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Puerto Rico Prop Busters
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ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS (AMA) - Sanctioned events, flying site assistance, liability insurance, magazine.   www.modelaircraft.org

AEROBATICS - The Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association (PAMPA) website    http://www.control-line.org

AEROPRODUCTS -  Randy Smiths PA stunt engines and world class products.  www.aeroproduct.net

BLACK HAWK MODELS - Control-line model airplane kits.  www.blackhawkmodels.com

BLUE SKY MODELS - Control-line Laser-cut model airplane kits.   www.blueskymodels.net

BMJR MODELSSome control line kits.   www.bmjrmodels.com

BRODAK - Brodak's one stop-shop for all control-line hobby needs.  www.brodak.com

COMBAT - Want really exciting stuff?... try combat!  The website for control-line combat.    http://www.clcombat.info

CONTROL LINE CENTRALNothing but Control-line!   www.clcentral.com

DEE RICES BROTHERHOOD OF THE RINGRingmaster S-1 language only spoken here!    www.brotherhoodofthering.info

ELECTRIC CONTROL-LINE MODELSWhen noise is a problem... Dave Days electric control-line stunters.    www.iroquois.free-online.co.uk

FOX MANUFACTURING - The makers of the famous Fox model engines.  www.foxmanufacturing.com

JIM PAILET'S MODELS - Custom cut kits. Laser and hand cut model airplane kits.   www.customcutkits.com

HALF-A MODELS - Building and flying control-line with 1/2 A model aircraft.    www.aeromaniacs.com/Starting.html

LARRY FOSTER - Find information on Control Line modeling from a beginners perspective. http://www.silk-n-dope.com

NAVY CARRIER - A website dedicated to the control-line Navy Carrier event.   http://clflyer.tripod.com/ncs/ncs.htm

RACINGThe National Control-Line Racing Association Website.   www.nclra.org

RICHARDS KITSVeco and Midwest control-line model airplane kits.   www.richardskits.net

RINGMASTER S-1 MODELSPat Johnstons The best Ringmaster Profile kits ever!  To order, e-mail: pat@brothersofthering.com

RSM DISTRIBUTIONControl-line model airplane kits.   www.rsmdistribution.com

SAMS STUFF AND HOBBIES - Control-line models airplanes and motors   http://www.sshobbies.com/bucoliki.html

SILVER FOXX ENGINESLew Woolards home of competition tuned engines.  Call (316) 529-1302 or e-mail:   silverfoxx@cox,net

SPEED - An awesome event!  North American Control-line Speed Society Website.    http://www.clspeed.com/member.htm

STUKA STUNT WORKSControl-line sales, auctions, and forums.  www.clstunt.com

TOM DIXONControl-line plans, engines and kits.    http://members.tripod.com/~TomDixon/tomdixon.htm

TOM MORRIS READY TO USE CONTROL LINES - Ready to use, stranded steel control lines call (256) 820-1983 or e-mail:  ctmorris@cableone.net

TOWER HOBBIES -  Low priced ARF Noblers, Flight Streaks and Scores. Fox, and OS motors, accessories  www.towerhobbies.com

VICTOR STANZEL CO.  -  Control-line collectibles from the 1940s.   www.stanzelflyingmodels.com

WINDY URTNOWSKI -  Control-line model airplane kits and engines.   www.windyurtnowski.com
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