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Reply  Message 1 of 33 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 16/08/2012 05:02

Another key factor - perhaps the overriding factor - is that the 2005 Christmas window did not coincide with an Orange Alignment which is a celestial configuration considered to be a key time-marker in the 'Judgment' scheme.

All three zero/balanced points in the 2005 Equation of Time had produced major 'Sun-king Judgment' events and were highlighted by an Orange Alignment forming in the solar system - except the fourth and final one around Christmas. (The last OA in 2005 was around November 17-18.) This is an important deviation.

The next Orange Alignment will come on January 31-February 1, which happens to be the anniversary of the first hospitalization of John Paul II last year which was also closely marked by an OA, though not as closely as the date will be this year. There is a definite sense of 'intelligent design' here - indeed we have only scratched the surface - and Chicago's Damage Plan code when deciphered further underscores the point.

The next Orange Alignment coming up will even have the Sun in between Venus and Mercury, which is now considered a particularly powerful configuration, so I'm already looking deeply into this aspect of the overall time code (which extends beyond Feb. 1/Imbolc).

In fact, its significance has already been expressed through Sharon's stroke, because January 4th happened to be the exact midpoint between 2005 Damage Plan Day (Dec. 8) and February 1, '06. The timeline was 'balanced' on that date and as per the usual pattern it was a time of justice/judgment (symbolically speaking; no religious connotations intended).


Beast Day 6/6/6 was also an 'Orange Day' - a day marked by an 'Orange Alignment', or the lining up of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus (as seen from 'above' the solar system). It's the 'minute hand' of our Super Torch Ritual/Damage Plan 'clock'. If you see orange - watch out. Godfather knows it.

The most recent Orange Day was June 4th, 2007 - which was, again, the day of the first Paris incarceration and the 2012 Olympic logo!

The next 'Orange Alignment' will be around August 16-17, joined by Earth.

On August 16 heaven and earth collide... in the film 'Deep Impact' (1998).

It's also a Venus Transit echo, though no actual transit per se. It'll still the same configuration of an Earth-Venus-Sun alignment that we'll see around August 16-17.

The double impact - of an Orange Alignment and a VT-like alignment - is even STEREO-supported. Pretty powerful stuff. It's going to be something... Maybe the Pope should watch out.


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Reply  Message 19 of 33 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/10/2012 02:26

Was that the end of the story, or was it supposed to go on as per the Journey's final words? If it was meant to continue, why and for how long? Answer: St. Anthony and June 13th. Anthony/Tony did not die on June 10 because it wasn't time yet. The feast/death day of St. Anthony of Padua was still three days away on June 13th.

It was around June 13 that the consensus began to emerge that Tony did die in the episode. With that realization, Tony was laid to rest - as 'St. Anthony'. This was commemorated by the San Antonio Spurs playing for the NBA title in San Antonio, a city named in honor of St. Anthony of Padua. The next day (June 14) San Antonio defeated the Cleveland Cavilers to become the 2007 NBA champions. (San Antonio is sometimes called the 'Countdown City'... ominous?)

A week later a big Mafia trial began in Chicago (Chicago and a Mafia trial both quietly highlighted in 'Made in America'.) which would conclude in September, right between the two bridge collapses... expressing the 'death of St. Anthony'.

*        *        *

Minneapolis and St. Paul (Minnesota capital) are so close to each other they are called the 'Twin Cities' and often treated as one metropolitan area. What happens to Minneapolis also happens to St. Paul. The St. Anthony Bridge collapse was a Twin Cities event. It's from this combination of the two saints, St. Anthony and St. Paul, that we begin to see glimpses of Rennes-le-Chateau's Grail mystery - originally popularized by the best-selling book 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' decades ago and resurrected recently by 'The Da Vinci Code'. The book had set the stage for what's emerging around us now. The dead are coming out of the Underground... Et in Arcadia ego. A Mayan Resurrection story.

St. Antony and St. Paul are depicted together in David Teniers' 'St. Antony and St. Paul in the desert'. It's one of the two paintings inseparable from the Rennes mystery involving coded parchments...


eg4-parchment-1.gif (12618 bytes)

eg4-parchment-2.gif (31237 bytes)



That's St. Anthony and St. Paul together...

The other much more famous Rennes painting, 'Shepherds of Arcadia' by Nicolas Poussin, was in Atlanta from February through September this year as part of the 'Louvre Atlanta' exhibition. This was a big piece of the puzzle, providing hidden context for the St. Anthony Bridge collapse as well as the Atlantis STS-117 mission in June. 'Atlantis 117' was to be read as 'Atlanta 1/17' or 'Shepherds of Arcadia January 17'. That's the feast/death day of the 'original' St. Anthony ('the Great') after whom St. Anthony of Padua was named. (January 17 pops up everywhere in the Rennes/Priory story.) STS-117 was launched on June 8 or two days before the Sopranos 'Made in America' episode (in which Anthony faces death) which in turn was a prelude to the June 13 feast/death day of the other St. Anthony (of Padua). Two Anthony death dates united.

Atlantis STS-117 was also designed to interact with STS-116 (December '06), together establishing a 'solstice axis' expressing birth/resurrection (see previous articles).

The key function of STS-116 here is its allusion to the North Star in its mission patch. The starburst on the ISS solar panel is officially the North Star... which anticipated the bridge collapse in Minnesota which is also known as the 'North Star State'.

The patch also communicated the idea of 'coming out of the egg' (shuttle = 'baby') very much comparable to the scarab 'solar resurrection' artwork of the Journey album containing 'Don't Stop Believing' which now embodies the 'death/resurrection of Anthony (Soprano)'...


So on and so forth. You get the picture.

It was in this multicontextual framework intensely focused on 'St. Anthony' that I was closely monitoring August 15, the birthday of St. Anthony of Padua (Anthony 'coming out of the egg') marked by a powerful Orange Alignment..

*        *        *

It began on August 13th... appropriately enough with another bridge collapse in China killing more than 60.

It happened in the town of Fenghuang. 'Fenghuang' means Phoenix - the mythological bird of Resurrection.

Followed by:

Aug 14 Flossie churns toward Hawaii as Dean strengthens
Aug 14 Quake shakes hurricane-braced Hawaii

Then culminating on August 15 itself with:

Aug 15 8.0-mag earthquake kills hundreds in Peru

Very intense... but something of a head-scratcher. What's Peru got to do with St. Anthony or an 'orange omen'?

The key was a great-circle alignment uniting Peru and Hawaii... and Rio.

Seeing the line's proximity to the Tropical lines (signifying the solstice sun angle), I quickly inferred that this was a time code...

Without going into too much detail, the design was basically emphasizing the November 22/January 20 twin dates (the second date marked by the Sun returning to the same spot after the winter solstice) at the 10/15/06 Hawaii quake epicenter near the 8/14/07 one. Rio was part of the alignment to redundantly highlight January 20 - the date of Rio's discovery back in 1502 (hence the name 'River of January').

Reply  Message 20 of 33 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/10/2012 02:31

And echoing the Orange Alignment of August 15, both January 20 and November 22 could not be more orange. On January 20, 2008, we'll have the next middle-Sun Orange Alignment! And back in 2004, it was precisely on November 22 that Ukraine's 'Orange Revolution' got started (culminating in the election/inauguration of Viktor Yushchenko in January)!

Viewed In this context, one of the biggest world events of the summer/fall really comes alive. I'm talking about the anti-government protests led by monks in Burma/Myanmar...

As you may or may not know, it's called the 'Saffron Revolution' because of the orange robes the monks wear! And when did this Asian 'Orange Revolution' begin? August 15 - yes, the day of the Orange Alignment! And why monks? Because August 15 was also the St. Anthony birthday and the original St. Anthony is considered the 'Father of All Monks'! I mean, that's almost too much...

It's also important to see an allusion to the Knights Templar in those 'warrior monks' (epithet often given to the Templars). The legendary medieval crusaders often considered the 'guardians of the Holy Grail' are heavily woven into the whole the Rennes-le-Chateau mythology.

It's essentially about the 'Underground Stream' (hidden continuation of powerful knowledge/bloodline) that is esoterically identified with the river Alpheus flowing in Arcadia, Greece. You can see this in the first version of Poussin's 'Shepherds of Arcadia' in which the river-God Alpheus is seen pouring water from a vase.

Greece is meridionally aligned (i.e. through the North/South Pole) with Hawaii (=> Nov 22/Jan 20).

It's the birthplace of the Olympic Games, which almost turned into a big Olympic Torch late August this year as wild fires nearly brought the nation to its knees.

8/24 Fires break out in Greece
8/26 Fight to save Olympic birthplace
8/27 Foreigners help fight Greek fires

The inferno began on August 24, three days after Endeavour STS-118 returned to earth with an 'Olympic Torch'... depicted in its patch.

And it was clearly an Olympic torch: A) Endeavour STS-118 was launched August 8, exactly a year before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics (8/8/08), and B) the Greek fires started on August 24, exactly a year before the closing ceremony (8/24/08).

STS-118 was also a 'cross-quarter mission'.

  • 'Cross quarter' = halfway point between the equinox and the solstice.

  • Unbeknownst to most, there are at least three versions of the cross-quarter days - 'traditional', 'astronomical' (based on Earth's orbital position around the Sun), and 'horizon' (based on the sunrise/sunset angle).

STS-118's launch (August 8), landing (August 21) and the St. Anthony Bridge collapse (August 1) together pinpointed all three cross-quarter dates of Lughnasadh, almost certainly by design.

Cross-quarter Dates

  Traditional Astro. Horizon* Paris Hist. Axis** Grande Arche***
Imbolc Feb 1 ~Feb 3 ~Feb 17 Jan31-Feb2 Jan 15-19
Beltane May 1 ~May 5 ~Apr 21 May 4-5 May 19-22
Lughnasadh Aug 1 ~Aug 7 ~Aug 22 Aug 6-8 Jul 22-25
Samhain Nov 1 ~Nov 7 ~Oct 25 Nov 9-11 Nov 23-26

*Cross-quarter midpoint measured on horizon (sunrise/sunset azimuth)
**Paris Historical Axis sunset/sunrise alignment dates
***Grande Arche at the western edge of Hist. Axis, 6 deg. deviation


If you're not convinced, consider the fact that the next space shuttle mission (Discovery STS-120) will repeat the same pattern - launching around October 25 (current schedule Oct. 23) and landing around November 7 (currently Nov. 6), both Samhain cross-quarter dates!

Cross-quarter Dates

  Traditional Astro. Horizon* Paris Hist. Axis** Grande Arche***
Imbolc Feb 1 ~Feb 3 ~Feb 17 Jan31-Feb2 Jan 15-19
Beltane May 1 ~May 5 ~Apr 21 May 4-5 May 19-22
Lughnasadh Aug 1 ~Aug 7 ~Aug 22 Aug 6-8 Jul 22-25
Samhain Nov 1 ~Nov 7 ~Oct 25 Nov 9-11 Nov 23-26

*Cross-quarter midpoint measured on horizon (sunrise/sunset azimuth)
**Paris Historical Axis sunset/sunrise alignment dates
***Grande Arche at the western edge of Hist. Axis, 6 deg. deviation

[Note: Watch for a potential St. Anthony Bridge collapse echo around November 1 and a intense 'kamikaze' event around November 7. Also, there is a very realistic chance of Atlantis STS-122 coming up in December getting into serious trouble a la Apollo 13 or Columbia.]

Reply  Message 21 of 33 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/10/2012 02:33


Nov 01 Caribbean storm deadliest so far
Nov 01 Noel reaches hurricane strength
Nov 02 Flooding traps 300,000 in Mexico
Nov 03 Mass exodus from Mexico flooding

We can't talk about cross-quarter days without bringing up the Paris axes (at least on my websites). The 'Historical Axis' in the City of Light is an astronomical cross-quarter day maker, period. An obvious and important fact that's somehow still not being noticed outside of this website. (Researcher/writer Robert Bauval while very much aware of the solar alignment fails to realize that it has to do with cross-quarter days.)

Even less known is the Grande Arche at the western end of the Historical Axis, with a curious 6-degree deviation from the axis angle.


The 'twist' causes the solar alignment dates to shift... and pinpoints ~November 23 and ~January 19, coinciding with the Peru/Hawaii/Rio time code! (Nov 22/Jan 20 at Hawaii.)

Paris is an 'Isis/Sirius city' closely associated with Mary Magdalene, the Holy Grail, and such, and in 'The Da Vinci Code' the final resting place of the Grail is apparently under the pyramidion right beneath the inverted glass pyramid at the eastern end of the Historical Axis right in front of the Louvre where Poussin's 'Shepherds of Arcadia' normally resides (in Atlanta from February-September '07).

Cross-quarter Dates

  Traditional Astro. Horizon* Paris Hist. Axis** Grande Arche***
Imbolc Feb 1 ~Feb 3 ~Feb 17 Jan31-Feb2 Jan 15-19
Beltane May 1 ~May 5 ~Apr 21 May 4-5 May 19-22
Lughnasadh Aug 1 ~Aug 7 ~Aug 22 Aug 6-8 Jul 22-25
Samhain Nov 1 ~Nov 7 ~Oct 25 Nov 9-11 Nov 23-26

*Cross-quarter midpoint measured on horizon (sunrise/sunset azimuth)
**Paris Historical Axis sunset/sunrise alignment dates
***Grande Arche at the western edge of Hist. Axis, 6 deg. deviation

The Louvre glass pyramids are obviously a 'hyperlink' to the Giza pyramids and the Great Sphinx. The causeway connecting the Sphinx and the middle Giza pyramid is - you guessed it- a (horizon) cross-quarter marker designed to align with sunrise on ~October 25/February 17!

Cross-quarter Dates

  Traditional Astro. Horizon* Paris Hist. Axis** Grande Arche***
Imbolc Feb 1 ~Feb 3 ~Feb 17 Jan31-Feb2 Jan 15-19
Beltane May 1 ~May 5 ~Apr 21 May 4-5 May 19-22
Lughnasadh Aug 1 ~Aug 7 ~Aug 22 Aug 6-8 Jul 22-25
Samhain Nov 1 ~Nov 7 ~Oct 25 Nov 9-11 Nov 23-26

*Cross-quarter midpoint measured on horizon (sunrise/sunset azimuth)
**Paris Historical Axis sunset/sunrise alignment dates
***Grande Arche at the western edge of Hist. Axis, 6 deg. deviation

Unbeknownst to most, cross-quarter days have much to do with the Holy Grail, the Templars, 'stargate', and all that. This is something people will start to realize maybe next decade... or hopefully earlier.

At least 'Enki' whispering through NASA/space shuttles knows all about all things cross quarter... It's a deep rabbit hole leading to 'something wonderful' and we've only scratched the surface at this point.

It was actually thanks to the NASA 'Enki' that by early September I began picking up on the Templar nature of this period I've dubbed the 'Templar Resurrection Sequence', and the first clue had to do with 'Star Wars':

During [space shuttle Discovery] STS-120, the prop lightsaber used by actor Mark Hamill in the 1983 film Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi will be flown to the [space] station, and then returned to Earth. Stowed on-board Discovery for the length of the mission, the fictional Jedi weapon is being flown in honor of the 30th anniversary of director George Lucas' Star Wars franchise. [source]

Reply  Message 22 of 33 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/10/2012 02:35

The 'Jedi' being intergalactic 'knights', the 'Return of the Jedi' inevitably brings to mind the 'Resurrection of the Templars' which is a sub-theme of the 'Grail/Phoenix Resurrection' pattern underlying this 2007-2008 solar minimum period. And 'Star Wars' would be a reference to Mars, the 'planet/star of war'.

Here is how to put the pieces of the puzzle together:

  • The Templars' sudden fall/death began on Friday, October 13, 1307 (which is why 'Friday the 13th' is still considered an unlucky day), thus their 'resurrection' would take place from that temporal 'tomb' where they went underground.

  • There was going to be a planetary alignment on ~Oct. 13, 2007 involving Mars (Sun-Venus-Mars).

  • The 10/13/07 position of Mars was in precise alignment with the October 25 position of Earth or in other words pinpointing horizon Lughnasadh cross-quarter day and indeed none other than the 'Templar' launch of Discovery STS-120.

  • Mars aligned with the same Lughnasadh Earth position 'horizontally' (as opposed to 'vertically' along the grid of the solar system) on August 15, '07 - which is of course the birthday of St. Anthony's birth marked by an Orange Alignment and Peru's deadly earthquake.

All put together, there was a Rose-Cross 'X marking the spot' where death and birth merge - a 'Phoenix point' - on ~October 25. A picture's worth a thousand words...

templar-mars-seq.gif (156523 bytes)

A big confirmation of this came on October 5 in the form of an upcoming Vatican book that will completely exonerate the Knights Templar! The book will be published on - you guessed it - October 25!

The mysteries of the Order of the Knights Templar could soon be laid bare after the Vatican announced the release of a crucial document which has not been seen for almost 700 years.

A new book, Processus contra Templarios, will be published by the Vatican's Secret Archive on Oct 25, and promises to restore the reputation of the Templars, whose leaders were burned as heretics when the order was dissolved in 1314.

The Knights Templar were a powerful and secretive group of warrior monks during the Middle Ages. Their secrecy has given birth to endless legends, including one that they guard the Holy Grail. [...]

"This is proof that the Templars were not heretics," said Prof Frale. "The Pope was obliged to ask pardon from the knights.

"For 700 years we have believed that the Templars died as cursed men, and this absolves them."

The Templars, in other words, are 'back' or being 'resurrected'.

Now, we should also take note of the fact that the Vatican book news came right before October 13. This needs to be viewed in the context of this year's October 13 being the deadline set by a modern Templar group that demanded an apology from the Vatican back in 2004:

THE VATICAN is giving "serious consideration" to apologising for the persecution that led to the suppression of the Knights Templar.

The suppression, which began on Friday , October 13, 1307, gave Friday the Thirteenth its superstitious legacy.

A Templar Order in Britain that claims to be descended from the original Knights Templar has asked that the Pope should make the apology.

The Templars, based in Hertford, are hoping for an apology by 2007, the 700th anniversary of the start of the persecution, which culminated with the torture and burning at the stake of the Grand Master Jacques de Molay for heresy and the dissolution of the Order by apostolic decree in 1312. [...]

"We shall witness the 700th anniversary of the persecution of our order on 13th October 2007," the letter says. "It would be just and fitting for the Vatican to acknowledge our grievance in advance of this day of mourning." [...]

'Templar Resurrection' indeed...

So that's where we are in the 'Mayan Countdown' period, which is a grand process of Solar Resurrection. 2001 solar max, 2007/2008 solar minimum, ~2012 solar max... the death and rebirth of the Phoenix. When the '11'-shaped Twin Towers fell, it commenced an 11-year Mayan countdown to 2012.

The Sun is 'dead in the tomb' in 2007/2008 and is set to be 'resurrected' as the sunspot cycle intensifies towards 2012. The Phoenix is traditionally interchangeable with the soul of Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of the death and resurrection, as well as the Benben/Sun/Cap Stone of the pyramid or the 'stone fallen from heaven' (meteorite) which is also the Holy Grail according to Wolfram von Eschenbach's 'Parzival'.

It was precisely in this context that a meteorite struck Peru on September 15, exactly one month after the deadly quake there, causing 'mass hysteria' and making headlines around the world. Peru's currency is called 'nuevo sol' or 'new sun' and during the Inca Empire times its king was seen as the 'child of the sun'.

A day later, The Sopranos was 'resurrected' at the Emmy Awards...

Sep 16 Emmys: 'Sopranos' goes out on high note

The Emmy trophies are made by the El Dorado Correctional Facility in El Dorado, Kansas. 'El Dorado' means 'Golden Man/King', implying 'Sun King' - or 'Inca/Peruvian king' - since gold and the sun are interchangeable (sharing the same traditional symbol, etc.) and El Dorado is associated with Peru.

Less than a week later, former Peruvian 'sun king' (president) Alberto Fujimori (of Japanese descent, the 'Land of the Rising Sun') was in the headlines:

Sept 21 Former Peruvian President Fujimori returning home
Sept 22 Exiled Fujimori arrives in Peru to face charges

His political color was orange.

Simultaneously a new film 'Resident Evil: Extinction' was released (opening at #1) in which the dead are reanimated (=> Resurrection) and we see the octagonal Templar symbol everywhere (used by the 'Umbrella Corporation' in the film). Octagonal also implies cross-quarter...


It's a foreshadowing of what's coming soon.

Las Vegas is prominently featured in Resident Evil: Extinction and the name of the city means 'The Meadows'. Anthony Soprano's daughter, whose entry into the restaurant abruptly ended the series and implied the death of Anthony, is 'Meadow'. 'Emmy' as a pet form of 'Emma' means 'universal', which is what 'Catholic' also means. The Mafia originated in Italy (Sicily), where the Pope resides. In 'Godfather III', popes die and we've seen bridge collapses this year (pontiff = 'bridge-builder'). In 'The Godfather', oranges are omens signaling impending death scenes.

Chances are that we'll soon be seeing some major shifts in Rome, including a new pope and perhaps an anti-pope, coming out of South America... like Claudio Hummes of Brazil. As far as the Templars are concerned, the Pope/Vatican represents the 'resident evil'...

As the Grail and its guardians rise from the Tomb, the 'bridge builder' must fall... and finally face 'extinction'. It'll be the end of an age... of illusion... of 'Maya'.

Meanwhile, 'Enki' continues to speak through NASA... through space shuttles.



[1] From a July 18th STRUG post (two weeks before the St. Anthony Bridge collapse in Minneapolis):

July 17 was exactly 6 months from the Priory Sion/Rennes-le-Chateau/Grail date, January 17, the feast of St. Anthony. This is something I haven't discussed in depth yet, but the 'Resurrection' of Atlantis STS-117 - a '117' mission - had much to do with this numerical symbolism. This is a major, major motif in 2007 and even The Sopranos was a big part of this pattern. It's no coincidence that the main character is 'Anthony' who was all about (under the surface) death and resurrection in the infamous final episode aired June 10, three days before the death/feast day of another St. Anthony (named after the original one), 'St. Anthony of Padua'. The 'Made in America' episode was also quietly highlighting, again and again, Chicago particularly during the notorious final scene. [...] St. Anthony of Padua was born on August 15, coinciding with the 'Assumption' of the Virgin Mary. [...] It's also ominously overlapping that 'Deep Impact Day' around August 16 - which is very, very intense. There is a lot more to '117'/St. Anthony... [emphasis added]

[2] From August 8, 'Phoenix Pole Shift':

"During the STS-118 mission we'll also have a special 'Orange Alignment' in the sky, joined by Earth (Venus Transit echo), STEREO-supported, etc. etc. around August 16... That needs to be monitored closely."

From July 7 (7/7/7: Solar Resurrection Day): "...an 'Orange Alignment', or the lining up of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus (as seen from 'above' the solar system). It's the 'minute hand' of our Super Torch Ritual/Damage Plan 'clock'. If you see orange - watch out. [...] The next 'Orange Alignment' will be around August 16-17 [note: actually August 15], joined by Earth. [...] It's also a Venus Transit echo, though no actual transit per se. It'll still the same configuration of an Earth-Venus-Sun alignment that we'll see around August 16-17. The double impact - of an Orange Alignment and a VT-like alignment - is even STEREO-supported. Pretty powerful stuff. It's going to be something..." [emphasis added]


Reply  Message 23 of 33 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/10/2012 03:48

Reply  Message 24 of 33 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/10/2012 04:07

Reply  Message 25 of 33 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 27/10/2012 04:22

Reply  Message 26 of 33 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 29/10/2012 03:19

Or is it conveying a more metaphoric message? Well, of course it is. :) And it's not so hard to decipher either, if one is aware of the underlying significance of Paris in all this, which we are. As explained before, it was the mythological figure named 'Paris' whose 'Judgment' along with the Golden Apple led to the ancient world war known as the 'Trojan War'. (Remember, the Golden Transit Line passing through the Genesis Crossroads is expressing the idea of the Golden Apple among others.) And it was a girl named 'Helen' whose abduction by Paris following his fateful beauty contest 'Judgment' that really, literally brought about the Trojan War. Paris and Helen - the city Paris and St. Helens. Get it? In other words, the combination of Paris, the US Golden Transit Line, and Mt. St. Helens is screaming 'Trojan War (is coming)!' - and that's ominous because 'Trojan War' is easily a euphemism for 'World War'. Regardless of how literal this 'warning' is, it's definitely a serious signal.

It's also telling that the name 'Helen' may have been derived from an Indo-European root (*wel-) meaning 'to turn' just as 'tower' is etymologically related to the term 'turn'. And it is the 'Tower Axis' of Paris that intersects the Golden Transit Line traversing the US to form the Genesis Crossroads from where the 'Shadow Midway' and the MAAF runways both pinpoint another 'tower', Mt. St. Helens. Since the 'Tower Axis' or the Champ de Mars Axis is also a 'War Axis' (traditionally Mars = war), the double reference to 'tower/turn' can be interpreted as a double reference to 'war'... Trojan/World War.

The Discovery STS-116 going up on/near Pearl Harbor Day or Damage Plan Disclosure Day, which is just around the corner now, should add much to this Communication - though the 'messages' from the 'tower' are always multicontextual and have many levels that are seemingly designed to step by step 'initiate' those seeking knowledge, helping us - if we can control our egos - build our own 'stargate' and 'ascend to heaven' so to speak. (Those always looking only for evil conspiracies and someone out there to blame for everything negative in the world will find what they are looking for on one level and get stuck in that mental trap, preventing themselves from moving toward higher knowledge. Evil can be done with fire, but fire itself is neither evil nor good but a lens that magnifies who we are.)

Getting back to quatrains II-48, II-41, and Donald Rumsfeld, the basic foundation for the pattern analysis there was the Samhain cross-quarter day/window. Traditionally, Samhain (the eve of which is Halloween) is November 1, but astronomically and more accurately it falls on ~November 7, the day of the US midterm elections this year. The Paris Historical Axis is aware of this as it annually aligns with the Samhain sunrise (Nov. 9-11).

For quite some time I had been aware of that Donald Rumsfeld was likely part of all this Paris-driven scheme. It does sound strange, but it was hard to ignore the fact that the Defense Secretary's name essentially denotes 'Elysian Fields' - the most famous portion of the Historical Axis ('Champs-Elysees' = Elysian Fields).

  • 'Donald' means 'ruler of the world' and relates to the 'Sun-king' motif woven into the Super Torch Ritual/Damage Plan scheme, especially in the form of a Sun-king figure making a dramatic exit. The typical pattern we've been monitoring was that the Sun-king exit theme tends to be expressed around the time of what I've been calling an 'Orange Alignment' (i.e. alignment involving Mercury, Venus, and the Sun); and there was one forming around November 10-11, precisely coinciding with the Historical Axis-sunrise alignment window. This is very intense in terms of symbolism because the design and the existence of this Axis in Paris owes much to the French monarch Louis XIV, also known as... 'The Sun King'.
  • 'Rumsfeld' means 'fame field' (at least according to one source) and easily relates to the Elysian Fields which is traditionally a realm of the men of renown or 'heroes'. In the Book of Genesis these 'men of renown' are associated with the forbidden heaven-earth interbreeding committed by the 'sons of God':

Genesis 6:4 - There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

This is what directly led to the ultimate 'Judgment' in the form known to us the 'Great Flood' that almost totally destroyed/cleansed the earth. Recall that there was a big controversy involving the Republican party (Mark Foley at the center) that had to do with or at least something close to pedophilia just weeks before the elections. So the pattern was there for a great 'Judgment' of the Republican party via the midterm elections, and I did point this out repeatedly before the crushing defeat of the Republican party actually manifested in reality, losing both houses of Congress to the Democrats (which was thought possible but unlikely by most). And another important pattern I've been pointing out for some time is the parallel between the results and surrounding circumstances of the elections and what's likely coming for the Pope/Church, notorious for tolerating/covering up priest pedophile activities. Pope Benedict XVI is closely linked to the cover-up part and will most likely suffer the consequences (harsh 'Judgment') in the near future. The Pope/Church - the self-proclaimed 'sons of God' - and the 'Great Flood' are on a collision course, in other words.

What made Samhain '06 cross-quarter window stand out for Rumsfeld was the combination of the aforementioned political 'Judgment' situation related to Genesis (the 'land of Genesis' is today's Iraq where the US military led by Rumsfeld invaded and made a huge mess) and the development arising just days before the midterm elections involving respected military publications declaring it was time for Rumsfeld to go (as a response to Bush telling reporters that he would keep Rumsfeld as his Defense Secretary until the end of his presidency).

When I saw this, I couldn't help but infer that Rumsfeld will not only go but go right after the elections. Virtually no one was expecting him to go the way he did on Nov. 8, but this was foreseeable, as was done, using the Paris-driven cross-quarter time code.

But, as already stated, also influencing my thinking was the Nostradamus quatrain II-48 or what I've been calling the 'Paris quatrain'.

Quatrain II-48
The great army which will pass the mountains.
Saturn in the Arc turning of the fish Mars:
Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,
Their chief hung with cord of polemars.

Simply put, the quatrain is a 'map' in words describing the Axis region of Paris, highlighting landmarks such as the Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, etc.

Line 1: 'The great army which will pass the mountains'

  • Paris: 'Great army' = the 'Grande Armee' section of the Paris Axis, as well as the Grande Arche also known as Arche de la Défense' (=> military/army) marking the western edge of the Axis.
  • Timing clue: The combination of 'army' and 'mountains' evokes the Turin Olympics (2006), the former being the 'Olympians' and the latter Turin (name meaning 'mountains').

Line 2: 'Saturn in the Arc turning of the fish Mars'

  • Paris: 'turning of fish Mars' = the circular road going around the Arc de Triomphe, as well as the Eiffel Tower standing in the Champ de Mars ('Field of Mars'). ('Turning' is etymologically related to 'tower' and the Eiffel Tower stands right beside a river named Seine which can mean 'fishing net', making the Eiffel Tower a form of Martian fish caught in the net).
  • Timing clue: 'Turning'/Tower denotes 'revolution', or more specifically 'French Revolution'. There was something of a mini-French Revolution (intense riots) in and around Paris in November 2005 peaking on November 7th which is an astronomical cross-quarter day (Samhain) when the Paris Axis aligns with sunrise. And it was of course exactly one year before the US midterm elections which too was a great 'Judgment' event.

Line 3: 'Poison hidden under the heads of salmon'

  • Timing clue: Salmon is abundant in British Columbia (western Canada) and Vancouver (the largest city there) just south of Alaska is where the next Winter Olympics will be held.
  • Alaska has HAARP, a form of (atmospheric) 'poison', hinted during the closing ceremony of the Turin Olympics.


Line 4: 'Their chief hung with cord of polemars'

  • Timing clue/outcome: Line 2 had 'fish Mars' and line 3 had 'heads of salmon' - implying that the 'chief' or 'head' here in line 4 is Martian in nature. There is a 'Face on Mars' connection here but we won't go into that aspect at this time. Instead, here we are to see in it the 'chief of war' (Mars = god/planet of war). The 'war' being the Iraq War, the 'chief of war' would refer to Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense), Bush, Cheney, Saddam, and such. All these 'war chiefs' were severely 'judged' during the Samhain cross-quarter window early November '06 via getting sentenced to death by hanging (Saddam), midterm elections (Bush & Republican party), and getting fired (Rumsfeld).

  • Paris: The Paris Historical Axis is in alignment with sunrise during Samhain, particularly November 9-11. The last word 'polemars' would be 'Pole Mars' which is none other than the Eiffel Tower - i.e. a 'pole' standing in the Champ de Mars.

So you can see how well it all fits... But there was more to line 3:

 'Poison hidden under the heads of salmon'

This correlates with the fact that I had highlighted Thanksgiving Day as a key window to watch.

There was a great convergence of relevant timelines/codes on November 23rd, including one directly involving the Paris Historical Axis, or more specifically a grand monument standing at the western edge of the Axis, called the 'Grande Arche'.

grande-arche1.jpg (98955 bytes)   grande-arche2.jpg (50679 bytes)

It's in a place called La Defense, and accordingly the monument is usually called the 'Arche de la Defense' - again evoking Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense.

But the curious anomaly of this Gate is that it's not quite aligned with the Axis and has a 6-degree deviation. As a result, it produces a set of sunrise/sunset alignment dates that are different from those of the Axis.

As you can see, the Samhain sunrise alignment date/window is shifted from Nov. 9-11 to Nov. 23-26, overlapping Thanksgiving (11/23). And based on other data points, the focus appeared to have been placed most intensely on that holiday.

The news headlines on Thanksgiving '06:

Nov 23: Ex-Russian spy dies in hospital

It was all about a poisoned Russian ex-spy. Poisoned. At (apparently) a sushi bar - giving us a fish/'salmon' connection. (Salmon is famously eaten by bears, the symbol of Russia.) And it's become one of the biggest news stories of November '06 still developing and keeping people fascinated.

Here, again, is line 3 from the 'Paris quatrain':

 'Poison hidden under the heads of salmon'

Why should it be... 'prophetic'? It's just a story about a poisoned ex-spy... or is it? There is actually something deeper going on here, 'signals' being transmitted on a number of levels and radiation/nuclear is obviously a key part that apparently foreshadows what's still ahead, likely involving the 'Trojan War' theme.

And of course, just days after the poison/radiation death event came the very high-profile Papal visit to Turkey - which is none other than the ancient land of Troy, i.e. a Trojan land... as well as the land where Noah's Ark supposed made land fall ('Great Flood' theme). Prior to the trip there were numerous signs that there was potential danger there for the Pope, but by Nov. 27 (the day before the pope's arrival in Turkey) my view had become that the dark scenario was already being expressed via a novel making waves in Turkey at the time. As reported by the media:

Turkish thriller stirs unease ahead of pope visit
Visiting Turkey for the first time, Pope Benedict survives an assassination attempt staged by Western intelligence agencies bent on provoking a war with Iran.

Sound far-fetched? "The Assassination of the Pope" is pure fiction, of course. But a pot-boiler that few would have taken seriously 10 days ago has touched a deep vein of anxiety in Turkey, which has invited Benedict to visit on Nov. 28.

My comment posted on STRUG (11/27/06):

...I'd say things are now looking more like the Pope will survive his Turkey trip coming up this week. The above situation is eerily close to the projected potential scenario and by attracting a lot of attention to it the novel is actually decreasing the 'pressure' for the storyline to manifest in reality... for now. I'm also basing this assessment on new 'signals' detected recently which have now evolved into a surprisingly unified and coherent model still looking ominous for the Pope. [...]

It's interesting to note that Pope John Paul I, the one before John Paul II, was likely poisoned and his reign cut short only after a month following his ascension to the throne. There are various 'clues' suggesting this is somehow relevant to the current pope situation which will certainly continue to develop in the coming weeks and months. (Around Christmas, among others, is an interesting window to watch.)

In any case, closely following the Papal Turkey visit we'll have the Discovery STS-116 mission (launch currently scheduled for 12/7), which is very important. It spells 'Rose Line' and 'Great Flood'.... very Christmassy in fact.

And so the Communication continues into 2007 and we are in for a 'deja vu'...

Century II-41
La grand' estoille par sept jours bruslera,
Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night

When the great pontiff changes his abode.

Quatrain II-48 and II-41 are inseparable... as you may or may not know. And you can see what that implies above.

Get ready for the birth of the double sun.

Oh, and 'Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus'...


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The timing of the release of the 'Face on Mars' images thus had the inevitable effect of highlighting this ancient time-marking scheme.

But there is something more being telegraphed here... because the Great Sphinx is not only equinoctial but also... cross-quarter.

'Cross-quarter days' are those that mark the midpoint between an equinox and a solstice. (The timing is more flexible here because we have different ways of locating that midpoint position.)

The Great Sphinx acknowledges cross-quarter days by way of the angle of the causeway that connects the monument to the 2nd/middle pyramid of Giza. Angled 14 degrees south of east, it is designed to pinpoint the sunrise at the halfway point between the solstice and the equinox. In other words, the Sphinx causeway aligns with (two of the four) 'cross-quarter sunrises'. (Note: This angle/timing is not the same as the traditional Samhain/Imbolc cross-quarter days, ~11/1 and ~2/1, or the astronomical ones, ~11/7 and ~2/3. The reason has to do with how the relative angle of Earth's axial tilt shifts at an unsteady rate as it orbits around the Sun.)

We have reason to take this alignment seriously because cross-quarter days have been a cornerstone of many of our 'time codes'. And the next one coming up, to be aligned with the Sphinx causeway, is Oct. 25-26... which can be considered a subset of a larger Samhain window around the beginning of November. The cross-quarter day coming after that one will also align with the Sphinx causeway, around 2/16-17. The next two after that will be northern ones - which too are actually acknowledged by Giza...  namely the causeway of the Great Pyramid...

That first of those two takes place around April 21, and the second one around August 22. The latter warrants a closer examination.

It coincides with 'Regulus Day' (annually), when the Sun passes directly over the brightest star of the constellation Leo - the Great Sphinx in the sky - signifying the birth of Horus. This year's was extra special. It was joined by a New Moon...

And an 'Orange Alignment' was forming on the same day! ('Orange Alignments' is the lining up of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus and have been the 'minute hand' of our 'Super Torch Ritual'/Damage Plan clock'.)

As if that wasn't enough, August 22 this year even witnessed a 'kamikaze event' - a major plane crash in Donetsk, Ukraine. (The 'kamikaze' theme is typically expressed through plane crashes.) The city's flag is a clear sunrise, evocative of the Japanese Navy flag closely associated with Kamikaze fighter planes...


It was a 'kamikaze' crash indeed: The location could not be more meaningful, as you can see... (There is actually much more to this than just this alignment.)

So the collective signal could not be clearer. The Lughnasadh 'cross-quarter sunrise day' around August 22 was important. And via the Giza sunrise alignment scheme, it is easy to infer from this that we are likely in for a set of 'echoes' from that time during the Samhain cross-quarter period especially on/around October 25-26, actually likely to be amplified by the involvement of the Great Sphinx.

Samhain '06 Window

Here is a list of key alignments and events already scheduled for the 'Samhain '06 window':

1 Oct 21-22    Alignment (approx.): Earth, Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars
2 Oct 23    Alignment (precise): Earth-Sun-Mars
3 Oct 25    Alignment (precise): Earth-(Sun)-Venus-Mars
4 Oct 25-26    Great Sphinx causeway & sunrise (cross-quarter) alignment
5 Oct 27    Alignment (precise): Earth-Sun-Venus
6 Oct 29    Brazil presidential run-off election
7 Early Nov    Sun/Venus/Mars exits constellation Virgo, enters Libra
8 Nov 01    Samhain cross-quarter day (traditional)
9 Nov 3-5    Equation of Time peak (Sun position deviation)
10 Nov 07    - Astronomical Samhain cross-quarter day
   - Midterm elections (House, Senate, governorships)
2005 Paris riots peak anniversary
   - 311th day of year ('311' = Disclosure/Judgment/Madrid)
11 Nov 08    Transit of Mercury: Earth-Mercury-Sun
12 Nov 9-11    Paris Historical Axis sunrise (cross-quarter) alignment
13 Nov 10-11    'Orange Alignment': Venus-Sun-Mercury

Note the Orange Alignment on November 10-11 - already an 'echo' from August 22-23...

And there is a a major 'Judgment' event scheduled for November 7th - the US midterm elections. It actually coincides with the astronomical cross-quarter day, and both terms 'midterm' and 'election' express the idea of 'balance/justice/judgment'. The former implies 'midpoint'; and the latter is about people making decisions. 'Election Day' thus comes to denote 'Judgment Day', especially one that is 'midterm'. This is intensified by the biggest peak of the 'Equation of Time' coming just days before - 'equation' implying 'balance/justice/judgment' and 'Equation of Time' basically meaning 'Judgment Day'. 

November 7 is even the 311th day of the year. As you should know by now (if you visit this website regularly), '311' is a 'Judgment Day'/'Disclosure' number, closely associated with the Madrid bombings ('Transit Strike' event) on March 11 (= '311')  and Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines clearly and prophetically encoded this date/number... before Madrid 3/11. Terminator 3 was released in 2003 shortly before the California 'Total Recall' election through which Arnold became governor, nicely relating back to the election theme.

And more ominously, Terminator 3 equates 'Judgment Day' with a nuclear holocaust... That represents another cross-quarter 'echo' effect because August 22 happened to be specifically associated with a nuclear apocalypse, as reported in the news:

Iran Hints at Aug. 22 Doomsday for Israel

Noted Middle Eastern scholar Bernard Lewis warns that Iran is preparing for an apocalyptic "end of time” – and that it could come as soon as August 22.

...Iran leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his country would respond to Western demands regarding Iran’s nuclear program, and a possible attack on Israel. [...]

And obviously the pattern is already unfolding around us. The current North Korea 'nuclear crisis' that began on October 9 cannot be more nuclear or evocative of a nuclear 'Armageddon'.

I should add that it was clear to me even before October 9, and I've stated so numerous times, that we were (re-)entering a 'warlike' period around Samhain '06. First, we have Mars heavily woven into the pattern and Mars is traditionally the planet/god of war. And then there is the 'Paris Tower Axis' inseparable from Genesis and Atlantis which comes from the Champ de Mars or 'Field of Mars' in Paris. Another Mars/war allusion... And we have a world-famous tower, the Eiffel Tower, standing in the Champ de Mars. 'Tower' is analogous to Atlas/Atlantis and related to the Atlantean Gate window which can now be viewed as a 'War Gate'.

We just went through that gate this fall...

*       *       *

World War III or the 'Trojan War' has been a big theme since last year... since last Samhain (Nov. '05) actually. The main Samhain 'signal' last year was the Paris riots that lasted for weeks around the beginning of November, peaking around November 7. The unrest was so intense and the timing so meaningful that I saw in it the idea of the 'Judgment of Paris' which could be interpreted as a code signaling the coming of the modern 'Trojan War'. In mythology it was the 'Judgment of Paris' involving the Golden Apple/Apple of Discord that led to the abduction of Helen by Paris and then to the ancient 'world war' known as the Trojan War.

This continues to be an important context to keep in mind, and indeed the 'Atlantean' alignment involving Mt. St. Helens discussed earlier should be treated within this context - which turns the city Paris into the the mythological figure Paris and St. Helens into the 'Helen of Troy'...

See how the Paris Tower/War Axis (green) goes to the Genesis Crossroads and then to St. Helens (purple). That's 'Paris, 'war', 'origin', and 'Helen'. That screams 'Beginning of the Trojan War'! And of course, it was soon after the landing of Atlantis STS-115, corresponding to the dates marked by Mt. St. Helens, that North Korea detonated its first nuclear weapon, creating an international crisis. The mood around the world suddenly became 'warlike'.

The focus can quickly shift to Iran - another one of the 'Axis of Evil' nations. (See the 'Axis' theme intensifying here?) In fact, Iran appears more likely to play a big role in starting the modern 'Trojan War', after all we all know that Israel and the US neocons are just itching to drop their bombs on Iran. All they need is a plausible excuse to do so...

So basically, what we're looking at is a picture of the start or actually more like the intensification of the 'Trojan War' during or closely associated with the Samhain window. We are entering a new phase via Samhain '06. And chances are that it is 'designed' to interact with the 'Deep Impact Clock' counting down to Impact Point around the beginning of 2007. And also heavily woven into all this is the Papal/Church destruction theme which may well involve the exit of the current pope in the surprisingly near future. I'd watch the US midterm elections (11/7) closely for more clues as to what kind of 'Judgment' the Church/Pope is in for. The Foley pedophile scandal dominating US political news just before the elections can be considered a major 'signal', as the biggest crisis the Church has been facing since 2002 is of the same kind - priests sexually abusing children... and the Vatican actively covering it up. A disturbing theme underlying these disturbing crimes is that of the Great Flood found in the Book of Genesis - Genesis! - wherein it is written the the great Judgment event was unleashed to clean up the mess created by the sexual misconduct of the 'sons of God' coming unto the 'daughters of men'. So we'll need to closely monitor how or if the modern offenders, the Church and the Republican party, will face their own 'Great Flood' event in the near future. The coming midterm elections should do much to advance or perhaps alter this storyline.

Don't forget that reality is 'poetic' and mysteriously responds to our awareness level. The more the 'Communication' is ignored, the deeper the 'impact' will be...

It's a game.... but a very serious game.




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Atlantean Terror

Atmospheric Destruction
at the Gate
of Atlantis

August 11, 2006

by Goro

Aug 10: UK terror 'plot to blow up planes' foiled



  • Terror plot to blow up multiple planes in flight

  • Targeted planes: trans-Atlantic flights from UK to US

  • Plan foiled on August 10th


In the context of the Super Torch Ritual/Damage Plan 'Communication', this situation would have much to do with our 'US Golden Transit Line' which is presently in its 'Timeline C' phase. The 'clock' is now counting down to around the beginning of September, coinciding with the space shuttle Atlantis STS-115 mission.



But most relevant here is the fact that US-Golden Transit Timeline C-2, a secondary parallel timeline emerging out of Timeline C at the 'Genesis crossroads', had pinpointed around August 10, i.e. now, which seems to have been 'acknowledged' yesterday...



That's basically the context in which I'm viewing the UK plane terror plot situation along with other recent world events such as the Philippine volcano, Castro/Cuba, etc. And you see above that the same 'Tower Axis'/Timeline C-2 line continues toward Edwards AFB where Discovery STS-121 landed last year on August 9th, corresponding on the timeline to 8/31-9/04 which will see the space shuttle mission Atlantis STS-115 as well as SMART-1 crashing into the Moon. My view has been that these two windows (plus one more around August 23) are 'designed' to interact and express a destructive 'Atlantean' storyline. Atlantis STS-115 may well be in for a rough ride if not utter destruction and/or it might be expressed down here on earth in some way ('as above, so below').


Atlantean Transit Strike:


'Transit Strike' is a key theme closely tracked here since last year - the train bombings of London July 7/21 and Madrid's 3/11 have been two prime 'Transit Strike' events. The pattern engendered the 'US Golden Transit Timelines' and had recently turned heavily toward the idea of 'Atlantis'.

The mythological figure Atlas who is interchangeable with Atlantis and the Atlantean pillar(s) separating heaven and earth (Atlas mountains, 'Pillars of Hercules'/Gibraltar, etc.) is analogous to the atmosphere in between those two realms. Atlas thus personifies the air dimension or 'air plane'.


'Airplane' explosions in 'midair' above the 'Atlantic' Ocean - i.e. the terror plan foiled yesterday - would therefore imply the destruction/Flood of Atlantis, a key theme this summer already expressed through various recent world events since July.

The motif seems to be crescendoing toward Atlantis STS-115 or the time window represented by the space shuttle. Another important factor here is NASA's Genesis probe which crashed landed back in 2004 on September 8th. It was a major 'Ground Zero' event inseparable from the Damage Plan scheme. I won't go into it here but it's been steadily gaining momentum again and it doesn't seem like coincidence at all that the return of Atlantis STS-115 from space will closely, if not exactly, coincide with the Genesis crash anniversary (assuming the current mission schedule will hold.) It's quite telling that September 8 will be exactly '911' days from March 11, '04 or the Madrid 'Transit Strike' day. And didn't the film 'World Trade Center' open just hours before the news broke about the plane terror plot... on the anniversary of the Discovery STS-121 landing at Edwards AFB? And weren't the World Trade Center twin towers the New World version of the Pillars of Hercules, i.e. the 'Atlantean pillars'? ...That were destroyed?




August 10th was the 222nd day of the year, '222' being very much part of the 'Damage Plan 2 Communication' which was made clear back in February...


Turin is aligned with the Paris 'Tower Axis' (Champ de Mars/Eiffel Tower) which is also precisely aligned with Edwards AFB...

If you recall, the Turn Olympics opening ceremony on February 10th began with a metalsmith striking an anvil:


This was a major 'sign' or a 'sine' in that 'anvil' means 'folded' as if in allusion to 'sine' - one of the trigonometric functions - which similarly denotes 'fold'. (Sine is normally written 'sin', relatable to the archetypal 'Sin => Judgment' sequence heavily incorporated into the Damage Plan scheme.)



Geometrically the red line above represents sine. For Turin, the sin line equals ~4512 km, which happens to precisely match the distance between Turin and Iran's 2/22/05 deadly quake epicenter (a '222' date).


Sure enough, this was to be answered by a major destruction event in Iraq, that of a sacred golden dome...

- The golden dome of al Askariya mosque destroyed
- Mosque Attack Pushes Iraq Toward Civil War

A similar event took place in Iraq yesterday. The news juxtaposition was very suggestive:


The '222' Golden Dome bombing in turn implied a 'Golden Dome Alignment'.


It's a very telling alignment indeed, especially with the current conflicts involving Israel at this time. Iran is obviously a big part of what's going on and what's ahead... The Dome of the Rock is a key component of the STR/DP 'Communication' and has been so for many months now. It's particularly notable for heavily interacting with Deep Impact.


Deep Impact:

Deep Impact - the NASA version - was/is a space probe that successfully struck Comet Tempel 1 with an impactor last summer on Independence Day (a 'torch day', July 4th). Independence Day this year saw the launch of the space shuttle Discovery STS-121.


Amazingly STS-121 was also designed to interact - even more unquestionably - with the Dome of the Rock (among other things). First, there is the telling contextual fact that the STS-121 mission (July 4-17) coincided with the start of the Israel-Lebanon war or the first spark of the modern 'Trojan War'. But the big 'secret code', revealed here for the first time 'aboveground', is this:

[Dome of the Rock]

[Dome of the Rock floor plan]


Shocked? Well, a real 'shock'... or 'deep impact' may be still ahead, judging from this 'Deep Impact Clock' first discussed months ago...



'Deep Impact Time Zero' is still months away, but note that 6-6-06 or 'Beast Day' was the halfway point of the countdown which was magically pinpointed by the orbital positions of Deep Impact and Mars. Beast Day also coincided with an 'Orange Alignment', the long-running 'minute hand' of the Super Torch Ritual. (Orange Alignment = Sun, Mercury, and Venus lining up.)

The next Orange Alignment is coming up around August 22 and it marks a special window around August 23. The date/window has already sort of gone 'mainstream' the other day...

August 8: Iran Hints at Aug. 22 Doomsday for Israel
August 8: Does Iran have something in store?

So now I'll have to emphasize the fact that I was there before this (after all it's highlighted by an Orange Alignment, and practically no one was talking about that date/window back then). For example, here is what I wrote on Aug. 2:

I'm now projecting this to be an important date (Aug. 23 +/- 1 day). It's indeed one of those 'shifted' cross-quarter day - i.e. shifted from the traditional/astronomical Lughnasadh early-August CQ window. And it's a major 'anchor point' - quite literally as you'll see soon. While it's not yet clear how this one will interact with the nearby 'Atlantean/Genesis crossroads' window around early September, they most likely will. [...]

Much more on all this coming up soon. It's pretty 'nuclear' but... that's a storyline and it can easily stay that way.

The basic time structure here is that ~August 7, ~August 23, and around beginning of September are very much interconnected and very 'Atlantean' in nature... and also quite 'nuclear'. (Because of the mainstream attention it has attracted, the ~8/23 window will now probably produce something more twisted/coded and subtler in nature than would have otherwise.) The destruction of Atlantis is a major theme along with the 'Trojan War/Golden Apple', Transit Strike, volcano, Moon crash, etc. and it's worth noting that the 'Golden Apple' - which in the form of the 'Apple of Discord' caused the Trojan War - is exactly what the the term for 'orange' comes from in various languages.

There is much more but that's the general underground context for this period.


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apple in Simple Gematria Equals: 50 ( a
orange in Simple Gematria Equals: 60 ( o



The pentagram is a geometric signature of Venus, making perfect sense in the current context.

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Orange Alignment


Time: ~October 20, 2012

Themes: Golden apple/Orange, Chaos, Birthquake


For many years now we've been tracking what we call the "Orange Alignment" i.e. a heliocentric lining up of Venus, Sun and Mercury. I've shown many times before that when they come, we do feel their impact. It is my view that the next one coming up soon is a highly charged one... because, for one, in many languages the fruit orange is called... "golden apple".


The Orange Alignment will be formed in our solar system on ~October 20, 2012, like this:


Making it even more ominous, the alignment angle pinpoints the Earth's orbital position on January 12-13 (annual), which is the exact date of this year's Costa Concordia disaster (= Discordia => golden apple/orange) as well as the devastating Haiti earthquake (Birthquake) back in 2010. (Orange Alignments are often "earth changes" markers.)

That, to me, just does not look good. Some kind of big impact appears to be in the offing there (directly or indirectly) and I would expect it to continue to express the same underlying themes, but more intensely. Hopefully it's more about things like the Royal Pregnancy, Mars, etc. rather than severe earth changes, war, and such. There are obviously many possible scenarios and we may well be looking at multiple events (or just strong signals) unfolding simultaneously or in quick sequence.

I should also mention that there are other aspects of the whole golden apple business that points its temporal finger squarely at the year 2013. As well, before we even get there we'll have... certain things coming later this year which we'll need to talk about soon.

Enough for now. Thanks for reading!


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Respuesta Ocultar Mensaje Eliminar Mensaje  Mensaje 54 de 54 en el tema 
De: BARILOCHENSE6999 Enviado: 14/12/2013 23:37

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I C, the pillars are giving birth. /irgo's legs extend down to Libra's / Scorpio's balances were the pillars reside. 

The Babylonian "Chelae Scorpionis" is Libra's balances in sidereal Scorpio! 

For those wondering, yes, our astrological signs have been tampered with with as well, the degrees are way off. Eastern sidereal astrology is the truth! Is there anything they don't have there hands in? 

It's the same directly opposite side of the zodiac with the bulls horns & Cap El lA, with Capella being north of the horns. 

PerSeuS (Algol = negative feminine energy) is chasing CapELLA. (masculine positive energy = the lamb) Wink 

In-Between the bulls horns & capella is were we will find our 137 axis (F#4.5) or the nuclear axis. 

The light bends with the the sound !! 
1 black hole in the east, 1 white hole in the west, or we can rotate the ying yang 90 degrees. Wink 

There is a invisible white hole in Scorpio that the stinger is pointing to, it is the starting point of the west pillar. 
(at 9 on the major scale) Wink 

And that my friend is why Zuben EL chemali is the only star in the sky that is green, hydrogen green that is. Idea 

Here is the BRANE of the operation 

3 x 3 / 81 Permutations of the Lo Shu 

19.47 major (related to ADAM) 
25.52 minor (related to EVE) 

Those are two mirror numbers or mirror partners above & below G on the musical scale. Could note A on the scale be 19.47? 

Arrow http://www.bob-wonderland.supanet.com/journal_10.htm 

Hmmmmm, Zuben EL, Algol, & Scheat are all on the 19.5 degree mark with Capella at 20. Shocked 

The 19.47 degree angle is linked geometrically to the Mercury synodic hexagram circumscribed by the Earth's orbit. Idea 

22:7 = Mercury-Earth Synodic Cycle (22 x 116 = 2552 : 2555 = 7x 365) 


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