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 Bi-scussioni, tri-scussioni ecc. 
General: Do you have to write essays in nursing school?
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From: IsabelBr  (Original message) Sent: 07/11/2022 15:36

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. New Zealand is where I'm from. I graduated eight years ago. During training, I must have written 30 papers (or assignments in New Zealand). As the years passed, I became more knowledgeable. You will submit complete portfolios for every paper that you take in your third year. Do you have to write essays in nursing school?

My second semester in a BSN program was my second. We wrote four essays of two pages each and one essay of six pages. We have three longer (10-page) essays and six shorter (2-page) essays this semester.

This is a 3-year degree. It is a very high level of academic writing. There are many universities and institutes that offer the Bachelor of Nursing. You must have it in order to practice as a RN. However, the programs all have to adhere to the same standards set by the NZ nursing regulator.

It's crazy that you say you have only written a handful of papers.

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Reply  Message 2 of 5 on the subject 
From: Finnegan an Sent: 31/03/2023 16:50
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From: ClaraTiffan Sent: 14/04/2023 16:55
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From: John Cruz Sent: 17/04/2023 02:54

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From: Withou Sent: 18/08/2023 03:53
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