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Higgs boson: a subatomic particle whose existence is predicted by the theory that unified the weak and electromagnetic interactions

It's quite a 'coincidence' that the announcement of the Higgs boson - the 'GOD particle' - would come on July 4th! The US Founding Fathers aligned the signing of the Declaration of Independence on this day using the Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) alphanumeric code of GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th. (G is the 7th letter, a circle is either the 15th letter or zerO, and D is the 4th letter.) "As above, so below" has been the mantra of sacred geometry/gematria for ~7,000 years. The ancient Egyptians observed the 7 moving objects(74) in the heavens(74) with 4 of these not casting shadows(74) on Earth (Venus does). The lunar months(74) are 4 phases of 7 days (~7.4) each. The lunar year of 354 days + a 7-day-week + 4 days = solar year. The Egyptians then copied this 7_4 pattern from God/the gods by taking the Standard (Biblical) cubit of 6 palms x 4 fingers (17.76" & July 4, 1776) and adding a palm to create the Royal cubits(74) of 7 palms x 4 fingers. This sacred measurement was the basic unit of all Egyptian sacred temples and buildings including the Sphinx and Pyramids at Giza.

We know that Moses - Prince of Egypt - knew this code when GOD & he aligned the 4th Commandment: "Keep the 7th day holy" (Sabbath[7 letters]). He copied the Osiris(74) story by bringing Aaron, his two sons, and 70 elders on Mt. Sinai. These are only two examples of the Bible and the GOD=7_4 Code. Genesis 1:14-19, Gn 7:4 introduces the recurring #40, "For in 7 days, it will rain for 40 days & 40 nights". Joshua(74=J10+O15+S19+H8+U21+A1) had 7 priests with 7 horns(74) encircle Jericho 7 times for 7 days. "Selah" is found 74x. Jesus(74)/Y'shua(74)/IESVS(74) the Jewish(74) Messiah(74) was born on 17/4/748 AUC (April 17, 6 BC) and on the Cross(74) on 7/4/783 AUC (April 7, 30 AD). The Revelation's "7 seals" & "4 Horsemen".

Venus is .7 AU & Mercury .4 AU from the Sun. ~74% of this universe's elemental mass is hydrogen. ~74% of everything is dark energy(74). ~74% of Earth's surface is water. 7 continents & '4 corners', 4 seasons, & 4 oceans. Human pregnancies are 40 weeks (7x40). M-theory states that there are 7 dimensions of hyperspace + the 4 common dimensions. Unified Strings (U21 S19) Theory adds an analysis of time(47) that provides symmetry with 7 aspects of regular time + 4 aspects of hypertime.