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From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 29/11/2015 01:34
The name swastika comes from the Sanskrit word svastika (Devanagari: ...... It was adopted as the sole national flag on September 15, 1935 (see Nazi Germany) ...

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/11/2015 21:26

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/11/2015 21:47

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/11/2015 22:17
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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 28/11/2015 22:26

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 03/12/2015 01:36

Knights Templar the RED CROSS Alchemy and TIME

Proposal for a “United Nations Authority Flag” submitted to the United Nations on January 20, 1947 by Brooks Harding and his “United Nations Honor Flag Committee”, based on the seal of the United Nations and the earlier Four Freedoms Flag. This proposal was withdrawn in August 1947.

Raphael wrote:

I have joined their forum and am now infecting their servers also with my thoughts.

Del wrote:

The virus continues to spread

Yes and my name on that site is CHiram Abiff, who with Solomon completed the first temple.
CHiram the master architect who not only constructed the temples but helped define the ARKetypes too, archetypes that would define our history and that could also be used to foretell the future, archetypes that will last as long as the illusion itself is being accessed, at this vibratory level.

CHiram is code for CHiral.
We are coming full circle.

ufo1953 wrote:

Hi CHiram_Abiff

Thanks for the link, giving interesting numerical combinations.

quite welcome … we seem to connect with some numbers and observations.
here are a few more I would like to add/comment on.

The number 13 is used 28 times in the Old Testament and is not in the New Testament (NT).

Shows how the Church did a flip flop, manipulating the underlying script.
Evil I think?

This would probably be around the time ‘the occult’ continued to worship the number 13 and 5.
Both these numbers connected to the occult.
5 = 5 pointed star pentagram
13 = bad luck
Even skipping the 13th floor in many western structures, but in fact and in contrast the number 13 was held sacred by the Maya)

But the truth of why these numbers were driven ‘underground’ is quite simple.
There are 2 sacred shapes that mean a great deal to human consciousness because they speak of underlying universal archetypes that permeate ALL levels of existence, visible and invisible, BUT they must exist on each level, for the matrix to be ‘connected’.

The circle and the square.
Below are two sacred symbols called the Hopi Earth Mother Symbols.
One is circular/curved and one is square/angular.

The same distinct shapes are noted on coins from the Minoan Civilization, and have also been found in the region of ‘Troy’.

And the Mason symbol is a compass and a square. And the image I supplied suggests what these two symbols are really measuring.

Compass is used to draw a circle and we use a square to draw a square.
And the compass allowed us to figure out how to travel the globe using longitudes and latitudes helping to change people’s attitudes once we arrived in far away lands.
And the freemason square would then help us build our temples and empires once we disposed of the heathens err I mean natives, err I mean once we saved the children of god and they became one with our flock.

BUT why would the Church indict these 2 numbers as ‘occult’?

13 and 5 are the center spots.
13 is the center of the circle, the center of the 12 tribes or the 12 knights of the round table, the 12 apostles and of course everything defaults to the heavens and the 12 houses of the horoscope…which just happen coincidentally ALL lay on or close to the ecliptic.
Which is connected to Precession of the Equinoxes…the Sun’s journey through the universe, and remember this is very important to know because we are attached by a 93 million mile leash.
We are such stupid mutts.

Some older cultures had 13 astro signs, the matrix was seen as a web with the spider positioned in the center as the 13th sign.

And number 5 is the center of the square.
X marks the spot between the four corners.
And of course if you were Pithagoras you would also reduce the number 13 further, i.e.  to a 4. (1+3)
A number associated with destruction by the Chinese.
4 + 4 = 8 or infinity = destruction followed by creation.
And if you place a square (4) over a square (4) what esoteric shape do you get. You get a darma wheel.

I see only design, Creation, coincidences do not exist.

The Church wants to maintain those center spots.
The EWE are not allowed into this sanctuary.

There is another center spot I can illustrate that is also critical in understanding the simplicity of geometry and symbolism.
The triangle is 3 points.
Add a 4th spot to the center.
Here you have your ‘third eye’.
The Christians call this symbol the Pleroma…note the numbers.

11 reduces to 2 (1+1)
93 reduces to 3 (9+3=12=1+2=3)
23 reduces to 5 (2+3)

So where is 4?
4 thus represents that swirly looking vortex which was created by chiral preferences resembling swastika type gyrations.

But if you connect the 4 dots you get a flat 3D representation of a TETRAHEDRON.
It is the seat from which the Oracle of Delphi was positioned at the apex of a tetrahedron.

So I would conclude guess what?
You and your intuition represent the Oracle of Delphi, a wisdom that is always at your disposal. Always on the ready for the initiate, if distressed.
The sage advise dispensed long long ago, few heed today?

“Man Know Thyself”

In these two images sketched by the deceased mystic Itzhak Bentov we see how he has made a connection between 4 points in Space and the tetrahedron.

We also see in the next image how he has taken these 4 points and implied a field similar to an EM field.

Also a tetrahedron is connected to the CARBON electron cloud.
Carbon 12, is an element that ALL Life needs to be called Life.
Carbon 12 is comprised of … 666

6 electrons
6 protons
6 neutrons

This next link is a must visit, it helps conceptualize my ideas with greater clarity.

The tetrahedron is also the first Platonic solid.
There are 5 platonic solids that Plato knew about, hence the name.
But here I present another anomaly.
It was not until around 1995 that some computer geek figured out using complex math and mucho blah blah blah, that in fact there are only 5 Platonic solids, apparently there is not a 6th to be found.
Is there an glitch in ancient text … should the text have read “the geek shall inherit the earth”?

So how did the ancients, who also believed in a flat world (universe), and that man was the center of the universe, know that?
Remember this is a Recovery NOT a Discovery Mission.
It is in fact a large-scale salvage operation called the Salvation of Mankind.
Plato also spoke of the ships of his ancestors being found at the peaks of mountains.

Is it really as simple as that.
Or can it be simplified?

Can I show you how the VATICAN (using primarily a ‘Solar’ calendar) has tried to DISPOSE of cultures that use the MOON and the SUN together to forecast or foretell future events?
Two great examples would be the ancient Jews and the Maya.
Both of these cultures were the victims of two holocausts perpetrated by the Christians.
First the Mesoamericans were disposed of rather nicely.
Their culture and history was essentially a trial by fire.
Few remaining books.
Approximately 100 million native americans (north,central, south) were reduced to about 10 million in the 150 years after the arrival of the Crucifix on the shores of the New World.
The crucifix does not appear in mesoamerica prior to this time.
But the square cross was the one used.
But disposing of the Jews would prove far more difficult.
How do you dispose of the Jews and their most prized possession too?
How do you dispose of the Torah and its peoples?
Their primary book of worship must also be destroyed or made inaccessible for the plot to manifest.

Now when you look at the numbers 13 and 5 and apply them to the Maya and other Mesoamerican cultures the significance of these numbers is contrary to the Christian occult fears.

The Maya used these two numbers as FACTORS in helping calculate ACCURATE TIME.

Their SOLAR calendar consisted of 20 x 18 = 360 + 5 religious holidays = 365 days
Their LUNAR or Sacred Round calendar was calculated using 20 x 13 = 260

So envision 3 cogs or gears, one gear has 13 teeth and the other gear has 20 teeth. These two cogs are then connected and move a third cog or wheel with 52 teeth and every 7 rotations of the large cog = 364 days.
But there appears to be a discrepancy between 364 and 365?

And the Maya would use these 3 wheels, representing a cycle between the movements of the Sun and the Moon to calculate TIME and the future of each and every individual born into this world.

The Maya really believed in the concept of “All has already been written“.
There exists a fate that can be calculated, it is reckoned.

Are the Maya any different than the mathematicians today who calculate ‘probabilities’ and boast of the ability of quantum mechanics to make ‘predictions’?

Here again is that picture of the ‘Black Door’ in St. Peter’s Square.
Do you notice teeth similar to the cogs above?
Would it be possible to count 52 teeth on that wheel in the Vatican.
A rough estimate suggests YES.

As suspected…the Church ‘doublespeak’, has positioned itself as ‘middle man’.
Adopting the moneytheistic phrase … “In God we Trust all others pay Cash”

The Freemason Politicians start the Wars, with the Illuminati financing them, sometimes both sides at the same time. The only Organization ever allowed behind Enemy Lines, has been the International Committee of the Red Cross. The Red Cross was started by Swiss Businessman Jean Henri Dunant in 1859. He was a Freemason.

Here we have one symbol to represent each of the 3 Abraham/Levantine Religions.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent have been on the battlefields since the 19th century. The Red Crystal that looks like a square tilted like a diamond, is Judaism’s inclusion, it is their chosen organization that they want tending to their wounded or dead.

Great, it appears everybody is getting ready for the scripted Judeao/Christian/Islamic prophecy called Armageddon?

But the significance of RED and WHITE should not be overlooked.
These are the two Meso or middle colors of ALCHEMY.
The 4 colors of Alchemy are placed in this order.


Is it a coincidence that the two Meso cultures, Mesoamerica and Mesopotamia represent the RED and WHITE race?

Is it a coincidence that both the Knights Templar and the Red Cross, both seen as benign helpful organizations display a RED cross on a WHITE background?

Is it Red on White or White on Red?
We have a Red Cross on White and there also exists the WHITE cross on RED.
Interesting as you noted that a Swiss Freemason was the founder of the Red Cross organization.

But let us discuss alchemy for a moment.
Alchemy is about either the transmutation of matter or spirit.

Turning both our spiritual and material world golden.
Possessing either the touch of a King Midas or maybe achieving a state of bliss or nirvana or the Christ consciousness…

Which country/state in the world is a symbol today for where the MATERIAL GOLD is kept?

And we know the Swiss employ the OPPOSITE color symbolism to that of the Red Cross and the Knight’s Templar.

And another fact is that a small symbolic army guards the independent City-state called the VATICAN.
This army is known as the Swiss Guard.

Their position was secured by treaty under Julius II (1503-1513), who, at the instigation of the Swiss cardinal Schinner, entered into an agreement with the cantons of Zurich and Lucerne, in accordance with which these cantons undertook to supply two hundred and fifty men as a body guard of the pope.
In the modern times, since 1870, the number of the Swiss guards has been reduced to barely 100 members and when the corps is at full strength it has the following officers:
– one captain
– one lieutenant
– one second lieutenant
– one chapelain
– one judge
– four sergeants
– seven corporals
– two turnkeys
– two drummers

The general qualifications demanded in recruits are that they must be Swiss citizens, Catholics, born in wedlock, unmarried, under 25 years, minimum 6 feet tall, healthy and free from bodily defects.

Almost every year, on May 5, new recruits swear in saint Peter’s Basilica and May 6th is the anniversary of the day in 1527 when 147 Swiss Guards died in the sack of Rome while defending Pope Clement VII Medici from the troops of the German emperor Charles V.

 Please note that the Swiss guard are wearing colors similar to the colors of alchemy that I pointed out earlier. Purple/Blue is substituted for Black, but all 3 colors exist close to each other in the EM Spectrum. The other 3 colors in the alchemic process …white, red and gold have also been used.
So it appears that Switzerland is where the WEST keeps its material (matter) Gold and the VATICAN is where the WEST suggests our spiritual Gold or center lay.
And please note the Vatican took the wealth of the Knight’s Templar representing a Red Cross on White, and gave it to the Swiss (White cross on Red) for safekeeping.

All of the above are known versions of Templar Crosses.
The fact that these are crosses, which are connected to, squares representing ‘matter’ is I would think intentional.
And the circle would represent spirit…and the rectangle bearing the proper geometric proportions are directly connected to the golden rectangle and the pentacle and what is know as the ‘Divine Proportion’.

But the Swiss employ a square cross on a square background not rectangular.

But the trail of flag waving does not end there.
I believe the trail … follow the symbols of a White Cross on Red … and the trail leads to Denmark and the archetypal family called the Tribe of Dan.
Denmark’s flag is a White Crucifix on a Red Rectangle, rotated.

Denmark a very small country that owns a very large group of islands called Greenland. What is the tribe of Dan’s connection to Greenland and Thule and Argatha and ancient Aryans?
Will we find ancient structures in Greenland and Antarctic when the ice sheets melt?
Greenland and Antarctic are anti-podal to each other.
The weight and mass of the frozen water has a direct relationship to the earth’s center of gravity.
As the ice continues to melt and the water is drawn by the earth’s rotation to the equator…what happens?
The center of gravity shifts.
This explains therefore the 41,000-year cycle where the tilt of the earth goes from about 21.8 degrees angle of inclination to approximately 24.4 degrees.
As most of us know we currently sit at 23.5 degrees.
But few sheeple realize it is part of a bigger cycle.
So the big tilt could happen soon … once the critical mass, a shifting of the center has been achieved.

Agartha (sometimes Agartta, Agharti or Agarttha) is a legendary city that is said to reside in the Earth’s core. It is related to the Hollow Earth theory and is a popular subject in Esotericism.
Agartha is one of the most common names cited for the society of underground dwellers. Shamballa (also known as Shambalah) is sometimes said to be its capital city [1]. The mythical paradise of Shamballa is known under many different names: It has been called the Forbidden Land, the Land of White Waters, the Land of Radiant Spirits, the Land of Living Fire, the Land of the Living Gods and the Land of Wonders. Hindus have known it as Aryavartha, the land from which the Vedas come; the Chinese as Hsi Tien, the Western Paradise of Hsi Wang Mu, the Royal Mother of the West; the Russian Old Believers, a nineteenth-century Christian sect, knew it as Belovodye and the Kirghiz people as Janaidar. But throughout Asia it is best known by its Sanskrit name, Shambhala, meaning ‘the place of peace, of tranquillity.’

Denmark, Switzerland and the Vatican.
3 small helpless vulnerable countries containing much wealth…but somehow they seem to remain ‘neutral’ while the chaos of the world swirls around them …

The fat red and white Santa is a product of Coca-Cola public relations, an ad campaign, how pathetic that we have had several generations growing up with this Christian distortion of something far more sublime and it is no coincidence.
The archetypes show up everywhere because the Creation must be connected and consistent. Who can deny patterns?
Math works because of patterns.

From this foundation of truth in regards to red and white, both these colors representing a conversion or transmutation of spirit and matter, think of the red and white Barber’s pole, and its history.
Again I suggest that many of our artistic creations are simply the result of being able to tap into the creative source and bring it forth is some way, using shape or color or sound.

The United Nations Emblem has 2 x 13 olive branches and the world circle is divided into 33 segments.
The olive branches are a symbol for peace, and the world map represents all the people of the world.

See the Emblem below.

See how the consistency of my theory is maintained?
The United Nations has designated the center as number 33.
Note where it is located … looking down over the North Pole … BUT why are we rarely treated to a bird’s eye view of the South Pole?

I find it far more interesting…it shows how the tip of South America is just a hop skip and a jump away from the Antarctica … South America is closer than Africa and if the water levels were down at one time, there exists a distinct path of islands easily navigated.

Look at the world differently change your perspective and the anomalies that formerly were unable to be supported by lies become clear.

But what I find is far more coincidental is that they have identified the earth as having 32 distinct climatic regions and Peru has 22 of them. (coincidental to the Hebrew alphabet and the number of cards in the major arcane of the tarot.)
But for me … this coincidence makes sense, because I see the Earth as an alchemic forge, using cataclysms to transmute herself also, we are constituents to the process, the question is, are we catalysts or ingredients?
And apparently once you have experienced all of the earth’s emotions (climatic conditions) like in Freemasonry you are ready to ascend the apex that the number 33 represents.
-Christ and Alexander both dead at 33.
-You either have 32 or 33 discs in your spine…depends on how many you have in the lower lumbar region.
Some people have 5 and some have 6.
What I find interesting in regards to Christ, immortality and having a backbone is this, the only life form that is immortal is a certain jellyfish, which of course has no backbone.

We must remember a truth…the Earth is an entity, and it too has a purpose and a destiny.
Just because we cannot see the Earth as living breathing creatures like us, it lives with such a force, we should be kissing the ground and not the priests feet.

The sooner our consciousness connects globally to that reality (earth is alive) is when things will really start to happen for us as a group.
Problem is that we have disconnected with this source.

Here is a video that apparently has been banned in some parts of the world.
According to the hype …
Hype + type





Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.

Reply  Message 5 of 333 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 03/12/2015 01:49



VIRGIN MARY 13th Century Monastic Symbols = SEED PATTERN?

God whispered in Mary’s Ear and got her preggers.
The following post is more of an attempt to inspire more folks like Manes as opposed to *activating* the IGNORANT as I always seem to do on the forums I participate on….
It can be found in its entirety  here:
We shall soon see what kind of human becomes *activated* as the ‘light’ entering our solar system continues to ‘change’.
Change is in the air, can’t ewe folks feel it?
I can.
It’s name is plasma.
The MEDIUM is the MESSAGE, and it radiates OUT and pulls us IN?
Plasma = Gravity = SOUND = the MESSAGE = = BETTER try to get along SHEEPLE = TIME is running out…is the message found in the bottle.
Do the sheeple on this thread think that an hourglass, the infinity symbol, and the number 8 are not all related and point toward an observable TRUTH?Of course sheeple would reBLEAT nonsense like … show me the math that all of the above are ‘connected’, prove it using science they demand!!
Instead of saying to my thoughts which appear rather alien to them. “TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER, Rapheal?” duh the difference between science and religion is clear to me.
The scientist starts with a world divided, IT assumes nothing, IT is trying to put the pieces back together again, whereas religion starts with a world unified and WAS an attempt to try to keep the pieces of the creation intact?somewhere along the line science and religion pretended to not agree.
call it a conspiracy that can be OBSERVED today.


Originally Posted by mane View Post
“This graphic illustrates the point that there are 3 fundamental wave forms, with a total of 6 by their polarities.”

I am all ears.
Would the 3 fundamental wave forms be called:

Brahma the Creator
Siva the Destroyer
Vishnu the Preserver

Yes only 3 waveforms result as a result of all the chaos of sound and light coming together causing a bit of heat and friction as a result?

Like when jews, muslims and christians’ world’s collide?
We needed to spend 8 billion dollars on CERN to investigate this fact of life?

POLYNESIAN MATTANG and the Sator Square.
The Malteser Cross is formed simply by spelling AEON x 4.
4 AEON = 4 AGES?

The source if the mattang is unknown, it heralds from antiquity, along with the swastika, thus we find that the source of both of these very old symbols is unknown.
I must admit that I love stuff the experts cannot explain using judeao-christian semite semantics, especially the anomalies, that fail to FIT the official story called ‘jesus’, anomalies that make these ‘westernized experts’ look rather stupid!!

And folks like me, Raphahell who is ‘remembering’ and the heathen Polynesians are of course the problem that plagues humanity?
Of course common logic would arrive in such a nasty place of the heart, which denies the obvious.

Mane, dude, you will appreciate this blog.
It clearly shows, for those who can SEE, that the Polynesian Mattang is in fact an ancient GPS.
GPS works on triangulation…the Mattang was made from the ribs of palms and coconut fibers?

Which cost more the Mattang used by the HEATHEN, made from discarded trees (palm/coconuts) or CERN?
Which method takes from the POOR and gives to the RICH?
You folks have it all wrong if you think you know who or what I am.
It appears it is TIME that the anglo-saxon hero Robin Hood made his appearance again folks.

Our ancestors were far more observant using their naked eyes than modern man is proving himself to bef looking through his microcosmic scopes and his MACROCOSMIC tele-scopes.
Experts are certainly focused on what they see in their scopes.
But they fail to acknowledge the human standing right beside them, that could have used some of that 8 billion dollars, and counting that CERN alone cost.
duh too fookin’ obvious.
pathetic and sad.

Clearly the modern man who NEEDS scopes, who relies on scopes MORE than his intuition based on naked eye observation has DIED and NOT gone to heaven, he has been spending his time at M.I.T. playing with his Spirograph.

Originally Posted by mane View Post
Hinging, quite literally,

Over the past few years, I too have become un-hinged literally and figuratively
dude I am not quite sure what you mean (the specifics, the detail), in this post of yours, but I do feel a true connection is taking place here and now.
Thanks for participating in OUR journey.

And I do understand that an axis of symmetry acts like a HINGE
Anything that can be folded along a line of axis is thus hinged.
A book like the Bible is hinged along its spine.
A Torah Scroll does not have any hinges, it is a SCROLL.
However if we compare to the Maya/Aztec Codices which were FOLDED.
Proteins fold.
Amino acids tell them how.
DNA gives the amino acids their GOOSE-stepping orders?
But the problem with Hitler was he was trying to preserve certain DNA.
Duh what a wanker.

The REAL game folks need to realize is that your MIND/heART are in charge of the epi-genome, thus the individual, NOT the Hitlers, Popes and Political Hacks is in charge of his own fookin’ DNA/Holy Grail destiny.

Stop letting them PLANT SEEDS in your garden of eden, the temple you, ewe, and u, ALL call home.
YOUR BRAIN (tree of knowledge) and HEART (tree of life).
And the FOUR RIVERs in Eden have nothing to do with the SWASTIKA?

4 duhs, one for each river not navigated.

So here we have an interesting difference in how two CULTures divided by the atlantic/atlantis ocean, were expressing the world we live in?

Scrolls and Bibles

Originally Posted by mane View Post
The tesseract is constructed quite simply (see here); it is a reciprocal form of an 8 point star.

I LOVE it…the consistency of how the pieces always fit.
Tesseract has a reciprocal called the 8-pointed star.

phi has its reciprocal in Phi too.

Can I suggest that many Marko Rodin groupies should now book a room in the Temple of Del-phi?
Taking instruction from the real god called Apollo or some other oracles, instead of taking all their cues to the truth from the demi-gods like Marko Rodin or Nassim Haramein.
Those fellas are mere mortals compared to the teachers found in the Temple of Del-phi?
Temple of Del-phi is in your sheeple brains, along with Pythagoras the GEOMETER who is helping the sheeple navigate through TIME SPACE using MOTION.
Clearly the sheeple are unaware of the POETRY in their motion.
Put their by the creator, our father who heART in heaven.
Harold and Maude will by thy name.

Originally Posted by mane View Post
By that logic, I observe the sequential grid of Lo Shu, and see its construction is quite simple as well.

warning: using logic on this thread only draws out the IGNORANT, keeps them grounded.
though you made it through.
few do.
good for you Chris or is it maybe ChrisTOS?
How about ChrisTAU?

4 x TAU = 8 pointed star and the Malteser Cross that tickles the fancy of the Pope?

Originally Posted by mane View Post
Thus a construction method is born.

Ever hear of the SEED PATTERN dude that is used to start a labyrinth?
Yes there is the classic 3 and 7 patterns?
Shall we reduce the obvious to 37 and the DEEPER meanings we can extract?

The centrality of the Prime Number 37 in the structure of Scripture can not be overstated. It begins in with the Creation Holograph:

I simply remember many facts, make many connections by remembering my birthdate.
July 3
Mentioned by a Vatican spokesperson (jokingly of course) as the birthdate of the coming messiah.
I did not take this literally, if he had said March 7th, or 37, it would have carried the same essential message.

37 or 73
(search those numbers out)

Originally Posted by mane View Post
I am fascinated by the super-symmetry of the Swastika, or rather, vortex, and conversely, the SATOR square.

so am I.
why do folks use words like super-symmetry and broken symmetry, instead of asymmetry when describing symmetry that is less than perfect?

Now all the sheeple gotta do is drawn a line between the two swastikas below dividing them into LEFT and RIGHT.
Consider this line, drawn in the sands of time, to be THE HINGE!!!!!

Manes you will like this thread too.
It shows the hinge and discusses 25/52.

Originally Posted by mane View Post
In constructing a four decimal matrix, beginning at the center of a 9×9 grid, counting from 9 on in a spiral, with the first decimal sequence starting to the right, the second downwards, the third left, and the 4th upwards, this pattern arises:It has asymmetrical symmetry (swastika, expand and contract) and two-fold symmetry (8 point star), forming the symbol in the center

All very cool.
Please tell me/show me manes what happens if we use a FIVE decimal pattern?
Sometimes I too can be very IGNORANT.
I only treat folks how I like to be treated.
Call it an extension of the GOLDEN RULE we can apply to phi the GOLDEN spiral. (how fucking OBVIOUS is that?)


Originally Posted by mane View Post
and as such, becomes the 6 w(e)aves (by a doubling circuit matrix)

In Latin, (was bible babble ever written in Latin?) the word TEXT means WEAVE.

Enough said

Problem folks have, is that as RaphaHELL weaves a new UNIFYING TRUTH, the sheeple will become UNHINGED!!!!!!!!!!

Do not read the p.s. it contains the MOVIE SPOILER for the recent film INCEPTION, a clever little film, that made me realize, at the very end of the film, THEY tried to PLANT A SEED INTO MY MIND/HEART, to help alter my ALTAR-DNA.



So why why why did the director of Inception Chris Nolan put a WINDMILL in the SAFE?

Where the SEED PATTERN is placed, and only show TWO of the ARMS of the WINDMILL, with the numbers 4 and 3 clearly shown?

Room 528 and Room 491 or the safe code 528 491

528 is not difficult to ‘connect’

491 is far more interesting.

U.S. Route 491 (US 491) is a northsouth U.S. Highway serving the Four Corners region of the United States. One of the newest designations in the U.S. Highway system, it was created in 2003 as a renumbering of U.S. Route 666.

4 corners region?

And room 528 was directly above room 491?
Did that make sense?
Just do the math.




But did you notice the double XX on Charlie Chaplin’s armband?
So who are the “machine men with machine minds”? I wonder if Charlie Chaplin the heARTIST was trying to send a message?

I noticed because the most interesting men in the world drink Dos Equis.

Swastika is the KEY of Universal Movement, forming part of an ancient vortex theory, along with phi and pi and the Maltese cross.
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 03/12/2015 01:50

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 04/12/2015 17:51

Reply  Message 8 of 333 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 04/12/2015 18:21

“Eli, Eli lama sabachthani”

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 04/12/2015 19:39

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 06/12/2015 16:31

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From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 06/12/2015 17:13

Galileo y las estrellas

Escrito el 18 septiembre, 201419 septiembre, 2014

¿Sabes quién es el responsable de que podamos ver las estrellas a través de un telescopio? o ¿quién afirmó que la Tierra no es el centro del Universo, como se creía antes? Pues fue un hombre muy inteligente que vivió una época difícil, en donde era criticado por decir cosas diferentes a lo que se creía en ese entonces.

Un hombre inteligente

Galileo Galilei nació en Pisa, Italia, en 1564. Era un hombre muy brillante a quien le gustaba mucho investigar y conocer acerca de todo lo relacionado con la ciencia. Aunque su padre quería que estudiara medicina, se interesó por las artes, como la pintura y la literatura, además de las matemáticas, la física, la filosofía y sobre todo la astronomía, ciencia que estudia todo lo relacionado con el espacio y las estrellas.


Muchas veces fue llamado «loco» debido a los estudios que realizó, los cuales incluso tuvo que negar para que lo dejaran en paz. A pesar de esto, su curiosidad lo motivó a hacer muchas investigaciones y descubrió muchísimas cosas importantes para la humanidad, ya que él es el primer físico que se basó en la experimentación y la observación para probar que el universo y sus fenómenos se pueden explicar de distintas maneras.

¿El centro del Universo es la Tierra?

Hace muchos años, Nicolás Copérnico, un científico muy reconocido, afirmó que la teoría que decía que la Tierra era el centro del Universo estaba equivocada, y que la realidad era que la Tierra y los demás planetas giraban alrededor del Sol. Tiempo después, gracias a uno de sus inventos más importantes, el telescopio, Galileo Galilei confirmó que esto era verdad y que los planetas giraban alrededor del Sol, en lo que ahora conocemos como Sistema Solar.


Más allá del telescopio

Galileo es un ejemplo de cómo la curiosidad y la investigación te pueden llevar a cosas asombrosas. Gracias al telescopio, uno de sus inventos más importantes, podemos observar las estrellas, los planetas y el universo, pues nos permite ver objetos lejanos como si estuvieran muy cerca.

Sin embargo, el telescopio no fue su única aportación a la ciencia, pues descubrió muchas cosas importantes para la física. Por ejemplo, los filósofos griegos, sobre todo Aristóteles, afirmaban que la velocidad a la que caían los objetos dependía de su peso; es decir, entre más pesado fuera un objeto —por ejemplo una piedra—, más rápido llegaba al suelo si lo dejabas caer.


Pero Galileo no estaba de acuerdo con esta teoría y realizó diversos experimentos para desmentirla. Tomó una bola de plomo y una de madera, lanzó las dos juntas y, aunque no cayeron exactamente al mismo tiempo, no hubo una gran diferencia de tiempo, como los griegos afirmaban. Tú mismo puedes comprobar esto si dejas caer un lápiz y un plumón grueso y ver cuánto tiempo tarda cada uno en caer al suelo.
Galileo también creó diferentes maneras para medir el tiempo, ya que hace muchos años no existían los relojes como los que usamos ahora. Inventó un reloj similar al de arena, sólo que utilizaba agua, en donde cierta cantidad de líquido pasaba de un recipiente a otro, y cada vez que esto ocurría, equivalía a una medida de tiempo, ya fuera un minuto o una hora.

Otra forma que tenía de medir el tiempo era mucho más divertida porque cuando quería hacer un experimento cantaba una canción con el laúd, un instrumento parecido a la guitarra, y la interrumpía cuando el experimento se terminaba, así veía cuánto tiempo había tardado. Imagínate que para saber cuánto tiempo te tardas bañándote tengas que cantar una canción, suena divertido ¿no?


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At least 95 out of 100 people polled would know their horoscope sign.

And at least 95 out of 100 people polled DO NOT know that these 12 horoscope signs are within 9 degrees of either side of the ecliptic for a real good reason, to do with a cycle called Precession of the Equinoxes.
That kind of unawareneSS in the world about a veiled truth, will soon change.

And more than 95 out of 100 DO NOT know the following...guaranteed:


Auntie M
or is it anti-matter ... do you think the folks who call this place home know what I am about to suggest?


Note: the 9 pillars on either side of the purple line.
Note: that we have 4 young lads on the left and 5 on the right of the line running down the center that appears to run from the Black Door to the Obelisk.

9 = 4 + 5
Would 4 and 5 represent asymmetry maybe?
4 and 5 to the ancients represented the difference between a square and a circle.

Image Image

Two images showing the relationship between our hands, asymmetry, chemistry and music.

This works for any molecule that has four different things hanging off of a carbon atom, and this is true for lots of important things in living systems, like proteins, DNA, and RNA. As it happens the amino acids in your body are left handed, but the sugars are right. It has nothing to do with how you write or toss a ball, its just an expression. Interestingly, the amino acids found in meteorites seems to favor the left handed kind. Perhaps there is a connection between our left handed amino acids and those in meteorites? More about left handed amino acids in meteorites.

Our hands, amino acids, the electron and positron, DNA and both versions of the swastika are ALL asymmetric and chiral.
Coincidence eh, that the hands and the building blocks are asymmetric?
Asymmetric hands using asymmetric building blocks to build asymmetric empires within the boundaries of an asymmetric universe, as veiled to us.
The experts have yet to understand the relationship between the left hemisphere of the brain and our preference for right handedness.

Makes perfect sense to me.
When we finally develop a symmetrical brain, that is when we will arrive in Valhalla, Eden, Nirvana, Utopia etc. etc...

9 degrees on either side of the ecliptic eh?
In analogy how about 9 degrees on either side of the corpus callosum?

Now I understand why the 18 pillars were placed where they were in St. Peter's Square.
Makes perfect sense.
In the above image we see 9 small pillars on either side of the 'ecliptic'...the nine are numbered on the right side...and on the left side is another reason the number 9 is significant.

90 = 9
90 + 90 = 180


9 + 9 = 18 = Card XVIII the MOON


For those who study the Tarot please note the following.
The only cards that have two rounded pillars on them in the Major Arcana are the cards II, V, and XI.

II, V, and XI = 2, 5 and 11
Yes I note 8 is absent.
But if you add 2 + 5 + 11 = 18 the only 4 cards in the Major Arcana that have 2 pillars.
Card 18 the Moon has two square towers.


And how do our LEFT and RIGHT hands contribute?


In the above image of the Nazca Lines I show how the ancients were actually depicting different wave formations...the Red Lines.

How did horoscopes become the horrorscopes associated with the occult and bunk?
Who was responsible?
Why do they still acknowledge the importance of these events and alignments?

XYZ of the V

Yellow lines join the 4 lamp posts / 4 Royal Stars
Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut

Blue Line joins the two fountains.
Saturn and Jupiter maybe?

Red line from this perspective faces East or goes UP.

Black Line goes to the Black Door...where they bury the White Popes.


Does the yellow line represent symbolically 'the ecliptic'?

Let us examine the similarities between these images:

1 >>> we see in the ancient stone from Ireland a square cross and below the cross, squiggly lines indicating movement...this is suggesting the first step in spherical standing wave theory.
There are only two movements available according to physicist Milo Wolff, clockwise and counterclockwise.
The spin determines whether an electron or positron evolves.
cha cha cha

2 >>>
the Black Door gets divided by the 'ecliptic' forming two squares?
Two squares with a square root of 1 are the first two steps in the Fibonacci sequence.
i.e. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 , 8, 13 ... which is a musical progression, connected to an octave rather intimately.


3 >>> we see in both images above, the outline of a 'quatrefoil'
And many many esoteric items can be placed within this quatrefoil, Solomon's Knot is one of them...and without coincidence I have connected the Greek Zodiacal Cross, the Swastika and Solomon's Knot to The Great Year, the name of which was later changed to Precession of the Equinoxes...as part of the deliberate ruse.

Using science to VEIL the simplicity. :roll:


So apparently we the sheeple are fed doses of religion, while THEY consume the esoteric sciences revealed through a study of astrology, astronomy and alchemy?
I feel said the blind man, as he examined what was obviously an elephant.

Has the Holy Grail / Philosopher's Stone been identified? :roll:
I feel it has been identified.
Is it SS Wave Theory?

Spherical Standing Wave Theory?

http://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/1 ... ve-theory/



KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

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I want to build on what we now know about those images above.

Why St. Peter's Square does in fact resemble an archetypal Spherical Standing Wave Theory.
But I will need to consult my new bible that explores ideograms which are the basis of archetypal imprinting, that obviously, as this dictionary illustrates ... transcend our concepts of TIME and SPACE.
http://www.amazon.ca/Dictionary-Symbols ... 0393312364

Much of the info within this text confirms my intuitive journey.

Thus Carl Liungman and me want to show how the ideograms representing archetypes became the ARKetypes.
They even built archetypal gothic churches with vaulted archetypal arches.
An exploration into what the vaulted archway represents will be another post.


Here again is that stone from Ireland that I am suggesting is an ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory embedded right into the stone, using ideograms/archetypes...could this be a 'Philosopher's Stone'?
Or a metaphorical 10 Commandments?

What were these 1 2 3 distinct ideograms or ideas attempting to convey?

Remember we know today that the mind is asymmetrical and the hands that sculpted / etched this stone did it using asymmetric chiral left and right hands.

Ideogram # 1
What does a cross within a circle mean to the archetypal mind?
Could it be an IDEOGRAM for the positron?

Please re-read the above reference to the positron.
Milo Wolff the author of Spherical Standing Wave Theory would then say the positron resulted from a certain 'movement'.
A movement that he says can ONLY be defined as going either Clockwise or Counterclockwise.
Which would then evolve to the next image of a swastika representing the positron.
Please note that its orientation is the same as the one we see on the rock from Ireland.
Please note that I want to suggest that the other swastika that rotates in the other direction could then be considered the 'electron'.

Ideogram # 2

The above cross was called the Key to Universal Movement found in the Valley of Mexico, predating the Aztec.

Thus the second ideogram could be represented by either of the above images on the right.
Which are asymmetric images of each other too!
And the flame throwing swastikas can be seen as pinwheels.
Thus it helps to establish whether the swastika is rotating clockwise or counterclockwise.
Thus if the arms are bent clockwise or to the right, it actually implies the opposite movement will ensue.
This helps explain the confusion.

These two asymmetric swastikas could be simple ideograms of the KEY to Universal Movement.


Which brings us to the final Ideogram # 3, the quatrefoil.

Quatrefoil = Atom



A symbol found in ALL Gothic Cathedrals is the quatrefoil.
It was associated with the 4 Evangelists.
However Timothy Leary connected this symbol to transcendental LSD which is essentially synthetic DMT.
And DMT is found in the pineal gland.
The body produces it, it is naturally occurring.
Shamans use supercharged cocktails of botanical DMT to access 'other dimensions'.
Modern shamans too, like James Crick who accessed the ARKitecture of the double helix of DNA because he had taken LSD.
So goes the rumor.
Google it.


But in the image above we need to match from the images below a glyph to place inside the quatrefoil.
The ancients chose to place a tetraskele inside the quatrefoil.


The ancients according to the interpretation were thus 'musical'.
And it is no coincidence that St. Peter's Basilica which is shaped like a quatrefoil is where 'music' is created.
Music created using the ancient Solfeggio frequencies.

Which brings us back to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Knight of Malta, who claims that 528 Hertz is rumored ability to heal DNA.

And the concept that SOUND Waves = Gravity Waves = phi/Phi, which has been revealed to me through using the language of archetypal alchemy seems to resonate.
Gravity has been distinct from the other 3 forces because it is more about Sound and not Light...which is electro-magnetic.
Sound is non electro-magnetic as is gravity.
But everything is connected...so light and sound can be united.

But do we want a Sound and Light show...a global fireworks display?



KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


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INDIGO children … Ask the Vatican why indigo?

Anybody know why they chose the color ‘indigo’ to name these children’s gift/vibe?
Why blue/purple eh?
These two colors are sacred to those who follow the Old Testament.
Biblical Blue and Tyrian Purple
And both those colors mixed with white, even today continue to represent royalty or symbolize a unity.
And the photo above representing the United Nations (formerly the League of Nations) fits nicely into St. Peter’s Square.
Doesn’t it?
X marks the spot.
The North Pole is where the current Pope’s phallus is currently located. It is marked by the Egyptian obelisk or dildo the Christians stole, today it represents a tool used to %$#@ with humanity.
St. Peter’s Square (the bottom portion) is shaped like a chalice, cauldron or cooking pot, an archetype I want to suggest that later evolved into maybe the Holy Grail.
But it is when we follow the clues left behind by the inquisitors that we see the implications of what I am suggesting,
The template or ARKetype we see in St. Peter’s Square can be traced back to a symbol I photographed in a Peruvian Monastery (Catholic).
But the trail does not end in Peru.
It can lead us to Tibet, NAZI Germany and of course India.


Mandala of the Universe of the Lamas … Tibet

My ongoing research suggests the mandala above that I found in a Peruvian monastery represents what the ancients called the Great Year.

I challenge anyone at this time to find any other mandala that matches up with both the Peruvian one and the Nazi Swastika, paying attention to those 3 specific colors (black, white, red) and in that order utilizing at the same time the same esoteric form. i.e. Black Cross representing matter, White Circle represents spirit and both are found on a Red background representing ?

The Great Year is Plato’s story of Atlantis that modern science has obfuscated with a concept called Precession of the Equinoxes.

In other words … Plato’s story of Atlantis and earthly cyclical cataclysms became myth and in its place another story replaced the deluge…centered around Noah and a certain ‘tribe’.
Here is the point where the story tellers, took possession of the divine archetypes that permeate the creation and morphed them into the ARKetypes that were intended to keep a certain ‘repressed’ culture afloat….

But can I ask a personal question?
How do I go about making or creating an Indigo Child?
The next image is a clue for those interested in creating such a gifted or blessed child OR if even talking about stellar starry relationships … what is necessary to make a jesus christ superstar manifest…


Shiva Linga (comprised of a shiva + lingam = vulva and phallus)

To make an Indigo child get up and go you need a little math magic.

1 + 1 = 3 

Shiva Linga

Shiva Linga
I rotated the above symbol to show how it resembles the above archetypes of the UN flag and St. Peter’s Square below.
The lingam or phallus appears where the obelisk is … yeah yeah yeah … coincidence.

But coincidence after coincidence suggests we should pay attention to what we are being directed toward.



The Shivalinga denotes the primeval energy of the Creator. It is believed that at the end of all creation, during the great deluge, all of the different aspects of God find a resting place in the Lingam; Bhrama is absorbed into the right, Vishnu to the left and Gayatri into the heart. The Shivalinga is also a representation of the infinite Cosmic Column of fire, whose origins, Vishnu and Bhrama were unable to trace.


And please note:
We are back to the concept of a Right, a Left and a Middle.

1 + 1 = 3 representing a middle or median

A middle that is represented by the heart or 4th chakra, coincidently 4 is the middle or median of 1-7 chakras.

And when you make further connections to DNA and electro-magnetism … whoa.
(i.e. fertility and DNA magic 1 + 1 = 3 or a 3rd entity manifests from nowhere…)

Still hot on the trail of unity…
But I have noticed the theologians and scientists are still clinging to their silly self-serving notions and beliefs.

How am I doing, penetrating both of their secrets by ignoring their silly chatter?
Follow your intuition, it really is a guide…to helping you find your way out of the labryinth.




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Originally Posted by mind1universe View Post
This has gotten WAY off topic.
glad you noticed that the topic SEEMS to have strayed.

but you are missing the point entirely, it has NOT strayed.
you just can't seem to follow along...because it is OVER your head.
YOU are plainly ignorant of this symbol too.
I do not mean to offend using such harsh language.
But this statement is true...if you continue reading, you may begin to understand why I shadow box with both the religious/science plebes.

Most folks are clearly ignorant/misinformed about this symbol.
Join the herd...or come join the discussion here:
I use the same arguments to do battle with Freemasons and ignorant Science plebes too.
Because it is obvious to me that TRUTH should be evident in all beliefs...if it really is a truth.

Ever wonder why we appear doomed?
IGNORANCE is a clue to the plight of humanity.

the topic is Prove Jesus Existed.
not one religious plebe has been able too.

Not surprising really, they have had about 2000 years to accumulate the evidence and present their case.
Wankers...who fail to learn from both history and HER-story, because they only read their cherished HIS-story.
And the spiritual holier-than-thou-brow beat goes on.

I am merely showing what the fictional JESUS is helping to veil.

DUHHHHHHHH c'mon folks, let's face an OBVIOUS TRUTH.
Can we agree on the following? >> the creation of an archetypal or real Jesus, as a representative of a mono god, in effect helped replace many many many other pagan/indigenious gods.
Could that be part of the purpose of scripting the boy wonder into the narrative, as the Newer improved Testament did?

And it seems MANY OF THE ANCIENT cultures had a symbol to represent this 'universal energy' that was experienced by everybody on earth?
The swastika IS a symbol that showed a unity between people who had never ever even met.
Unlike the crucifix that can be followed around the hemispheres like a fucking man-induced biblical plague.

Symbol of MU?
KEY to Universal Movement?

The SWASTIKA is the KEY to Universal Movement.
Please understand that it was the ancestors of the Aztec who called the swastika the KEY to Universal Movement, not me.
The Niven plates found near Mexico City is proof of this claim.
So is modern quantum physics that describes movement in the unseen invisible world of particles as LEFT or RIGHT handedness.
This is used to express rotation or spin.
And spin is either seen as clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Or Up and Down is used in the virtual world of particle physics to describe what is important.
The electron lives in a virtual flat world too, and the two movements available to it, are left or right spin.
The important thing I believe here, is that spin shows us its potential, its polarity.

Can any of the religious or scientific plebes (dancies with lucifier?) OFFER me another ancient/archaic/pre-literate symbol that is capable of expressing this universal dynamic of plus and minus?
I can think of only one symbol that is identified with its MIRROR image...how about you dancies with the devil?
Can EWE think of any others that have been with us for the past 7000-10000 years?

More to the point.
I can think of only ONE ancient symbol that is identified with its CHIRAL ASYMMETRIC image.
Interestingly enough the building blocks of creation starting with matter/anti-matter and DNA and amino acids and carbohydrates and crystals, etc.... ARE ALL ASYMMETRIC.

The swastika in various forms has been around 10,000 years.
Been revered for at least 7000 years.
Was seen as a good luck symbol for as long.
And it has been ignored as a GOOD symbol, and marketed as a BAD one, since 1945 because a Roman Catholic Christian piece of human shit called Hitler...decided to adopt it as his own...

Because Hitler saw himself as a GOD too.
No wonder he revered the swastika.
They go hand in hand ... gods and the swastika.

The SWASTIKA ... was revered as a GOD long before Jesus the archetype walked on water, and helped keep the ARK floating in the minds of the sheeple.

All GODS of the past have slowly been eliminated or absorbed in the west, over the last two thousand years by a rabid rabbinical story that muslims and christians share in.

BUT for thousands of years BEFORE the superSTAR advertising camPAIN was unleashed...many cultures actually had come into agreement about the importance of the SWASTIKA.

So what lies beneath all the religious and scientific rhetoric?
Is there a common denominator that might help us see the connections?

the importance of CHIRAL ASYMMETRY http://forums.abrahadabra.com/showthread.php?t=2925
Can I place the importance of the SWASTIKA right into the palms of your hands.
How does it all connect to the MIND and the HEART?
Read the above link.

Thus to prove the importance of the SWASTIKA as an ancient symbol/glyph representing a GOD requires the unveiling of the biggest FIB of the last 2000 years.

That is what I have dedicted my website to.
An investigation into the KEY to Universal Movement.
Neither the swastika nor ole' Raphael is going anywhere soon.
We are both eternal and immortal.

And the herd of lost sheeple need to know that.
As long as the GOOD LUCK SWASTIKA remains buried under judeao/christian bullshit and christian NAZI atrocities...we are FUCKED as a humanity...because we allow religions and science to keep us divided.

I do see both a LOCK and a KEY in the design of the Vatican.
Is the Vatican attempting to communicate with god or aliens?
The LOCK and KEY can only be seen from above...thus if I use wanker logic like the bestseller Chariots of the Gods did, I can only assume that the Vatican was built in an attempt to commune with either god or aliens.
Eric von Danikan says so....hahahaha what a wanker Eric is too...identifying the NAZCA Owl as an alien and its geo-glyphs as 'landing strips'.

Betcha Eric was raised in a Judeao/Christian environment?

The Vatican was designed by men who were still 'grounded' within a flat world.

I also see the BLACK DOOR where they bury the Popes.
Jesus said I am the DOOR eh?
Guess what symbol is on the DOOR that Jesus represents?

And as the herd of EWE sheeple pass through that DOOR or maybe as you pass through the WARDROBE in Narnia, or maybe a few of EWE might step through the LOOKING GlaSS Alice, remember this, as you paSS through the DOOR that the superSTAR jesus represents, can we thus call the DOOR jesus opens a STARgate? please do take a look over your right shoulder or is the left shoulder? does it matter? and EWE will see that the DOOR that separates the seen from the unseen, the light from the shadows, that STARgate is the final VEIL, that the quantum physicist calls the Planck Era, that infinitesimally small barrier that divides the relative world from the quantum world, and please do note that the swastika on the DOOR is now rotating in the other direction, than what it was when you entered from the other side.

That is what CHIRAL ASYMMETRY represents.
Two sides of the same coin...rotating in opposite directions.
ASYMMETRY is a clue to the shadow worlds that EWE enter called Wonderland or Narnia or the quantum realm.

BTW ... Placing the Golden RING of Power on your finger will accomplish the same thing Frodo.
See why we are doomed?

Not many Frodos on this thread who understand what needs to be accomplished.


Gospel of Matthew 1:18-25 = the Birth of Jesus = Precession of the Equinoxes = CARD X of the TAROT and the HIDDEN CODE = 112?58 = Fibonacci Code = Golden Spiral = phi

Golden Spiral Grail Cup, the heart and the Swastika?

This link shows ole Raphael is NOT alone in his quest as he continues to follow the archetypal threads resembling a unified field theory, to TRUTH, back to its source?

Everything GOLDEN as defined by the Golden Mean, the Golden Ratio and the Golden Spiral = Golden Grail Cup.

ole' Raphael has struck GOLD...everything I touch, like King Midas touch turns everything into gold.
ole' Raphael, like his name implies, is more a healer than a madman.
I always EXPECT the herd of religious AND scientific plebes to see something different and oppose me.
BECAUSE that is exactly what defines EWE as plebes...the herd of ewe just cannot see the obvious...ewe have not been granted the vision...yet....hang in there....it will arrive.

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DNA KEY 528 *found* the 4E KEY
568 × 568 - 167 k - jpg
Resultado de imagen para raphael key 528 forum.davidicke.com
You are about to read the ONE
600 × 267 - 55 k - jpg
Resultado de imagen para raphael key 528 forum.davidicke.com
of "Raphael (Hebrew: "God
371 × 468 - 63 k - jpg
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