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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 14/05/2012 16:50


grail in Simple Gematria Equals: 47 ( g
grail in Simple Gematria Equals: 47 ( g
raquel in Simple Gematria Equals: 74 ( r
john in Simple Gematria Equals: 47 ( j
jesus in Simple Gematria Equals: 74 ( j
giza in Simple Gematria Equals: 43 ( g
mark in Simple Gematria Equals: 43 ( m
gize in Simple Gematria Equals: 47 ( g
john in Simple Gematria Equals: 47 ( j


These are the four creatures of Ezekiel 1:10 and Revelation 4:7 which also relate to the four Apostles, the seasons, the elements and the guardians of the four directions.
True Cross.jpg 
‘True Cross’ Cathedral Lisieux, France

True Cross2.jpg
‘True Cross’, Baselique Notre Dame d’Ouvres La Delivrande, France

In churches, the four signs of the Zodiac often reoccur and are associated with ‘Judgment Day’ and the ‘End of Times’

Judgement Day.JPG
Jesus portrayed at the Last Judgment can often be found in the Tympanium above the entrance of churches and cathedrals. Notice, the lion (Leo) on the left, the bull on the right (Taurus), the angel on the left (Aquarius) and the eagle on the right ( Scorpio).

The four evangelists Luke, John, Mathew and Mark likewise have been associated with these four Zodiac signs as well:

Mark = Scropio (Eagle),          Luke = Taurus,                  John = Leo,              Matthew = Aquarius

Galactic Equator
Winter Solstice Galactic Alignment of the Sun with the Galactic Equator

On Earth, the River Nile was the reflection of this great river in the sky, in accordance with the Hermetic principle "as above, so below." Herschel's earliest ingenious research has demonstrated that all of the pyramids along the river Nile represent constellations along the Milky Way, not just Orion! There are more than 50 pyramids in total, and their true meaning can only be deciphered when one considers the whole of Egypt.

During a Great Celestial Conjunction, the Sun crosses that great river in the sky, the Milky Way. Egyptologists explain that the solar God Ra (and Horus) required a boat because they sailed the Heavens from sunrise in the East to sunset in the West. At night, Ra travelled the Netherworld to be reborn in the morning at sunrise. Egyptologists reject the idea that the Egyptians understood the Precession of the Equinoxes and that the Sun also sojourns along the zodiac in a 26,000 year journey corresponding with the Precession Cycle.

In the Book of the Gates, the travel of the Sun at night along with the deceased pharaoh into the Netherworld is described. The Sun enters the Netherworld in the first hour just after sunset to be reborn in the morning at sunrise after a twelve hour nocturnal journey. There are many parallels, however, with the precessional journey of the Sun along the twelve signs of the zodiac to be discovered in the Book of the Gates. The 12 hours in the Book of Gates are structured into four groups of three hours, denoting a cross in the face of the clock. In the 12th hour Nun raises the solar barque with the scarab beetle of the Sun God from the primeval waters (Milky Way?), this is the hour of the rebirth of the Sun.

Left: Nun raises the solar barque from the primeval waters at ‘sunrise’, the time of the rebirth of the Sun.

During Ra's travel through all of the twelve signs of the zodiac in the precession cycle, he will be requiring a boat to twice cross that great river in the sky, the Milky Way! It is probably the only reason why the Egyptian deities required a Sun barque in the first place. Boats are used to cross waters, not skies, so it was used not for their nightly ecliptic travel from East to West through the Netherworld, but for their travels along the zodiac in the precession cycle. It is during this journey that the Sun would be required to cross the waters of the Milky Way at least twice. The Book of the Gates may therefore have been misinterpreted by Egyptologists as the nocturnal journey of the Sun simply because they reject the idea that the Egyptians understood Precession! Keep in mind that only twice per year on the equinox the day and night will be exactly 12 hours in length. It is therefore far more logical that the 12 hours in the Book of the Gates are in fact the 12 zodiacal Ages of the Precession Cycle.

Pharaohs in ancient Egypt were buried with their arms crossed holding Ankhs in their hands. This posture of the deceased pharaoh can be found on sarcophagus and in statues throughout Egypt. The Ankh represents a cross symbol.


Tjel, major of Memphis under Amenhotep III Sarcophagus with arms crossed
Left: Grave statue of Tjel mayor of Memphis under Amenhotep III Dutch national museum of antiquities, Leiden.
Right: Sarcophagus with crossed arms and X cross on chest, Dutch National Museum of antiquities, Leiden.

Since the Greek inherited much of their wisdom from the Egyptians, it's more than reasonable to suspect that the gate or portal mentioned in the Book of the Gates through which the pharaoh enters the Netherworld is, in fact, the Gate of God that the Greek writer Macrobius writes about. The Gate of God was also called the Golden Gate, while the Gate of Men was called the Silver Gate. The very same Egyptian cross symbolism used by the pharaohs associated with the Golden and Silver gates of the soul (and the Sun) can still be recognized in the coat of arms of the Vatican, consisting of two crossed keys; one Golden, one Silver.

Vatican Coat of Arms
Silver and Golden cross in the Coat of Arms of the Vatican

The Golden Gate is the ecliptic Milky Way crossing at the Scorpio-Sagittarius nexus on the zodiac while the Silver Gate is the Milky Way ecliptic crossing at the Gemini-Taurus nexus. The Silver Gate was represented by the horns of Isis and the associated bull Taurus.

The Silver Gate is also clearly depicted in the Narmer Palette (3100 BC) named after the Egyptian pharaoh. The Narmer Palette shows the celestial goddess bull Bat (Taurus) with her horns bent over pointing exactly to the place of the rebirth of the Sun, the Silver Gate. The two cow's heads on top of the palette also represent Bat. In-between the two cow goddesses a hieroglyph is depicted representing the rising of the Sun in between two mountains on the horizon. It's a hieroglyph that is very similar to the Akhet hieroglyph with the same significance.

Narmer Palette
Bat on the left and right with the 'Akhet' glyph in between.

Dutch national museum of antiquities, Leiden

Bat was the goddess of the Milky Way considered to be a pool of Bat's cow milk. Bat was also the goddess of the human soul, the "Ba" that incarnated into human life form. Since the soul incarnated into human life passing through the Silver Gate (crossing of Milky Way and ecliptic), it's not surprising that Bat was both the goddess of the Milky Way and the human soul. Ba is a derivative of Bat, whereas "Ka" represents the human light-body. "Mer" represents the light of the Egyptian light-body-soul complex, the "Mer-Ka-Ba." Bat was also called the "Ba of Two Faces." Egyptologists are in the dark about her name and don't seem to understand that she was called this way, because there are actually two portals both to and from the Netherworld for the Ba to descend into the physical plane (Silver Gate) and ascend from the physical plane (Golden Gate). Both Hathor, Isis and Bat are all cow goddesses and Egyptologists have often pointed out the similarities between these goddesses depicted with cow-horns suspecting that they may have the same origins...they all represent the Silver Gate.

At the bottom of the Narmar palette in-between the horns of the bull, the very same hieroglyph is depicted as the one shown between two Bat bulls on top of the palette. This Akhet-like hieroglyph symbolises the rising Sun on the horizon.

Narmer palette 2 Narmer Palette 3

The Narmar Palette, bull in close up on the right. The bull is leaning towards the Silver Gate near the Gemini-Taurus nexus depicted in between the horns. The hieroglyph in between the horns resembles an Akhet glyph and represents the Silver Gate.

Dutch national museum of antiquities, Leiden


On the other side of the Narmer palette two identical men, hence suggesting twins are depicted. They are both looking over their shoulders to a particular square over the left man’s shoulder. We surmise that the twins represent Gemini which would make sense since the actual ecliptic Milky Way crossing of the Silver Gate occurs in 5° Gemini (sidereal zodiac) and the square could therefore be suggesting the Silver Gate.


Narmer palette backside

Dutch national museum of antiquities, Leiden

The author Audrey of the website "Ancient Egypt" writes while referring to the Narmar Palette: "They present an overview of the astronomical event which occurred on September 21st in 4468BCE, when the Autumn (Fall) Equinox of the Sun was in conjunction with the Milky Way."

At the Autumnal Equinox, the Sun was indeed at the Milky Way, however at the Golden Gate. At the Vernal Equinox of 4468 BC, the Sun resided at the Silver Gate. The author (Audrey) does not seem to realise that this moment represented a Great Celestial Conjunction when the equinox axis (Vernal and Fall) aligned with the Galactic Equator and the Sun resided at the Gates of the Gods.

Instead, while interpreting the hieroglyphs of the 10 decapitated figures near the Solar Barque, he writes quote, "The full meaning of the hieroglyph can therefore be interpreted as 'the Sun at a sacred gateway, opening or portal'..."

While Hathor, Isis and Bat are all cow goddesses, Egyptologists have often pointed out the similarities between these goddesses depicted with cow-horns suspecting that they may have the same origins. . . .   
We suggest that they all represent the Silver Gate.

There is an even older Egyptian goddess that later was associated with Isis and Hathor. Her name is Serket and she was the deification of the scorpion goddess who healed stings and bites. Eventually, Serket was associated with Isis and she was said to be just an aspect of Isis. Serket and Isis can therefore be regarded as the ‘Ba of Two Faces’. While Isis represents the Silver Gate at the Gemini-Taurus nexus, Serket is her counterpart and she represents the Golden Gate at the Scorpio-Sagittarius nexus. This is why she’s wearing the scorpion on her head while she joined Ra in his barque on his journey around the zodiac in a Great Year.


Left: Isis with the solar disk in between the horns representing the Silver Gate
Right: Serket with the scorpion at her head representing the Golden Gate.

The sacred Egyptian scarab beetle is a metaphor for the Sun in the precession cycle whereas the dung ball represents the Sun. The scarab beetle rolls its dung ball with his hind legs backwards, symbolizing the backward motion of the Sun through the zodiac in the precession cycle. Since the scarab beetle has many similarities with a scorpion, we surmise that Serket and the scarab beetle both represent the Golden Gate in Egyptian mythology.


Right: Scarab representing the crossing of the ecliptic and Milky Way
 near Sagittarius-Scorpio nexus. The dung ball of Scarab beetle is the Sun.


On the left, the scarab beetle in a barque. On the right, the bull with the horns in a barque. They represent the places where Ra requires a barque to cross the Milky Way river in the precession cycle and thus represents the galactic equator.



  • The Master's Square - compares the Tabernacle, the Temple, and the New Jerusalem to the Masonic Temple, and investigates the universal, astronomically based, geometric method for Temple design and construction. This relates the patterns in the Masonic Floor to all the sacred objects in the Bible, as well as temples around the world.
  • http://www.gabitogrupos.com/DESENMASCARANDO_LAS_FALSAS_DOCTRINAS/template.php?nm=1319509113
    . La inclinación actual del eje de la Tierra es de 23,5 grados. 

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    Reply  Message 2 of 127 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 02/06/2012 20:03

    33. Apocalipsis 12:14: Y se le dieron a la mujer las dos alas de la gran águila, para que volase de delante de la serpiente al desierto, a su lugar, donde es sustentada por un tiempo, y tiempos, y la mitad de un tiempo.
    Busqueda para aguila

    1. Éxodo 19:4: Vosotros visteis lo que hice a los egipcios, y cómo os tomé sobre alas de águilas, y os he traído a mí.

    2. Levítico 11:13: Y de las aves, éstas tendréis en abominación; no se comerán, serán abominación: el águila, el quebrantahuesos, el azor,

    3. Deuteronomio 14:12: Y estas son de las que no podréis comer: el águila, el quebrantahuesos, el azor,

    4. Deuteronomio 28:49: Jehová traerá contra ti una nación de lejos, del extremo de la tierra, que vuele como águila, nación cuya lengua no entiendas;

    5. Deuteronomio 32:11: Como el águila que excita su nidada, Revolotea sobre sus pollos, Extiende sus alas, los toma, Los lleva sobre sus plumas,

    6. 2 Samuel 1:23: Saúl y Jonatán, amados y queridos;
    Inseparables en su vida, tampoco en su muerte fueron separados;
    Más ligeros eran que águilas,
    Más fuertes que leones.

    7. Job 9:26: Pasaron cual naves veloces;
    Como el águila que se arroja sobre la presa.

    8. Job 39:27: ¿Se remonta el águila por tu mandamiento,
    Y pone en alto su nido?

    9. Salmos 103:5: El que sacia de bien tu boca
    De modo que te rejuvenezcas como el águila.

    10. Proverbios 23:5: ¿Has de poner tus ojos en las riquezas, siendo ningunas?
    Porque se harán alas
    Como alas de águila, y volarán al cielo.

    11. Proverbios 30:17: El ojo que escarnece a su padre
    Y menosprecia la enseñanza de la madre,
    Los cuervos de la cañada lo saquen,
    Y lo devoren los hijos del águila.

    12. Proverbios 30:19: El rastro del águila en el aire;
    El rastro de la culebra sobre la peña;
    El rastro de la nave en medio del mar;
    Y el rastro del hombre en la doncella.

    13. Isaías 40:31: pero los que esperan a Jehová tendrán nuevas fuerzas; levantarán alas como las águilas; correrán, y no se cansarán; caminarán, y no se fatigarán.

    14. Jeremías 4:13: He aquí que subirá como nube, y su carro como torbellino; más ligeros son sus caballos que las águilas. ¡Ay de nosotros, porque entregados somos a despojo!

    15. Jeremías 48:40: Porque así ha dicho Jehová: He aquí que como águila volará, y extenderá sus alas contra Moab.

    16. Jeremías 49:16: Tu arrogancia te engañó, y la soberbia de tu corazón. Tú que habitas en cavernas de peñas, que tienes la altura del monte, aunque alces como águila tu nido, de allí te haré descender, dice Jehová.

    17. Jeremías 49:22: He aquí que como águila subirá y volará, y extenderá sus alas contra Bosra; y el corazón de los valientes de Edom será en aquel día como el corazón de mujer en angustias.

    18. Lamentaciones 4:19: Ligeros fueron nuestros perseguidores más que las águilas del cielo;
    Sobre los montes nos persiguieron, en el desierto nos pusieron emboscadas.

    19. Ezequiel 1:10: Y el aspecto de sus caras era cara de hombre, y cara de león al lado derecho de los cuatro, y cara de buey a la izquierda en los cuatro; asimismo había en los cuatro cara de águila.

    20. Ezequiel 10:14: Y cada uno tenía cuatro caras. La primera era rostro de querubín; la segunda, de hombre; la tercera, cara de león; la cuarta, cara de águila.

    21. Ezequiel 17:3: Y dirás: Así ha dicho Jehová el Señor: Una gran águila, de grandes alas y de largos miembros, llena de plumas de diversos colores, vino al Líbano, y tomó el cogollo del cedro.

    22. Ezequiel 17:6: Y brotó, y se hizo una vid de mucho ramaje, de poca altura, y sus ramas miraban al águila, y sus raíces estaban debajo de ella; así que se hizo una vid, y arrojó sarmientos y echó mugrones.

    23. Ezequiel 17:7: Había también otra gran águila, de grandes alas y de muchas plumas; y he aquí que esta vid juntó cerca de ella sus raíces, y extendió hacia ella sus ramas, para ser regada por ella por los surcos de su plantío.

    24. Daniel 4:33: En la misma hora se cumplió la palabra sobre Nabucodonosor, y fue echado de entre los hombres; y comía hierba como los bueyes, y su cuerpo se mojaba con el rocío del cielo, hasta que su pelo creció como plumas de águila, y sus uñas como las de las aves.

    25. Daniel 7:4: La primera era como león, y tenía alas de águila. Yo estaba mirando hasta que sus alas fueron arrancadas, y fue levantada del suelo y se puso enhiesta sobre los pies a manera de hombre, y le fue dado corazón de hombre.

    26. Oseas 8:1: Pon a tu boca trompeta. Como águila viene contra la casa de Jehová, porque traspasaron mi pacto, y se rebelaron contra mi ley.

    27. Abdías 1:4: Si te remontares como águila, y aunque entre las estrellas pusieres tu nido, de ahí te derribaré, dice Jehová.

    28. Miqueas 1:16: Ráete y trasquílate por los hijos de tus delicias; hazte calvo como águila, porque en cautiverio se fueron de ti.

    29. Habacuc 1:8: Sus caballos serán más ligeros que leopardos, y más feroces que lobos nocturnos, y sus jinetes se multiplicarán; vendrán de lejos sus jinetes, y volarán como águilas que se apresuran a devorar.

    30. Mateo 24:28: Porque dondequiera que estuviere el cuerpo muerto, allí se juntarán las águilas.

    31. Lucas 17:37: Y respondiendo, le dijeron: ¿Dónde, Señor? El les dijo: Donde estuviere el cuerpo, allí se juntarán también las águilas.

    32. Apocalipsis 4:7: El primer ser viviente era semejante a un león; el segundo era semejante a un becerro; el tercero tenía rostro como de hombre; y el cuarto era semejante a un águila volando.

    Y se le dieron a la mujer las dos alas de la gran águila, para que volase de delante de la serpiente al desierto, a su lugar, donde es sustentada por un tiempo, y tiempos, y la mitad de un tiempo.

    Reply  Message 3 of 127 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 04/06/2012 16:51
    Aparentemente el calendario maya termina en Janukah debido a que tenemos LUNA LLENA el 7 de marzo y el 29 de noviembre. En ese contexto el 22 de diciembre nos cae 24 de KISLEV osea CHANUKAH. ¿Porque....?
    Calcule la fase de la luna en el año 2012
    Fijense que NUESTRO SEÑOR JESUCRISTO en cierta manera anticipo este hecho en el evangelio de Juan en un fuerte contexto a la PUERTA (ESCALERA DE JACOB)
    JUAN 10

    Capítulo 10

    Parábola del redil 
    10:1 De cierto, de cierto os digo: El que no entra por la puerta en el redil de las ovejas, sino que sube por otra parte, ése es ladrón y salteador.
    10:2 Mas el que entra por la puerta, el pastor de las ovejas es. 
    10:3 A éste abre el portero, y las ovejas oyen su voz; y a sus ovejas llama por nombre, y las saca. 
    10:4 Y cuando ha sacado fuera todas las propias, va delante de ellas; y las ovejas le siguen, porque conocen su voz. 
    10:5 Mas al extraño no seguirán, sino huirán de él, porque no conocen la voz de los extraños. 
    10:6 Esta alegoría les dijo Jesús; pero ellos no entendieron qué era lo que les decía. 

    Jesús, el buen pastor 

    10:7 Volvió, pues, Jesús a decirles: De cierto, de cierto os digo: Yo soy la puerta de las ovejas.
    10:8 Todos los que antes de mí vinieron, ladrones son y salteadores; pero no los oyeron las ovejas. 
    10:9 Yo soy la puerta; el que por mí entrare, será salvo; y entrará, y saldrá, y hallará pastos. 
    10:10 El ladrón no viene sino para hurtar y matar y destruir; yo he venido para que tengan vida, y para que la tengan en abundancia. 
    10:11 Yo soy el buen pastor;Ezequiel 34. 11-12 el buen pastor su vida da por las ovejas. 
    10:12 Mas el asalariado, y que no es el pastor, de quien no son propias las ovejas, ve venir al lobo y deja las ovejas y huye, y el lobo arrebata las ovejas y las dispersa. 
    10:13 Así que el asalariado huye, porque es asalariado, y no le importan las ovejas. 
    10:14 Yo soy el buen pastor; y conozco mis ovejas, y las mías me conocen, 
    10:15 así como el Padre me conoce, y yo conozco al Padre;Mateo 11. 27Lucas 10. 22 y pongo mi vida por las ovejas. 
    10:16 También tengo otras ovejas que no son de este redil; aquéllas también debo traer, y oirán mi voz; y habrá un rebaño, y un pastor. 
    10:17 Por eso me ama el Padre, porque yo pongo mi vida, para volverla a tomar. 
    10:18 Nadie me la quita, sino que yo de mí mismo la pongo. Tengo poder para ponerla, y tengo poder para volverla a tomar. Este mandamiento recibí de mi Padre. 
    10:19 Volvió a haber disensión entre los judíos por estas palabras. 
    10:20 Muchos de ellos decían: Demonio tiene, y está fuera de sí; ¿por qué le oís? 
    10:21 Decían otros: Estas palabras no son de endemoniado. ¿Puede acaso el demonio abrir los ojos de los ciegos? 

    Los judíos rechazan a Jesús 

    10:23 y Jesús andaba en el templo por el pórtico de Salomón. 
    10:24 Y le rodearon los judíos y le dijeron: ¿Hasta cuándo nos turbarás el alma? Si tú eres el Cristo, dínoslo abiertamente. 
    10:25 Jesús les respondió: Os lo he dicho, y no creéis; las obras que yo hago en nombre de mi Padre, ellas dan testimonio de mí; 
    10:26 pero vosotros no creéis, porque no sois de mis ovejas, como os he dicho. 
    10:27 Mis ovejas oyen mi voz, y yo las conozco, y me siguen, 
    10:28 y yo les doy vida eterna; y no perecerán jamás, ni nadie las arrebatará de mi mano. 
    10:29 Mi Padre que me las dio, es mayor que todos, y nadie las puede arrebatar de la mano de mi Padre. 
    10:30 Yo y el Padre uno somos. 
    10:31 Entonces los judíos volvieron a tomar piedras para apedrearle. 
    10:32 Jesús les respondió: Muchas buenas obras os he mostrado de mi Padre; ¿por cuál de ellas me apedreáis? 
    10:33 Le respondieron los judíos, diciendo: Por buena obra no te apedreamos, sino por la blasfemia;Levitico 24. 16 porque tú, siendo hombre, te haces Dios. 
    10:34 Jesús les respondió: ¿No está escrito en vuestra ley: Yo dije, dioses sois?Salmos 82. 6
    10:35 Si llamó dioses a aquellos a quienes vino la palabra de Dios (y la Escritura no puede ser quebrantada), 
    10:36 ¿al que el Padre santificó y envió al mundo, vosotros decís: Tú blasfemas, porque dije: Hijo de Dios soy? 
    10:37 Si no hago las obras de mi Padre, no me creáis. 
    10:38 Mas si las hago, aunque no me creáis a mí, creed a las obras, para que conozcáis y creáis que el Padre está en mí, y yo en el Padre.
    10:39 Procuraron otra vez prenderle, pero él se escapó de sus manos. 
    10:40 Y se fue de nuevo al otro lado del Jordán, al lugar donde primero había estado bautizando Juan;Juan 1. 28 y se quedó allí. 
    10:41 Y muchos venían a él, y decían: Juan, a la verdad, ninguna señal hizo; pero todo lo que Juan dijo de éste, era verdad. 
    10:42 Y muchos creyeron en él allí.

    37:1 Habitó Jacob en la tierra donde había morado su padre, en la tierra de Canaán.
    37:2 Esta es la historia de la familia de Jacob: José, siendo de edad de diecisiete años, apacentaba las ovejas con sus hermanos; y el joven estaba con los hijos de Bilha y con los hijos de Zilpa, mujeres de su padre; e informaba José a su padre la mala fama de ellos.
    37:3 Y amaba Israel a José más que a todos sus hijos, porque lo había tenido en su vejez; y le hizo una túnica de diversos colores.
    37:4 Y viendo sus hermanos que su padre lo amaba más que a todos sus hermanos, le aborrecían, y no podían hablarle pacíficamente.
    37:5 Y soñó José un sueño, y lo contó a sus hermanos; y ellos llegaron a aborrecerle más todavía.
    37:6 Y él les dijo: Oíd ahora este sueño que he soñado:
    37:7 He aquí que atábamos manojos en medio del campo, y he aquí que mi manojo se levantaba y estaba derecho, y que vuestros manojos estaban alrededor y se inclinaban al mío.
    37:8 Le respondieron sus hermanos: ¿Reinarás tú sobre nosotros, o señorearás sobre nosotros? Y le aborrecieron aun más a causa de sus sueños y sus palabras.
    37:9 Soñó aun otro sueño, y lo contó a sus hermanos, diciendo: He aquí que he soñado otro sueño, y he aquí que el sol y la luna y once estrellas se inclinaban a mí.
    37:10 Y lo contó a su padre y a sus hermanos; y su padre le reprendió, y le dijo: ¿Qué sueño es este que soñaste? ¿Acaso vendremos yo y tu madre y tus hermanos a postrarnos en tierra ante ti?

    Mateo 7:15: Guardaos de los falsos profetas, que vienen a vosotros con vestidos de ovejas, pero por dentro son LOBOs rapaces.
    10. Mateo 10:16: He aquí, yo os envío como a ovejas en medio de LOBOs; sed, pues, prudentes como serpientes, y sencillos como palomas.
    11. Lucas 10:3: Id; he aquí yo os envío como corderos en medio de LOBOs.
    12. Juan 10:12: Mas el asalariado, y que no es el pastor, de quien no son propias las ovejas, ve venir al LOBO y deja las ovejas y huye, y el LOBO arrebata las ovejas y las dispersa.
    13. Hechos 20:29: Porque yo sé que después de mi partida entrarán en medio de vosotros LOBOs rapaces, que no perdonarán al rebaño.
    1. Génesis 49:27: Benjamín es LOBO arrebatador; A la mañana comerá la presa, Y a la tarde repartirá los despojos.

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    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 04/06/2012 18:02
  • 20 años después de la caída del Muro de Berlín: ´The Scorpions ...

    www.rpp.com.pe/2009-10-26-20-anos-despues-de-la-...26 Oct 2009 - 2 min
    Con el tema ´Wind of Change´, ´The Scorpions´ dieron el fondo musical a la caída del Muro de Berlín.

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEzP7g5Kz2c22 Feb 2010 - 4 min - Subido por Elportaldelahistoria
    ... de Europa: la caída del muro de Berlín y fin de la República Democrá. ... SCORPIONS-WIND OF CHANGEby ...
  • Muro de Berlín (musica scorpions) MrAlbertito95 - YouTube

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZ1l1TwPyC030 Abr 2011 - 5 min - Subido por MrAlbertito95
    The Berlin Wall Falls: with The Scorpions "Winds of Change"by happythehobo9a Featured Video14195 views ...
  • Scorpions - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    es.wikipedia.org/wiki/ScorpionsEn caché - Similares
    Scorpions es una banda alemana de hard rock y heavy metal, fundada en Hannover ..... escrita en septiembre, dos meses antes de la caída del Muro de Berlín.
  • Wind of Change - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_of_ChangeEn caché - Similares
    sencillo de Scorpions ... Cronología de Scorpions ... escrita al papel por Klaus Meine en septiembre de 1989, dos meses antes de la caída del muro de Berlín.

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    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:19
    Royal Wedding, Birthquakes & Resurrection

    April 18  2011
    by Goro (goroadachi.com)

    "I should tell you, watch Prince William...
    It's coming soon

    - Goro/Etemenanki, Oct 20, 2010 (link)

    Oct 20
    : Prince William proposes to Kate Middleton
    in total secret in Kenya - world oblivious
    Nov 16: Engagement announced - world reacts

    What I write about on this website - all things "multicontextual" - tend to perplex people. So out of alignment is it with most people's normal mode of thinking that they get disoriented and end up leaving in a state of confusion. Their inner knowing may recognize a higher order of "truth" but the conscious mind needs a lot more convincing and time before it can digest and begins to concede that there is such thing as "multicontextual coherence" - typically expressed as synchronicities - that underlies reality beyond the threshed of what is normally considered possible.

    It's one thing to notice bits and pieces of "meaningful coincidences" in life. It's harmless. Numerology? Cute. Symbolism? Entertaining. Maybe even inspiring. But when it gets to the point of super interchontextual coherence - which is what I highlight and demonstrate on this website - it apparently gets a little discombobulating and even "scary" for many. The ordinary mind tries to find a way to squash it, so that order is restored, no need to radically revise one's view of the world. To accept it is to reject a fundamental bedrock of one's practical but incomplete understanding of reality. That would be like experiencing a catastrophic earthquake and then having to rebuild a city. It's a tall order. It takes great effort and commitment. Something we don't normally look forward to.

    So I understand the psychological effects. It can be an instant crossroads in that the mind has to make a big decision concerning the nature of reality itself. Consciously or unconsciously this pressure is felt and it makes many uncomfortable. But such is the nature of truth. Truth, more often than not, becomes inconvenience. You either decide to accept it or deny it. Life is a series of these decisions. You keep denying and it takes its toll. There is you, there is truth, and in between is time.

    The more we go against truth, the more trapped we get in time. And it gets heavier and heavier... until it collapses like a star into a black hole. We need to short circuit the process and escape time. For that, finding truth and accepting it must be our priority. It takes a lot of energy and focus because truth hides like fox and we must chase it into the rabbit hole where it's dark and you'll need a map to navigate effectively otherwise you just end up going in circles. This "map" or "radar" is what is signified by what I call multicontextual (or intercontextual) coherence. It's a bit like using a Venn diagram; you go for the most heavily layered area for the most universal "answer". Put another way, it's like a "meta analysis" of synchronicities. A "meaningful coincidence" here, another synchronicity there, and another there... This much people can notice and they try to interpret each such "sign". But they don't think to or don't know how to find connections between these "coincidences" that unify them. The area of such unification - coherence - is the blip on the radar or an arrow pointing to the direction of truth.

    How do I know? Because truth necessarily transcends time and that means you'd know you're on the right path when the "map" you're using begins to point to, by way of projecting patterns forward, things/events in the future that come true. That's the "Holy Grail" in the search for hidden truth. It's the Stone of Destiny.

    I've been at this for many years now and have long realized that it's through the use of this "Holy Grail" - making the hidden nature of reality undeniable via accurate predictions - that the readers' conscious mind can be sufficiently and quickly motivated to start "revising" its model of reality. It becomes a "wake-up call" that facilitates a plunge into the rabbit hole.

    The Prince William Royal Engagement prediction last fall was one such "wake-up call", and a powerful one, which is why I decided to start this article with it. It helps (new) readers quickly realize they are dealing with, not some new-age mumbo-jumbo, but something with substance reflecting hidden truths.

    As it turns out, I was much more explicit in my Royal Engagement prediction on STRUG (underground/members area) where I wrote in a post dated October 20, 2010:

    Alright guys... I think I got it. And it is, as usual, both expected and unexpected. This will probably not make you go 'ah ha!' right away, but you will soon see it and get it. This is pretty special, in a way the first multicontextual gateway to the 'next season'... 2011/2012.

    What am I talking about? I'm talking about what's at the inter-temporal core of the recent and ongoing Underworld Resurrection rituals, most notably the Chilean miners rescue which is heavily entangled (via pentagrams) with the upcoming window around Halloween (opening perhaps as early as the 24th).

    And we may well see it come to life right there around late October-early November. I wouldn't be surprised at all. It would make perfect sense. I'm talking about...
    the announcement of the engagement
    & imminent wedding of...
    Prince William & Kate Middleton.


    [...] This will open the 'floodgate'. And I'm projecting that based on the trajectory of the collective pattern I've discerned the impact could easily arrive during our 'Halloween window' which I would define as late Oct-early Nov, anchored by the Venus inferior conjunction on October 29. [...] It's about to kick into a higher gear. It's about to begin... [end quote]

    The definition of a Venus "inferior conjunction" is Venus being positioned between the Sun and Earth or in other words the formation of a Sun-Venus-Earth alignment. When it's so precise that Venus passes right in front of the Sun as seen from the Earth, it's called the "Transit of Venus" which occurs very rarely and in pairs. We are currently in the middle of a "Mayan Venus transit pair" in 2004/2012.

    Something magical happens when you trace a series of successive Venus inferior conjunctions. By the time you reach the 6th conjunction, you will have drawn a near-perfect pentagram inscribed inside the Earth orbit. A Venus Transit pair - separated by 8 years - has four inferior conjunction between them, six in total, neatly completing one pentagram in that time span.

    [animated - orig. source]

    For the current transit pair, October 29, 2010 was the last conjunction before the pentagram is complete, back at the starting position. Venus was "reborn" there as the "Morning Star." In fact, Every Venus inferior conjunction entails Venus first becoming "invisible" for a few days: During daytime Venus is too close to the Sun for observation, during nighttime Venus is hidden below the horizon with the Sun. Then as Venus progresses forward along its orbit and increasingly farther away from the alignment or the Sun, Venus begins to make a brief reappearance just before sunrise. Each morning Venus will be visible for a longer period of time and higher in the sky. This is a phase of Venus when it's called the "Morning Star" also known as "Lucifer" (literally meaning "light bearer").

    Inherent in the symbolism of the pentagram is the idea of the Underworld. In ancient Egypt for example a pentagram/5-pointed star in a circle denoted their Underworld "Duat" ruled by Osiris the god of the dead.

    As we all witnessed, a pentagrammic portal between our world and the Underworld flung open in 2010, "the Year We Make Contact"...

    Gulf of Mexico BP oil leak disaster (April-July 2010):


    Chile mine collapse/rescue (August-October 2010):

    Chile's pentagrammic signature couldn't be more obvious, even magically reflected in its timing via "pentachronometry":

    The phoenix, it suggested, was coming out of the Underworld...

    Reply  Message 6 of 127 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:20

    The phoenix, it suggested, was coming out of the Underworld...

    ["Phoenix" capsule used in dramatic Chile mine rescue]

    ...stressing the notion of "resurrection" in effect reiterating the narrative of Lucifer escaping the chthonic prison or the astronomical event of Venus's rebirth as the Morning Star. Then by way of pentachronometry it was subsequently implied that there is another, if not the main phoenix/Morning Star/Lucifer figure, in the form of William/Kate...

    Oct 16 After mine rescue, Chilean president heads to England

    Rising and "earthshaking"...

    The epicenter of the deadly quake in Chile (2010) constituted a "prophetic" temporal marker for the October 29 (2010) Venus inferior conjunction anchoring the Royal Engagement window (late Oct-early Nov) where Venus was reborn as the Morning Star.

    There was no question, the Royal Engagement/Wedding was deeply embedded in the fabric of space-time of this particular period. The inference was that, for whatever reason (more on that soon), it was a really big deal. Signs, as they say, were everywhere, including the following interconnected events precisely at the time of the "Venus rebirth". It was mysterious. It was prophetic. Now manifesting before our eyes like a tidal wave...

    *    *    *

    November 8, 2010

    At Sunrise...

    Nov 8~ Cruise ship fire leaves 4,500 stranded near San Diego
    [Fire on ship precisely at sunrise]

    At Sunset...

    Nov 8~ Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast near L.A.

    The "Mystery Missile", rising in sunset twilight near Los Angeles and Long Beach, was such a striking sight it even got the mainstream media talking for a few days. It was a big mystery, and whatever it was, it seemed to have been "launched" from the direction of Santa Catalina Island...

    [Very rough CBS map of the incident]

    Reply  Message 7 of 127 on the subject 
    From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 26/06/2012 16:21

    Evidence suggests it was probably an optical illusion created by a vivid contrail trailing a normal jet, either Flight UPS902 or AWA808. The latter was en route from Hawaii to Phoenix, AZ. Both flights would have been flying right over Catalina Island at the time of the anomalous sighting.

    The Carnival Splendor cruise ship - also originating in Long Beach - was no illusion. It was real and was helplessly stranded off the west coast of the US/Mexico southeast from Catalina, disabled by an early-morning fire emergency at sunrise. (Map not to scale.)

    Two notable "twilight events"... producing a specific angle, ~25 degrees from the north-south axis...

    ...which happened to be the exact angle of the Phoenix constellation rising on the horizon within an hour after the "Mystery Missile launch" at sunset that day.

    The moment of sunset itself would have seen the constellation making its way up right below the horizon and the cruise ship. Thus throughout the "magical" period of light giving way to darkness, Phoenix was in the process of being resurrected from the Underworld (death), which is the very essence of the legendary firebird.

    And this "Underworld", taken literally, would have been directly under their feet. At the time of the "Mystery Missile" (sunset), those on Catalina Island (or the whole West Coast for that matter) would have "seen" - if they could see through the earth - this celestial configuration:

    At the nadir they would have seen Argo Navis - a defunct constellation - which is a big ship like Carnival Splendor, now broken up into a number of smaller constellations, the largest of which is called Carina (meaning "keel").

    At sunrise - when Carnival Splendor was experiencing a fire emergency - Argo Navis was seen "sailing" right on the horizon due south partially submerged. The Carina section was underwater or in the "Underworld".

    A clear, albeit coded, message was being sent... concerning in particular the Royal Couple/Wedding. It's no coincidence that November 8 was right in the middle of a Royal Engagement period (Oct 20-Nov 16).

    Prince William and Kate Middleton. Or Catherine Middleton.

    "Carina" and "Catherine" are variations of the same name. So is "Catalina". "Katherine/Catherine" is also said to derive from "Hecate," a Greco-Roman goddess of witchcraft, crossroads and... the Underworld.

    Catalina = Carina = Catherine = Hecate = Underworld

    Not just any Underworld, but in this case specifically "Avalon". That's the name of Catalina Island's only incorporated city (in effect its "capital"). "Avalon" also literally means "apple", a fruit that hides a 5-pointed star in its core.


    Also of great esoteric significance, "Avalon" is the name of the island where King Arthur is said to be resting and is expected to return from. In other words, Avalon is the "Underworld" of the Once and Future King. And King Arthur is of course a British king archetype.

    The implication being the wedding/rise of Prince William and Kate is, whether by design or by coincidence, designed to become a modern analogue of the "Resurrection of King Arthur".

    There is a sense of "destiny" permeating all this, hence also a heightened degree of predictability. I can say that having already demonstrated it publicly. And not just the timing of the Royal Engagement; I had the general time frame and symbolism down years ago. In a 2009 article "The Moonwalker Prophecy", for example:

    Is this it? The long-awaited moment of the resurrection of the phoenix? A somewhat ironic rebirth of 'King William'? [...]

    It's as if we are in for a major shift in the British Royal Family starting 2010 just in time for the 2012 London Olympics. [...]

    A straightforward interpretation would be that Prince William will become King William in or around 2012. If not literal, then this should at least be a major symbolic storyline set to (if not already) drive key world events in/around 2010-2012. [red emphasis added]

    (Note: Another/alternative scenario worth watching is the royal couple conceiving and/or having a baby in or around 2012.)

    Destiny. All signs point to this royal stuff being of "cosmic" significance. But why? Any particular reason behind the "retelling" of the medieval romance through William & Kate? Just an allegorical expression or could there be some historic fact woven into the matter? The answer may surprise you...

    *    *    *

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