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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 07/08/2012 19:56

Mary Magdalene: Woman and Archetype

Poised on the threshold of the third Christian millennium, she stands in all her power and majesty, still clasping her alabaster jar. Who is the woman whom the Christian Gospels call "the Magdalene"? How can we have failed for so many centuries to recognize the Bride, the "Divine Complement" of Christ? As Jesus incarnates the "Logos," the masculine manifestation of the unseen and indescribably holy One, Mary Magdalene embodies his beloved sister-bride, the "Sophia," described in Gnostic texts as the "spouse" and "mirror of God's creative power" and in Hebrew Scripture as God's "delight."

Numerous medieval artists painted Mary Magdalene regal, dressed in gold brocade, wrapped in a crimson robe. They were fully aware that in the nuptial ode of the Messianic King, Psalm 45, the Bride is dressed in embroidered apparel of gold brocade, a passage that was part of her feast-day Mass liturgy for centuries, until 1969 when the Roman Catholic Church reorganized its calendar and dropped the allusion to the Bride. That earlier liturgy had also included a passage spoken by the Bride from the Song of Songs: "Set me as a seal on your heart, a seal on your arm" along with a reference the raising of her brother Lazarus. Church Fathers had thus acknowledged the passionate devotion of Mary Magdalene for Jesus, so obvious in the Gospels, and recognized her as the "Beloved" who had anointed Jesus at Bethany (John 11:2; 12:3).

Mary Magdalene is the only person mentioned by all four evangelists at the scene of both cross and tomb, and John's Gospel assigns to her alone the unique privilege of being the first witness to the Resurrection. She embodies the archetype of the "Sister Bride" who, in ancient liturgies honoring the "Sacred Marriage" of the Divine Complements, first anoints the Sacred King and later goes to the tomb to mourn the his death and is overjoyed to find him resurrected. How can we have failed to identify the archetypal Bride and Bridegroom of the Christian mythology, so clearly parallel to other divine couples celebrated in rites of Spring?—Easter is named for Oestare, one of the goddesses derived from Ishtar, the goddess of Babylon. The ancient rites celebrated the gifts of renewal and regeneration at the Spring Equinox—the eternal return of the Life Force and the balance manifested in the "Cosmic Dance" of all that is.

Modern scholars have been working hard to reclaim for Mary Magdalene the title "Apostle to the Apostles," based on her encounter with Jesus on Easter morning (John 20) when he sends her to tell his brothers that he is going to his father. Since apostolos means "messenger," that title is justified. She was the first witness to the Good News of the Risen Christ and joyfully carried that news to the community. The title "Apostle" makes Mary Magdalene about equal to Peter and others of the "chosen twelve." Acknowledging this role of Mary Magdalene may help women to reclaim positions of authority in the Church, to preach and to teach alongside the male clergy.

But reclaiming Mary Magdalene as an Apostle will not heal the wasteland of western culture nor cause the desert to bloom.

Only by reclaiming Mary Magdalene as "Bride" can we restore the balance that was once at the very heart of the Christian story, modeled by the Archetypal Bridegroom and his Beloved. The "Way" of Christ and Magdalene is the Sacred Union of the Mind and Heart, the Reunion of the Logos and the Sophia.

No longer shall she be called "Forsaken"
and her lands "Desolate"—
but she shall be called "Beloved,"
and her lands "Espoused."
Isaiah 62:4

~ Margaret Starbird

Reprinted with permission.
Copyright © October 2006

About The Author
Margaret Starbird is the widely acclaimed author of several books that seek to restore Mary Magdalene to a position of honor denied her for 2000 years by the entrenched hierarchy of the patriarchal system. Her first two books, The Woman with the Alabaster Jar and The Goddess in the Gospels were cited as catalysts for The Da Vinci Code. Her other titles include Magdalene's Lost Legacy and Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile. Starbird gives lectures and retreats focused on the Divine Feminine. Please visit her website.

All rights reserved. No portion of this text can be reproduced without the written permission of the author.



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Reply  Message 2 of 20 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 01/10/2012 14:23

The Goddess Freedom, a form of Isis, stands atop the US Capitol Building at Washington DC

This post is a complete mini-course in everything you need to know to make virtuous use of March Equinox 2012.

A Sacred Earth Circle Is Cast

Last year the Heart of Ophiuchus rose in the East at 3 of the 4 seasonal turning points of 2011 while the Crowned Head of Ophiuchus’s Serpent of Wisdom1 rose alongside Virgo at Due East on the September Equinox.

The Serpent is an esoteric form of Sophia – Wisdom. Virgo of course is the celestial embodiment of Isis. And September is the ‘solar month of Virgo.’ How perfect was that?

Pretty darned.

Through this celestial alchemy process the Queen of Heaven can be seen to have used the 2011 Solar Cycle of Earth to seed Healing, Wisdom & Transformation Light at each of the 4 turning points of our Seasonal Year, thus casting a Magic Circle around the Sun from Stonehenge and Squaring it.

In so doing the Heart of Ophiuchus has brought into the Sacred Circle the Triple Goddess — Maiden, Mother, Crone in spring, summer and winter. In autumn She unveiled Herself fully in her own Zodiac Sign Virgo as Isis, the Virgin Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Eve in the Garden accompanied by Sophia, the Serpent of Wisdom Crowned.

CME 2012 March 07 | Click to view movie

The Solar Logos Participates

While the Earth on her tilted axis was moving from Station to Station around the Solar Star with the Zodiac Constellations as Her starry backdrop, the Sun was participating in this ritual too. Every single X-Class Solar Flare in 2011 found Constellation Ophiuchus at one of the Cardinal Directions (NEWS) or inside the Sacred Circle at Stonehenge.

I should note for the record that we have already had several X-Class Solar Flares in 2012 and this pattern of Ophiuchus camping on all of the X-Class Flares did not repeat itself this year. However, having sustained this extraordinary Ophiuchus-X-Class Solar Flare connection throughout the year in 2011 we conclude with a high degree of certainty that 2011 was a year of Sacred Circle preparation for Ceremonial Celestial Magic to commence at March Equinox 2012.

Moving to our consideration of the present, as we began gathering information for this article, the Sun began to crackle with Solar Flare energy.

Aurora in Iceland March 8, 2012

On March 7 at 00:24 UT, exactly 2 weeks to Equinox, an X-5.4 Class CME hurled Solar Plasma earthward. The sky chart of this burst one more time finds the Heart of Ophiuchus rising Due East at Stonehenge in accompaniment with the waxing gibbous Moon in its astronomical alignment with Alpha Leo, Regulus, the Heart of the Lion.

We received feedback from a number of sensitive people who all reported the same uplifting sensations and visions being generated by the quality of the Solar energy that reached Earth as it coincided with the conjunction of the Full Moon and Mars retrograde in Constellation Leo on March 8.

Scientifically measurable effects were reported as mild. There  were no Communication system interruptions reported though simultaneously I must tell you by its very nature Ophidian Current ultimately does interrupt communications at cosmically fundamental levels to create insertion points and facilitate change. If Light Workers are feeling good, it means the last round of high intensity Ophiuchus Solar Matter has already been processed by folks who resonate with the higher frequencies of new incoming Light.

Geomagnetic storming conditions overflowing into March 9th were reported as “favorable” as the Moon floated through the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming described in Essays for Astrologers: Constellation Virgo (Virginis).

Hygeia feeding serpent

Asclepius’s ‘daughter’ & serpent handler Hygeia (“Hygeine”), pre-patriarchal age Goddess of Health

The March 7 X-5.4 Class Ophiuchus solar event also puts us on notice that the Solar-Ophiuchus Consciousness connection with Stonehenge has been reestablished and the energy that washed over the planetary sphere between March 7-9 was in all likelihood in preparation for the Ceremonial Magic to be co-created on the first Equinox of 2012.

As I write this sunspots are growing and harbor energy capable of producing more X-Class flares. As always, we will continue to monitor Solar activity and keep you fully updated.

Isis-Snake Goddess connection unveiled

Speaking of preparation, please bear with me while I work into the fabric of this post a number of back stories necessary to give context to the March 2012 Equinox. If we were in some other year I might not spend this much time on it. But given this is the year we’ve all been talking about and waiting for, I’m sure you’ll agree thoroughness is called for.

The first issue I want to bring forward involves the mainstream impression that the Ancient Gods of Healing & Wisdom Asclepius (Greek) and Imhotep (Egyptian) are the alpha and omega of Constellation Ophiuchus’s personality and essence. This simply is not the case.

Which figure depicted in this Sculpture is the Serpent Handler? | Asclepius and ‘daughter’ Hygeia, Roman Diptych, c. 400/430 AD Museum on Merseyside, Liverpool

The name of the constellation is “serpent holder,” not Asclepius. Seekers after Truth quickly learn that overlooking little details such as this is sometimes all it takes to sabotage a lifetime of work.

In researching spiritual anthropology and the genealogy of the gods beginning with the Myth of Asclepius (written in Patriarchal times), we are able to navigate our way through the tangled web of history and myth to find the original serpent holder was not a god but a goddess of nature whose place was usurped and whose stories were rewritten by warrior culture conquerors. Not even her name survived the cover-up.

Egyptian art and artifacts found at Knossos together with Minoan Crete artifacts found in the tombs of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III are strongly suggestive of a cultural exchange between Egypt and Crete, two sophisticated civilizations whose ports were linked by the Greco-Egyptian-Phoenician Trade Routes.

Geraldine Gesell argues that the snake goddess was not a household goddess as no snake goddess has ever been found in a true domestic context. Rather, the “Snake Goddess” had the broader function of universal Mother or Earth Goddess and was thereby principally a fertility deity.

Women in the Aegean – Snake Goddess, Christopher L.C.E. Whitcombe

One of the hieroglyphic signs used to write the word sa, meaning to protect, is a looped cord made of linen thread or leather. It was suggested above that the looped cord projecting above a “knot” between the breasts of both the “Snake Goddess” and the votary may be symbolical. It may in fact represent a magical knot, or sa, to which the Minoan “sacral knot” may be related. The loop of the knot has been identified as a sign of the vulva.

Sa was also the name given to the “the blood of Isis.” On statues of Isis, or of women dressed as Isis (such as that from the Ptolomaic period in the Staatlichen Sammlung Ägyptischer Kunst, Munich, …), the Isis-knot is shown between the breasts in the same position it appears on the “Snake Goddess” and on the votary.

Women in the Aegean – Snake Charmers, Christopher L.C.E. Whitcombe



Hence it is the question of identity and gender that holds the key to understanding the esoteric and intrinsic meaning of the 13th Zodiac Constellation and what it has to do with the theme of the March 2012 Equinox.

Isis & the planetary grid system

Isis, Goddess of the Throne

Throughout world history Master Planners, Architects and Builders have used sacred geometry to design structures of certain proportion and to align city streets, buildings and monuments with megaliths, sacred sites, the sun, moon and key planets in our solar system, the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and certain fixed stars including in particular Constellation Virgo (as Isis) and Sirius (the Star of Isis).

This practice has created a sprawling network and energy grid binding the Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars together as though this specialized design drives some sort of great cosmic engine.

In an attempt to harness the Power of Isis, Goddess of the Throne, the grid builders have incorporated Her numbers, shapes and forms into the system and brought Her to life iconically in paintings and statues. But there the reverence for Her seems to have ended as in all other respects expressions of the Divine Feminine in Nature on this planet (the Domain of Isis) have been methodically invalidated, violated, and abused.

Call me a hopeless romantic. It is my contention that it takes more than tokens to secure the patronage of The Great Lady Isis, Goddess of the Throne, Agriculture, Inundations, Motherhood and Magic.

Washington DC | Obelisk inside Vesica Piscis

Hence our Mission will be to serve as enlightened and willing vessels for the Light and Life Force of the Queen of Heaven to bring balance to what we will take for the moment as a competent planetary grid system.

Those who are up for the task will join with the Queen of Heaven in infusing the Grid with Light. I’m not talking about the kind of light that’s going to empower the people who think they’re currently in power. I’m talking about a current of energy that’s going to be more in the nature of an anti-virus at first. Later it will heal, regenerate and nurture.

We’ll take it slowly at first. We may have cause as we go along to question some symbols on the grid that we don’t understand, such as why great towering obelisks are protruding from the centers of some of the Vesica Pisces.2 Have the master builders presumptuously bound Isis & Osiris together in ceaseless coupling without asking Them?

This posture did not work well for Ouranos.

Reply  Message 3 of 20 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 01/10/2012 15:47
"¡Oh profundidad de las riquezas de la sabiduría (sophia)
y de la ciencia (gnwsiV, gnosis) de Dios!
¡Cuán incomprensibles son sus juicios, e inescrutables sus caminos!"
(Romanos, 11: 33).
snike in Simple Gematria Equals: 58 ( s
phi in Simple Gematria Equals: 33 ( p
Hageo 2:8: Mía es la plata, y mío es el ORO, dice Jehová de los ejércitos.
1. Isaías 56:7: yo los llevaré a mi santo monte, y los recrearé en mi casa de oración; sus holocaustos y sus sacrificios serán aceptos sobre mi altar; porque mi casa será llamada casa de oración para todos los pueblos.

2. Mateo 21:13: y les dijo: Escrito está: Mi casa, casa de oración será llamada; mas vosotros la habéis hecho cueva de ladrones.

3. Marcos 11:17: Y les enseñaba, diciendo: ¿No está escrito: Mi casa será llamada casa de oración para todas las naciones? Mas vosotros la habéis hecho cueva de ladrones.

4. Lucas 19:46: diciéndoles: Escrito está: Mi casa es casa de oración; mas vosotros la habéis hecho cueva de ladrones.
9. Mateo 21:12: Y entró Jesús en el templo de Dios, y echó fuera a todos los que vendían y compraban en el templo, y volcó las mesas de los cambistas, y las sillas de los que vendían PALOMAS;

10. Marcos 11:15: Vinieron, pues, a Jerusalén; y entrando Jesús en el templo, comenzó a echar fuera a los que vendían y compraban en el templo; y volcó las mesas de los cambistas, y las sillas de los que vendían PALOMAS;

11. Juan 2:14: y halló en el templo a los que vendían bueyes, ovejas y PALOMAS, y a los cambistas allí sentados.

12. Juan 2:16: y dijo a los que vendían PALOMAS: Quitad de aquí esto, y no hagáis de la casa de mi Padre casa de mercado.
678. Hageo 2:8: Mía es la plata, y mío es el ORO, dice Jehová de los ejércitos.
58. Génesis 49:16: DAN juzgará a su pueblo, Como una de las tribus de Israel.

59. Génesis 49:17: Será DAN serpiente junto al camino, Víbora junto a la senda, Que muerde los talones del caballo, Y hace caer hacia atrás al jinete.
En aquel tiempo, respondiendo Jesús, dijo:
Te alabo, Padre, Señor del cielo y de la tierra,
que hayas escondido estas cosas (la Gnosis, la Sabiduría Oculta)
de los sabios (de los eruditos) y de los entendidos, (de los intelectuales)
y las hayas revelado á los niños. (A los Iniciados).
Así, Padre, pues que así agradó en tus ojos."
(Mateo 11: 25-26).

"¡Oh profundidad de las riquezas de la sabiduría (sophia)
y de la ciencia (gnwsiV, gnosis) de Dios!
¡Cuán incomprensibles son sus juicios, e inescrutables sus caminos!"
(Romanos, 11: 33).




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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 01/10/2012 15:59

Reply  Message 5 of 20 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 07/10/2012 15:10
23:1 Entonces habló Jesús a la gente y a sus discípulos, diciendo: (CAPITULO 23 ES UN NEXO CON LOS 2300 DIAS, JUBILEO, PENTECOSTES EN EL CONTEXTO A DANIEL 8 Y 9)

23:2 En la cátedra de Moisés se sientan los escribas y los fariseos.
23:3 Así que, todo lo que os digan que guardéis, guardadlo y hacedlo; mas no hagáis conforme a sus obras, porque dicen, y no hacen.
23:4 Porque atan cargas pesadas y difíciles de llevar, y las ponen sobre los hombros de los hombres; pero ellos ni con un dedo quieren moverlas. (Una referencia al shabbat/jubileo/Pentecostes. El dedo es una referencia al DEDO DE DIOS/TABLAS DE LA LEY DE LOS 10 MANDAMIENTOS)

23:5 Antes, hacen todas sus obras para ser vistos por los hombres. Pues ensanchan sus filacterias, y extienden los flecos de sus mantos;
23:6 y aman los primeros asientos en las cenas, y las primeras sillas en las sinagogas,
23:7 y las salutaciones en las plazas, y que los hombres los llamen: Rabí, Rabí.
23:8 Pero vosotros no queráis que os llamen Rabí; porque uno es vuestro Maestro, el Cristo, y todos vosotros sois hermanos.
23:9 Y no llaméis padre vuestro a nadie en la tierra; porque uno es vuestro Padre, el que está en los cielos.
23:10 Ni seáis llamados maestros; porque uno es vuestro Maestro, el Cristo.
23:11 El que es el mayor de vosotros, sea vuestro siervo. (Una clara referencia espiritual al SALMO 119 (ALFA Y EL OMEGA, EL PRINCIPIO Y EL FIN), APOCALIPSIS 1:8 Y 22:13))
23:12 Porque el que se enaltece será humillado, y el que se humilla será enaltecido.
23:13 Mas ¡ay de vosotros, escribas y fariseos, hipócritas! porque cerráis el reino de los cielos delante de los hombres; pues ni entráis vosotros, ni dejáis entrar a los que están entrando.
23:14 ¡Ay de vosotros, escribas y fariseos, hipócritas! porque devoráis las casas de las viudas, y como pretexto hacéis largas oraciones; por esto recibiréis mayor condenación. (Una OBVIA REFERENCIA A LA CONSPIRACION CONTRA LA VIUDA/MARIA MAGDALENA en un obvio nexo con el SALMO 119)

23:15 ¡Ay de vosotros, escribas y fariseos, hipócritas! porque recorréis mar y tierra para hacer un prosélito, y una vez hecho, le hacéis dos veces más hijo del infierno que vosotros. (Una referencia al TERCER DIA DE LA CREACION/TERCER DIA DE RESURRECCION ADONDE JUSTAMENTE CRISTO SE LE APARECIO POR PRIMERA VEZ A NUESTRA MADRE MARIA MAGDALENA. ESTA TODO CODIFICADO PARA GLORIA DE YHWH)
23:16 ¡Ay de vosotros, guías ciegos! que decís: Si alguno jura por el templo, no es nada; pero si alguno jura por el oro del templo, es deudor.
23:17 ¡Insensatos y ciegos! porque ¿cuál es mayor, el oro, o el templo que santifica al oro? (EL ORO ES EL GRIAL)
2:1 Porque quiero que sepáis cuán gran lucha sostengo por vosotros, y por los que están en Laodicea, y por todos los que nunca han visto mi rostro;

2:2 para que sean consolados sus corazones, unidos en amor, hasta alcanzar todas las riquezas de pleno entendimiento, a fin de conocer el misterio de Dios el Padre, y de Cristo,
2:3 en quien están escondidos todos los tesoros de la sabiduría y del conocimiento. (sabiduria/sophia y conocimiento/gnosis)

2:4 Y esto lo digo para que nadie os engañe con palabras persuasivas.
2:5 Porque aunque estoy ausente en cuerpo, no obstante en espíritu estoy con vosotros, gozándome y mirando vuestro buen orden y la firmeza de vuestra fe en Cristo.
2:6 Por tanto, de la manera que habéis recibido al Señor Jesucristo, andad en él;
2:7 arraigados y sobreedificados en él, y confirmados en la fe, así como habéis sido enseñados, abundando en acciones de gracias.
2:8 Mirad que nadie os engañe por medio de filosofías y huecas sutilezas, según las tradiciones de los hombres, conforme a los rudimentos del mundo, y no según Cristo. (FILOSO-PHI-A/S-O-PHI-A/O-PHI-R/SALMO 45:9)

2:9 Porque en él habita corporalmente toda la plenitud de la Deidad,
2:10 y vosotros estáis completos en él, que es la cabeza de todo principado y potestad.
2:11 En él también fuisteis circuncidados con circuncisión no hecha a mano, al echar de vosotros el cuerpo pecaminoso carnal, en la circuncisión de Cristo; (CIRCUNCISION/NUMERO 8/ISHTAR)
2:12 sepultados con él en el bautismo, en el cual fuisteis también resucitados con él, mediante la fe en el poder de Dios que le levantó de los muertos. (EL 8 ES EL NUMERO DE LA RESURRECCION)
2:13 Y a vosotros, estando muertos en pecados y en la incircuncisión de vuestra carne, os dio vida juntamente con él, perdonándoos todos los pecados,
2:14 anulando el acta de los decretos que había contra nosotros, que nos era contraria, quitándola de en medio y clavándola en la cruz,
2:15 y despojando a los principados y a las potestades, los exhibió públicamente, triunfando sobre ellos en la cruz.
2:16 Por tanto, nadie os juzgue en comida o en bebida, o en cuanto a días de fiesta, luna nueva o días de reposo, (Alli Pablo le dice que NINGUN JUDIO los puede juzgar por guardar las FIESTAS, lunas nuevas y sabados. Pablo le esta escribiendo a los COLOSENSES/GENTILES)
2:17 todo lo cual es sombra de lo que ha de venir; pero el cuerpo es de Cristo.
2:18 Nadie os prive de vuestro premio, afectando humildad y culto a los ángeles, entremetiéndose en lo que no ha visto, vanamente hinchado por su propia mente carnal,
2:19 y no asiéndose de la Cabeza, en virtud de quien todo el cuerpo, nutriéndose y uniéndose por las coyunturas y ligamentos, crece con el crecimiento que da Dios.
2:20 Pues si habéis muerto con Cristo en cuanto a los rudimentos del mundo, ¿por qué, como si vivieseis en el mundo, os sometéis a preceptos
2:21 tales como: No manejes, ni gustes, ni aun toques
2:22 (en conformidad a mandamientos y doctrinas de hombres), cosas que todas se destruyen con el uso?
2:23 Tales cosas tienen a la verdad cierta reputación de sabiduría en culto voluntario, en humildad y en duro trato del cuerpo; pero no tienen valor alguno contra los apetitos de la carne.


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