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General: humor extremo
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From: mauricio34  (Original message) Sent: 09/09/2019 21:21

Por favor la calle sagaste

- ¡Pues claro! Si pasas muchas veces por ella, ¡pues claro que se gasta.

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From: shuishui Sent: 15/09/2020 06:08
I accidentally saw on the platform that day that the total duration of my League of Legends game was 6447.5 hours.
My first reaction was to take a breath.
I have been in contact with this game for 9 years, which is 269 days without sleep, accounting for 3% of my current life.

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From: Euphoric Sent: 22/11/2021 07:53
You may download and convert songs from SoundCloud to High Quality MP3 with SoundCloud MP3. Our service is available as a result of the fact that Soundcloud does not always provide a download option. 

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From: candymika Sent: 26/07/2022 10:08
Snake gameplay is a stress-relieving game that you can play online for free. This is how to play snake game.

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