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From: ladhy dark  (Original message) Sent: 03/12/2009 14:44
"  "  B  O  T  O  N  E  ´  S  "  "
Animafcin5.gif image by ladhydark  Animacin1-2.gif image by ladhydark  Imagen23.png image by ladhydark  Animacin3-3.gif image by ladhydark  Animacin4-1.gif image by ladhydark

Animacin9.gif image by ladhydark  lscherry.gif image by ladhydark  Animacin4.gif image by ladhydark  Animacin8.gif image by ladhydark 

Animacing.gif image by ladhydark  Imacen10.png image by ladhydark 
Animacin23.gif image by ladhydark 
Animacin2.gif image by ladhydark

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From: blogergoods Sent: 10/09/2020 07:55
然后他在星期三在印第安纳州卡梅尔市的最后一个球道上打出76杆,以220杆和4杆并列并列第2名,获胜者约翰·马歇尔·巴特勒(John marshall butler)交出4杆。我打得非常出色。巨星。“赢球本来很酷,但是我还有时间。每天只有两次糟糕的3次击球,但是除此之外,我的表现令人难以置信。

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