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General: Shri Shirdi Speaks-24th Aug/ Wonderful stories of Lord Shiva
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From: luistovarcarrillo  (Original message) Sent: 26/08/2012 14:34

Shri Shirdi Speaks-24th Aug/ Wonderful stories of Lord Shiva

Shri Shirdi Speaks-24th Aug/ Wonderful stories of Lord Shiva

Posted: 24 Aug 2012 12:48 AM PDT

Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha! Om Sai Ram ! Om Namah Shivaya!
If for some reason you are not able to see , or download the below pictures or click to the below links and pictures- Plz go to http://debu7370.blogspot.com/ You can also have access to all the previous Shirdi Sai speaks mails at the above link.And if any of you would like to receive these messages directly to your mailbox everyday--
For everything else related to Shri Shirdi Sai baba , go to http://debu7366.blogspot.com/
In the end, only 3 things matter the most: How fully you lived, how deeply you loved & how well you learned to let go of things not meant for you!
Devon ka Dev Mahadev- Watch Online- 23rd August 2012
YouTube Links
Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 22nd August 2012 Written Update by mnx12

Rishis question their wives, who considers them as their Devata, but are with other man right now. Shivji tells them if they consider you their Devata, then they wouldn’t be here? Rishi wives, tells the rishis, they hate them, their faith is taken as as their devotion by them. Rishis want to curse them & make them die as a penalty. Shivji as Chabile tells them they can’t do so. Rishis say first of all you’ll die, they throw abhimantrit water on Shivji, who starts playing fluite & rishis continue throwing water to kill him but their efforts fail. Chabila disappears & Shivji appears among white glow of light. Rishi wives are happy seeing them & rishis are surprised. Shivji tells them all their power is taken away, they can not use it any more on any one. Rishis apologise.
Shivji is pleased with rishi wives compassionate nature, says he will bless every woman doing 16 Somavar’s vrat, will get her wish fulfilled easily, whereas men will have to ern that with tough penanace. Rishis apologise to Shivji, who tells them to always remember importance of their wife & her wish.
Paravti is watching this entire drama happily. comes & tells Shivji he was successful in the challenge. He says he did this as per her wish, he always senses his wish first. Now can they go to kailash? Parvati says she was about to say that. Shivji sdays he just said, he senses her wish before her.
At Kailash Ganas are cooking funny recepies for Parvati’s welcome. One Gana gets Bhasma. Nandi gets angry, tells them to control their behaviour. They should remember to behave properly. They need not worry for food because mata Paravti is Annapurna herself.
At Ksheersagar, rishi Dadhichi tells Vishnuji, it doesn’t seem possible for him to protect Devatas. Indra complains of Tarakasur & Raktabeeja, creating trouble for them. They should be stopped. If they they are not stopped all the Devatas will end up in Yama-loka. Vishnuji says they should remember Asuras have got the boon of being killed by a woman. That woman is Parvati. But still some time is left for that to happen. Paravati has to reach Kailash first. She has to learn Tantra-vidya. Using that she will become powerful to kill those Asuras.
At Kailash Ganas are delighted at the news of Shivji-Parvati’s arrival. Shivj & Parvati have reached Kailash. Parvati has tears in her eyes, Shivji asks her the reason for those tears. Paravti says it’s due to the feeling of happiness, after many years I have returned here.
Shivji says Kailash was not the same without you. Paravti says, even you had left Kailash for a very long time. But now we both are here, we’ll live happily here.
Har Har Mahadev’s sound welcomes them. Saptarishis, Devatas, Ganas, welcome them. They walk on path filled with flowers.
Lakshmiji does their aarati, welcomes her. Nandi puts a Kalash full of rice near her feet. Lakshmiji asks her to push it with her right leg. Then step in a plate filled with Kum kum water & step further. Vishnuji is watching happily. Among Har Har Mahadev’s chant they move further.
Lakshmiji tells Parvati to put her Kum kum filled hand impression on a stone. Saraswatiji is watching with a smile. Lakshmiji tells Parvati, her Grih-pravesh is complete. Now you are Swamini of Kailash. She shows a cave entrance, saying this is your Shayan-kash (bed-room), Ganas & Prets can not enter here. Ganas protest saying they have always lived with Shivji. Nandi tells them they’ll have to learn to behave well, they can’t do what they used to do before.
Vishnuji tells Shivji now you both should take the Samadhi place, give Paravti her right of being your Wamangi. Make her sit on your left side after doing that only, the Tridevas will be complete. Shivji nods with a happy smile.
Precap: Shivji makes Paravti sit on the left side of his Samadhi aasana. Tells her I am returning you all your rights of being my Wamangi, that I had taken away in your past birth. She smiles.
Tarakasur plots of creating problem between Shivji & Parvati.
Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 23rd August 2012 Written Update by shruti.nil

The episode begins with Parvati and Mahadev advacing towards hier Aasan with Kailash,as the Rishis play the Shank and the Ganas and Devtas shower them with flowers.Parvati looks at the Aasan and has tears in her eyes as she recalls how in her last birth as Sati she had lost her right of being Mahadevs Wamangi *flashbacks of Sati shown*.Vishnu asks Mahadev to reinstate Parvati with her rights of being his Wamangi.Mahadev makes Parvati sit on the Aasan and reinstates her with all her rights of being his better half,all those that she had lost in her last birth.Mahadev sits next to Parvati and everyone begins to shower them with flowers.
Vishnu says that Adi Shakti had divided herself into three parts at the beginning of time,Lakshmi being the Goddess of Wealth and Saraswati being the Goddess of Knowlege.However for all these years Shakti didnt have any medium(from what i interpret a body) to contain her.Now with Parvati and Mahadev becoming one Shakti has become complete,the world will be a better place.All those people-be it Danavs,Asurs,Yakshinis,Humans etc who look disadvantage of wharever strengths they had will now be punished.Just like how those who disrespect weath and knowlege,now those disrespecting Shakti too will be punished.Mahadev and Parvati together will be doing the task.With this Tri Dev has too been completed.
Mahadev and Parvati look at each other and smile.
In Patalok Tarkasur(as usual) is yelling at Shumbh,Nishnumbh,Raktabheej and Dhroomlochan for not being able to complete what task he had given them, despite them promising.The Devtas are still safe in Dadhichis aashram and Mahadev and Parvati will soon have a son.Nishumbh(sorry-i cant differentiate between them) tells Tarkasur not to worry his job will be done,Raktabheej is waiting for the Devtas outside Ksheersagar where they are currently seeking protection(arent they at Kailash right now?).Shumbh tells Tarkasur he need not worry about Mahadev and Parvatis milan,if they are seperated no milan will happen in the first place.Tarkasur is confused and asks him how will they do it,consideing that Mahadev and Parvati have so much love and faith in each other.Shumb grins and says Yakshini Lekha is the solution to all thier problems.Tarkasur expresses a desire to meet her.
At Kailash Parvati is setting up her kitchen with Nandis help and is preparing kheer.All the Ganas are exited and are creating chaos.Nandi is happy that finally Kailash will have its sansaar too.Parvati smiles.
The Ganas are exited on seeing the Kheer and are fighting amongst themself to see who will eat it.Enter Parvati and Nandi(like class teacher and class monitor),and Nandi yells at them to shut up.Parvati tells them that hence forth all the required rules to eating food like cleanliness,table manners etc should be followed and she doesnt want any commotion henceforth regarding food.Gan apologises and says they didnt know anything and promise her to do as she says.Parvati asks them to sit down she will serve them.She Nandi about Mahadev who tells her he must be in Samadhi.Parvati leaves to find him.
At Himavans palace Maina is worried for Parvati and says what is Parvati does something wrong and Mahadev gets angry with her.Himavan assures her that both Mahadev and Parvati are mature enough to handle thier married life well.Maina is still worried.
Parvati reaches Mahadev’s Aasan but find him missing and is puzzeled and leaves to find him.
Mahadev is inside a cave,surrounded by a ring of fire with skeletons lying all around him.Mahadev has tears in his eyes and is anguished as he picks up the skulls and puts them together in a garland.Meanwhile Parvati is searching for him all over.Mahadev is sitting in Samadhi with the garland of skulls around his neck.
Parvati reaches the cave(its Amarnath Gufa ka Set) and wonders what is inside she is about to enter when Mahadev comes from behind and stops her.Parvati asks him what it is,Mahadev says its just another part of Kailash.Mahadev and Parvati leave for food.
Parvati is doing pooja for her Shivling and tells Mahadev that he is her friend and her confidant,that is why she is installing the Shivling here as well.Parvati is distrurbed by sounds of wailing and crying.Mahadev opens his eyes in anguish.
Parvati reaches inside the cave and is stunned to see whats inside.Nandi tells her not to ask Mahadev anything about it.Parvati says that there shouldnt be anything kept hidden between them and runs towards Mahadev who is in Samadhi.Nandi warns her of the consequences as Mahadev opens his eyes.
Quote of BABA:
Guru enables you to see God everywhere.
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Sai bhakt,
Deepa H

Click here for the mp3 download links of all the Sai Bhajans and more

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