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Noticias: Business model patterns presentation
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From: Anne Swenson  (Original message) Sent: 04/01/2022 09:37
If you have ever been interested in studying business science, I highly recommend you read this article: https://codetiburon.com/business-model-patterns-online-enterprise/  It sets out in detail the theory of business model patterns, which is usually difficult to understand, but in this article the material is presented both scientifically and quite understandably.

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Reply  Message 2 of 3 on the subject 
From: JeromeMiles Sent: 02/08/2022 13:47
Thanks for such a great post. I cal also recommend you to study trading nad read how to trade crude oil on the exchange. Oil is a unique strategic product, the main energy carrier. Its prices determine the development parameters of all industries. To know more about oil trading read this

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From: repairkw Sent: 31/08/2022 16:46
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