decidido comenzar de nuevo la andadura por un tema diferente: el Arca de Noe. Y para ello lo primero será - ¡cómo no!- preguntarnos sobre la etimología del nombre del protagonista: Noe.  

 Así descubrimos que el nombre de "Noe" o  "Noah", deriva del hebreo  "Naham", que significa "consolación".
"Y cuando Matusalén hubo escuchado la palabra de su padre Enoc, que había revelado todas las cosas secretas, él regresó y la hizo conocer y le dio a este niño  el nombre de Noe, pues él debía consolar la tierra de toda destrucción,"
("Libro de Enoc", Capítulo 107)

Recordemos además, que en este sentido Javier Sierra en su libro "La Cena Secreta", hizo un fantástico descubrimiento al asociar el cuadro de la "La última cena" de Leonardo, con los apodos que Santiago de la Vorágine (1230-1298) en su obra la "Leyenda dorada", le otorga a cada uno de los apóstoles.

Gracias a esto se descubre, que las primeras letras de los apodos de los apóstoles, leídas  de derecha  a izquierda, componen una palabra: "CONSOLAMENTUM".



Así pues,  que muy probablemente exista algún tipo de relación entre el Arca de Noe y la "Última Cena" de Leonardo…¿pero cuál?

En este sentido, es muy reveladora la obra de William Stirling llamada "El Cánon". 

Según esta obra, Josefo  habla de la larga vida de Noe y de los Patriarcas, diciendo que:

"Dios les dejaba que vivieran más tiempo, no sólo por su virtud, sino también para que sacaran utilidad a sus descubrimientos astronómicos y geométricos, ya que ellos no hubiesen podido predecirlos con certeza de no vivir 600 años, ya que el año mayor se cumple al cabo de ese número de años normales"
(Josefo (L.I, c III)

Como pueden comprobar, el texto es claro al señalar que Noe y los Patriarcas realizaban estudios astronómicos y geométricos.

Es más, en el libro de Enoch se dice además...

"En esos días, Noe vió que la Tierra se inclinaba"

un hecho que parece ser una clara referencia, al movimiento de precesión terrestre. 

Estos y otros indicios, llevaron a  William Stirling  a asegurar que la figura rectangular del Arca, es un símbolo del tamaño del Eclíptica o de lo que es lo mismo, de...

 "la línea curva por donde «transcurre» la Tierra alrededor del Sol, en su «movimiento aparente» visto desde la Tierra."  

A continuación, se muestra el gráfico que Stirling  incorpora en su obra:

Gracias a este gráfico, comprobamos que en la trayectoria oblicua del Sol, también se representan las Doce Constelaciones del Zodiaco que en anteriores entradas..., hemos relacionado con los  Doce Apóstoles.

Así, en la "Última Cena" de Leonardo, ya vimos como  Cristo representa al Sol y  los apóstoles  las Doce Constelaciones del Zodiacales...

de tal manera que, podemos reproducir la eclíptica de Stirling en la obra de Leonardo de la siguiente manera:

La "consolación" de Noe y el "consolamentum" de la obra de Leonardo, están pues relacionadas, con la astronomía y más concretamente con la eclíptica.

Dejemos a un lado la obra de Stirling, y hagamos  nuestras propias cábalas comenzando por las medidas del Arca, que  según el Génesis son:

" Y de esta manera la harás: de 300 codos la longitud del arca, de 50 codos su anchura, y de 30 codos su altura." 
(Gen 6, 15) 

De esta forma comprobamos, que la relación entre su longitud y su anchura es de 6 a 1...

300 / 50  = 6  

del mismo modo que en el "Hombre de Vitruvio" de Leonardo, su altura es 6 veces su pie.

Y es que estamos ante el Hombre y el Número Perfecto, siendo el 6, el Número bajo el cual se armonizan  Hombre y Cosmos.
"De igual modo, el pie es la sexta parte de la altura del hombre, o lo que es lo mismo, sumando 6 veces un pie, delimitaremos la altura del cuerpo; por ello coincidieron en que tal numero -el 6- es el número perfecto, y además observaron que un codo equivale a 6 palmos, o lo que es lo mismo, 24  [6 x 4 ] dedos." 
( “Vitruvvii De Architectura” , Vitruvio)
Por eso no debe extrañarnos, que la relación del ancho del Arca con su altura sea precisamente...

50 / 30 = 1´6666

siendo los dos primeros dígitos (1´6), los mismos  que componen el Número Áureo ( 1,61803,  φ , phi).

Esta proporción se encuentra tanto en algunas figuras geométricas, como en la naturaleza, y por tanto, en el Cosmos.

Pero es al relacionar el Mito del Arca de Noe con el valor del perímetro terrestre utilizado por los antiguos de 39. 960 Kilómetros, cuando surge la sorpresa.

Porque al dividir el valor de los 39.960 Km del Perímetro Terrestre, por los 600 años que tenía  Noe cuando dio comienzo el Diluvio, el valor que obtenemos es de...

39.960 / 600 = 66 ' 6 

y por tanto, una 1/ 10 parte del Número de la Bestia.


Es más..., si volvemos a leer el anterior párrafo  de Josefo, descubriremos que el año mayor astronómico también era de 600 años:
"no hubiesen podido predecirlos con certeza de no vivir 600 años, ya que el año mayor se cumple al cabo de ese número de años normales"

Y es curioso..., muy, muy curioso, porque actualmente..., la Unión Internacional de Telecomunicaciones ha propuesto añadirle una hora a los relojes atómicos, cada 600 años

Se busca así, evitar la desincronización  que  gradualmente experimenta el día solar, ya que se ha vuelto más largo a razón de 1,7 ms cada siglo, principalmente debido a la aceleración de marea de la Luna.


Así que la pregunta es...¿Es posible que en tiempos de Noe..., ya se tuviera este tipo de conocimiento? Y mi respuesta es... : - Quién sabe tan siquiera..., qué es el tiempo.

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