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From: &Chykita&  (Original message) Sent: 14/01/2010 02:54
corazon.jpg picture by Doniri     corazon-1.gif picture by Doniri
rosa7.gif picture by Doniri       heart_106.gif picture by Doniri
heartwitharose.jpg picture by Doniri    amor.jpg picture by Doniri
corazones.gif picture by Doniricorazones-2.jpg picture by Doniri

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Reply  Message 2 of 3 on the subject 
From: &Chykita& Sent: 18/01/2010 00:03
7acfd16c6b1750e381983d46d01ab23d.gif picture by Doniri   doppelherz2.gif picture by Doniri   herz4.gif picture by Doniri
i247314371_48025_7.gif picture by Doniri   f73ce4.gif picture by Donirii99675579_4377_2.gif picture by Doniri

Reply  Message 3 of 3 on the subject 
From: &Chykita& Sent: 27/01/2010 02:12
11pr9.gif picture by donitayo
rose.gif picture by donitayo

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