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Reply Delete message  Message 1 of 57 on the subject 
From: timber  (Original message) Sent: 01/01/2018 08:00

If you happen to be bumping around the site and want to pop in and say hello, then we would love to hear from you.

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Reply  Message 43 of 57 on the subject 
From: Lightfeather Sent: 17/09/2020 20:30
I miss you all..  Did anyone here start a new group or ??
I hate this virus thing. Just wish people would follow the rules so, we can get back to
some kind of normal.
This is my ladies group.   https://onaclearday.proboards.com/
Take care every one! 
timber, I miss your tags xoxo

Reply  Message 44 of 57 on the subject 
From: timber Sent: 20/09/2020 17:03
It's good to see you checking in, Nancy ♥.

This group doesn't get a lot of activity anymore since many of the smileys have disappeared, but I keep it open in case someone is looking for something like when you were looking for koalas.  Sometimes I will add new things to the boards that I use.

As to new groups, there aren't any that I know of.  I still have my PSP group that you're a member of so you can check in there if you like.  When I make new tags I show them off.  Right now I'm working on a large project so I've been too busy to get much tagging time.

Stay safe in all this craziness!

Reply  Message 45 of 57 on the subject 
From: timber Sent: 17/11/2020 23:55

Reply  Message 46 of 57 on the subject 
From: Lightfeather Sent: 18/11/2020 21:12
I miss you making tags!
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
And a safe journey were every you go !!!

Reply  Message 47 of 57 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 29/06/2021 22:23
Omg!!!! I thought this site was gone ... I could not find the link for a long time and then I had a DUH moment: Why did I not go through the My Groups link in Gabitos page LOL!!!!!! 
Hope you are all doing GREAT!!

Sunflower k a r l a Sunflower

Reply  Message 48 of 57 on the subject 
From: Lightfeather Sent: 07/07/2021 20:15
Just had a hurricane hit us. But, we are ok.
Thank God!
Hope all of you are doing ok! And staying cool 

Reply  Message 49 of 57 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 08/07/2021 08:50
Lightfeather, oh my!! So glad you are okay. Sending positive thoughts to all ♥

Reply  Message 50 of 57 on the subject 
From: Lightfeather Sent: 28/07/2021 23:24
SilentEyez, thank you. We made it though this one. Hope you are doing well.

Reply  Message 51 of 57 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 29/07/2021 21:05

All good on my end. Ty, Lightfeather

Reply  Message 52 of 57 on the subject 
From: foxyfox Sent: 18/01/2023 11:26
It's incredible how much machine translation has improved. 

Reply  Message 53 of 57 on the subject 
From: foxyfox Sent: 18/01/2023 11:27
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Reply  Message 54 of 57 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 16/04/2023 09:16

Reply  Message 55 of 57 on the subject 
From: SilentEyez Sent: 24/04/2023 07:46

Lionel Ritchie Hello

LOL! Text

Reply  Message 56 of 57 on the subject 
From: Walaim Henry Sent: 23/06/2023 14:55
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Reply  Message 57 of 57 on the subject 
From: Atellier Sent: 10/07/2023 07:12
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