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General: Can we create an iOS application without using XCode?
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From: Rachel Mclellan  (Original message) Sent: 13/10/2021 10:57

Creating an iOS application without using XCode is not nearly impossible. While developing a native iOS application without XCode, you need to have an Apple operating system to develop native applications.

As described in unique mobile app development processes, mobile application creation with quality frameworks and platforms such as PhoneGap is possible. However, for this, you just need to go off some extra limits to make this possible.

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From: Christian12 Sent: 27/10/2021 11:35
As a first-time iOS developer, it’s going to take a little bit of time, effort and determination to get a basic iOS application up and running. I suggest you to check https://www.dissertation-service.org/dissertation-editing-services/ and get technoques to manage their university work. One of the things that makes it so difficult to get started is to learn the basics. In this post, I hope to make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

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