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Reply  Message 1 of 10 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999  (Original message) Sent: 20/02/2016 02:06
Originally Posted by sadukan View Post
Firstly, I appologise to everyone else in this thread for having to respond in this manner, which takes from our original discussions and lowers the tone to an almost "Pantomime" infantile spectacle.

I will offer this, and then keep silent on this matter for the good of the thread.

We had it good, for a while... *sigh*
*sigh of the times* more apologies might be necessary and forthcoming? 

Originally Posted by sadukan View Post
We haven't had any clues yet - just seemingly random assertions.

I invite you to make a connection between Zeus and VBM, and between the Swastika and VBM, and the "Sutton Hoo Ship"...? WTF
ALL those connections are worthy of a best-seller.
I know it and you know it.
We both know it...
Anybody with an imagination might figure it out.

But comments like these next ones by you sadukan suggest you are not ready for the clues.
Only criticism awaits these pearls I cast? 

Originally Posted by sadukan View Post

A "connect-the-dots" or "paint-by-numbers" game might suit you better.

Earlier you asked about the "2" and "5" and then started raving about Zeus... in my analysis, Zeus is the Neter "Nuit" - this correlates as the number "4" - not "2" OR "5"... plus the Greek letter "S" is more like a Runic "Perthro" in form, not a latinised "S". Is it then impossible to reach the conclusion that your assertions are simply bizarre and bear no relation to history, archeology or even Vortex Based Math?

A pity it's just too obvious to everyone else but you.
And that's all you can offer...? Pathetic really. Such a pity.
What is a real pity dude, is that barbitone's post on page 2 of this thread supports my pathetic assertions re: 2 = Z = N = 5 = S

Does the digital readout of my SVHS (Super VHS) VCR support my 2 = Z = N = 5 = S ramblings dude? How our minds still verk after zousands of years?
Does the above readout in the upper left corner of the VCR mean 52 or S2 input? 
Where S = Super VHS

And the entire 2 = 5 or 5 = S is further illustrated on page 2 of this thread?
Didn't you read this part sadukan?

Originally Posted by barbitone View Post

Have a look at the shape of the number 5, keeping in mind that there are no coincidences. Which number looks like a perfect mirror of it? The answer is “2”. 2 and 5 go to together in this way. (Keep in mind 2+5 = 7)
The opposite way is dividing by 2; 1÷2 = 0.5, 5÷2 = 2.5 = 7, 7÷2 = 3.5 = 8, 8÷2 = 4, 4÷2 = 2 and 2÷2 = 1 and your back to the beginning.
So multiplying by 2 moves clockwise – dividing by 2 moves anti-clockwise & multiplying by 5 moves anti-clockwise & dividing by 5 moves clockwise. [/SIZE]

So 2 and 5 are mirrors?
And in early language development the S and Z were interchangeable?
Ah what is the point in offering anything to this thread?

It is very clear to me that I should read these 60+ plus pages, take what I need...and let you folks go back to chasing each other's tails with half-baked tales that choose to ignore some obvious truths that underlay the 'net'.

Is the following a clue sadukan?

Have a look at the shape of the number 5, keeping in mind that there are no coincidences. Which number looks like a perfect mirror of it? The answer is “2”. 2 and 5 go to together in this way. (Keep in mind 2+5 = 7)

Keeping in mind that 2+5=7....please read the 5th Gospel of Thomas, namely the 7th of 114 quotations of jeSuS is an interesting clue.
without a doubt.
even a doubting thomas must agree.

Originally Posted by sadukan View Post
Exactly, "eggs is eggs" - nice tautology, totally meaningless to anyone. Why even bother...?
so you even taunt my truth is truth is truth metaphor?
what is the point in offering you anything?

Originally Posted by sadukan View Post
How can I appologise for you not explaining yourself...?
Ok, I'm sorry that you can't seem to explain yourself. Feeling any better now...?

why did the chicken cross the road?
HE didn't...he left the comfort of his curbside seat to meet in the middle of the highway.

are ewe too chicken to play this game with the goose-stepping archetypal ARKeologist who lays golden cosmic eggs?


maybe I will play along with sadukan and the other IGNORANT folks who call ME a troll.
figures...in an upside down screwed up world...the IGNORANT are given voices and forums to BLEAT their nonsense.

re: KNIGHTS Templar Square.


2 = Z = N = 5 = S

more clues:


Last edited by raphael; 23-02-2010 at 04:30 PM.

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Reply  Message 2 of 10 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 20/02/2016 02:32
Originally Posted by jtstatic View Post
One could say that 1 2 5 is a mathematical key. In the simple assumption that divide 1 with 2 (amount) you get 0.5 (size). Divide with size and you get the amount. It's the basis of base 10 system. Here 8 has also important role to play, because 1/8=0.125. 

...Maybe I can learn a few new tricks 
at 52 years of age, this ole dog is learning new tricks. 

125 = math key 
add an 8 you say?

my fire-fighter badge was #1258.

>> A new number/badge that was iSSued to me in 2007, as I retired at age 50 to pursue EVERYTHING I share on these threads, today.
(my former badge had been #856)

but hey would the MATRIX encode this MATH KEY #1251 + 8 on CARD X of the Tarot? 
The 'lord alchemist' verks in mysterious vays?

What is X?
Does X mark the spot?
Can we find a treasure under the X?
The word Nibiru means to cross-over or crossing. 
ZS or 2achery 5itchen is a plant to get into your sheeple brains? 

CARD X = 11 2 5 8 

Folks don't YA** see the OBVIOUS?
Put a '3' in the center of the wheel of fortune.

join the dots with dashes of hope...it forms a 'W' or an 'E or M or 3'
What you see, a W, E, M, or 3 all depends on which of the four directions you are seated at?
i.e. sitting a-ROUND the TABLE looking toward the epi-center or Marko's cosmic blender re: 2 5? 

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8

>>>follow the FIBonacci trail, the yellow brick road, the golden spiral back to OZ or OS the operating SyStem?
...the FIBS help to remove the big LIES as this research I value illustrates....

The CODE to help unlock the 'gate' has been found.
Only IGNORANCE stands as gatekeeper...and there is plenty of evidence on this thread/forum.

And I was iSSued the badge 1258 for a purpose?

YA, JA, JAH-Way, YHWH, the herd of sheeple better believe it.
This I KNOW to be true blue.
I have found my purpose in these end of the daze....

** get your YA-YAs out in the end of daze?
MS WINDOWS is a clue to help find the DOOR?


how archetypal and beautiful and poetic is the matrix.

here is a clue that I KNOW sadukan can use to apply his 'math' wisdom.
This is one is obvious.
The glyph W in west can be rotated 90 degrees CLOCKWISE to achieve an E, as in East.

remember to remember simple true blue rules about the 3-4 dimensional matrix we inhabit?
Z = S = 5 = 2 = N

So then HOW do we get the N in north to resemble the S in south?

AND if any of EWE feel that it is a coincidence that W and E are rotations, and N and S are reflections along the Z axis, then really I must tell share with ewe a fact of life.

get a life, you are wasting valuable time taking your directions from sadukan.
there is a better vay, simpler more holistic way to the truth....

MOST of ewe are terribly lost, as I once was....
But I turned over the rock of ages and found some good luck to help guide me along my journey.
My learning curve beginning at age 47 went thru the celestial roof?

WHY is there an apparent relentless NEGATIVE advertising camPAIN to dis what I found, the swastika = the KEY of UNIVERSAL VORTEX Movements that help explain torsion fields?

Maybe just maybe ...
jeSuS and Vatican Inc. will lose market share?

Is it time we crucify JESUS again or resurrect him?
This time if jeSuS is resurrected magically once more, can I recommend we associate him with the HOOKED Cross, the swastika?

Last edited by raphael; 06-03-2010 at 02:49 PM.

Reply  Message 3 of 10 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 29/02/2016 01:08
FERMAT's SPIRAL = 2 5 S Z and N

how many spirals are there fellas, that all of YOU, EWE, and U must take into consideration when applying your VBM to frequencies and TRANSITIONS?

can we reduce the number of potential spirals into several distinct types?
Which ones?


I like FERMAT's for OBVIOUS reasons?
Because it matches up PERFECTLY with the Greek Fret KEY PATTERN. 
And the greek fret KEY PATTERN can be traced to 10,000 BC and the swastika. 

I LOVE THE 'S' or 'N' or 'Z' or '2' or '5' we find in the SS, the Sweet Spot, the center.


The pattern of florets produced by Vogel's model (central image). The other two images show the patterns for slightly different values of the angle.

...r is the radius or distance from the center, and n is the index number of the floret and c is a constant scaling factor. The angle 137.508° is the golden angle which is approximated by ratios of Fibonacci numbers.

Shall we look at the numbers 137 and 58 separately to see what we can learn?
Duh obviously this exercise would be lost on the IGNORANT VBM fanatics who are proving themselves to be, no better than the IGNORANT sheeple who cling to a religious dogma.

go ahead follow IGNORANT Lee who fails to acknowledge the ORIGIN of his species called the I-Ching.

Duh the swastika is the SEED, that gave rise to the Lo Shu.
and the Lo Shu gave birth to the I-Ching.

Why do the sheeple have a problem following the PATTERNs?
Why do the IGNORANT deny which came FIRST?


Last edited by raphael; 02-08-2010 at 01:18 PM.

Reply  Message 4 of 10 on the subject 
From: BARILOCHENSE6999 Sent: 29/02/2016 01:16
Originally Posted by mihryazd View Post

What is the Spiral shape of the 3 SSS Currents involved?

There are 2 Phi Spirals
where mo?
dude you lost me on your interpretations of symbols.
the crozier is only appropriate if we straighten out your spiral?

thus the crozier = rod of who? 
what denomination of wanker carries this staff?

and rods and staffs can magically turn into serpents?
I kid you not sheeple.
I have heard of such rumors.

Originally Posted by mihryazd View Post
Now how does this relate to the 3rd current or spiral or the work of Victor Schauberger?
not sure but but but

how about the Caduceus mo, what does this symbol mean to you?
Personally, being the author of the SSS = 555 = 222 = ZZZ = NNN nonsense, I do prefer to use this symbol, recognized all over the world, to represent three SSS or three serpents.
Fair enough?

Two Serpents or S, are clearly visible...but to see the 3rd, ewe folks gotta learn to become a magician like all the other jewish prophets.
Who among you can turn a ROD into a SERPENT?

I can even see the numbers 52 52 52 52 as we slither down the ROD that runs up the middle, like in the tree of life?
How would we see 25 25 25 25?

do you see two serpents = two waveforms with rod that both waves coil around?

The rod/staff of aaron/jesse/moses/hermes that separates the two?
Looks like tree of life archetype to me dude, in yet another expression...

take the above image of the caduceus and rotate it 90 degrees...lay it on its side...now you have two phi spirals?

And the caduceus is best expressed with these KEYstrokes from your qwerty keyboard.
OR if we place an S over a 2 or a Z over a 5, the shape we will end up with is an 8?

Of course we can place the FREEMASON CABLE TOW on top of/over an 8 of any combination of S2, Z5 weaves, for a real good fit?
Yup I proudly wear my Levant DNA Levi genes?
These genes hug my aSS real nice.

Now how do we turn the ROD of MOSES, the I into a serpent/sine wave/waveform represented by N, Z, 2, 5 or S?
Why is the caduceus a great symbol for the phi and Phi spiral + the golden mean or the 'flat line'?

Actually the REAL aha!!! about the Caduceus is maybe lost on most folks on this thread/forum?

HERE is an interesting question few among you can answer.
Why is the caduceus an excellent symbol to represent how energy flows in the quantum world vs. how energy flows in the relative world?

please explain 
it is simple

anything convoluted, and full of Lee Show nonsense is a FAIL.


Last edited by raphael; 02-08-2010 at 06:42 PM.

Reply  Message 5 of 10 on the subject 
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Reply  Message 6 of 10 on the subject 
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Reply  Message 7 of 10 on the subject 
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Reply  Message 8 of 10 on the subject 
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Reply  Message 9 of 10 on the subject 
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Reply  Message 10 of 10 on the subject 
From: Kiona Riddle Sent: 13/09/2022 07:20
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